This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Ronnie Lane / Just For A Moment: Music 1973-1997 6CD box – £61

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  1. Adrian says:

    Paul Weller – Other Aspects 2CD +DVD – currently £2.98 on Amazon UK

  2. Peter says:

    The Kinks new boxset Lola vs Powerman and the Moneygoround £51.84 amazon uk now.
    Nice price drop and ordered .

  3. Simonp2 says:

    On the subject of Macca – Violet coloured vinyl now appeared on his uk website – 3000 units only

  4. Steve White says:

    Taylor Swift is releasing a surprise album tomorrow. So is this why McCartney III has been pushed back a week from the original release date? I seem to remember they did something together recently so did he get word what she was doing. Gotta get that number 1.

    • Mike M says:

      Interesting comment that Steve mate, Macca not wanting to go head to head with Taylor for No.1 spot. Such desperation from Macca and it seems he will resort to any tactic to nail that No.1 spot. It’s rather sad coming from such a legend.

      • Ian Ellis says:

        I guess that Paul is ultra competitive. He’s still driven at this stage in his life. That attitude is what contributed to giving us all those stellar Beatle albums in less than an eight year period. Moving release dates around in a tactical way is nothing new. I’m just surprised that there is still such a thing as a No. 1 spot!

    • Quante says:

      The Talor Swift Evermore cd is released on December 18th, so she might yet scupper the McCartney iii plans for number 1. I guess it depends on how much the availability online of Evermore this week dilutes the cd sales next week, and how this plays out against the volume of multiple media versions of McCartney iii + his streaming / downloads.

      In days of old this might of made for a good news story, but in reality, outside of Macca’s team, I doubt anyone gives a hoot. His best laid plans for Christmas no. 1 could be sunk.

    • Slatts says:

      Bit late in the day however, Amazon Italy have the excellent Shakin Stevens “Fire In the Blood” box set on offer at £65…mine arrived this morning!

  5. Bruno says:

    I picked this up from Amazon France – I didn’t have any Ronnie Lane solo so good place to start. It is a really well put together box and it is clear how much effort went into this. Music is great and pleased I bought it.

  6. Chris B says:


    Regards the Ronnie Lane set. Please could somebody advise on how the cd’s are housed in the box. Are they contained in individual sleeves or is it the UMC scratch and cry media slit / pocket format?

    Many thanks.

    • Ian Ellis says:

      I picked up this set in recent days from France. Paul says the UK offer is over but I see it as still £60 in the “new and used” section. The supplier and seller are Amazon.

      The CD’s are held in slits in the main book. Three at the front of the book and three at the back. I suppose it would be possible to scratch them if they were yanked out by clumsy hands operating in a hurry. However I’m a careful and perhaps even a clever kind of guy and I’ve not yet been daft enough to carelessly damage any set that is packaged thus.

  7. Paul Anderson says:

    Not sure if anyone has raised the question of how a “No deal” Brexit will affect orders from EU websites ( including Amazon) from 2021.

    • JasonC says:

      In response to Paul Anderson:
      I got an email from Amazon this week advising me that since I live in the EU (Ireland) and I’ve bought stuff off Amazon U.K. before, then I should expect to see a rise in prices due to VAT/duty in 2021. In the past I’ve ordered off one on Amazon’s mainland Europe sites and the thing I ordered shipped from a U.K. warehouse – that’s going to have to stop too.

    • Tony says:

      Got the Ronnie Lane box, it’s fabulous, I see a lot of comments on here about CDs & how they’re housed in box sets and potential damage, what on earth are you guys doing to them? I normally rip them into iTunes and replace them back in the box, if they’re CDs I know I’m going back to a lot I’ll put them in a clear plastic sleeve so the box doesn’t get used a lot. The Beatles White Album box set is absolutely magnificent, I can’t believe I got it for £50. Thanks for all the deals this year Paul, what a marvellous site and great comments on here, I still can’t bring myself to watch Dark S3 after your review, might have a go during the Christmas break. Re the Brexit stuff, most times I order from EU Amazon sites it comes from the UK anyway.

    • Gary says:

      Hello Paul, re: Brexit, received this from earlier today –
      As you have placed an order on and selected a UK delivery address in the past, we wanted to let you know that from 1 January 2021, when the Brexit transition period ends, you’ll see some changes when you shop on and select a UK delivery address. These changes could include:

      – VAT (VAT rates in the EU: being due in the country of delivery, or your package may be subject to customs duties, taxes and fees (“Import Fees”)
      – the collection of VAT, or an estimation of Import Fees (About Import Fees Deposit:, which may result in a price change at checkout.

      We will continue to accept eligible returns. If the reason for return is the result of an error (e.g. if the item is defective / damaged / incorrect), any costs incurred for the return will be paid by Amazon. Otherwise, any costs incurred for the return (including transport costs, as well as any associated import fees or customs where applicable) will be payable by the person returning the goods.

      For more information about our return policies, please see the following help page:
      No surprises there then………

  8. Dean F says:

    UK deal still there as of 8:00am today. Look under ‘New and Used’ (new, sold by Amazon). No firm delivery date though.

    • Colin MacKenzie says:

      Saw that as well and it is still the same at 10.45pm. Seems bizarre that the headline price is Amazon UK at over £100 now with 5 in stock, yet you can also order from Amazon UK at around £60. Cannot recall seeing this before. (Great great set BTW)

      • Nathan Thomas says:

        Thats because Amazon is out of stock & they aren’t due to get stock again until around 29th/30th December so the £100 listing from a 3rd party seller jumps to the top as it’s the cheapest one that’s actually in stock & ready to ship.

  9. Kauwgompie says:

    A heads up that the Prince Sign Of The Times remaster is now available in picture disc. It says it is a limited edition. Not sure if Amazon sells it, probably will.

  10. Theacademyinperil says:

    I ordered the Ronnie Lane box from on 12/4 when they still had copies in stock, ostensibly. Today my order status is still merely “preparation for expedition.” So much for the fabled Gallic efficiency…

    I know, I know, French Black Friday, first world problems, blah blah blah… Having heard from all the nice folks who got their Marley boxes super-fast, it seemed potentially useful to warn against great expectations across the board. Particularly if you need something by Xmas!

  11. Paul Bakewell says:

    Ronnie Lane now showing £100

  12. MisterD says:

    Ronnie Lane – Just For a Moment 6CD Set now £60.26 on Amazon UK.

  13. Dirk says:

    Hi Paul, for all those last minute Christmas shoppers the Ronnie Lane box is now on for £60.49 as well.

  14. Poli says:

    Ronnie Lane box is now £60.49 on Amazon UK.

  15. WayneUK says:

    Ordered Sunday, arrived today. Bargain of the year. 11 CDs for that price, crazy, but not complaining. BM was another artist taken way too early.

  16. Peter Stanton says:

    Interestingly , if you go to Amazon France it shows as frequently bought together the BM set and the Ronnie Lane box.

    The power of SDE.

  17. David says:

    The Marley is all I have ordered from them … so it has now cost me the grand total of five Euros (plus postage). I’m thinking of emailing back and saying, look, let’s just call it free and be quits.

  18. David says:

    Did anyone else just get a ten Euro rebate on the Marley?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes.. although I didn’t think it was for Marley, rather buying some 4K UHD blu-rays at the same time :)

    • Phil says:

      Yes, although it only seems to be valid on a specific list of DVDs and blurays, none of which interest me sadly.

  19. Nick says:

    Ordered BM Friday and arrived Sunday evening! Bargain. Thanks Paul.

  20. Jonathan says:

    My marley set shipped from FNAC to USA and shows its coming on thurs from DHL

  21. Peter Stanton says:

    I am pleased to say that both the Bob Marley and Ronnie Lane sets have just been delivered in perfect condition from Dunfermline.

  22. Joël V. says:

    Same price on for the Ronnie Lane box.

    • Chris Thomas says:

      Careful. I’m still waiting on the White Album SDE from Fnac, over 2 weeks after it was dispatched.

      • SimonP2 says:

        Yep – I’m also still waiting on the White Album box from Fnac – nearly three weeks from despatch. I’ve never used them previously – is this usual?

        • Chris Thomas says:

          Glad to know it is not just me Simon…..

          I have exhausted all avenues to try and get a response from Fnac (no tracking number provided on my order). So the next action is to try and activate a chargeback via my bank if I haven’t received the package by the end of next week.

          I’ll stick to Amazon from now on, even if the price is slightly higher!

          • SimonP2 says:

            Anybody got any joy with the Beatles titles being delivered from FNAC? Still not turned up here. They did send me a strange email yesterday – in french obviously – but Google translate seemed to indicate that “they had accepted my request to return and would reinburse me on receipt of the return” – but I made no request|?|

        • Francois says:

          everything I have ordered from a UK shop (I am in France) took at least 3 weeks to reach me. I guess this could be the same the other way around.
          In France at least, they are top notch and very good at packing and delivering

          • Kirk says:

            I can add my name to those waiting on Abbey Road from Fnac ordered 13/11 dispatched 19/11 ..still waiting 14/12 and they’re not the easiest to communicate with .

  23. Rare Glam says:

    The Ronnie Lan set is also being offered by Amazon UK though at the higher price of £85. It also has the same availabilty date on it as the French Amazon offer. I wonder if they pressed up some more copies or more likely have some distributors returns from the US?

    • Colin MacKenzie says:

      Could be USA ones as the artwork on the CD’s are as shown on the original ad. Artwork on the discs I previously bought from Amazon UK is different and there are various colours not uniform silver/blue which are shown on those for sale now in Amazon European locations.

      • David Bly says:

        The artwork on the US Amazon site is exactly the same as on the UK site, and as ALL the copies were manufactured in the EU that makes sense. Nowit may have been a mock-up of the original set, made before the sets were actually manufactured.

        I got it when it first came out and it is a wonderful set. It’s a shame that many people do not know about Ronnie’s solo stuff.

        You may not know this, but for reason I cannot discern, many time when Amazon puts up picture sof EU items they use pics from Italian editions. Now these are the same discs that will be released all over except that the pics show an Italian holographic tax stamp which is required on all items sold in Italy.
        You won’t necessarliy get this on your items unless they are shipped from Italy or cross-shipped from Italy to another country first. Below is a link that shows the back cover of the Townsend/Lane re-master CD with the tax stamp – too bad all of that was not on the Ronnie box set

  24. No Woman, No Christmas says:

    Not a big BM fan but and TBH don’t possess any Marley in any format. But he has done some fantastic stuff and I feel I need to own some……over the years I’ve seriously considered acquiring a best of…..but at this daft price, why bother!! £1.50 a CD is just nuts

    Ordered yesterday (5th Dec) and apparently arriving today.

    Paul, yet another fantastic tip. You are to be saluted sir as you make middle-aged men like me VERY happy
    Joyeux Noel!!

  25. TOUCH1980 says:

    I nearly bought this when it was around 30 quid & I thought that was a bargain. Could not pass this up at this crazy price. I already have the double disc versions of Catch A Fire & Kaya, both fantastic listens due to the 2nd discs being the Original Jamaican Recordings & Kaya 40 respectively. Which are both worthy purchases.
    Neither of those are here as are(n’t) the bonus tracks but I think it would be churlish to complain when you have all these classic albums for less than £1.50ea.

  26. Elizabeth Hirst says:

    I may only listen to Marley about once every few months, but it would be icrazy not to go for that French offer. I can’t believe it lasted so long.

  27. Lionel says:

    Thanks Paul, 15 Euros, ordered of course!

  28. fredpostman says:

    Thanks for the Bob Marley link Paul. Even though i have all the individual cds this deal was one i couldn’t resist. Ordered yesterday arrived today.

  29. Larry Davis says:

    Ordered that Marley set…price too insanely cheap to resist…even with the high shipping cost which doubled the price, still $32US, kinda like that Barry White Love Unlimited Orchestra box from Amazon Germany I ordered a month or so ago…just saw it at Newbury Comics yesterday & they were charging $63US for it…I paid half…nice & compact….even if no bonus tracks, aren’t those on the 4CD box Songs Of Freedom?? I’m not really hardcore Bob or know his stuff top to bottom so I really don’t know his stuff too well to know what I’m missing…now that Ronnie Lane set?? I want that but have to wait at least a week before buying… expenses…hope it’s still available at that price…but at Newbury yesterday, I bought that new Amy Winehouse 5CD box The Collection…it has 3 discs not on the 4CD Frank & Back To Black box and was on sale $49.99…also saw that 7″ box 12X7 which looks beautiful but it can wait while I play with the prices…also snagged 2 RSD pieces…the Aimee Mann & Macca 7″ from a few RSDs ago, which has become quite rare…

  30. WayneUK says:

    Bought Bob Marley. How could you not at that price.

  31. johnny john says:

    For those interested, I discovered (december 5th) : McCartney Tug Of War (3 CD + DVD Deluxe Edition) at 70 $ cad (40 pounds, actual UK 70). At Have a good day all.

  32. Glenn says:

    The udiscover site has the tracklisting for the CD box (below). These don’t include the bonus tracks from the 2001 reissues (as expected). I recall someone had asked about that when Paul first posted about this box set.

    1. Concrete Jungle
    2. Slave Driver
    3. 400 Years
    4. Stop That Train
    5. Baby We’ve Got A Date (Rock It Baby)
    6. Stir It Up
    7. Kinky Reggae
    8. No More Trouble
    9. Midnight Ravers

    1. Get Up, Stand Up
    2. Hallelujah Time
    3. I Shot The Sheriff
    4. Burnin’ And Lootin’
    5. Put It On
    6. Small Axe
    7. Pass It On
    8. Duppy Conqueror
    9. One Foundation
    10. Rasta Man Chant

    1. Lively Up Yourself
    2. No Woman, No Cry
    3. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
    4. Rebel Music (3 O’Clock Roadblock)
    5. So Jah Seh
    6. Natty Dread
    7. Bend Down Low
    8. Talkin’ Blues
    9. Revolution

    1. Trenchtown Rock (Live At The Lyceum, London/1975)
    2. Burnin’ & Lootin’ (Live At The Lyceum, London/1975)
    3. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry) (Live At The Lyceum, London/1975)
    4. Lively Up Yourself (Live At The Lyceum, London/1975)
    5. No Woman, No Cry (Live At The Lyceum, London/1975)
    6. I Shot The Sheriff (Live At The Lyceum, London/1975)
    7. Get Up, Stand Up (Live At The Lyceum, London/1975)

    1. Positive Vibration
    2. Roots, Rock, Reggae
    3. Johnny Was
    4. Cry To Me
    5. Want More
    6. Crazy Baldhead
    7. Who The Cap Fit
    8. Night Shift
    9. War
    10. Rat Race

    1. Natural Mystic
    2. So Much Things To Say
    3. Guiltiness
    4. The Heathen
    5. Exodus
    6. Jamming
    7. Waiting In Vain
    8. Turn Your Lights Down Low
    9. Three Little Birds
    10. One Love / People Get Ready

    1. Easy Skanking
    2. Kaya
    3. Is This Love
    4. Sun is Shining
    5. Satisfy My Soul
    6. She’s Gone
    7. Misty Morning
    8. Crisis
    9. Running Away
    10. Time Will Tell

    1. Positive Vibration
    2. Punky Reggae Party
    3. Exodus
    4. Stir It Up
    5. Rat Race
    6. Concrete Jungle
    7. Kinky Reggae
    8. Lively Up Yourself
    9. Rebel Music (3 O’Clock Road Block)
    10. War / No More Trouble
    11. Is This Love
    12. Heathen
    13. Jamming

    1. So Much Trouble In The World
    2. Zimbabwe
    3. Top Rankin’
    4. Babylon System
    5. Survival
    6. Africa Unite
    7. One Drop
    8. Ride Natty Ride
    9. Ambush In The Night
    10. Wake Up And Live

    1. Coming In From The Cold
    2. Real Situation
    3. Bad Card
    4. We And Dem
    5. Work
    6. Zion Train
    7. Pimper’s Paradise
    8. Could You Be Loved
    9. Forever Loving Jah
    10. Redemption Song

    1. Chant Down Babylon
    2. Buffalo Soldier
    3. Jump Nyabinghi
    4. Mix Up, Mix Up
    5. Give Thanks & Praise
    6. Blackman Redemption
    7. Trench Town
    8. Stiff Necked Fools
    9. I Know
    10. Rastaman Live Up!

  33. Trev says:

    Mine has arrived as well. Plus my Stones Sticky Fingers. Both were out for Tuesday Delivery. Bonus.

  34. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    Ordered from Spain yesterday at 11 am and got it today at 11.

  35. Peter cl says:

    Mine came at 11am this morning. Wow Amazon France delivered .when I ordered on uk Amazon it said coming Tuesday even thou ordered when 1st announced

  36. Mark G says:

    See, this is what happens, I go all “Bob Marley 11 cd box, for the price of two CD albums? Yeah….”

    Then I come back to these comments and now I’m all “THAT RONNIE LANE BOX SET ARE YOU KIDDING ME????”

    So, merry Christmas to me….

    • Tony C says:

      The Ronnie Lane box set is one of the best boxes I’ve ever bought. I’d love them to issue it all on vinyl too.

  37. Neil Robertson says:

    Looks like this is being dispatched from the UK as ordered yesterday and arriving today! Great deal thanks for the heads up!

  38. Derek Madden says:

    Top notch again Paul, many thanks.

  39. Kenny says:

    The Bob Marley box just been delivered! Shipped from Amazon UK. Great deal, thanks Paul

  40. Stevie T says:

    Managed to grab one of the Ronnie Lane boxes, and it’s arriving today! Fantastic. The Abbey Road box seems to have dropped below 50 quid in the UK, from somewhere called (£47.79 and free postage) that is insane!

    • Bruce N says:

      I’m really glad that the Ronnie Lane boxset has turned up at a really good price for those who missed out first time around. Its a fantastic set, and one of my favourites form the last couple of years.

    • Peter Stanton says:

      I ordered mine yesterday morning, but not dispatched yet. Fingers crossed.

  41. Kevin says:

    Yeah, that Marley deal was too good to pass up. Even shipping to the U.S., it comes to a little over $30.


    Thanks, Paul!

  42. Theacademyinperil says:

    Thanks for the Ronnie Lane news flash! I had never ordered from a foreign Amazon before — and in general I prefer to support indie retailers — but $92 including delivery to the US for this out-of-print box was difficult to resist, especially after I checked what ebay sellers want for it ($300 or more). Thanks to Paul and SDE contributors!

  43. David Bates says:

    Beatles White Album and Abbey Road still €60 on French Amazon.

    • Chris Thomas says:

      I ordered the White Album from FNAC in France on the back of a SDE post in November for €60 as well. Despite being despatched 2 weeks ago it’s not yet arrived… tempted to get a refund and get the Amazon deal instead.

  44. zombiekev says:

    I’d resisted this deal until now – I’ve spent too much on deals in the last few weeks and I’m not that big a Marley fan.
    However, like many, I’ve now taken the plunge – as that price is really ludicrous – and maybe I’ll have become a huge fan by the time I’ve worked my way through the box set.
    As always, thank you Paul for the tip.

  45. Derek Langsford says:

    As with the Donna Summer Encore Box, I really don’t need that much Marley, even at that price. I am finding it hard to resist such bargains, but , I can’t justify owning something that I doubt I’d listen to when there is so much else I would listen to more. And I don’t buy music has an investment to profit off later.

  46. Tom Spanyol says:

    Hello Paul,
    This is the first time I have left a reply, but I have bought quite a few of your recommendations.
    But just had to reply , I have just received the Bob Marley box set from Amazon UK for £ 30.99
    and I am sending it straight back and ordered the French set, I will still be squids in even with postage.
    Merci beaucoup
    joyeux noel

  47. Phil W. says:

    Thank you so much Paul, was already tempted at full price, but this deal was an instant buy! Delivery scheduled for Sunday. Can’t wait to hear them all.

  48. Andrew Abley says:

    Cheers Paul actually give it a pass and cancelled on UK Amazon as another set of Bob Marley discs !!
    For this price impossible to pass up

    thank you

  49. Steve Bliss says:

    That is insane pricing! I’m definitely on team “I don’t need this much Marley, but this is too cheap to not buy”. Ordered, along with the Dire Straits studio box. €43 ish, shipped to the US.

  50. Jason says:

    Man, this makes me wish I liked Bob Marley!

  51. Stuart S says:

    You’re right Paul, I did think £30 was a great price, so was pleasantly surprised to see this still available this evening.

    3 copies worked out at £15.17 each to the UK.

    That’s 2 Christmas presents sorted and they’ll think I spent more than I really did!

    Thanks once again Paul.

  52. Peter Stanton says:

    It seems amazing that this is still going. Most deals , especially such good ones, go in no time. I ordered mine at about 9am, thinking it would go quickly.

    Amazon France still have 5 copies of Ronnie Lane’s Just For A Moment (Music 1973-1997) box set, which I also ordered earlier.

  53. Enrico G. says:

    Maybe OT, but… I wonder if/how Brexit will impact on UK prices/deals.
    Any thoughts?

  54. Galley says:

    I literally bought all the individual CDs in this collection a few years ago, but for $31 shipped to the U.S., how could I pass it up?

    • Tom m hans says:

      Same here, I tracked down all of the 1990 tuff gong Barry Diament remasters, bought all 2cd deluxe versions and simply could not ignore this offer. I even have the Legend with blu ray without having a surround system…. #obsessed.

  55. Alan says:

    BBE Records have 50% of all their CDs and 25% of vinyl until the end of the year. Find them at

  56. Francis says:

    For only £17.00 (price and shipping), I ordered it straight away. I had planned to buy it at some point or put it on my Christmas list, so at such a good low price, I just had to purchase it.

  57. Mark G says:

    Blimey, still there!

    Yeah, I got one. I do like Reggae, never was much bothered about Bob Marley, but at that price I’m willing to lend an ear..

  58. daz says:

    My missus says that i have spent to much on box sets this year and if i buy the bob marley one she will leave me and cancel the satalite subscription! I will be gutted if she goes! “No woman no sky” !!!

  59. Glenn says:

    Thanks Paul. Ordered for ~$30USD shipped to US. Saved ~$20 vs AMZ and prices. Was on the fence about this one as I have all the prior reissues (including the 2-CDs) but I think it is time to thin those out a bit. Appreciate the tip!

  60. Don says:

    Wow, if I didn’t own all of these CDs already in numerous versions I would jump on this. As others have said, an almost unbelievable deal. Sadly, it probably means the CD version wasn’t selling very well and they needed to move copies. Fantastic bargain though.

  61. Kauwgompie says:

    LOL, don’t think I have ever seen so many responses to a single deal alert. I jumped too. Only a casual reggae fan but since the price in the US is $50 (on sale from $60!!), you can’t go wrong. Shipped to my 90 yr old parents in The Netherlands to save on shipping. They already have a room full of packages from the German 3 for 2.

  62. Theo Pywowarczuk says:

    Well it would have been rude not to…

    Thank you :)

  63. Burkhard says:

    secured! delivery december 8th or 9th. can’t wait to get it

    thank you very very much for that hint!

  64. Wayne C says:

    It makes you wonder how much it actually costs to manufacture these type of things?, the price is extraordinary. I have never seen a box set with that many CDs for so little outlay, surely they must be making no money at all on it?.

    • Lee says:

      Not necessarily. Big companies often have what they call a “loss leader”. They’ll take a dive on this, but they know 50% of visitors will look at other box sets while on site.

    • mart says:

      less than a penny a disc I’d say, a penny a sleeve so production costs would be very very low

    • metal mickey says:

      It’s been a while since I was in The Biz, so the following is all educated guesswork, but I’d say 20p per disk/wallet, 50-60p for the outer box, plus ancillary costs for assembly, storage & transport/distribution, and any royalty payments of course, so probably circa £3.00 total…

      15 euros is about £13.60, and I think that French VAT is 20%, so £2.72 will go straight to the government. Amazon will be working to about 40-50% margin after VAT, so I’d suggest they bought these at around £6.00, and Island might have just about doubled their money.

  65. leemer says:

    I just wish I lived in France to truly appreciate this price, but even with S&H to USA it’s still less than $32.

  66. Klaus says:

    R.E.M. At The BBC 8cd & dvd currently 34 EUR on

  67. Peter Jenkins says:

    Merci Paul !
    Silly price

  68. Giles says:

    Merci beaucoup – one wee Xmas present sorted !

  69. Knockerz22 says:

    Great deal thank you, Paul I had ordered at full price but order not delivered yet as it pooled with dire straits box set not released yet, so cancelled and reordered saving 15€ nice.

  70. Paul Gray says:

    Thanks Paul. At £17 it’s rude not to grab it.

  71. Thanks for the tip Paul. Ordered one immediately. When you opt for a trial Amazon Prime P&P is completely free (well to Belgium anyway)

  72. Klaus says:

    An offer on that i haven’t fully comprehended so far is “3 cds for 20 GBP”.

    As yet i found the new Spandau Ballet-3-disc-set as well as the 3-disc-version of Shakin’ Stevens’ “Singled Out” and the recent 2-cd best of Slade included in it but i wasn’t able to find a possibility to watch all releases included in said offer on one page.

    Maybe there’s someone smarter than me reading this here and can help out…

  73. Superhoop says:

    Cheers Paul,
    That’s £17 Sainabury’s wont be getting this week!!!
    Now do I follow it with the Jamaican vinyl pressings???

  74. Klaus says:

    Discovered the Marley-box last night when checking for BFO but fell asleep before i could complete my order.

    So i was glad to see that there were some left despite Paul announcing the offer here ;-))

    Ordered it now and found some other interesting things while browsing, e.g.:

    Soundtrack cd for “The Rise Of Skywalker” by John Williams for 7 EUR

    and also of interest for those here that like music from films is an 11-cd-box with music by French composer Michel Legrand for the films of French director Jacques Demy (like for instance Les Parapluies Des Cherbourg and Les Demoiselles Des Rochefort) for just 25 EUR.

    Not a music related offer but also maybe interesting for those here who also buy films is the 3-disc-release for Stanley Kubrick’s “Shining” including the 4K- and standard blu-ray of said film’s US-cut (about half an hour longer than the European theatrical release) plus a dvd with the well-known standard version for instant comparison possibility for just 15 EUR.

    • CAB says:

      Great call on The Shining – just got the Marley box and The Shining set for 30E delivered.
      Cheers for that.

    • J Douglas says:

      Thank you, Klaus. Really appreciate the tip on The Shining and Michel Legrand collection. Bought both with the Marley box (for Christmas, no less) and one of the unearthed copies of Ronnie Lane’s box – for which I had lost hope. Thank you to Richard who flagged that in another thread and was kind enough to share with us.

  75. Chris Thomas says:

    Sacre Bleu !

    Ordered ! !

    Cheers Paul !

  76. Dave H says:

    Thanks Paul. That almost seems dishonestly good value.

  77. No Parlez says:

    Thanks Paul, another SDE Xmas present for myself.

  78. Hedley says:

    Tres bien mon ami

    That’s French you know

  79. Thomas Richter says:

    Thanks Paul !
    Great offer and ordered !

  80. Gary Turner says:

    Fantastic spot Paul! Love this site, check it out every day. This deal is unbelievable. Many thanks and have a great Christmas, cheers gazza turner

  81. Mark R Pearson says:

    Wowzers, thanks Paul. I mean, I’d kinda cancelled my amazon UK order last week because of all the money I’d spent on this site last Friday, but can’t say no to this…

  82. J says:

    So as of Friday morning, Amazon USA prime member’s lowest price is $50.99. This is a really great spot by SDE if you don’t already have 4 copies of everything (1st press Island LPs, 1st gen CDs. CD remasters with bonus songs & super deluxe, etc). I will wait for reviews to see what people think of the sound quality. At this price, you can’t go wrong is my guess. I wonder if bonus songs are appended?

    • Klaus says:

      Hi J,

      assuming the tracklist on Discogs is correct (although it is listed there as a 12-cd-box???) there are no bonus tracks included, but as i previously only bought the “Songs Of Freedom”-4-cd-box from the 1990s, “Exodus” as a 30th anniversary release included in a hardback book about the making of the album and, of course, “Legend” that is fine with me and still offers incredible value for money if you’re not a Bob Marley die-hard.

      Obviously the box is currently the No. 1 seller in cds & vinyl on Amazon France.

  83. Paul Mac says:

    As others have said, too good a deal to ignore at the price, ordered! Thanks, Paul.

  84. René says:

    Thanks Paul! What a bargain. 19 euro with shipment to NL.

  85. Joël V. says:

    Same on

  86. Martin says:

    Absolute bargain Paul and unmissable at that price


  87. BillyD says:


    • Gary Turner says:

      Nice one Paul, amazing deal, love your site! Have a great Christmas, gazza turner

      • Harcourt Fenton Mudd says:

        Yes indeed!

        Have great Christmas, Gazza Turner!

        In fact, have a great Christmas EVERYONE!

        (spins round like Cliff on top of the pops).

        i’m gonna be iron like a lion in zion listening to all this robert marley sur les disques compacts la semaine prochaine !

    • Dirk Laforce says:

      Great bargain! Tks for the information. You have the best website on new releases ever!

  88. Joe Embleton says:

    That one was a belter, cheers Paul!

  89. Michel Banen says:

    Thanks Paul !!! This is pretty much a ‘basic’ that should be in any music collection for that price…. Too good to resist so I ordered it !

  90. Immediately purchased, total of 25 EU to the States. Postage to the Philippines was 30 EU, so shipped to my freight forwarder in Chicago.

    Paul, Thanks!

    • DandyWarboys says:

      Just curious who your feign to forwarder is, David?

      I recently got 4 Chaplin Criterions shipped via MyUS to Australia and it was nearly $100 AUD… which was a bit of a shock for a few discs. Would appreciate an alternative for music stuff.

  91. Alan B says:

    Not really a deal but I got an email from the Rolling Stones mailing list last evening telling there were 500 red vinyl editions of Sticky Fingers available from their online store at 8pm. I have an account with them and duly logged in to be ready. At 8pm precisely I refreshed their website and there it was – with “sold out” against it. At approximately 8pm and 5 seconds. Ah well. How do people get in so quickly in those numbers to sell out in literally 2 or 3 seconds.

    • Lloyd Evans says:

      I was on at 758..had one in my basket. It said ‘checkout’ and when I did it had gone.
      When Goat’s Head Soup went on sale in red the flippers/scalpers were not as aware. I was fortunate that time and got a copy…this time was a joke

      • Alan B says:

        So it went live before 8pm then. Naughty. Email said live at 8pm GMT.

        • SimonP2 says:

          I was on constant refresh. It went live at 7.58 and within a pecko second flashed up “sold out” message. I suspect some people must have some sniping tech at play. Too fast for real people to check out.

  92. ShawnC says:

    Ordered! 30USD, but still $20 less than Amazon US. Thanks Paul!

  93. DEREK CULLEN says:

    I am unable to translate Amazon France into English so unable to order anything…using mobile. Dont have PC…can anyone assist me before all these deals disappear?

  94. Craig Deeley says:

    Astonishing price, duly ordered!

    Cheers Paul!

  95. Andrew Greenwood says:

    thanks Paul,
    cancelled UK (just in time) and changed to this one. well spotted.
    I’m making the most of pre-January international orders as they ALL change on 1st January.
    EU orders count as fully international with all fees applied and other international orders lose the £15/£30 tax free status and are charged tax and customs on any price*.
    This is just a reminder for everyone who hasn’t realised it is going to be much more expensive
    and anyone shipping to the UK has to pay to register here for VAT, so a lot of small businesses will stop bothering I imagine. This will include marketplace sellers on Amazon (and ABEBooks if you use them)

    *last time I checked – rules change daily it seems

  96. Philip John Birtwistle says:

    I wonder if this will follow the occasional Amazon pattern of buying from a continental European site, but being despatched from Amazon in the UK and arriving really quickly??

    • Stuart says:

      I’d suggest it probably will as every item that I’ve ordered from Amazon’s IT, DE or FR in the last 18 months or so has been delivered very quickly from their warehouse that is only 20 mins from me in Scotland.

      Re the BM set; I was hoping for a deal on this during last weeks Black Friday, so I’m delighted to get this for £17

    • Barney says:

      Definitely shipped from within the UK – the Amazon man just dropped it through my letterbox, so less than 24 hours from purchase to delivery!

  97. Peter says:

    Thanks, Paul – ordered!

  98. Ian Ellis says:

    Incroyable. I cancelled my amazon uk order a few days ago as I have Divine Comedy, Focus and New Order boxes on the go. Plus a backlog of other goodies. I thought, this is enough, I need to draw a line. But at £17.03 delivered, it would have been incredibly bad manners not to press the button and say merci. And thanks to Paul too for getting Friday off to a cracking start.

  99. Andrew Hapeman says:

    Outrageous deal!!! Thank you for the heads up!!!

  100. Nick Peet says:

    Thanks Paul. £17.03. Unbelievable.

  101. Mike M says:

    Nice one our Paul, superb price £17 delivered. Many Thanks

  102. cosmo castanza says:

    Is this the most remarkable price whilst your site has existed Paul ? Many thanks for bringing it to our attention .

  103. Andy says:

    blimey, haven’t even got a cd player but ordered to look at

  104. LG says:

    Thanks Paul. I was watching this on for £30.

  105. Jeffro says:

    About $30 to the US. Thanks! I had just cancelled my Amazon UK order a few minutes before I saw this, because $45 felt a bit much for my budget this month, but couldn’t resist this markdown!

  106. Peter Stanton says:

    Just bought this plus Ronnie Lane’s Just For A Moment (Music 1973-1997) as recommended by an SDE contributor Richard Gibson.

    Thanks to Paul and Richard

  107. Peter c l says:

    Just managed to cancel mine in time from Amazon uk..I thought £30.99 was a great deal but £17.03 is crazyv

  108. David Bly says:

    Oh, THIS is very amusing. Yesterday, I was talking with a friend and he was ordering two things from uDiscover, a US Universal Music site, and there were having some great bargains (the other day I had finally ordered the two Cat Stevens boxes for a total of $266.74 there, the cheapest I could find).
    Anyway, he ordered two box sets himself – the Elton John “Jewel Box” for about $80 and the Marley box set for about $35 (both before tax).

    I will have to call him later today (it’s 4:20 AM now) and tell him I got my Marley box for…
    $31.59 – and that is with the postage from France which was actually a little more than the set price! The actual cost of the set was €12,50 – post was €12,84! For once the postage was not a big bother.
    And I think I will get the better end of the deal as I suspect his copy might be a US pressing, while mine will be European!

    Thank you SO dang much for this great bargain, Paul!

    • -SG- says:

      Also consider yourself lucky to have not ordered from the (US) Universal store. I recently took advantage of their sale and bought a nice haul of unique pressings, that were just too good to resist… after 3 weeks a loosely packaged box full of bent and some even warped records arrived in a worn and torn box that looked like it had been in a war…. literally everything but one 7″ single was damaged, one item even fell out in shipment, or was never packed in the first place, and to top it off I am still waiting 4 days later for a response. It was literally the worst packaging job I have ever seen, just horrible, like it was the first time they had ever shipped records. Such a waste.

      • David Bly says:


        Certainly not going to dispute your experience, but (so far) I have not had that experience with Universal.
        Are you in the US or in the UK or elsewhere?

        The worst experience I’ve had was ordering some things from Rough Trade UK that the US store did not have. In my case the box was literally falling apart and had I not had a grip on one end of it everything would’ve fallen out. I ended up contacting them and I was able to get them to replace some damaged items (I did not need to return them) and then they also gave me a £25 refund!
        In all fairness to them I suspect some mishandling was experienced at the UK and or the US postal authorities.

        Of course that was Rough Trade, an independent operation, but I would certainly complain to Universal as they can certainly well afford replacing your items.
        Good luck!

  109. Trev says:

    Many Thanks Paul. Unbelievable Price Too Good To Leave.

  110. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Immediately ordered. Thank you. Insane price. Hope the mastering isn”t bad at all.

  111. John Orr says:

    Couldn’t resist either, thanks Paul!

  112. IAN HENDERSON says:

    Brilliant Paul and ordered.Thank you.

  113. Alan R says:

    “Bonnet de Douche Rodders!!”
    Thanks Paul for this prompt, Merry Christmas to you and all the SDE community.

  114. Maxe says:

    Ordered it.
    No big Marley fan, too. But my Marley Legend (BluRay plus CD) was more expensive (but worth it for the 5.0 mixes alone)…

  115. Brian Brown says:

    Thanks Paul. Been thinking about buying some of the albums recently, so this ticks the box and then some – fantastic offer.

  116. Bleddyn Williams says:

    Even with international shipping this is $31 to the USA. That is crazy! Thanks so much for the deal Paul!

  117. Johnc says:

    Thanks Paul. I had this on preorder and cancelled yesterday so was delighted to get it at half the price and it says it will be delivered tomorrow

  118. Adrian Powell says:

    Bargain of the year what a great site this is thanks again Paul!

  119. HarryD says:

    Cheers Paul.

    I’m not his biggest fan but that’ll certainly let me study his work in a bit more depth!

  120. Jon Birkett says:

    Thanks Paul , for highlighting such a fantastic deal !!!!

  121. Simon williams says:

    How do change the language to english

  122. Enrico G. says:

    Thanx, Paul.

  123. bob says:

    Great, bagged it for a friend.
    This will be a great Christmas present for the them.

  124. Louis says:

    Are them remixed, remastered or …?

  125. Frederic Muylle says:

    Great Price, ordered!

  126. Bill says:

    Good one, thanks Paul.

  127. Hans says:

    Time to get to know Bob Marley. For this price I couldn’t resist…

  128. Blackstar says:

    £17 inc postage, that is an absolute steal. Many thanks Paul. At that price I’ll probably still get a couple of the half speed vinyls!

  129. Paul Higgins says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the service that you provide

  130. Keri Preston says:

    Thanks for the alert so early in the morning.
    I’ve got these all on vinyl but at such a low price I know I would spend years regretting not buying it at such a low price.
    Just over £17 delivered.
    What other offers will the day bring, can’t wait.
    Cheers Paul

  131. Adam says:

    Thank you! 18 plus EUR to Poland.

  132. ANDREW BYROM says:

    Cheers, just bought. £17.03 posted to the UK, madness.

  133. Philip John Birtwistle says:

    Wow!! That’s a great deal. Just over £17 delivered to the UK!!! Thanks for pointing that one out.

  134. Matthias says:

    Indeed a fantastic price. Mine was shipped yesterday from Amazon France. I wonder if those who had this on preorder will get the Black Friday price too as the release date is today.

  135. SeanL says:

    Absolute bargain ! Cheers Paul ordered immediately:)

  136. John Ireland says:

    Great price which I’ve pounced on. The recent Focus 50th Anniversary set is also at an insane €35.99

  137. Richard Fisher says:

    That really is insane. Thanks Paul – ordered!

  138. Alastair says:

    Merci, Paul.

  139. Gunther S. says:

    Ordered! Thanks for the notification, Paul!

  140. Ben Williams says:

    Incredible deal – thanks Paul!

  141. Steve Robertson says:

    £17.03. I am not a huge Marley fan, but i cannot miss that deal. Thanks Paul.

  142. Mark Guscin says:

    Just ordered!! Even with € 5 shipment it’s an amazing price – THANKS PAUL!!

  143. Barry says:

    Thanks Paul. As you say, an insane price and impossible to resist (despite my increasing ‘to listen to’ pile).

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