Deal alert / The Rolling Stones Blue & Lonesome deluxe box edition

Great time to grab the snazzy deluxe box set edition of The Rolling Stones’ 2016 album Blue & Lonesome, since it’s available at a great price right now in the UK.

No bonus tracks and probably not worth the £25 original price, but with a 75-page mini-book and postcard prints and smart outer box, this set is an excellent buy at less than £9 via Amazon UK.

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The Rolling Stones

Blue & Lonesome deluxe edition


Track listing:

1. Just Your Fool
(Original written and recorded in 1960 by Little Walter)

2.  Commit A Crime
(Original written and recorded in 1966 by Howlin’ Wolf – Chester Burnett)

3. Blue And Lonesome
(Original written and recorded in 1959 by Little Walter)

4. All Of Your Love
(Original written and recorded in 1967 by Magic Sam – Samuel Maghett)

5. I Gotta Go
(Original written and recorded in 1955 by Little Walter)

6. *Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
(Original recorded in 1971 by Little Johnny Taylor, composed by Miles Grayson & Lermon Horton)

7. Ride ‘Em On Down
(Original written and recorded in 1955 by Eddie Taylor)

8. Hate To See You Go
(Original written and recorded in 1955 by Little Walter)

9. **Hoo Doo Blues
(Original recorded in 1958 by Lightnin’ Slim, composed by Otis Hicks & Jerry West)

10. Little Rain
(Original recorded in 1957 by Jimmy Reed, composed by Ewart.G.Abner Jr. and Jimmy Reed)

11. Just Like I Treat You
(Original written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Howlin’ Wolf in December 1961)

12. *I Can’t Quit You Baby
(Original written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Otis Rush in 1956)

*Eric Clapton: Guitar
**Jim Keltner: Percussion

10 responses to Deal alert / The Rolling Stones Blue & Lonesome deluxe box edition

  1. xymox970 says:

    To Croatia neither……

    But, there were no problems with ordering this one from during their Christmas sale…..

  2. Mike R says:

    Tried to grab this deal but amazon Uk won’t ship this to US.

  3. Liam G says:

    This was available in the amazon france cd sale after Christmas. When all was said and done (deal +shipping costs) it worked out at 6 euro for me.

  4. Mark McKendrick says:

    From 47 quid to 7 quid. How the mighty fall/fail*

    * delete as appropriate.

    n/b: It’s a VERY disappointing album, anyway. Brought to life on two tracks only – by a decent blues guitarist.

  5. John Barleycorn says:

    It’s a good deal IF you like the music, personally I found it very over-rated myself and sold it on eBay… I like the Stones but this release didn’t work for me. I don’t think it was produced very well either. They basically made an album out of extended rehearsals as I understand it.

  6. KevinK says:

    For those wanting to ship to USA/Canada/etc, does selecting “Amazon” itself from the Other Sellers (rather than using a third party seller) solve the issue?
    … or check prices through third parties at your own Amazon?

  7. David says:

    Won’t ship to Canada, either…

  8. Geordie says:

    They’re pretemding that it’s supplied by a third party “fulfilled by Amazon”

  9. regan judson says:

    Interesting that Amazon will not ship this item to the USA. Why?

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