Deal alert / T’Pau Bridge of Spies 2CD


Bargain price for the T’Pau Bridge Of Spies 2CD deluxe edition which was only released yesterday!

This is a double-disc reissue of the 1987 that omits the DVD from last year’s out-of-print super deluxe set but this still offers 26 bonus cuts of remixes, live tracks, B-sides and demos. It’s just £6.99 on Amazon UK right now.


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Bridge of Spies 2CD Edition



CD 1

  • 1. Heart And Soul
  • 2. I Will Be With You
  • 3. China In Your Hand
  • 4. Friends Like These
  • 5. Sex Talk
  • 6. Bridge Of Spies
  • 7. Monkey House
  • 8. Valentine
  • 9. Thank You For Goodbye
  • 10. You Give Up
  • 11. China In Your Hand – Reprise
  • 12. Heart and Soul (Single Version)
  • 13. China in your hand (single version)
  • 14. Sex Talk (live)
  • 15. On the Wing
  • 16. No Sense of Pride
  • 17. Giving My Love Away
  • 18. Still So In Love
  • 19. Thank you for Goodbye Rides Again

CD 2

  • 1. Heart and Soul US Radio Edit
  • 2. Heart and Soul Remix
  • 3. Taking Time Out (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 4. Bridge of Spies (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 5. Monkey House (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 6. You Give Up (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 7. China In Your Hand (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88 )
  • 8. Heart And Soul (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88)
  • 9. Sex Talk (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88
  • 10. Walk Away Rene
  • 11. I’m A Believer
  • 12. Heart and Soul (Dance Mix / 4 Twelve Mix)
  • 13. Heart and Soul (Beats and Rap)
  • 14. Heart and Soul (Dub Mix)
  • 15. Monkey House
  • 16. You Give Up
  • 17. Only One Dream (Friends Like These)
  • 18. Maggie

17 responses to Deal alert / T’Pau Bridge of Spies 2CD

  1. Steve Foster says:

    Wonderful to finally have the 7″ Single Versions of “Heart and Soul” And “China In Your Hand”. Looking forward to hearing all the B Sides (none of which I can remember at all!) as well as the Live Recordings on CD.2 A really comprehensive re-release. The sleeve notes with individual comments by the members of the band plus HQ photo’s of the artwork used on the various Singles is another quality touch Paul. Artists such as Sting, Phil Collins and Cyndi Lauper to name just three could learn a thing or two from T’pau.

  2. Steve Foster says:

    Snapped this up at HMV in Leeds for £6.99. Thanks for the heads up Paul :-)

  3. mike says:

    Elliott, its Ronnie Rogers, t’pau guitarist

  4. tyrone says:

    Double Decker any one?

    No thought so..

  5. elliott buckingham says:

    for years of playing the vinyl thinking my stylus was s..t this sounds the same absolute bargain for the bonus tracks. who is the male vocal on the cover songs

  6. mike says:

    Nah it still sounds terrible :)
    Great songs though. Roll on Rage deluxe please

  7. Eric says:

    As people have said in reviews of the (original) CD, it always was one of the worst-sounding albums I ever heard (I actually returned mine back in ’87 because I assumed it was faulty). But, for the bonus material, and the chance it might not sound *quite* so terrible now, 6.99 is worth it.

  8. zombiekev says:

    I noticed it in my local HMV this afternoon for £6.99 with no indication that it was a special offer – so maybe that’s the revised RRP for the 2CD set.

  9. gwynogue says:

    Damn…..I’m in a pickle over this one – it’s such an AMAZING bargain that’s too good to miss BUUUUUT…..I really really REALLY want the DVD!

  10. Jan T says:

    Thanks again, (T’)Paul.

  11. Alan Wilson says:

    For those not signed up to Amazon prime, you can also get this from HMV for the same price with no delivery cost.

  12. elliott buckingham says:

    i was lucky amazon refunded me the price difference

  13. Rickjapan says:

    To echo many other people, the money that this site has been costing me this season…..!!!! So many orders I don’t know where to put them all!!

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