This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Peter Gabriel / So 3CD deluxe box set – £5.79

DE: Paul McCartney / Tug Of War black vinyl LP – €12.99 or £11.50

Pipes of Peace, McCartney, McCartney II, RAM an Wings at the Speed of Sound are the same price.

UK: Paul Simon / Graceland 2017 vinyl reissue – £12.99

Black vinyl with download code

UK: Roger Waters / Is This The Life We Really Want? CD – £4.78

I urge you to buy this album – up there with Roger’s very best work. It’s a truly wonderful album and worth the price of a pint of lager and a packet of crisps.

USA: Radiohead / In Rainbows  vinyl LP – $12.80


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  1. John Kilbride says:

    There are far more glossy and expensive items in the deals, but I went for the Roger Waters album and I am glad I did. I certainly had my doubts as I’ve not really engaged with his other solo albums in the way I did with Floyd, but this really is exceptional. It’s like a Final Cut for the Trump era, angry and articulate. Musically, Floyd fans will find much to enjoy here. There are many subtle nods to earlier work, the production compliment’s Water’s work while locating it firmly in the 21st century. Not perhaps an easy listen, but one that not only grabs your attention immediately and also rewards with repeated listen. For the price of a pint? Exceptional.

  2. Dean says:

    McCartney 1 vinyl 2 x LP remaster €15.99 on Works out at £18 delivered. Quite hard to find when searching for some reason (couldn’t find it when I tried “McCartney vinyl”) but try searching for “McCartney Vinyl Remastered”. 6 left in stock as I write.

  3. Andy P says:

    Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers Live Fonda Theatre (From the Vault) CD/DVD combo currently £9.99 on Amazon UK

  4. Colin MacKenzie says:

    Decent deal on Amazon Spain for Joni Mitchell’s Ladies of the Canyon on vinyl. Including postage to the UK £10.78.
    Also have the current best price for the new Springsteen vinyl box set at £40 below UK.

  5. AndrewA says:

    Sticky fingers live 3lp/DVD down to £24 on amazon…

  6. Fabrice Dray says:

    For info, the peter gabriel SO box set with 5 cds and vinyls is still on sale at 50 pounds on his website

  7. eric Slangen says:

    The Saturn deal is ONLY value if your bankaccount + address is in Germany.

    • Klaus says:

      Advice for German Uber-fans and those interested in the work of King Crimson with big wallets: You can get 5 of the big box-sets (Larks Tongues…, Starless…, Thrak, On (And Off) The Road and Sailors Tales) for 449 Euro, bringing the cost per box down to about 90 Euro.

  8. Richard says:

    Tempted to get the So package just for the 2 live CDs. I have so on SACD, so don’t need the actual album but essentially a 2CD live album for less than six quid is quite good.

    • Dave Vachon says:

      That’s why I bought it. Cost me $10 in Canada. Bought it primarily for the live discs.

  9. John Orr says:

    Amazon fr still have better deals atm, inc. postage to UK. A record is working out at something like £8 or £9. Why pay more? Just a wee thought.

  10. Steve Parrott says:

    Ref the deal .. Amazon normally follow on the back of this so I am keeping a close eye on for any 3 for 2’s etc etc

  11. daveid76 says:

    Gabriel, Waters and INXS Kick ordered.

    Thanks Paul

  12. Juerie says:

    If you live in Germany and need more physical music, then Saturn has a new promotion. Buy five items and get the two cheapest for free. This is for all music items, games and videos. I tried it, and it works. But I don´t know if they send somewhere else than Germany. promotion till 4.06.2018 9:00 oclock.$subid$


    • Karsten says:

      Juerie, Thank you for the great Tip: 5 x Paul McCarrtney Vinyl = 38,97 Euro.
      5 x Saxon Splatter Vinyl = 59,97 Euro.

  13. Neil says:

    It still irks me why Peter Gabriel felt the need to move In Your Eyes to the end on the remaster.

    • David M says:

      It was his original choice, only placed earlier previously because of vinyl limitations (bass response at end of a side)

    • daveid76 says:

      It makes for a far more positive end to the album. I always thought it odd that anyone would end an album on the experimental and oddball tracks We Do What We’re Told and Excellent Birds. If I remember correctly early CD and cassette editions also brought forward In Your Eyes to the middle of the album..?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Whatever Gabriel’s original intentions, the running order of that album is now hardwired into mine and I’d imagine millions of other fans’ brains. It just doesn’t work for me. It’s like The Beatles suddenly announcing that they always wanted A Day In The Life to start side 2 of Sgt Pepper. TOO LATE. I hate it when artists muck around with the art decades later, for some kind of personal satisfaction. It’s not like there are two versions, the original is now out of print.

        • Chris Squires says:

          To me it also highlights (although not necessarily in this particular case) how much thought went into sequencing LPs. The days when there were two sides so typically track one, two and six would be your strongest tracks. You needed a strong opener to side two.
          It’s the greatest loss to musical enjoyment and understanding that I can think of. Irrespective of how we get our music delivered. In a few short years there will be so few people who understand the concept of “The album” let alone how to make one flow.

          Observing my kids a few years ago it was sad to see how they hopped around spotify. And it wasn’t that they wouldn’t listen to a whole album…they wouldn’t even listen to a whole track. Somewhere around two minutes into just about anything they were thinking and searching for “what’s next”. I know you can’t miss what you never had…but I find it sad. So says every 50 year old EVER about anything I guess.

          • markieface says:

            It’s not just sequencing that used to be a headache. “Too-Rye-Ay” by Dexys Midnight Runners was delayed in 1982 so that Kevin Rowland could tweak the gap-length between tracks.

        • daveid76 says:

          Morrissey has completely changed several of his older albums, adding b sides, removing tracks and completely changing the artwork. I think that’s a heinous act of revisionism.

        • Kevin Galliford says:

          Like what Morrissey has done too many times now with his releases. Rewriting history basically,

        • markieface says:

          But if the tracks are “un-segued”, it’s only really a concern to vinyl fans only, surely? Every other format can be re-programmed to the listener’s satisfaction.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            I don’t want to reprogram. I want to press ‘play’ and listen to the CD.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Also, why didn’t he release the CD as he wanted it, back in the day. Nothing stopping him doing that. He added an extra track to it, so he can’t claim he wanted everything ‘consistent’!!

        • gwynogue says:

          I feel the same about ABBA’s “Arrival” – Australia and New Zealand (and maybe a couple other countries) included ‘Fernando’ from the very first pressing, putting it between ‘Why Did It Have To Be Me’ and ‘Tiger’* and that’s how I grew up hearing it. The 1997 CD re-issues have it as a bonus track at the end. I always thought ‘Arrival’ was the perfect ‘closer’ to the album – to have a song after it just sounds weird.

          * only on the vinyl version – the cassette tracklisting looks an absolute mess!

          ‘Arrival’ at the end of side ONE!?!?!?

          • Kevin Galliford says:

            I think now Mozzer has lost the plot & his sense of self importance can barely be supported by his shoulders!

        • David M says:

          I think you could make an argument for both points of view. Gabriel may be unaware that people are re-buying his albums that they are already familiar with. Possibly he wants people hearing it for the first time to hear it as he intended. You can always burn another CD with the original order if you want.

        • RJS says:

          “for some kind of personal satisfaction”

          Of course it’s for personal satisfaction. And why shouldn’t Morrissey and Gabriel go back and play around with THIER work? Just stick with your original copy that you have hard-wired into your brain if you don’t like it.

      • Neil says:

        The album was originally released on Vinyl and Cassette with In Your Eyes as track 1 on the b side of both those formats.When the original CD was released it was listed as track 5 and there was also an added bonus track as well as Paul mentioned below so why then did he not move In Your Eyes to the end of the CD at that point instead of changing it nearly 20 years later ?

  14. Pete Muscutt says:

    A good Roger Waters solo album has to feature one of his trademark anguished (and ever-so-slightly out of tune) screams – which ‘ITTLWRW?’ does have, happily. For me, this album is probably on par with ‘Amused to Death’ and ‘Radio KAOS’ (although I am a sucker for a concept album…)

    I wonder how much of the new stuff Waters is performing on his tour? Didn’t he say about 25% new material, 75% classics?

    • Paul Mac says:

      I saw the Us + Them show in Toronto last year and as far as I can remember, he did about four songs from the new album

  15. RJS says:

    “worth the price of a pint of lager and a packet of crisps”

    £4.68 won’t get you a pint of lager, let alone a packet of crisps, where I live.

    • SimonP says:

      Does where I am. And it was a pint of Peroni, as well!

      Not really into RW, but JW, his tour guitarist has gained my interest, having never really been aware of his solo work until recently. Just bought his first two albums for a tenner after discovering the third, Rare Birds. I reckon the other two are better, but they’re all good value because they’re all over an hour long.

  16. Stephen DC says:

    I thought the 3 disc ‘So’ was good value at £10 despite it not containing anything too exciting – It wouldn’t have killed them to put the 12″ singles and B-sides on it – basically ‘So’ plus a live album/DVD but having whinged, it IS just nice to have in your hand in a box with pics etc.

    I next expect to see it given away free with the Mail On Sunday….

  17. David Regan says:

    Seeing that I have two first pressings of Peter Gabriel’s So album on CD..I jumped on the the 3 CD deluxe set..a real bargain for £5.57..tho from a 3 party seller then you have to add the P+P on top so for nearly 7 pound I think it came to £6.87 there abouts a not bad..tho i got to wait until middle to end of June to receive it

  18. Roland says:

    €11.85 at Dodax, shipping included.

  19. Federico says:

    Thanks Paul, I got the Peter Gabriel 3cd box. I would also like to point that on Amazon France there is the Massive Attack “Heligoland” double vinyl for only 23 euros plus shipping (for us in Europe it is a really good price)

  20. Steve says:

    It’s hard to resist the synchronicity of getting Waters & Gilmour solo efforts simultaneously, and the Gabriel release is So cheap…

    Good thing the price on the Jagger single went back up, so I won’t be tempted. No time for that guy

    • RJS says:

      “Good thing the price on the Jagger single went back up, so I won’t be tempted. No time for that guy”

      Your second sentence contradicts your first!

  21. Bill says:

    Thanks Paul.
    Gilmour, Gabriel and Waters ordered.

  22. Greg says:

    FWIW, that’s a third-party seller price for So. Shipping to the USA is 7 pounds, more than double what Amazon charges.

  23. MarcW says:

    The Gilmour bluray is $11.99 on Amazon US.

  24. Andrew M says:

    R.E.M, David Gilmour, and Peter Gabriel very tempting.

    Roger Waters I’ve listened to a few times on Apple Music and haven’t been that impressed. Maybe it needs more effort put into it.

    Still…..must resist purchasing anything (with difficulty) as the family holiday is coming up fast…….

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That Roger Waters album gets under your skin. It’s very, very strong for me. Lyrics are excellent and a great ‘analogue-sounding production by Nigel Godrich.

      • Andrew M says:

        I’ve seen you praising it, and I’ve not known you to be wrong as our tastes seems similar. I will keep trying but in a relaxed way. I remember trying OK Computer over a period of six months before I got all the way through it back in the day and now it’s my all time favourite!

      • Analogue? More like compressed and flat (certainly on the CD, the LP supposedly sounds better). Sorry Paul, we are at poles apart concerning this album… it was a huge disappointment to me and I’m glad I only bought it after the price had already come down. Half of the songs have no musical ideas whatsoever (that I can hear), the other half simply recycle old Floyd stuff (mostly Animals), and even the lyrics aren’t as consistently good as they used to be, IMO. The only song I’d give a 4/5 is the title track. “Amused to Death”, while overly long, is much superior in my book…

  25. Neil McL says:

    Thanks Paul as ever

  26. Wayne Olsen says:

    Thanks! Picked up the Gilmour and the Buffalo Springfield!

  27. Stephen Hunt says:

    Cheers Paul, bought the Mick Jagger 12″ as I wait in the queue to see him and his young band live! Quite excited!

  28. Marcus Elwes says:

    You would be lucky to get a pint of lager and a packet of crisps for £4.78 down in London these days :)

  29. DaKraut says:

    I was REALLY, REALLY tempted – but I find his last few solo albums so boring that it would still be a waste of money…

    • Trash says:

      Are you referring to Mick, Peter, David or Roger :-)

      • DJ Salinger says:

        I think we can all agree Mick did his finest work when he was Phil Cornwell, running that corner shop on Stella Street with Keef.

        “What you done with all those tins of cling peaches?!”

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