This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Prince / Sign O’ The Times 13LP+DVD super deluxe – £180 £243

Lowest price to date for the extravagant vinyl super deluxe of Prince‘s 1987 album.

UK: Bryan Ferry / Live at the Royal Albert Hall deluxe box – £50 £120

Box set includes vinyl, CD, art cards, programme and SIGNED print. Watch the SDEtv unboxing video.

UK: David Bowie / The Mercury Demos vinyl box – £39

Once £90 this Mercury Demos box is now dramatically cheaper. The packaging is really impressive, but remember there’s still only one vinyl record inside.


UK: Tom Petty / Wildflowers & All The Rest – 3LP deluxe – £25

Elton John / Elton: Jewel Box 8CD box set

GERMANY: Elton John / Jewel Box 8CD set£71

Decent price for last year’s superbly presented ‘Jewel Box’. This is £87 in the UK.

UK: Prince vinyl LP£12 £18

1979 album features ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ and ‘Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?’ This is the 2016 vinyl reissue


66 responses to This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

  1. Martin Farnworth says:

    Ferry finally ordered. Looking forward to frame that signed print. Cheers Paul!

  2. Matt R says:

    Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces set (as a download) is £21 from Qobuz.
    CD Quality only. Bit cheaper then the LP

  3. Richard S says:

    Stereolab have a new Switched On collection out in Feb. If you blinked you missed the super limited colour vinyl version. The official website only has boring old black vinyl and standard CD versions left, but Rough Trade and Banquet have the limited mirrorbord CD should you fancy it.

  4. Dean F says:

    The Bryan Ferry offer ends 23:59 GMT tomorrow (Sunday), just in case anyone is sitting on whether to buy or not (which is what I usually do and then leave it too late).

  5. Tobias says:

    I just purchased the SOTT SDL on vinyl. What’s maybe interesting to know for EU customers is that tax is first deducted and than added again as import fees. In the cart, product price reduces to about £150, than £25 as import fees are added. Together with the promocode DISCOUNT5P, I paid all in all £180,49 with shipping to Germany! Thanks Paul for the heads up!

  6. Rare Glam says:

    Just a pointer to anyone still looking for Prince’s 1999 SDL CD box set, it’s currently (15/1/21) £67.69 from Amazon UK (though it’s’ not the listing page main offer, that’s from Rarewaves at £98, you have to click on the other sellers option and scroll down). I bought mine for £55 just as it was starting to sell out on original release so £67 is not a bad price given how high the prices still are for it when you can find one elsewhere.

  7. Mark says:

    Tom Petty no longer £25

  8. Rich G says:

    For people interested in Black Crowes related product, Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s 3rd album “Phosphorescent Harvest” is currently on Amazon UK for £11.59! This is DOUBLE COLOURED VINYL + 7″. The single contains the CD bonus track “Humboldt Windchimes” and a further vinyl exclusive bonus track “Star Crossed Lonely Sailor”. The 12″ records are Orange (disc 1) and Maroon (disc 2) vinyl. The 7″ is black but comes in its own picture sleeve and it’s all in a very nice gatefold and comes with an MP3 download for all 12 tracks (including the bonus ones). If you like the Crowes, buy it!

  9. Clearly there’s no point in buying box sets when they’re first released. Feel robbed that I was buying SOTT less than six months ago at £280 (I felt as though that was a good deal at the time).

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You’ve been able to listen to it for the past six months, so that’s one point in doing it.

      • fair point! And I was VERY excited when I got it! I take it back Paul!

      • Harcourt Fenton Mudd says:

        Re : prince sott vinyl set

        There was also no guarantee that you could get a set months or even weeks after release, because the 1999 set sold out very quickly and there was no indication that sott would be any different. However, they must have manufactured much greater volume of sets for sott!

        My personal opinion is that the RRP was too high anyway, but …supply and demand , fear of missing out, etc etc and here we are at almost £100 off !

        Have you ever felt life is like looking for a penny off a sde in a store sale?

      • Seikotsi says:

        Unless you don’t listen to it, but then at least you were able to look at it on the shelf for 6 months :)

      • gary oliver says:

        the only people who should feel ‘robbed’ are those who have kept it in shrink wrap for six months (i suspect there are many)

    • Steven Roberts says:

      I suspect Warners pressed more of SOTT because it is such an iconic album – couple that with the fact that it’s already a bigger and more expensive box and it’s no real surprise that it is still hanging around several months after release (the 1999 box box by contrast seemed to sell out almost instantly).

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this drops still further.

    • Ian Hill says:

      Yes, but remember the Prince 1999 box? There are any number of boxes that are not around six months later.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      That’s life ! You obviously wanted the set enough to buy it at full price when it first came out & have enjoyed it for 6 months. Half the things I buy end up in January or summer sales 6 months after I bought them (McCartney flaming pie deluxe for example) but that happens with everything & I make a call as to whether I want an item now or I want to wait on the off chance of a price reduction. I can pay £30 for a hardback book or wait until it comes out in paperback & pay £8.99 – it depends on whether I want to wait or not. Unless it’s a very limited edition & you’re worried about missing out it sounds like your default position would be to hold off on any purchases until they hit a price you’re happy to pay.

    • Iain Lawrie says:

      You then run the risk of missing out if it sells out then only getting it for obscene amounts.

  10. Tom m hans says:

    Steve Miller Band From the Vault 3cd 1dvd $57.00 @ Got mine yesterday.

  11. Martin says:

    The Bryan Ferry box is absolutely great value

  12. ND says:

    180 for the SOTT vinyl set is now good value. At least you are not really paying for the below-average (content) book now

    • Marcel says:

      I disagree strongly. This reissue is above par on all fronts (including the beautiful and interesting book) and has in many places been voted as THE best reissue of 2020. At this price it is a really great deal.

  13. Rich G says:

    The Rolling Stones / Various Artists – Rock and Roll Circus TRIPLE VINYL, down to £36.48 on Amazon UK or Chalkys_UK on ebay (which probably started the price drop).

  14. Henrik Tronstad says:

    Does anyone know how it will be with customs fees and added taxes when shipping to Sweden? I find conflicting information on the internets. Any clarifications would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the great work Paul!

    • carsten b christensen says:

      Hey Henrik.

      In terms of VAT + taxation – the following Is the case in Denmark (I take this Is very similar in Sweden also):

      Music from the UK, but not manufactered in the UK above £10 + pp: VAT is added (25%) + toll (varies according to the type of good) a purchase of £50 +pp would probably add an additional £10 + handling fee of £20. So a purhase of £50+pp now totals £92,5

      If the music Is manufactured in the UK, no toll Is added.

      This Is a true hard brexit!

      • Henrik Tronstad says:

        Thanks Carsten.

        So the Bowie live albums should be safe, manufactered in the UK. I wonder how about Neil Young’s coming albums, if bought from the Greedy Hand store in the UK, like Down in the rust bucket, offical bootlegs series and so on… I guess I will find out. :-)

    • Henrik Tronstad says:

      I mean shipping from the UK to Sweden. Thanks

  15. Theavidcollector says:

    Prince sign o’ the times vinyl super deluxe box set is down to £190.42 as I write on Amazon UK.

  16. Ralph says:

    Some Euro Amazon seems to ship from Dunfermline, Scotland so maybe the issue is shipping to Northern Ireland from Scotland.

  17. Terry Poole says:

    Paul Weller Other Aspects Live at the Royal Festival Hall 3 disc edition £2.98 on Amazon UK at the moment

    • Stan Butler says:

      This has been ridiculously cheap for a long time. It is a superb set. 2cd+DVD.
      Weller at his most intimate, with absolutely gorgeous arrangements.

    • WayneUK says:

      Fantastic set. That’s a great deal. Weller is superb. Brilliant arrangements. Great CD and DVD set.

  18. george c says:

    slightly off the track here. don’t know if this has been mentioned on the site but over at springsteens official site bruce is releasing a 24 cd box set containing 8 of his concerts from the 1978 tour. these have previously been available (and still are) for download but these are factory pressed cds. the price is around $180. when this was first announced a couple of weeks ago they were selling the empty boxes for i think $24 but they sold out within minutes.

  19. Kauwgompie says:

    Lou Reed New York SDE now only $48 on deep

  20. Nico says:

    Elton merely cost me 61,47€ at Saturn when they recently had their 3for2 deal.

  21. Richard Anderson says:

    Townsend music have a 50% off sale on some stock. Some of the stuff is rubbish but I did get the Sparks A Steady Drip Drip Drip double Picture Disc for £12.50 and Past Tense Best of Sparks Triple Vinyl for £15. Still on sale if anyone is interested.

  22. Graeme Ewan says:

    And it is a unit! Big heavy and worth my cash. Good effort.

  23. Frank says:

    Thanks as always. For U.S. folks Hotrats Turnons box set at deepdiscount for $11.64 right now.

  24. Malcolm Jackson says:

    I understand that Amazon in EU countries are no longer shipping to the UK since Brexit? Can anyone confirm this please?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, they are

      • John says:

        Well most of the UK Paul, but not Northern Ireland.

        • Stan Butler says:

          Unfortunately this is the case, which considering Northern Ireland is still in the EU single market, seems bizarre.
          What are Amazon playing at?

          • G.D. Wilde says:

            Not just Brexit. Several European countries have stopped international shipping (even to other EU countries) because of new EU regulations about international VAT. See for example (and I’ve had similar replies from Seems like the EU single market is shutting down anway.

      • DaveySussex says:

        I tried to purchase from Italy Amazon today and they wouldn’t ship to the UK.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Amazon in Germany are shipping to the UK. Maybe it depends on the item…

          • John says:

            Sorry Paul, this is important. They will only ship to GB, not to the UK. They won’t ship anything to Northern Ireland. Believe me, I have tried, for a variety of items, including the deals that you have recommended recently…….

          • Stan Butler says:

            Seems to be total confusion,
            As for Amazon Germany, tried a friend’s address in England, no problem. Tried my Northern Ireland address and no delivery.
   are also not shipping to Northern Ireland neither.
            We’ve been ostracised!

  25. Dibbsy says:

    Quick heads up. I just received an email from Sound of Vinyl. The Sting Duets vinyl with signed art card is now available, limited to two per customer.

    • only available in UK! So what does the rest of the world has to do?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Please explain this comment…

        • Boppin's Blog says:

          I wonder if he is referring to the Sting LP. The Sting LP can be purchased by anyone, however the version with the signed card is not available (at least here in Canada, and most likely all outside of UK for some stupid reason)

        • Brian Zinger says:

          The Sting album with the signed card is not available outside of UK even though the vinyl without the signed card is. It makes no sense.
          I guess the only option is find a UK friend and have them ship it.

          • WILLIAM ENGLAND says:

            Hmmmm. that’s an Idea…
            If people wanted to buy things that were only available to UK using my address, and when it arrives I would let them know how much the postage to them would be, plus maybe 10% handling fee…
            That must be cheaper than buying from eBay scalpers.
            And it would prop up my pension.

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