Deal alert / The Band: Music From Big Pink super deluxe edition box set

Great price right now in the USA for the forthcoming The Band Music From Big Pink super deluxe edition box set.

The five-disc box set contains a brand new 5.1 surround mix on the blu-ray audio (includes the bonus tracks), a remastered and expanded CD, double vinyl LP (cut at 45RPM), a seven-inch vinyl and a hardcover book. The USA price has dropped to $83 (was $125).

Not sure how long this deal will remain, but the box starts to make more sense at that price. It is released on 31 August 2018.

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The Band

Music From Big Pink 5-disc box set


In the Super Deluxe Edition:


2018 stereo mix

  1. Tears Of Rage
  2. To Kingdom Come
  3. In A Station
  4. Caledonia Mission
  5. The Weight
  6. We Can Talk
  7. Long Black Veil
  8. Chest Fever
  9. Lonesome Suzie
  10. This Wheel’s On Fire
  11. I Shall Be Released

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Yazoo Street Scandal (Outtake)
  2. Tears Of Rage (Alternate Take)
  3. Long Distance Operator (Outtake)
  4. Lonesome Suzie (Alternate Take)
  5. Key To The Highway (Outtake)
  6. I Shall Be Released (A Cappella)


Track list above in brand new Bob Clearmountain 5.1 surround mix + 96kHz/24bit high resolution stereo (exclusive to the box set)



  1. Tears Of Rage
  2. To Kingdom Come


  1. In A Station
  2. Caledonia Mission
  3. The Weight


  1. We Can Talk
  2. Long Black Veil
  3. Chest Fever


  1. Lonesome Suzie
  2. This Wheel’s On Fire
  3. The Weight

7″ Single 

The Weight b/w I Shall Be Released



16 responses to Deal alert / The Band: Music From Big Pink super deluxe edition box set

  1. LedMan says:


  2. Bryan Krempa says:

    Thanks! This tip just saved me quite a bit of cash and after applying a gift card this puppy is coming home to me at $59 usd!

  3. DJ Control says:

    Amazon AU very competitive with pricing too…
    Even more attractive if you are a Prime customer with free delivery from USA to Australia…

  4. Mathew Lauren says:

    Thanks, Paul. I just logged on @ 1500 p.s.t. and the deal was still on, including an additional $5.42 savings at checkout, so my pre-order was $77.52 (before additional credits were applied). Wow!

    I have a list of 5.1 boxsets released over the last year, that are still WAY over-priced (triple digits). Aren’t we due a 3-fer-2 deal, or some other major price drops?

  5. Klaus says:

    I guess that might become the third item together with “News Of The World” and “Automatic For The People” when they gonna do another 3-for-2 offer.

  6. The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _ says:

    Just over £79 after taxes to the UK, £80.12 at Amazon UK. I don`t think it`s worth the bother.

  7. Electric Sydney says:

    Thanks Paul! Your updates always save me $.

  8. Jeff says:

    Got it as well $82.95 after taxes….thanks Paul

  9. Paul says:

    Thanks Paul!!

  10. Mitchell says:

    Still too high if you don’t really want/need the vinyl.

  11. oskar says:

    I bought, finally 103 $ with taxes and selling.

  12. movement says:

    “The box starts to make more sense at that price.”

    They got me!

  13. Vinny Marino says:

    nabbed it!

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