Deal alert / Star Wars: Return of the Jedi limited edition GOLD vinyl LP


Great price for John Williams soundtrack to Star Wars Return of the Jedi on limited edition GOLD vinyl…

This is just £9.99 right now (3pm, GMT 9/1/17) so grab it while you can.


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Williams, John

Star Wars - Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi [LIMITED EDITION GOLD VINYL]

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk   125
Amazon de   145
Amazon usa   195
JPC de   28.99



13 responses to Deal alert / Star Wars: Return of the Jedi limited edition GOLD vinyl LP

  1. baward says:

    Black is a colour too, Steve! Best wishes :-)

  2. Iain says:

    Reading the reviews suggest many sound issues with this gold vinyl!

  3. Steve Young says:

    Bargain price but the reviews of the vinyl edition aren’t very complimentary, looks like the gold colouring on the vinyl has compromised the quality.
    Always a good idea to avoid coloured vinyl editions, I have never bought one that I have been happy with.

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks for this Paul. Just need a good reduction on The Empire Strikes Back now to complete the trio of OSTs!

  5. Mike the Fish says:

    Hi Paul, could you lose that floating social media bar? It’s takes up quarter of the screen on Firefox for android, and when I only text I can see about a quarter of the screen!

  6. daveid76 says:

    I bought the 2 disc Star Wars A New Hope gold edition from HMV recently at the same price. RotJ was also 9.99 there.

  7. Jim says:

    This has been £9.99/£10 In HMV/Fopp for a while. Both they and Amazon had the gold Empire Strikes Back for £12.99 as well, although it seems to have crept back up to £19.99 ,on Amazon at least.

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