Deal Alert / Sound of McAlmont & Butler: five-disc super deluxe


The brilliant Sound of McAlmont & Butler album, in its top-of-the-range large format, 5-disc book guise is fantastically cheap on Amazon UK right now…

The super deluxe edition of this  indie classic features the album on CD remastered by Bernard Butler himself, along with a 15-track bonus CD of demos, remixes, single versions along with some tracks from a BBC radio session. Additionally you get a DVD (NTSC, no region restrictions) contains promos, BBC TV appearances, new 2015 acoustic sessions and a new hour-long interview with Bernard and David discussing the making of the album. Plus the original album pressed on 180g vinyl and a bonus 12-inch vinyl with the two singles Yes and You Do plus the demos of both on the flipside.

All this for £20if you’re quick! (it was £50+).

Update. Deal now gone! Sorry folks, didn’t last too long


Disc: 1 (CD)
1. Yes [full version]
2. What’s The Excuse This Time?
3. The Right Thing
4. Although
5. Don’t Call It Soul
6. Disappointment / Interval
7. The Debitor
8. How About You?
9. Tonight
10. You’ll Lose A Good Thing
11. You Do [full length version]

Disc: 2 (CD)
1. Yes [demo]
2. Yes [four track demo]
3. Yes [instrumental]
4. You Do [demo]
5. You Do [mix 1]
6. Don’t Call It Soul [demo]
7. Don’t Call It Soul [original single version]*
8. How About You? [original single version]*
9. Tonight [Oompah demo]
10. You Do [BBC Radio 1 Simon Mayo session, 17.10.95]
11. Walk On [BBC Radio 1 Simon Mayo session, 17.10.95]
12. Tonight (Overnight)
13. What’s The Excuse This Time? [2015 remix]
14. Yes [Bernard Butler & Nigel Godrich 1995 remix]
15. The Argument

Disc: 3 (DVD)
1. Yes (Promo Video)
2. You Do (Promo Video)
3. Yes [Top Of The Pops, 18.5.95]
4. Yes [Top Of The Pops, 25.5.95]
5. You Do [Later… With Jools Holland, 10.6.95]
6. You Do [Top Of The Pops, 2.11.95]
7. David McAlmont and Bernard Butler discuss the making of the album
8. Don’t Call It Soul [live acoustic 2015]
9. How About You [live acoustic 2015]
10. You Do [live acoustic 2015]

Disc: 4 (180g vinyl) * deluxe book set only
1. Yes [full version]
2. What’s The Excuse This Time?
3. The Right Thing
4. Although
5. Don’t Call It Soul
6. Disappointment / Interval
7. The Debitor
8. How About You?
9. Tonight
10. You’ll Lose A Good Thing
11. You Do [full length version]

Disc: 5 (180g vinyl) *deluxe book set only
1. Yes
2. You Do
3. Yes [demo]
4. You Do [demo]

21 responses to Deal Alert / Sound of McAlmont & Butler: five-disc super deluxe

  1. But between the two songs, McAlmont sings happy h birthday to Butler – what greater reminder that, reunion or not, both McAlmont and Butler have moved on?

  2. Marko says:

    Will the Rammstein Xxl vinyl box ever be on discount?? …aaaahhhhh…

  3. Phil Wilson says:

    An example is here: Led Zep Celebration Day 2CD + 2 DVD – £8.75, marketplace seller has this at £7.49 (+ £1.26 shipping), so Amazon have matched it:

  4. Phil Wilson says:

    This one had been around for a couple of days and was in the best sellers top 20 when I spotted it, the lowest it got was £18.80. I think the reason some miss out is that they suddenly get a large increase in sales and it boosts the price up again. Maybe the prices are set to decrease slowly if none are purchased, and then as soon as a significant number are bought, the price goes back up. Often, if a marketplace seller lists items cheaply, Amazon price match them so that can also trigger these sudden price drops. I don’t think they are always a conscious decision to offer a better price, I think they are often due to pricing errors, or just lack of sales. An example is the Courteeners Signed CD + DVD of Concrete Love. That is currently around £10, it eventually drops to around £6, a few buy it and it shoots up to £16.87 again. This happens consistently with this item, and I’m sure it does with many others.

  5. Francis says:

    I do not see the point in deals that only last a few hours – bloody pointless because most people are surely not at their computers constantly to know of such offers, so I and others have missed yet another deal! They might as well not bother with the deals and just have a weeks sale like other online stores do. Flash deals, that are there and then not, are bloody stupid! It is like teasing a dog with a large bone and then giving it a small one. AAAAAAGH!!!!!!

    • Martin says:

      I know how that feels – managed to get this one after losing out on loads. I often miss them as am at work.

  6. Alone With Strangers says:

    Be warned – it is a crummy pressing. Quite possibly one of the worst buts of vinyl I’ve bought in the last couple of years.

  7. Steven says:

    Cheers Paul managed to get in quick. Then went into dark territory so only able to post my thanks now.

  8. Craig says:

    Great deal, well done anyone who got it. I’ve got the original release and don’t play it enough to splash 50 quid on a reissue but at 20 it’s a steal.

  9. Andrew says:

    Same experience here, was £20.16, but changed to full price once in my basket. Sigh.

  10. Mark Carroll says:

    WHAT A BARGAIN ! .. shame I’ve never heard of them…

  11. Nigel Hall says:

    Ditto :-(

    Oh well next time maybe…

  12. Blimey, that went quick. Showed up as £20.16 but the turned to £45 once in my basket

    • Paul Murphy says:

      Not quick – it went live at 0600 on the 15th. I did put a mention of it in my Bowie post yesterday afternoon, presuming Paul S would put a Deal Alert on it from that. How mortifying to know he doesn’t read my posts – I’m going back to sticking one-liners on The Guardian! [if you missed today’s, it was Why does Paul Weller shit bullets? Cuz he’s Eaton Rifles. Boom Boom].

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Hi Paul… sorry must have missed that… or was it Jesus and Mary Chain you mentioned? Anyway, when the price changed on Amazon isn’t really that relevant to be honest because whenever the deal alert gets posted on SDE it would have gone in the same amount of time…

        • Paul Murphy says:

          Hello Paul, no, it was this one. I understand there are a finite amount of items available when they drop the prices, but the sooner we can get the info to SDE readers the less time ‘casual undeserving Amazon browsers’ have to snap them up! I did try to email you but got some weird message up when I clicked the link [again this morning], hence the reason I put it in my Bowie post. If you’re up and about now [6am on Sunday, only those of us with babies tend to be!], the ‘George Fest’ Vinyl Box Set is down to £12.50, so a good deal, although not really the best cast list. And although it is only a deal by £6 or so, ‘Aladdin Sane’ on vinyl at just over £10 really has to be a must-buy [although, pedant that I am, the colour of that awesome cover is not as vibrant as either my memory from 1972, or the Japanese edition]. Best regards, PM.

  13. Andrew says:

    Thanks.. been tracking this for a while…hopefully get the same treatment one day for Bring It Back….

  14. granata says:

    Good things come to those who wait! Cheers Paul

  15. Martin says:

    What a bargain straight away for one if my favourite albums. Cheers Paul.

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