€10 Vinyl Deals in France

Deal still on. Post updated & refreshed on 7 March.

Clean up, with some superb vinyl deals right now over in France with many great albums available discounted by €10, creating some amazing deals!

Amazon France have a superb promotion on which offers a much as €10 off vinyl albums, including David Bowie, Kate Bush, U2, Queen and more. There are also many titles available for around the €10 mark without any coupon needed!

This ‘coupon’ promotion is an incredible deal, because the €10 discount (some are slightly different quantities) applies per album, not per basket, so you can save a fortune. Just make sure you click ‘apply coupon’ on the product page and when you get to the final stage of checkout, the relevant discounts will be added up and applied. See image below if you need some guidance

Update: Coupon deal appears to be over. But some decent non-coupon deals remain…

Kraftwerk / Autobahn vinyl LP – €13

Prefab Sprout / Steve McQueen vinyl LP – €9.99

Lou Reed / Transformer vinyl LP – €9.99

Bob Dylan / Highway 61 Revisited vinyl LP – €9.99

Iggy Pop / The Idiot vinyl LP – €9.99

Nick Drake / Pink Moon vinyl LP – €9.99

Jean Michel Jarre / Oxygene vinyl – €10

Supertramp / Breakfast in America vinyl LP – €9.99

Crime of the Century vinyl is also €9.99

Weezer / ‘Blue Album’ vinyl LP – €9.99

John Mayall’s Blues Breakers ft Clapton / Bluesbreakers vinyl – €9.99

Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger vinyl LP – €9.99

T Rex / Electric Warrior vinyl LP – €9.99

Sonic Youth / Goo vinyl LP – €9.99

Steely Dan / Aja vinyl LP – €10

Talking Heads / More Songs About Building And Food vinyl LP – €10

Pearl Jam / Ten vinyl remaster  €10

Eric Clapton / 461 Ocean Boulevard vinyl LP –  €14.99

Portishead / Roseland NYC Live vinyl LP –  €9.99

125 responses to €10 Vinyl Deals in France

  1. G says:

    Well…… one reason I don’t buy vinyl from aboard is the risk of damage. But went for the Amazon deal anyway. Bought 2 LPs and they kindly delivered to my house without me knowing, No delivery card/location given. Found them by accident left behind my dustbins in the stormy/wet weather so both are ruined!! now I have to go through returns process at my expense, very poor service!

  2. Matthew says:

    Looks like it’s the rolling stones song for the the French Amazon vinyl deals ‘its all over now’ just the same old ones that are left school well good while it lasted Paul thanks mate

  3. Richard says:

    While we’re on the subject of bargains. My long awaited Police box set turned up today. I think the phrase is “Back of the net” :)

    • Brian Scott says:

      Mine too, I’d almost given up hope – and don’t they sound superb :)
      Perhaps this half-speed mastering thing does deliver real improvements after all!!

      • Chris Squires says:

        Mine turned up as well, not bad for a speculative punt at £93 with a Delivery date of “2 to 3 months”. I know it was a bit cheaper when the release was first mentioned but you never know at that point whether £90 is a great price or will it be a £60 SDE Deal Alert in a couple of weeks. Well looking at the current Amazon Price of £193 and a couple of days ago at £200 it was a steal. So all in all if anyone can snag a copy for under £140 it’ll be worth it. It sounds absolutely superb.

    • stephen d king says:

      As did my box: I checked the Amazon site for it just out of interest and it’s gone up by £100 so back of the next times two at least!

  4. Colin MacKenzie says:

    Back in Blighty if anyone has any money left after feasting on this offer What Records have been refreshing their deals as well. They are still undercutting Amazon by over £60 on the Bowie Who Can I be Now boxset and have loads of albums in the £8 to £10 range.

    • cdboy says:

      are what records reliable ?
      i’ve read a few comments where items seem to be out of stock a lot ?

      • Colin MacKenzie says:

        Always been fine with me although they do leave out of stock items on their website for months and even years. Thus with offers its like ” this is what you could have won.” Also postage is more expensive than Amazon although you can order multiple items with a maximum p&p charge of £8.

        • cdboy says:

          ok thanks
          had a look ,a few bits I’d like but Amazon France has cleaned me out
          for now
          maybe a destination for me in the near future then

      • Martin Power says:

        Never had a problem with them always delivered and for me 100% reliable

      • andrew R says:

        I think they advertise items they don’t have in stock
        leading to long wait times. Nice people but i get the impression
        they can’t keep up with demand.

        • Steven says:

          What Andrew R says – despite how it may appear on their website, What Records don’t have ALL the items in stock and to hand.

          I know this from experience. I placed an order for 7 albums from them in January. Five LPs turned up fairly quickly – still waiting on the other two….

          But it hasn’t put me off ordering from them (so far) – all my dealings with them have been very civil, and I’m confident they’ll either deliver or refund.

          As Andrew R also said – I think they just can’t keep up with the demand.

          • Chris Squires says:

            Steven / Andrew. That’s just my experience. As the saying goes “Your mileage may differ”.

            I spoke to Tim last week and maybe Paul has noticed this too, last year companies over produced Vinyl leading to (eventually) a lot of bargains to be had, “Limited” runs of 10,000 are not going to sell out at full price so it would seem that this year they have pulled back too far and many items are selling out before launch. So the answer (as always) is somewhere in the middle. Personally, unless you are the Beatles or another big hitter a limited run shouldn’t be anywhere above 2,000 and you can plainly see with the MOV collected series the original coloured run when the Vinyl series was launched was 500 to 1,500 (Level 42 / UB40 / Robert Palmer etc) and now it is routinely 2,500 or in some cases 4,000 (Carpenters / Status Quo etc) which is daft. Last years flood could be followed by this years drought.

          • cdboy says:

            interesting ,thanks
            Competitive pricing always sucks me in so I may well give them a go at some point

        • Chris Squires says:

          Andrew R.
          No, they don’t. I have been using WHAT records since 2013 on a very regular basis and am rather fond of them. They do however do what every other seller does and advertise upcoming releases so if you order something now that isn’t released until May you aren’t going to get it until May. So if that is advertizing stock you don’t have (yet) then they are all Guilty. What I would suggest they do is not leave items posted that are sold out and have been so for ages. It does say SOLD OUT in big letters but that is rather pointless if it is a limited edition of 500 that was sold in 2017. It ain’t coming back into stock. However as Tim (at WHAT) like our Paul here is a one man band I am prepared to cut him some slack, of the online independents he is routinely the cheapest, has great packaging, very safe and secure…of 100s of records ordered in 6 years not so much as a single dog ear or return. Yes, postage for anything above three records is £8 but that is the highest you will pay so hunt around and get a few bargains to add to the pot, but as I say as he is routinely a couple of quid cheaper than the other online stores it still works out cheaper in the end. What WHAT don’t do though is have the really obscure and interesting stuff Paul does here like Bagpuss, Clangers, Conchords, Kankyō Ongaku and so on, it’s more of a straight shop than a curation, like SDE. Between these two independents you have pretty much everything you could need. And also, like SDE, they pay Tax.

          • cdboy says:

            thanks for the background info

            I’ll definitely be cutting him some slack then

      • Tom from FIN says:

        What Records is very reliable, I’ve been a customer for ages. Strong buy! Prices have been continuously so competitive, that’s why out of stock a lot.

  5. alex says:

    there are a few good deals on Hendrix too:
    south saturn delta
    new rays
    AYE mono

  6. Paul Spurgeon says:

    And the Nick Cave Best of Super Deluxe Edition is back on at £32!
    Although it is on back order you can still pre-order

  7. Chris Squires says:

    For those that are interested A Broken Frame 3 x 12″ Depeche Mode is £36 on at the moment. This is as low as it has been anywhere.

    • MarkH says:

      Thanks for the heads up …just bought it … last one apparently.

      • Chris Squires says:

        A Pleasure!

        Little victories.

        • MarkH says:

          New it was risky buying a ‘last one’ off amazon…Broken Frame was delivered today and the slipcase had a huge corner ding, returning it to amazon :( …this has happened a few times with ‘last ones’ from amazon. Oh well.

  8. Andres says:

    When is this going to stop! Had to also order Tricky’s debut so there goes my weekend beer budget.

  9. Marc says:

    Bought 3 LPs
    – Vanessa Paradis 8.97 Euro
    – Steely Dan (Aja) 9.88 Euro &
    – Norah Jones (Begin Again), the new album for 14.35 Euro
    incl. free shipping
    Not a bad deal! Thanks Paul!
    (The VAT in my country is just 7.7%)

  10. Andy says:

    Too good to resist, grabbed 3 albums – Sonic Youth ‘Goo’ / Japan ‘Ghosts’ & the 3LP Coral ‘singles’ album for only £34 delivered, bargain

  11. Chromium says:

    After placing an order yesterday, I got dragged back in and placed a second order today…oh the insanity :)

    Bowie- Man who sold the world
    Kraftwerk – 3D catalogue (double album)
    Earthless – Black heaven
    Yesterday for €51 delivered

    Dr. John- Gris-Gris
    Budgie – Bandolier
    Judas Priest – Firepower (double album)
    Tom Waits- Small change
    Today for €51 and change delivered

    Too bad I was too late to get Queen – Innuendo…but with a score like this one just can’t complain.

    Thanks Paul and all the contributors for the info, much obliged.

  12. Mr Martin J Power says:

    REM at BBC – Absolute bargain

    Thanks Paul

  13. Mark says:

    A few more I’ve seen (don’t think I’ve seen the Dylan one mentioned yet):
    Tricky – Maxinquaye €10. Buena Vista at Carengie Hall double vinyl €12, Nas – Illmatic XX €10, Band of Horses – Everything All The Time €10, Arcade Fire – EP €7.50, Dylan and The Dead €10, Michael Jackson – Off the Wall Picture Disc – €13, Derek and The Dominos – Layla €10. Elvis – Moody Blue (Blue Vinyl) €10. Feist – The Reminder €10, Annie Lennox – Diva €10, EELS – Daisies of The Galaxy €1, Jamiroquai – Rock Dust Light Star €10 Pet shop Boys – Electric €10. Bob Dylan – Trouble No More €36, Mogwai – Les Revenants €7, Phil Collins – The Singles double vinyl €20.
    And with that, he was broke.

  14. RJS says:

    It’s not part of the deal but the vinyl of Portishead’s spectacular debut album, Dummy, is only €9.99 on Amazon France at the moment £11.99 including P&P to UK.

  15. BRENEZ Alain says:

    not as such in the promotion but a great deal on the triple LP from The Coral ‘Singles Collection’ at € 13,34. This includes the singles collection on LP1 and ‘mysteries & rarities’ on LP2 and LP3.

    • The Golden Age Of Vinyl Excess says:

      Damn, damn, damn! I’d resisted until Alain alerted me to The Coral LP, now that’s what I call a bargain! Merci Alain The Coral are a great band.

      I had 3 Tom Waites and Pink Floyd ‘London’ in my basket but wasn’t going to bother because I have them on CD but I thought bollocks to it. It’s not the money, if I have none I don’t buy it’s where am I going to put the feckers?

  16. eric Slangen says:

    I think the deal is over.

  17. John Orr says:

    The last time Amazon uk had a great deal, as far as I know, was early last year, Amazon fr and de always have deals throughout the year.

    • yourfriendlyamazonsalesadviser says:

      I think it’s more a case of “another company in france or germany” has a sale & amazon then try and under-cut them. FNAC in this case, and whatever the one in Germany is which keep doing the buy 2 get 1 free deals.
      At the start of this year there was a sale on vinyl in the UK – guess what, HMV had one too!
      Then there was the black friday sale too.
      Probably not going to happen that often anymore – obviously depending on how HMV alter their business methods in the future.

  18. Tom says:

    Does Amazon uk ever have promotions similar to this and the German ones? I can’t remember any.

  19. martin farnworth says:

    Great deal. Got Hounds Of Love and Herbie Hancock -Headhunters. A couple off my wantlist.

    The lack of search facility in the promotion might be a blessing in disguise for retaining my bank balance.

  20. daveid76 says:

    If anyone finds that the discounts haven’t been applied at checkout it’s because you ticked the box and added item to basket TOO QUICKLY. You need to wait for it to turn green and say it’s been applied. I came to grief 4 or 5 times before discovering this.

    • Mark Harvey says:

      Yes! That’s exactly what happened to me. I checked the box and moved on, not realising you had to wait. Nice call:)

  21. Clive says:

    Nightmare trying to contact Amazon Fr re queries – emails bounce back with errors, as do website emails.

  22. Juanner says:

    This was a pretty great deal

    After a lot of snooping, I got this lot for a little over €12 each

    Paul Simon, In the Blue Light
    John Hiatt, The Eclipse Sessions
    Sharon Van Etten, Remind Me Tomorrow
    Phosphorescent, C’est la vie
    Bob Dylan, Modern Times
    Prefab Sprout, I Trawl the Megahertz
    Villagers, The art of pretending to swim
    Elvis Costello, Look Now
    Van Morrison, The Prophet Speaks
    Bill Fay, Who Is the Sender?

    Thanks for the alert Paul – I might have to avoid coming on here for a little while!

  23. David Bly says:

    After playing around with the deals for a bit, I settled on the Bowie “Let’s Dance”, “Tonight” and “Never Let Me Down”. I kept thinking do I need all three (I have original US pressings of them all), and other assorted excuses.

    I also toyed around with the Prince releases, but after doing the math, found out I could get them cheaper from Amazon US, mostly cause of the shipping costs.

    Also, want to save some money for the US RSD Prince releases…
    “The VERSACE Experience: PRELUDE 2 GOLD” Cassette
    and “His Majesty’s Pop Life / The Purple Mix Club” 2 LP set

    Plus zillions of dollars of other stuff to buy…

  24. Tim Ricketts says:

    More finds (thanks for Eno tips!)
    Japan Tin Drum (remaster)
    Calexico Black Light (reissue)

    But this is the best – Miles Davis Agartha for €15 – I almost want to buy it again

  25. Paul Spurgeon says:

    Bargain of the day is the pink Floyd London 1966/67 10inch, says it’s German import but pretty sure it’s the UK version.

    A bargain at €8.90 with voucher

  26. Steve F says:

    Paul, I don’t think that Ambient 1 is the double 45. That one is

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Sorry! Anyone who has pre-ordered might want to double check things on the Eno front. I have now updated, with what should be correct versions.

  27. Michiel Spoor says:

    ‘Double dipping’ doesn’t seem to be a problem. I bought three LPs from this morning, then realised that there are others I’d like, so went back in just now and completed a second order. I had no problem applying the discounts and the final price at checkout was after deductions, i.e. very good indeed! Vive la France

  28. Paul Spurgeon says:

    Kraftwerk 3d catalogue double vinyl is €18.90 with voucher!

  29. Mark says:

    Just to say the standard versions of the Eno ‘ambient’ vinyls are only €10 each.

  30. paul wren says:

    Well that’s four items bought (Zappa, Weezer, Magma and Dylan) all to my door for £44.

  31. David McK says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve had my eye on Discreet Music and Music For Films for a while now. £30 for both was just too hard to resist. Glad I know basic French!

  32. Jim says:

    Well I wasn’t going to buy “Tonight” or “Never Let Me Down” as I have decent-ish second hand vinyl copies of both. But at a tenner or so each…

  33. David says:

    Apologies for being really stupid but how do I just view all vinyl in this promotion?

  34. Mark Harvey says:

    I’ve just tried to do a second order today and although it lets you tick the orange coupon for the discount it doesn’t actually apply the discount at checkout.

    I checked the T&C’s and it says only one coupon use per person. I would advise anybody to ensure they have everything they want in the deal before completion of intitial order.

    I bought a bunch of Kate Bush 1LPs in my initial order yesterday evening which is shipping soon. However I went back to order the remaining four 2LP Kate Bush sets this morning and it’s as I have detailed above. No double dipping!

    So I guess for me it’s ask a friend time!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Mark, I just did two separate orders and got the €10 discount on items in both of them. So I’m not sure what you are saying is right… or certainly, it didn’t apply to me.

      • Ian Oakley says:

        It is a bit hit and miss. I compiled a big order and checked out before I realised i’d missed an item so I duplicated that order plus that one additional item and discounts were applied so I checked out then cancelled order one. But as this offer is so good I thought i’d place another order today but despite the tick box being available on Imagine, no discount deducted at checkout. I suppose you win some and lose some but no way am I going to jepordise that large order, about £100 saving on UK prices.

      • Mark Harvey says:

        How strange. I tried a few times too, doing everything identical to first order. The T&Cs do have a clause regarding one coupon per person. I tried again using the App and Website. I get to check the discount box but at the final stage the discount isn’t available. Very strange if you could still get it? I’ll try again later and see if it works again tonight. I don’t normally have issues like this. Very Weird!

      • Mark Harvey says:

        Update! I tried again starting with the Ariel link on the SDE site. That applied the discount. I added the other four and all were discounted automatically. Checkout showed discount. I ordered OK this time. So good result, but still weirdness ordering earlier. :)

    • cdboy says:

      i’ve made 5 orders so far with no issues with the discount , first few albums arrived today with no issues

  35. daveid76 says:

    A quick heads-up. FNAC currently have lots of vinyl also for €10. There is also a promotion where you can get three more expensive vinyls for €10 each. Example being three Queen albums which are usually 19.99 and are then half price. Worth checking!

    • Michiel Spoor says:

      Just to clarify about the FNAC offer: if you buy three LPs which are part of their promotion, you get €10 off in total. Queen LPs are €20 each, so you get three for €50 in total. Not half price, but still not bad, and even more so if you buy three LPs at €15 each (total price = €35). I think that you have to be a member of their loyalty scheme to benefit from this promotion. Postage costs are higher than Amazon.

    • juerie says:

      Maybe I am wrong, but as far as I know the “3 vinyl = 10€” promotion from fnac is not, that you get 3 for 10€ each. It says, when you buy three vinyls with that sign, you get 10€ credit on your Fnac customcard.
      tried it with 3 Queen as you said, but it shows the normal price (19,90€ each) at the end.

  36. Michiel Spoor says:

    It seems incredible that so many of these vinyl albums – many by British bands or singers – are available so much more cheaply in France than in the UK. I guess that’s the benefit of France being a full and proud EU and EEA member. Vinyl prices, which are already extortionate in the UK, not least as nearly all new vinyl is imported from Europe, are going to go up by a lot in the UK after Brexit. However, it’s also going to be harder to benefit from deals like this. If you order from France (or anywhere in the EU) after 29th March, your parcels will be kept in the Post Office until you’ve gone there and paid the import duties. Many other items simply won’t be available for shipping to the UK. You could always get round this by popping over to France to go record shopping, but it might be very slow and expensive to cross the Channel compared to now, and you might get pulled over by Customs on the way back and forced to pay duties anyway. Whatever happens, the UK music industry is soon going to take a huge hit, with us consumers and music lovers the ultimate victims.

    BTW if you’re on the French Amazon site, don’t hesitate to pick up some French language LPs. There are many which are highly recommended, such as recent LPs by Juliette Armanet and Lou Doillon, which are oustanding. And for people like Garry who are worried about the ‘writing on the albums being in English’, he need fret no more because on albums like these, it’s all in French.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      “After 29th March, your parcels will be kept in the Post Office until you’ve gone there and paid the import duties”. Not true. Where are you getting that from? What you’ve said only applies if we leave the EU with a ‘no deal’ and even then that may not even happen immediately.

      • CraigH says:

        Well said Paul. Michiel Spoor’s post is so full of gibberish, the internet is already full of EU scaremongering, can SDE please not be sucked into it?!

    • Stan Butler says:

      I’ve had orders from the USA and Australia in the past. Never had to go to a post office to collect them. Why should the EU be different?

  37. Steve F says:

    Is there a way to filter by only items in the deal? I think this could prove to be expensive (again – I haven’t played all of my 3-for-2 purchases yet!)

  38. Andres says:

    Thanks Paul! I scored some great bargains: Arctic Monkeys latest for 10.99 Euros, Tindersticks ‘Curtains’ for 14.36 EU and Tom Waits ‘Mule Variations’ was just 8.63 EU, although everything is going to be deliver in France . There are still plenty of Tom Waits titles that can be bought with big discounts.

  39. Colin MacKenzie says:

    Thanks again Paul. Prices on albums in the deal are way below UK prices and it is worthwhile digging deep on the site for bargains. Managed to get the recent Mark Knopfler and Van Morrison double albums plus Dylan’s More Blood More Tracks, Queens Greatest Hits, and the Toots and the Maytals double reissue Reggae got Soul for below 65 quid including postage. 114 pounds on Amazon UK!.

  40. Garry says:

    Can anyone tell me if the writing on the albums is in English

  41. Ian Oakley says:

    Don’t know if they’re part of the offer but Phil Collins Face Value under a tenner and found Supertramp Breakfast In America picture disc under a tenner. £20.50 shipped, can’t be bad!

  42. poptones says:

    Damn! It’s going fast!

    I had REM 2LP MTV Best Of + all 3 Prince LPs and Bohemian Rhapsody for approx €70 and instead of buying immediatly I decided to check the promotion one more time for more bargains as the coupon can be used only once and I should’t have ! When I went back to my basket to pay, only Bohemian Rhapsody and 3121 were stll eligible for a discount! I’m gutted! Especially for REM MTV Best Of at less than €10, it was a great offer.

    • daveid76 says:

      Something similar happened to me plus the discounts wouldn’t apply until several attempts. Finally managed to get it to work and now I’m £150 poorer. Result.


      Ah! that explains it, couldn’t understand why Queens Greatest Hits II definitely had discount showing but by the time I had shopped around the site it had gone.

  43. daveid76 says:

    Could someone please tell me why the discounts aren’t being applied at checkout?

  44. Mark says:

    Some savage deals on that. Got Queen Bohemian Rhapsody and Greatest Hits, also Eno half-speed Music for Film, Ambient 4 and Discreet Music. Finally LCD Soundsystem London Sessions, Beasties Paul’s Boutique and the new Mercury Rev tribute to Bobbie Gentry all for €125!
    If I wasn’t broke after that I’d have sprung for Neil Young’s Tonights The Night Live for €15, Eurythmics Be Yourself Tonight for under a tenner and a load of Tom Waits which were all around €12.
    Thanks Paul!

  45. daveid76 says:

    Best damn deal I’ve ever seen but none of my discounts were applied. Now everything I tried to purchase earlier has gone back to full price. Furious!

  46. David Bull says:

    I got right to the end and no discounts were applied!

  47. David Ware says:

    For those interested on Amazon fr they’re selling the Judas priest CD box set for under 40€ and a box full of snakes box set from whitesnake for under 35€.

  48. Marc K. says:

    Beatles White Album no longer has a coupon, but Lennon’s Imagine 2LP still has!

  49. Ouch says:

    Gave up!!! My French is nowhere near good enough. I almost ended up with half a dozen full price copies of Never For Ever!!

  50. unique says:

    thanks! got the 3 prince albums for pennies under £50 delivered, so about £16.66 each which is way more like it, especially as two of the albums were free in the first place and i had multiple copies of them. huge pile of 3121 cds due to all the gigs and free papers, so paying over £30 in most places was a joke

  51. Clive says:

    No mp3 with Hounds of Love vinyl order to UK? Not in my Amaxon Music library ( yet).

    • RJS says:

      You won’t get it. If your address / card details are linked to a UK address on your Amazon account, you only get qualifying autrorip releases added to your Amazon library if you order from Amazon UK.

    • Steven says:

      you only get the mp3 download if your address is in that country that’s why if in the UK you get the UK downloads etc.

    • Roland says:

      mp3s only apply to orders placed with a credit card from the country of the amazon site you’re purchasing from: UK, fr, de etc.

  52. Shaun says:

    Great stuff. Picked up the 3 recent Prince releases, Zooropa and The Red Shoes for £81. Delicious.

  53. Terry says:

    Great discount, just placed an order for Led Zep III
    Many thanks Paul…

  54. John Orr says:

    Cancelled a previous Amazon fr order to take part in this deal, and saved a few shekels again, cheers Paul! Amazon fr always have a half decent wee deal going on too. Anyone know how long this latest one lasts for?

  55. Dave says:

    Thanks Paul! Some Zappa lp`s going cheap too :-).

  56. Bert says:

    Good prices from 10€ to 15€ on french too(Portishead, Sonic Youth, Eels, Nick Drake, Gainsbourg, Led Zep…)

  57. Ian Oakley says:

    Brilliant! Got Kate Bush vinyl II last week for £46 from Amazon UK (nearly £80 today), bought box set I but individually on this offer so about £40 plus Aerial. U2 Zooropa which is double vinyl also on offer. And a couple of Bowie reissued vinyls rather than the last box set which was mainly filler. And with Bohemian Rhapsody to top things off 9 vinyls for a tad over £100 including carriage. I know the news about HMV was great and welcome but with prices like these it’s obvious where i’d go even though my French is very basic!

  58. Dan says:

    There’s a coupon on the 2018 2LP version of the White Album too. Just got it for £26 with shipping

  59. Carla says:

    So I ordered a bunch of vinyl, took an Amazon Prime trial account, which promises free shipping, but I still get €5 for shipping at the end of the payment process! What’s that about?

    • James says:

      Free shipping if in France. International orders don’t count.

      • xymox970 says:

        This is a good deal only for those who can get free or symbolic shipping costs.
        When I put 6 Kate Bush LPs in my cart the shipping costs turned out to be over 17E.
        Thats completely ridiculous.

        When I bought those 48 items on the previous 3for2 offer (many of those multiple disc sets / box sets – some of them quite bulky), the combined shipping costs very only 21,24E, so with those kind of differences in costs for buying CDs / vinyl, it makes absolutely no sense for me to buy vinyl on amazon at all.

        On the other hand, charge only 1,5GBP postage costs to my country regardless of the number of items / weight in question.
        If only they had only a fraction of items I can find on Amazon, I would be very happy.

  60. Al says:

    Thanks Paul, top work as always, snagged 3 x David and 3 x Kate, excellent value!
    Very sorry to hear sad news of Keith Flint, much Love to his family and friends.

  61. Vladimir says:

    Where do you get the coupon and how do you aplly it?

  62. Seweryn Góral says:

    Also Sabbath Bloody Sabbath at great price, Jackson Bad picture vinyl, Vangelis Nocturna Ost Carcass Heartwork and many more

  63. Leemer says:

    I couldn’t find the “apply coupon”, either blocks USA or is over.

  64. Spiderstu says:

    Both Depeche Mode appear to be available to Prime members only – even though I’m a UK prime member I still can’t purchase them :sad face:

    • juerie says:

      @ spiderstu promotion is for all customers, not only prime members. Depeche Mode worked fone for me, and I am no prime member.
      They don´t need a coupon, 9€ is the normal price .

  65. Otto says:

    U2 has no coupon for me.
    Depeche mode is only for Prime members.

  66. cdboy says:

    spent about 200£ so far since Saturday

    for anyone unsure ,the discount only appears in the page with the pay button
    just make sure the discount has been applied before you click the pay button

  67. Harry says:

    BhoRhap already back to €26,99

  68. Guy says:

    How do you apply the €10 discount? I’m at the check out and there is no discount indication.

    Many thanks!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s on the actual product page, you click below where the price is display to ‘apply coupon’

      • Guy says:

        Cheers! And with 3 LPs in my cart, each getting the discount I could be in for an expensive (but at the same time, very cheap!) visit! :-)

        Thanks Paul for all these deal alerts, you do a great job running this site!

  69. juerie says:

    I got the discount for all items, when I put more than one in the shopping cart and it works also for more than one piece of one item. I was able to get 2 Queen Soundtracks for 14,99€ each.

    There is a discount for nearly all Queen vinyls, and there are a lot of The Cure and Genesis in the promotion as well.

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