Deal alert / Roger Waters: The Collection / 8-disc box set

Roger Waters superb Amused to Death album has just been reissued, but why not take the opportunity to pickup more or less his entire output with the 7CD+DVD ‘The Collection’ box set (issued in 2011) available at a giveaway price at the moment on Amazon France.

For just €21 – that’s around £15 – you get the three studio albums (The Pros And Cons of Hitchhiking, Radio KAOS and Amused to Death (the old version, obviously), plus the live album In The Flesh across two CDS and DVD, and let’s not forget Waters’ 2005 French Revolution opera Ça Ira (over two discs). Superb value for a set that’s normally around £30 in the UK.


Check out the SDE photo gallery below!

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12 responses to Deal alert / Roger Waters: The Collection / 8-disc box set

  1. Johnny Feathers says:

    I had considered this set awhile back, but I’m not too impressed with his solo work. AtD is good, but I already have it. And I have the live DVD. Then I picked up Pros and Cons, which was mostly a stinker. And I’ve heard KAOS already. Not much else there I’m interested in, I’m afraid. But it looks nice!

  2. Billy Dojcak says:

    Thanks. I needed a birthday gift for my brother. $30.41 U.S.

  3. Charlez H says:

    Thanks at last was at home for one of these deals
    what is the Ça Ira Opera Like?

    • Paul says:

      Awful unless you like opera (which I don’t). KAOS is good with some great songs but slightly eighties sound. P&CoHH also has some great stuff and nice guitar from Eric Clapton.

  4. baward says:

    I’ll save my money. I only really rate ATD and the great live album, but thanks for the heads-up!

  5. SeanLawler says:

    Thanks Paul just ordered for 21Euro’s

  6. Danny says:

    Thanks Paul – just picked it up for less than £19…

  7. Barry Whiting says:

    Seems to be back albeit for 25 euros

  8. Gary says:

    Deal has gone or Amazon have removed?

  9. ChristopherM says:

    Link works, but I’m unable to add the item to my basket

  10. Tim says:

    Lurvely….thanking yee muchly

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