This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Wet Wet Wet / Popped In Souled Out super deluxe – £26.88 £49.99

UK: Godley & Creme / Body of Work 1978-1988 5CD box – £15.48 £23

Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham

UK: Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology single CD – £7.99 £9.99

You should really get the 3CD edition, but if you’re not going to do that, the here’s a good price for the single disc ‘best of’.

UK: Ultravox / The Island Years 4CD box – £11.82 £16.89

China Crisis / Flaunt The Imperfection 2CD deluxe edition

UK: China Crisis / Flaunt The Imperfection 2CD deluxe – £7 £10

Difficult Shapes and Passive Rhythms and Working With Steel and Fire also cheap.

UK: Curiosity Killed The Cat / Misftis: The Mercury Years 4CD – £13.99 £16.99

I’m rather offended that ‘my’ Curiosity Killed The Cat 4CD box is so cheap! The SDE signed edition is better, but more expensive!

UK: George Michael / Listen Without Prejudice 2CD deluxe – £6.46

UK: Pink Floyd / Early Years 1972 Obfusc/ation 2CD+DVD+blu-ray – £26.99

Build your ‘Early Years’ collection, with yet another Pink Floyd bargain. This set includes the Obscured by Clouds 2016 mix, Live at Pompeii 2016 stereo mix, and the video of Live at Pompeii with the 2016 5.1 surround mix. 1969 and 1971 also quite cheap.

UK: Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars 4LP vinyl box – £52

DE (via JPC) Queen: A Night at the Odeon super deluxe – €55 or £48

24 responses to This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

  1. Mooro says:

    Just a quick one… As a fan of early Floyd but as one who knows very little beyond the standard albums, how good are the 6 x Early Years sets?
    I’ve read reviews on of faulty discs and also of the Blu-Ray segments not being entirely successful.
    Any help from the learned readers/listeners would be appreciated, before I take the plunge… especially having recently lightened the wallet with purchases of Imagine & More Blood deluxe editions!

  2. Mark says:

    If anyone else looking to use up their jpc 20% off vouchers tonight I’m after buying the first 3 Shins albums on coloured vinyl and The Stones Sticky fingers Live 3lp + dvd for €57. Very happy.

  3. TheProgster says:

    Many thanks for the notification Paul on the China Crisis deluxe re-issues i’ve been meaning to get their first two albums so I ordered Diffcult Shapes and Working With Fire and Steel along with a bargain price £5.99 for Simple Minds Acoustic to get it over the £20 for free shipping…I already had Flaunt The Inperection brand new off eBay some months ago for around £11 but amazon doing it for £7 is even better…with regards to xymox970 saying it was a notable change in direction I have to agree to disagree with you but it was what was needed to be done a progression in sound etc and they greatly benefited from it…and who better to work with than the late Great Walter Becker this is a fine album and well worth having in ones CD colection.

  4. Aaron says:

    NME website just gave Paul@ SDE a mention regarding the Kate Bush spelling error…

  5. Mike Williams says:

    It’s weird, but regarding the Wet Wet Wet Set, Amazon UK says “This item does not ship to the United States”. I know that they were not popular here, but… (I suspect it has to do with record label territorial rights or the DVD not being compatible).

  6. Tim says:

    Be warned for Tom Petty’s latest boxset American Treasure. The 24bit download got a superior mastering (decided by record company & engineers) compared to the cd.

  7. 2wicky says:

    to all who of have ordered at JPC before: check your inboxes, they have sent out personalized 20% discount vouchers valid until Nov 18th which makes ordering the Pink Floyd sets even more attractive!

    • Martyn Alner says:

      Yes I’ve pre-ordered the next 2 Depeche Mode 12″ boxes from them with that 20% JPC voucher, as it worked out cheaper than Amazon UK.

  8. xymox970 says:

    Just stumbled upon this last night and immediately bought Ultravox and the first two China Crisis deluxe sets – great value. Didnt bother with Flaunt The Imperfection because there was a notable change of direction on that album with W.Becker producing and that kind of sound is really not my thing.

    Also got Aztec Camera – Original Album Series (5 albums) for 10. Very good value, although missing extra tracks (there arent really too many on deluxe editions) and most importantly, the Love album from 1987.

  9. Lazysunday says:

    Lulu Amazon exclusive available again..£36.99

  10. Dave says:

    Fleetwood mac 50 years 3cd £10 at your local Sainsbury’s

  11. Chris Squires says:

    The Big multidisc SDE of WetWetWet Popped In Souled Out is under £30 for the first time at Amazon UK.
    £29.44 at time of writing 09.21 GMT. But this one shifts about quickly, however this is as cheap as it has ever been….. and it IS a superb set.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Agreed… I really like this album and the box set…

      • Chris Squires says:

        This is confusing. Clicking on the wetwetwet link now it says prime is £44.99. Not such a bargain… BUT stay with me here….if you click on the buying options link it shows amazon Prime being £26.88 (not third party). Another £2.66 shaved off what was already a bargain. I would order at this new low price then I would cancel this mornings order. For the sake of a few clicks why not save £2.66…

        I have taken it through to the end to check and it is £26.88 not £45 as shown on the main page

  12. pinkfloyd says:

    news flash!
    amazon uk
    wet wet wet
    popped in souled out 30th anniversary 4cd + 1dvd
    now @ £29.44
    missed it last week on November 8 :(
    got it now :)
    doubtful it will drop any lower…

  13. Peter Piazza says:

    For us in Oz the Eric Clapton vinyl set is currently AU$151.14 (about £84) from Amazon Australia.

  14. Klaus says:

    Noteworthy for German and Austrian readers who are unaware of it is that the six Pink Floyd “Early Years”-boxes are still available at both and for either 24 or 28 EUR. All six in this case come to 160 EUR.

  15. Peter Stanton says:

    Tom petty back up to £34. Missed it!

  16. Larry Davis says:

    The Tom Petty set almost went out of print?? Shocker…got mine for $25US and it’s going nowhere…

  17. Ralph says:

    All six Floyd sets have now dropped in price making a total of £139.73. Don’t think this will get much better and stocks weren’t huge so I went for it

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