This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

GERMANY: Tangerine Dream / In Search of Hades 16CD+2blu-ray box  – €69.99

Previous deal of $58 is now gone but this next best price of €69.99 is available via German retailer JPC who ship internationally.

DE: Love Unlimited Orchestra / 20th Century Records Albums 7CD box  – €13 €24

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD box set

FRANCE: Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD super deluxe €22 €42

FRANCE: Pink Floyd / Obscured by Clouds vinyl LP €13 €19

52 responses to This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

  1. Frank says:

    An addition to my previous comment about the Love Unlimited box. Some credits (producer, mastering engineer) are mentioned on the side of the package, but I had to use my reading glasses to decipher the characters. Nevertheless, a very good sounding set.

  2. Frank says:

    Just got the Love Unlimited box set in the mail. I’m not complaining about the price and the music, but the release is a bit disappointing. The discs have very thin cardboard sleeves, the printing looks a bit cheap. No liner notes, no extra info about (re)mastering, no booklet. Just 7 discs in quite flimsy sleeves. Picked it up for just 13 euros thanks to this site. A bargain of course, but there wasn’t much attention from the label, when they put together this box set.

  3. John Berning jr says:

    I cant seem to get the web site to work
    keep crashing when I try to submit credit card detail to order !
    Company seem very hit or miss with service too.
    40% say it is great, 40% say it is a terrible place to order.

  4. george connolly says:

    bought the zappa in new york ‘manhole’ box set from jpc about 3 days ago. recieved email today to say i’ve been refunded as the zappa title is now deleted.

  5. RichardL says:

    Forthcoming Bob Marley Complete Island Box on CD down to £32.02 on Amazon. Less than £3.00 a CD!

  6. Jonathan Riley says:

    jpc ships fast, ordered the gong set last night and it’s already shipped out using DHL this morning

  7. Wim Hendriks says:

    Ordered the TD box at JPC. Better late than never.

    • Rafa Muntán says:

      Hi, saw the rejuvenation Simpleminds cd box for around 48 € in too. I think that’s quite a nice deal, right?

  8. Shane says:

    Has “The Love Unlimited Orchestra” box sold out from amazon Germany?

  9. PABLO says:

    Love From Planet Gong boxset (12CD+DVD) is also 65€ at at the moment. Very nice set as well

  10. Thomas Jeske says:

    The current price on the german ‘Saturn’ onlinepage for the Tangerine Dream box is 58,48 Euro. But only shipping to german adress.

  11. Will says:

    Just posting to highlight Jerry’s post on the Bob Marley Thread that Bob Marley’s The Complete Island 11CD Box Set is available to pre-order on Amazon UK for £31.92 (20% off) Managed to get it and still available as of 17:00 BST 18/10/20.
    Thanks Jerry!

  12. Kauwgompie says:

    As far as I can tell the Target deal is over. Amazon US matches Target but not with all their products. It’s a very lame version of a 3 for 2. You are much better off at Target. They include all pre-orders as well. I was able to pick up the new Ramones End Of The Century 40th Anniversary Box set in my 3 for 2 deal. That Ramones box is not even listed on Amazon yet, let alone included in the 3 for 2. Target does list most of their products for absolutely full price. So you need to pick and choose. Some prices are so inflated, you never get ahead, not even in a 3 for 2. For instance, the Lou Reed New York Box was listed at $80. On that is a regular $50. has excellent prices throughout but you get absolutely zero service. You get what you pay for. Even canceling an order is practically impossible and they may sit on an order for weeks before they either cancel or ship, BUT it’s cheap.

    • Paul E. says:

      @Kauwgompie- I agree with your thoughts regarding ImportCDs and would add that lately I’ve experienced price drops on pre-ordered box sets. They do not adjust for these reductions and you must stay diligent in monitoring their site, hope you catch the order before it ships, attempt a cancellation, await a confirmation, and than finally, place a new order at the better updated item price point. It all means you’re risking your place in the queue- this happened with my New Order”Power, Corruption & Lies” Definitive Edition (dropped from $99.79 to $79.10) and they had no inventory to send my “new New Order order”. It happened again with the new Replacements box but I decided to just keep it as is and not risk loosing my place in line (that set is amazing set by the way).

      I’ve probably spent $1,000 in just the past three months with them and feel a bit slighted as I’ve been very loyal. I may cancel my remaining 4 pre-orders and give Bull Moose a try (have never dealt with them).

  13. Eric says:

    Which site had the previous $58 deal for the TD Box?

  14. Luke says:

    In the US, both Target and Amazon have the 2 for 3 sale going on today (not sure how long it will last). I have to remember to keep wish lists for this sort of thing!

  15. Daniel says:

    I took advantage of the Amazon US 3 for 2 deal going on now. I got the Charlatans Bet 10th and 11th double clear double vinyl, Massive Attack Mezzanine double vinyl, and the Roger Waters US/Them Blu-ray for under $50!!

  16. Stephan says:

    Box set discount

    Tangerine Dream 69.99€
    Frank Zappa in New York 39.99€
    Simple Minds – Street Fighting Years 24.99€

    and many more.

  17. Klaus says:

    For customers with a delivery adress in either Germany or Austria:

    The “…Hades”-box is also available as a weekend-deal (until 19 October, 9am MEST) from German retailer Saturn via
    for EUR 58,48.

    Other deals in this offer include:

    Guns ‘n’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction (CD SDE)
    Klaus Voormann / A Sideman’s Journey (CD SDE)
    both EUR 58,48

    Eric Clapton / The Studio Albums Collection (9 LP vinyl box) EUR 77,97

    Black Sabbath / Paranoid (4 CD SDE) EUR 54,99
    (Vinyl SDE) EUR 74,99

    Herbert Grönemeyer / Alles (CD SDE) EUR 68,23
    (Vinyl SDE) EUR 199,99

    Amy McDonald / Woman Of The World
    (2 Vinyl LP and 2 CD SDE) EUR 43,86

  18. Robert Styles says:

    Many thanks Paul I have just purchased the Tangerine Dream box set from JPC in Germany who will ship to me here in Australia. The savings for me are enormous!

  19. GTD says:

    Ordered the Tangerine Dream box set. Usually prefer vinyl over CD, but this deal was too good to pass. I have a couple of their later releases which are actually featured in the brand new box set “Pilots of Purple Twilight” but the last Tangerine Dream release I bought (‘Dream Sequence’ on vinyl) made me want to dig deeper into the early years of this band anyway. This offer came at the right time, for me. I think it’s hard to get more value for the money than in this deal.

  20. Larry Davis says:

    Bagged that Barry White/Love Unlimited Orchestra from Amazon Germany…shipping was the same price, making it $31US, but not complaining, still killer for a 7CD box!! Curious…the Amazon app has been acting all wonky lately, shutting down as soon as I get on…in all countries?! US, UK, Germany, France, Italy…so I have to get on via individual websites…has this been happening to anyone else??

  21. graeme ewan says:

    Ordered Tang Dream then cancelled it. I thought, surely a true fan should have this other than myself merely as it is a bargain. I hope a true fan got the copy i cancelled. I like the Dream dont get me wrong.

  22. Ian says:

    Really wish I could nab that Tangerine Dream box, but sadly, they won’t ship to Canada!

  23. Michael Kraxenberger says:

    Thank You Paul!!! Ordered the Tangerine Dream Box. With Shipping to USA it totals at $85, which is half of the price at amazon USA ($153 plus shipping). Worth mentioning is also the price for their second box from as it is 99 Euros versus $215 plus shipping in USA.

  24. Richard says:

    Thanks, wow, that was a real impulse purchase of the Tangerine Dream, i had been mildly curious in past but was put off by price but couldn’t resist a deal like that!

  25. Mark Yon says:

    Tangerine Dream now back to €135, sadly..

  26. David says:

    Simple Minds? Poof. Gone (at that super-low price).

  27. Wayne C says:

    What a bargain for Tangerine Dream, fill your boots if you ain’t got it already .

  28. Neil Kelly says:

    ‘Street fighting years’ Euro33 now. Shame. Also picking up dreadful reviews there guess it’s the sound quality…

  29. Mick says:

    Thanks Paul, great deal to start the weekend. Not too familiar with this seminal band, so perfect opportunity to dive in.

  30. Oskar says:

    Simple minds box is 24,99€ in amazon Germany, in France the deal is gone.

  31. james whitelock says:

    tangerine dream brilliant thanks

  32. Ryan Frost says:

    Cheers Paul! Snagged the Tangerine Dream box. There were only 8 left in stock when I got mine, so I’d advise people to hurry!

  33. Martin says:

    Grabbed the Simple Minds box thanks Paul

  34. Matthew Holbrook says:

    Thanks. Had been waiting for a better price on Simple Minds.

  35. Gary Fowles says:

    Fantastic price for the Tangerine Dream box. Ordered straight away. Cheers Paul.

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