Deal alert / Saturday Night Fever box set

The Saturday Night Fever super deluxe edition has previously been available at a great price via the USA, but if you don’t want your box sets travelling across the Atlantic, then you can now pick this up in Spain for a similarly cheap price tag.

The package includes double vinyl, a two-CD edition (including four new mixes by Serban Ghenea), the 4K-restored 40th anniversary ‘Director’s Cut’ of the film on Blu-ray, a 24-page book (with new essays by Barry Gibb, Bill Oakes, John Badham, and David Shire), five art prints, a movie poster and turntable mat! It’s just €44 right now from the Spanish site, which is around £40. Amazon in the UK still gamely sticking with their £133 price point, although admittedly it’s a bit cheaper via some third party sellers.

Update: Spanish deal vanished quickly (sorry) but the US price is still very good (see below).

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Various Artists

Saturday Night Fever super deluxe edition


6 responses to Deal alert / Saturday Night Fever box set

  1. Kauwgompie says:

    They so botched this reissue by leaving off the original 12″ versions, unreleased material and a 5.1 mix that they can’t give this away for free. I’m get suckered into buying pretty much any box set but Im passing on this one, no matter the price.

  2. Steven says:

    And quick as a flash….the deal was gone :(

  3. Kenneth says:

    No personal interest in this, but how many of these does HMV UK really expect to sell at that price point?

  4. Andy V says:

    I got after the last Deal Alert – thank you Sir, as always.

    It a really nice box. Dated Film, absolutely. Tacky, of course.

    But a great soundtrack, nice package & well worth the (lower) price

    Treat yourself. A Little Something for the Weekend Sir? :-)

    • Dan T. says:

      Agree with Andy. Great soundtrack, but the film hasn’t aged well. I’ll probably pass at this price point, but I’m glad it got some SDE attention.

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