Deal alert / Vangelis box set


The newly announced Vangelis box set, Delectus, can be pre-ordered at a great price on Amazon France.

It’s just £38 right now (19 Nov, 14.45 GMT) which nearly £50 cheaper than the UK price at present. A reasonable chance this might not be honoured, but in it to win it and all that… Delectus will be released in February next year. You can read more about it here.


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100 responses to Deal alert / Vangelis box set

  1. Jaime says:

    BoxSet and refund received !!
    Fantastic price and excellent package.

    Thank so much for the alert and your excellent work, Paul.

  2. Klaus says:

    After several mails between and me they finally fulfilled their offer and credited me about half of the current price of EUR 90, but not the cost for p&p.
    I’m still satisfied with the reduction because i had used the EUR 5-code, they sent me as an apology for not fulfilling the original offer, earlier.

  3. Klaus says:

    Being a bit late on this because i just noticed that the french Amazon has the box back in stock i also re-ordered it after consulting the customer service of them (in English) again letting them confirm (again) that they will honour the “Deal Alert”-price by re-funding me the price difference after confirming my new order.

    Will let you know, too, if this is going to work out fine for me as well in the end.

  4. jose says:

    Shipped and refund here. Great!!!

    Next time they will cancel orders we have to do the same.

  5. Dave Thornhill says:

    Order confirmed and shipped, arriving by next Friday – free postage and pre-order price honoured – patience paid off :-)

  6. Michael Gibson says:

    Quick service from, ordered on 9pm on the 1st and delivered this morning.

  7. Dave Thornhill says:

    Just became available on – have ordered it and written to them to refund me as per their email of 21/01 – will advise how it goes

    • Michael Gibson says:

      My new order has shipped and they have promised a refund of the price difference, I will let you know if I get it.

  8. David says:

    @Michael Gibson:
    I got this message from today:
    “I want to assure you that we are working with our suppliers to provide us this article in the shortest time.”

  9. Michael Gibson says:

    Anybody received any news from if they will be getting the box set back in stock?

  10. Manuel Guillen says:

    Available right now at Amazon Spain for 78€

  11. DavyT says:

    Yes, frustrating – I’m seeing reports on the Steve Hoffman forum of people getting their original order fulfilled at the cheap price – still no Amazon direct stock appearing available from their site on release day, yet readily available to order on ther Amazon European sites…

  12. Neil Kelly says:

    Just noticed Amazon cancelled mine too on the 19/01. Offered that Euro 5 off of next order too. Way to go Amazon!

  13. David says:

    I got the following reply from Seems it will be avalible on February 3.:

    Respected Customer,

    I have received your message and i am sorry to inform you that we could not dispatch your order because it was not in the stock. Simultaneously I inform you that if an item is out of the stock for long time them it’s automatically gets cancel by our system. So unfortunately your order # (DELETED) got cancelled by our system.

    I inform you that the supplier of this product has changed availability of this item. However we know that you need this item very urgently So I contacted to supplier and inform them one of our customer need this item. Supplier assure us it will be again available on the site by 3rd February,2017

    So I request you please reorder for this item and we will be happy to send it to you as soon as possible.

    For information, any order paid by card is charged at the time of preparation of your package (just before leaving). So I want to confirm you we did not charge you for the previous item which got cancelled due to non availability.

    I am well aware that your expectations were different when you placed your order. Our main concern is to offer a service of exceptional quality, it seems that we have not achieved this goal in your case and we are sincerely sorry. I hope you will offer us another chance to prove the quality of our services.

    Thank you for your patience. Soon on

  14. Dave thornhill says:


    I responded, in English, via the website (run that and the english site side by side to navigate if need be)- via the ‘Help’ link (‘Aide’) then ‘Need More Help?’ (‘Besoin d’aide supplémentaire’), then ‘Contact Us’ (‘Nous Contacter’).

    On the next page, go to section 2 and click on the drop down menu, last option is ‘Contact us in English’ and state your case from there…

    and to update…

    I received a very nice, slightly broken english reply that basically apologised, advised that it was ‘canceled by our services because it is no longer available from our supplier’, they cannot reinstate my order… BUT…. they’have in-fact alerted our department in relation with our suppliers who will do everything possible to obtain this article as soon as possible on our site’ and finally…
    ‘Once the article will be available, you can place the order at the same pre-order price.

    I advise you to consult our site from time to time to check the availability of this article. And then you can place the order once it will be available.

    If in case the price of the article will increase, we will refund you the price difference of this article and also your delivery cost.’

    :-) :-) :-)

    So, mobilise, SDE warriors!


    • Michael Gibson says:

      I got a very similar reply, they promised to email me when in stock and I would get the original price but no mention of refunding the price difference or delivery cost.


    • Klaus says:

      Thanks for sharing Dave, on behalf of your experience i wrote to them too and got basically the same answer.
      So let’s hope it will be back in stock so that we can finally have the benefit of the original offer price.
      To be aware when they re-stock it i registered on the product site so they can email me when they have the box again.

  15. JJDelmas says:

    I would like to know if there is anybody who pre-ordered it that will see his order complete. If it was really a case of stock-breaking, then some orders should be fulfilled… unless the stock was actually zero, and then, they would be lying. It would be much better from their side to admit the mistake and apologise.
    It is quite amazing, though, that they were apparently flooded with orders at that crazy price and it has taken them… a whole month??? to realise the mistake, with even a pair of e-mails for adjustment of dates in-between. A shame.

  16. jose says:

    Here another one. Im going to write a complain now….in english

  17. Dave thornhill says:

    I just wrote to them asking to explain how they can cancel an order as out of stock when it hasn’t been released as yet, declining their voucher and asking if they could please reinstate my order and I’ll take my chances :-)

  18. Bridge says:

    Oooooooo 5 Euros! Good compensation for the lie.

  19. JJDelmas says:

    My order has also been cancelled. Same e-mail.

  20. Anil Prasad says: just cancelled me too. So much for the “Amazon guarantee.” Cute.

  21. tom says:

    I just ordered from amazon Germany – including delivery to the US it is $87 – almost twice the amount but still reasonable for 13 disc set. Hope it will be in stock February 3rd. charges 150 plus sales tax for FL…

  22. David Arnholm says:

    Same here. My order cancelled as well. :-(
    I think I’ll write them a letter.

  23. Kiki says:

    Does anyone really know why this was cancelled?
    Only due to the short price or to the record compagny delay ?

  24. Richard Neal says:

    I also got the “out of stock” B.S. email from I’m gutted.

  25. Michel Kempes says:

    Same here, but used the voucher immediately…. so i have now 100th Window 3LP and Heligoland 2LP both Massive Attack for 50 euro all in… not bad .. ;-)

  26. Jay Kranz says:

    canceled for me as well. le sigh

  27. adam shaw says:

    Mine just got cancelled to , saying it was out of st

  28. tom says:

    thanks for cancelling, – not nice,. mon dieu!

  29. steve p says:

    Well I just cancelled my paul weller vinyl order from france … and then reordered it with the five euro voucher from the Vangelis set

  30. Neil says:

    Of course it’s out of stock as it’s not been released yet. They must think people are idiots as this poor excuse is obviously a cover up to hide that the fact that they won’t honour that preorder price.

  31. John Bommarito says:

    I too received my cancellation notice. Grrr….

  32. Jimmy Arnett says:

    I too received an email telling me that the order had been cancelled and was given a 5 euro voucher. “insufficient stock”, probably “insufficient profit”. I guess they should be renamed Amazon.FU.

  33. Julian Hancock says:

    I got my email this morning ( 20 January) so looks like they didn’t contact everyone yesterday.

    Still €5 is better than nothing. Probably be worth about £50 by Christmas

  34. Andre says:

    Same here. The real reason is probably the too low price, since it is available on other Amazon sites, albeit for a much higher price.

  35. Sean says:

    Got the same email. However, the AMAZON website also says “unavailable.” So for some reason They’re not getting it.

  36. dominic edwards says:

    Watch the stock magically re-appear in the next few days at a higher price. It’s a big fib to get out of honouring the initial low price. They did this to me on the Garbage reissue deluxe mp3. I wrote to them when it became available at the higher price and got a standard poor cut & paste reply that didn’t address any of the points I’d raised in my email. I rang them in the end, spoke to a nice Caribbean lady who honoured the original price.

    • dominic edwards says:

      Curious how none of the other Amazon sites are having ‘stock problems’. The fact that they are blatantly lying gets my goat, rather than being honest & saying ‘Sorry, we got the price wrong, we won’t be able to honour it’, which would have been slightly less annoying.

  37. Steve W says:

    Just had the cancelled email this morning. Gutted, although hardly surprised.

  38. Simon Harmsworth says:

    … or not.

    I’ve just had an email from saying:
    “we were forced to delete this article in limited edition, with your selection, due to out of stock at our supplier” [Google translation]

    They are offering me a 5 Euro voucher instead…

  39. Paul Mann says:

    Received notification this morning that the order has been cancelled. Afraid it looks as if these will not now be honoured.

  40. Michael Gibson says:

    My order has been cancelled and they have given me a 5 euro voucher

  41. Chris L says:

    Just received an email stating that this item has been removed from my account!! Bastards!!

  42. Ivo Peeters says:

    I received an email today that my order was cancelled because of lack of stock at the supplier. Got a 5 euro voucher as compensation.

  43. Ian Hicks says:

    Just got the dreaded email from Amazon FR. They can’t get the stock so are deleting the order. I blame Hard Brexit ;-)

  44. Manuel G says:

    Cancelled :(
    5€ voucher offered as compensation for disappointment

  45. I just received this email from :-/ (translated by Google)


    We will contact you about your order xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx containing the item:

    ‘Vangelis: Delectus (Coffret 13CD – Limited Edition)’ (Asin: B01LZXTMZC)

    Indeed, we have been forced to remove this limited edition item from your selection due to a stock shortage at our supplier. We are currently not able to tell you if this item will go on sale soon.

    Please note that we only charge for items upon shipment. You have not been charged for this item and it is no longer included in your account.

    Also and in exceptional commercial order, we decided to offer you a voucher of 5 euros. This coupon is only valid for items purchased in the Music: CD & Vinyl shop.

    Please keep this code, which you will have to register on your next order:

    You can use your coupon until December 31, 2017.

    We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused by this cancellation and thank you for your understanding.


    Customer Service

    Gutted :-(

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Interesting that they blamed ‘stock shortage’ and not ‘wrong price’… that means some people may still get it. I haven’t had any email yet. Rob, I edited your comment to take your code out!!

    • John says:

      Why can’t they just be honest about it?
      Ah well, I was expecting this to happen. And the €5 coupon is nice.

  46. Steve W says:

    Having been advised by that the despatch date has been brought forward to the beginning of February I rechecked this and although the site no longer shows it for sale I found it was still at the same price in my ordered items. Possibly may still be honoured?

  47. Scott G says:

    I have email conformation of my purchase.
    Although I have had purchases delayed on delivery but I have not had one withdrawn because of wrong pricing. I think Amazon will honour the purchase unless it is silly money were talking about – e.g. UHD TV for a £1 that should be £1,000

  48. Tonk says:

    Their retail was way less than the euro dealer cost price – offer removed . . . software being hung (again) as I type this!

  49. Matt says:

    Not available at the moment on :(

  50. Guy says:

    Time will tell if Amazon honour it, but the pre order button helped it be N0 1 in the “New Age and meditation” chart….

  51. John says:

    I see Amazon France has taken down the pre-order button.
    I’m expecting an email saying it’s not available and my credit card won’t get charged.

  52. Klaus says:

    Thanks. Just ordered and will think til end of January if i really need it :)

  53. Ghostof82 says:

    Wouldnt the book be in French text though?

  54. Steve W says:

    Well, I was tempted anyway but at that price I had to dip!

    Just hope I can remember to check it for price changes later….

  55. CJ Feeney says:

    Suddenly the set becomes worth having! I couldn’t have paid £85 for it but it’s 48Eu, which is under 4Eu per disc. Hoping for a rise in the pound before despatch!

  56. Kauwgompie says:

    Jeeee, before this post I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of buying a Vangelis cd and now with this deal, all of a sudden I have 13. You’re killing me Paul. But new music is always an eyeopener so I decided to expand my horizons and listen to Vangelis till my ears fall off, together with the other 40 or 50 box sets I boughts since frequenting this site. I hope not all songs are like “Chariots of Fire”, in which case I will have to return it or resell.

    • Sean says:

      Chariots was more or less his most commercial work. Albums like China are very minimalist and ambient. It’s all very background music. Classical meets electronic.

  57. Jeremy says:

    Thanks very much for your helpful and “dangerous” heads up on this and the “Oxygene” signed option Paul. On holiday, checking in and so now this week has cost me more! Cheers!

  58. Alex says:

    Thanks a lot! I wasn´t going to purchase it but at this price it´s a no brainer

  59. JJDelmas says:

    Done! At this price, a no-brainer!

  60. Andy says:

    You are the reason my credit card is never in my wallet. Damn you Sir! ;-)

  61. Kiki says:

    Amazing Price !
    After 10 minutes of intense thinking , I bought it !

    Thanks for the info !

  62. David B says:

    Thanks . love these updates .. and very glad it’s a cd collection ..

  63. Dave says:

    Less than $50USD, incl shipping!!


  64. Sean Rogers says:

    got for $75 Canadian which INCLUDES duty, which is what we get nailed with! Duty can be as high as $40!, worth the extra $10!

    thanks again Paul!

  65. Bill Thornton says:

    You’ve done it again! $48!! But I won’t cancel my Amazon UK yet. Amazon France may change their mind like Amazon Germany did with Graham Parker . Just playing it safe.

    • richie says:

      You should have gone through the help process and got Am.Ger. to call you back, I did and complained that they had not emailed me about the cancellation (white lie) and they sold it to me for the original offer price ; ))

  66. Straker says:

    You dedication to the site even when you’re on holibobs is admirable Paul.

    No-brainer at that price.

  67. Neil Kelly says:

    Purchased. Let’s see what happens. Not too bothered either way TBH but thanks!

  68. John says:

    Paid €44.50 plus €3.80 postage.
    Amazing price…
    Thanks Paul!

  69. Guy says:

    Thanks Paul, time to keep track and see what happens closer to release time. Even cheaper if out of the EU as it removes the VAT, but replaces it with shipping cost…

  70. Tony says:

    Thanks another great deal.

  71. Stephen Collman says:

    Thanks for that Paul. I’ve jumped on this as I currently only have Blade Runner – Esper version so this is truly excellent.

  72. Brad says:

    In it to win it anyway. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

  73. Mr David Barker says:

    Thanks Paul just ordered it amazon France 47.00 EUR with post,still a good price

  74. tom says:

    Thanks Paul. Greetings nach Berlin. Boney M recorded at Hans Studios as well. Ordered.

  75. richie says:

    Oh f%@king dear another wallet emptier! Thanks Paul, just over £41 inc. P&P, a bargain,

  76. victor says:


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