French DEAL: Four CDs for €18

Deal now extended to 3 January 2018 – new products added!

Fantastic deal hidden away on Amazon France right now, where you can get four CDs for €18 (or three CDs for €15). And when I say ‘CDs’ this includes multi-disc sets. For example, you could purchase the two-CD edition of The SmithsThe Queen is Dead, the CD+DVD edition of Mike Oldfield‘s Return to Ommadawn, the triple-disc Robert Palmer Collected set and three-CD Pet Shop Boys Release: Further Listening package and the total cost for this ten disc collection would be a barely credible €18 (or about £20).

This deal runs until 31 December (now January 3rd) and the discount should be applied to your basket automatically. Use Google Chrome for automatic translation. Beware, the products in this deal are changing fairly regularly. You can access the full list of qualifying products here, or as usual SDE has done some of the work for you and picked out a selection of highlights, which you can browse below….

Update: The discount *should* be applied automatically, but if not, the codes are 4PR18 (for 4 CDs) or 3PR15 (for 3 CDs).

Pet Shop Boys / Release: Further Listening 3CD set

Yes, FundamentalElysium and Pop Kids CD single also in the deal.

Pink Floyd / The Endless River CD+DVD box set


The Rolling Stones / Blue & Lonesome deluxe with book

The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead 2CD deluxe

Marianne Faithful / Broken English 2CD deluxe

New Order / People On The Highline 7-track CD single

Singularity CD single also in the deal.

Paul Weller / A Kind Revolution 3CD deluxe

Single CD Stanley Road also in the deal

Jeff Lynne’s ELO / Wembley or Bust 2CD

Marc Almond & Soft Cell / Hits & Pieces single CD edition

Robert Palmer / Collected 3CD compilation

Robert Palmer / Collected 3CD set

Alison Moyet / Other 

Supertramp / 2-for-1 Crime of the Century/Crisis? What Crisis 2CD

Mike Oldfield / Return to Ommadawn CD+DVD (with 5.1)

Pretenders / Alone 2CD special edition

Bread / Original Album Series 5CD

Erasure / Tomorrow’s World 2CD edition

Grace Jones / Nightclubbing 2014 remaster

The Best of the Art of Noise

Man Who Fell To Earth / original soundtrack recording

The Man Who Fell To Earth  2CD set

The Killers / Wonderful Wonderful deluxe CD

Bob Marley & The Wailers  / Exodus 2CD set

John Lennon  / Live in New York City

ABC / The Lexicon of Love II - follow-up to Lexicon of Love

ABC  / Lexicon of Love II

Saturday Night Fever 2CD reissue

Stone Temple Pilots / Core 2017 remaster

Elvis Presley / At The Movies 5CD set

Prince / Hit n Run phase 2


Arcade Fire / Everything Now Night Version CD

Wbitesnake 2017 remaster

174 responses to French DEAL: Four CDs for €18

  1. Klaus says:

    Obviously over now but i just found out that this deal was even better than i thought, when receiving Blackfield’s “V”-album.
    Ordered it as part of the deal when it was brought up by some other reader in the comments here thinking it to be the “ordinary” cd.
    You can imagine my joy when i just unpacked the hardbound-book-dvd-sized deluxe edition of it that includes a blu-ray with amongst other stuff the 5.1 mix of the album done by Steven Wilson.

  2. Dennis says:

    If anyone hasn’t used the 4 for 18 EUR promo yet, some more ideas that are part of this promotion…
    Momus – Public intellectual: An anthology 1986 – 2016 (3xCD)
    Various – The girls want the boys [Sweden’s Beat girls 1964-1970]
    Marnie [Helen Marnie of Ladytron] – Strange words and weird wars [new album]

  3. DavidB says:

    On till 3rd now.

  4. Metal Mickey says:

    Fantastic deal, just ordered 4 of the PSB sets for £20.56 delivered, brilliant! Thanks for the reminders Paul, the Christmas period is a whirlwind, so I only got around to this today, would have forgotten otherwise – cheers!

    PS Like some others above, the deal didn’t work first time, but logged in again and gave it another go and all OK!

  5. Pim says:

    Received my discs today. Weird to get an order from (King Crimson’s Live In Chicago) along with a disc that was in this deal (The Smiths’ Queen Is Dead reissue).

  6. Ross says:

    Just did second order (3 for 15) got PSB Nightlife (to go with the other 4 PSB previous bargain CDs!). Great When Your Straight Deluxe – Black Grape and Times Up – Buzzcocks. Some great savings to be had still!!

  7. Michael G says:

    It seems you can use each code (3 for 15 and 4 for 18) once each only. So if you’re struggling with a second order, use the code you didn’t use first time.

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  9. Neil says:

    I don’t know why Amazon UK don’t have deals like this which is even more confusing when you consider that my order came from Dunfermline ?? Anyway i spotted that best of The Cardigans the 2 disc version and the deluxe of Black Grape’s It’s Great When You’re Straight as well.

  10. Mark says:

    Wow new things all the time. I’m on my 3rd order. Last PSB and a Durutti Column I’d lost etc etc. Can’t believe how quickly the last lot got delivered, over Christmas too. Thanks!

  11. Horslips says:

    I have made 2 purchases on this but I now keep getting “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.” (in French, of course).

    Does anyone know the way around this? Would like to complete the 5 PSB releases.

    I have changed my delivery address, credit/debit card, etc., but am still on the same account and am reluctant to set up another.

  12. O(+> Peter B says:

    Thanks so much for this tip. I got the PSB Yes and Elysium Further Listening CDs, the 2CD deluxe of Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me by The Cure and the 3-disc deluxe of Paul Weller’s Stanley Road, all for 34 euros (incl post to Australia). That is $1AUD less than what the 3CD of Yes is retailing for in Australia at present!

  13. Steve Redford says:

    Cheers Paul just picked up the 4 PSB’s

  14. Richard Bowden says:

    Hi Michelle,
    The Wham Final Cd is not currently available in this deal. It was, so worth checking back for.

  15. michelle says:

    could someone be kind enough to paste a link to the wham one please as have been looking for it for ages. thanks

  16. Alan Wilson says:

    Thanks Richard Bowden for the Nighlife tip, popped in a bonus 3 disc order including that very one…..

    Also added King Crimson and Weller to the deal – just under £18 for all those 3 delivered.

  17. Stephen Hunt says:

    Cheers Richard Bowden!! – I’ve also placed an order for Nightlife, along with The Kinks – Everybody’s In Showbiz and The Move – Magnetc Waves of Sound CD & DVD :-)

  18. Richard Bowden says:

    Pet Shop Boys – Nightlife 3CD had been re-added to the deal
    So just placed a second order – the 3 for 15 Euros this time
    Thanks everyone for translating the offer email I’d received!

  19. Justin Isbell says:

    Thanks for the shout Paul… 3x PSBs and The Church compilation. Very pleased :-)

    • Justin Isbell says:

      And just added the other 2x PSBs and Kinks “Everybody’s Show-Biz” (listed as by ‘multi artists!!). The price wasn’t adjusted automatically, so I entered the 3 CD code but that errored. To anyone else having the same problem I got around this by closing the browser (Chrome) and opened a different browser (Edge). The items were still in my basket and this time the code was accepted. Nice :-)

  20. yves vandezande says:

    Just saved 65 € on this sweet deal

  21. Stephen Hunt says:

    Thanks Paul, received my 4 Pet Shop Boys cds today. I’m pleased that the booklets are just as good as the first 6 2001 albums, with commentary by Neil and Chris – they make for an interesting read.
    Now need to find a cheap deal for Nightlife!

  22. Gary Hunter says:

    Got my 4 PSB albums today also and a voucher for 10 Euros, a fantastic deal, probably the best deal ever for me on here Paul, so thank you for bringing it to our attention, you do a wonderful job.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Gary and to others who have echoed these comments. The French deal is pretty amazing and still on, of course, for those who haven’t taken advantage!

  23. Peter says:

    My 4 PSB albums just arrived. One has slightly bent outer casing, but for just over £20 for all 4 delivered, no complaints. Now off for a marathon listening session. Thanks again Paul

  24. mark Mccann says:

    I too had an email with a ¢10 euro discount. Bargain indeed

  25. Alan Wilson says:

    This is the deal that keeps on giving, earlier this morning I received a €10 coupon for making a purchase during this promotion, there’s a set number of items you can use it on split into a few sections, Vinyl/CDS/Blu-Ray/DVDS etc.

    I duly obliged and went for the Air Twentyears – Super Deluxe (3CD + 2 vinyl), came in at £30 delivered to the UK.

    The coupon automatically gets added to your basket once you’ve added a qualifying item to your basket.

  26. RJS says:

    I have no interest in his music, but the Phil Collins box set is currently selling for £8.99 0n Amazon UK right now. Incredible value for eight albums:

    • Anthony says:

      I share your “interest” in Mr.collins……..and can think of no good reason for the extortionate boxset price.

  27. CJL says:

    Along with the four cds I ordered, I also received, this morning, a ‘voucher’ for €10 to use against anything in a specified list. Got the April Wine 6cd Classic Albums box for just under €12 (+ p&p). Result!

  28. Peter Stanton says:

    Like others I have tried and tried to get this to work. It now says that I have already used the promotion code.

    I could go through someone else but can I bothered?

    Perhaps I will try tomorrow.

    All the best to Paul and everyone for 2018 and many thanks for the work you do and the tips from your readers.

    Really great site that has saved/ cost me a fortune.


  29. Gary says:

    Seasons greetings Paul and thanks for this offer. Like you point out you can make multiple savings on one order as long as that order is divisible by three or four depending on which code you use. Another couple of bargains at the moment.. Amazon uk have the Phil Collins eight cd set for just £8.99 plus p+p whilst have the Pet Shop Boys Elysium 2 cd set as featured in the French Amazon offer for just £1.99 with (I assume) p+p on top of that. Happy bargain hunting!

    • Don says:

      Just a note, the PSB Elysium on the Great Offer Store is the 2CD version from 2012 with a disc of instrumentals, NOT the Further Listening version that is part of the amazon France offer…

      • Gary says:

        Oooops! Many apologies Don. I’m not a PSB fan as such and was somewhat ignorant to the finer points of the greatofferstore release and merely assumed it was the same content wise, and if I hadn’t made the French purchase then err left to my own devices I probably would….

  30. Rooster says:

    Ordered 4 PSB’s reissues for £20, including p&p, on 23rd December. Delivered to me in the UK on the 24th. Amazing! Thanks for the bargains & info this year Paul.

  31. Straker says:

    Wow – Possibly the deal of the year! Got a 60 strong CD order ready to go where the discount is -EUR 859,86 meaning an average price of just over £4 a pop. Incroyable.

    You are the Master Dealfinder Paul!

  32. Jeff G. says:

    Most of my selections were out of stock (just saw this deal now), but that’s fine. I’ll lock in the cheap price ($38 for 10 discs in total) and wait for them to show up in 2018.

  33. FRENCHY ERIC says:

    Pet Shop Boys x 4 deluxe editions for 18 euros
    Oh my god !
    I believe again in Father (Amazon) Christmas

  34. Graeme Mason says:

    …pleased I happened to stumble on your website not too long ago. £20.
    Ordered The Church Deep In The Shallows, Matt Bianco Deluxe CD, The Smiths Queen Is Dead Deluxe, Hazel O’Connor Cover Plus……with postage £20.39 …..and my French has improved too….can’t grumble can you….

  35. Don says:

    New stuff has been added, including the excellent “Deep in the Shallows” singles collection by the Church. On its own it would be 30 euros!

  36. Federico says:

    Ordered 3 PSB and 1 MOBY for 23 euros shipped to Italy, Thanks Paul!

  37. Michalis says:

    You are welcome DaveH (I think you were referring to me :) )
    And since I’m here (again), I wanna make a couple more recommendations; Magic Moments, a quite comprehensive compilation of Burt Bacharach songs ( , and French Touch Story (, a collection of french house and dance music.
    Merry Xmas!

  38. PChris says:

    I give up, have been trying for 3 days now to order but the discount code won’t work..

  39. Richard Bowden says:

    My CDs arrived today!! On a Sunday! Ordered on Friday……
    THANK YOU so much Paul for helping me get what I wanted for Christmas.

  40. RH says:

    Also included, (just released last month):
    Whitney Houston – I Wish You Love: More from the Bodyguard

  41. Alan Wilson says:

    Not in this sale, but on the UK Amazon site Price Purple Rain 4 disc deluxe is down to £11.99 this morning.

  42. JRS says:

    thanks Paul ordered four including Blue and Lonesome Box 22 Dec arrived 23 Dec wow!

  43. DaveH says:

    Not only thanks to Paul for spreading the gospel but also the person who put up the original post on the ‘Get in Touch’ section. I can’t remember who it was but you know who you are. Checked out the deal as soon as it was mentioned.

  44. CraigH says:

    Great deal, the 4 PSB for me £20.52 delivered. Unbelievable’s not helping me ‘cut down’ as I’m supposed to be doing though…

  45. Meadowmeal says:

    Thanks a lot Paul for highlighting this!

    Alison Moyet – Other
    The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead
    Sufjan Stevens -The Avalanche
    Swans – The Glowing Man

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  46. Poptones says:

    The deal ends january 3, not december 31.

    Sadly I didn’t find enough Cds to buy to make it work for me so I guess I’ll pass. Too bad they dind’t maker the same offer on vinyl. On CD I only buy DE and SDE format. Other than that it’s vinyl or digital for me.

  47. LeBaron says:

    Kevin Ayers, Harry Dean Stanton, and 2 Chet Baker CD’s.
    Thanks Paul, and merry Christmas !

  48. Ross says:

    4 x PSB for £20ish – amazing! 50 euros discount!! Thanks

  49. David B says:

    Yes, can you only do one order per customer? Seems so.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      So you need to make the most of it! No second helpings for this festive treat :)

      • Tracey says:

        So true Paul! I placed an order on my phone, but wasn’t convinced I got the 4PR18 discount. Canceled that order and placed it again on my laptop, but could only use the 3PR15 code. Cost myself US$15…DOH!!!!

  50. Rooster says:

    I got 4 Pet Shop Boys reissues for just over £20, which includes delivery. It only worked once I’d entered the offer code.

  51. Tracey Spivey says:

    I see that Day Wave’s new release, The Days We Had, is included in the promotion. For those who enjoy jangly guitar pop, it’s definitely worth checking out.

  52. Andy P says:

    First CD arrived in Kent this morning which is rather impressive.

  53. shaboo says:

    “Amazon Germany do the same thing!”

    Amazon Germany has a permanent “3 CDs for 15€” section, but most of the time you won’t find any 2CD or 3CD or box sets there, so it’s not that exciting.

  54. Marc says:

    Amazon Germany do the same thing!

  55. shaboo says:

    Live at the Fonda (2CD+2DVD) – Moby
    The Queen Is Dead Édition 2017 (2CD) – The Smiths
    Tremors – Sohn
    La Sélection Idéale (Coffret 3 CD) – Joy Division
    The Pop Kids [Import USA] – Pet Shop Boys
    Leave a Light – Eruption
    Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (2CD) – The Cure
    Louise Attaque – 20ème Anniversaire (CD + DVD) – Louise Attaque

    Articles: EUR 99,54
    Livraison: EUR 3,70
    Montant HT: EUR 103,24
    TVA: EUR 19,62
    Total: EUR 122,86
    Bon de réduction: -EUR 82,45
    Montant total TTC : EUR 40,41

    Thanks Paul, for a great year on SDE!

  56. Mike says:

    Jesus when you guys were writing PSB…I thought you meant public service broadcasting….gets coat

  57. Dave Thornhill says:

    Andrew Gold 3CD
    Return To Ommadawn CD+DVD
    McGough and McGear 2CD


  58. Will_2 says:

    A really weird mixture of titles but I managed to get some great value out of it.

    The Killers
    The Twilight Sad
    Matt Bianco

    You never see the Twilight Sad one cheap so glad to grab that one.

    Cheers for posting this.

  59. Callage says:

    Incredible bargain!
    €75 order reduced to £20 incl shipping to Liverpool.

    Thanks again Paul and a happy Christmas to all at SDE.

  60. SimonH says:

    Crazy deal!
    Got PSBs Fundamental, Elysium and Buzzcocks Times Up, amazing price.
    Shame I’d already bought Yes and Release…never mind.
    Thanks Paul.

  61. Cameron Cook says:

    Well, I screwed myself over =/ Apparently entering the code even just to test it out counts as using it.

  62. Jan V says:

    D.E.G. by Bola is in the list as well. One of the best ambient albums of 2017.

  63. jim says:

    so, how are people getting cds to ship to the US? I have ordered many blu rays from but never cds & it won’t let me during this sale… thanks

  64. Simon Carson says:

    Only ordered 3 PSB CDs as already have Pop Kids & Fundamental. Shame Nightlife wasn’t in it but a fantastic deal anyway. Cheers Paul. Merry Christmas!

  65. Luc Piens says:

    I can’t oder no more for a second time, it says “The promotional code you entered can not be applied to your purchase.”

    Any ideas?

  66. stephen says:

    Somehow got it to work, so it’s worth trying again if your code wasn’t accepted the first time.

    King Crimson – Three of a Perfect Pair (Fortieth Anniversary Edition)
    Yoko Ono – Feeling the Space
    Pretenders – Alone (Special Edition)
    Various – Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares

    Total: GBP 20.24

  67. Eric says:

    Got the deal as well! 4 PSB Further Listening CDs for only $30.25 shipped to U.S.! Thanks for the notification Paul!

  68. DiscoDave2000 says:

    Yes, like others 4 PSB Further Listening titles for USD 36.77 (including shipping to the States). Vive La France!

  69. Meadowmeal says:

    The Cure’s 3(Kiss Me)deluxe is also part of the deal.

  70. Rafael sanz says:

    ohhhh thanks is a very good offer
    i buy some psb cd

  71. Les Ratcliffe says:

    Just picked up the Rolling stones Blue and lonesome, King Crimson Three of a perfect pair and A scarcity of miracles, and Pink Floyd Endless river box.

    Many thanks Paul for your excellent website, Merry Christmas!

  72. alessandro says:

    4 CD pour 18€ Du 28 nov. 2017 au 3 jan. 2018

  73. Wax Monster X says:

    done & done

    Matt Bianco
    King Crimson

    shipping was less then stellar, but still than 10.00 each US overall, merci beaucoup

  74. Sterling says:

    Merry Christmas to me! Thanks Paul.

    Snagged: Big Country – Wonderland
    Pretenders- Alone
    Pink Floyd- Endless River
    Pet Shop Boys- 4 Further Listening titles
    Robert Palmer- Collected

    19 disc total, shipped to U.S. for under $70

  75. Tony Orwell says:

    Thank You SDE!

    Récapitulatif de Commande
    Articles : EUR 382,71
    Livraison : EUR 5,60
    Total : EUR 388,31
    Bon de réduction: -EUR 292,71
    (Montant total : EUR 95,60)
    Total du paiement : GBP 87.95

    • Paul Sinclair says:


    • Markus says:

      Récapitulatif de Commande
      Articles : EUR 309,74
      Livraison : EUR 4,95
      Total : EUR 314,69
      Bon de réduction: -EUR 219,74
      Montant total : EUR 94,95

      Not as successful as Tony, but still a very good deal :-)

      Thank you Paul for all your work, all these “expensive” deals saved me a lot of money, but made me also spend more money than I wanted ;-)

      Merry christmas everyone!

  76. Vincent says:

    There is even a TEN cd cajun/zydeco boxset included in the deal!

  77. Robert HPM Laversuch says:

    Hi, got the four PSB, Graham Parker 5cd set, Robert Palmer, Feeder, Weezer, Desmond Decker, Bee Gees, Chris Bell and Matt Bianco – 29 CDs in total for 58 Euros. Merry Xmas and thank you kindly

  78. Paul Macca says:

    Awesome, many thanks. Weller’s Revolution 3 cd set also included. You need to click a box which applies the 3 or 4 cd promotional offer which is under any of the selections included in the offer. I didn’t need to enter a code.

  79. Alastair says:

    Thanks Paul and Merry Christmas.
    Arcade Fire: Everything Now/Igor Levit: Bach Partitas/Max Richter: Henry May Long/PSB: Yes

  80. John says:

    Thanks for the heads up Paul! 3 PSB cd’s in my santa sack… buy 1, get 2 free in effect!! Happy Christmas all!!!

  81. stephen says:

    I chose four items from the list. But when I enter the code I get this:

    “The promotional code you entered can not be applied to your purchase.”

    Any ideas?

    Also, is there a way to see from the item description itself (rather than the entire 42-page listing) whether an item is included in the offer?

  82. Chris Squires says:

    All the fun of a German 3 for 2 without the “big eff off Bill” at the end of it…..

  83. Tim says:

    Cannot get the 4PR18 code to be accepted, can anyone help? Thank you.

  84. Chris says:

    One of the choices in the list (pretty far back) is Fela Kuti’s _Expensive Shit_/_He Miss Road_ 2-albums-on-1-disc. If you’ve never listened to Fela before, you could do a lot worse. “Water No Get Enemy” is perhaps my favorite Fela song.

  85. Ochmonek says:

    Magic! George Duke 5LP, Mikado, Lucas Arruda, James White & The Blacks, Freddie Hubbard 3LP, Steve Khan 3LP, Ducktails and Ariel Pink all for 40EUR.

  86. Paul Thomson says:

    Endless River (CD/DVD) – Floyd
    Lady Day (4 Discs) – Billie Holliday
    Stubborn Persistent Illusions – Do Make Say Think
    Henry May Long – Max Richter

    All for £20 delivered. Get on!!!

  87. Michalis says:

    Hadn’t noticed that all these PSB cd’s were part of that offer! And I’m glad to see that my comment last night at the previous deals post spawned a monster (this post right here!) I have a few recommendations to add; the eponymous Matt Bianco album and the latest by Depeche Mode (I know they are not popular in the UK, but we Europeans have a different opinion) are part of the offer, and so are some recent soundtracks such as John Wick 2, The Square, Genius, Alien Covenant, The Man From UNCLE & Mal De Pierres by the brilliant Daniel Pemberton and more.

  88. CDP says:

    US orders for the 4 CD deal add €13 VAT, bringing the total incl. shipping to just under $37 USD.

    • CDP says:

      CORRECTION: sorry, my order defaulted to Rapide/Fast shipping. with AmazonGlobal Standard shipping, delivery is down to €5.31, bringing the total to less than $28 USD!

      my two orders:

      King Crimson – Three of a Perfect Pair (40th ann.)
      Buzzcocks – Time’s Up
      Throbbing Gristle – Taste of TG
      Game Theory – Real Nighttime
      total: €23.31

      Marianne Faithfull – Broken English deluxe
      Billie Holiday – Lady Day (4CD set)
      Heartworn Highways soundtrack
      total: €20.51


  89. Pascal says:

    PSB’s Elysium and Oldfield’s Return To Ommadawm seem to have been excluded from the offer meanwhile.

  90. Mark says:

    Cheers Pau,
    More PSB sales! They also have T’Pau Bridge of Spies 2cd.

  91. Paul Spurgeon says:

    not sure why this is not working for me…code is not been accepted?

    all 4 items are in stock, fulfilled by and have the circle promotion logo…
    any ideas?

  92. Alan says:

    Many thanks Paul, great stuff. In particular some good items not available or difficult to find in the UK, and some new stuff heavily reduced. Got…

    Joy Division 3CD set : La Sélection Idéale
    Metronomy 2CD set : Riviera/Pain
    Pixies : Everything is Fine
    Otherkin : OK
    Colorama : Some Things
    Unthanks : Songs of Wyatt and Johnson
    John Lennon : Live in New York
    American Wrestlers : American Wrestlers

  93. Pim says:


    ELO – Wembley Or Bust
    Smiths – Queen Is Dead
    Bass Communion – Bass Communion/Jonathan Colecl
    A Scarcity Of Miracles – A King Crimson ProjeKct

    There’s also a France-only Joy Division 3-disc set in the offer for those interested!

  94. daveid76 says:

    Although I already have the PSB albums, I thought I’d try to buy them to see what happened. It tells me the code does not apply to this purchase…

  95. Paul Spurgeon says:

    There’s alot of PSB fans in this group.
    I knew you all had great taste…. :-)

  96. regan judson says:

    The Rick Wakeman Journey….. Set with the Quad mix on DVD is in the deal too!

  97. Andrew Barnett says:

    Went back and got two further PSB and ELP Brain salad surgery on the three disc deal

  98. Randy says:

    Thanks as always, Paul.

    Joan Armatrading 5 Classic Albums
    Replacements Don’t Tell A Soul [reissue]
    Dionne Warwick Original Album Series
    Elvis At the Movies (mentioned above)

  99. Richard Bowden says:

    WoW! Perfect timing – just got paid.
    4 PSB Further Listening CDS on their way total £20.49
    Thank you so much!

  100. Gary Hunter says:

    Wow fantastic, got 4 of the Pet Shop Boys albums/further listening for little over £20!!! Christmas has come early.

    Thanks for this Paul.

  101. Horst says:

    (OT) 22 Dec 2017 France/Germany: ARTE TV shows the George Michael documentary tonight

  102. Hibernius says:

    Thanks for that Paul. A nice Christmas present from SDE :)

  103. Roland says:

    It looks like you will get the 4 for €18 discount only once per email address. I tried to order a second batch of 4 cds with the same email address, but could only get the 3 for €15 discount, even after deleting my cookies. I tried again with another email address and it worked fine.

    Anybody else had this problem?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      But you can place one BIG order and use the code, as long as the number of items is a multiple of four (or three for that code).

  104. Neil McL says:

    Got the 4 PSB cd’s as well great bargain. Also picked up Hysteria super deluxe for 58 euros too!

  105. Robin B says:

    Nice last minute Xmas gift (or, peut-etre, cadeau Noel) from you Paul!: Stackwaddy; Diana Krall; Flock; Ian Carr/Don Rendell – all for c£20 and if I recall the Stackwaddy alone was that price when I looked in Fopp just the other day :-)


  106. Don says:

    Didn’t work for me (in U.S.) after looking at CDs for over an hour. Oh, well…

    Did discover there is a new Spain (Josh Haden) CD! Cool!

  107. 2wicky says:

    Fantastic offer, thank you for the hint, placed a huge order via your links.
    Pet Shop Boys, Volcov, Bon Iver, TSOB, Mice Parade. Klaus Schulze. Drexciya, Harmonia, The Fall, Acid Jesus, Moby, Ariel Pink, SOS Band, Nils Frahm, Disclosure, Nightmares on Wax, Laurent Garnier, The Killers, Arcade Fire, Silver Mt. Zion, The Wake, The Knife, Boris, Wye Oak, Psychic TV….

    unbelievable how the price shrinks to really good value after inserting the code 4PR18 !!

  108. Andrew Barnett says:

    Cheers Paul, 2 PSB , ELO and The Queen is Dead
    Excellent work

  109. Touraine says:

    You gave the information on how to get the discount for 3 cd or 4 cd sets. But what about the Elvis set which is five cds?

  110. Rich G says:

    You have probably figured this out already, but just in case, it has worked for multiples of 4, i.e. in my case 8 items for £37 GBP including about 4 euro postage, so you save on postage if you are finding too many to choose from.

  111. Andy P says:

    Wow, thanks ever so much. 10 CDs to add to whatever santa brings.

  112. Tony Orwell says:

    does anyone know if it is limited to one order per person?

  113. DaKraut says:

    Thanks for that hint. And it worked. Ordered ELO, Presley, Saturday Night Fever and The Man Who Fell To Earth. Total incl. postage to Germany: 22 Euros. That’s what I call a deal.

  114. Alix says:

    I am from France, and delivery is free on this offer ! King Crimson, Blackfield and Eluveitie in the pipes, heaven. Thank you very much for the info, which is rather discreet.

  115. Ralph says:

    Wow! What a weird and wonderful selection! Four CDs I’ve been dithering over all at a bargain price. Nice one!

  116. Klaus says:

    Interesting as well for PSB-afficionados: Currently there is a 5-track-CD of the “Super” song “The Pop Kids” included in the offer.

  117. Andrew Barnett says:

    As you were I was trying to buy Nightlife

  118. Andrew Barnett says:

    Do you put a code in at the checkout page in the promotional codes box as it rejects mine

  119. Paul Waddington says:

    Well, any Pet Shop Boys fans who didn’t pick up the last lot of Further Listening editions can get a right old bargain, as all 4 are in there at the moment. With postage to the UK you are looking at £20.53 delivered. I’ve picked up the Stones’ Blue And Lonesome Special Edition, the Lennon Live In New York City CD (which I never knew had ever been released on CD) and 2 Czarface ones. One of the Czarface ones is a Limited Edition with a 70 page hardback book and it was priced at 29 Euros individually, so it’s crazy that it’s in this offer. Having said that, it’s temporarily out of stock, so whether I ever see it is another matter!

    It’s well worth a look though, although if you are not looking for classical music you may want to search using the categories on the left hand side, as there are a lot of pages and there’s lots of classical stuff in there.

  120. granata says:

    Wow, that is some deal. €107 worth of CDs/boxsets for £37 delivered. Cheers!

  121. Peter Nicholas says:

    Thanks Paul, just got the 4 Pet Shop Boys CD’s for just over £20 delivered to UK

    Merry Christmas to you and thanks for some amazing deal this year

  122. Alan Wilson says:

    Very nice, £20.49 for the 4 Pet Shop Boys CD’s

  123. Neil says:

    Got 3 PSB cracking deal just a pity Nigthtlife wasn’t included.

  124. Klaus says:

    I guess that’s the joy of running “” ;-))

  125. Andrea says:

    it’s not automatical, you have to digit the 4PR18 code just before checkout
    You won’t see the discount if you don’t insert the code.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Okay, thanks. I’ve amended the post to make this clear.

      • Patrick H says:

        Unfortunately, a message advised me that the item selected cannot be sent to Canada… I like the fact that the message appeared after I had made my first selection and not at the very end.

  126. Klaus says:

    The Smiths’ song “Oscillate Wildly” came to my mind when i first recognised about the everchanging articles in this offer. For instance the new Phil Collins box set with the fold-out covers or the 3CD-DE of “Endtroducing” by DJ Shadow or the 2CD-DE of “Tango In The Night” by Fleetwood Mac all have been IN the offer yesterday but are OUT of it today.
    As i don’t have any money left for music until x-mas i’m putting everything interesting to me in the “Save for later” part of my cart and check out what, if any of it, is available after x-mas when i can afford it again.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I know! Hence why some of them are on my graphic!! Had to amend the list this morning that I had worked on last night!

  127. Dan Peachey says:

    You have to enter a code:

    4PR18 for the 4CD
    3PR15 for the 3CD

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think’s that’s optional, but thanks for listing them anyway…

    • Tony Pill says:

      i don’t use Google chrome and am at a loss with french. 50 years since i took french at school.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        You can always download Google Chrome… If not, then another tip is to just have another English language Amazon page open ( and ‘mirror’ the checkout process. You’ll find that most buttons are in the same place and you *should* be able to work out what to click and what not to click. Or just have the google translate page open in another tab and laboriously translate words/buttons page-by-page!

  128. Geert De Wilde says:

    Did I move too quickly? Erased everything, and tried everything again exactly the same, and this time it worked! Odd …

  129. Geert De Wilde says:

    [picked 4, and I’m just before ‘pay now’, and the price still shows without any discount …

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You don’t see the discount until RIGHT at the end of the process.

      • The Golden Age Of Things says:

        Hi Paul, thanks for this, I’ve ordered one lot of 4 but when I tried to buy a second lot of 4 there was no discount even using the code. Is this limited to one order per person?

        More importantly a Very Happy Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Hi-Fi Splendidness to you and your family.

        • The Golden Age Of Things says:

          It’s OK Paul,I’ve read the comments further down, I should have ordered all my selections in one order. I’ll use Mrs GAOT’s account for the other selections but will have to order 8 or 12 more, you’ve gotta save on postage ain’t ya!?

        • John Bommarito says:

          I had the same trouble. I bought 4 and tried to buy 12 more. I got in touch with customer service and was told:
          “Thank you for contacting

          I would like to inform you that the last promotion in cd’s is no longer continued in our site.

          We have received your suggestion regarding the last promotion and have forwarded it to the appropriate department and request them to apply this promotion again. Customer feedback such as yours is very important in helping us continue to improve the selection and service we provide.

          In order to help you in better, I’ve done some research for you and i would like to tell you that there is new promotion applying in our site.

          Here’s some details about the promotion.

          Exclusive vinyl promotion: 3 vinyls for 40 € and 5 vinyls for 55 €.
          Exclusive vinyl promotion: 3 vinyls for 40 € and 5 vinyls for 55 €.

          I assured you that whenever that old promotion will be continued by our site. We will send you an e-mail to aware you.”

          I used the chat function and had trouble the English vs French thing. Unresolved as of yet.

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