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The Who‘s classic 1970 album Live at Leeds is being reissued on vinyl at the end of November and can be pre-ordered very cheaply today in the UK.

I’ll be honest and say no one is quite sure just yet of the format of this reissue or the exact tracklisting. It was/is widely expected to be a 2LP 45RPM half-speed remaster (a bit like the recent ABBA Arrival reissue) but this new image has appeared on Amazon which suggests a 3LP set. Whether two or three LP, the current price of £12.99 is going to be a bargain (especially if they recreate the original packaging), so I suggest you ‘lock’ in to that price by pre-ordering and worry about the details later :)

This is expected to be released at the end of November.



Compare prices and pre-order


Live At Leeds [VINYL]


80 responses to Deal alert / The Who Live At Leeds vinyl

  1. Paul Rymer says:

    Have had issues with the download code for this – at first it didn’t work, a complaint got the response that the record company hadn’t sent over the tracks; now the download code works but there are only 13 tracks included! Awaiting further communication…

  2. David says:

    Hallelujah! Finally arrived today! £12.99. Thank you SDE.

  3. Mark McKendrick says:

    Got mine as a pre-order for £11.99
    Utter bargain.
    Yes, it’s three disc.
    The front face pack is the same tho’ I think they probably all will come black ink ‘stamp’ facsimile whereas the originals came in both blue and black ink.

    • Kirk says:

      Got mine in the week(thanks again SDE)trying to download MP3 and not having much luck says added to my libary but where can’t see it on my PC?Am I being stupid and missing something obvious?

  4. Mark says:

    Got mine. Bargain of the century so far!

  5. Matt says:

    Amazon honoured the £12.99 deal and the vinyl arrived today; looks fantastic and can’t wait until I get a chance to play it very loudly at the weekend :)

  6. Gerry says:

    Awesome deal got mine for the £12:99, stunning, and it sounds amazing. Thanks Chris Gunn and Paul for the pointer to this amazing deal.

  7. Paul Wren says:

    Received my £12.99 bargain Live At Leeds vinyl today – brilliant!

  8. Arr Gee says:

    In my hand right now. 3LP – 33 tracks – half speed mastering. yay!

  9. John says:

    Dispatched email from Amazon, £12.99 plus shipping for me. Thanks Paul for the alert! Very happy! ;-)

  10. Paul Sinclair says:

    Update: Just got a “despatched” notification. Amazon honoured the £12.99 price for me and I hope this happens for everyone :)

  11. Paul Wren says:

    Amazon UK e.mail update to me just now: Delivery date now confirmed as 25th November.

    • Gerry says:

      My Amazon account on my order says not current available, the email I got said they could not currently supply a delivery date.

  12. Arr Gee says:

    The Deluxe Edition Vinyl 3 LP set release now feature all 33 tracks in the order they were played by The Who at Leeds University back on Valentine’s Day 1970.
    THE WHO: Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition Vinyl)
    Six-panel gatefold with three inner picture bags

    Side 1
    Heaven And Hell
    I Can’t Explain
    Fortune Teller
    Young Man Blues

    Side 2
    Happy Jack
    I’m A Boy
    A Quick One, While He’s Away
    It’s A Boy

    Side 3
    Amazing Journey
    Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)
    The Acid Queen

    Side 4
    Pinball Wizard
    Do You Think It’s Alright?
    Fiddle About
    Tommy Can You Hear Me?
    There’s A Doctor
    Go To The Mirror
    Smash The Mirror!
    Miracle Cure
    Sally Simpson
    I’m Free
    Tommy’s Holiday Camp

    Side 5
    We’re Not Gonna Take It
    Summertime Blues
    Shakin’ All Over

    Side 6
    My Generation
    Magic Bus

  13. Michel Kempes says:

    Amazon UK now 42 gbp

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  15. Dean T says:

    OMG…. Just seen this on the who tmstore site ….have to wait and see what Amazon do now .
    Fingers crossed ….

  16. johnny says:

    The Who website confirms it is a TRIPLE vinyl ( 3 x 180g )

  17. John C says:

    The Who web site has it now and confirms it is a half speed remaster double heavyweight vinyl

  18. Steven says: has it as a 3 disc 45rpm with 14 tracks running time 76.5 mins.

  19. elliott buckingham says:

    so glad I managed to pre-order at £12.99 its very rare I will pay £25 for a new release I snagged sign o the times for £19.03 before it went up to £24.99

  20. Lloyd Simcoe says:

    Deal over :-(
    Price has been updated

  21. Jeremy Earle says:

    Amazon France are listing this as a “3LP Deluxe – Limited Edition”, with 33 tracks (similar to that of the 2001 Deluxe CD Edition). If this is the case, it likely will be a 3LP set. I can’t imagine them cramming 120 minutes of music on only 2 LPs.

  22. Chris Merritt says:

    Ordered – what a deal! Thanks Paul.

  23. Claude says:

    Very confusing indeed: when you look at, when you “Roll over image to zoom in” you can clearly see that the photo does not show 3 differents lps, but 3 times the same lp. So 1 lp, 2 lps, 3 lps? Also the picture of the cover can definitely not show a boxset.

    On the other hand, has updated the tracklist today and it shows complete including Tommy.
    And french retailer Fnac ( also lists this as 3 lp limited edition.

    Who (sorry…) has got a very accurate info?

    • Stan Butler says:

      The track listing is now up on Amazon. Same as the 1995 reissue. At over 70 minutes it’s definitely a double, as per the Who website.

  24. Paul Wren says:

    The Who’s own website confirms it is a double, half speed album. No mention of track listing, altho’ Spincds confirm 14 tracks whicj means it’s much longer than the original release.

  25. Jeremy Earle says:


    Any idea when an official announcement may be coming for this release? It would be great to finally get the details, so we know whether it’s a single, double or triple LP.

    I know Amazon have mistakenly posted the wrong photo for different releases before. I’m wondering if perhaps there may be different editions of this release – e.g., a single LP (same as the original release), along with a triple LP? It may be the case that the 12.99 price applies to a single LP, while the picture represents an as-yet listed 3LP edition (and has been incorrectly placed for the single LP).

    I’m hoping of course that this 12.99 price actually is for a 3LP edition, but I have been burned before by Amazon.

  26. hamicle says:

    Hmmm, I’ve pre-ordered but looking at the listing the title says “box set” but when you look at the number of discs (under About This Item) it says 1.

    Will see how it develops. I ordered the new Radio Dept album, the listing said “limited edition” but what turned up was the black vinyl rather than the clear one.

  27. Steve j says:

    Put my order in with a bit of luck it will be like the Who’s Next release that spread the 2cd deluxe set over 3 vinyls
    By the picture it looks like 3 vinyls but looks like we have to wait and see
    On a similar theme Joe Bonamassa’s live at the Greek Theatre is a 3 vinyl set but on his web site showed a picture of 4 vinyls and listed the tracks over 8 sides

  28. TheProgster says:

    Don’t knock MP3 I love the format…Still nice to have the original source on CD or Vinyl of course…but to be able to have the MP3 files on your MP3 player/iPod in high quality 320kbps or Flac files although not for me uses up too much memory/space on device…then play these on the player through your car stereo and out and about walking, travelling on the train or bus, to have a mobile jukebox of all of your favourite songs at your fingertips is an absolute joy…it doesn’t stop there because your player can connect by Bluetooth to a suitable speaker to stream all this wonderful music in your own home…in a word…Perfection…enuff said.

  29. elliott buckingham says:

    ordered but if it is a dbl at 45rpm I think it will only be the original track listing and not the full concert

  30. Geoff says:

    @Martin – How much was The La’s?

  31. David M says:

    If it is 3 discs then the whole show would fit. It would be nice if the show was released in a physical format in correct order for the first time. Tommy was in the middle of the gig, but has always been placed on a separate disc until now.

  32. Marshall says:

    $17.02 in USD is a great deal even if it’s only one record. Two or three will be “the bomb.” As the kids, who are alright, say.

  33. Mark R says:

    Pre-ordered. A friend recently played his first edition to me on a £26k turntable that his company manufactures and I was sold. An amazing live album and for £13 sovs. No brainer.

  34. daveid76 says:

    I got it. The autorip is the 25th anniversary 14 track from 1995 so I’m assuming it’s a 2 disc affair

  35. Philip Cohen says:

    Although I have two other vinyl L.P.’s of “Live at Leeds”(the excellent pressing in the 1980’s “Phases” box, and the mediocre one in the 4-CD + vinyl box released a few years back), what the heck, I ordered with your link. The price is right, and this vinyl release may contain the entire performance. Thanks for the link.

  36. Ben Williams says:

    I’ve preordered; suppose you’d call it a pig in a poke. Love the Who, and have no Who vinyl so this should be good whatever it is!

  37. Paul Wren says:

    Yes, it looks like a double LP. This is no problem as it will have more tracks (maybe all the performance?) than the original vinyl release and it is half speed mastered as well – how can anyone go wrong? Order placed – thanks, Paul, as this is the sort of deal alert which makes your website so brilliant.

    • Peter says:

      Thank Paul.
      I still owe you one for the ridiculously low priced Prince All around the world in one day. But this is an even bagger deal. My all time live favorite album from the band I can’t stop lovin’


  38. Claude says:

    According to Amazon France ( must be 3 discs : they write : “Live at Leeds (3LP Deluxe – Tirage Limité)”.

  39. ianrne29 says:

    For those who ‘ve ordered and downloaded the mp3’s from Amazon can you please tell me what the track listing is

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Any MP3s downloaded won’t really mean anything with regards to this release.

    • elliott buckingham says:

      tracklisting for the autorip is 14 track 25th anniversary edition

    • daveid76 says:

      1. “Heaven and Hell” (John Entwistle) 4:49
      2. “I Can’t Explain” (Townshend) 2:58
      3. “Fortune Teller” (Naomi Neville) 2:34
      4. “Tattoo” (Townshend) 3:42
      5. “Young Man Blues” 5:51
      6. “Substitute” 2:07
      7. “Happy Jack” (Townshend) 2:13
      8. “I’m a Boy” (Townshend) 4:41
      9. “A Quick One, While He’s Away” (Townshend) 8:41
      10. “Amazing Journey/Sparks” (Townshend) 7:54
      11. “Summertime Blues” 3:22
      12. “Shakin’ All Over” 4:34
      13. “My Generation” 15:46
      14. “Magic Bus” 7:48

  40. PeterJH says:

    I have ordered it… and can’t wait! BUT… why does it say release date of 21.10.16? Why is it going to take so long to deliver? Basically WTF is going on?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That was going to be the release date, but Universal pushed it back. Should add that this hasn’t been officially announced, hence the vagueness about the release.

  41. Dean T says:

    I have this down as a Abbey Road half speed master on 2lp 45rpm ,original track listing
    Replica packaging ,released on 25 th November.

  42. martin says:

    grabbed at bargain price plus got LA’s on vinyl in lightening deal win win

  43. Peter says:

    Job done, thank you Paul. With the extend 14 mins of My Generation, this is a must.

    Just about my all time favourite live track. The power chords are just awesome.

  44. Trev says:

    Thanks Paul Another One To The Collection.

  45. Paul stamper says:

    Amazon uk 1-2 month dispatch, in others words send you emails for a few months then just cancel your order with unable to source item.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I just got an email with a delivery window of 11 Nov to 2nd Dec. Don’t think it will be as you describe.

      • Paul stamper says:

        I genuinely hope you get it and I do like the deal alters and have signed up to them but in my experience pink floyd the wall, frankie sliver Liverpool and queen opera box set, they all got cancelled after a few months of placing the order.

  46. Wolfgang B. says:

    Thanks a lot! Ordered (and worry later ;-)
    This is such a great album you can’t do wrong in getting another surprise package!

  47. MARK R says:


  48. Mikeoneflying says:

    Free MP3 version downloaded by Amazon!

  49. richie says:

    Had this preordered for £25.99 on Anazon which I reckon was a bargain for LPs, now £12.99!

    We should take advantage of these deals because the price of vinyl will increase in `17 because of those half-wits who voted for Brexshit.

  50. David M says:

    Thanks. Hopefully they won’t cancel.

  51. Dean T says:

    And you could buy two houses if you were to buy mint originals of a lot of these reissues !

  52. DaKraut says:

    Superb bargain. I just hope they fulfill.

  53. Glen Mosley says:

    Brilliant cheers paul

  54. John says:

    Paul – many thanks. I don’t know what we’d do without you.

  55. Leemer says:

    Thank you Paul!

  56. Leemer says:

    Finally got one!!! Fantastic! If only they’d reissue Odds and Sods on vinyl as well.

  57. moog_man says:

    Cheers once again, SDE.
    Had this in my Wishlist when it was displaying at £25.99, before jumping to £30 earlier this week. Amazon are still listing it as a Box-set, albeit now with one disc. Curious to see what gets delivered…

  58. graeme ewan says:

    and thats ordered right now.

  59. Dean T says:

    Just had a luck run ….had this pre ordered at£25.99 and just noticed my Dark Side of the moon reissue has gone down to £16.01 from £20.99 ,don’t know when that happend just glad it did.

  60. Brian says:

    Fantastic, great deal – thanks, Paul! Let’s hope it is on 3LPs and contains the entire concert at 33 1/3 RPM and in *correct* order, not with Tommy placed incorrectly at the end like the 2CD from many years ago (where it was placed by itself on the second CD).

  61. Ravi says:

    Ordered…. worrying about the details later!

  62. Chris Squires says:

    Me too.

    It is ridiculous though, I am not even into The Who! But at £12.99…….

  63. John Ireland says:

    Grabbed this too. Bargain whatever the configuration.

  64. Laufi says:

    thanks! The links says indeed “3 LPs”

  65. Geoff says:

    I’m in, thanks Paul.

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