Eggscellent Easter deluxe deals


2013 two-CD deluxe of The Allman Brothers Band classic 1973 album adds a bonus disc of previously unreleased rehearsals and outtakes. Just £3.99


Two-CD deluxe edition of Faith No More‘s 1992 album Angel Dust a 17-track CD of B-sides, live recordings, covers and rarities. Just £6.99 (The Real Thing deluxe is the same price).



On tour in the UK at the moment, a-ha‘s latest, Cast in Steel, includes six bonus tracks in deluxe guise and is available for £7.00 at present.



Unfortunately 2014’s super deluxe box is out-of-print and expensive, but you can pick up the two-CD deluxe of Tears For FearsSongs From The Big Chair for less than a fiver, at the moment.



It may have been free originally via the controversial iTunes debacle, but you’re better off owning U2‘s Songs of Innocence as this two-CD deluxe, especially as it costs less than £4.00 and the five-track bonus disc is more generous than it sounds, since one is labelled ‘acoustic sessions’ and is actually six tracks in one.



Well packaged two-CD deluxe version of Queen Forever features three brand new Queen tracks (including the “long-anticipated” track by Queen and Michael Jackson, There Must Be More To Life Than This) and Queen hits, classic tracks etc. Best of all it’s less than £7.



The 18-track deluxe version of Morrissey‘s last, World Peace Is None of Your Business can be yours for less than £6 at the moment.



Blondie‘s 2014 album Ghosts of Download was interesting for two reasons. Firstly it’s quite good (Sugar on the Side, A Rose By Any Name, and I Want To Drag You Around are all excellent) and secondly it contains a bonus-disc of spot-the-difference re-recordings of the band’s greatest hits. It’s also only five pounds.



Duran Duran‘s 11th studio album was offered in a confusing array of deluxe editions but the ‘standard’ UK deluxe with three bonus tracks  (Planet Roaring, Valentine Stones and Northern Lights) is less than £8 right now.



I’ve been really enjoying St Vincent‘s 2014 album in its standard form (her collaboration with David Byrne is also worthy of investigation), so will probably pick-up this deluxe edition for around £6.50


13 responses to Eggscellent Easter deluxe deals

  1. colin says:

    I have a spare copy of the TFF Big Chair Super Deluxe if you want to buy it Paul!

  2. Mark Story says:

    Thx, Paul. I bought the Morrissey LP atRecord Archive in Rochester NY USA, liked it so much , thought about recording it for car, now for cheap I get 6 extra songs, awesome!

  3. lee says:

    i bought the deluxe Songs Of Innocence on the week of release, despite the freebie off of iTunes. i, like i would think all here, prefer to pay for music that i can hold rather than just listen to it for free.

    the extra disc is excellent – as Paul says, six tracks but one is some 30 mins long as it’s a few songs together. wish they had separated them, but hey ho.

    as for the album, after No Line On The Horizon was the sound of a band that had absolutely nothing more to say, it’s very impressive. no Joshua or Achtung, but some great music and fantastic lyrics.

  4. eric slangen says:


    Allmann Brothers and Faith no more for me.

  5. Paul W says:

    Just orderd both Faith no more cds , great easter present 30 dollars to Australia

  6. Jim says:

    An egg pun? Really?

  7. SimonP says:

    SFTBC box set is still available on Discogs for less than fifty quid.

  8. bob says:

    I thought that Morrissey CD was out of print a long time ago after harvest scrapped it and dumped Morrissey?

  9. Rob Wilcock says:

    No, not buying any Universal release until they lower the price of Grace Jone’s Warm Leatherette.

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