This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

Deal alert / Roxy Music super deluxe

GERMANY: Roxy Music 3CD+DVD super deluxe – €69 (about £60)

£125 when first released back in 2017, the Roxy Music super deluxe is now less than half that price over on Amazon Germany. It’s also €60 in Italy.

INXS / Kick 30 3CD+Blu-ray audio

GERMANY: INXS / Kick 30 3CD+blu-ray – €14

UK: Manic Street Preachers / This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours – £19 £25

20th anniversary 3CD deluxe set in hardcover book.


ITALY: R.E.M. / Automatic For The People 3CD+blu-ray – €30

UK: Ian Dury / New Boots and Panties! 4CD+LP deluxe – £33

This set offers the album on the CD 1 (and vinyl), bonus tracks with John Peel sessions on the second disc, demos on CD 3 and a full 1978 live performance from the Paris Theatre in London on the final disc. Do It Yourself  super deluxe is also only £36.

UK: Elvis Presley / 68 Comeback Special 8CD super deluxe – £66 £83

FRANCE: The Beatles / White Album 6CD+blu-ray – €80 DEAL OVER

80 responses to This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

  1. Mark G says:

    Dudes, the “White Album” deal is not over, check lower down its on the “other” link and it’s coming from amazon warehouse for €76

  2. Steve Dev says:

    Ian Dury set just halved in price on Amazon Australia

  3. Jim says:

    You’re underselling that Beatles deal. It’s SIX CDs.

  4. Mark G says:


    Just to note that the SDE white album is 6 cds and a blu-ray.

    Too good to miss this time (dam-u)

  5. Mike M says:

    The Beatles White Album 6 CD+Blu-Ray Super Deluxe Box Set £69 from

  6. Tony says:

    Ordered REM box AFTP Friday, delivered this morning from Amazon Italy, £30.24 all in, what a result

  7. oskar says:

    Bob Dylan – The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series, Vol.12 (3Vinyl + 2 CD) in amazon Germany at 40 €.

    This is a Deal limited by time offer, ends in 12 hours.

  8. JasonC says: also have the Tubular Bells Deluxe set for €9.99. Fantastic value for a mini-box set: A great new mix of TB, the original mix, associated singles and a DVD with a surround mix and the BBC2 Open House performance.

    It’s also in the 3 for €25 with INXS. So you could get the Kick set, the Tubular Bells set and something else!

  9. Luís Rodrigues says:

    INXS os included on the real 3 CDs for 25€. Bought INXS 30 + Dire Straits SACD + R.E.M automatic for the people 25th (2cds) for 25€. Thanks!!!

  10. J says:

    I just received the Blue Oyster Cult Box 2 days ago. The upside is remastered discs sound great, the price is amazing, the bonus material is very good & quick delivery through amazon. The downside is that the slipcases in the box are cheap & flimsy & I find it hard to believe the band approved this total lack of quality. I was going to sell my remastered BOC discs but now I will keep them.

  11. Peter Muscutt says:

    Just a note re: the Underworld Drift boxset, it comes with a download code, but not for the box set contents. Rather, it is for 20 odd additional tracks (5.4 gb apparently) that were available to download over the last year – rehearsals, live jams, remixes, early versions etc ranging from 4 – 45minsi length so there’s a generous amount of stuff, and understandable as to why it wasn’t on CD wit the rest of the box set material. I guess you could burn your own discs, providing you have quite a few!!

  12. Mikey471 says:

    Ordered the Roxy set from Germany, been after this at an acceptable price for a while, thanks Paul!

  13. Henrik says:

    Thanks Paul! R.E.M. box set ordered. Can’t believe it was so much cheaper than Over £80 here – paid £30 odd at .it.

  14. Jonathan Riley says:

    If anyone is into classical/opera is having a steal on the two remastered marie callas boxsets practically giving them away
    For the complete albums remastered (60 discs) and the live boxset (45 discs) shipped to the United States for $125
    On complete remastered album set goes for $158 by itself

    I feel this could be one of the steals of bf

    • Joel Moalem says:

      Thank you for the notice. There are definitely some of out here that also enjoy opera/classical, and jazz. I already have both Maria Callas sets, but for anyone else that is a highly recommended steal!

  15. John Rea says:

    The Roxy set is a great deal but I have never found a way to translate the European sites into English so I leave well alone I am afraid!

    Super spot,Paul…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The Germany link is in English, so it should work fine…

      • John Rea says:

        Thank you Paul..I was looking at the Italian site earlier and we have had big problems with the French site before..

      • John Rea says:

        Roxy set ordered from Germany..£67.32 including postage…

        Still silly money but brilliant compared to anything in the UK..

        Much appreciated, Paul..

    • Gerbrand says:

      If you login to use the little globe next to the search-field to switch languages. is not available in English. Then again, everything has the same look and feel so you don’t need to understand Italian to buy a bargain.

    • Guy says:

      John, if you use Google Chrome as your browser, it has an auto translation function, so that should help. And for Amazon the look and feel is uniform across their sites.

  16. Tim says:

    Cheers Paul,

    I bagged the Inxs 30 (minus VAT) and Cure Mixed Up (7.99 Euro before deducting VAT) for a great price, but had to give the R.E.M. box a miss, as postage from Italy to the States is high enough that it’s not a huge savings compared to the Amazon U.S. site. Thanks for the notification!

  17. Adam says:

    Due to massive price drops, I’ve stopped buying stuff on release, and there hasn’t been one thing I’ve not been able to get hold of far cheaper, just by waiting a few months.

  18. Ralf says:

    Thanks for the Roxy Music news. However, the super deluxe does not include a blu-ray but a DVD.

    ‘Improved’ Kylie 3CD is down to 9,99€ (£8.57) on

  19. Mike M says:

    Cheers guys, Roxy boxset ordered from Amazon.It

  20. fein says:

    Roxy in Italy for 60 Euro

  21. Andree says:

    INXS Kick 30 is € 13,97 on Amazon Germany right now.

  22. David McLaren says:

    The INXS Kick 30 set is down to £17.99 on at the mo…

  23. Shaun says:

    It’s weird that on both Udiscover and Soundofvinyl that they say its sold out but they haven’t disabled the purchase button so you can put it in your basket. Whats all that about? Maybe they haven’t got to the bottom of the stock??

    • Cornelius says:

      Totally agree. You could add items to your basket, purchase them, and yet they could be SOLD OUT. Quite unfortunate really, especially if you pay upfront before dispatch.

      • Nick says:

        Sound of Vinyl do this constantly – I stopped using them a couple of years ago – for this very reason alot of the items they don’t actually have – or ever send !! Or if they do send it’s usually wrong!

        With this in mind I Reluctantly Ordered a FKA Twigs Red LP with Signed Print a few weeks ago, it hasn’t been dispatched and they are not replying to my 3 e mails, so my paypal claimback is about to be escalated!

        Imagine all the Money they make – doing this to Thousands of people weekly – earning interest on our money with probably no Intention of ever Sending some of the Items!

    • SimonP2 says:

      I ordered Eno box yesterday – even though it said sold out – but button was active. I’ve just received shipping notification so it’s looking like there are copies

    • Andrew says:

      Is Udiscover part of Universal Music ?
      I bought a Grace Jones set on record from there, less than half price.
      Woohoo !
      It had quite obviously been played and the booklet was badly crumpled.
      Seams were split/unglued etc.
      I’ve bought stuff in better nick from charity shops.
      “Check your bank statement.”
      Was all I eventually got as any apology.
      I’m going off vinyl.

  24. Peter says:

    I received my eno music for installations box set from the sound of vinyl but no download code in the box.anyone else have this problem?

  25. Mark Phillips says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen any mention of the sales currently on at soundofvinyl and greatofferstore.

    In particular the Steve Miller Band back catalogue on coloured vinyl are mostly An excellent £8.99 although The Joker On green vinyl and a couple of others are £12.99.

    There’s also Street Survivors by Lynyrd Skynyrd in a two colour vinyl and a Moody Blues one in a sort of psychedelic splat too.

    Postage is £6.95 however if you sign up to the mailing list on each site there’s a 10% off first purchase code. I had trouble redeeming the voucher on the great offer store site, but the Steve Miller reissues were also on sound of vinyl for the same price.

    So there goes my Christmas budget!

  26. drbryant says:

    This is the link for Music for Installations on Amazon Japan

  27. drbryant says:

    This almost never happens, where the Japan Amazon site has a bargain, but I just picked up the original super deluxe Music for installations (CD’s w plexiglass book) for around $90. It has dropped further and is now at around $85. I don’t know how much shipping would be, but this is an amazing deal.

  28. Chris Squires says:

    The Not The Nine O’Clock News Signed vinyl version is back up, it’s probably only a single copy but you never know someone here might get it….be quick

    • Nick says:

      I put a message up on the Not the Nine O Clock Page a couple of days ago – Re Signed Editions – it let me put over 100 in my Basket……so not sure if they have increased the Limit of 125 or if it’s a mistake?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It’s a mistake. Amazon aren’t going to be able to fulfil any orders placed in the last few days, only the original ones. I know for a fact that Rohan Atkinson only signed 125

  29. poptones says:

    I bought the Ian Dury box sets when I received the previous SDE alert (three weeks ago). I received them last week. It’s a real bargain.

    About Universal winter sale, to answer Cornelius’ question, the Sound of Vinyl was created by Universal Music Enterprises (the global catalog division of Universal Music Group) in 2017. According to Universal CEO, the idea was to give music fans “a personalized and curated experience for discovering and buying vinyl albums (by providing daily suggestions tailored to their individual tastes, recommendations from music experts and exclusive albums and merchandise that can’t be found anywhere else)”. With Sound of Vinyl, music fans will have a simple, easy and engaging service that provides instant access to the very best in vinyl.”

    Previously, Universal launched uDiscoverMusic in july 2016. Their idea was to “unlock the vaults, which house a vast amount of audio and video material, as well as make available select artwork, including award-winning and renowned album covers, and photographs culled from archived photo sessions, including album and promotional shoots, outtakes, and quintessential images. ‘An extensive library to be the source to offer music fans direct access to exclusive releases, fine art and photo prints, t-shirts, special rarities, limited edition special value pricing on vinyl and Super Deluxe Edition releases.”

    There’s also which was created 20 years ago (in 1997) by Russel Coultart (who previously founded Transient Records in 1994 with 2 friends, Lawrence Cooke and Simon Moxon). In 1997, Russel set up the website and started selling records over the internet from this site in 1998. Transient were one of the first record labels in the UK to sell music via their website. Russel then expanded this side of the business and started selling music and merchandise for other record labels on their websites. This side of the business grew very quickly and in 2000 this was set up as an independent company : Recordstore Limited with its web site As business grew even more, Digital Stores was founded. Then it was acquired by EMI in 2010 and Universal took over EMI Music in 2012.

    All those stores (udiscover, soundofvinyl, recordstore, etc.) are owned by UMG (Universal Music Group) and operated by Digital Stores.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Before uDiscoverMusic was ‘the box set store’ – who remembers that? P

    • Cornelius says:

      Wow Poptones. You’re a fountain of knowledge. Talking of Poptones, HMV have been selling ‘The Public Image Is Rotten’ cd box by PIL for £28.99. I couldn’t resist at that price. A great band.

  30. Andy P says:

    Brian ENO ‘Reflections’ from 2017 is £4.99 on Amazon UK at the moment

  31. RJS says:

    Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album Deluxe Edition – John Coltrane. £2.99

  32. Cornelius says:

    Received my Eno ‘Installations’ vinyl box yesterday from udiscover.
    There’s a seller on UK Ebay, with a stock of the Eno ‘Installations’ vinyl, selling for £49.99. Still a great buy. Sound Of Vinyl stock has sold-out. Are ‘Sound Of Vinyl’ and ‘udiscover’ the same company?

    • Steven Campbell says:

      In answer to your question, I think they are as both those websites and seem to sell through the same distributor. Raging I missed out on the Eno one as it was a good offer for the 9 LP box set even allowing for postage.

  33. Mark G says:

    That Eno box – silly not to really..

    *edit* looks like I got the last one!

  34. Swin says:

    The ENO Box sets are currently back up at Sound of Vinyl £29:99

  35. Mark G says:

    Ah well, it’s Black Friday coming up..

    We’re all depending on you, dude!

  36. Rare Glam says:

    Grabbed the Chris Cornell. At nearly half price, could not resist. Thanks for he heads up Paul

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