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Always worth keeping an eye on prices for Queen‘s vinyl box Studio Collection, which contains all 15 studio albums pressed across 18 coloured vinyl LPs. It’s actually as cheap as I’ve seen it on Amazon Italy right now!!

At the time of writing (8.30 16/9/16) this is ‘just’ £212 (€249) which is an incredible price for this superb box. Not sure how long this will last for…



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Queen Studio Collection [VINYL]




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  1. Steve says:

    Not sure how long this will last or whether the free shipping will apply to everyone globally, but this deal from MusicVaultz is the best I’ve seen for this set. It was $220 US after applying the 15% off coupon WELCOME.*/*/Queen-Studio-Collection-15-Studio-Albums-on-18LP/4RWN0000000

  2. James T. says:

    It’s one wonderful boxset and I got this one earlier with little discount-price.
    I think it sounds really great and to be honest I wasn’t expecting much as the vinyl’s inside are colored-editions. But, gladly the outcome is great and Im satisfied with the purchase.

    I could give one little hint on this box, please people, when you receive your sets, properly check all the vinyl in good light as few people have had problems.
    Some people have had little stains on “Jazz” or even scratches on “A Night At The Opera”.
    I even myself had to change the set 2 times from Amazon in order to assemble one pristine set. Now that’s all is fine with mine, I can surely listen to these without any doubt or I don’t have to think about getting another set of reissues on black-vinyl. Someone I know, did the comparison between colored and black-vinyl-editions of these Queen-albums and out of ordinary, he said that the colored sounded better.
    So, things have changed alot since the 70’s/80’s..

  3. Paul English says:

    Thanks very much Paul – grabbed the deal, see it has gone up now.

    Can’t wait to get these.

  4. Gary says:

    Yippee the car passed it’s MOT so I can rest easy now, looking forward to getting this one!

    Thanks again Paul!

  5. Gazza (Scotland) says:

    Nice one paul,been waiting ages for this,cheers!Great site btw!

  6. Scott says:

    Thank you very much Paul, been waiting for this to come down in price. £225 delivered! My missus is going to kill me so I will point her your way…..happy times.

  7. Mark says:

    3 hours later and my willpower’s gone along with €270. I don’t really need to eat for the next month anyway…………..

  8. DaKraut says:

    Bought it, too. What a wonderful set indeed. I totally, utterly love it – particularly at this price. It was € 253 incl. shipping to Germany. Thanks, Paul.

  9. Gary says:

    Thanks Paul! I ordered and worked it out to be ~£217 delivered, using my c/card that has zero exchange rate charges!
    Just waiting for the car to be MOT’d…. hope it passes without any issues!!

  10. Robin says:

    As always, this looks like a great deal but not sure how to take advantage of it living in the UK with a UK Amazon account. When I look at the IT Amazon site for example it’s obviously only in Italian and then I need to log in. So any advice would be welcome – do you guys set up and register for an Italian Amazon account or a French one or whatever works best each time or is there a trick to still using your UK one?

    Thanks as always :-)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Robin, log in with you UK credentials, you don’t need to register again. Using Google Chrome is the easiest, because it translates automatically. Good luck!

  11. bertielego says:

    Thank you Paul :-)

  12. adam shaw says:

    Ordered !
    Thanks Paul , been watching this for ages and it seems they were becoming rarer so prices have been going up .

  13. Mark says:

    Damn. the boiler went yesterday and the bill was steep. Only for that I’d be all over this. Will have to wait until Black Friday. Thanks anyway Paul.

  14. Steven says:

    Bought! Thanks Paul. Been keeping a watch on this for a while for any bargains. £225 with postage – still over £50 saving. :-)

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