DEAL / The Rolling Stones / From the Vault: Live at LA Forum


With the first Rolling Stones ‘From The Vault’ physical edition out tomorrow (Hampton Coliseum Live in 1981) here’s an opportunity to secure the follow-up, L.A. Forum: Live in 1975, at an extremely competitive price.

The 3LP+DVD edition of L.A. Forum is just over £20 on Amazon UK at the time of writing, which is a great deal for this six panel gatefold sleeved package. By comparison, the same version for Hampton Coliseum is already £32.

The DVD is NTSC and all region so the UK retail set should work fine for everyone. L.A. Forum Live in 1975 is released on 17 November 2014.


4 responses to DEAL / The Rolling Stones / From the Vault: Live at LA Forum

  1. Well mine arrived the other day, again great package like hampton, but this is a 10 times better gig, so much energy, Billy Preston total legend. This is a top notch faultless stones show, Amazing how good the video looks. And because its been kept as NTSC all they way there is no horrid NTSC – pal artifacts that previous clips of this show has suffered with. The vinyl sounds great too. Snip for 20 quid.

  2. john ireland says:

    I opted for the CD version as the 3l.p. set doesn’t have all the songs but £20 is a bargain though.

  3. Richie says:

    It`s been just over 20 English Quids for over 3 weeks on Amazon UK, so if you are thinking of getting it I`d do it now because our tax shy friends will soon put the price up.

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