Deals at PopMarket: ‘March Madness’


Deals site PopMarket are promoting a ‘March Madness’ sale that has some very eye-catching offers, including the metal and standard Bob Marley The Complete Island Recordings boxes at low prices.

The standard Bob Marley box is just £99 – compared to £155 on Amazon UK. But be aware these items are normally shipped from the USA, so those in Europe need to consider shipping and potential import duty.

Other deals include heavy discounts on box sets by Oasis, The Rolling Stones and John Lennon. They did have some Tears For Fears Songs From The Big Chair box sets, but alas, they appear to have sold out very quickly.


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  2. Mark Phillips says:

    Mickey Dolenz LP £13.99 – thinks “that’s a deal”. Adds to basket.

    Check out. adds £10.36 for shipping.

    Sod off – it’s now cheaper on Amazon!

  3. Geert says:

    Yes, I blacklisted this company a couple of years ago: they used to be great, and then they ruined by effing up their international shipping rates … pity

  4. Roel says:

    Try shipping to Australia!!!. AUD $80 (GBP 40) for the Lennon Vinyl box set. No thanks! I used to purchase quite a lot from them until they thought it would be a good idea to increase their shipping by 6 fold

  5. johnny says:

    I have just received the Marley cardboard box from for £120 delivered (tracked postage, with no customs/tax hassle)…It’s still available now at this price…

    I’ve really struggled to see the attraction of the metal Marley box, I must admit..It seems to be metal, just for the sake of it, rather than really offering any extra value to the customer, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out.

  6. Matt Charles says:

    Thanks for the info, everyone //

  7. Joel 401 says:

    Shipping to Canada is triple what it should cost. Stay away

  8. Bridge says:

    I also used to buy from Pop Market. They used to have free shipping (I’m sure built into the deal), however last year they started charging for shipping. Even shipping to Canada became prohibitive (shipping cost alone. Never mind the duties), so stopped buying from them. I can imagine the shipping rip off to Europe!

  9. Peter Yarrow says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these deals in the UK very soon

  10. Daran says:

    Linking back to the debate about autographs and the value of them, looking at Popmarket this take things to the extreme: “Autographed Guitar + LP & Blu-ray (or DVD) bundle” That’s one seriously wacky bundle! And a steal at only $650. The guitar is not even a nice Gibson or Fender either. Just some mass produced cheapo.

  11. Niels Skovgaard says:

    Hi Paul,
    I suspect that the metal box is £262 plus shipping plus tax to the UK, the selection box is slightly confusing on the popmarket site, Niels

  12. Jeremy says:

    $399 for the Metal Box is near to Amazon’s short-term “error price” when this first sold. I’m enough of a USA fan and lucky to get this as a birthday present – Cheers! :-)

  13. Paul Sinclair says:

    I’ve updated the post so it’s not more accurate. Apologies.

  14. Peter Anderson says:

    Some great deals until you add shipping unfortunately. £30 to UK. May be worth it for a multiple purchase but guess customs charges then likely to kick in. thanks for the heads up though Paul.

  15. Leigh Lust says:

    Seems the Marley Metal Box is actually $399.99 and the Standard Box is the one going for $149.99. I would have gladly grabbed the Metal box for $149.99 and sold my standard box.

    Some nice deals on the site nonetheless.

    Thanks for the heads up as always Paul!

  16. Andreas says:

    Umm. The metal box is much more expensive: 353.99 €

  17. eric slangen says:

    Shipping is insane to Europe. Avoid.

    • Richie says:

      I used to deal with PopMarket quite a lot, sometimes Customs would put extra charges on sometimes you got away with. Then PopMarket increased shipping charges to make any further deals too expensive. You must also beware that UK Customs combine shipping charges to the item price when calculating VAT charges.

      • Steve says:

        Richie is right – the postage on this item is £33.00 – the standard not the metal box. By the time you have added another £40 for vat and handling its a rubbish deal. Wait tip it pops up on Amazon DE or FR as it surely will do.

    • Christophe NEFF says:

      I do agree, prices and offer may be great, shipping costs are too high

  18. dbcdw says:

    Please take care – the GBP 99,00 is for the “regular” box – not for the metal box

  19. Bruce says:

    The metal Marley box is actually $399.99. The regular box is $149.99.

  20. MC Miker G says:

    I think the metal box is actually £262, unless I’m doing something wrong…

  21. Dave Glennon says:

    Is this the website where anything over £39 is subject to custom charges??

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