New Year Deals

LAST UPDATED 5.00pm (GMT)  10 Jan 2018

INXS / Kick 30 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl

GERMANY: INXS / Kick 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl  – £24 (or €27)

3CD+blu-ray also about £25 (€28)

UK: David Bowie / A New Career In A New Town 13LP vinyl  – £149.99

UK: Michael Jackson / Off The Wall CD+Blu-ray deluxe  – £7.99

The Smiths / The Queen is Dead / 3CD+DVD box set

UK: The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead 3CD+DVD super deluxe  – £23.99

Cheapest price to date. Album + demos & B-sides + Live in Boston + DVD with hi-res

UK: R.E.M. / Out of Time 3LP vinyl set  – £18.95

25th anniversary set includes album & 25 demos

USA: The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper vinyl LP picture disc  – $20

The Doors / The Singles / 2CD+blu-ray

UK: The Doors / The Singles 2CD+blu-ray audio  – £10.99

Incredible price for 44 tracks (A & B sides), plus surround sound blu-ray!
Fans in the USA: go for your local deal of $13!

UK: Bob Marley / Live! 2CD deluxe  – £6.99

Underworld / Beaucoup Fish super Deluxe edition

UK: Underworld / Beaucoup Fish super deluxe – £29.99

David Bowie / A New Careeer In A New Town 1977-1982 / 11CD box

UK: David Bowie / A New Career In A New Town 11CD box – £65

Currently limited to Prime members only.

Quick Look / Alexander O'Neal: "Tabu Anthology" 8CD box set

UK: Alexander O’Neal / Tabu Anthology 8CD box  – £19.99 £30

ITALY: Velvet Underground super deluxe edition –  £40 or €45

UK: Brett Anderson / Collected Solo Work 4LP vinyl box  – £37.99 £48


Saturday Night Fever / 40th anniversary super deluxe edition box set

USA: Bee Gees & others / Saturday Night Fever super deluxe – £52 (or $71)

UK: Bananarama / Greatest Hits Collection 2CD reissue – £6.99

UK: Phil Collins / Take A Look At Me Now 8CD remasters – £8.99

UK: Bob Dylan / Hard Rain vinyl LP – £9.96

UK: The Smiths / Meat is Murder vinyl LP – £10.99

GERMANY: The Who  / Live in Hyde Park 2CD+Blu-ray+DVD – €24

Donna / Singles... Driven By The Music box set

UK: Donna Summer  / Singles… Driven By The Music  24CD box – £33 £62

231 responses to New Year Deals

  1. Janice Pugh says:

    Just had an email from Amazon telling me the Pretenders box set I ordered (through the SDE Alerts link) in early January is no longer available and is out of stock! Thanks Amazon – I have been waiting for this and could have tried to get it elsewhere. Ramped up price now on Ebay no doubt. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same email? Well cheesed off

  2. Chris Squires says:

    My Rolling Stones 45s turned up this morning. Such a bargain, thank you Paul, it is tiny though. It is numbered, does anyone know the age old question of how limited is limited? It must be quite high, in the 10s of thousands.

  3. Rich G says:

    Fun Lovin’ Criminals / Come Find Yourself SIGNED super deluxe
    Back in stock on Amazon UK at £36.54 folks as of 11.10 am on 11th Jan.

  4. Mark says:

    Hey Paul,
    German Saturn and Amazon just restarted their 3 for 2 thing again – until Jan 13. Greetings from Germany!

  5. Mikael says:

    Love your Blackstar tribute on the top of the page today (Jan 10)
    Heartbreaking, but thanks.

  6. mike williams says:

    Kick cd+blu set £25.30 Prime on Amazon UK

  7. mike says:

    Jesus I’m classed in the house as someone who will do anything to avoid reality…I haven’t got the heart to tell my partner about SDE…..The only thing that give me up is a ton of stuff arriving from amazon!

    signed a home worker!

  8. Greg says:

    Amazon US again has the Joshua Tree SDE for $67.48.

  9. Arr Gee says:

    Bowie Vinyl Box all snapped up on Amazon; Glad I got in quick! Delivered today in a very impressively packed box. Did note that these were produced in August so likely to be the drop out Heroes, so need to send an email.
    Thanks Paul

  10. Ralph says:

    I was expecting the Beatles Christmas box to show up as a reduced price item round about now but it is no longer listed by Amazon or HMV. Maybe it really was a limited edition

    • andrew R says:

      Yes it was 1500 copies i believe .Iwas talking to a friend in the trade who was bemoaning the
      ridiculous amounts of certain ltd editions versus the 5 copies of the beatles he was allocated.
      How to choose which customers to supply? It does make you wonder who is making the decisions?

  11. Kevin S says:

    Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition arrived just now.
    Great price at £29, unfortunately the slip case was damaged.
    However a quick call the a very helpful amazon advisor resulted in a £6 discount.
    The contents were fine so will live with a bit of box damage for that price.

    Ta for the notification on this one (and many others) Paul.

  12. andrew R says:

    Paul ref the some girls promo . Itook your advice and let the order stand
    on currently unavailable .They just got in touch with a dispatch date !
    Result !! so thanks owed to you.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Nice one!

      • Bobbyjean says:

        Same with me with the rolling stones box set .said it’s dispatching now.didn’t think they would.thanks paul

    • Chris Squires says:

      The same thing JUST happened to me with the T-Rex 8LP Vinyl collection that was listed but “currently unavailable” when it was showing as £61, it is now £93 as the lowest available. I took a punt and ordered on 16th December and was just about to give up hope when an email came through this morning, it’s being delivered tomorrow. As Fletcher used to say…. “Little Victories”.

      One thing about the Some Girls box, it is the tallest box I have and won’t fit into any of my shelves. First World problems.

  13. Mat says:

    Underworld now at £72 !!!!!

  14. Kevin S says:

    More Springsteen vinyl at a decent price – Seeger Sessions £14.50

    • IGM says:

      Some good titles in this promotion. However be careful as this operates in the same way as the recent promos. There is effectively a code, 4CD20, used at check out to give the discount for “4 CDs for 20 Euro”. This can only be used once per Amazon account. Buy now or wait to see if any other titles are added before the end of the promo on 28th Feb …. ?

  15. Steve Miller says:

    Chris Squires –

    Yes. I was a little underwhelmed by the actual product, having queued for a couple of hours in the cold to get it. (4 LPs and not even a gatefold sleeve) But, my local store only had 1 copy, it was reasonably priced for a 4LP set, and it’s a great album.

  16. Richard says:

    Managed to grab an Underworld set. Only 2 remaining apparently. Great price.

  17. Steveasian says: sells Michael Jackson “Off the wall” CD/Blu Ray for US$6.20

  18. Michalis says:

    It probably isn’t a big bargain, but it’s the lowest price this set had so far, I think. At “Listen Without Prejudice/Mtv Unplugged” is priced at 26.99 euros

  19. Neil McL says:

    Cheers Paul got the last of the FLC signed SDE

  20. Alan Wilson says:

    I think the Amazon Germany price is cheaper on the Fun Lovin’ Criminals one £28 plus shipping.

  21. Martin Power says:

    Now my January is complete (Well until the next deal!!!) Got the SDE of the FLC and what a bargain price – Soooo sweet.

    Thanks John and Paul

  22. Mike says:

    Wow thanks John and Paul got it at last.. really appreciate it

  23. poptones says:

    You can find a few interesting blu rays (mostly concerts) at for €7 :
    + Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression Live
    + The Who – Live at Hyde Park
    + The Rolling Stones – Havana Moon
    + Mumford & Sons – Live from South Africa : Dust and Thunder Blu-ray
    + Led Zeppelin – Song remains the same

    A few days ago, you could find a couple more Stones blu rays and Arcade Fire’s The Reflektor Tapes or Placebo’s We come in pieces at that price but they’re all gone.!102

  24. Ralph says:

    I’d held off on the Bob Marley Live having read a few negative reports regarding the sound quality. At that price however it seems worth it to get the extra material (and I still have my original album and CD too).
    Thanks for all your great work, it’s appreciated

  25. Steve Miller says:

    In response to Chris Squires further up the thread.

    I queued up outside my store on RSD 2017 specifically to get the Springsteen Live set, and it wasn’t numbered. My understanding is that the the numbering was exclusive to the release in the US on RSD.

    • Chris Squires says:

      That’s most odd Steve and thanks for taking the time to respond. So it would seem there are three versions.
      Gold lettering like this “No.010200”
      Black dot matrix numbering like this “010200”
      and un-numbered like the one that just turned up here today.

  26. Alan says:

    I just wanted to say thanks once again Paul. The Nirvana – Nevermind SD limited box set I bought at £34 is now selling at £282.89 on Amazon UK (and £159.95 used), and at similar prices around other Amazon country web sites. What a bargain!

  27. Leonardo Lotti says:

    I will never ever get over the fact that I missed “The Stones Singles Box Set” on Wednesday… Even though I was able to get sweet deals the last few days, nothing will come close to the the thrill that I would have had if I had gotten it. Paul, please, get in contact with and ask them to make another sale/offer on that box, please!!! kkk! Do you have such powers?

  28. Andrew M says:

    Thanks Paul

    Just bagged The Doors.

  29. Andrew Barnett says:

    REM deluxe now back at £36 on Amazon

  30. JohnC says:

    R.E.M. out if time cd box set £20 plus postage if you miss out on the amazon deal*/Boxset/Out-Of-Time-25th-Anniversary-Deluxe-Edition/5A800GPJ000

  31. John C says:

    Also R.E.M. life’s rich pageant on vinyl at £8.99*/Vinyl/Lifes-Rich-Pageant/57PI0GPM000

  32. John C says:

    R.E.M. £15 here plus postage but just in case the deal changes on amazon*/Vinyl/Out-Of-Time-25th-Anniversary-Edition/5A820GPM000

  33. Bobbyjean says:

    R.e.m out of time deluxe 3 cd 1 blu ray is £23.95 on amazon uk

  34. Paul Wren says:

    That’s the REM vinyl album ordered – excellent value!!

  35. Ralph says:

    Springsteen still available at HMV. On line and in store. I toddled down to my local store and picked one up. Nothing on it to indicate it being a RSD release, it’s not numbered.

  36. Mike says:

    Chris/Paul…I got back.. having a pint!..Yep the signed poster is right in front of the first album. You can see there’s a black line in front of the indent in the slip case…that’s the signed pic!

  37. Andrew says:

    Well the price on the Springsteen set didn’t last long…got bumped up to £33.92 in mid-purchase.

  38. Chris Squires says:

    Questions that a Springsteen aficionado might be able to help with.

    a) The Springsteen 4LP up for £20.99 set isn’t the RSD 2017 version is it?
    b) Amazon says the RSD 2017 is an edition of 3,000 however my copy is numbered 010590 how can that be?
    c) The Amazon listing that claims to be the RSD version has gold numbers and the letters “No.” also Gold whilst mine which is certainly RSD 2017 just has black numbers like the discogs listing for that release.

    I can only think it has something to do with different US / Europe versions. The deal has stopped now anyway but it would be useful to know which is which if anyone knows.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks Chris and Paul fair play..the stickers are on the outside (how cryptic!) I reckon im good..I’ll open it in a bit and get back to you…thanks again

  39. Mike says:

    My pretenders vinyl turned up…there nothing about it being signed on the front..has anyone else got one and opened

  40. Matt says:

    Received Bowie WCIBN? this morning which was £131.82 last week using the eBay 20% code. Also received a week ago, the ANCIANT box which was £149.99 from Amazon but they refunded £22.49 because of the ‘Heroes’ sound issue. So £259.33 for the two is a great deal. And I received the ‘Heroes’ replacement only 4 days after sending an email!

  41. KevinS says:

    Springsteen Hammersmith 4LP set on Amazon uk for £20.99

  42. Geoff D says:

    The Who – Live In Hyde Park Deluxe Book+DVD+Blu-ray+2CD edition is currently £23:44 on Amazon UK:

    The DVD is region free.

  43. Guy says:

    Pretenders box now down to £93.56…..

    • mike says:

      hi chris

      I just called they said the cant do anything (having bought it yesterday)…its totally random..ill call back again!

      • Chris Squires says:

        Hey Mike

        I was tempted to call AGAIN, it’s gone from £109 to £98 to £93 in the space of three days. I can live with losing the fiver. As you say, the pricing and response to issues is totally random. At least I got the£98 price point thanks to an understanding chap at the end of the ‘phone.

        It could be “Great Benefit” for those that know their Grisham. Always say no the first time and don’t give anything away until you get to the second or third query. I emailed THEN ‘phoned… maybe they are programmed to ignore you first time around.

        • mike says:

          Thanks Chris

          I hear you totally…Mine just turned up with no mention of it being signed. Have you got yours and if so is it signed or does it say so on the front?

          thanks mike

          • Chris Squires says:

            It’s interesting how Amazon do this, only the external packaging has any kind of note on the version inside. Most finish with an X (DEMRECBOX011X for example) if they are an exclusive edition. The signed editions I have have all been like this.
            Blancmange, Boxing the Shadows, Heaven on Earth, Brett Anderson and Chris Difford. It’s only the external cardboard that gives the clue. The amazon image gives you the impression that there will be a big eff off sticker on the front with “Amazon exclusive” all over it. Nope.

            My Pretenders, however, turned up without external packaging so the only clue that anything was different before you open her up is that there is a new barcode sticker on the outside of the shrink-wrap. Discogs will not recognize this (yet) so peel the sticker back to reveal the original barcode that discogs recognizes as the normal unsigned edition.

            I have never known this happen before. The Vinyl collection has been around a while obviously and as the packaging and barcode are the same they must have taken excess stock, gathered it all together got Chrissie to sign, what, 500? and resealed them with a new barcode sticker. To re-promote with a signed edition at least 2 years after original release is a new one on me. It’s certainly not a new edition and I don’t think it would be a big enough seller to warrant a complete re-press, the packaging has not changed a bit.
            Curiouser and curiouser…. Any Hynde fanatics with a clue?

  44. Adam says:

    The Pretenders 8CD Box set also dropped in price to £71, it had been a bit lower before (£59) but still a good deal!

  45. Adrian Barrett says:

    Cheers! Just bought the Underworld box!

  46. Bridge says:

    Oh ya, and the Pretenders vinyl box! Damn. Cheers!

  47. Bridge says:

    Thanks for the Underworld heads up! Been waiting for this one. Cheers!

  48. Adam says:

    Picked up Beaucoup Fish. So Joshua Tree will have to wait a while.

  49. Trash says:

    Thanks for the scoop on Beaucoup Fish. Really wanted this but couldn’t bring myself to pay the original price (although I can’t actually recall how much it was).

    Cheers Paul (for once both my heart AND my wallet say thank you :-) )

  50. Greg says:

    Many thanks BritinDetroit, I’ve been waiting for a price drop. Ordered.

  51. Richard says:

    Argghhhh, I knew I should have held out on the Underworld, I caved and bought it last week!! Right I am definitely holding off on Automatic for the people Deluxe, that has to drop at some point!

  52. Kauwgompie says:

    Wow that Underworld box looks great. Already bought it in the German 3 for 2. The sound is excellent. Highly recommend it. Shame I missed the Tubular Bell box. Wanted it badly for that price.

  53. BritinDetroit says:

    Joshua Tree SDE 4 disc just took a nose dive to $67.48 at , if you are in the mood

  54. Matt NYC says:

    Non-essential but The Hit Factory Ultimate Collection 3-CD is now £6.50.

  55. Jason says:

    The Underworld – Beaucoup Fish boxset is a great place for anyone on the fence. To my ears, the remaster is done very well.

  56. Janice P says:

    Thank you Paul for the alert regarding the Pretenders Box set and signed poster! I saw Chrissie and the band in Manchester late last year – absolutely brilliant. She also signed 2 of my albums after the show…..can’t have enough of a good thing! Happy New Year to you all xx

  57. Guy says:

    Thanks for the heads up about The Pretenders box set. You can also buy it WITHOUT a Chrissie Hynde signed print for for £143.56!

  58. Bassel hassouna says:

    Not related to any deals but i got this message from sony re. Heroes

    Thank you for contacting us regarding your replacement Heroes CD/LP.

    Here is your case number: 3591958

    We are currently working through all requests so may not be able to respond to you immediately.

    Once your replacement has been processed, we will provide you with an order confirmation email so that you know that your copy is being arranged for you.

    We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay.

    If you have any questions about your replacement please respond to this email.

    Kind regards,

  59. Chris Squires says:

    Interesting that the Pretenders Vinyl came down by 10% since I first saw it and annoyingly bought it at £109. Down at £98. I emailed Amazon and they told me there was nothing that could be done even though the price drop was less than 24hrsafter…. although I could return the item at my own expense and re-order at the lower price….. and here is the lesson I learned…..

    Give them a call.
    I was offered the difference back as a refund immediately, saving the extra £11 and a trip to the post office which would have offset any saving.

    Every time I have given Amazon a call they have come up with the goods. Email seems more hit and miss. I am not sure they would do the same for the insane price that the Rolling Stones singles set went for though.

  60. Tim Brooks says:

    I missed Sparks :( So are people just keeping this page open and refreshing or does a faster notification exist I am missing out on? Thanks for all the great spots folks!

  61. Mark says:

    Brian Eno – Here Come The Jets on vinyl is £8.90 at the minute on Amazon UK.

  62. Adey says:

    The Bowie boxset is £64.99 on hmv uk too, and the offer is available to EVERYONE!!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That has been mentioned MANY times! :)

    • Klaus says:

      …and is wrong, obviously, because, as also mentioned many times before, doesn’t deliver outside the UK and according to what i read here in the last few days there are really many people here, who don’t live in the UK (myself included). :-))

  63. Lloyd Evans says:

    Why do i get the alert at 12.05 when it was updated at 9.30? I feel like I’m missing out :(

  64. Bobbyjean says:

    Due to being ill in bed I missed the tubular bells deal.gutted.such a great deal

  65. Steven Roberts says:

    Tubular Bells ‘no longer available from seller’…

  66. David Thorpe says:

    Tubular bells ultimate edition £29 Amazon uk

  67. Tracy says:

    If anyone is interested the Spandau Ballet Through The Barricades Remastered CD+DVD set went down to £8.99 recently on Amazon.

  68. RJS says:

    johnny & Andy P – Good spot on the Stax box set! Ordered.

  69. Andy P says:

    Two great deals for those into jazz or soul on Amazon UK:

    Keith Jarrett – Sun Bear Concerts (6 CD box on ECM) – £24
    Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles Vol 3 (10 CD box 2015 reissue) – £16.20

  70. johnny says:

    The Complete Stax / Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 3: 1972-1975 is just £16.20 at amazon UK

    Normally costs twice as much, or more

  71. Carl Homes says:

    Oh damn you Mr Skywalker and your 152 minutes of turning my phone off for cinema etiquette!. You cost me a Tears For Fears bargain that i’ve been after for ages. It’s enough to turn me to the dark side.

  72. Neil McL says:

    Andrew W thanks so much about the Dodax Shout out for SFTBC Much obliged

    • Andrew W says:

      Pleasure. Dodax do have some good prices, albeit a random selection, e.g Depeche Mode Violator CD/DVD 5.1 £10.56, Songs of Faith and Devotion CD/DVD 5.1 £11.04, and others. And all free delivery.

  73. Mark says:

    A New Career in a New Town is £64.99 in store at HMV btw

  74. poptones says:

    I tried to follow the link and buy Tears for Fears’ Songs from the big chair blu-ray at £8 but it’s already gone. It’s back at £19.99

  75. Andrew Mant says:

    Tears for Fears Blu Ray Audio didnt last long at £8, now £19.99!

  76. poptones says:

    About Phil Collins, most of his solo albums have been remastered and re-released as 2CD Deluxe Editions so his fans already have bought those deluxe versions, they don’t really care about this “cheap” box set. For the rest, they buy his singles compilations on CD (for example the excellent Singles box released in 2016 with 45 songs), not his albums.

  77. Andrew W says:

    TFF SFTBC BluRay Audio is £8.43 (free delivery) at

  78. Neil McL says:

    Missed SFTBC can’t believe it always wanted it back up to £19.99 14.35

  79. David Carter says:

    Songs from the Big Chair ordered

    Cheers Paul

  80. Gary C says:

    Tabu boxes full of vinyl rips remember

  81. gwynogue says:

    Another Tabu box set (various artists) down to £40

    Not as cheap as the Alex O’Neal one, but compared to its recent prices it seems like a good deal.

  82. colinthebruce says:

    dammit! missed Sparks.

  83. Stuart says:

    The Phil Collins box is also around the £8 to £9 mark in both Tescos and Morrisons in the UK

  84. Marc says:

    It makes me kind of sad, that the Phil Collins Box is such cheap. What a sell out for a great musician.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      More of a record company thing, to be honest… don’t think it reflects negatively on Phil Collins particularly.

      • Paul E. says:

        Paul do you have any 2017 data on physical compact disc sales for the year? I’m very curious to see if there’s been any positive movement in the (my preferred) format. I did read that vinyl was up from 2016. Also wondering how we can get you and SDE “personal” credit for your percentage :)

    • Chris Squires says:

      Yeah, I get what you mean but it was a brilliantly timed piece of marketing. I bet there were lots of “around a tenner” Christmas presents bought, so Mr. Collins will have been better served by selling 5,000 copies (Amazon for the kids, Sainsbury’s for the parents or whatever) at a tenner than 1,000 copies (ditto) at £30, which still wouldn’t be a bad price for an 8 CD collection of well known albums. plus it might lead to 5,000 families being exposed to his music again which can only be a good thing….
      It seems sad on the face of it…. but I don’t think Phil himself would come out of this badly.

    • RJS says:

      “What a sell out for a great musician”

      For £8.99, it probably will sell out. Never really buy into this “selling out” thing and people getting a bit too precious about artists they like. As Chris Squires, says it exposes his music to a wider audience and Collins’ no doubt has millions squirrelled away already, so everyone’s a winner.

    • Klaus says:

      I find it totally understandable that they have to sell it for cheap. Keep in mind that they released all the albums just last year as Deluxe Editions with a second disc of bonus material and a box to put them into. I guess that serious Collins-fans would have bought this.
      So the market these two new boxes are aiming at is imho either the hardcore collector who needs to have literally everything the artist releases or people with only a vague former interest in Phil Collins and if you manufacture really high numbers of both sets the only way to get rid of them then will be the pricing.
      I had a minor interest in PC before (still meaning that i got all the albums up to “Dance Into The Light” when they were initially released) but don’t thought the bonus cd’s were worth the GBP 13 or EUR 15 asking price each when released.
      So i bought the new box with the foldout-covers via the 3-for-2-deal for about EUR 14 and thought that to be a fair price for all 8 albums (no DE though). That was before i found out that was selling it for EUR 4,50…
      No way to make me order it again in plain paper wallets at any price.

  85. eric Slangen says:

    Sparks is gone. grrrrrrrrrr

  86. Leo Lotti says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that I missed the Stones Singles box set… :(
    Do we have to stop everything that we are doing and literally stay here all day long?

  87. Kevin M says:

    Not sure that VU set is such a deal, it cost me almost the same on release date in HMV (£44.99).
    Brilliant set though, the sound and content put many others to shame, totally recommended!

  88. Alan Wilson says:

    Bowie’s “A New Career In A New Town” CD set back down to £65 on Amazon UK…

    Back in at £64.99 but on back order – so still available to order.

    @gwynogue Thanks for the original tip.

  89. David Thorpe says:

    Sparks vinyl box £31.58 Amazon uk

  90. andrew R says:

    Missed some girls ,early night last night!
    Couldn’t have lasted long.
    Paul is it worth sticking it in the basket ?
    Or is “Temporarily out of stock” Amazon speak for
    “gone gone gone”
    ps happy new year late .

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Definitely worth buying when it says ‘Temporarily out of stock’ if the price is low. HNY too!

  91. Wayne Olsen says:

    Thanks for the SOME GIRLS tip! I was on the fence about it since it was released, but now I can’t wait to hear it.
    There goes my New Year’s resolution.

  92. Martin Power says:

    Grabbed the stones SDE bargain

    Anyone got a link for the Nirvana as it comes up at over £110 for me on UK

  93. Neil McL says:

    £34.46 delivered for Nevermind SDE great deal looks like I’ll be skint this year too with all these deals

  94. Alan says:

    Another great spot on the Nirvana Super Deluxe Paul – gojng for £95 used on Discogs and £111 on Amazon UK. Managed to snaffle a copy quickly for £34.46 including postage….

  95. Paul E. says:

    Nirvana “Nevermind” SDE ordered! First deal of the New Year w/shipping to the U.S. only £45.05 (shipping was £17.80 alone but it still couldn’t be beat). Thanks Paul!

  96. Leonardo says:

    Gone too soon…

  97. Kauwgompie says:

    Yes I still got shrinkwrapped stuff too but that is because the insane amount of Deal Alerts. The German 3 for 2 (twice in the last few months!!), the sales the has been running on R.E.M., George Michael, Smiths, Ramones, and then the French deals, it’s been too much. I fell for it all which means a very short “want” list left, a pile of box sets on my desk I have to work through and an empty wallet. All good though. Will listen to it all. A lot!!

    • Klaus says:

      Exactly my thought. Got a very short want list but enough to unwrap and listen to until Christmas 2018 i think.
      So Paul, no more Deal Alerts this year, will you?

  98. gwynogue says:

    Bowie’s “A New Career In A New Town” back down to £65 on Amazon UK…

    * * * * * BUT!!!!!* * * * *

    …only with a Prime membership.

    I suppose it’s technically possible to sign up to Prime, place the order, then immediately cancel Prime…but we would never suggest such chicanery, would we Paul?

    *wink, wink* :)

  99. RJS says:

    I wonder how much music bought by people who use this site is never listened to?

  100. BSR says:

    Seems like a good price: Amazon US has From Moscow to Mars, the 13 disc box from Erasure for around USD$ 107.

  101. Chris Squires says:

    Am I missing something here?

    On the Pretenders Vinyl collection in £143.
    The very same thing with a limited edition 12” print signed by Christie Hynde is £109.

    Does anyone know what this is about as I hadn’t seen the signed version before, only came across it whilst browsing the Demon Records website earlier. If it is the same identical set of 9LPs then with signature it would seem, on face value, to be a bit if a bargain.

    Or as I said am I missing something? (repress, Black vs. Coloured or something else I hadn’t spotted)

  102. Jim says:

    I paid double that price for Hard Rain on vinyl before Christmas. Ah, well. Some you win…

  103. Dennis says:

    Another nice deal on…
    Deacon Blue – When the world knows your name [3xCD+DVD] for 7.99 UKP

  104. Sami says:

    I think the initial signed batch of Brett Anderson’s vinyl-boxset must have sold first out when it was released, then on march 2017 (as I mentioned elsewhere on this website) there was one signed box on sale from AmazonUK, but it was bought quickly. Then I started to look for and eventually more signed boxset became available for purchase, I think the number was 9 or 8 at least, so now it’s down to 3. I think they have still priced this set a bit too high, otherwise they could have easily sold them all much earlier.
    Im still on the fence, might be getting this set, but not sure if the higher price really justifies that purchase. If it was £40-50 I might instantly get it. I don’t have any of Brett’s albums but I’ve heard them via legal streaming-services..

  105. regan judson says:

    Donna Summer and Ian Drury ordered!! Thanks Paul!!

  106. Leonardo says:

    The “Simply Red – Live In Sicily” box set by Edsel is 30 per cent off at at the moment. Only 19.00 pounds. Paul, do you happen to know if the “Live In Cuba” box set is out of print? I have literally searched everywhere and no one has it… That is the only one that’s missing from my Damon Music (Edsel) SR reissues.

  107. Glen says:

    Just grabbed one thanx paul

  108. Boaz Halachmi says:

    There are 3 copes of Brett Anderson’s signed box set on Amazon UK. If anyone wants…

    • Chris Squires says:

      The price on that is not budging is it. The best part of £80 is a lot for a 4 LP set, even with a signature. The Belinda Carlisle autograph was only £60 when attached to 4LPs and I snagged Bill Wyman’s signed 4LP set for £42.99 at which it stayed all over the Christmas period but has just gone up to £60. I’d be all over Brett for £40 to £50, but not £80. The unsigned set is only £37. Want it…. want the signature but will wait.

  109. KevinS says:

    Did anyone grab more than one Dury box?
    I’d be interested to do a deal with you if you did.

  110. Dave Sullivan says:

    Ian Dury vinyl boxset is still at £39.99 if you click on other sellers,

    Thanks Paul

  111. Mark says:

    I just clicked on the Prime bit, out of stock but can still order at £39.99

  112. Paul Wren says:

    It’s still at £40 for Amazon Prime users – why not join up for £7 pm for next day delivery and access to Prime TV, films etc?

  113. Nigel Croft says:

    Check all options – still available for 40 quid

  114. Frank Huntley says:

    Followup – the Dury Vinyl set is still listed at the sale price on the page listing all the vendors offering it. Click on the “12 new from…” phrase on the page SuperDeluxeEdition takes you to. It’s listed as out of stock but the order button looks like it’s live. My e-mail from Amazon says “Delivery date pending. We’ll email you as soon as we have a delivery date. ”

    So maybe you can still order it.

    • Chris Squires says:

      I’ve had one of those “delivery date pending”emails hanging over an order I made for the T-Rex vinyl collection about three weeks ago when it was down to £60 for about a day. Do these things EVER come through.
      Just managed to snag a copy of the Tusk SDE from Amazon for £71, as soon as I did it shot up to £142 where it is now. The whole bloody shooting match is a lottery or as someone said on the Carpenters thread “it’s a crapshoot”. I snagged Ian Dury last year when a deal alert lasted about 9 minutes for a similar price, it’s a beautiful little set.
      Keep ‘em coming Paul, always a buzz.

      • Klaus says:

        You’re right about the “shooting match” Chris, but ain’t that part of the fun?
        You’re late into the “Tusk” set though. I got one about half a year after its release for EUR 55 via

        • Derek Langsford says:

          Got mine for £37.49 from Amazon UK in October 2015 after watching it like a hawk. Unlike the Rumours set which still comes down to under £25 regularly, Tusk seems to have just kept going up and up from Amazon UK without any periods of steep discount despite it being in stock and apparently not out of print. They seem to have yielded sales to the Marketplace sellers. I wonder which way their eponymous album deluxe set will go? It’s pre-order price has been inching up a few pennies every few days.

          • Klaus says:

            Hi Derek,
            i always thought that they manufactured waaay too many of the “Rumours”-boxes and kept the numbers for the follow-ups smaller.

          • Larry Davis says:

            I preordered the FM75 SDE when it was first announced on Amazon UK and it was 39 pounds…which is like $53US…great price…on Amazon US it’s almost double that at $90US!! Still need to order the SDEs of Rumours, Tusk and Mirage…one at a time, I got the Tango SDE which is great…one at a time…and I do not think there will be other FM SDE’s like Behind The Mask or Time or the pre Buckingham Nicks FM albums… Am I wrong??

          • Klaus says:

            I was stretching my imagination but couldn’t see SDE-treatment for either “Time” or “Behind The Mask”.
            For the albums feat. Peter Green or Bob Welch it might be difficult to clear the rights of the recordings.
            What i CAN imagine though are SDEs of “The Dance” and “Say You Will”.

  115. Neil McL says:

    No scrub that go into other sellers and it is £39.99 with prime and got it confusing though!

  116. Neil McL says:

    Back up to £83 didn’t last long

  117. Julian Hancock says:

    Back to £83

  118. Rob spanjersberg says:

    Grabbed the Dury box, although not in stock anymore, but the low price was still active.
    Now back to 83 pounds

    The Farm box set becomes cheaper and cheaper

    • Rob spanjersberg says:

      I see now you can still order the Dury box for 40 pounds , if you click on the sellers info, it pops up.

    • Oskar says:

      Thanks rob!

      One Is going to Basque Country!

    • Dennis says:

      Thanks for The Farm – although I posted a deal myself a few weeks ago, I forgot to order it…
      But now even cheaper, so surely no complaints.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Like what?? 9 pounds for a 7CD box…I did get it for 11 with the VAT removed, which was great but damn… I just got it recently and finished listening to it…great stuff and the booklet was interesting reading… The whole bit about Liverpool and their history and culture and how Hooton got his start writing a fanzine The End, incorporating Scouser humour/wit with commentary on music, sporting clothing as fashion, and football… Like I’d want to read that!! And the connection between the Farm and Madness…and how the band almost came to blows with Ian McCulloch!!

    • Nigel Croft says:

      Just picked up The Farm box – 7cd’s delivered to the States for 10 quid!

  119. Jan says:

    Donna singles. Hurrah! Happy New Year Paul.

  120. Nick says:

    Gone up to £83.00 after 10 minutes Damn!

  121. Kevin says:

    The Who Live in Hyde Park works out at £26.27 including postage from the German site but is cheaper on the UK site at £24.94

  122. Frank Huntley says:

    I clicked on my phone to see the great price on the Ian Dury sale, and jumped to Amazon to buy. I then tried the same thing on my computer to make it easier to finish the order, and the offer was no longer available. Good thing I still had my phone with me to get the great price. Thanks, Paul, for starting the new year off on the right foot. I have been looking for this set to go on sale for a while.

  123. Pars Samrai says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the Ian Dury LP box set for a while in the hope that the price would drop but …. £40!!! Incredible! Thanks again Paul.

  124. Sean L says:

    Dury ordered ! Thanks Paul what a price !!!!

  125. Michael G says:

    Thanks for the alert!
    Ordered first bargain of 2018
    Amazing price for this box Set.

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