Deal alert / The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers super deluxe box set

The Rolling Stones super deluxe edition box set of their 1971 album Sticky Fingers has just been nominated for a GRAMMY award for “Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package”. If you haven’t picked this 3CD+DVD+7″single+book edition up yet, now is the time because Amazon Italy have it available for a very attractive price.

The super deluxe edition comes with three CDs including previously unreleased alternate takes and live performances (on CD 2) and, unique to this set, a first official release of Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out! – the band’s March 1971 gig in the North of England, shortly before their ‘exile’ in France began. This also comes with a DVD, a brilliant 120-page hardcover book (with working zipper!) and a poster, seven-inch single, postcard set and stand-up cut-out member of the band (randomly allocated!).

It’s just £58 (or €80) at the time of writing (8pm 7/12/15) compared to £80 on the UK site. See the photo gallery (click any image to enlarge).


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9 responses to Deal alert / The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers super deluxe box set

  1. Bruno says:

    Mine just arrived – great book. Really excellent quality. Mine is super limited edition in that it did not come with any cut out stand up band member. Now I have to contemplate if I want to send it back for the sake of a random cut out band member. If I was guaranteed Mick or Keef it might be worth it………

  2. Mark says:

    Many thanks for confirming

  3. Mark says:

    This is probably a silly question but will the book be in English? I’ve already ordered it but then had this thought!

  4. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    doh missed it .

  5. Richie says:

    Thanks Paul but if you already have the other editions and an erm, unofficial copy of the Leeds show there’s not much point. Now if it was £30 maybe/maybe not.

  6. GRAEME EWAN says:

    good spot, still works out around £63/65 including shipping so not a huge difference albeit a better deal.

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