This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

IT: Brian Eno / Music For Installations limited box set – £182 or €206

Limited to 1500 units. Incredible price (it’s £330 in the UK) which may not last long

Joe Strummer 001 / collector's edition super deluxe box set

ES: Joe Strummer 001 collectors’ box set – £73 or €83

Massive saving on the yet-to-be-released box. £37 cheaper than in the UK.

IT: David Bowie / Baal EP 10″ vinyl in tri-fold sleeve – £21 or €24


DE: U2/ Songs of Experience 2LP blue vinyl box set – £13 or €15


FR: Tom Petty / The Live Anthology 7LP vinyl box – £147 or €166

Good option for those in the UK

UK: The Cure / Join The Dots  4CD bookset – £16

Excellent B-sides and rarities compilation

44 responses to This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

  1. Steve F says:

    Undertones singles box was £31.02 briefly today. Worth keeping it in your basket in case it drops back down again in the next few days.

  2. Marc says:

    If someone likes Bon Jovi: The Boxset that was once over 350 Euro is now available for just 140 Euro at “The Sound of Vinyl”

  3. EPM says:

    Hello, Paul. Am interested in the two Wet Wet Wet, Def Leppard-Hysteria and George Michael L.W.P.V1 box sets should you become aware of a low price opportunity. Thanks for all the diligent work you put into SDE

  4. Kauwgompie says:

    I’m on the fence about the Eno set. I want the music for sure but the SDE doesn’t give you any additional musical content. It’s the exact same as the regular 6xcd box which cost $65. If it had more music on it, I would buy it in a heartbeat but now it doesn’t seem justified.

    • Dean says:

      Doesn’t the Japanese version have an extra tracK? I guess that’s the one to get….

    • Not Available says:

      I also am really having reservations about these overpriced “deluxe” editions that are ridiculously priced and only offer additional “trappings.”

  5. fitzysbuna says:

    that cure price for the box sett looks great ! too bad I am in oz! I think this is the last time I will visit here! I have loved it here and picked up some great deals thanks !

    • Graham says:

      I’ll be visiting this site for new release info etc. I get a lot of my UK cds from

      • Richard Lamming says: and WOWHD (and Collector’s Choice – part of same group?) all now automatically adding 20% customs/VAT to orders over £15 as do. Started last week. This is a big blow now that Barnes and Noble also have stopped shipping to the EU (including UK) because they can’t cope with the new data regulations. Cheap imports are becoming a thing of the past.

  6. B57 says:

    sux to live in oz this week

  7. Michael G says:

    Thanks cannot refuse not to buy at this price!
    Ordered before it disappears.

  8. Andy says:

    That Eno boxset for any US folks is $233 inc shipping from Italy. Thanks Paul!

  9. Martin Power says:

    The Undertones singles box back up at £32.23 – Only showing 2 left now

    • Richard says:

      I keep seeing this Undertones box set price going up and down, this morning (8th) it was available from Amazon at £31.20 (available from the 16th July), so I nabbed it. Price is now back up to £60. Very strange. Do they just keep finding them somewhere or something? Wonder if I’ll actually get it.

  10. Cosby Sweater says:

    Is that a reissue of Tom Petty’s Live Anthology? The Album wasn’t available on Vinyl for a Long time.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, a ‘warehouse find’. So it will be unavailable again soon!

      • Cosby Sweater says:

        ah, thanks. Just saw your earlier article about that.

      • Electric Sydney says:

        My understanding of the Tom Petty box is that it is in fact a repress, the records are a standard weight not 180 g.

        • Chris Squires says:

          If it were a repress I would imagine there would be some press from the label that would be picked up on. As it is it seems to be only rumour and hearsay. A warehouse find is more likely, we shall see when it turns up. The barcode will tell all.

          • Chris Squires says:

            Well, it does look as though a 140g repress is certainly getting some talking about. The discogs page looks very authentic and in-depth. Hmmm. Not quite sure how I feel about this, was it worth getting one shipped from the US if it is not the 180g original and if it is readily available….

            I like what seems to have been a bargain as much as the next man, but to find out it isn’t a bargain, just a replica? My Jamie Oliver Kitchen Scales will be getting a work out for the first time since Return to Ommadawn was released at 140g

          • Nick says:

            I have a Mint Sealed Original Tom Petty Box Set from 2009 And have ordered a couple of these ‘Warehouse Finds’ I have electronic scales so will let you know if there’s is a weight differential of 280 grammmes which would mean these are indeed a Repress.
            I find it strange if they are warehouse finds as one of my orders was despatched from Germany and one from America!
            Maybe they found 2 warehouses full of them. I find it hard to believe these are a warehouse find. Do you know the area 1000 of these would take up! You’d get 6/7 in a large 16” x 16” Box so you are talking several van fulls! In 2 separate warehouses!

          • Nick says:

            Well it’s a Repress! Just weighed my original Sealed copy from 2009 on my digital scales and it weighs 2.778 Kilos.

            The 2018 Repress weighs 2.601 Kilos and the Promo Sticker on the Front is a different size too!

            Why Lie about it and say it’s a warehouse find ? When it clearly isn’t and it’s a 2018 reissue?
            Strange the Tom Petty Website didn’t even mention it being repressed!

          • Chris Squires says:

            Mine hasn’t turned up yet and I already feel conned. So even the barcode is the same?
            And before any one says “it doesn’t matter, it’s all about the music”, cobblers, I’ve been collecting music since the early 1980s and versions / packaging / matrix numbers / label colours all matter.
            Why hide it? Why lie? It’s a poor show.

          • Chris Squires says:

            Mine has turned up Nick and it is the same as yours. The 140g “silent” repress…”silent” in that someone, somewhere has successfully conned a lot of people into thinking this was the old 2009 original 180g version. Whichever record company exec. ordered this to happen has successfully got away with it.

            It wouldn’t have been so bad if we were told it was a new version, if there had been press releases and not a “warehouse find” then we could have made up our own minds. But to slip a repress out without telling everyone and make the barcode the same and the sticker say the same thing (180g)…that’s a con.

            It’s like thinking you are buying a lovely 1966 Ford GT40 original and find it’s actually a 2016 model, it’s nice ‘n all but not what you were after. I don’t want a new one.

  11. Alan B says:

    Undertones Singles Box set deal back on at Amazon.

  12. Klaus says:

    Re: The Cure

    Good set but also available on several other (European) amazon-sites via marketplace-sellers for a similar price.

  13. Robert S. says:

    Hi all,

    I am usually a lurker to this forum but I need to speak up here.
    My recommendation: Avoid the Songs of Experience blue vinyl. Pressing quality is not good – lot’s of ticks and pops. Hope that helps everyone.

    • Klaus says:

      That might explain the price. Should you be a person of the 50%-buyers that don’t play coloured vinyl but put in on display or just look at it from time to time be aware that probably just matches the price of German marketplace-seller Yeah!-records who has it for 12 EUR + 3 EUR p&p. They only have 2 copies left at that price so when these are gone i think the price will rise again.

    • Pat says:

      Mine is dead quiet and sounds fantastic..the general consensus on the blue vinyl has been positive..Overproduction is my guess.

  14. Graham Gardner says:

    As a matter of interest,what was the Weller deal?

  15. Jan Burnett says:

    Hey Paul, fb Paul Weller link goes to U2?

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