Six of the Best: Deals for Christmas

Time to treat the music lover in your life (or yourself) to something cool for the Christmas stocking. Here’s half a dozen deals to take advantage of this festive period. Don’t hang around though the prices tend to change regularly! Click on the image or ‘grab deal’ to go to the deal in question…

Rolling Stones / GRRR! super deluxe  – $39 

We didn’t really like this Rolling Stones 5CD+7″ set much when it was issued back in November 2012, but that was as much to do with the £100 pricing as anything else. At around £25 or $39 it’s easier to look upon it in a kinder light.

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Belinda Carlisle / The Collection – £5

Perfect stocking filler for the ’80s pop fan. All Belinda Carlisle‘s hits on CD and a DVD with all the videos.


Paul Simon / Graceland 25th Anniversary super deluxe – £54

This is the large format Paul Simon super deluxe which was around £80 when it came out a couple of years ago. You get two CDs and two DVDs including the brilliant Under African Skies documentary and this also comes with an 80-page book and lyric pad etc.


The Clash / Sound System  – £65

Back down to £65 this Clash box is lavish, comprehensive and a bit silly at times but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seriously consider it. 12-discs of pure Clash and no Cut The Crap!


Rick Wakeman / Journey and Return to the Centre of the Earth box set  – £65

Limited edition Rick Wakeman box features two double vinyl records, two CDs, a 32-page hardcover book and numbered certificate of authentication. One pressing only, this set was £80 on Rick’s site earlier this year. 


Bryan Adams / Reckless super deluxe – £35

This Bryan Adams box has been up and down in price like a yo yo, but at the moment £35 is a great deal. Includes a 5.1 blu-ray, two CDs and a DVD.


7 responses to Six of the Best: Deals for Christmas

  1. Paul Kent says:

    I procrastinated wildly over the Clash box, originally, and then didn’t go for it. Ordered it now, though. Work bonus pays for Xmas pressie to myself. Cheers for the heads-up, Paul!

  2. laslo tempus says:

    £35 for bryan adams ?
    someone is havin’ a laff

  3. Mark says:

    Stones deal gone unfortunately.

  4. John Johnstone says:

    I’m confused – the Belinda Carlisle “The Collection” has 1xCC and 1xDVD and the “The Complete Studio Albums Collection” has 7xCD. Where did “6-disc box curated with the help of yours truly. Remixes, B-sides, videos, TV appearances, previously unreleased early versions, 5.1 mix and more!!” come from?

  5. Rob says:

    Ordered Belinda – What a great collection for £5!!

    Thank you for the heads up

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