Last chance for German 3-for-2 deal

One of the best deals of 2018 ends today!

I wouldn’t blame you if you had ‘deal fatigue’ after the last week with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I feel it’s my duty to make you aware that Amazon in Germany are price matching local competitor Media Markt and doing a 3-for-2 promotion on physical music, blu-ray and DVDs etc. There’s loads of ‘big name’ box sets in the deal including Bowie, Lennon, Police, Dylan, Beatles, Kate Bush, The Kinks and more!

Individual prices won’t necessarily be as cheap as you’ve seen (although many are still very good), but the appeal here is the saving to be made if you buy multiple items (keep the number of items in your basket to a factor of three). The cheapest of the three items is FREE. As usual conditions apply (such as the item must be from not a third party) but the deeper your pockets the bigger the saving, so for example at the moment the last three Bowie vinyl boxes are all available. Anyway you can find a list of EVERYTHING here, but as usual, the SDE curated list cuts to the chase and offers some music box set and reissue highlights.

Useful filters: Vinyl only • CDs only DVD & Blu-ray onlyA to Z list of artists

David Bowie / Loving The Alien 15LP vinyl box – €224

Who Can I Be Now and A New Career in a New Town VINYL boxes also in the deal along with the CDs boxes of Loving The AlienA New Career In A New TownWho Can I Be Now and Five Years.

REM at the BBC 8CD+DVD box set- €54.99

Jimi Hendrix / Electric Ladyland 50th anniversary super deluxe edition

Jimi Hendrix / Electric Ladyland 6LP vinyl + blu-ray – €109.99

Large format 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe also in the deal.

Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl I 4LP vinyl box – €96.99

Remastered in Vinyl II also included in the deal (but not III or IV!)

Kate Bush / Remastered Part 1 7CD box – €63.99

John Lennon / Imagine reissue 5 october 2018

John Lennon / Imagine 4CD+2xBlu-ray box – €63

Imagine/Gimme Some Truth blu-ray also in the deal.

Chris Cornell / 4CD Anthology – €42.99

2LP vinyl edition also in the deal

The Police / Every Move You Make 6LP vinyl box – €114

Bob Dylan / More Blood, More Tracks 6CD box – €99

The Beatles / the White Album 4LP vinyl box – €79

Jethro Tull / This Was 4-disc 50th anniversary edition

Jethro Tull / This Was 50th anniversary 3CD+DVD – €39.99

Heavy Horses ‘New Shoes Edition’ also in the deal.

Various Artists / Confessin’ The Blues 5 x 10″ vinyl box – €52.99

“Original Blues Masterpieces hand picked and curated in collaboration with The Rolling Stones”

Donald Fagen / Cheap Xmas 7LP vinyl box – €89

Small Faces / Ogdens' Flake Gone Nut 3CD+DVD

Small Faces / Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake 3CD+DVD set – €69.99

Imagine/Gimme Some Truth blu-ray also in the deal.

The Rolling Stones / Beggars Banquet 50th anniversary – €43

The Jimi Hendrix Experience / The Purple Box 8LP vinyl box set

The Jimi Hendrix Experience 8LP vinyl box – €99

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society 50th anniversary super deluxe

The Kinks / Are The Village Green Preservation Society super deluxe – €113

Saturday Night Fever / 40th anniversary super deluxe edition box set

Saturday Night Fever super deluxe – €49.99

Bruce Springsteen / Ties That Band: River Collection 4CD+2Blu-ray – €49.99

Jean Michel Jarre / Equinoxe Project 2LP+2CD box – €63.99

Wire / Pink Flag 2CD hardcover book deluxe – €26.99

154 deluxe and Chairs Missing deluxe also in the deal

The Doors / Waiting For The Sun 2CD+LP super deluxe – €46.59

The Doors 3CD+LP 50th anniversary also in the deal.

Pet Shop Boys: Please/Further Listening  2CD remaster – €15.99

Virtually all the Further Listening sets are in the deal

Depeche Mode / Speak & Spell: The 12″ Singles €49.99

Yazoo / Four Pieces 4LP vinyl set- €77.99

Mott The Hoople / Mental Train: The Island Years 6CD box – €57.72

Steven Wilson / Home Invasion 2CD+Blu-ray – €24.99

Guns N' Roses / Appetite For Destruction super deluxe edition

Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction super deluxe – €132

Buffalo Springfield / What’s That Sound 5LP vinyl box- €99

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper super deluxe – €109

John Lennon / Lennon 8LP vinyl box – €163.99

11CD ‘Signature’ Lennon box also in the deal.

The Rolling Stones / Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 20LP vinyl box – €383

Johnny Mathis / Voice of Romance:The Columbia Original Album Collection 68-disc box set

Johnny Mathis / Voice of Romance  68 disc box set – €300

Elvis / The Album Collection 60 disc box set – €179

David Bowie / A Reality Tour 3LP vinyl box – €65

Def Leppard / Hysteria super deluxe  5CD+2DVD box – €64

Neil Young / Official Release Series 8.5 – 12 5CD box- €57

Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt 4-disc deluxe edition

Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt super deluxe edition – €123.99

Bruce Springsteen / Album Collection, Vol. 2 1987-1996 / 10LP vinyl box

Bruce Springsteen / The Album Collection Vol 2 10LP vinyl box – €153

Roxy Music super deluxe edition 3CD+DVD super deluxe – €129

Simon & Garfunkel / Complete Albums Collection 12CD box – €43.99

Eagles / Legacy 12CD+DVD+blu-ray box – €148

Vinyl version also in the deal

Lou Reed / The Arista & RCA albums collection - 17CD set

Lou Reed / The RCA & Arista Albums Collection 17CD box – €89

Procol Harum / Still They’ll Be More 5CD+3DVD box – €81

Nazareth / Loud & Proud! The Box Set 39 disc box – €114

Metallica / …And Justice For All super deluxe – €187

Ride The Lightning super deluxe also in the deal

Black Sabbath / Supersonic Years 7″ box set – €52

158 responses to Last chance for German 3-for-2 deal

  1. xymox970 says:

    If any of you were paying attention yesterday evening after cca 22h, you would have probably noticed that Keychains & Snowstorms got included in the deal – just for a short while, though – until midnight.

    I tried something to pair it with, but couldnt really find a suitable match. Considered the Lennon Signature Box / Lou Reed box / Kate Bush Vol.1, but, the first two, especially, werent the right choices for me.

    Anyway, thinking back about the review that the Soft Cell box got from Scott at Rubellan Remasters, maybe its better that I didnt pick it up after all…..

    • BZW says:

      And a final note on this sale……almost all of the items I received were heavily damaged. Broke my heart to see the dents and tears in the Kinks Village Box Set. Plus, it was open and discs looked used. All of the outer boxes of my various purchases were received with stickers from the Post Office staying “Received in Damaged Condition”. Not one of these outer boxes were sealed and only some were barely held together by a few strands of tape. Whats more is that I pretty much would have to return any damaged items at my own cost, since the paltry shipping expense reimbursement from Amazon is nowhere near what it would cost to ship these heavy items back to Germany from the USA. So…The price was right but the careless shipping made this a waste of money. I shall not purchase from Amazon Germany again.

      • Peter Stanton says:

        Hi BZW

        I received 6 box sets in a big box. Packaging was not too good and there were some serious dings in the outer box, but, more by luck than judgement, all 6 sets were fine.

        I have had excellently packaged parcels from in the past, so there would definitely seem to be an element of luck in this.

  2. Richard says:

    gutted the Hysteria superdeluxe is no longer in the sale. Still, managed to grab a Simple Minds box set, the Bruce River Boxset and the Simon and Garfunkel set.

    Thanks again for the heads up on this one Paul.

  3. poptones says:

    Interested by some box sets (Kate Bush, Bowie, Roxy) but they’re overpriced IMO. Even with the third boxset free. So I didn’t pull the trigger.

    That said, I noticed PIL’s Album vinyl SDE only costs €100 on Amazon Germany. Even though this item’s not in the deal, the price makes it tempting.

  4. Martin Power says:

    Well had to have a second go and picked up 2 x Bon Iver LP’s and the Leonard Cohen box set for a touch under £42 absolute bargain

  5. Steve F says:

    I bought so much vinyl that I popped into Ikea last week to buy another unit to store it all in. Please don’t tell me about any more deals until about March, Paul!

    • Tony O says:

      Steve F – Got £440 worth of Kallax units coming tomorrow with dividers, just need to fit them into an already jam packed log cabin!

  6. shaboo says:

    I wanted to skip this sale, but I’m afraid I failed miserably. At least I didn’t spend as much as others here, only four orders with three items each:

    “C88 (Deluxe 3CD Boxset Edition)”
    “C87 (Deluxe 3CD Boxset Edition)”
    “C86 (Deluxe 3CD Boxset Edition)”

    “C89 (Deluxe 3CD Boxset Edition)”
    Peter Thomas Sound Orchester “Peter Thomas Sounds”
    Peter Murphy “5 Albums”

    The Kinks “The Anthology 1964-1971”
    “The Revolutionary Spirit – The Sound of Liverpool”
    Neil Young “Original Release Series Discs 8.5-12”

    Pet Shop Boys “Behaviour: Further Listening 1990-1991”
    Pet Shop Boys “Very: Further Listening 1992-1994”
    Pet Shop Boys “Bilingual:Further Listening 1995-1997”

    Total discount was €107,95.

  7. Dave b says:

    Cheers Paul and free delivery with prime

    Have a good Xmas

  8. Christian says:

    Did a lot of considering and waited til the last day with the 3-for-2 deal. Finally decided against the two Kate Bush vinyl boxes, although I had a perfect match, a similarly priced box set on my wishlist. Instead of spending ~200 Euros for three boxes of stuff I own already (at least the bulk of it), I spent the same sum on 15 vinyl albums of music that is new to my collection.

    The cheapest is my favourite triple: Neu 2, Neu 75 and Tangerine Dream Stratosfear for combined 28 Euros. The pricey end was: Ride Weather Diaries, Beastie Boys To The 5 Boroughs and Nils Frahm All melody for combined 54 Euros.

    Thanks a lot, Paul, for featuring this offer. I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

  9. Chris says:

    I used this deal last Friday on Bear Family sets — normally very expensive so I saved a ton. Thanks to SDE.

  10. Hugh Hefner says:

    Depeche Mode does not appear to be part of the offer anymore, which saves me £150 plus €’s adding to my dust collecting collection

    • Richard says:

      Speak and Spell is. The others aren’t. I actually went for it last week and got it, plus a couple other things. It is a nice box set (I really like these designs) and the 12″ singles are perfect :) Admittedly it would’ve been better if both the first 2 boxes had been in the deal.

    • Emmanuel Trouillet says:

      Just bought theses :
      – Scorpions – World Wide Live 50th anniversary edition
      – Scorpions – Savage Amusement 50th anniversary edition
      – Scorpions – Love At First Sting 50th anniversary edition
      – Scorpions – Blackout 50th anniversary edition
      – The Sea Within (Special Edition 2CD Digipak)
      – Mark Knopfler – and Down the Road Wherever (Deluxe Edition)

      So no big boxes for me but some CDs which were in my shopping basket for a long time :)

  11. Bob Preston says:

    I can’t have any more big boxes arrive at home. Can I? Er, no, no more boxes before Christmas.
    But thanks for the heads up. Hope you all bag some bargains.

  12. Paul Mac says:

    Drat, I held out as long as I could, but I caved!

    Marillion: Brave 4 LP – €75.45
    REM: Automatic For The People SDE – €72.35
    Nightwish: Vehicle Of Spirit (Earbook edition) – €67.83
    Total paid: €167.97

  13. chris says:

    The Beatles White Album Box Set is back for only 100€
    Available from 18.12. again but you can order now for the 3for2 promotion.

  14. Peter Stanton says:

    having just bought 2 Floyd boxes and Steely Dan, I have now found that the other Floyd boxes are in the deal. They weren’t when I originally looked. Items would seem to come and go within the offer, do I guess that you have to keep checking and reviewing.

    • Andrew Greenwood says:

      watch out for the Floyd boxes*. I bought all six but initially the offer didn’t apply and when I looked into it I realised that the default seller is not always this was the case for three of the six (I think). I had to delete these from my basket then go back to each item and choose the new and used option. From there you could pick the non-default seller of
      the whole set of six was about £100. this is £250 less than the box set but you mainly miss out on the movies (I already have More, Zabriskie Point and La Vallee on Blu Ray anyway) and some BBC sessions. Certainly not worth the difference.
      There is a possibility that the hidden Meddle 5.1 is not on the individual sets, but I don’t have a Blu Ray device for my PC so I can’t rip it out anyway!

      *and maybe other stuff

      • Peter Stanton says:

        Thanks Andrew

        I did get all 5 (I already had 1 from a previous deal on SDE) plus the Steely Dan Box all on the 3 for 2 deal.
        So much more I could get!!

  15. Peter Stanton says:

    I have been dithering as there is so much, but just went for 2 of the Floyd boxes plus the Steely Dan box for a total of £54.04, so £18 each delivered.

    Now, whether to go for more?

  16. xymox970 says:

    Stereo MCs – Collected (9CD)
    FGTH – Best of (2cd)
    Formel 80 – 80 Perlen Der 80er (4cd)
    12inch Disco – The Collection
    Donald Fagen – Cheap Xmas
    Steely Dan – Citizen 1972-1980
    Mike Francis – Anthology (4CD) (this guy was really something special and I`m sure Blank & Jones have done a great job to do him justice)
    The Fall – 5 Albums box set (Hit The North Parts 1-6 makes this one a winner for me…..too bad the singles prior to 1987 arent included in this set)
    Dub Syndicate – Ambience In Dub 1982-1985 (5CD set) (I have discovered this wonderful release literally just yesterday. Always loved dub mixes from the 80s as such, but this is something else. Dont know much about A.Sherwoods work, but this particular sound / period is just right for me. Thanks to Youtube for letting me check it out thoroughly before purchase. Really recommended for fans of 80s downtempo instrumental music)
    ZZ TOp – Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990 (once again….if you dont know anything about ZZ Top activities prior to the Eliminator / Afterburner era, as I did not, check it out. It may be well worth it for you, as it was for me…..)
    Ben Liebrand – Grand 12 Inches (vol.1 / vol.2 / vol.4 / vol.10) (I dont usually buy expensive compilations, but this is / has to be an exception. Old masters presented to audio perfection / declickling remaining mint vinyl rips manually / great selection and some exclusive long Liebrand mixes available nowhere else. The only thing I dont particularly like is that the choices sometimes span almost almost three decades. Mid-late 70s to early 90s. I would have preferred this to be early-mid 80s)
    Barry White – The 20th century records album (1973-1979) (never knew much about Barrys album tracks until I checked it out. He sure loves to takes his time. Love the long instrumental sections / orchestrations)

    Total – 374,97E
    Promotion Applied – 116,58
    Grand Total- 258,39E

  17. Wes Moynihan says:

    Placed my order just now for:

    The Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 1 by Tangerine Dream
    The Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 2 by Tangerine Dream
    Blue Note Albums by Wayne Shorter

    Very happy to finally get those Tangerine Dream sets. I’ve watched them closely these past few years, waiting for them to dip below the £25 mark but it’s never happened, so today was the day to pull the trigger on them ! And sweetening the deal is the 11-disc Wayne Shorter set, which has been sitting in my Amazon cart for ages now ping-ponging between £35-£45.

  18. RJS says:

    Box set fatigue and there being nothing that I particularly want has meant that I haven’t bought a thing. Compared the few items that I have on my Amazon UK wishlist against the 3 for 2 offer but there was nothing happening.

  19. Simon George says:

    Finally got round to looking at this deal and got the 6 Pink Floyd ‘early years’ box sets for £97 inc delivery. For Quad Echoes and Pompeii in 5.1 what is not to like! Shame the boxes do not match the DSOTM, WYWH box sets I purchased a few years ago – however they will stand rather than having to lie on their sides.

  20. Karsten says:

    My 3 for 2

    David Bowie:
    Loving The Alien 15LP vinyl box 150 Euro
    Who Can I Be Now Vinyl 150 Euro
    A New Career in a New Town Vinyl 150 Euro

  21. Derek Langsford says:

    Went in again for another order, 6 album sets, 10 CDs, $70 delivered savings of over $30:

    VNV Nation (why are VNV Nation albums always a premium and never on sale?)
    – Transnational
    – Resonance
    – Noire
    Jean Michel Jarre – Planet Jarre 2CD
    Goldfrapp – Silver Eye Deluxe 2CD
    The Cure – Mixed Up 3CD

    Merry Christmas to me. Now I have to stop, really :-). The time is takes to go through the listings is thankfully disincentive enough.

  22. Richard says:

    Hello Everyone
    Why couldn’t they include all four Kate Bush? Only two. Box three cost the most. In the USA at our Three Audiophile Sites, they’re reasonable. Good hunting. I’ve learned too not rush on most Audio or video.
    Patience is a virtue
    Cheers from Brooklyn.

  23. Olov says:

    – Rush: Sector 1
    – Rush: Sector 2
    – Rush: Sector 3
    – Simon & Garfunkel: Complete albums collection
    – Paul Simon: Complete albums collection (great price for that one)
    – Def Leppard: The CD box set volume one

    Great savings!

  24. BSR says:

    Amazon US has the John Lennon Ultimate Imagine 4CD plus 2 Blu Ray Box for only USD $50.60. Also the Wings Wildlife Box is available today at USD $97.88. Kicking myself for purchasing Imagine box early but hopeful my fellow SDErs can take advantage of these prices.

    • Jonathan Riley says:

      It seems way too cheap for the Lennon set aka price error maybe

      • BSR says:

        Just ordered at that price for a gift. It’s not that crazy a price to be a mistake. We shall see.

      • BSR says:

        Jonathan, you were right in a way. I actually received the box set today (free one day shipping) BUT you would not believe the condition of the set. I wish I could send everyone a picture. It is crushed and ripped apart like a gorilla got a hold of it. No exaggeration.
        Obviously, I am returning it at their expense.

    • terry says:

      Thanks for that BSR
      I wanted wings but felt at £129 it was just too much ad I have a mint copy of the original
      But its still there at $101 including postage and tax. You have to use the coupon though which is easy

  25. Yann says:

    Gov’t Mule – Dark Side of the Mule (3cd + 1 dvd, deluxe edition)
    Gov’t Mule – Dub Side of the Mule (3cd + 1dvd, special edition)
    Gov’t Mule – Deja Voodoo (2cd, european edition)
    Gov’t Mule – Sco-Mule (2cd)
    Gov’t Mule – Dose/Life Before Insanity (2cd)
    Gov’t Mule – Live…With a Little Help from Our Friends (2cd)
    Gov’t Mule – Live With a Little Help from Our Friends Vol.2
    Gov’t Mule – By a Thread
    Gov’t Mule – The Tel-Star Sessions

    Total: EUR 84,90
    Promotion Applied: -EUR 29,87
    Order Total: EUR 55,03

    Good deal ! Thank you for the tip ! :-)

  26. Chris Squires says:

    Buckled (again…) and got the first three PSB further listening CDs for £32 delivered saving just over £12 on the current UK prices.

    I can remember vividly being on a bus home when I first saw a fly poster for West End Girls. At that point I didn’t know if it was a song called “The Pet Shop Boys” sung by “West End Girls” or vice versa. Both seemed equally ludicrous at the time……..

  27. Mad Earwig says:

    I do like these deals but already own so many of the offers was a lot more selective.

    Hawkwinds ‘live at the Roundhouse’ was on the deal but came off a day later so it is updated often.
    I noticed the superb career box sets of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Satriani are there so brilliant bargains to be had as well all 3 Rush anniversary re-issues.

    I secured Doors 40th Anniversary reissues, the Lloyd Cole box set and as a big Can fan, the Holger Czukay set ( incidentally out of stock) so a huge saving over UK amazon.

    I just need to remember that amazon Germany do this at this time of year so I don’t buy in haste weeks before.


  28. Jonathan Riley says: also has the complete Bocelli classic album set for 20.23 before shipping
    has to be a mistake since the lighting deal a while back was $43 for the same item before taxes

  29. Wayne Olsen says:

    I love these deals. It’s like a final exam question in 5th Grade Maths.
    1. Choose 3 items that are close enough in price so that you get the most value.
    2. Change from Euros to dollars, as of this morning’s rate.
    3. Compare with’s prices, taking in account free shipping vs. German schipping costs.
    4. If these items are billed now, what amount will be left for the rent in January?
    Extra Credit: Do you really need 7 CDs of REM at the BBC?
    Please show all work.

  30. kdoc62 says:

    don’t know if this qualifies for an official SDE price alert or belongs on this thread but amazon USA. is price matching Walmart. currently the white album superdeluxe is at a low of $116.77 and the kate bush remaster in vinyl I is down to $73.23.

  31. Pim says:

    Do we know when the deal ends?

  32. Sowerby Bob says:

    My other half ordered me the 3 (of the 6) Pink Floyd Early Years sets that are in the Amazon Germany 3 for 2 sale. Ordered at 830 pm and they arrived this morning at 10am!
    Unfortunately I will have to wait until the 25th to get my hands on them!

    • xymox970 says:

      I also tried ordering the Pink Floyd 2011 remasters individually, but guess what…..
      “This item cannot be ship to your country”……appears more than once……
      So whats the use then?

  33. Pim says:

    Ordered so far:

    Pet Shop Boys – Please 2018 LP (completes the set)
    Golden Earring – Naked Truth 2 LP
    Golden Earring – Millbrook USA blue vinyl
    Ayreon – The Source 2 LP
    Ayreon – Ayreon Universe Live 3 LP
    Ayreon – The Source 4CD/BR earbook
    Ayreon – Ayreon Universe 2CD/2BR earbook
    Ayreon – Into The Electric Castle 4CD/1BR earbook
    Marillion – Brave 4CD/1BR
    Bowie – Welcome to the Blackout 2CD
    Bowie – Baal 10″
    Bowie – Zeroes 7″ PD
    Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited 2-CD
    No-man – Returning Jesus
    No-man – Wild Opera

    Still considering getting the 5 XTC/SW CD/Bluray sets and tons of other stuff…

  34. Daniel Harris says:

    OK…I was trying not to do this today, BUT…Bauhaus 5 CD set, Mission Rockpalast 2CD+DVD and Nena CD+DVD set for less than $45 USD shipped! Had to!!!! If you look, you will find…much to the dismay of your cash.

    • xymox970 says:

      Those Beggars Banquet box sets, like Bauhaus, Gary Numan (included) and others like Love & Rockets, Gene Loves Jezebel, Bolshoi (not sure if included) are all great offers. Packed with extra tracks as well…..

      • Dennis says:

        The Bolshoi 5cd set is sadly not part of the deal, tried to order that one today :)
        Fields Of The Nephilim 5cd set is, though…

        • xymox970 says:

          Already got the Nephilim set.
          Just about everything on it from the first phase, including numerous extra tracks……only the other incarnations left out.

          Its funny how often this one turns up for various promotions, but it never gets a lot of sale. No real demand for it…..sadly.

  35. xymox970 says:

    One more note, if anyone should care about is issue, that is……

    You cannot put more than 50 items in your cart. The system wont allow you to.
    Thats what has happened to me.
    As I was adding items, once I got to 50 and added the 51st, I got an automatic response
    about putting this / and next items away for the next order.
    The next order, for me, would, of course, mean new shipping costs and they dont start from 0.
    So I think I am going to write a little not about this to them.
    Its a rare occasion if anyone ordering from outside of UK / DE / FR (amazons) should encounter this, but its not ok, from my perspective, when it comes to shipping costs.

    • Benedikt says:

      More than 50? Bloody hell, it would take me at least two years to listen to it. No words about the money…

    • RJS says:

      A limit of 50 items doesn’t seem at all unreasonable. Drop them a “little not[e]” by all means but they won’t review or change the policy because of it. You’ll just get a bog standard generic reply from a help desk employee.

    • Klaus says:


      I experienced that with the French 4-for-18 / 3-for-15 deals last christmas. Also you could only reclaim each of these offers once per mail account.

      In the end i opened an extra Amazon-account for my second mail account and ordered 3 times 48 items and one final order for 21 more items. Still haven’t listened to all of those (sigh…)

      The good thing now is that i don’t find too much stuff in the current 3-for-2 offer that i don’t already have. What would have interested me the most, the three still in print-boxes by King Crimson that i don’t already have (Sailor’s Tales, Starless And Bible Black and The Road To Red) have rocketed skywards pricewise right before the offer started and would be about 360 Euro together, which i find still too expensive.

      Maybe will include them in their next 4-for-18-offer. ;-))

      • Andrew says:

        I keep checking Amazon France almost every day for that 4 For 18 € offer, it was so brilliant! I loved how it also included stuff they were clearing out from the stock, you could make some real finds. Not to mention having the PSB Further Listenings included was just insane, in a good way obviously. It was already running this time last year, so unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s happening again. Looks like they’ve given up on proper ”3 /4 for X €” type music offers in general, it’s been a long time since the last one.

    • Jay says:

      This type of ordering makes no sense, sorry. If you put 48 items in the cart (16 x 3 items), the 16 lowest priced ones will become free. Rather, you want #3, #6, #9, #12 etc to be the free ones. Buy 3-at-a-time always, and use three that are closest together in price.

      To the guy who called out Andrea Bocelli: Thanks! I bought 5 of these on the USA Website (I am in USA) for $21.00 shipped, a huge discount. These are easy Christmas presents for almost anyone.

      • Klaus says:


        I’m sorry too, but in my opinion commenting without reading thoroughly first makes no sense.
        The deal at Amazon France around last christmas wasn’t a 3-for-2 where the cheapest item price was deducted from the bill but one where you could either order 4 items for EUR 18 or 3 items for EUR 15.
        If you ordered multiples of 4, or multiples of 3 you were charged with multiples of EUR 18, or multiples of EUR 15.
        The current 3-for-2-deal, like the ones (and Saturn or Media Markt) offered last year around this time will give you, if you order, say, 48 items, deductions for the item whose price is the third highest of the lot, then the sixth, ninth, twelfth a.s.o. down to the fourty-eighth.
        It would be really kind of you to not assume that all other SDE-readers are too stupid to do their maths.
        Rant over.

        Sorry again, but (obviously) had to get that of my chest.

        • Chris Squires says:

          Klaus is bang on the money. Big orders in multiples of three will see numbers, in order of descending cost, #3,#6,#9,#12 and so on removed. This will also mean you pay one lump of postage, say 14 euro, instead of 16 sets of postage which might be lower at 3 euro but multiply it by 16………so it does make financial sense to make a single large order over several small ones. The price will be the same but the postage will be much less.
          The one other thing to think about if the maths seems strange is that GERMANY lists it’s sales tax as 19% so when a buyer in another country gets to his basket all of his items will have an extra 1% on the total dependant on where you live of course. I only learned that at the last 3 for 2, so thanks to whoever pointed that out.

          • xymox970 says:

            For example, the fixed postage costs in this case for my country start always at 7E + 2E per kg.
            So if I went by that logic and ordered 48 items (promotion 3 for 2 / 3 for 25 – regardless) 16 times over, I would pay 16 x 7E postage for a start (an than extra weight). In the case of buying it all at once the total postage costs are cca 25E.
            So you do the math…..

            It just goes to show what a huge advantage is to be able to have it shipped where the country of origin in the country of the vendor (in this case

            Its worth noting though…..if you are buying from third-party sellers, like dodax, rare-waves (at least this are the one that ship to my country, as many dont), they often have much better prices for new items than amazon, BUT what they dont have postage costs calculated like amazon have. Their postage costs usually double everytime you order any item.
            So, for example – 1.82E for my country postage on dodax / rare-waves / world of books (second hand) / momox (second hand) goes up x 2 everytime you add an item – though this item could by a single CD or a box of 10 or a very heavy book – doesnt make a difference at all….

            Especially in the case of books (second hand ones) – music related that is – I took advantage of that I ordered some very cheap ones recently from World Of Books. And those really heavy almost 1000 pages books were posted for shipping prices like new / used CDs – so regardless if the fact that these sellers dont do combined shipping, it really pays off to buy like that if thats something you want.

          • Klaus says:


            I don’t know about other 3rd-party-sellers, but Dodax has their own several websites for various European countries e.g.,, a.s.o. where you can order items from them directly without additional postage charge. Obviously the item price is a bit higher than on Amazon, but if you count in the costs for p&p on Amazon their own sites are a few cents cheaper. Also you are allowed to order from another countries Dodax-site than your own and they still don’t charge additional fees.
            I just found that out as some items i wanted were cheaper on their Dutch than on their German site.
            As for them fearing to have to declare bankruptcy, that seems to be solved for now
            as they are no longer under financial supervision according to Swiss economy-news-sites.
            You have to wait some time for your order to arrive (about two weeks normally) but in my experience they are reliable. Everything i ordered from them so far has been delivered, even the stuff i feared lost after discovering their problems in the Summer.

  36. xymox970 says:

    This is now official my biggest ever individual purchase. It took me more than two days to assemble. Why? Because, as many have previously stated….there is an enormous amount of items available in this particular 3 for 2 offer, more than any other I have previously witnessed. Last years French Amazon 3 for 15 offer (just about a year ago) was similar, with many very cheap extensive box sets, but it wasnt as nearly as this much choice that is now. Whichever list you check – Pauls list, the complete artists list that take part in this promotion is totally incomplete, as I have found out myself.
    I wanna thank many other participants who have taken the time to share their choices because it has helped my a lot with making mine, although I have had to use other means of searching for items I am most interested in – particularly one section with new releases / re-issues of 80s stuff of the New Wave Outpost forum was very helpful.
    So if someone will benefit from this as I have from the others, here is my complete list:

    Damned – Anything (2cd)
    Cure – Join The Dots (new version) (still dont know what this exactly means)
    Big Country – 5 classic albums box (in the end I decided against this one, because there is a picture of Celine Dion release next to the title and in the description as well – very confusing).
    My Bloody Valentine – Loveless (2cd) / EPs 1988-1991 (2cd)
    The The – Soulmining
    Mission – Gods Own Medicine / Children / Singles (2cd) (these are all bargains 5-6 euros a piece, especially the collection, if you dont already have one)
    Icehouse – White Heat (2cd + DVD) (was thinking about getting the complete 40th anniversary 10cd box, but its too expensive and this is a great budget compilation with a complete video singles in dd 5.1 on DVD)
    Various – C86 / C87 / C88 / C89 (these are cheaper on, but with discount applied, its still worthwhile to save a couple of euros on each)
    Siouxsie & The Banshees – At the BBC
    Richard H Kirk – #74-89 (8CD box)
    China Crisis – Flaunt The Imperfection (Deluxe)
    Skids – Virgin Years
    David Bowie – Zeit 77-79 (I know this is a cheapo version, but the main boxes look too expensive too me)
    Tangerine Dream – Virgin Years 1977-1983 (thanks for the tip)
    Tim Buckley – Complete Album Collection
    Bruce Springsteen – Album Collection Vol. 1 (I think I removed this one from my cart in the end, since I am not really a big fan)
    ELO – Classic album collection
    80s maxi – best of 12 inches (3CD)
    Propaganda – Noise and girls come out to play
    OMD – Messages – Greatest hits (with DVD) (now this one is great value especially if you care about those promo videos. I use to wear out the tape of the old one, but this one contains many extra promo there werent included on the original VHS version)
    Stranglers – Giants and Gems (box set) (I really wanted Aural Sculpture / Feline / Dreamtime included, but I guess its impossible to find all in one set)
    Chris Rea – Blue Guitars (11 CD set + book) (now this has to be the bargain of all bargains and its NOT in the list. I am not a huge fan but could not resist this incredible offer. The price is only 20 euros.)
    Smiths – Sound of (2cd)
    So 80s presents Billy Idol / Heaven 17 / OMD / Alphaville (this last set looks like the best package overall)
    Kim Wilde – Teases & Dares (2cd) (my favorite album and the price is reasonable)
    ZYX – Italo Instrumental Hits (the instrumental bits are arguably the best part of italo, so why not?)
    Joni Mitchell – Studio albums (box set)
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Simply (3cd tin box)
    Roxy Music – 5 album set
    Doors – A collection (i know its a cheap version of the original, but its essential really)
    Leonard Cohen – Complete Studio Collection (not the huge fan, but the price is tempting)
    Original Album Classics – Patti Smith / Thompson Twins / Teenage Fanclub / Thomas Dolby / Chic / Sly & Family Stone / Nena / A-Ha / Simply Red / Jean Michell-Jare (this cheal sets and often a hit & miss, but with extra discount, the prices are too attractive for me to say no)

    I also added a couple from the new 3 for 25 promotion (discount applied separately – both promotions work)

    its immaterial – lifes hard (2cd)
    kim wilde – close (2cd)
    sandra – so 80s presents (2cd) (the best collection with all 12″s and instrumentals)
    ryuichi sakamoto – playing the piano (deluxe 2cd)
    simple minds – new gold dream (2cd version) (have thought about going for the deluxe package, but the normal price on is around 38 GBP, so the current offer of 54E here doesnt look much of a discount)
    Tangerine Dream – Virgin Years Vol.1

    Damned – Phantasmagoria (deluxe 2cd) – normal price 10E
    Art of the 12″ – Vol.1/ Vol.2 / Vol.3 – normal price 11E a piece

    My total before discount – 874,99E
    Discount applied – 277,37
    Total – 597,62E

    So, it is worth noting that the discount is about 33% of the total price. You dont have to price matching items (at least not from my experience).

    I had to take so much time in putting all this together because I dont have the luxury of free shipping (as many european customers from DE / UK do with their respective amazons) so its a substantial saving for me to buy everything at once with the shipping amount coming to almost 27E for this huge order, then buying 3/6/9 items several times, as soon as I decide what I wanted. That would not be wise.

    Anyway, what I can hope for that at least most of these more expensive items wont come on the next french 3 for 15 offer…..

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Woah… that’s a HUGE order. Some great selections though and nice to see ‘my’ It’s Immaterial 2CD in the mix. A lot of money but a lot of saving too.

    • The Golden Age Mendaciousness says:

      Funny thing is I am selling 95% of that list MINT – UNOPENED as a job lot on Flea Bay for £175.

    • Mad Earwig says:

      An impressive list of quantity, but I gotta ask, why would you buy stuff if ‘your’e not really a fan’ ?

      I learned many years ago after spending sprees in Tower Records that the more you buy, the less time you give to each album.

      But enjoy your listening!

      • Chris Squires says:

        “why would you buy stuff if ‘your’e not really a fan’ ”

        It’s a great question that I am sure many people here have asked themselves.

        I have bought lots of stuff that I kinda remember and the incurable romantic in me thinks I will enjoy it again…with mixed results, some have been re-affirmed as favourites (King / Kershaw / Jones for example) and some I have realized I just had too much time on my hands in 1983 and I just couldn’t get into (I am seasoned enough to know not to put any names here).
        Secondly there is the problem of amazon and midnight shopping which brings buyers remorse into play. It’s too bloomin’ easy to shell out £100 and not feel the pain (until later). If I am honest I have cancelled as much as I have ordered and I have regretted buying probably about 10% of this year’s purchases.
        Because of SDE I have got into Slade, Leonard Cohen, Can, Sparks, Nick Cave and a few others. All of which I would have said “I’m not really a fan”…but now I am so it was worth the punt for Nick Cave alone.

        So…. rose tinted glasses and alcohol is basically to blame.

        • poptones says:

          As I’ve been a Nick Cave fan for 30 years, I enjoyed reading that ! I still remember the first Nick Cave record I bought (the mercy seat in 1988) and slowly buying all the rest of his discography (including Boys Next Door and Birthday Party). 30 years ago, there was no Spotify, no Youtube, etc. so you had to buy the records (or know a friend who bought them and willing to lend them) if you wanted to listen to the songs. It’s such a delight to discover an artist who will be part of your life for the rest of your existence.

          About oniomania (compulsive buying disorder), you just have to be aware of that. Unless it’s an offer you can’t refuse (a price ridiculously low for a record I really want to listen or collect), I just tend to add the items to my basket, leave it there for a few days and then decide if I really want to pull the trigger or not. It gives me enough time to compare prices and decide if it’s something I really want. Unless it’s overpriced like the Roxy Music box set, I just tend to buy the item a few days or weeks after the release date and if I didn’t buy it then it probably means I didn’t really want it that bad after all or it was overpriced.

    • Klaus says:


      You might habe found out by now, but the only difference between the “new version” of “Join The Dots” by The Cure and the “old” one is the size of the packaging.
      Originally it was a box with a lift-off lid and the 4 cds housed in separate paper envelopes with a book that you could get out of the box, the new one is in DVD-box-sized bookstyle with the cds sitting on the inside sleeves of the book in plastic trays and the book bound inside the package. The included audio is identical.

      • Dennis says:

        the old ‘Join the dots’ was a long digibook packaging, the rerelease is indeed smaller.
        The discs in the old one had seperate holders for each cd (not 2 cds overlaying like in the rerelease). No paper envelopes or seperate book, though.

  37. Colin MacKenzie says:

    There are a couple of great internet tools available firstly one which checks on worldwide Amazon purchase prices (excluding USA and Canada as Amazon are pursuing legal action) – google Amazon worldwide price comparison and you should find it. The second tracks the price history of an item – works for U.K. But not certain if available for other currencies. Tried to post earlier with links but my response did not appear.

  38. Marc Valiente says:

    Cheers Paul! My wallet is suffering and couldn’t afford none of the “bigger” boxsets I’d like, but this was the perfect excuse to get some long desired Beastie Boys vinyls (Ill Comunication, Hello Nasty and Hot Sauce Committee Part Two).

  39. Picked up two of the Stax/Volt Complete Singles boxes plus the Numero Group Husker Du box. Great stuff.

  40. SimonF says:

    Nearly went for the three Neil Young Official Release sets which would of worked out around £90 total as opposed to Amazon UK’s £196 so good value in those terms. But before purchasing I had another look at Paul’s unboxing video of volume’s two and three and decided against it all. Poor, shoddy packaging with some CD’s coming with no inner sleeve protection and all stored in cheap card outer cases. Very poor, and then problem number two; where am I supposed to store them? So I’m sticking with my original’s and saving a great deal of money for next year….

  41. Ian says:

    The list of artists is either being constantly updated or is not complete. I ordered the deluxe edition of the latest Kim Wilde cd and found a lot of other things that were in the deal by just searching for stuff by bands I like!

  42. Ralph says:

    Just spotted this on Amazon UK Jeff Tweedy – Together At Last Vinyl for £7.99 only £1 more than the CD!

  43. Antony Elia says:

    Picked up 69, 70 and 71 Floyd boxsets for £51, wanted the other 3 as well, but they were all sold by a 3rd party seller and not in the promotion.

    • KevinK says:

      All six Floyd sets can be bought in the deal for about £100 inc delivery to UK. Just select the ones that ARE sold by Amazon (via “n New from xx.xx EUR” or “Other Sellers on Amazon” links under the price). The default listing is generally for the cheapest seller with copies in stock, and the Amazon price might be a few pence/cents higher so is harder to find.

  44. Kauwgompie says:

    Wow, I really went to town on this one. Got the BBC R.EM., the Stones Their majesties… and the Hendrix SDE. Key is to find equally expensive box sets.
    Then I bought all the Brian Eno early albums, I think 12 or so. Then I got the two Velvet Underground box sets and the White Snake SDE, then I got a bunch of Steven Wilson Blue Ray’s, Sakamoto, Pet Shop Boys, Tangerine.Dream and the new Mark Knipfler,
    I also got the first Verve box, Holger Czukay and Schiller box.
    Just mentioning this to give other people ideas. You don’t have to buy box sets, many regular CD’s are also included on this promo. A great opportunity to complete collections like I did with Brian Eno. And shipping to the USA is cheaper than when I order it from This promo is a double win!!

    • Chris Squires says:

      That’s the key Kauw, finding 3 items within a, say, 10euro band.
      Something that was posted last December on the first of two 3 for 2 German sales that happened within a month of each other was the fact that if you put 6 items in your basket they don’t take away the two cheapest items. They remove item 3 and item 6 in order of cost. This is really helpful as it keeps postage down as you probably pay one block of 10 euro postage instead of two blocks of 8 euro which for 6 big ole box sets is good considering it’s from Germany. So if you are thinking of getting 6 or 9 or 12 it still holds that you want similarly priced items BUT if you get three items at 100, three at 50 and three at 20 you will save postage and they will remove 170 from your bill not 60. It’s not a flat percentage of a third, although it is in this example because you won’t get three identically priced items. Mine were 97, 97, 90 which is close enough. So if you plan to get more than three items it will save postage if you do it all in one purchase.

    • Paul E. says:

      @Kauwgompie…that’s quite a purchase!- you could have gone on Safari for that check out total ;)

      • Kauwgompie says:

        Haha!! Yes a safari is not cheap. Still in Kenya but in Nairobi now. Plenty of wifi = plenty of shopping for 3 for 2 deals.
        Good thing about going to Africa is that you learn what’s really important in life. And that’s not CD shopping, although I can’t seem to stop it.

  45. David Shorten says:

    This website costs me a fortune! Thanks Paul :-)

  46. BRENEZ Alain says:

    Ordered The Killers, The Police and Yazoo box sets. I realized that they don’t substract the value of the lowest priced item but apply a discount of 33% on the whole basket. I saw a poor review on the Yazoo vinyl box set. Has anyone bought it yet? Vinyl quality seems to be poor.

  47. Heinz says:

    If you are looking for something to combine in the lower price segment….:-)
    Great price (too bad I bought it months ago):

  48. Martin Power says:

    In the balance you take a view with regard to price – yes somethings are over priced. I have just jumped on JL SDE, Rem BBC, and Bowie reality and that makes approx £40 per unit which works for me.

    I was going to go for the PSB last three Further Listening but will hold fire as they will come around again.

    I could have spent a mint but on the big stuff such as Hendrix, Police and Kinks I will hold fire – for now anyway :-)

    As always cheers Paul for the heads up

  49. Chris Squires says:

    Finally buckled after promising myself I would not do so.

    Kate Bush I Vinyl
    Kate Bush II Vinyl
    White Album 4LP Vinyl
    Donald Fagan Cheap Xmas Vinyl
    Trojan Records Vinyl Boxset
    Yazoo Four Pieces Vinyl

    All for £352.87 which is £58 per item.

    Current UK price is £551.55 or £92 each

    No more……. If they put KB Vinyl III & IV in later I will go postal on my Credit Card…

  50. Pedro Serrazina says:

    King Crimson fans will be happy to find their boxes are also included in this deal…

    • Ian says:

      I had a look at the Crimson boxes last night. They seem a bit top endy in price. The big boxes that is. So the saving is not so much.

  51. Kristan Reed says:

    These deals are quite good if you’re price savvy, not so good if you buy blind. Given that Amazon whack up the prices of many of these items to the max, you may stand to ‘save’ , say, 100 Euros on three deluxe vinyl sets, but from experience, most of these sets (almost certainly) come down to prices that will save you a lot more cash than these 3 for 2 deals will. And you then don’t have to end up buying things you don’t really want. My advice is to sit tight and wait for the one you want to be reduced (in my case the Loving The Alien box – I’ve not paid more than £150 for any of the previous 3, and don’t intend to bite until this one’s a lot cheaper).

    Thanks, as always, for flagging these up, though!

    • KevinK says:

      Totally agree with the general point (having been ‘caught out’ in the past), but for the specific Bowie vinyl case you could buy the 2nd, 3rd and 4th boxes in this deal (sold by Amazon rather than 3rd party), shipped to the UK for about £439 which WOULD be less than £150 each.

      • Kristan Reed says:

        That’s true. At face value it can work for some, but how many of us Bowie nuts will have waited this long to get the sets? So often in these 3 for 2 deals I find maybe two things I want, but the third one is typically a “do I really need this?” purchase. And given that individual items nearly always get drastically reduced (often many times a year) you’re probably better off just waiting. You never have to wait long. Keep your powder dry! I actually got two of the first three Bowie sets for £130. Great deals pop up all the time, and it’s nearly always modern hero Paul that flags them up.

    • Chris Squires says:

      “Given that Amazon whack up the prices of many of these items to the max”

      That is simply just not true. Yes Amazon have price fluctuations, that usually work in your favour of you are smart about it. But I have been watching the price of many box sets on Amazon.DE, out of curiosity since the last 3 for 2 (January 2018) and not one of the 20 items I have been closely watching or other items I have been casually watching have been “Whacked up”. The vast majority are at exactly the same price they were last week a couple have gone down and few, a very few, are a couple of Euros dearer than they were last week.

      Amazon can be criticized for many things but prices are really not one of them, I myself will be leaving Amazon prime on xxth Dec when my current membership runs out, because I am going to make an effort to source stuff more locally…. BUT you can’t fault them on price 99 times out of 100.

      Where some people THINK amazon whack the prices up is usually items that are out of print or very close to going out of print. Limited editions that have been sold at £50 for example, you were probably able to get one for £25 – £30 if you got a deal alert, but at the end of the run you see secondary sellers whacking the price up to £100 and Amazon goes back to £50 and slowly crawls upwards towards the higher price. In general if you see a stupid price on Amazon it will be a secondary seller on an out of print item. Even if it is PRIME it will still be a secondary seller.

      There really ought to be a list of silly things people say here. Next in line? £5 postage for a Vinyl LP is not “Rip off postage”…. but that is another story for another time.

    • Marc says:

      That is exactly what I am thinking too! A lot of the prices are very high. And I see a lot of this items more than 30% cheaper on Amazon already.
      One example:
      I bought the new Beatles White Album Box Set for 113 Euros on Amazon (actually 105 because of tax-difference). Now it is part of the 2 for 3 deal (? – it is one of the results if you search for the Beatles) – but with a price tag of 160 Euro (on it is 129 Euro right now).
      So right now it is 42% more expensive than it was once. And it is 24% more expensive than right now on So when you make your products 42% more expensive it is easy to give a 33% (or less) discount.
      With other words: you have really to compare very good. The deal is not that good like it seems first.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        €114 for Nazerath is very cheap. This is a box that started out at £150 on Am UK, went down to around £115 for a period and is now back up to £155. So €114 is cheaper than it has ever been on Amazon UK. The White Album box isn’t part of the 3-for-2 anyway, so not sure why you are bringing that into it… and as Chris said if you actually look carefully it’s via a third-party seller, not Amazon direct. So your ‘one example’ isn’t really a great one, to be honest :)

        • Marc says:

          If I use ur 3 for 2 link, the “Beatles White Album Box” is one of the results. But it makes no difference if this box is part of the deal or not. I just made a general statement. The prices are high on at the moment, you have to compare carefully.
          But I can also make an other examle (and many more if you like). Let’s take the David Bowie “Who can I be now” CD-Box. It is part of this deal, right? It is 115Euro on but just 88Euro on So on the item is 31% more expensive than on So again: you have to compare carefully.

  52. Richard says:

    Grrr! Bit annoying that the second DM singles box isn’t in the offer too. That would’ve be been great!

  53. Elizabeth Ursula Hirst says:

    Dammit. I’d have been in like Flynn for the Kate Bush boxes as I don’t want vol 3 (can’t bear 50 words for snow and not that keen on Aerial) but Vol 4 isn’t in the deal and there is nothing I’d replace it with. Grrrr.

  54. John Bobo Bollenberg says:

    no black friday or cyber monday for me as I picked up a copy of Macca’s Flowers In The Dirt superdeluxe package for only 45 euros from a British dealer at a recent recordfair in Belgium. These days I tend to save up and attend recordfairs where you can find tons of bargains!

  55. Sergio Leiva Garcia says:

    ON the Deal is “The ties THat Bind” The River Boxset… Not also on 3 for 2… it’s only 49,99€!!

  56. scarymonster says:

    Thank you, Paul!

    I have all the PSB except ‘Behaviour’, and I was strugging to make up a decent bundle by scrolling through the entire list. But using the search function, I found Yazoo’s 3 Pieces, combined it with Leonard Cohen’s box set (on my camelcamelcamel list for a few years…) and the job’s a good’un :)

  57. KevinK says:

    The Bob Dylan Bootleg Collection box (“regular” editions of Volumes 1 to 12 of the series on 21 CDs) is in the deal at €117. Didn’t even know this existed until today!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I noticed that last night… weird and also out of date already.

    • Meadowmeal says:

      @KevinK, That Bootleg Collection box was issued by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. In 2009-11 (when The Complete Album Collection Vol. One didn’t exist yet), they also issued three boxes of regular Dylan albums titled “The Bob Dylan 60’s collection” “The Bob Dylan 70’s collection” and “Not Dark Yet, het beste van Dylan 1980-2010”. But where those three boxes were extremely cheap and sported a new booklet, the only thing that’s new here seems to be the outer box.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks. I can never remember how to find that!

    • Dubsideofthemoon says:

      great job

    • Andrew says:

      That saves a lot of time, but unfortunately it’s not completely reliable. For some strange reason doesn’t list all artists included in the offer. I noticed this when I was thinking about ordering Cher’s Abba CD after spotting it when scrolling down the ”basic” offer list last week. Later on when I was looking for her on the alphabetical artists list she was nowhere to be found and still isn’t, even if the album is indeed still included in the offer when you search it.

      So if you are missing certain albums or artists you like on that list it’s best to double check by doing a search on them. On the main or music page of Amazon, not on the offer page. Cher still doesn’t show up even if you do a search on her on the offer page.

  58. Marcus says:

    Mediamarkt in Germany even includes items in their 3 for 2 – sale that are not released yet.

    So I ordered White Album SDE + Wild Life SDE + Red Rose Speedway SDE for 300 Euros for pickup at their local store on Dec 14th.

  59. Emanuele says:

    First, thanks Paul, again and again and again!
    Does anybody knows about deadline?

  60. Derek Langsford says:

    Tried to keep my expenditure down so picked up these:

    INXS Kick 30th 3CDs+BD
    Marillion – Brave Super Deluxe 4CDs + BD
    UFO – The Complete Studio Albums (1974-1986) 10 CDs

    So that’s 17 CDs and 2 Blu-ray 5.1 mixes for $62.04 delivered to California. Just over $3 per disc. Can’t believe they also take off the VAT on this deal for non-EU residents. Should be here for Christmas.

    Thanks Paul!

  61. Zbych says:

    Justice price is WAY higher now

  62. juerie says:

    Bowies Glastonbury is not included. so my favourite bundle ( bowies alien, glastonbury and led zeppelin how the west was won) is not possible. In the original offer of it is possible, but they only send within germany.

  63. Schu says:

    Thanks Paul, snagged:
    DL – CD Vol 1
    RS – SM 50
    SH – BS

    $43 apiece, shipped!

  64. Teddy Gee says:

    I have had the 6 Pink Floyd Early Years individual boxes in the cart for a few weeks, getting courage to jump after all the fiduciary losses this fall… the deal worked – got all 6 for €95 delivered to US! Damn it, I’m hooked on this site… Thanks Paul!

  65. eric slangen says:

    Metallica – justice went up big time. Too big for me.
    LastBowie vinyl is still too expensive and I will wait for Amazon,it. I’m sure it will come down more.
    Although it’s on the list the Wishbone Ash box is NOT in the deal.

    First batch : Golden Earring live box / Mott the Hoople – Island years / PIL – latest box.

    Searching and searching……..

  66. Dubsideofthemoon says:

    Getting mad ! So many items in the deal…
    CHOOSING IS A REAL PAIN but as usual thanks Paul

  67. Wolfgang says:

    Re: Jussi post.

    The PBS Further Listening are part of the deal. Make sure that you are not looking at streaming that seems to come automatically when simply putting in “Pet Shop Boys Further Listening.”

  68. Jonathan says:

    it appears the kate bush remastered pt 2 is not part of the promo (grrr)

  69. Geronimo says:

    The CDs boxes of Bowie are on the deal as well. Great!

  70. Marc says:

    Uh, the Queen vinyl box set ist now 1126 Euro and the Beatles mono box is 990 Euro? Puh….
    And the White Album Box set I bought at for 105 Euro is at now 145 Euro.
    Hmmm. Not sure if I really wild find sth………will maybe be a long night again.

  71. TimR says:

    Hmmmm I thought Amazon had removed the shipping to Australia restrictions.

    It doesn’t appear to be so. :(

  72. Paul Spurgeon says:

    Bloody hell, the massive stereo mc collected box set is included in the offer too!
    What a bargain…Ordered!

  73. Dirk Cavens says:

    Thanks Paul, it’s a great service you provide.
    The Ramones Rocket to Russia (40th anniversary deluxe edition)
    The Ramones Leave Home (40th)
    The Fall Singles 1978-2016 , 7cd version
    All delivered to my front door for £96.

  74. Jussi Pukkila says:

    None of the PSB Further Listening sets carries the promotion tag, are they all included?

  75. Henrik Tronstad says:

    Thanks Paul. Ordered Loving the alien, A reality tour and Gilmour Live in Pompeii. All on vinyl. Great.

  76. Paul Spurgeon says:

    God bless you Paul, and God bless the pet shop boys.

    Got 7 Futher listening albums, plus Leonard Cohen cd box set and inxs 30 all for £109 delivered!

    Very happy!
    Thank you!

  77. Ralph says:

    It’s also usefull for the Further Listening 2CDs for PSB!

  78. Don says:

    Wow, some stuff doesn’t show up in the main list but is part of the promotion anyway. The two most recent Simple Minds box sets are in there (New Gold Dream and Once Upon a Time), along with INXS/Kick 30 and many others. You kind of just have to stumble upon them though.

  79. Pim Derks says:

    No no no no no. I’ve added over 2000 euros of items that are on my wants list. Now to filter it down. Damn you SDE, damn you.

  80. Heinz says:

    OH NO, NOT AGAIN !!!!!!!………………:-)

  81. bret says:

    Hi Paul,
    Can you put up a link so we can just see the vinyl in the offer?

  82. Gary says:

    I stumbled across this by ‘mistake’ this afternoon… there’s some really good items in the ‘mid-price’ bracket as well… vinyl, CD/DVD box sets, etc.

    But the Metallica And Justice for All superdeluxe set is a great price, standalone is way more expensive in the UK!

    Deal me in… :)

    • paul smith says:

      Showing 188 euros, has it gone up?

    • InnocentBlood says:

      I think the price on the Metallica AJFA has shot up. I also think Def Leppard Hysteria is no longer part of the 3 for 2 deal… I was hoping to get these 2 together with the Hendrix box.

  83. Jonathan Riley says:

    I am hoping the 2nd kate bush will be in the promotion once it switches from preorder

    • Don says:

      I don’t think being a pre-order will automatically disqualify anything. The Massive Attack “Mezzanine” deluxe edition has been part of’s 3-for-25 offer for the past two weeks, and it doesn’t come out until January.

      • Mikey says:

        I tried to order the 3 upcoming McCartney and Wings on vinyl – pre order release Dec7 but it didn’t work on that for the 3for 2 deal.

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