Return of superb 3-for-2 music deals

JAW dropping deal: “We’re gonna need a bigger wallet…”

Our favourite 3-for-2 deal on physical music is BACK, courtesy of Amazon Germany.
As before, the cheapest of three products is FREE and you can order as much as you want, (in multiples of three) so you could potentially save hundreds!

This link is good for box sets and deluxe editions over €50 but if you want to see the full list for music then click here. Below is SDE’s list of highlights…

Pink Floyd / The Early Years 1965-1972 box set

Black Sabbath / The Ten Year War box set

The Beatles / Stereo vinyl LP 16LP box set

David Bowie / A New Career In A New Town 13LP vinyl box

Tom Petty / The Complete Studio Albums 1976-1991 9LP vinyl box

Elvis Presley / The Album Collection  60CD box set

Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt 4-disc deluxe edition

Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt super deluxe

Radiohead/ OK Computer OKNOTOK box set

Golden Earring / Complete Studio Recordings 29CD box

Bon Jovi / The Albums 24 LP vinyl box

Kraftwerk / 3-D: Der Katalog Deutsche Version 9LP vinyl box

Mike Oldfield / Tubular Bells Ultimate Edition

King Crimson / Sailors’ Tales 27-disc box

King Crimson / On (and off) The Road 19-disc box

Nirvana / Nevermind super deluxe edition

In Utero also in the deal.

Pentangle / The Albums: 1968-1972

Pentangle / The Albums 1968-1972  7CD box set

Various / Living in Stereo  60CD classical box set

Bruce Springsteen / The Ties That Bind  4CD + 2 x Blu-ray box

The Alan Parsons Project / Eye in the Sky 35th anniversary collector's edition box set

The Alan Parsons Project / Eye in the Sky super deluxe edition

Def Leppard / Hysteria super deluxe edition

Bob Marley / Live! 3LP vinyl edition

David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now [1974-1976] 12CD box

Dire Straits / Brothers in Arms Hybrid SACD with 5.1

Norah Jones / Come Away With Me Hybrid SACD with 5.1

Mark Knopfler / Shangri-La Hybrid SACD

Bob Dylan 1965-1966 / The Cutting Edge: The Bootleg Series Vol 12 / 6CD Deluxe

Bob Dylan / 1965-1966: The Cutting Edge 6CD super deluxe

The Smiths / The Queen is Dead / 5LP vinyl box set

The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead 5LP vinyl box


David Gilmour / Live in Pompeii 2CD+2 x blu-ray box

Queen / News Of The World: 40th anniversary 5-disc super deluxe edition

Queen / News of the World super deluxe



Sensational Sweet: Chapter One: The Wild Bunch - 9CD box set

Sweet / Sensational Sweet 9CD box set

The Who / Maximum As & Bs: The Complete Singles - 5CD box set

The Who / Maximum As & Bs 5CD box set

The Jimi Hendrix Experience / The Purple Box 8LP vinyl box set

The Jimi Hendrix Experience 8LP vinyl box

Bob Dylan / Trouble No More 9CD super deluxe

R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - 4-disc super deluxe edition

R.E.M. / Automatic For The People  super deluxe

Elton John / Diamonds 3CD box set

The Doors / The Singles / seven-inch box set

The Doors / The Singles 20 x 7″ vinyl box set

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th anniversary six-disc super deluxe edition box set

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band super deluxe

The Rolling Stones / Their Satantic Majesties Request / 50th anniversary special audiophile edition

The Rolling Stones / Their Satanic Majesties Request 2xSACD+2LP box


Johnny Cash / Cash Unearthed 5CD box

Stone Temple Pilots / Core super deluxe


ABBA / The Album 45RPM 2LP half-speed 

Brian Eno / Before and After Science 45RPM 2LP half-speed 

Falco / Falco 60 2LP coloured vinyl 



102 responses to Return of superb 3-for-2 music deals

  1. Jenssen says:

    Bought the Pink Floyd set together with two other box sets, but the Floyd one is cancelled today by Amazon.

  2. Tony Orwell says:

    Beatles stereo box arrived today, split and damaged in multiple places, it baffles me how they can use the same packaging for a £20 item as a £350 item, oh well their loss, poor old Jeff Bezos will only be able to have 5 crates of beluga caviar delivered today!

    • Chris Squires says:

      It’s not just me then. I had to waste over an hour of my time this morning re-boxing, measuring, weighing and organizing return of 2 of my 3 big beasts (Early years arrived unscathed). It’s difficult. I know they can’t say “Well just keep it with a full refund” for everything, which they have done for some smaller items but it is a real pain and a waste of time. If they used decent packing material it would happen much less. My Beatles Stereo box arrives totally unwrapped or protected bar a few sheets of thick paper and a massive outer box (60x46x16 – I now know) so nothing to stop it shifting about and nothing to stop any external attack….
      Amazon are still better at this than most but I don’t like wasting a large portion of my day when it is their fault, they screw up I pay the penalty – how is that remotely fair (I have better things to do like be on SDE!).

      There is a fair chance the replacement will turn up knackered too unless they do it better this time.

  3. Tim G says:

    All 6 individual Pink Floyd Early Years sets for less than £100, including delivery. Great deal. Cheers Paul!

  4. Chris Squires says:

    two of the three items I bought Ten Year war and Beatles Stereo arrived bashed and have to be returned which is a significant pain in the rear, awful packaging. Never had damaged items from DE before, but to get 2 out of three is just flat irritating.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Unlucky. Although from memory DE in particular is pretty good in terms of customer service.

      • Chris Squires says:

        Well yes and no in this case although previously they have been excellent.

        They offered 15% off and I could keep the item. I would prefer one without chunks taken out of the outer box. Or I could return for a full refund or replacement. I went with the replacement. One thing this has not factored in is that the original amazon outer boxes are in such a bad way that I can’t use those again so I have to find correct sized boxes for Beatles Stereo and Ten Year War, they are a significant heft, so the box will have to be good. THEN I have to lug these two whopping great boxes to the post office if I can find a suitable box. When this happens in the uk they have organized a pickup from my front door which makes life significantly easier. I guess Am.DE can’t do that for a UK customer…..

        So, yes in general they are good, excellent even, but they need to factor in what a pain in the ‘arris it is to have to get large items posted back….

  5. jose says:

    SORRY, for duplicate message,,,,, cache problems,,, now I see previous answers.

  6. jose says:

    is still available?

  7. jose says:

    is still avilable or is late?
    I tryed but It doesn’t works now.

  8. Peter says:

    How does it work? I put 3 items to the basket from the Filme, Musik & Video Games: 3 für 2 list and at the final checkout there is no discount. Am I doing something wrong?

  9. Dave H says:

    You won’t see a discount because the offer has now finished for the time being. Who knows if the offer will return again in the future.

    To know if the offer is active, click any item that Paul has listed and under the price it would have said something like “Promotion Message 3 for 2”

    During the offer I finally purchased the Paul McCartney Flowers in the Dirt. The only consolation I would say for the download tracks not available on CD is that at least they are CD quality files and not mp3’s.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      I burned the downloads on a cd and added them in the box (together with Paul’s numbered and signed interview booklet). Actually 2 cd’s because they are high quality downloads and don’t fit on one. And when you download the entire content, you’ll notice one of the discs (I think it’s disc 2), has an extra track. Plain bizarre. When you download and burn it all and add it in the box, you have a very nice package. Don’t forget to also download the free tracks on Macca’s website. I burned those as well. They are not all part of Flowers In The Dirt but might as well add them. They are free. Too bad it’s a very mediocre album. The demo duets w Costello are great though. Enjoy it!!

    • Derek Langsford says:

      It was still identifying items as part of the 3 for 2 offer this evening (Pacific Time [GMT -8]) but again wasn’t taking the cheapest item off prior to ordering (or after – I cancelled the order). They need to take down all reference to the offer if they are not going to hono(u)r it.

  10. Matt Moore says:

    Is there a promo code that must be entered? Thank you!

    • Neil McL says:

      Hi Matt,

      No promo code needed just 2 things

      – the items all have to be sold by amazon, no marketplace sellers
      – the money comes off at the end after you select your payment method but before you pay

      Hope this helps

    • Vishal says:

      I believe the promotion is no longer active.

      • Derek Langsford says:

        The offer seems to be in operation when you search for items, but not at checkout. I put three items all found under the 3 for 2, all from Amazon, and nothing came off other than VAT when I hit “pay now in EUR.” Arghhhh.

  11. Kauwgompie says:

    Ugh….I got the Tubular Bells box, the Def Leppard box and the Stone Temple Pilots box. I only really wanted the Tubular Bells box but the Def Leppard box will be out of print shortly so will be able to sell on Ebay and I wanted the STP box because that is one of the louder rocking albums I actually like. The Tubular Bells box is out of print in the USA, probably will be oop soon in Europe as well.

    Then in my second batch (more stuff I dont need), I got the remastered Klaus Schulze albums. There are many with a bonus tracks and discs so take your pick. Especially the 70’s albums are really good. Comparable to Jean Michel Jarre.
    Also got a bunch of individual albums in a third batch. Im stopping NOW. I litterally have ALL boxsets I want. The only one missing is Wilco, Being There but its not in the 3 for 2 promo. Many boxsets are not this time. It seems much more limited than before.

    • Chris Squires says:

      You. Are spot on Kauw. It’s a much smaller selection than the previous deal. I checked my orders from December and MANY I got then are missing. OMD – Punishment, Jam – Setting sons, Cars….
      The only problem is I don’t have the time to listen to everything I’ve bought, I don’t have the money to buy everything I want. Other than that it’s all golden.
      Also I don’t think they have put the prices up specifically for this deal, some items are now *slightly* cheaper than when I bought them in both November and December’s deal. And many have stayed static since launch like ABBA the album. Yes some have been lower but in general amazon’s prices are constantly changing anyway and much of what our cohort buy is by nature limited in supply.

      • Kauwgompie says:

        Haha, in the same boat here. Loads of boxsets, not enough time to listen to them and money for stuff you don’t really need is always short. Im a pro now at this 3 for 2 stuff. Bought everything I wanted the past few months: U2, Underworld, The Verve, Lloyd Cole, Brett Anderson, Human League, Dark Side Of The Moog, Donald Fagen, DAF, Purple Rain SDE, Pet Shop Boys reissues, China Crisis reissues, jazz boxes, a whole bunch of Original Album Series. And of couse all the other Deal Alerts. Just not enough time to listen right now.
        Yes, the choice this time around was limited. Prices did not seem inflated, nor was shipping. Lets see when the next 3 for 2 happens and what you and I will be buying then. See you around here. You always have great insights.

  12. Leonardo Lotti says:

    I got:
    Eye in the Sky 35th Anniversary
    Oxygene Trilogy
    In Utero 20th Anniversary
    plus lots of different cd’s (deluxe editions) that were on my list!!!
    Keep them comin’

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  14. Bruce says:

    Heinz – the reggae, jazz and world sections of vinyl have some nice choices, and there are good deals to be had on double or even triple albums, especially if you can get ones all similar prices.

  15. Steve Smethurst says:

    the beatles stereo vinyl box set link is takes you to the wrong product

  16. DannyDangerous says:

    Oh no, not this again – I’m gonna be ruined :-/

  17. Chris Squires says:

    Here is a nice little set of six similarly priced items that would come in at £51 each delivered to the UK.

    REM – Automatic for the People 25th
    Blancmange – The Blanc Tapes 9CD set
    Alan Parsons Project – Eye in the Sky SDE
    Bruce Springsteen – The Ties that Bind SDE
    Marillion – Misplaced Childhood 4LP
    Boney M – complete Vinyl 9LP

    Each one is a bargain for the price and they are all within a few Euro of each other.

  18. Tony Orwell says:

    So I was desperate for the pink floyd and black sabbath box sets and not a lot else and could not really find another similarly price box set that I wanted. So i have done it this way.

    The Beatles – Remastered Stereo Vinyl Box-Set [Vinyl LP]
    Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965 – 1972
    Black Sabbath The Ten Year War (Deluxe Box Set) [Vinyl LP]

    This saves the €240 euros for the black sabbath but the total is Still £624.90 (Thanks Paul ;-))

    My plan when they arrive is to sell the beatles box set on ebay for about £320, this will mean that the other two have cost £160 each which I will be more than happy about.

    Still got to get them delivered in perfect condition and manage to sell the beatles before we are home and dry but fingers crossed.

  19. John says:

    Thanks, Paul! No sham at all!
    Ordered Isaac Hayes The Spirit of Memphis (’62-’76) (Ltd. 4CD + 7″ Edt.), Ramones Leave Home 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition [Vinyl LP] and The Verve Urban Hymns (20th Anniversary Edition) (Limited 5CD+DVD)

  20. Mad Earwig says:

    Pleased with that, though spending caution made me twice add things to the basket to then take them out again.

    Been waiting for Bob Dylan Bootleg 13 deluxe to drop in price for months now as well as REM Automatic 25 year Anniversary deluxe to drop… but what the heck, got my favourite Stone Temple Pilots album (deluxe) set thrown in.

    I have utilised all 3 occasions ‘3 for 2’ deals from, my postage was minimal at 6 euros, they have a translator on the page and last time, my Tangerine Dream/Rammstein sets arrived in 3 days….brilliant.
    Thanks Paul

  21. Schu says:

    Amazon Deutschland Rocks!

  22. Andrew says:

    Why don’t Amazon UK do these deals ?

    • Chris Squires says:

      As someone below said, don’t do it voluntarily. It’s to match a local competitor. It’s just the rest of us can join in if we want.

      Amazon UK sometimes responds to HMV but that’s it, last man standing bar the sometimes excellent independents. It’s sad but a fact of life that it is tough to be in an amazon world and frustrating when a small independent supplier like What records get people complaining because they have to charge a realistic price for postage. Not losing money on postage is the difference for some of these guys between surviving or going out of business. It is tough though….. £25 at Amazon or £28 at an independent….I am sure that once these independents have been driven out that we will see even less keen pricing from the juggernaut. I am as guilty as the next man though.

      So amazon anywhere does little voluntarily, not bashing them as their customer service is the best bar none. The best country, in my experience for decent pricing, if you get your timing right, is Italy. I have picked up 4 or 5 major bargains from them this year, no specific deal, just a really low price. (Lloyd Cole, Stones 45x Singles, Nirvana, Tom Petty Box – all at way below normal). e.g. Kinks Vinyl mono box is 117 euro it’s 140 to 200 everywhere else. It can just be beaten by the DE 3 for 2 but only if you buy two more similar things…
      I am torn between hating them for what they do and loving them…for what they do. Just like this place, SDE!

      • andrew R says:

        One of the reasons that It. amazon is so reasonable is that italians use
        amazon and internet sales in general less than anybody else in europe.
        Conversely U.K. uses it most hence high prices, no deals! We have ourselves to blame.
        Now if everybody decided en masse to not use amazon u.k. for 2-3 days would Mr bezos notice and respond?

  23. Bruce says:

    Some nice vinyl hidden away in this deal too.

  24. Neil McL says:

    Thanks to the following –

    Tim – great idea re the Pink Floyd Early Years boxes – 6 for £95 delivered
    Heraldo – Master List of artists is genius
    Chris Squires / Martijn – the odd changes, understand now

    and Paul of course, though my wife will not agree!

    • Heraldo says:

      My pleasure @Neil McL. Glad it was useful.
      I now can’t remember how I stumbled across it (wanted to do it across the whole deal)! If I work it out again I’ll post the link.

  25. poptones says:

    Yep. It’s VAT. Standard rate is 19% in Germany but it’s 20% in France and the UK. Highest rate is 27% in Hungary.

    For example, the Ramones’ Leave Home SDE box set is listed at 47.99 but it’s 48.40 in my basket. Because my delivery and billing adress is in France, I have to pay 1% more. Same for UK buyers.

  26. Chris Squires says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask this for ages…and I don’t think I have seen it asked before, apologies if so.

    Why, when I order from (and only does the final price always have a small amount added on.

    If something is 239.99euro it appears on my checkout as 242.00euro, something that is 36.99 appears as 37.30 at the final stage

    Is there some kind of tax thing going on, is it because I am overseas, but still in Europe. Does everybody else get this small addition and does anybody actually know what it is?


    • Martijn says:

      I believe this is due to different VAT rates in various countries. You say you live in another EU country. So I guess they have to levy the same VAT as is done in your country. Example, if Germany has a VAT rate of 18% for luxury goods and your country has a 20% rate, then has to use a VAT rate of 20% for sales to your country.

      • Chris Squires says:

        D’oh, of course. Thank you, it makes sense now you say it.

      • Dennis says:

        absolutely correct, Germany has 19% VAT on media (except for books, which are 7%). Just compare to your local VAT (in the EU) + you get the reason for slight price differences in the end.

  27. Ern says:

    Just found this deal on the Amazon DE site
    Nick Cave – Lovely Creatures-the Best of…(Deluxe Edition) for €20.49

  28. Dennis says:

    The Jam – 1977 (4xCD+DVD) seems to be part of the promotion -> 42.99 EUR

  29. Dave H says:

    Ordered yesterday
    Paul McCartney Flowers in the Dirt (Box)
    Queen News of the World (Box)
    Rush A Farewell to Kings (Box)
    Delivery to UK due today and that’s paying standard delivery, not bad!
    Average price for the above £80 each.

    Has anyone found a way to list all the 3 for 2 items?
    I’m sure the last time Amazon ran this deal, it had its own section.

    Paul – Thanks for changing the order of the ‘Get In Touch’ section. It’s a lot easier to navigate having the newest replies at the top of the list. Keep up the good work and helping me spend my much earned money!

  30. voxstarstream says:

    279 EUR is a great price for the Early Years box. Also, the Ten Year War box is well worth it. Unfortunately, I already have both, but for those who don’t this is a GREAT way to get those 2 excellent releases (provided you can find a third item at roughly the same price as the other two).

    Paul: When I click on the link for the Beatles Stereo Vinyl box it takes me to King Crimson “Sailors’ Tales”…you might want to fix that!

  31. Steve Miller says:

    Still no sign of Being There by Wilco making it into this deal. It’s in the one at Saturn but they won’t ship outside of Germany. Kinda glad because (as others have said) January isn’t the time for me to be spending like this !

  32. Wolfgang Mintrop says:

    BTW, a small piece of information just especially for our non German friends: this kind of deal is no action been done by but only again a reaction to German retailer SATURN.

  33. 2wicky says:

    Technical help for all who are struggling with this 3 for 2 deal:

    You can check if an item is part of the deal – you will see this line below the price:
    “Aktuelle Angebote” 3 für 2: Film, Musik & Video Games 1 Werbeaktion

    “Aktuelle Angebote” is printed on a yellow background box.

    Also you will have to make sure to buy from amazon directly, no third party sellers.
    And you will see the discount applied in your shopping basket in the last step (after entering your delivery and payment info) before you actually press the ‘buy now’ button which is labelled ‘Jetzt kaufen’

    Also you may press the link on ‘ “Aktuelle Angebote” 3 für 2: Film, Musik & Video Games 1 Werbeaktion’ and see all items included in the deal and filter for cds, dvds, games, music styles etc.

    Hope this helps, works fine for me on Firefox, MS Edge and MS Explorer browsers on different computers.

  34. Nicholas says:

    I see a few people like me who do not see the 3 for 2 discount anywhere. User friendliness has always been a problem with the amazon empire. Does anyone from the SDE folks know what gives. There should have been a code of sorts for the discount. The deal as far as I am concerned is a sham!!

  35. Dudley M says:

    Is there a promo code that can be used?

  36. Roel Glas says:

    The Ten Year War has only just come back into stock after being out of stock everywhere (major sellers) for past 8-10 weeks. I’ve been waiting for Amazon Fr to ship it since I placed the order on 2 Nov. It finally shipped last week. Got it at a very good price of Euro 155 (after vat to Australia). For those sitting on the fence suggest you re-think. Paul maybe right about a future out of print classic
    By the way, Am.France still have it at a decent price of Euro 199

  37. Tim says:

    I think all the individual Early Years sets are in the deal so you could have all six for €100 approx. plus postage!

  38. Steven says:

    Given the seeming regularity with which is having these 3 for 2 sales, I’m actually tempted to cancel some of my pre-orders on AmazonUK in anticipation that the items I forego now will show up in a future 3-for-2…..

    • Klaus says:

      Hi Steven,

      i wouldn’t bet on a regularity in the 3-for-2-offers on

      They normally don’t start them on their own, but only match the offers that and have. These two companies are retailers mostly of electronics, like e.g. TV-sets, Hifi-audio, smartphones, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines (you get the picture). The stock of CDs, DVDs and blu-rays they still sell in their shops is getting smaller each year, now mostly containing chart-albums and those which were featured in any kind of TV-presentation.

      The 3-for-2-offers they both have were originally intended to compete with on home turf and not offered online. When they finally noticed that they couldn’t stop losing market shares to online retailers they put more attention to their online-shops subsequently reducing the space for these articles in their shops and started some time last year with offering the 3-for-2-deals not only in shops but also online.

      I guess the next step in their development some time soon will be that they come to notice that they can’t compete with that way either and so will decide one day in the not-so-far future that they completely stop selling media items as there is no profit to make for them anymore with these product groups.

      So enjoy the deals while you can get them but if you want some box sets really bad then don’t hold your breath for getting them as part of some German offer, but go buy them either at your own favorite online-store or, if possible, at a record dealer in your neighborhood.

      • Joachim says:

        The 3-for-2 deal still running at is online as well as in the shops. This time I found better choice and prices there. The vinyl section at my local Saturn shop is still growing. Last time I saw something I havn’t spotted for decades: a bargain box full of vinyl.

        • Klaus says:

          I don’t know which is your local Saturn store, but normally the growing space for vinyl is taken away from other media, like CD or DVD. In general for about ten years now my experience is that the space given to media in their shops is getting smaller and smaller.

          And the bargain box for vinyl normally just includes the records that didn’t sell at RRP, so if the space for vinyl grows it’s just normal that the amount of LPs in the bargain box is growing too.

  39. Dean says:

    Signed Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ Come Find Yourself Box back on Amazon UK at £36. Only a few left in stock though.

  40. Murray Robbins says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the help but I’m giving up now. Tried taking three items direct from your link using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and still no application of the discount. At one point I made the final click to establish whether the discount would be applied. Sadly not and I had to cancel all three items.

    I guess I’m either thick or there is something amiss with my browser set up.

    Cheers for the heads up anyway and I’m £200 ahead.


  41. Thomas Staudt says:

    Just made two orders with 3 Pink Floyd Early Years “Partial Box Sets” each.
    that’s less than 100€ for the 6 boxes.

    Considering I shortly considered the big box for 550€ when it came out, I guess I’m in the plus now ;-)

  42. Neil McL says:

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience (8-Lp Vinyl Box Set) [Vinyl LP

    The Doors
    The Singles (7″ Vinyl Singles Box-Set)

    David Bowie
    Who Can I Be Now? (1974-1976) Box-Set CD

    £223 including p&p

    Thanks again Paul

  43. Tony Orwell says:

    I would love the sabbath and floyd box setbut cannot find anything else in that price range that is a decent price (Bowie overpriced on german site), any ideas?

  44. Paul Spurgeon says:

    Some great deals here….

    Just bagged

    Kinks LP Box Set
    Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions LP Box Set
    Def Leppard Hysteria Super Deluxe CD Set

    £221.00 delivered

  45. Tony Orwell says:

    Struggling, I want the Floyd and the Black Sabbath but cannot find anything of a similar value that is either desirable to me or not way overpriced, any tips?

    • Chris Squires says:

      I looked at The Beatles in Stereo as a higher priced item and Tom Petty as a lower priced option.
      Tom Petty is £139 delivered from Italy as a standalone item at the moment, quite a decent deal, so I got that which still left the same two as you mention. It’s quite a bit higher in price but no higher than any other Amazon / ebay price so whilst high it isn’t necessarily “Over” priced.

  46. Pim says:

    The score so far:

    ELP – ELP (2 CD)
    ELP – Tarkus (2 CD)
    ELP – Pictures At An… (2 CD)
    ELP – Trilogy (2 CD)
    King Crimson – Live in Toronto (2 CD)

    44 euros. Bargain.

  47. Gary C says:

    You should rename this place SDE plus IT help

  48. Marcus D says:

    it gets worse……

    A small tip in case you can only find 2 musical items and can’t find a third at the same price.
    The 3 for 2 deal is not only valid for CDs and Vinyls but is also valid for SELECTED Video games and DVD/Bluray films. You can also mix . For example you could also choose a DVD or Video game as the third item if you are having difficulties finding that “free” item.

    Here’s a link.

  49. Neil Kelly says:

    Can you narrow down the search for items in this deal? Going from one link it was 28 pages worth. From the other link it was over 400 pages. I’d like to know if Adam Ant’s ‘Kings of the wild frontier’ (SDE) is in the deal. I see it on there for 201 euros though. That can’t even be right? Never seen it below (or much above) the initial price of £60. If i buy something on release it seem to crash in price. If i hold back it seems it keeps it’s price. Been after this set since it’s release in May 2016 !!

  50. Murray Robbins says:

    Hi Paul.
    Thanks, I’m very experienced at buying on Amazon and I’ve confirmed the card, address everything and I’m just at the point of the last click but no discount.
    Oh dear!
    Best Murray

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Some people have had success with issues like this on previous deals by shutting down browser and trying again or using a different browser. The items should stay in the cart…

  51. Neil McL says:

    Damn! No five years in it

  52. Murray Robbins says:

    Hi Guys
    I’m doing something wrong here. I have added three items to my cart but I can’t se the discount being applied.
    Please help!

  53. Fabio says:

    I went to the final checkout and no discount is applied, how this works? Is there a minimum purchase?

  54. Dave says:

    I’ve just agreed to buy Floyd box from a seller for £250….however would it be better to get it from here with something else I wonder….??

  55. DaKraut says:

    Thanks so much for the info, Paul. I got Flowers In The Dirt Deluxe (not DVD-A version), Their Satanic Majesty’s (2 LPs, 2 CDs) and Eye In The Sky (Deluxe) for 204 Euros incl. everything. Very good indeed.

  56. David says:

    Please delete my previous post.

  57. Tom M says:

    For those on a budget (lol) the Black Sabbath Ultimate Collection vinyl is also included in this deal.

  58. FRENCHY ERIC says:

    Damned germans!
    Back again to suck our money and IT IS GREAT
    Starting now to buy box sets…

  59. Chris Squires says:

    The Return of the German Hokey Cokey.

    Floyd Early Years
    Tom Petty Box
    Sabbath Ten year war

    Comes in at £480 (£160 per item) delivered. I cancelled and deleted at the last stage but if you have £480 spare that isn’t a bad way to start the year. It’s not really the best way to compare but if you put those three things in your basket at Am.UK then the total is £872.19.

    I was cleared out by the Stones / Nirvana / Erasure / Pretenders / Oldfield unexpected bargains at the top of the year.

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