French Vinyl DEALS / great albums at €9

Amazon France is a great place to pick up vinyl right now. Enter the code VINYLE10 when checking out and you’ll get 10% off ALL VINYL RECORDS, including box sets. When you consider that the French site is already offering a great selection of classic albums for just €10 (€9 with the discount) that’s a great deal. That’s about £8 sterling. Check out the SDE selection below…


The Who / Who’s Next (vinyl) – €9


Bjork / Debut (vinyl) –€9


Nirvana 33RPM version (vinyl) – €9


Tears For Fears / Songs From The Big Chair (vinyl) – €9


Sex Pistols / Never Mind The Bollocks… (vinyl) – €9


The Stone Roses (vinyl) – €9


Elvis 56 (vinyl) – €9


Nick Drake / Pink Moon (vinyl) – €9


Patti Smith / Horses (vinyl) – €9



Jean-Michel Jarre / Oxygene (vinyl) – €9


Vanessa Paradis (vinyl) – €9


Bob Dylan / Bringing It All Back Home (vinyl) – €9



Supertramp / Crime Of The Century (vinyl) – €9


Rage Against The Machine (vinyl) – €9



Jeff Buckley / Grace (vinyl) – €9



Cream / Best of Cream (vinyl) – €9


The Police / Outlandos D’Amour (vinyl) – €9


9 responses to French Vinyl DEALS / great albums at €9

  1. Joseph says:

    Have never seen that Cream artwork before. That is about as random as it gets.

  2. Leemer says:

    This international shopping is sometimes so confusing, in France the Delivery charge to USA is EUR 8,50, in Germany Postage & Packing is only EUR 4,63. I guess Germans pay a higher VAT than the French, the French VAT reduction was 1,66 EUR and for a similar value purchase from the VAT reduction is something like 4 EUR. Germany must have very high taxes.

    By the way Nevermind by Nirvana is only EUR 11.49 at

  3. ANDREW r says:

    The stone roses and a few of the others including Paul Simon’s greatest hits
    in my local Morrisons at £7.50 . To say i was amazed is an understatement!

  4. Tyrone says:

    Good lord. I want all of them (minus Big Chair which I deep cleaned and played only on Thurdsay) and Dylan which I’m happy with on SACD.

    The back end of the year has shown us some great prices.

    Well done Super Deluxe Edition – I received a box of vinyl’s from Germany this week – I had ordered them under the influence – forgot – and had a lovely surprise. Incredibly I was home alone on delivery day.

    To be even more boring really know how to pack vinyl –
    Top tip – use the large air pockets from the packaging as / stands / cushions for your turntable, until your .99p ‘inflatable bath head rests’ arrive . A major company are selling inflatable turnrable platforms with a vulcanized rubber finish for a fortune.

    Is there a forum for SDE?


  5. Pete S says:

    Thanks Paul. Bjork and Nirvana for me. Think I need to unsubscribe from these alerts :) – some great bargains recently.

  6. Eric W says:

    That picture is Who’s Next not My Generation….

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Good point. The picture was My Generation, but I thought Who’s Next was a better option… anyway, fixed!

  7. Popmarket selling stones in mono vinyl boxset $299 any thoughts on this welcome

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