This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Depeche Mode / Spirit 2LP gatefold vinyl – £10.99

UK: INXS/ Kick 30 3CD+blu-ray – £15.99

Amazing price for this four disc set which includes Dolby Atmos surround mix.

UK: R.E.M. / Automatic For The People 2CD deluxe box – £12.99


UK: ABBA: The Albums 9CD box set – £14.99

UK: The Who / Maximum As &Bs  5CD – £24.99

Almost HALF price. Excellent deal!

UK: The Moody Blues / Days Of Future Passed 2CD+DVD – £8.99


UK: The Jam / 1977  4CD+DVD – £27.99

Almost HALF price. Excellent deal!

UK: The Rolling Stones / On Air  2CD Deluxe – £6.99

UK: Sex Pistols / Never Mind The Bollocks 3CD+DVD box   – £27.99

UK: Peter Gabriel / So deluxe 3CD – £10

UK: David Bowie / Stage 3LP vinyl – £26.80

USA: Beck / Odelay vinyl LP – $11 (or £8)

USA: The Best of The Kinks / 1964-1970 vinyl LP – $9.84 (or £7)

UK: R.E.M. / Out of Time 3LP deluxe vinyl – £18.95

DE: Garbage 2CD deluxe edition – €8.21

DE: OMD / So80s remix compilation – €3.47

USA: Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger 7-disc super deluxe – $110.96


FR: Bruce Springsteen / The Promise 3LP vinyl – €14.99

118 responses to This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

  1. Dean says:

    FYI: Have now played the first disc from the Jam set – it’s brickwalled at DR 8 (previous release was DR12).

  2. Ralph says:

    Just spotted Fleetwood Mac Rumours Super Deluxe Edition on Amazon UK for £25.95 which looks like a good deal to me

    • Paul Mac says:

      Wasn’t anxious to pick this up but at that price I couldn’t refuse. Price back over £30 already since I ordered.

  3. Richard says:

    I know it’s probably been said before but for anyone disappointed at missing out on a deal – for example Jam/Sex Pistols sets which have gone up in price – or who don’t want to make a £20 minimum spend on Amazon, it’s worth checking out HMV both online and in store. I was disappointed at missing the Pistols boxset but found it for £27.99 in there. Happy bargain hunting (and thanks Paul, and assorted contributers).

    • Richard says:

      I meant Who/Pistols boxsets have gone up in price. Jam set still reduced.

    • Rich G says:

      If someone is a UK buyer, since it is often HMV reducing prices that gets Amazon to follow suit and since HMV offer free UK postage on orders £10 and over it could be argued that it is better to give HMV the business if like for like price wise, to keep them in business and to keep a healthy competition in the marketplace. When there is no competition there will be no deals.

      • Richard says:

        Yes I thought the same. I got the Abba box set from HMV. After scrabbling around on Amazon trying to find something else to make it up to £20, I realised that HMV did free delivery on £10. Will remember that for the future!

  4. RJS says:

    Television’s Marquee Moon, £2.99 direct from Amazon and includes AutoRip.

  5. Paul says:

    Depeche Mode is £13.10 on Amazon now. I still ordered it though as that’s over a tenner cheaper than I’ve seen it in some shops

  6. Jason Jarvis says:

    Depeche Mode up to £12.93 now

  7. Martin says:

    Thanks for the DM heads up already have on digital so the hard copy is a welcome addition. £10.91 now that’s my sort of deal.

    Must save for RSD!!!!!

    Thanks Paul

  8. Mark R says:

    Just ordered a copy of DM’s “Spirit” for £11.67. I’ve got Prime so postage is free and 1-day delivery, so not bad. Expensive month this!

  9. Neil McL says:

    Great shout for Spirit DM ordered

  10. Neil says:

    I ordered Days Of Future Passed from Amazon and paid for standard delivery and they are claiming it’s in stock but i’m getting a delivery date of 10 May – 11 May ?

  11. Martin says:

    Well double win The Jam, The Who and Inxs all arrived today ahead of schedule. Ordered with no rush free kindle book/digital credit for each item – Yay three free 99p books then – Thanks again Paul

  12. Bobbyjean says:

    Does anyone know if there’s been a a deluxe box set of all mod cons or sound affects apart from the 2 cd sets?

  13. patrick says:

    Fans of Christy Moore alert. Amazon & others are listing a new 3LP Live album at what looks to be a bargain price.

  14. Darren Linklater says:

    The Who box bagged the other day now waiting for the postman.
    These deal alerts are costing me a fortune Mr Sinclair….but thanks!

  15. Stephen D C says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Have Peter Gabriel So & INXS Kick 30 in my clutches [the latter is what a deluxe should be] and await the OMD from Germany.

    It has been a good week.

    Did I say thank you?…..

  16. David M says:

    So what’s the best 1977 box set? The Jam or the Sex Pistols? How big are they?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Jam is the same size as Tears For Fears / Simple Minds box. Sex Pistols is seven-inch sized, I think. Comparing them and coming up with which is ‘better’ is totally subjective, really.

      • David M says:

        Thanks. Is that 10 inch size?I like both bands pretty much equally in that year was wondering about the worth of additional content, box, book etc

    • Dean says:

      Okay, so they just delivered my Jam box (yes, on Easter Sunday). I also own the Sex Pistols box.

      There really is no competition here. If you want value for money, The Jam box is the obvious winner. It’s been put together with more love and attention. The hardback book is nice in the Sex Pistols set, but it has fewer pages. While the Sex Pistols CD’s come in the cheap cardboard sleeves, the Jam have put theirs in legitimate Mini LP format (including, for example, the inner sleeve for Modern World). You also get two studio albums with The Jam.

      I guess both are nice enough – and I own both. But if I could only have one – and I’ve not listened yet so keep that in mind – The Jam set feels like the better of the two.

  17. Wayne Olsen says:

    Got the Who and the Jam. Thanks!

  18. Auntie Sabtina says:

    Anyone fancy Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall boxset. There!s a stick of chalk and you get a free CD and a blu-ray documentary too. All for £7.99. No, me neither…

    • Paul W says:

      Thanks just orderedit

    • Neil Kelly says:

      £6.40 3rd party. In two minds still. Doubt will watch the doc and certainly not more than once. I’ve seen enough MJ stuff over the years and own a few programmes on Blu ray that i recorded from TV. I would prefer bonus CD material and already have the previous editions. Handy that they included that piece of chalk though. My kids like chalk

  19. Andy P says:

    ABBA ‘The Albums’ CD box set is currently $14.99 at HMV and Amazon UK.

  20. RJS says:

    Neither a box set or vinyl, but the 2006 CD remaster of Scott Walker’s Climate of Hunter is going for £2.99, direct from Amazon at the moment:

    • Dean says:

      Sadly, yet another example where they’ve compressed it. If you have the original disc, there’s no reason for this at any price, imo.

  21. Paul Spurgeon says:

    T.rex 26 x 7″ singles ltd edition box set has now dropped under 70 quid to £67.46 on Amazon UK

  22. Simonf says:

    Got the Who box as a Christmas pressie so that doesn’t hurt, but did pay full price for the Jam box so that does hurt!!

  23. Duncan says:

    Amazon uk doing R.E.M. automatic for the people, 2 disc version, £12.99 which is the cheapest I’ve ever seen it.

    • Caroline says:

      They’re matching HMV/Fopp who had it for that in-store yesterday. If the second disc had been the demos, I’d have bitten. Such as it is…

  24. Gary says:

    I wish we could have a deluxe version of INXS Listen Like Thieves…. Kick gets all the attention due to the hit singles etc. but for me LLF is a better album. A live album from that era would be great. Maybe one day…

  25. gootsy says:

    The gold triple vinyl version of JJ Cale “Collected” is 26€ at the moment at Amazon France

    The tracklist is similar to the CD version sans the 2meter sessions.

  26. Mike Williams says:

    Well, The Who was over before I could buy, but I got the INXS & Moody Blues shipped to the US for about $36. USD!

  27. Peter Stanton says:

    Stones,Jam, Who and Moody Blues ordered.

    Plus already ordered Neil Young vinyl and creation box set.

    Must stop.

    Please Paul, no more ‘deals’.

    Thanks though. Pete

  28. robert styles says:

    Many thanks Paul for The Who Singles Box listing. I have wanted this for a very long time. Happy Easter to you

  29. Dean says:

    I also would warn people about the 3-CD So by Gabriel. The mastering of the entire set is compressed to hell – it’s by far the worst version of the original album. The live CD’s aren’t any better.

  30. Dean says:

    Well, that’s well and truly done it. The only Jam album I really care about is the debut, and that deluxe edition has been tempting for some time. The price was horrendous though….. until now. So there ya go…..

  31. Rory McCann says:

    Public Enemy 2014 deluxes are crazy cheap as well.
    It Takes A Nation Of Millions… 2CD&DVD – £4.99
    Fear of a Black Planet 2CD – £3.89


  32. Kev says:

    Posted many times before, Man Fell Earth box set £19.94 on Amazon UK !

  33. Martin says:

    Maximum A&B’s and The Jam ordered – Already have the Stones On Air but that price is a steal

  34. Dan T. says:

    Thanks, Paul! I had to take out a home equity line of credit for all this though… ;-)

  35. PChang says:

    The David Bowie Stage 3LP set is hardly a deal at 26.80 pound. (that’s over $50 CDN)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The normal price for this 3LP set is about £32-33. I thought a 20% discount was quite good.

      • PChang says:

        You’re right Paul, 20% discount is pretty good compared to the regular UK price. I was comparing the UK discount cost to what it cost on, which is just under $40 CDN. Thanks for the heads up though, always good to know about any discounts.

  36. Steven Lowe says:

    Nice selection of signed Embrace vinyls and cds just appeared. Orchestral versions of their latest album.

  37. Neil McL says:

    Thanks guys great deals hope the wife is out when they come! Thanks too to Paul for this wonderful site much appreciated all your hard work. Had to book up for NY after your trip!

    • Andy P says:

      From past experience I think you will find it’s the other way round. Amazon UK often respond to HMV price drops, same as when Amazon Germany matches Saturn as with the 3 for 2 deal.

    • John M says:

      Great link- would be nice to have more diversity on the links- Amazon is big enough!

      • Chris Squires says:

        That’s always an issue..but in the usual threads there are always links (if available) for HMV, FNAC and JPC. This thread is more about deals, most of which come from Amazon’s response to other local companies such as HMV in the UK and Saturn in Germany. Neither of which will ship outside their own country. So the amazon matching link at least helps someone in the UK or elsewhere take advantage of the German deal from Saturn which we couldn’t otherwise get. Also don’t forget that HMV isn’t a small independent, It’s nice to have as an option but it is owned by Hilco, which depending on your outlook are either a re-investment saviour or an asset stripping behemoth, every bit as “bad” as amazon. Personally I like to have independents but what can you do when amazon offer something for £25 that is £55 elsewhere and even if it is £25 elsewhere you can’t buy it because they won’t ship it.

        Finally, whenever Paul does highlight an offer from HMV, such as the recent, cheap Bowie bundle with slip mat the moans start coming in that it can’t be ordered outside the UK. You just can’t win, so if it is about threading that line down the middle this site gets it mostly right. After all Paul can’t *not* highlight a deal from amazon just because it’s amazon.

  38. Runicen says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Finally had reason to pull the trigger on that Who set.

    Good looking out, as always!

  39. Robin Day says:

    Not sure how it works out for you guys in the UK, but has got a huge range of vinyl buy 1 get 1 free. Pretty much all vinyl that is being sold directly from amazon Australia is in the offer. It ends 2 April. Amazon AU only launched in December so I think there trying to make it here. Not sure if the offer is viable with shipping and conversion of Dollar to pound but might be worth a look at.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Amazon Australia????? A cool place for AU and NZ-only titles and pressings??

    • Ryk says:

      Robin, thanks for the suggestion. I live in NZ and tried ordering ANCIANT and the Midnight Oil box sets, but it said they will not ship to NZ. I assumed maybe they were too heavy, so I put 2 regular LPs in my basket, and got the same message. It seems Amazon AU is not a flexible about shipping overseas as the European and north American amazon outlets are.

      • Steven Roberts says:

        Got that right – I tried on a couple of LPs – “no shipping to the UK mainland”


      • Empty Wallet says:

        Paul W, your loss I guess. I bought heaps. For example (all after discount, delivered):

        * Massive Attack – Mezzanine. AUD$6
        * Prodigy – Fat Of The Land. AUD$12
        * Charlatans – Melting Pot. AUD $5
        * Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls. AUD$10.66
        * Pet Shop Boys – Electric. $AUD$12.12
        * Bjork – Greatest Hits. AUD$17.50
        … and on it goes

        Aussie Artists like Sarah Blasko, Cat Empire, Paul Kelly, Crowded House were all ~$15-$20. Most older INXS albums were ~$11.

  40. Galley says:

    I snagged the Who boxed set for $35.00 shipped to the U.S. WooHoo!

  41. Babakazoo says:

    Wow – thanks for the heads up on the INXS Kick 30, I have been wanting to get this for a while :-)

  42. GHB says:

    Amazon UK have the REM Automatic For The People 3CD+DVD box set for £59.99 today (done from £79.99), and the 3CD+DVD Never Mind The Bollocks – 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition by Sex Pistols for £27.99 (down from > £40). A bit better at least ….

  43. Graeme says:

    Just went to order the OMD album, but the €9,24 international postage put me off :(

  44. Francis says:

    INX-Yes a definite purchase.

  45. Paul Spurgeon says:


    Who maximum A and B cd set is now half price on Amazon UK. £24.99 is a bargain!

  46. CJ Feeney says:

    Neil Young ORS 4-8 is $36, ORS 8.-12 is $40 on Amazon US.
    Just ordered both. £76 including shipping to UK.

  47. Weesluggy says:

    Total bargain for INXS… i’m having that

    • Larry Davis says:

      Just ordered it myself…waited for the price 2 drop…with VAT removed and shipping…came to $23US and change…killer deal and I wanted the UK one over the US one anyway, for some weird reason, dunno why, I want all the INXS titles on Universal (worldwide label) over the US only label Atlantic/Rhino…I feel the Universal pressing is the original and the US Rhino one is a copy…not their original home… Weird I know but that’s just me…

  48. Mark R says:

    Just ordered Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger Super Deluxe box set. I’ve been waiting for over a year for this to come down.

  49. Martin says:

    Cheers for the alert Paul nice addition at that price – thanks again

  50. Alone With Strangers says:

    Perhaps everyone has realised that the ‘Hi Res’ audio on the INXS disc is actually lower quality than CD redbook standards and really badly mastered to boot.

  51. Michael G says:

    Inxs amazing price!
    Jumped on this before it disappears.
    Thanks Paul

  52. Dan says:

    2CD Of Garbage 20th Anniversary is £9.99 on, only a few left though.

    • Bill Sykes says:

      Just bought this 2CD set from for £4.63 albeit third party fulfilled by Amazon so with prime delivery.

  53. Meadowmeal says:

    The 21th Anniversary remastered edition of Mansun’s Attack of the Grey Lantern is available for pre-order, in both a single disc and a deluxe 4 disc version :

  54. elliott buckingham says:

    the omd set sounds awful with quality variying greatly between tracks same goes for the others in the series billy idol and heaven 17

    • Neil says:

      Yep indeed terrible sound and they should have remastered it properly like they did with their compilation albums and at the same time removing that crappy Brides Of Frankenstein mix.

      • Derek Langsford says:

        Agree but it’s the only place to get the full Talking Loud and Clear Extended Version which has such a brutal frontal lobotomy on the Junk Culture Deluxe Disc 2. Blank & Jones have said they were forced into the brickwalling by the label and would love to create a 2 CD remastered release of the OMD 12″ and extended mixes. We can only hope their desires are satisfied.

        • Craig Ryder says:

          Any idea why a label would force brickwalling? Not as if an omd 12″ set would need to worry about radio impact etc

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