Deal alert / The Jam: Setting Sons super deluxe edition box

For some unknown reason The Jam super deluxe box sets are always quite expensive when compared to other similar releases (e.g. The Velvet Underground). The latest Setting Sons box is no exception and this 4CD+Book+memorabilia set hasn’t dropped below £94 on Amazon UK since it was announced back in September. Thankfully we have our new favourite, Amazon Germany, who can offer you this set for a massively reduced price.

At the time of writing it can be bought for €69 which is about £55 or $72 plus shipping if you’re in the USA (compared to $187!! on the US site). A really good price, which makes this box set a far more attractive proposition.

By the way, an SDE recommendation is to use the google chrome browser for shopping on non-English language sites. It will do all the translating for you. You don’t need to register with Amazon Germany either if you have an account with Amazon UK for example – it accepts the same log-in.


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  1. Kevin Farrow says:

    Setting Sons: Super Deluxe Edition for £24.99 at the Great Offers Store*/Boxset-Offers/Setting-Sons-Super-Deluxe-Edition/3J2F065C000

  2. Steve Joyce says:

    Now available for £40 from the attached site

  3. Mark Miller says:

    Mine just arrived (Stateside.) Thank you VERY MUCH for the tip on the substantial discount over the U.S. Amazon price!!!

  4. Sten Sawicz says:

    Amazon UK has currently got it at just under £75.

  5. Dennis says:

    Deal is over, they now ask for €89 (ca UKP 71) again.

  6. Richard says:

    Hello, Paul and guests,
    Thanks for a great site and thanks for giving us the sites to save – (especially, Amazon-Germany). They blow the U.K .and U.S.A. out of the water with their very fair prices. Live long & prosper.

  7. Rupert says:

    John. No you won’t if shipping to UK as Germany is in EU. if shipping from outside eu you can get caught with charges. Amazon canada always seem to get caught up as they use couriers.
    German site is excellent service, and I have often had order in my hands in two days, though 3-4 is more normal.

  8. Do you have to pay a Customs/Excise duty/Post Office collection charge when purchasing from

  9. Mark says:

    Thanks so much, Paul!

  10. trash says:

    Excellent, thanks Paul.

    And thanks for the Google Chrome tip – something I was unaware of.

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