This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

FR: David Bowie / A New Career In A New Town 13LP vinyl box – £142 or €160

FR: Lou Reed / The RCA & Arista Vinyl Collection 6LP box – £56 or €64

Save about £35 on UK price. This set contains newly remastered versions of Transformer (1972); Berlin (1973); Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal (1974); Coney Island Baby (1976)Street Hassle (1978) and The Blue Mask from 1982. Watch an SDE unboxing here.

FR: Neil Young / Offiicial Release Series 8.5 – 12 6LP box – £75 or €85

Five album vinyl box contains Long May You Run, American Stars ‘n Bars, Comes A Time, Rust Never Sleeps and Live Rust.

UK The Undertones / Singles 13 x 7″ singles vinyl box – £31

26 responses to This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

  1. poptones says:

    I’m happy my Stones deal was selected. I bought the box set friday morning and immediatly emailed SDE about it. I received my order saturday morning and it’s perfect. 2 CD + DVD + BR + Book (in english of course) for €19, it’s a bargain. The kind of Super Deluxe Edition we all love.

    In France, summer sales started on june 27 and the Stones’ Havana Moon box set was included on friday. I also bought Morrissey – The Very Best Of (CD + DVD) for €6, OMD’s Access All Areas CD+DVD for €5 and Film Soundtracks by Epic Soundtracks for €5.50.

    Sadly, Morrissey’s Best Of is no longer available at that price but you can still buy OMD and Epic Soundtracks if you’re interested.

    About the Rolling Stones, Havana Moon’s gonna be back in stock july 7 but the price’s gone up and it’s €26 (instead of €19). also has some great deals currently with summer sales :
    Paul McCartney – New (LP) for €10
    The Traveling Wilburys Collection (box set with 3 LPs and 16 pages booklet) for €60 (original retail price is €150)
    Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette (box set with 4 LPs and 12″ booklet) for €31 (original retail price is €80)

  2. John Orr says:

    Now I can order the set, but, of course now, it’s out of stock! Import fees and postage would’ve been £43 all in. You have to laugh or otherwise.

  3. John Orr says:

    Tried to order Paul Mccartney’s 4LP set from, but says it can’t ship to my address? Never seen this before. Unless I’m missing something? At time of writing, there’s only one set left, and it’s creeping up in price now anyway. Very frustrating.

  4. Graham Smith says:

    Undertones back up in price
    Hopefully will come back down
    Got all the originals but would be nice to have the box set

  5. Richard Lamming says:

    Undertones back down at £31.50. Grab one quick.

  6. Kevin M says:

    You can still FWIW get the main meat of the Bowie box in some HMV branches sell offs, for only £68 total.
    ie £16.99 each for Low / Heroes / Lodger / Scary Monsters LPs.

  7. xymox970 says:

    The problem with these price drops (which are great, btw) – at least for us outisde the UK where the postage isnt FREE – is that when that happens (as was the case with the Undertones today), by the time I can find at least another few items that are currently attractive enough for me pricewise to buy, the price of the item I was initialy interested in (in this case – the Undertones) has already gone back up…….so really its all about several things that ought to coordinated for me to make it worthwhile…..

    • Paul Wren says:

      Sounds almost impossible for Paul to do that, doesn’t it?

    • helltoupee says:

      If you’re in the US, the VAT gets removed from the price and this is generally about the same cost as the shipping – in other words, the price drop about GBP3 which is about what the shipping costs.

    • Klaus says:


      That’s why i always have some stuff that is of interest to me in the “save for later” compartment on the amazon-sites where i order from regularly.

  8. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Grabbed Havana moon at EUR 16 plus shipping….am I happy :)

  9. Charlie Waffles says:

    I clicked on the e-mail link and there is no Havana Moon. What’sup?

  10. Sean L says:

    undertones £60 now…

  11. Rosario says:

    Hey, another alert on Amazon FR David Bowie vinyl boxset a new career… 160€, the cheapest Never seen on Amazon worldwide

  12. Dave Brealey says:


    Undertones appears to have gone already back to 59 quid

  13. Peter Stanton says:

    You were right about the Stones not lasting long!

  14. Adrian Johnson says:

    Havana Moon now up to €27.90

  15. Daryl says:

    Hi Paul, do you know of the Havana Moon book be in French?

  16. Electric Sydney says:

    Do we know if the Havana Moon dvd/Blue-ray is all region?

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