Superb UK vinyl deals for a limited time

Some truly great discounts ‘for a limited time’ on vinyl box sets on Amazon UK right now. Check out the full list of titles in the offer, or browse all the artists in the deal or click here to peruse the SDE highlights below.

Bob Dylan  / Bootleg Series Vol 1-3 5LP vinyl – £30.99 £50.99

Johnny Cash  / Unearthed 9LP vinyl box – £173.99 £289.99

U2 / The Joshua Tree / 30th anniversary 7LP super deluxe edition vinyl box set

U2 / The Joshua Tree 7LP vinyl – £68.99 £113.95

David Bowie / Live Santa Monica ’72 2LP vinyl – £14.99 £23.99

No Plan EP and The Next Day also in the deal.

Paul & Linda McCartney / RAM black vinyl – £12.99 £20.56

This is the recent Capitol reissue. McCartney, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-FiveVenus and Mars, Wings at the Speed of SoundMcCartney IITug of War, also in the deal.

The Rolling Stones / Their Satantic Majesties Request / 50th anniversary special audiophile edition

The Rolling Stones / Their Satanic Majesties Request box set – £41.99 £68.94

Pink Floyd / Delicate Sound of Thunder 2LP reissue – £16.99 £26.78

A Collection of Great Dance Songs also in the deal.

Beck / Colors red vinyl LP

Beck / Colors red vinyl – £11.99 £18.51

Depeche Mode / Spirit 2LP gatefold vinyl box – £12.99 £20.99

Cover Me and Where’s The Revolution also in the deal.

U2 / Songs of Experience numbered box set

U2 / Songs of Experience super deluxe box set – £38.99 £63.80

Bob Dylan / Trouble No More 4LP+2CD box set – £36.99 £61.00

Belinda Carlisle / Heaven On Earth: 30th anniversary vinyl box set – standard edition

Belinda Carlisle / Heaven on Earth 4LP+CD box – £39.99 £65.05

Sting / The Complete Studio Collection 16LP box – £119.99 £199.99

Elvis Presley / If I Can Dream 2LP vinyl – £10.99 £16

Madonna / Bedtime Stories vinyl – £9.99 £16

Various Artists / Fly: Eddie the Eagle double white vinyl – £13.99 £23

Various Artists / Skyfall blue & white double white vinyl – £33.99 £56

Limited edition of 500 copies

David Bowie / Reality black vinyl – £10.99 £16.99

T Rex / Remixes 3LP vinyl – £14.99 £25

Spandau Ballet / Through The Barricades vinyl – £8.99 £16

Chris Difford / Chris to the Mill * SIGNED* 3LP vinyl box – £30.99 £50

John Williams / Star Wars 40th anniversary box – £65.99 £108.99

Bad Company / Burnin’ Sky 2LP vinyl deluxe – £14.99 £24.99

12 BONUS tracks of out-takes, alternate versions and rarities on LP 2

ELO / Out of the Blue 2LP vinyl pic disc – £13.99 £22.80

Marillion / Misplaced Childhood 2017 vinyl remaster – £8.99 £14

Blondie / Pollinator vinyl LP – £10.99 £17.99

The Smiths / The Queen is Dead / 5LP vinyl box set

The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead 5LP vinyl box – £32.99 £56.99

Ian Dury / New Boots and Panties!! 2LP coloured vinyl – £14.99 £24.13

Second LP contains Live in Paris ’78

Otis Redding / The Definitive Studio Albums 7LP vinyl box – £55.99 £92.99

Humble Pie / The A&M Years 9LP vinyl box – £79.99 £113.72

Sweet / Are You Ready? The RCA Era / vinyl box set

Sweet / Are You Ready? (The RCA Era) 7LP vinyl box – £49.99 £81.99

ELO / Wembley or Bust 3LP vinyl – £19.99 £32.99

Gorillaz / Humanz super deluxe vinyl box – £175.99 £292.42

14 x coloured vinyl, exclusive versions, download code, book.

Harry Potter: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks I-V vinyl – £112 £186

Jean Michel Jarre / Oxygene Trilogy 3LP+3CD box – £81.99 £135.99

Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise also in the deal.

Steve Hackett / The Charisma Years 1975-1983 vinyl box set

Steve Hackett / The Charisma Years vinyl box – £80.99 £134.70

The Afghan Whigs / Black Love anniversary 3LP vinyl – £19.99 £32.94

Morrissey / Low In High School

Morrissey / Low in High School vinyl LP – £11.99 £18.99

Singles 3LP deluxe vinyl – £14.99 £24.12

Elton John / Wonderful Crazy Night super deluxe edition – £28.99 £47.42

Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player also in the deal.

Stranger Things 4LP coloured vinyl box set – £46.99 £77.99

Queen / On Air 3LP vinyl – £25.98

Whitesnake / 1987 2LP deluxe vinyl – £12.99 £20.75

Remastered album on LP 1; remixes and live on LP 2

Yes / Topographic Drama 3LP vinyl box – £28.99 £48.10

Tori Amos / Native Invader

Tori Amos / Native Invader 2LP vinyl – £15.99 £25.99

Suzanne Vega / Solitude Standing vinyl – £11.99 £18.99

ABBA / The Album 2LP 45RPM half-speed – £18.99 £31.30

Freddie Mercury / Messenger Of The Gods: The Singles 7" vinyl box

Freddie Mercury / Messenger of the Gods 7″ box – £65.99 £109.50

Rush / 2112 vinyl box – £45.99 £75.98

Cream / The Singles 1967 – 1970 7″ box set – £29.99 £49.85

The Who / Tommy Live at the Royal Albert Hall 3LP – £17.99 £29.99

Pete Townshend’s Who Came First also in the deal.

261 responses to Superb UK vinyl deals for a limited time

  1. Kevin Barrett says:

    Kate Bush ‘before the dawn’ set came through yesterday with just a thin plastic covering, and of course it was damaged with the corners dented and scuffed. It’s going back, what happened to Amazon’s excellent cardboard packaging? Quite ridiculous.

  2. Mark R says:

    Just missed out on these! I put Chris Cornell’s Higher Truth and Sgt. Peppers in my basket whilst at work and got dragged away for a meeting. Forgot all about them til this morning and guess what? They’ve been bumped up, 40%. Damn!

  3. Chris Squires says:

    It’s interesting to go through the list at full price, the list is still there, it’s just that the prices have reverted to their normal level….and what a level. I bought 7 or 8 things, maybe 10, and not one of them would have got house room at the full price. Cathedral Oceans is a beautiful thing in every way, especially at £44, but at £90……(sucks teeth) nah.

  4. KevinS says:

    Looks like the party’s over.

  5. Rich G says:

    Wilco Being There Vinyl available to order again for £32.99, shipping in 1-2 days.

  6. Heinz says:

    George Harrison boxset back at £205.99.
    Right now 3 in stock.

  7. Chris Squires says:

    For those interested:

    Pick of the Pieces, the 5LP Autographed white Vinyl release from the Average White Band is available again.

    It doesn’t surprise me, it’s due for release tomorrow so I guess those that placed a holding order caved at the last minute so a few of the 500 pieces are back up.

  8. Tony Orwell says:

    sale is still on, loads of stuff with the prices adjusted

  9. Cris says:

    Hi Chris Neil and Matt,
    Thank you so much for your replies/advice! Will follow your indications!

  10. Paul Wren says:

    OK – The Sweet vinyl box set just purchased.

  11. Daniel says:

    I’ll just say that the Ian Dury 2LP is great! Sounds amazing, looks really nice, and the live album is amazing. I never had it, so worth the price! Wish it had a download code…

  12. MusicFan says:

    Thanks Paul for running great commentary on this Amazon campaign.

    It’s been great seeing the deals and reading the comments.

    It’s all been far more exciting than Record Store Day or Black Friday! For once people have actually saved money!

  13. Klaus says:

    Not as good as this deal, but still: has an offer of 5 vinyl records for 55 Euro.

    The following link is sorted “Price: High to low”:!425432031%2Cn%3A!425434031%2Cn%3A11600152031&qid=1517412120&sort=price-desc-rank

  14. Simonf says:

    Having read many of the horror stories here concerning bad or no packaging and the seemingly endless damage to LP’s and box sets from Amazon re this current sale, I was very apprehensive about placing an order but finally took the plunge last Sunday and ordered up Status Quo Live At The NEC and Nirvana (the latter basically for the one rare track You Know You’re Right) having decided that I would never find them cheaper.
    Pleased to report that Quo arrived yesterday in perfect condition, fully packaged in the wraparound cardboard packaging that Amazon usually use for vinyl albums. Bloody great album as well; if you are a Quo head and don’t own this yet, then get with the program! Nirvana is coming from a third-party seller and should be here early next week. Fingers crossed that that too will be undamaged.

  15. Tony Orwell says:

    Don’t forget people tomorrow is the last day of this mega offer, hold me coat lads, I’m going in again!

    • Mike says:

      It’s still going on minus the banner!…I can’t imagine life after the prices go back up!…fair play to Amazon every deal practically lasted the entire period of the promotion.

      • Chris Squires says:

        fair play to Amazon every deal practically lasted the entire period of the promotion.

        Which is good in one way that only a few things disappeared, the George Harrison fell early for instance and a few things, whilst still on the list, went back to normal price. Prince broke a leg at the last and went back to £40+. Marillion couldn’t stand the pace and pulled up lame.

        What is sad is to see some sets that are true limited editions (500 and 750s) hanging around kicking the floor like the fat kid when all the teams have been picked and no-one wants them.

        I will now be that fat kid kicking my heels until those determined Germans at decide to throw another party and force amazon to join in. Hopefully there will be a new pack of runners and riders. I haven’t seen WetWetWet and some other key things I have my eye on in any kind of discount yet. Or maybe the Italians will do the decent thing and throw another Cofanetti party.

        It’ll be quiet for a while…..

  16. regan judson says:

    Not an Amazon deal but the 4LP deluxe of Grace Jones’ Warm Leatherette is just 32 US Dollars in the Import CDs Ebay store with free shipping. Great deal!

  17. Neil McL says:

    I called Amazon about the A New Career In A New Town Heroes problem, they apologised told me I could keep it and sent mr another for free!

    • Cris says:

      Are you guys able to actually call Amazon? I do not think we in Italy can, I never found a phone number to call… Quite surprisingly…

      • Chris Squires says:

        yeah, if it is hard to find the option, usually when you want to return something… The easiest way to find it is to do a straight google of “Contact amazon Italy by phone” that’s how I found the amazon Germany contact number to speak to them. In that case I googled “Contact Amazon Germany in English” and hey presto…. best days work I ever did finding those.

      • Neil McL says:

        Hi Cris,

        What you do in UK is send a message, live chat or ask for a callback, They usually call within the next 5-10 mins. I usually use the live chat

    • Matt says:

      They did the same with me when I informed them about the Heroes issue. Not only did they give me a partial refund but they sent me another box for free!

  18. Cris says:

    Thank you so much for the heads up Paul!

    Just spent 86 Eur all included (shame for the VAT…) to Italy for five items vs the 116 Eur (without shipment costs of course) that would ask… ***k them.

  19. Chris Squires says:

    To be filed under “Well I wasn’t expecting that”

    Just taken delivery of a replacement copy of “The Complete Cathedral Oceans” as the first one was battered and half the shrinkwrap was off. This replacement was in an oversized box with no other internal protection and a copy of Automatic for the People SDE (perfectly covered in it’s own cardboard box) bouncing around on top of it. Cathedral Oceans is slightly damaged, not massively and not as much as the first copy but I would class it as grubby and ever-so-slightly the worse for wear on the back and corners. Not good enough to classify as Mint but serviceable. So I really rang to register that it wasn’t perfect and if the offer of a £15 refund (from £45) was still available I would take it. I had turned this down the first time as I wanted a mint one not a cheaper damaged one. However what happened then was quite remarkable. The lady said I could keep this slightly damaged one, she would organize a replacement to be sent out immediately…. But hold on…that wasn’t the end of it…. The first copy of Cathedral Oceans that was returned to Amazon was bought at the same time as a perfectly good copy of INXS Half Speed Kick. I noticed in my Amazon orders that suddenly a replacement for that was being sent also. So I pointed out to the lady that I was more than happy with the Kick I had as it was absolutely mint and undamaged and this must be a mistake. She just said… Don’t worry, you can keep the replacement Kick as an apology for the errors with Cathedral Oceans – so sorry to have let you down. So I now have a playable VG+ Cathedral Oceans, A sealed Mint (hopefully!) spare copy on the way and a Sealed half speed Kick to say sorry.

    I’ve had worse days.

    • Tony Orwell says:

      Chris Squires, did you get her name? and by the way you deserve a bit going in your favor every now and then

      • Chris Squires says:

        Ha, yes I did but I wouldn’t want to get her in trouble.

        My first rule of amazon. Always get them to give you a call back. You get nothing by email. They always tell you their name, if I don’t get it first time, I always apologize, say “I didn’t quite catch that” and write it down. Use their name at least three or four times as appropriate. It might make no difference at all but you never know.

        Amazon 101: be polite and apologetic, they are generally great.

  20. Horslips says:

    Even though Tom Waits has dropped out of the deal, it is still worth keeping an eye on the price of his vinyl remasters. Picked up 5 of the 6 over the past week all between £11 and £13 – most at the lower end of this band. Watching “Mule Variations” like a hawk now.

    Maybe the same applies in respect of artists who were previously in this deal?

  21. Chris Squires says:

    Tubular Bells ultimate edition 2009 is back in stock and down to £46.32 on, not quite the £29 bargain of the other week but still much less than the usual £80 to £90…. for those interested.

  22. Vamos says:

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Live in Paris for £8.99

  23. mike says:

    For my sins ive never listened to marillion in my life. Even back in 85 I was into other music. I bought misplaced childhood for the cover!!. However its been on all week continuously!…

    Since listening to the Misplaced childhood, Ive bought Script for a Jester’s, Fugazi and clutching @ ..I just wanted to say thanks as they are just top notch each of them…i may even become a progger as a result!

  24. Leemer says:

    Why is it that Amazon never really has this type of deal in the American shop, but always seems to run this thing out of UK, Italy, France or Germany.

    • Martin says:

      I would agree with you re France, Germany and Italy but his a first for the UK whose deals are usually much more adhoc

  25. CS says:

    Hi just got Elvis for £9.99 great. Finally got a undamaged copy of The Queen is Dead. they had come to their senses and placed the record box inside a cardboard protector before putting it in the outer box. This worked well as the package had been up and down the country, the outer box was quite battered by all well with record box. they also delivered Prince with the inner protection box and all was well with that.
    I don’t know if anyone else does this but I have cut the cellophane seal at the top and two sides between the box lid and base (you need to be careful not to damage the box but I did OK. This leaves the cellophane in tact on the front and down the sides leaving the sticker in place. It leaves a flap at the back attached at the bottom edge, you could always cut this off.

  26. Tony Orwell says:

    It’s very interesting that the Smiths Queen is dead deluxe box set is no longer in the sale but remains at the same price (£32.99), I wonder if that is now the new price permanently?

  27. Mike says:

    Hi Paul…I have 2 copies of Pretenders box set signed…happy to let them go at face value £ cheapest postage available….would anyone on the site be interested?…..if this is inappropriate let me know no mike

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  29. Ian says:

    Some great deals had on Amazon – I’m now looking at the Sound Of Vinyl PAYDAY offer – lots of good albums for under £10 (The Cure, Crowded House and U2 for example). However I do loathe the way that you fill your cart and then discover that they are actually out of stock on most items… anybody have any experience with ordering on SOV?

    • Martin says:

      I had the same and a lengthy wait for stock to ‘come soon’ however all was good after around 8 weeks. I saw the free delivery if spend over £50 but didn’t want anything

    • Mike says:

      Yea I’ve ordered about 20 albums from SOV and found them fine…I cancelled one or two and it was put through by the next day, by their customer service…ive no idea about stock pending as they were available to order for me…give it a go use PayPal then ur fine..

    • CS says:

      Hi Ian, I have ordered quite a bit from SOV which has been fine, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can save a lot on postage. SOV charge for delivery, Pledge Music charge £6.01 for postage.

      • Ian says:

        Thank you for the responses – although I’m now confident to order from SOV, I must admit that I’ve blown my budget with all the amazon records and box sets. SOV sent me an email today as they have extended their PAYDAY free delivery over £50 offer. Best buy for me on Amazon was the Harrison box set at £205 – available again now. Cheers!

  30. Alan says:

    Resident Music started an online sale at midnight – lots of vinyl included. Nothing much for me, but others here might find some bargains. Here’s the full list:

  31. Larry David says:

    Hi Paul!

    Not vinyl but on the 19th of January two deluxe re-release of the first two Residents albums came out. The sound is amazing and the artwork is really nice not to mention the tons of bonus materials. Here are the links:

    Meet The Residents:

    Third Reich ‘N Roll:

  32. Dean Taylor says:

    Just received my Nirvana greatest hits lp
    Double 45 deluxe set …£11.99.. free postage
    Well done Amazon.
    Now for a long weekend of getting to know my great new vinyls all at bargain prices.
    I love this hobby and this site means a great deal to me so again thank you Paul.

  33. Bruce says:

    Tony, you are 100% correct its swings and roundabouts. In this case though because you can send an item back and then (should you wish) you buy it again but cheaper, I don’t feel I’ve unduly bucked the system. I simply asked a question and Amazon responded positively and very helpfully.

    • Chris Squires says:

      I had the same issue with Chris to the Mill, they wouldn’t do anything for me though, I am obviously not forceful enough. It seemed mad that they made me return an un-opened £51 item and re-order the same £31 item a few days later, paying the £6 return postage myself, yeah I still saved £14 but it would have been far easier (for them and me) just to say here you go, here’s a tenner and I would have called it quits.

      As Dean says below I think they are being tougher on this in the hope that 90% of people will just not bother. Was my effort worth £14, yeah, just about. Phone-call, wrapping and packing, waiting for Hermes….

  34. Tony Orwell says:

    I am not sure that going back to Amazon after the price of any item goes down to ask for a credit note or a refund is the right thing to do unless it has been less than a week and especially not if it has been used. After all how many of us would go to amazon and offer to pay extra if the price of something goes up? Swings and roundabouts

  35. Bruce says:

    Dean, I contacted Amazon about the current cost of The Queen is Dead box set and what I bought it for.

    I don’t usually feel the need to go Amazon about price differences but this time thought £35 was worth a moan. I was given exactly the same response as you but was also told (this was by phone) that the cost was set by the supplier and not Amazon and there was little they could about it. I wasn’t entirely sure that this was correct.

    Anyway I pointed out the pointlessness of returning one used item oy to buy another. Why not just refund the difference? Plus it’s not always easy to return physical items which have autorip with them as somehow the Amazon system still charges for the mp3s. After a bit of an impasse they agreed a credit note.

    I don’t like trying to get money back on Amazon bought products unless I feel hard done by – I didn’t for example feel hard done enough by the bowie ANCIANT box set to argue for a price reduction because of the Heroes LP but in this case I genuinely thought the vinyl box set was a limited run when I originally bought it. To see it reduced by so much so soon after release irked me a bit.

  36. Dean says:

    Comment from Amazon when I asked for a price difference refund on my previously ordered (and still sealed) Smiths QID boxset.

    ‘….’we don’t offer post-order price adjustments. I hope you understand that we could not process a refund for the difference of the item and the best resolution for this one is to return the item and reorder it.”

    So basically they are happy to incur more losses with delivery and returns in the hope that i’ll be too lazy to do this.

  37. Stephen Baker says:

    Just ordered Humble Pie box set- got a further £10 discount from Amamzon-offer ends today-so paid £69.99-brilliant

  38. daveid76 says:

    Thanks all for the mention of the code. It was the final push I needed to get Bootleg 1-3 and 3 other Dylans. You’re all very naughty…but I like you.

  39. Klaus says:

    Promotional code applies to music preorders too if anyone wondered about that.

    Just ordered the Marillion “Brave” and Jethro Tull “Heavy Horses” cd-sets for GBP 49 (including GBP 3 for p&p to Germany) or less because the pre-order price guarantee seems to be valid for this too.

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  41. Paul Kent says:

    Tull and Marillion SDEs ordered with a tenner discount. Back of the net!! Cheers Paul

  42. Chris Squires says:

    Re: Chris Difford Chris to the Mill 3 LP Amazon exclusive autographed edition.

    Here it is in the sale at £30.99 2 months after release where it was touted as a limited edition of 500 only. Indeed Paul’s initial post states 500 as did the original amazon page..

    There is a post by a chap called Ian Hartley warning that he knows there are less than 200 of these left as of 26th September, a full 9 weeks before launch….

    If you check out the sale page now it states the limited edition is now 250 signed copies. I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means but none of this adds up. How can a limited edition go backwards in numbers. And still be available after all this time and in the sale.

    Did they pulp 250 copies? Is this an additional 250 made available, so the run is now 750

    Thoughts…..ideas. I can’t make head-nor-tail of it.

    It’s a great set by the way, it’s just weird…..

    • Gareth @justplayed says:

      Is it not a GZ pressing? The label normally uses them for their vinyl, so I’ve avoided it. What do the runout grooves say?

  43. DaveM says:

    Cancelled and re-ordered the forthcoming Procol Harum box set and used BIGTHANKS making it come in at just under £63. Now I don’t care at all about the first three discs being stuff I already have. Five discs I don’t have and a nicely presented SDE for £63 is a bargain in comparison to some….

  44. Chris Squires says:

    Obviously You can only use the code once, I used it yesterday and it isn’t accepted today. It would seem obvious but it was worth trying.

  45. Phil Wilson says:

    The BIGTHANKS code works on preorders too, the Suede debut 25th anniversary edition was £47.99 yesterday, £42.49 today, order it with something else and get the £10 off

  46. 2wicky says:

    nice deal for the 3CD/DVD Smiths box set ‘The Queen Is Dead (2017 Master) [Deluxe Edition] ‘
    on : only 14.99 today, 50% off
    Ordered this plus The Fall’s Singles box set and applied the 10 GBP discount coupon.

  47. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Amazon UK are offering a 10% discount today, 25 January 2018, when you spend £50 or more. Enter the code BIGTHANKS at checkout…

  48. Ben Williams says:

    Using the ‘BIGTHANKS’ code, preordered the vinyl reissue of Bowie’s “Heroes” and the DVD of Van Morrison In Concert, as well getting Blind Faith’s one and only album!

    Paul – deal alert – the CD/DVD box of Smiths Queen Is Dead is currently only £14.99!

  49. GentleRabbit says:

    Phew. Finally caved in re The Joshua Tree deluxe.

    I must say, I’ve found some of the comments on this particular thread to be amongst the most valuable in years of reading this brilliant (and ultimately expensive ;) ) website.

    I’ve had a bit of a miniature crisis re the Amazon packaging issues as well (is it worth it anymore with ts constant damages), so it’s been reassuring to see I’m far from the only one of us at a loss as to what to do.

    It’s only really because of the highly helpful info I found on here (re the U2 set coming packaged safe in its original box that) that I placed the order.

    Was again bowled over by the fact that – due to Paul’s tip-off, Amazon’s sale and Marcus’s voucher info – I am now looking forward to my own Joshua Tree deluxe LP box, delivered to Australia for just under $90 in our currency. I’ve only seen it available here for between $300-400. Wow, indeed. Thank you kindly.

    And for once, I’m happy in the knowledge that this set is more than likely to arrive in perfect condition (those original factory boxes with foam inserts work each and every time after being sent halfway around the world – it baffles me as to why they remove them, all things considered).

    I’ve been gradually buying significantly fewer vinyl records and box sets recently due to Amazon’s (lack of) packaging policy. How can we change things?

    • Vishal says:

      I would highly encourage everyone to start by submitting “packaging feedback” (for the US site you can find the button in your order history page for the items sold by; for the UK site “To submit your packaging feedback”:

      Go to
      Review the list of deliveries for orders placed within the past 60 days.
      Click Leave Packaging Feedback next to the delivery.
      Fill in ratings and answers to questions. You’ll also have the option to upload a photo of your delivery.
      Click Submit.

  50. David Smith says:

    I’m sure this will get posted many times today, but spend over £50 at Amazon today and get £10 off with the code BIGTHANKS – seems to work with all vinyl and CDs bought direct from Amazon

  51. Steve says:

    Order over £50 from amazon today and get £10 off: enter BIGTHANKS as a promo code at checkout

  52. Arr Gee says:

    use BIGTHANKS at Amazon today and get £10 off orders over £50. Shame I ordered the Bowie box set already.

  53. Roel Glas says:

    ps. Code is BIGTHANKS – enter in promo code/gift voucher panel at check out

  54. Roel Glas says:

    Time to get out of bed all you Brits. Amazon UK are offering £10 off a min £50 order. Just ordered Bowie’s ANCIANT for 65 less vat less £10 = £44. Bargain. £10 offer is good for today only.
    ps. Bob Dylan triplicate now down to £13

  55. Keith Slatter says:

    Top man Marcus D….Otis Redding Definitive Studio Collection only £45.99 after using voucher code. A Billy Bargain!!

  56. Elizabeth Hirst says:

    I had been waiting for a good deal on the original Sting boxset. Happy to have the complete set at a better price than that set. Thanks as always for the tip.

  57. Neil McL says:

    Marcus D you’re a legend (as are you Paul S) for that code The Smiths The Queen Is Dead & Abba The Album 2 x LP Half Speed Master for £41.99 !!!!! Didn’t think Christmas was in January

  58. Dean Taylor says:

    Thanks Marcus D.
    Code worked a treat. Sending my Gorillaz Hunanz pic disk back and ordered the vinyl deluxe edition with art book , £40 with code discount. A good shout out … thanks again

  59. Craig Hedges says:

    Just got my box from amazon, of the 3 vinyl albums 2 were in the cardboard envelopes whilst the third (talk talk’s it’s my life) was unprotected on top of the box and the sleeve was creased on all corners, just set up for it to be returned and hopefully I’ll get a replacement in good condition. I was told that my package was out for delivery at 10.30 this morning – it arrived at 18.00.

  60. Marcus D says:

    for any of us not yet living in a shed and having to eat dog food…. are giving 10 pounds discount on orders over 50 pounds
    just use the code BIGTHANKS at the checkout stage to get a further 10 pounds reduction

    not sure how long the offer will last – probably only valid today

    • Tony Orwell says:

      Marcus D – shed and Catfood would be a welcome bonus from the doghouse that I am currently demoted to, thanks for the £10 voucher, it means i only have to explain £42 worth of purchases rather than £52

    • John T says:

      Thanks Marcus D – worked a treat !

    • Graham Turner says:

      Thanks for this Marcus. That additional 10 pounds off got me to pull the trigger on the already bargainous Prince 4ever vinyl, along with a few other bits.

      Seems like Amazon also have an invitation-only top-up offer that gives an additional £5 when you purchase a £50 gift balance, so worth keeping an eye out for this on the ‘Place your order’ page if making a purchase.

      Fingers crossed that it turns up in one piece now!

    • Chris Squires says:

      BigThanks to you Marcus, that along with the free £6 offer pointed out by Paul Spurgeon below brought INXS Half Speed Kick and Cathedral Oceans down to £48 for the pair.

      Which was nice……

  61. Dean Taylor says:

    Both my u2 boxes arrived today ,the Joshua Tree being in it original shipping box and a outer box with some air bags and my Songs of experience in a box also with air bags so no damage there. All good for me , just waiting on Nirvana greatest hits .. which l hope will be the deluxe version which is what I ordered for £11.98 but was out of stock but I now have a delivery date . Some how though I think they’ll send the standard version .will have to wait and see.

  62. Marcus says:

    My Verve box set has just arrived from Amazon. Sealed in its (I guess original) brown cardboard packaging but then placed inside a polythene envelope – no large, outer Amazon box. Somewhere down the line it’s been dropped on one corner and the box set is dented. It’s going straight back.

  63. Chris Squires says:

    Reading all of these posts there is a definite trend here. The kind of trend that could suggest there has been a policy shift from amazon. This can only indicate cost cutting, they are prepared to sacrifice a 99% effective service to cut down on the cost of packaging. No doubt if challenged there would be the usual corporate speak (ALL companies are guilty of this) that they are doing it to help save the environment in the same way that Mars and Cadbury are making chocolate bars smaller to save our waistlines. The answer to all of this is “Yeah, right!”
    Like poptones I have been ordering vinyl from various amazon’s for 7 years (not quite your 17) and maybe it is time to re-assess this relationship. Making ‘phone-calls, talking to bored customer services people from all over the world and then the pain of trying to organize a return, not so bad from your own country but overseas it is very tiresome. In every case my returns have gone back better packed than the one they originally sent. Also how do you return a package that has no packaging. I have spent about 4 hours (at least) this year organizing returns, wrapping, weighing, measuring, waiting, calling and so on. Using my tape, my bubble wrap, my sticky parcel label envelopes and my ink printing dozens of returns sheets, 3 for each overseas return and 2 for UK.

    In 7 years I had received one unwrapped package (Springsteen box from Spain a couple of years ago) and until this year all returns had been hassle free and in most cases they let me keep the item. But in 2018 it has all changed, everything goes back and wrapping is vastly inferior. 2 feet of brown paper will not stop an untethered, unprotected 10kg box of vinyl from sliding around, basic physics will see to that.

    Maybe it’s time to think……

    Ha, since writing that last sentence my 2nd replacement copy (3rd overall) of the Beatles in stereo has just arrived. Massive outer box, plenty of wrapping and most tellingly of all a cardboard inner box with a properly made record company sticker (6 inches by 4 inches) saying “The Beatles in Stereo” and “Handle with Care”, then the actual Beatles box in another protective cardboard sleeve with two great polystyrene (?) shaped placeholders and more bubble wrap. It begs the question that if this is how these record sets are distributed to the dealers what was amazon’s game in sending out two unprotected and pre-damaged (bashed and scuffed) sets of this item?

    The conclusion I could draw from this is that when there is a sale we will get sent whatever they have to hand, some new, some returned undamaged and some return damaged in minimal packaging and only upon persistently complaining and returning will you get the proper, new, sealed, encased version unless you got lucky first time ’round.
    Someone else did mention it before and I liken it to the Grisham novel “The Rainmaker”, amazon are relying on 90-95% of people accepting what they are sent without question so they will only have to deal with 5-10% of people and that will diminish upon another round of rejection. They would seem happy to shift what can only be described as B-grade stock if only 5% of it gets returned. They would seem to be attempting to claw back the cost of the “sale” 3 for 2 or 40% off, whichever.

    The only way I can respond is to buy less and listen to more of what I already have.

    Wow long post, my apologies.

  64. poptones says:

    I bough several box sets and I received some of them yesterday (Verve, Afghan Whigs and Prince). First, as I was not home, they left it at the store across the street (I never asked them or authorized them to leave my records at a neighboor or store), there was no note in my mailbox and I found out the records had been delivered to the store accross the street on my Amazon account when I checked the delivery. I went to the store this morning to collect and the box sets have been sent without any packaging ! There was no shrinkwrap, no cellophane, no protection whatsoever on the Prince4Ever box ! Anybody could open it !

    Pretty disappointed. I ordered tons of box sets (vinyl, cd, dvd, books) on Amazon over the past 17 years and it’s the first time they have sent my order without any packaging and protection. So far, I never had any problem and never had to return an item.

    As I was in a hurry this morning, I didn’t have the time to open them yet. From the outside the records didn’t seem to be damaged but still, I’m not happy. I will check tonight and see if I have to return one of them (Prince in particular). As it was without a shrinkwrap I fear they’ve sent me a box that has already been opened and returned by a previous customer because it was defective.

    • RJS says:

      So if there was no packinging whatsoever or cellophane with the Prince box, I assume they must have stuck the address label and barcode labels onto the actual cover of the box?

  65. Ralph says:

    Perhaps not well known to all the readers on here but Water Of Leith by Scotland’s Blue Rose Code is a beautiful album and made many critic’s choice as album of the year. Also voted by readers of The Skinny as Scottish album of the year. Beautifully pressed on double vinyl it’s a steal at £11.99. Hard to put into a box but likely to appeal to lovers of vintage John Martyn and Van Morrison at their best. I paid full price for it on release and worth every penny.

  66. Mark says:

    Sadly, the ‘Conceal Package Contents’ option is appearing on less and less vinyl in the Amazon shopping basket now – of my recent orders it is only available to select 50% of the time. However, as I highlighted in my earlier post, it doesn’t always guarantee a non damaged sleeve as Amazon are no longer ‘packing the records straight into the mailers upon arrival in the warehouse’ like they used to claim on their ‘vinyl packaging’ page.

    The replacements for my previously battered items delivered a couple of days ago arrived this morning, and again I had a mixture of some in mailers and some loose, all thrown into an overdsize box with a 2ft long piece of brown paper offering no protection at all. Again, I got damage, albeit light corner dings this time – something I can live with versus the state of the last order.

    I know LP’s are a tricky thing to ship, but the Amazon mailers ARE up to the job of protecting the contents from most rough handling; provided the pickers can be bothered to put them inside them in the first place The biggest global ecommerce company should be able to get it right.

  67. Peter Stanton says:

    In theory, they tried to deliver my Dylan 13 and Satanic Majesties box sets at 2 pm today but couldn’t gain entry. Interesting as it is to my workplace which is an office open to the public and you just walk in. I was there all day looking out for the delivery.

    Sadly, does this mean that they will be banging about in a van for a second day?

    Fingers crossed but worried.

  68. Dean Taylor says:

    Trying so hard to resist that Gorillaz super deluxe right now … I get a feeling it might come up cheaper one day .. but then again..

  69. mike shawyer says:

    Prince 4ever to the 6 albums I ordered last week
    Thanks again Paul.

  70. Noel says:

    Just this: I wonder if they do have some kind of “palm off” system. After all, what happens to rejected records and box sets? Do they try and send them out again, hoping the next punter is a little less discerning? I think we should be told!

    • John T says:

      They usually go into the ‘Amazon Warehouse Deals’ section at a slightly reduced price. Can be found in amazon department drop down menu.

  71. Tony Orwell says:

    3rd beatles stereo box set arrived today, delivered by UPS and came in an oversized box with some loose paper in it, HOWEVER, it was in its original inner box, with polystyrene support and its original outer box. it is in perfect brand new condition and I am now delighted.
    I do however have some thoughts that I will never know the answers too, firstly, how did the woman from amazon germany know that she could absolutely guarantee that it would be much better packed, I can only assume they have different levels of condition stock that they try to palm off. My first box set was trashed, the second was better but still not perfect and the last was new. Surely the giant that is amazon cannot have some kind of palm off system where they try and get rid of the damaged sets first before they send the right thing?

    • Chris Squires says:

      Lucky Man Tony, pleased for you.

      My third one is due tomorrow, fingers crossed.

      I know they have “Warehouse deals” although I have never ordered from them before and they are usually “seconds” or “returns”, if one is feeling generous of spirit one might assume that’s where the returns go? The cynic in me feels you and Noel are possibly right. Mainly because the damaged items I have had have been in non-damaged packaging.

  72. Dean Taylor says:

    Just received my first little batch from amazon
    Gorillaz pic disk
    Rem out of time triple lp(ok not part of this deal but still a very good price)
    And I have to admit the packaging was fairly bomb proof , guess l got lucky.
    Still waiting for my Joshua tree to dispatch , ordered on Saturday but will be here Friday.
    My songs of experience was lost on delivery? But a replacement is now being dispatched to my work place tomorrow.
    How does it happen when an item is flagged up as delivered to customer but clearly hasn’t? We’re do these things go?

  73. Jonna says:

    I think Amazon has been consistent and great but unfornately, late last year got some high price vinyl-boxset from AmazonUK totally trashed, the boxset upperside was almost torn apart from the box. I had Prime-service going then and as I made the order I had it put as “sent on Amazon box”, so it would have been similar to normal factory double-boxes. It was alarming as I received the boxset, it had only slipcase-style cardboard only on the center going round. Top and the bottom of the boxset were naked, but also largely damaged.
    I didn’t go for any replacements, but decided to get my hard-earned money back.
    So, then I decided to vote with my wallet and I haven’t actually ordered anything from Amazons.

    I know I have missed quite few great deals, the black-friday, christmas, new-year and now this one.
    But the mistakes and bad service really made me ponder, do I really need all those albums and boxsets? I got around 3000+ cd-collection and about 1000+ vinyl plus plenty of boxsets.
    So, I’ve got pretty extensive little collection here anyways.

    I think I will go on for some time without ordering anything, maybe if something truly great comes I might get it. I think from now on, I will only get the albums/boxsets that I truly need and I might have to support local stores more from now on. Amazon is great but they are the ones killing the little shops here.
    By reading the comments here, some have bought many items and spend hundreds if not even thousands. I think I don’t get too much joy out of simple physical-products and Im gonna do some inventory on my collection too.

  74. Heraldo says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments pointing to experiences people have had with Amazon dispatching goods by just lobbing an address label on the sellophane (not even bothering to put the vinyl inside any packaging).

    I had a similar experience a while ago (with the expensive but superlative XTC “English Settlement” vinyl box). Needless to say it arrived in a battered state. I contuAmazon and they replaced if free of charge and (as I laid it on thick that I was severely disappointed as I paying EXTRA by being a Prime member and being treated like this) I got £5 compensation added to my account.

    However the key part is that it was the last time that it has happened because they also gave me a tip.

    On the “Place Your Order” page there is a section called “Delivery Details”. If you select “Conceal Package Contents” you are able to tick a box that says “Dispatch In Amazon Box”.

    I’ve used that ever since (ie for 2-3 years) and I’ve had no further instances of unpackaged items. However they do sometimes go over the top and I have something double-boxed, but as I always recycle it’s less of an issue.

    Paul. This might be something to highlight on one of your general posts or weekly highlights to get the tip out as far as possible.

  75. Johnny K says:

    Having read the others, I need to add my experience re: packaging from Amazon: ordered Prince’s ‘For You’ vinyl, which was delivered with no outer packaging whatsoever – just the record in its sleeve, wrapped in cellophane, with a delivery sticker slapped on it…!!

    • Stu says:

      I had exactly the same experience, my Bowie lp was delivered in no packaging whatsoever, just cellophane. Needless to say the corners were bent into oblivion, and I’m returning it. When I advised the Amazon cs staff member of the way it was sent out they clearly weren’t interested.

      I’m at a loss as to how someone can make the decisions to send out vinyl in no packaging and think that it is going to turn out well.

  76. Noel says:

    Delighted with this SDE update the other day.
    Got a job lot from Amazon this morning. Well packed – no problems. Great stuff! Not so fast…
    Paul Weller’s first album – brand new, sealed – sounded great on one side, shocking on the other. Under a bright light were revealed marks and scratches – I’ve had better from second hand shops if I’m honest.
    This is becoming too common but remains inexplicable. Going back with it is Heather Nova’s Oyster – similarly bad. Coloured vinyl seems to fare worse than black, as a rule.
    I don’t hold Amazon to blame for this so what on earth are they doing at record pressing plants. Kicking the product around? At the prices they’re charging for records these days, they should be nigh on pristine.
    Anyone else had similar issues?

  77. Tom M says:

    Amazon U.K. down this morning?

  78. CS says:

    I got my Queen is Dead box from Amazon it’s going back as front is marked from it rattling around in the outer box. Amazon Please Please Please let me get what I want – undamaged box sets.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Did it not come with a tight fitting cardboard outer which they then put in a larger box? That’s poor. My “Mad Saturday” lot has just turned up today and only the New Boots and Panties was loose, everything else was in a cardboard retainer of some kind. Still waiting for my 3rd (2nd replacement) Beatles Stereo……we’ll see.

  79. Tony Orwell says:

    I can see a pattern here with amazons packaging of certain items. if it comes in the one the amazon oversized mailers no problem, if it comes in the company provided boxes like the george harrison, the U2 joshua tree and the kate bush box set then all good. if it comes in one of their flimsy boxes with some loose paper inside you are in the hands of the gods. Like others i have also received box sets that are quite clearly not mint and as new even though they were not damaged in the post. Amazon must be aware of these issues and no doubt every times a damaged box set is returned they must be hurting financially and you would think that they would improve their packaging. The problem is the people who are packing these items with all due respect will do whatever it takes to get their completion bonuses up and probably dont give a toss. The only way amazon will change is if we all keep sending the crap back. My stereo beatles box set from germany will arrive via UPS on tuesday, they are convinced that because they have chosen the most expensive postage option it will be packed better, i have my doubts. This obviously has no reflection on Paul and this awesome site and trust the deals will keep coming.

    • Adam says:

      The Amazon delivery driver arrived at my door swinging an oversized box in his hands, and I could hear the contents moving around and feared the worst. Luckily, the contents ‘Queen On Air’ were contained in a further cardboard mailer so were OK, but I did fear the worst! There was the usual strip of scrunched up paper which seemed to be utterly pointless!

  80. Frank Huntley says:

    One of the PJ Harvey, the Manic Street Preachers and the Verve sets are no longer on sale.

  81. John Steel says:

    Prices creeping up now

  82. SimonP says:

    Re Amazon packaging – U2 Joshua box arrived this morning – absolutely bullet proof – box inside a box – polystyrene retainers surrounding outer case so no movement possible. Cream 7″ box also arrived this morning and it looks as though somebody has been playing football with it! Not damaged in transit. Too scuffed. Looks like it’s been abused over some time…that one is heading back unfortunately

  83. SimonP says:

    Hi- only discovered the site recently but already saved massively /spent money unnecessarily on things I’ll never play – depending on whether my wife’s opinion is correct…So – thanks Paul – your work is appreciated!

  84. Mark says:

    Some great prices on Amazon at the moment.

    Sadly, for me, the quality of their vinyl packaging is starting to slip again. I used to be able to rely on Amazon shipping vinyl in a mailer, sometime this was inside an oversized box for double protection – but I purchased a load of titles out of this offer and they arrived in a terrible state. Some of the records were just dropped loose into the box with the ones in mailers, with no protection other than the usual bit of brown paper, and in my case the box had been dropped on a corner in transit, so I got 9 crunched up sleeves. And whoever picked them from the racks clearly grabbed them by one corner as each sleeve had an identical crease across one corner where they were picked up by the edge. Amazon used to package their records into the mailers upon arrival into the warehouse but that is clearly no longer the case now.

    Yes, their customer service came up trumps again and sorted me out, and 8 times out of 10 my discs arrive mint, but having to return them all is a pain and a company like Amazon should know how to package things securely in the first place. And I know there are some of you that don’t get so annoyed by sleeve damage as others, but for me, it’s important.

    Enjoy the bargains but fingers crossed they don’t get packed by the same ham-firsted person that did mine ;-)

    • John Orr says:

      No, no, you’re absolutely right, couldn’t agree more. If we’re paying for something, you expect it to be absolute mint, with no marks/creases etc and no splits if it’s sealed. After all, decent comparison or not, you wouldn’t buy a pair of trousers or t shirt with holes in the material, so some of us understand your frustrations.

    • Jonathan says:

      I’m sick of sending box sets and vinyl back to Amazon. My Bowie Who Can I Be Now vinyl was in a box the size of a house with one tiny strip of protective paper – needless to say it went back – but not after having to persuade the drop off place to take it (they said they would have the right to refuse such a large parcel). Happens far too often with Amazon now

  85. Hoddo says:

    Cheers gone for Dylan, noticed I’d added to my wishlist at £48.99 so great deal

  86. CS says:

    Please ignore my last comment just found the one I had posted, sorry.

  87. CS says:

    I left a comment it was not published, can you please tell me why?

  88. Paul Spurgeon says:

    If it’s still available if you buy a £30 gift card from Amazon you get a promo code free worth £6. Only downside is it takes 48 hrs to come through but hey free money…

    Used the £30 gift card to get the smiths box set and the promo code to get me the rumours super deluxe edition for a crazy £19

    • Chris Squires says:

      Just to thank you Paul Spurgeon, it seems to have worked, will have to wait a couple of days but a free £6 from Amazon is not to be sniffed at.

  89. Neil McL says:

    Cream box came this morning and yes you guessed it scuffed! No wonder they have all those warehouse deals that to be honest usually aren’t that much cheaper

  90. Mike says:

    Growing up with black flag etc… never thought I could listen to misplaced childhood..what am album.
    . thanks

  91. mike says:

    just wow…i took out a 32 month balance transfer card to fund this addiction…luckily payback is 2022*…

    *totally no your fault Paul

  92. cliff says:

    sorry about typo’s in my previous post – I seriously need to start wearing my reading specs when typing

    if I could only remember where I put them…………

  93. cliff says:

    Heathen & Beck’s COlors arrived tgis morning, both excellently packaged in individual car boxes then both together in a much larger box!

    Comared to my ANCIANT box which was sent without any packaging and the address label stuck on the cover!
    (yeah that went back).

    Oh and added bonus – Bowie was blue vinyl and Beck red vinyl!
    (i hadn’t checked the LP descriptions just bought as soon as i saw them discounted)

  94. MikeW says:

    Correcting my last comment! Heathen is still listed but has jumped to 27 quid from 16.99 overnight! Only 3 left but is that really 40% off?

  95. MikeW says:

    Bowie’s blue vinyl Heathen has also been removed. Odd as the spiel at the top of Amazon page implies all of those listed would be in the sale until 31st – or at least that’s how it initially read to me! Had in basket but missed the overnight boat……

    • Chris Squires says:

      I guess it’s because it was a limited edition, if they have 30 to sell and all 30 go (it’s Bowie after all) then it’ll have to be removed. It’s interesting that some stuff is just not selling. The signed Bill Wyman and signed Chris Difford are both limited to 500 copies, have been available for a while and in the sale (at terrific prices) for at least three days now and still they have copies.

      I’d be gutted as a successful artist if I couldn’t shift 500 signed copies of something, even in the clear-out sale.
      Sign o’ the Times.

  96. CS says:

    Just ordered the Queen Is Dead great price, I read someone commenting on the poor packaging of box sets from Amazon. A few years ago I had loads of problems with their delivery of The Smiths vinyl box set being shipped in a large box with a bit of paper inside. The vinyl box rattled around inside the box and was damaged. I returned the damaged boxes three times before they cancelled my order and threatened to close my account. I left scathing feedback about the packaging. I can understand the need for minimal packaging but box sets need protection from damage. A lot of the after market sales of the Smiths vinyl box set are sold as damaged, it’s bad when these are limited editions. I recently got the Ian Dury box from Amazon which was still packaged in the same poor way. I hope my Queen Is Dead is not damaged.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Also added to what Tony O. says below and CS. My Beatles in Stereo replacement is also damaged. So that’s 4 boxes between us Tony. The first one was actually bashed and dented. This second one is creased and the shiny gloss finish has been rubbed off with so much scuffing you would think they had used it to go Curling. That’s well over £1,200 of material wasted for the want of five quids worth of outer boxes and polystyrene.

      “Don’t spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar” as the saying goes.

      It gets to the point where I either accept something that is not quite right but I deal with it or it keeps going back. the idea of them banning someone for this is so absurd I *can* and do believe it is true. “We can’t get it right so it must be your fault”…

      The queen is dead comes how it should, shrink-wrapped, cardboard outer. so even if the cardboard outer shifts about, the vinyl inside it is held firm. Why the Beatles set, much more expensive, can’t do this I do not know.

      Tony, one final point – the main issue is that if we give in and get a full refund will they renege on the 3 for 2 deal and also charge us more for the other two items?

      • Tony Orwell says:

        Chris Squires, I asked about that very point and if they do refund for the beatles we will lose the deal on the 3 for 2 and have to pay full price for the two remaining box sets. My third box is due to arrive on tuesday and I am holding on to the second delivery as it is not terrible, just not as you would want a £350 box set to arrive (First one looked like it had been dropped). lets see what happens, i have today arranged returns for several of the uk vinyl deals as they are damaged or creased and all of them came loose in in the larger boxes, if they post them within the amazon individual mailers they are all perfect.

    • RJS says:

      Amazon have been known to close customer accounts if they return too many items. Apparently it’s a strongly worded “Your account has been closed. This decision will not be reversed and will not enter into any discussion about it’ email.

  97. Alan Wilson says:

    Bowie – The Next Day added to the list for £12.99

  98. voxstarstream says:

    Decided to pass on the German 3 for 2 deal, and I’m glad I did! On this sale I scored:

    Prince 4Ever
    Chris Bell
    Zappa/Mothers – Absoulutely Free
    Dylan Bootleg Series 1-3
    Leonard Cohen Isle of Wight
    Pete Townshend Scoop 3

    I already had The Verve (which was an excellent deal, BTW) and as for the Stones Satanic Majesties the only thing of interest for me would have been the book. I’m holding out for the deluxe 6-CD of Dylan Bootleg Series 13.

    You are driving me broke, Paul! Does Amazon give you kickbacks for this?

  99. Frank Huntley says:

    Verve and Manic Street Preachers are no longer on sale.

  100. MikeW says:

    See Thompson Twins Here’s to Future Days single purple vinyl in the sale, but can anyone confirm it is purple please? On discover comment that it was mispressed dark red, whilst customer says appeared to be black! Shame if they didn’t get pressed as shown.

  101. Tony Orwell says:

    So today part one of my order arrived, mostly packed superbly well, a few bad apples including the sweet box set which looks like someone had split their dinner on it and it was not sealed. The Beatles stereo box set has now been delivered twice and twice it has arrived scuffed and damaged due to them just putting in in a larger box and chucking some pointless paper in, they are sending a third box from germany to arrive on tuesday, whats the betting it is crappy packaging again. it baffles me because the U2 and George harrison box sets are extremely well packaged and are miles cheaper.

    • Smartiepants says:

      The amount of damaged records I get now where the packaging is fine but the item is creased torn of scuffed is unreal, why would anybody send it out like that, I have the sweet box coming, hope it’s in better condition than yours

  102. Tim G says:

    Kate Bush Before The Dawn box set ordered Wednesday morning (for £25) and delivered today (free economy shipping) by lunchtime. Great deal.
    ‘Accidentally’ ordered the Joshua Tree box and Millionaires by James too, at 40% off. That on top of a full Pink Floyd early years set for £100 as part of the German 3for2, and the Marillion Brave pre/order. Cheers Paul.

  103. Marcel says:

    Nice one, Paul.
    Picked up 4 PSB vinyls, prince’s Around The World In a Day and DM’s Spirit for 66 pounds. Incomprehensibly and frustratingly Release is not included in the deal.

  104. John Higney says:

    Just bought
    Joshua Tree Deluxe
    Songs of Experience
    Heathen Blue Vinyl

    Thanks Paul saved me a few bob might cost me my life.

  105. Matt says:

    Went for Pearl Jam Binaural and Jane’s Addiction Sterling Spoon. Also made mental note to never buy box sets on release day (I did for the U2 Joshua Tree set).

  106. Simon says:

    Will the wonderful Wishbone Ash set to be released in April get a mention on SDE?

  107. Alan Wilson says:

    Got my packages today:

    Kate Bush – Before The Dawn
    Gorillaz – Humanz Picture Disc (Black Fiday Edition)
    Verve – Urban Hymns Deluxe

    Can’t fault the value across all 3 items and the speed of delivery.

    Still loads of good offers in the sale, genuinely had to hold myself back from buying more for now, but looking at the posts from today Amazon seem to be slipping in new items now and again, so it’s worth keep looking at the list once in a while in case more gems pop up.

  108. MusicFan says:

    I purchased Prince for £25 (not worth more than that) as I also had another Amazon promotion to add to that.

    On a slightly different note, when this was released I felt it did not need to be a 4 disc set nor a boxed set.

    When vinyl was the lead format CDs didn’t always follow the vinyl tracklisting. Now that CD is the lead format vinyl does not need to follow what is on a CD.

    I would have made this a 2 disc vinyl album with selections from the 40 tracks found on the CD.

    Just a thought!

    • Tryone says:

      Please elaborate MusicFan.

      The 4LP set suffers from edits as it is, and you want Princes body of work on 2LP’s?

      Apologies in advance if I have mis understood your point

  109. mike says:

    this month is out of hand already TFG my birthday is in feb…thanls paul as ever!

  110. Joshua Tree says:

    The Otis Redding 7 Albums box set is a bargain at 55 GBP.

  111. Tom says:

    T. Rex Vinyl Collection 8xLP box set just £69.99 ( plus £8.00 postage) at What Records, if anyone needs it.

  112. MCorba/MPatrick says:

    Wow the mighty kate bush at £25 thank you so much! :)

  113. John Whelan says:

    The Kate Bush boxset For £25 didn’t last long it has gone back up to £49.99

  114. Pash says:

    Bagged the Smiths box – been waiting for a deal on it.

    Thanks Paul for the info – legend.

  115. Paul Mac says:

    No sooner had three massive boxes been delivered from Amazon Germany (I was one of those who went for the Floyd/Sabbath/Petty deal), than I’m on to Amazon UK ordering the U2 box set! I may need to leave home…..

  116. Iggie says:

    Got the Joshua tree box. Thanks for the heads up

  117. Dan says:

    R.E.M. – Out of Time deluxe box set back down to £23, just nabbed it.

  118. Smartiepants says:

    After promising to not spend this month I’ve just ordered the sweet box set, it’s been on my wishlist for an age but at £50 it was a no brainer

  119. Paul G says:

    I just noticed that the Johnny Cash ‘Unearthed’ vinyl boxset has been reduced to £173.99. I am very tempted, but have nothing but bad reports regarding the pressing. What to do!!!

  120. steve says:

    The Smiths, Queen is dead vinyl box set for 33 pounds !
    I wish I had waited as I paid 48 pounds 3 days ago from Amazon UK. Bugger

    • Bobbyjean says:

      Phone amazon and tell them you will return it and buy the offer or they can refund you the difference.I did it yesterday with a stones box set and they said instead of sending it back and reordering they will give me the difference.I go t£26.95 back

    • Dan says:

      Thanks! Ordered. I didn’t think it would come down this much.

    • Tryone says:

      Bagged. I have the 3CD/DVD but at £33 I had to get the vinyl

  121. mikeyH says:

    @!!!!! The SMITHS Queen IsDead vinyl box just dropped to 32.99 from over 50, take VAT off for overseas and it’s a give away with 3.50 post to New Zealand

  122. London Rob says:

    Thanks very much, Abba – The Album half speed 2 disc album.
    Well pleased

  123. John Orr says:

    My very first comment on this simply brilliant site. As one or two people have already said, if you wait long enough, the odd deal comes along and what a deal, especially given Amazon UK’s crazy prices over the years. Just bagged the George Harrison vinyl box set, The Verve’s Urban Hymns vinyl boxset and Whitesnake’s 30th anniversary 2 LP set! Thank you Paul, really enjoy your posts and unboxing clips!!

  124. daveid76 says:

    £108 for 12 vinyls. 4 PSBS, 4 Dylans, 2 Cohen, a Bowie and a Marillion. Thanks Paul..Superb

  125. Dave b says:

    Cheers Paul

    You are costing everyone a fortune

    Your research is much appreciated

  126. regan judson says:

    For those who need only the Sting Studio Collection Volume 2 it can be found at Importcd’s Ebay store for 39.99 with free shipping.

  127. mike shawyer says:

    Queen On Air
    David Bowie Santa Monica
    Manic Street Preachers Send Away the Tigers
    Ian Duty New Boots and Panties
    Marillion Misplaced Childhood
    David Crosby Sky Trails
    Thanks Paul, will need to install another shelf.

  128. SEWERYN GÓRAL says:

    ” all the artists in the deal “link don’t show all artists – for example Belphegor – Totenritual Vinyl is in promo for 9 pounds, but artists listing don’t show Belphegor at all

  129. Musicneil66 says:

    Nothing better than vinyl deals to get rid of the January blues! Just bagged Gorillaz, Prince and the Verve.
    Cheers Paul.


  130. Raul H says:

    Just bought the George Harrison box-set and 9 Macca albums (the reissues plus Pure)!

  131. Gary Hunter says:

    Managed to get 2 x Pet Shop Boys albums on vinyl, “Fundamental” and “Nightlife”, can’t complain, under £20 for the two, excellent work Paul

  132. JohnC says:

    ELO out of the blue double vinyl picture disc is £13.99 on amazon uk

  133. Peter Stanton says:

    Satanic Majesties and the Dylan Bootleg 13 ordered.

    Still need the big Dylan CD 13 box when it drops.

    Great stuff Paul. Thanks again for your work.

  134. Piman says:

    The Carpenters Box Set is now 154.99 GBP. Is this a good enough deal or what?

  135. Tobias says:

    Damn you Paul!!! Another 500 Euros gone for Sting, U2, George Harrison and Kate Bush!
    Will be broke because of your site! ;-)

  136. Keith says:

    Some great offers Paul!
    You may have featured this already but Amazon UK have cut £20 off vinyl BOB DYLAN: The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3 …. currently £30.99
    Just ordered it!

  137. Richard NYC says:

    Hi Paul,
    U2 Super Deluxe; Kate Bush; ABBA,
    Richard NYC

  138. Justin (UK) says:

    thanks Paul- Kate Bush, Pink Floyd & Neil Young all purchased (o:

  139. Mark Francis says:

    Chris Difford’s ‘Chris To The Mill’ 3LP Box Set, with a print signed by the man himself. £30.99. Snapped up!

  140. Steve says:

    As I live and breathe,for once real vinyl deals on Amazon UK.
    I tell my kids there are only 2 constants in this cockamamie world.
    1) Paul Sinclair never misses a deal.
    2) Be patient as box sets always get reduced eventually.
    Already filled my boots but want to buy the Rush Farewell to Kings deluxe however early reviews of the vinyl always seemed to mention the poor quality of the pressing. Anyone in SDE land bought this recently ? if so has the quality improved?

  141. simon taylor says:

    Changed my mind, I have the cd of Wellers first album which I played this morning when the deal appeared, love the pops and crackles and Pauls “bring back vinyl” at the end. I’ll stick with listening to the album on cd.

    Went for Iron Maiden’s Dance of Death 2017 reissue double vinyl for £11.99. Great deal, slowly but surely picking up the vinyl reissues as/when/if they go cheap. Only “A matter of life and death” and “Final Frontier” to get now. Can quite happily live without getting the two mid 90’s albums without Bruce.

  142. Scott A says:

    U2 Joshua Tree and Waterboys deluxe LP bagged. Tempted by many more. Working on my excuses for when I get home to the wife later.

  143. Dan says:

    Thanks, I got Tori Amos – Native Invader. I’ve been meaning to buy this for a couple of months.

  144. Chris Squires says:

    Oh the Hokey cokey
    Oh the Hokey cokey
    Oooooooh the Hokey Cokey
    Wallet checked, wife out rah rah rah

    10 items in basket, three removed, 4 put back in now 11 items in basket.
    Take 3 out make order of 8 items. 60 minutes later try to cancel 4 of them (do I really need another Before the Dawn Paul? even at £25). 3 successfully cancelled, for some reason they can’t cancel one of them but I can reject it at the door…. but I know I won’t.

    It’s a bloody farce that Brian Rix would be proud of.

    Left with 5 things coming, all beautiful, all much cheaper than when that specific thing last played the in-out game Cathedral Oceans, Translucence, Stranger Things, Joshua and Urban Hymns.

  145. Jim says:

    Just got Urban Hymns box set, £34 bargain!!

  146. Bernard O’Hara says:

    Paul – I think that the U2 boxset for £38.99 maybe the vinyl boxset (ie no cd) – and not the extra deluxe with vinyl and cd pictured above?

  147. Darren Briscoe says:

    I wish Amazon US had deals like this!

  148. hendry doran says:

    Grabbed several of the McCartney recent black vinyl reissues. Cheers Paul

  149. Neil McL says:

    Fleetwood Mac Rumours 4CD & DVD & LP super deluxe £25.68 !!!!!!! Such a pity I’ve already got ir

  150. Leonardo Lotti says:

    That’s it! Now I am really considering checking myself in… Just bagged another lot! And I am getting married tomorrow… Will I ever grow up? Never, grown ups are boring people!

  151. Neil McL says:

    Got the cream singles 1967-1970 box Set cheers Paul

    For ant Thompson Twins fans Here’s To Future Days purple vinyl is £9.99

  152. Tony Orwell says:

    sitting here trying to convince myself that I have saved £700 and not spent £1800.
    Not sure if the recent sales that have been on offer are great deals or a change in the way that vinyl is being sold at the moment, have they over ordered too much, are the vinyl sales going down against the expected figures? It was appear that a new vinyl album for a tenner is a lot more accessible today than it was over a year ago. All interesting stuff and thanks for the heads up.

  153. Peter says:

    Great stuff! Now £79.99 lighter! The Humble Pie vinyl box set! Had my eye on that for ages!

  154. Peter Nicholas says:

    Thanks Paul, wallet now empty!
    Grabbed John Foxx – Cathedral Oceans Box
    Talk Talk – Talk Talk
    Pet Shop Boys – Nightlife!

  155. Mike says:

    Just nabbed the Chris Bell. Excellent price. Cheers, Paul.

  156. Donal O'Connell says:

    January is a tough enough month Paul but you have to go and tempt us like this.
    Plumped for Chris Bell, Verve
    & INXS Kick Half Speed master there for £21, and Pearl Jam – Binaural for £13.

    Still might plump for a few more

    On a side note the fantastic Golden Smog (my favourite supergroup of all time – Wilco, Jayhawks, Soul Asylum, Big Star members) and there now 20 year old Weird Tales appears to just have been reissued on vinyl by Rykodisc in US. Some marketsellers copies on Amazon uk there from £19.

  157. Wesley says:

    The Verve and the Singles soundtrack at virtually half-price. Thanks Paul!

  158. Jim says:

    I got Bowie Santa Monica for £14.99 last night without realising it was part of a bigger promotion. I’ve managed to get a load of the Bowie vinyl reissues for between £10 and £16 in recent months both in Amazon and in-store but Aladdin Sane, for some reason, has stubbornly stayed at £21 all this time.

  159. Pete says:

    Cheers Paul

    I feel bankruptcy coming on lol

  160. Tony Orwell says:

    You B*#t*#d ;-)

  161. Kev Easton says:

    Cheers fella – new Weezer and Rise Against both grabbed at £9.99 each. Score!

  162. Rogério says:

    Thanks Paul, had been waiting for a cheaper Trouble No More since the pre order, now is the time to get it!

  163. Steve j says:

    Good job I haven’t a mortgage

  164. Denis Woods says:

    Thanks Paul, Picked up INXS Kick half speed and Ian Dury New Boots… deluxe edition

  165. Heraldo says:

    Here’s a way to skim through the artists in the deal even quicker,n:!425604031,n:!425606031,n:14477838031&bbn=14477838031&pickerToList=lbr_music_artists_browse-bin&ie=UTF8&qid=1516273997&linkCode=ll2&tag=superdeluxeed-21&linkId=0bd8c9479075baaa74902ee5aac98213

  166. simon taylor says:

    Weller at £12.99 is mighty tempting. Now just need Stanley Road to drop too.

    Tempted by Dylan bootleg series 13, 4LP/2CD, is there duplication there over the 2 formats? Will likely hold off on that, hoping eventually the big set will come down to a more affordable price. Still too far north of a hundred notes right now.

    Weller should suffice, I don’t need any more grief from the Mrs for amazon vinyl deliveries.

  167. Alan says:

    Great stuff, cheers Paul and the original poster who mentioned it. Nabbed the Pixies – Head Carrier limited box set including vinyl, CD + Vaughan Oliver book for £23.99.

    As a complete aside since I don’t know where else to post it….has anyone ordered recently from Spin CDs? I have 3 lots on order dating back to November, and when I phone up to chase they keep fobbing me off saying there’s been a change of warehouse and it’ll be on its way. Anyone heard anything or had items delivered OK to put my mind at rest?

    • Pete says:

      Hi mate

      Same problems 4 months to get a Dylan cd box set. Wont deal again. They keep bombarding me with emails offering 20% discount off all orders including pre release orders which makes me think they are needing cash income which does not bode well. You were lucky to get through, normally it rings and rings. Don’t think they hold much stock at all. Suspect they order when they get orders and suspect their suppliers are waiting for money. Good luck with that one dude

    • Steve says:

      Yeah I’ve had similar issues and the same excuses. Still waiting for my songs from the wood box from last April! Took me weeks and many phone calls to get Sailors’ Tales and I’m still waiting for Sabbath ‘s The End which I ordered last November.

      • Alan says:

        Thanks chaps. I won’t be ordering any more from them – I’ve also been flooded with 20% off email offers (another one today) and I’d had similar thoughts about their cash flows.

        I’ve never had a problem with Spin CDs before, so will update if things improve.

    • cd boy says:

      spincds have to be the worst company i’ve ever dealt with , my memory of them years ago was a decent company but it’s no longer the case , unfortunately i didn’t check online reviews of their recent performance , ordered in november , no replies to my request for a refund # steer clear is my advice
      in better news , ordered the queen on air boxset & kate bush boxset #nice

    • Paul Wren says:

      Yes, I have used SPINCDS loads and have just stopped because whilst they are usually the cheapest they never send stuff out on time and I’m getting fed up with chasing them by e.mail. The delays are extensive, ie one to two months at a time and are usually blamed on staff departures/illness or being let down by their distributors when communicating with me!

    • Robert Todd says:

      I have had on order ongoing since December 8th last year. All indications in stock (mind you just about everything on the Spin site seems to be available). Long story short item not yet received despite a bit of back and forth by email. The reason given was that my order was being sourced from another supplier. My last recent enquiry has gone unanswered for four days. I either would like my goods or my money back which seems a reasonable request.

      • Semperet says:

        I’ve been on to them twice since I ordered Sailors’ Tales in November. The 20% off seems too good to be true. I’ve dealt with them on and off for years and this is the first time I’ve had an issue, but they told me last week there was a shipment coming in 3-5 days. I won’t hold my breath….
        I just hope the Crimson box doesn’tgo out of print while they’re fannying around.

    • Julian Hancock says:

      I made two orders in November and cancelled them both in December and got my money back after chasing. I ordered something earlier in the year that arrived ok. I am left with the impression that they often offer things they don’t have in the hope that they might be able to get them at the price offered. That would be all very well if they didn’t take money up front.

  168. LeBaron says:

    Thanks Paul!
    Misplaced Childhood deluxe LP set ordered !

  169. Edward D says:

    Stranger Things Season 1 Box Set (4LP) is also 40% of

  170. Martin Power says:

    OMG Paul that is brilliant

    Managed to grab Marillion, The Verve and Wilco for a nip over £100

    Eternally grateful

  171. Rob says:

    Anyone had any positive experiences with that Johnny Cash unearthed boxset on vinyl?! Only heard bad things, but that price is tempting!!

  172. Adam says:

    Queen ‘On Air’ vinyl nabbed at £25.99.Thanks for the heads up and links Paul!

  173. Peter Anderson says:

    Dam and blast – couldn’t resist Marillion’s 2 Happiness Is The Road double LPs at £13.99 each and John Foxx’s beautiful-looking Catherdral Oceans 5LP box at £44.99 – so much for scrimping in January!!

  174. Steve Miller says:

    Blimey – I looked for the single of Chris Bell’s I Am The Cosmos and that was £36. Didnt consider the box set.

    Also – Wilco – Being there 5LP at £32.99. That’s a huge discount.

  175. colm47 says:

    Chris Bell at that price, excellent stuff! Thanks Paul.

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