SDE on best Black Friday deals

All deals up-to-date!  Last updated: Sun 26th November – 23.30

Queen / News Of The World: 40th anniversary 5-disc super deluxe edition

GERMANY: Queen  / News of the World super deluxe – £86 or €96


The Rolling Stones / Sticky Fingers super deluxe – £38.95 or $43

Back in stock!

Led Zeppelin / Led Zeppelin III 2LP deluxe vinyl – £15.99

GERMANY Pink Floyd / Early Years 1969 Dramatis/Ation – £21.50 / €23.99

Similarly cheap:
1965-1967 Cambridge St/Ation £25 or €27.99
1968 Germin/Ation £21.50 or €23.99
1970 Dev/Ation – £25 or €27.99
1971 Rever/Ation – £24 or €26.99
1972 Obfusc/Ation£25 or €27.99

ITALY: Tom Petty / Studio Albums Vol 1: 1976-1991 9LP vinyl box £132 or €148

This continues to be a great deal…

ITALY: Def Leppard / Hysteria 7-disc box – £61 or €69

This box is deleted and close to being out-of-print!

GERMANY: Nirvana / Nevermind vinyl LP – £11.50 or €13

GERMANY Roger Waters / Is This the Life… 2LP vinyl – £20 / €22

R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - 4-disc super deluxe edition

ITALY: R.E.M. / Automatic for the People super deluxe – £65 or €73


ITALY: Stone Temple Pilots / Core super deluxe – £48 or €53

Suede / Coming Up 4CD+DVD with 10″ vinyl – £39.99 £56.99

Dead Or Alive / Sophisticated Boom Box clear vinyl box – £105.99 £132.88

Paul Weller / A Kind Revolution CD – £5.50 £7.99

Bjork / Homogenic vinyl LP – £13.99 £23.25

U2 / The Joshua Tree / 30th anniversary 4CD super deluxe edition box set

ITALY: U2 / The Joshua Tree 4CD super deluxe – £62 or €69

USA: St. Vincent / Masseduction CD edition – $6.99

Bon Jovi  / The Albums 24LP box – £163.94

Less than £7 for each vinyl record.

ITALY: Sparks / The Island Years vinyl box – £61 or €68

USA Deal: David Bowie / The Man Who Sold The World vinyl LP – $12.11

Sheryl Crow / Be Myself – CD edition – £6.75

One of my favourite new albums of 2017. Recommended.

Pretenders / Alone 2CD special edition – £8.49

Great price for the new deluxe edition with bonus live disc.

Cream / Fresh Cream super deluxe edition reissue

Cream / Fresh Cream super deluxe edition – £24.99

ITALY Deal: Humble Pie / The A&M Vinyl Box Set 9LP – £80 or €90 or $89

Simple Minds / Live at the SSE Hydro 2LP vinyl – £11.99

Man Who Fell To Earth / original soundtrack recording

The Man Who Fell To Earth 2LP+2CD+book box set – £35.99

The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead 2CD – £9.25

Gary Numan / Savage (Songs From A Broken World) deluxe CD – £9.50

David Bowie / Bowie at the Beeb vinyl box

David Bowie / at the Beeb 4LP vinyl box – £50.99

Space / Spiders vinyl picture disc – £8.99

The Sound of McAlmont & Butler vinyl LP – £13.59

Grateful Dead /  Long Strange Trip 2LP vinyl – £17.80

Liam Gallagher / As You Were CD – £7.80

229 responses to SDE on best Black Friday deals

  1. Martin Power says:

    Well thanks SDE my Great Offers order arrived this morning and totally complete – thanks again

  2. movement says:

    This Black Friday / Cyber Monday was a disappointment. I got a whole 10% off at PopMarket and other than that nothing of value. Oh well…

  3. Bruce says:

    Uk amazon was a bit rubbish. Cant remember whether it was france or germany but the 3 for 2 vinyl is brilliant value. I’ve been able to get soul jazz and sun ra double/triple albums on great deals.

  4. BritinDetroit says:

    Bob Dylan Trouble No More – $102

  5. Roberto R says:

    Check vinyl offers today on Amazon france, there are some good deals

  6. Ian Ellis says:

    That’s normal behavior as far as I can see Chris Squires. I do the same. Stick stuff in the basket and get as far as checking out and then have second thoughts. Sometimes I actually place the order. Usually last thing at night (and no… there is no alcohol involved) and then cancel first thing before it’s been dispatched. I always feel more sensible in the morning. Having said that, I spent a couple of hundred on BF and feel not one whit of regret. It was entirely the right thing to do!

  7. Steve says:

    Looks like the Black Friday party is over. Full marks to Amazon Germany and Italy and of course our wonderful host Mr Paul Sinclair. Amazon UK as disappointing as ever.
    As usual I have spent up and all the family will have to settle for Chocolate Selection Boxes this xmas.

  8. Phil Wilson says:

    I have purchased the 6 Pink Floyd boxes from, but do I Recall there being errors ons some discs (the blurays?), and can you get replacements? Anyone know how to do that?


  9. gwynogue says:

    There were rumours last week that Amazon Australia was going to launch Thursday morning (it has already existed for some years, but only selling books) in time for Black Friday. Then the rumour changed to Thursday afternoon…then changed again to a ‘soft’ launch with a ‘proper’ launch on Friday…then changed YET AGAIN to sometime over the weekend. I have been keeping an eye on it to see what happens, but at the time of writing (10:40 PM Australian time) it is still just books, books and more books! Print books, kindle books, audio books…nothing but bloody books! (I suppose audio books could count as a ‘music’ purchase, lol)

    They are doing a ‘test’ item at the moment. I guess it’s to test their ordering and product procedures, handling, etc. It’s a fake product, but some people have been having a laugh and posting proper reviews for it…

  10. Chris Squires says:

    What I have noticed myself doing a lot this year is putting something in my basket and absolutely agonizing over it. I have deleted and re-instated and re-deleted some things. Somethings are so beautiful, and the price seems stupidly cheap, so that even if I already have a copy it is agony to think “Do I need a spare….but at that price I’d be mad not to”
    Late last night I got

    Jam 1977 at 31.64 which is now 42.99
    U2 Joshua 4CD at 58.88 which is now 72.99
    OMD Punishment Luxury book edition 41.95 which is now 56.99
    AHa Summer Solstice fanbox 29.94 which is now 39.99

    I think I would be lucky to catch them cheaper in the near future.

    It really is a bloomin’ lottery. Fortunately I work from home in front of 7 screens so can keep on checking, I can’t imagine how frustrating this is for people who have limited access due to other commitments.

    • gwynogue says:

      Yes, I’ve been doing the ‘putting and agonizing’ dance a lot as well. I end up placing the orders, but I know full well they’ll eventually be cancelled because I never have the money for them. Amazon doesn’t cancel them straight away, but if I don’t come up with the money within 5-7 days they’re automatically cancelled. The items are still available to re-order, but they always seem to be dearer than when I first ordered them.

      It’s very frustrating because my orders are mainly boxsets and limited editions so I worry that they’re going to be quite expensive when I finally can pay for them, or – worse still – I will miss out altogether.

    • RJS says:

      “Do I need a spare….”

      In case you lose the original down the back of the sofa?

      • Chris Squires says:

        I’ve knackered discs, particularly if I get dropsy. I put a whopping scuff in Michael Jackson’s HIStory, can’t remember which slab it was but I was well miffed.
        But it’s more about the internal monologue and addiction to this bloody place. I recall the half speed Arrival. I bought the first copy at £24 which I thought was quite good and last week when The Album was at a similar price I decided to check what Arrival was now and it was £14.99…. THAT’s when the dialogue goes do I need a spare…. but look at that price. It’s back up to £34.99 now. So, I don’t need a spare but something goes on in the head when you see a “stupidly cheap” bargain.

  11. Dennis says:

    Just as info: nearly all offers on are now back to normal price. If you spot sth, that is still with the reduced Price, I wouldn’t wait too long.

  12. SteveH says:

    Phil Collins – Take A look At Me Now is down to £14 on Amazon UK

  13. tom says:

    Wow, same thing with the Pompeii set. As soon as it hit midnight in Germany, everything turned into a pumpkin.
    Fortunately, the Stones set is still open to Prime members.

  14. tom says:

    Maximum As & Bs dropped about 24 hrs. ago, 9 PM Eastern. Received this alert on laptop about 10 AM. Deal was gone about 2 hr. ago.
    Maybe tomorrow…

  15. PaulH says:

    Thanks very much, just bought the six Pink Floyd early years boxes from

  16. Steve Parrott says:

    I also saw all of the Pink Floyd early years boxes … great bargain on

    • DaveM says:

      Shite, I only bought the Pink Floyd early years boxes at full price a few weeks ago..
      Never mind, at least they are all excellent. Suggest you jump in if you haven’t got them.

  17. Stupidactingsmart says:

    I was tempted by the Suede box set, even though I’be already bought that album twice, but the comments from previous buyers about the packaging were enough to change my mind.

  18. Frederic says: is cheaper for U2 – Joshua Tree box Cd … bought it just for almost 60 euro.

    • Martijn says:

      Darn. I would’ve gone for that deal. Unfortunately, the price is back at 73 euro at
      Oh well, waiting for a next time…

  19. Cosmo Castanza says:

    Just bought the 5 Pink Floyd sets I had so far refused to overpay for. Many thanks for highlighting this and other similar good deals.

  20. Alfonso says: zucchero wanted box 10 CD 66,50 euro

  21. Neil says:

    Hi Paul,

    You lot are costing me a fortune! Got Suede last night & RATM today from UK and the Jam from .de. Not sure if still live but last night Texas 25 box which was £100 was £25 on Townsend Music

  22. Tracey says:

    That’s a great price for the U2 Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary 4 CD SDE on!

  23. Tryone says:

    A very big thank you SDE. RATM – to be delivered Wednesday 29th.
    My only Black Friday weekend buy. I’m over the moon at £25.99

  24. Tom M says:

    Pink Floyd Germin/ation also EUR 17,51. All other sets now EUR 20,43.

  25. Juha E. says:
    Pink Floyd: Cambridge St/Ation 20.43€
    Pink Floyd: Germin/Ation 17.51€
    Pink Floyd: Dramatis/Ation 17.51€
    Pink Floyd: Devi/Ation 20.43€
    Pink Floyd: Reverb/Ation 20.43€
    Pink Floyd: Obfusc/Ation 20.43€

  26. Will says:

    All of the other individual Pink Floyd Early Years boxes seem to have come down overnight on, and are either €17.51 or €2o.43 each. I had to resist getting the lot , and to only go with the two I could see myself coming back to (one version of Atom Heart Mother is quite enough for me!)

  27. Bill says:

    Songs of Experience (Extra-Deluxe Box) [2 LP + CD Deluxe] €59.50 at the moment on

  28. Leo Lotti says:

    We want more deals!!!!!!!!

  29. Andreas says:

    More great Prices on
    Temple of the Dog (Ltd.Edt.Super Deluxe Box) – 64 Euros
    The Joshua Tree (30th Anniversary)(ltd 4CD Set) – 58 Euros
    Core (Super Deluxe Edition: 4 CDs, 1 DVD, 1 LP Box-Set) (25th Anniversary) – 51 Euros


  30. Tracey says:

    Thanks Dennis! I just picked up The Jam box set. Taking the VAT out didn’t drop the price as much as I had expected, but even with shipping to the US, the total price still only winds up being ~$6.50 per CD.

    I just recently picked up The Smiths’ TQID and R.E.M. AFTP sets for roughly the same prices as is offering them. Had been waiting for the prices to drop, but my patience was running thin, so I pulled the trigger and picked them up on and eBay, respectively.

  31. Trevor says:

    Thank you for the Pink Floyd – Dramatis/Ation link, just purchased it for GBP 20.07!!!

  32. Dennis says:

    Currently on :
    Phil Collins – Take a look at me now [Complete Studio Collection] 8xCD 17,51 EUR
    Depeche Mode – Video Singles Collection 3xDVD 16,92 EUR
    The Jam – Direction, reaction, creation [earBook Edition] 5xCD 19,95 EUR
    The Smiths – The queen is dead (Deluxe) 3xCD+DVD 23,35

  33. Alan says:

    Catherine Ribeiro – Integrale (9CD box set) only EUR 29.99 on now, so much reduced from the usual price – cult 60’s/70’s French psychedelic if that’s your kinda thing. It is mine!

    • andrewR says:

      Never heard of her but thanks for the heads up always looking for something new and psychy .sold !

    • RJS says:

      I’m tempted by this but they released a CD box set of their first four albums back in 2012 that I bought at the time. But yes, the music of Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes is a heady avant-psych-prog-folk-jazz odyssey and not for the faint-hearted!

  34. Carsten says:

    Eagles – Hotel California SDE only EUR 72,99 right now on!

  35. Remco says:

    Pearl Jam’s new reissues like Ten, Riot Act, Binaural and Avocado now at around €14 each.

  36. Bogdan says:

    Hello, Paul and SDE readers! Now, if only the Queen big box – the 15 studio album collection on vinyl, that is – were allowed a Black Friday discount! Here’s hoping…..

  37. Glenn says:

    Picked up the U2 ‘The Blackout’ 12″ on Third Man Records for Record Store Day in Seattle. $10.99. RSD exclusive. Several copies still available at the Bellevue Silver Platters.

    A: The Blackout
    B: The Blackout – Jacknife Lee Remix

    • Paul E. says:

      That remix is track 18 on U2’s “Songs of Experience” Japanese CD pressing. I’ve got that on pre-order via CDJapan and am looking forward to the release.

  38. Babis says:

    A lot of reduced priced CD box sets at the moment in Amazon Deutchland.
    Whitesname 1987 box set at 38 euros, elton john diamonds at 31 euros, Maximum As & Bs (5CD Box) (Limited Edition) Box-Set at 37,22
    and a lot of reduced prices in several other CDs too.

  39. Alastair says:

    Thanks Paul – snagged The Who As and Bs for great price from

  40. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    REM AFTP 62€ on Amazon German website

  41. Olov says:

    Really appreciate your hard work Paul. It brings joy to everyday life. Things would be dull without you and superdeluxeedition – and of course: all its readers, and the discussions here. Going for the U2 Joshua Tree Box this year. Thanks!

  42. andrewR says:

    Not as impressed by this years offers . Last year I bagged 2nd Bowie box KC box plus one or two others. This year was a little flat .Was hoping for the new KC set at discount somewhere but nothing . Thanks anyway Paul for your sterling work with the site . What a valuable resource it has become . Seriously what would happen if Paul just shut the door . Like most free things they become taken for granted. Give that man an OBE in the New Years honours I say!

  43. Ern says:

    Nabbed REM, thank you Paul.

  44. Simon says:

    Just wanted to say thanks Paul for the service you provide, picked up a couple of bargains.

  45. Leo Lotti says:

    Has anyone ordered from Saturn in German? The circumstances have changed a bit. I had already put 9 different box sets on my shopping cart two days ago, hoping to finalize those incredible deals today, but the promotion is not there anymore. So I am thinking about changing my plans and buy everything from them (Saturn). Is the promotion there still valid? Do they have the same products there? Cheers

  46. Adrian Barrett says:

    Joshua Tree set is now £93 but All Your Music has it for £81 with cheap enough postage.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It was £81. There’s a limit to how much I can go back and check things, and hopefully people can work out what has happened!!

  47. Alfonso says: 3 x2 is finished?

  48. mike says:

    for people who don’t want Prime, TFF is on the marketplace inc P&P at 6.98 currently

  49. tom m hans says: Hysteria SDL – Shipping to US $72.00 – thank you for the widget. Brilliant.

  50. Jorg Oligshlager says:

    Thanks! Another U2 set to Holland. Been waiting for this!

  51. Joep Mens says:

    Thanks. U2 Box was even down to 79 Pounds this morning, which is less than 100 Euro including shipping to Holland. Great deal.

  52. Kyle says:

    For Canadians, the Kinks box Amazon Italy is 142 EUR after shippping and import fees are added!

  53. Seweryn says:

    Gilmour Box Pompeii Deluxe about 30 euro on Amazon Italy and Germany

  54. patrick says:

    Joshua Tree on for £80.

  55. Ian says:

    Totally agree Paul. It’s interesting to own the Beatles as they appeared to the American record buying public. And it’s a beautiful product. Well worth buying. It looks great next to the UK mono box which, of course!, I own. I dare say I will eventually weaken and purchase the stereo box. No rush!

  56. Ian says:

    That’s a decent present from your Dad, John Lovie. What a generous present. I get a box of maltesers these days or similar. He probably paid pretty much the same price as I have noticed a few going for the low £200s and have thought about those myself before today. I hope he got a bargain anyway. There was a reviewer recently on Amazon com who remarked that their set was numbered well in the 13000s. With a world wide limit of 15k, now is probably a good time to acquire.

    • John Lovie says:

      I had wondered, Ian, that as the price creeped up stock was getting tighter. I bought a copy from Amazon Warehouse a while back in the hope that the condition wouldn’t be too bad but the box had been really battered and marked and returned it and vowed to hang on for a new one at a decent price as it’s a fantastic box set. Yes, I’m very lucky. I won’t mention anything to my dad though just in case he paid more than the current deal which is a really great price.

  57. Cosby Sweater says:

    just ordered U2 Joshua Tree (7 LP-Edition) at for 108,50 EUR plus shipping.

  58. Alan Wilson says:

    Top tip on the Mogwai one, just managed to sneak in and grab that one.

    Believe it or not that’s my first Black Friday purchase this week, I’m definitely slacking somewhat.

  59. Bassel says:

    I don’t think that this black Friday is anything spectacular. You can probably catch these prizes at some point during the year anyway!

  60. Tryone says:

    Dang it.. Mogwai back to £40+

  61. Kennysucina says:

    Bob Dylan Bootleg Series 13, 104€ Amazon Italy

    Bruce Springsteen live stuff reduced at live. Bruce Springsteen.ner

  62. Brian says:

    Can anyone recommend the Suede Coming Up box? I have the other Edsel two disc set and I’m wondering if this adds any worthwhile additional content.

  63. Ian says:

    My input to the Beatles US box questioning is that it doesn’t contain the unusual remixes with reverb. Those appear on an earlier two part box set that was issued many years previously. You can still pick them up. The single US box is a quality and glossy item. It’s a pleasure to own. And that’s before actually playing it!

    • David M says:

      If you don’t own the UK box sets from 2009 it is worth getting if it is cheap, otherwise pointless. Nearly all US configurations are inferior to the UK ones.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Having high quality mini-LP replica CDs of how the American albums were originally released (I’m not taking about the audio) is far from ‘pointless’ – it’s historically interesting and definitely worth owning.

        • David M says:

          Well depends what you want. As stated above they had already been released on CD (most of them anyway) with the different mixes intact. At the time this was the first mono release on CD for many of the tracks too. From the later batch I picked up Yesterday and Today only (for the Butcher sleeve and “pasteover”), things like the 11 track Revolver are an abomination.

          You can find them much cheaper than this if you look around :

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            The packaging on those earlier releases isn’t half as good, although I understand the audio is historically accurate.

  64. Ian says:

    The monster Mozart 225 box has been creeping towards £400 recently. Today it has plummeted to £229.

    • John Lovie says:

      I know Ian, I’ve been tracking it for ages. Was away to push ‘buy’ and my wife said my dad had bought a second hand one for my Christmas. So well chuffed on one hand, but worried my dad paid over the odds for a second hand one when a new one can be purchased for a great price.

  65. GentleRabbit says:

    Thanks Paul and to all for the regular info, haven’t been able to afford to grab anything just yet due to a particularly tight month, but this site is consistently fantastic.

  66. Ana Lourdes says:

    Has anyone noticed any deals on the Johnny Mathis complete albums box set?

  67. Paul Spurgeon says:

    That fresh cream deluxe box set is a bargain!

  68. Hoddo says:

    Travelling Wilburys Vol 1 Vinyl at Amazon is £12.94 and seems lowest for a while

  69. -SG- says:

    Worth mentioning for USA readers, simple Minds New Gold Dream super deluxe edition is currently $29.23 with free shipping on Amazon.

  70. Chris says:

    Am I understanding correctly that Amazon Prime membership in one country doesn’t apply to other countries?

    I’m an Amazon Prime member in the US. But even though I can sign into Amazon UK with the same password, and it knows all about me, and I’ve successfully ordered stuff from Amazon UK numerous times in the past (without having to enter shipping/billing info, presumably because they got it from Amazon US), Amazon UK says I’m not a member of Prime. So some of the offers here aren’t available.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Basically correct. You can be an Amazon Prime member of another country (ie a separate Prime membership, in addition to your ‘home’ country) but you still won’t get free shipping (because it’s international, and you don’t get autorip either, I don’t think). Despite this, sometimes people find it’s still worth doing – to take advantage of Prime Day deals, for example.

      • David M says:

        You do get autorip as long as you are not buying it as a gift and have a credit card (and account) in amazon uk or wherever.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Didn’t know that. Cheers.

          • David M says:

            no prob. Actually what I said may not be completely true. I have both Canadian and UK credit cards, I use the UK one for amazon uk purchases but it could be that the Canadian one works too for autorip.

      • Chris says:

        Thanks for the info. This is the first time I’ve run into a deal on Amazon UK that I was interested in and wasn’t available to me, so it was a surprise.

  71. Martyn Alner says:

    just to give people a bit of confidence, my stuff from Greatofferstore arrived without any issues, not damaged or anything.

  72. George Roper says:

    Hi Paul I am curious where did you get the info that Def Leppard Hysteria box “…is already deleted and close to being OOP” (and aren’t those 2 expressions the same thing? being a non english speaking dude I don’t get the difference, please tell me. thanks). I ask because I see it available on all Amazon main stores. thanks in advance for your reply

  73. GentleRabbit says:

    I don’t believe the Beatles US Albums CD box contains the original, altered ‘mixes’ from the US vinyl editions of the time (re-recorded with added echo-chamber), but I’m not sure. It looks likes lovely set though, I do hope it pops up again in coming sales…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The official line is this: “The 2009 remasters have been used to create these US albums newly EQ’d from a 24/192 digital source alongside original 1960s U.S. master analog tapes to preserve specific mixes and edits”. Definitely worth owning if you’re a big Beatles fan.

  74. Michael G says:

    For a non vinyl collector ,the Beatles USA collection is a great buy!

  75. Rory says:

    The Beatles American set would be a lovely thing if it was vinyl. For me there’s no point buying the CDs to own the songs I’ve purchased many time already

  76. George Glazener says:

    While we’re on the topic of Jethro Tull….:)
    Does anyone know the 2018 release date of the Heavy Horses 40th anniversary SDE?

  77. Harmonator says:

    Amazon Germany have a 3 for 2 offer on which includes vinyl.

    Just picked up 6 of the latest McCartney re-issues (black lp’s) for £83 delivered to uk. Works out at £13.88 a piece. Cheapest uk price I can find is £20 each

  78. phantomengineer says:

    The Beatles U.S. Albums box is only £51.04 on anyway, which means a free postage option.

  79. Solid Rick says:

    Just went for the Dylan complete set. £86.99 works out at just £1.85 for each of the 47 CDs. That’s an amazing bargain. (This is how I intend to justify it, anyway.)

    Anyone have any thoughts on the 14 or 15 remasters in this box and how they compare to previous versions? Thanks.

  80. Kennysucina says:

    Beatles US albums for 51.29€ at Amazon Italy

  81. Peter Stanton says:

    Dylan and Springsteen boxes ordered. Pay day Friday!

    Thanks Paul for an excellent site and to everyone else that share deals/info.


  82. Johnathan says:

    To follow on from David M’s comment above, since I do order from Amazon UK (and Germany, Italy, etc.), whenever I’ve had to pay duties upon delivery, Amazon has always refunded me those charges (because, as David said, they’ve already taken care of the import taxes as part of purchase and it shouldn’t have happened). Since Amazon Canada is largely a woeful selection (though there are occasional wins), these other Amazon sites are my music lifeline!

  83. Bobbyjean says:

    Can anyone tell me if the simple minds sparkle in the rain deluxe box sets still comes with the faulty booklet and dvd.I want to buy it off amazon but I don’t know if the box set on there is the faulty one

    • Paul English says:

      Odds on it’s the faulty set – doesn’t seem to matter how long you wait. I obtained replacement booklet and DVD by sending an email to label / company. (can’t remember which)

  84. Chris Squires says:

    Can anyone who has the Queen Odeon box set confirm that it does not have an LP version of the concert.

    Amazon states
    This ‘Super Deluxe’ edition features the live concert on 1 CD, 2 LPs, 1 DVD and 1 Blu-ray, and a 12′ single of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

    But I can’t see a vinyl version other than the 12″ single on the set…

    I will have to find Paul’s original post about it.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The only vinyl you get is a 12″ single of Bohemian Rhapsody with unreleased soundcheck of Now I’m Here

  85. Bobbyjean says:

    I’ve been thinking of that alan parsons project tales box set for a week.this morning my wife said just buy it.when I went on amazon and I noticed it had changed from £74.99 to £55.99.glad I waited now.thanks Paul for all the deals you post on here.even thou my days of being a house husband may be running out with these bloody box set deals

    • Steven says:

      The Alan Parsons box is currently £40 on GreatOfferStore (though temporarily out of stock)….

      • Bobbyjean says:

        Yes unfortunately that store isn’t the best with deliveries

      • moog_man says:

        thanks, Steven
        I picked it up at uDiscover (same retail group), where they indicate a 3-day turnaround. As Bobbyjean says, not always consistent with deliveries. If it comes through, great. No biggie, if not

  86. lee says:

    Gillan The Vinyl Collection 1979-1982 (7 LP)
    37.60 Euro Amazon Italy

  87. Geoff says:

    Don’t be sorry Paul – probably saved me a couple of hundred quid with the site being down :)

  88. Alan B says:

    Website has been very slow today with occasional “server error”.

  89. Leonardo Lotti says:

    The Vinyl Box Set from the ‘dark horse’ or ‘quiet one’ is finally on its way to me… Finally!!!

  90. Paul says:

    There doesn’t appear to be much love for Humble Pie, yet this for me is easily the standout offer of all of these. Quality music from great performers (Steve Marriott/Peter Frampton etc), The Pie were titans who strode the world stage and gave Led Zep a good run for their money in the live performance stakes.

  91. Nigel Croft says:

    Just ordered the Lloyd Cole box. I ordered the Amazon option, it was a couple of quid more, but included Autorip – so probably worth it.

  92. BRENEZ Alain says:

    I ordered the T Rex Singles box set. Note that if you ‘top up’ your account with at least £50, you get an extra £5.
    Also noted, although this is not a Black Friday deal, that the David Bowie latest vinyl box set is at €183 on Amazon Italy if you don’t mind the sound issues. The price has been decreasing regularly the last couple of weeks.

  93. Leemer says:

    I have found that Amazon has been a stand up company when I’ve purchased things internationally. When things have been banged up, I’ve complained and they’ve sent replacements. I really have no complaints the international entities of Amazon, I especially am pleased with and As for, well, I can’t ever get great deals there. But they always are good about making sure things are right.

  94. Peter Stanton says:

    Back to basics, I have the Deluxe Sticky Fingers, is it worth getting the Super version? Stones were the 1st band I saw, 1965, and one of my favourite bands, but £40 is still a lot to me.

  95. Dennis says: currently has quite a few of those ‘Original Album Classics’ 5cd sets for 7.99 EUR (ca 7.10 UKP) on sale if anyone is interested. Sets include Jean-Michel Jarre, Nena, Falco, Patti Smith, Loverboy, E.L.O., Billy Joel, Lou Reed, …

  96. Tony Orwell says:

    to be fair that money sat in my paypal account until two months ago waiting for them to ask for it. if they had then they would have been paid in full, with no hesitation. they refunded me with no contact and no questions, I am all for playing fair but as many people on here will know as they look through their collections at the dented corner, the split seams, the missing download card and everything else that goes wrong on a daily basis when buying on line sometimes getting a little bonus is quite nice. I will also say that if they refunded me 10 times what I paid the mail order companies would still be in front on some of the Dross that has been squeezed through my mailbox, left in the rain, delivered to the wrong house or thrown over the garden fence.

  97. mikeyH says:

    Richie – “”you have done nothing wrong”. Really? Because you don’t receive everything right now, with no delays or issues, it’s ok to steal 400 pounds? What planet is it where this is Ok. Is this the sign of a new generation that expects a perfect world and to scream from the rooftops over anything not 100% perfect. Suffering shipping delays does not entitle someone to be dishonest. I hope you practice more honesty with the people you meet face to face where you then don’t have a screen t hide behind and commit fraud. You guys are the 1% – the dishonest 1%.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Just to say (to everyone) that I’ve allowed the various differing views on Tony’s post, but won’t be publishing any more, because I think the various opinions have been represented and would like to move on. thanks, P

  98. Geoff says:

    New Gold Dream SDE back down to £27:91 at Amazon UK.

  99. richie says:

    Good luck to you Tony. We record buyers have to put up with damaged orders, waiting many hours in total hanging on the telephone, cancelled orders. The retailers treat us buyers like shit, in many cases they take our money and keep us hanging on for months, don`t reply to emails then cancel orders for no reason.

    You two Klaus and mickeyH need to remember this had Tony not ordered via PayPal he would still be trying to get a refund now. These retailers will take your money and unless you are strong willed they will laugh in their boardrooms at the idiots who do nothing. Good on you Tony, you have done no wrong, the retailer could always come to collect the order but if you`ve had it more than 28 days it`s legally yours.

  100. mikeyH says:

    Jesus Tony, you have the nerve to accuse these sellers of being less than perfect at times – but receiving a full PayPal refund and then keeping the order when it did arrive is just plain dishonesty/theft. How do you justify that let alone feel the need to skite about it? Not Cool.

  101. Arnaldo says:

    REM back up to £48. :(

  102. Tony Orwell says:

    I think most of the companies on line are the same outfit, udiscover, great offer store, sound of vinyl, all part of the digital stores group, when you pay money to any of them it all goes to the same place, they all have the same items in the sale and the same titles that are out of stock. all of them including amazon can be crap or brilliant depending on who you speak to. I placed an order from the great offer store 6 months ago for about £400, heard nothing from them for over a week, sent two messages, still nothing, raised a case through paypal and they refunded me in the full the very next day, two days later the entire £400 order may have been delivered, or maybe not ;-) i cant quite remember

  103. Poptones says:

    For what it’s worth I bought the REM Out of time box set 2 hours ago on amazon uk and it was scheduled to be dispatched around december 5th and I just received an update via mail and now the delivery date is November 23rd. Very pleased with this order.

  104. Martin Brooks says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of Amazon and I do try to buy locally or elsewhere instead of using them, but since New York City has only one large record store left (Rough Trade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn), there isn’t a lot of choice anymore.

    I’ve purchased from Amazon U.S. and occasionally from Amazon UK. I’ve never had a problem other than a robot toy I bought for my grandkid doesn’t really work. I just ordered the Cream set from Amazon UK because it’s almost double that price on the U.S. site.

  105. Adey says:

    I’ve used greatoffer store myself and wouldn’t recommend them, as they use myhermes couriers. Ordered a couple of Jam sde box sets a couple of years ago, and they never turned up.
    Had nothing but trouble with hermes in the past, with them throwing parcels over the fence, leaving them in wheelie bins or behind bins, or one occasion where the courier signed for the item himself and left it behind a plant pot next to the front door!

    • Steve doyle says:

      I agree that both companies are shocking, was tracking 2 packages on delivery day at hermes online and noticed that they had been ‘damaged’ and would not be delivered and were being returned to greatoffer store
      Neither company contacted me and ignored my emails, however great offer store jumped when I raised a case with paypal and received a refund.
      Great prices but horrendous customer services but if you can’t resist the offers use PayPal….other products are available etc

  106. Chris Squires says:

    “What Records” has the Ian Dury Boxed Vinyl set for £60, it’s £163 on Amazon and elsewhere. They won’t have many but it’s certainly worth it if you can grab one.
    They have a flat £8 postage so no matter how many other things you add it won’t go above £8.

    I bought the Bon Jovi set from Amazon, for although The Sound of Vinyl has a it a few (£4) quid cheaper I find it hard to like that group of stores. (inc. Recordstore).

  107. Amazon buyer says:

    Amazon has nothing to do with your problems!

    1) The fact that 80% of the material is missing off the USB wasn’t Amazon’s fault, they didn’t put the material on the USB! Contact the record manufacturer, they could easily e-mail a link to download the missing files.

    2) Import taxes has nothing to do with Amazon, it’s the country the item is being sent to and Amazon has no control over this. That’s the chance you take buying from a different country.

    I have bought plenty of items from Amazon worldwide and generally their service has been great. They have even paid delivery costs for me to return certain items back. Yes, I have been stung sometimes with a large amount of import taxes (buying outside Europe) but I have had many items that I haven’t been taxed on. It’s so random that I take that chance and hope I won’t have to pay import taxes.

    Sure I can understand your frustration over what’s happened but I felt the need the balance the argument and let folks know Amazon are not as bad as you make out.

    • william mckinley says:

      Me too. I’ve ordered stuff from all over the world and I haven’t paid import fees. I guess I was just lucky. So far Amazon has been a good experience for me. Hopefully they keep up the good work they’ve been doing so far. Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays to you all.

  108. gwynogue says:

    Music-wise, Amazon UK’s ‘Black Friday’ looked more like a ‘Slack Friday’…sure there were a few quid off here and there, but I didn’t see any deals that you can’t find any other time of the year.

    One deal I was hoping to keep an eye on, was the ‘Tabu Anthology’ boxed set. But it wasn’t due to to start (for me) until 4:30 in the morning (I live in Australia) and the listing said there was only ONE copy left! How fucking stupid is that? Announcing a deal when there’s only one copy…useless! Needless to say I didn’t bother staying up very late/getting up very early for that waste of time. Especially as I didn’t even know what the deal was going to be…10%?…15%?…20%? Pffft.

    I see there’s a Leo Sayer singles box deal soon (once again, at 4:30 am!)…I’m interested, but at over £90, the deal better be M-A-S-S-I-V-E. Should I bother setting the alarm?

    • Paul Murphy says:

      Hi G, rare for you to use profanity, you must really want that set! Don’t take the ‘only one’ available as Gospel (at least some of the time), last week I bought Pinups Japanese Shm when they only had two left, an hour later they only had four left! The Sticky Fingers box set only had a couple left this morning but Amazon have held the price so there’s a good chance the back orders will be honoured. There’s quite a nice bunch of box sets on offer on Amazon Italy at the moment as well, completed my set of VU super deluxes yesterday for a most amenable £44 for the third album box.

  109. Marty says:

    Yeah I got the Bon Jovi LP box set, less than £7 a record I think, thanks for pointing that out.

  110. Nick says:

    No Thanks! I’m Never ordering from Amazon CA, FR, UK, DE, IT ever again after the Frank Zappa 77’ USB Box Set Debacle!

    I ended up paying over £125 for it (0riginal cost on Amazon CA – £70) with excessive import Taxes from Amazon Canada (£55.00) When did they put import tax up to 70%???????

    Sent it to a Friend in Australia – as a present – for them to open it and find it only had 1 of the 6 shows on the USB Stick – as it would mean my friend sending it to me To send to Amazon Canada for a refund or replacement – a lot of extra postage costs….

    I contacted Amazon who offered me a JOKE of a 20% Discount when 84% Of the content was missing -An Absolute Joke!
    Very poor Customer Service – obviously don’t want to keep there customers happy ! Keep it up Amazon and you’ll soon be Bankrupt! Here’s Hoping!

    So I cancelled all open Amazon Orders (£500 worth) and will never buy off them again! They normally mess orders up so good luck to anyone still buying of them!

    • Tim says:

      Nick – worth being relentless with Amazon about that mess up. You will eventually get someone in customer service who will help out. I’ve had shocking service too but they will make good their wrong if you persist.

      • richie says:

        I`ve had bad customer service and horrendous cock-ups with all the European Amazons.

        I still deal with them.


        Because I make them pay for their cock-ups and horrendous customer service.


        Sorry but you have to use your heads and don`t sit on your arse/ass and do nothing.

    • NeilKelly says:

      You should’ve just said USB was completely missing!!

      • David M says:

        Amazon have dealt with a number of my complaints in amazing ways including discounts and free replacements without having to send things back. Import duty is nothing to so with them but amazon usa and uk take import taxes in advance when shipping to Canada. You don’t then get hit with ridiculous “brokerage” charges.

    • Gis Bun says:

      I’ve also had enough problems with Amazon Canuckistan. A vinyl LP released in Europe in October is delayed at least for the 3rd time. Now December 15th.
      Threaten [lightly] enough and they will eventually cave in.
      I’ve ordered from Amazon in US, UK, Germany and Italy [live in Canada] and it’s only in the US where I was charged import fees by Amazon US.
      I’m not sure what they charged for the £55. There should be at least no provincial tax. Sure it wasn’t shipping charges [even that would be excessive].

    • Gis Bun says:

      Oh. Why didn’t you cancel the order?

    • Eric Thiessen says:

      Take the issue up with the clowns running the Zappa Family Trust-Amazon didn’t steal music off of the USB stick (obviously the manufacturer didn’t make it properly), and they don’t control Canada’s sometimes usurous taxes and duties.

  111. Steve Young says:

    Great deals to on the Sound of Vinyl website. I got Rush 2112 triple vinyl for £10 but now sold out and Fresh Cream x6 lp boxset for £39.99. Lots of the usual suspects in the deals (The Who and The Bands worst albums but some good stuff to such as The Who Brunswick singles for £25.

  112. phantomengineer says:

    The ‘Fresh Cream’ box set is £24.99 on Amazon, so no postage costs!

  113. Kev says:

    All a bit quiet here; why not try out Humble Pie box vinyl box set for 89.90€ over at

  114. Roel Glas says:

    Not a Black Friday deal but Import CDs in the US have all 8 McCartney (black) vinyls at $15 which is whole lot cheaper than the UK. Also use their TAKE10 promo code for an additional 10% off

  115. eric Slangen says:

    Wow, bought 4 double vinyls from the JAM and the 3 vinyl box from The Who.

  116. Mr foley says:

    Sticky fingers super deluxe now down to £38.95 on amazon, one left as of now. More stock due…

  117. GentleRabbit says:

    Surprised not to have seen Paul post on this yet – but Manic Street Preachers have announced a surprise return for April 2018 with Resistance Is Futile. Limited red vinyl editions and various fan bundles have already gone, but fans should hurry as there are still some signed Deluxe CD editions available for about 16 pounds. Stay beautiful!

  118. Alan Wilson says:

    Complete 25 LP Bon Jovi vinyl set now £163.94 on Amazon UK

  119. graeme says:

    Are there not some rather negative comments/reviews surrounding “greatofferstore” from reviews and previous dealings? ie mega delays, poor customer service comms when orders are delayed, payments taken but nothing arriving and the ensuing hassle of trying to obtain refunds?

    • Daran says:

      Indeed… Ordered Underworld Second Toughest….. some months back, took money on ‘more stock coming status’ (it was a crazy cheap price, not surprised they had sold out). Well a month or more went by, no new stock was forthcoming and I got a cancellation notice and refund. That is why I am looking at the bargain £20 for REM boxset which has exactly the same status at the moment and thinking he we go again! Good luck to those who buy it, but I am not pulling the trigger again.

    • Paolo Meccano says:

      I’ve ordered from them before and I can say that the steep p&p amount certainly isn’t spent on packaging…

      • Chris Squires says:

        Great offer store, The Sound of Vinyl and are (as been said here before) the same company as Universal or UDiscover. All have pretty much identical stock at the same time as they come from the same warehouse.

        They do take money upfront on stuff, which isn’t so bad if it is in stock, but they still take it if the item is “Order now – more stock in soon” and these are not always forthcoming and if you have some kind of frenzy with quite a lot on order you really have to keep your eye on it. The worst part is if any part of an order is missing or delayed they won’t post any of it unless you pay more.

        Their sale prices for what is basically overstock or stuff that doesn’t sell has gone up from £6, the last time around to £9 this time. I ordered quite a lot at £6 last time and got roughly two thirds of my order delivered eventually when they decided that RAM and several other items weren’t available anymore, so it took about 6 weeks for the whole (reduced) order to get to me.

        Whatever you think of Amazon as a company, their practices regarding ordering, delivery, customer service and returns are leagues better than Universal stores.

        Whilst Nick (waaaay below) has had some issues with amazon (and that would annoy me too) I have found if you are polite and patient (not saying Nick wasn’t but just in general) you usually come out ahead on the deal. Three times this year (that I can instantly recall – it may be more) I have complained about a record being opened or the wrong one / wrong version sent and I was told I could keep the offending record and they would immediately send out a new one or offer full refund and I could still keep it, which they honoured immediately and this was not only UK but Am.De also.

        Am.De Sparks – Hippopotamus: I ordered pic disc and they sent black vinyl which they said I could keep with their apologies, a Pic Disc version arrived within two days.
        Am.UK UB40 – Collected: I ordered Red vinyl and they sent black, they gave me a full refund and said I could keep the black vinyl version….
        Am.De Frida – Green Vinyl arrived already opened they said I could keep it and sent me a new Green Vinyl (sealed) which arrived the next day.

        Yes the mistakes shouldn’t have been made but this was NOT poor customer service by any stretch. All done over the phone which I find better and more human than email…and I came out significantly ahead each time.

    • Wes says:

      And let’s not forget the insane shipping charges that negate the value of nearly any deals you may find at the Great Offers store. I put $160 USD in my card and got a $141 shipping charge added at the end. Cart was abandoned immediately.

  120. Greg says:

    Wow- that place (GreatOffer) is cheap…just picked up this for a tenner. Over £40.00 at Amazon.*/*/2112-40th-ANNIVERSARY-X-3-LP/5D0I0000000

  121. Stevie B says:

    Deluxe (2CD version) of Laura Marling’s Semper Femina is available from Amazon UK for £7.98. Second disc adds live performance of tracks from the album.

  122. Mr Foley says:

    Thank you Martyn – got the sticky fingers box..many thanks

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