This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Tears For Fears / Song From The Big Chair super deluxe – £42

Get the re-reissue of this superb Tears For Fears album as a 4CD+2xDVD box set while you have the chance.

GERMANY: Led Zeppelin / Song Remains The Same super deluxe – €65

This is a nine-disc set featuring the remastered audio on two CDs and four vinyl LPs and a two-DVD set of The Song Remains The Same featuring the full theatrical version of the film plus bonus content including four performance outtakes that were not part of the original. Still not sure? Watch the SDEtv unboxing video.

USA: Prince / Originals 2LP + CD deluxe – $21

UK: The Lilac Time / Return to Us purple vinyl – £12.99

140 responses to This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

  1. Jeff says:


    Just picked up Zeppelins – Song Remains The Same Super Deluxe Box set- for 56 GBPfrom Amazon UK & Tears For Fears – Songs From The Big Chair Super Deluxe Boxfor 42 GBP also from Amazon UK. with global shipping with tracking 25 GBP converted to US$ is only $154.45……considering wants way over this amount for the Zep title alone……TOTALLY AWESOME DEAL!!!!! Get them while you can

  2. Andrew M says:

    I am seriously destined never to own songs from the big chair :(

    Amazon have lost my box and apparently my only option is to ask for a refund :(

  3. Richard S says:

    DM Violator box set is currently down to £125 on amazon at the moment.
    Although, just heard that this has been put back to a summer release slot.

  4. Heraldo says:

    Not CD/vinyl, but good, music-related, deals all the same.
    Rocket Books ( have some serious reductions at the moment on their excellent books.

    A couple of obvious SDE-related ones at half price:

    The Sprit of Talk Talk

    Time Flies: the Story of Porcupine Tree

    Dinosaur Jnr:

    And there are plenty more at lesser reductions or normal price that fit into the SDE-readers (Jethro Tull; 10CC; Syd Barret etc…).

    The ones I’ve encountered re all really well put together and beautifully designed and I can definitely recommend the Devo book for any other Spuds out there!!!

  5. Wayne C says:

    Another Deal of the Day on the Sound of Vinyl , Marvin Gayes “What’s Going On” at £7.99 and £3 odd postage. I think that’s a tremendous price if you haven’t already got this iconic release!.

  6. Martyn says:

    Bob Dylan’s Travelin’ Thru, 1967-1969: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 15 (Vinyl) box set is currently £17.99 on Amazon UK.

  7. Andrew M says:

    Thanks Paul! Finally got Big Chair! Delivery is not until May but at that price I can’t complain.

    Just gutted I couldn’t get it from shopsuperdeluxe…..

  8. CJL says:

    Same here. Been trying for the past couple of hours to get onto the Cherry Red site.

  9. John Barleycorn says:

    Good news… Cherry Red are giving 15% off across the store for 24 hours. Any item apart from pre-orders. No code needed.

  10. Blade Runner says:

    Don‘t think this remastered version of The Hurting is worth the Trouble. I own the very first CD Version from 1985 and this version is the best sounding of all CD versions out there. Just my opinion.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think people are buying it for the three extra discs not the remastering.

      • -SG- says:

        Well there were a lot of chances to get both of these TFF boxes when they came out originally. They sat around available for a few years, I even got my Hurting Box used in mint condition. So I don’t know what changed now… perhaps it is like the “2020 Toilet Paper phenomena” and to top it off this is a reissue of a reissue, perhaps people have “discovered” TFF in 2020, it actually really makes me wonder. They are excellent all around, albeit if one splits hairs, both boxes are missing a few versions (variations) of songs that could be used for a reissue in the future, but the pluses on these sets far outweigh any complaints anyone could have with them. And yeah, if it is simply the album you are looking for you probably don’t need this comprehensive set. I am glad to have them and also thankful I did not need to get them shipped in a worldwide crisis. Hurting indeed.

  11. Trev says:

    Ordered the Tears For Fears SFTBC Box Set Yesterday. Had an e mail off Amazon being Delivered Today. So Finger’s Crossed. Thanks for the Info Paul. Stay Safe Everybody.

  12. Elizabeth Hirst says:

    Listened to the SDE of The Hurting over the weekend and finally took the plunge on Songs From The Big Chair.

    Now joining everyone else in the interminable wait for Seeds of Love SDE.

  13. Richard K says:

    Prince 5CD/dvd deluxe £40 or so on Amazon Japan at the moment.

    • Sean Hewitt says:

      A great price but it doesn’t seem to want to let me order it from the UK. Every time I add my address it just sends me back to the cart.

  14. Gisabun says:

    Try ordering SFTBC [shipping to Canada] and I get “Currently unavailable for delivery to your region due to high demand. We are working to resume delivery as soon as possible.” This from Amazon UK directly.
    While at it, if ordering from Amazon Canada, music isn’t considered “essential”. Expect at least a month delay.
    And for example, Marillion’s Afraid of Sunlight 2LP unavailable. Third party sellers jacking up the prices.

    • Jeff says:

      It’s available now to the USA so I gather they will now ship to Canad…..I was getting the same message before as well….picked up Zeps Song Remains The Same Super Deluxe for 54 GBP as well

  15. Wayne says:

    Not sure if this has been posted. Human league, Octopus special edition cd £9.99 on amazon uk at the moment. Just purchased at this price. Thought it was fair.

  16. BJ says:

    Just got an email from amazon saying The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair will be delivered tomorrow. Seems like their stock has finally arrived.

  17. noyoucmon says:

    Writing to thank you for the deal alert on Prince’s Originals, Paul. My copy is here and I’ll be enjoying it soon.

  18. Shane says:

    Sat 28 at 2208 CET finally got the SGTBC box. Persist!

  19. Richard says:

    The Song Remains The Same Super Deluxe is now on Amazon UK for £68.

  20. Tony says:

    Bit off topic but I thought I’d get the kids a bit interested in their own collection, got the signed 5SOS Calm bundle of pink vinyl, 4 different coloured cassettes , cd & signed cards, the cards went quick & no interest in the vinyl so that’s mine, along with the cd & cassettes, they’re happy enough streaming (5SOS a great band, especially live), tough week for all of us, music been a big thing in our house & I’m opening CDs & vinyl that I bought years ago, I’ve just played the Pin Ups remaster on vinyl from the Five Years box, outstanding, the Roxy debut deluxe box is getting played tonight for the first time. I’m embarrassed to say my Blur box set is still in the shrink wrap, that’s coming out tomorrow. Stay safe SDE gang, & thanks Paul for the great reading on here.

    • Cornelius says:

      Go for it with Roxy Music. Leave Blur in the shrink-wrap. It’s better that way.

      • Tim Abbott says:

        Not sure how leaving the work of the single most brilliant and inventive British band of the last thirty years in shrinkwrap is ‘better’, but you do you, Cornelius. Your loss.

  21. Shane says:

    Thanks for the tip about, I got myself The Hurting SDE.

    Also just for those interested, I had ordered the M People Renaissance box from very early on, probably hours after SDE post. The signed-sheet It was delivered a couple of weeks ago, and thanks to Eric G’s tip elsewhere, I found out that the DVD was faulty (it freezes at “Just For You” – creepy video with bugs). Before I checked the DVD though, I had decided to order the box again because I wanted a version with the red sticker, which I understand was the only one available for a couple of months now, because I loved the music so much (thanks to the Gold post here by Paul I decided to buy that comp which turned out to be great).
    Well I got my second copy a couple of days ago and it is still the version with the green sticker and signed sheet!
    In a way annoyed because I wanted the regular version with red sticker (collector here) but in a way well, I got two signed versions.
    In the meantime amazon decided to ship me a replacement copy of the box because of the DVD so I expect the red sticker version will turn up but who knows!

    Does anyone know who to contact regarding the faulty DVD? I think I emailed Demon about a week ago but no reply.

    • Quante says:

      Wow Shane,

      You really have it bad to want a different coloured sticker on each box set. Hopefully for your sake the record company doesn’t look to take advantage of you and get another ten coloured stickers slapped on the boxes to tempt you. Watch out for targeted marketing!

      • Steven Roberts says:

        That’s *precisely* what the comic companies do – multiple ‘collectable variant’ covers – same story inside.

        Good luck finding all 68 (!!!) variant covers for Star Wars #1……..

  22. Sean Hewitt says:

    The Hurting box set is back in stock (again) at Burning Shed.

  23. Steve j says:

    Got my SFTBC yesterday from Mr Amazon no damage but as yet no price reduction from order price of £42
    Although e mail to say on same order £5.16p reduction on the Jim Capaldi “Open your heart box set”

  24. Bruno says:

    The TFF availability shenanigans is a welcome distraction. Got lucky that Amazon delivered SFTBC but I got the sorry no stock Amazon email on the Hurting. Then I ordered a copy on the SDD site which was cancelled (genuine human error). Then I ordered one from which still has not been cancelled – thanks to the SDD reader tip. Then back from the dead Amazon announce a delivery date of 2nd to 5th May. So we’ll see. I will certainly end up with 0, 1 or 2 copies. SFTBC is also available one minute and then disappears the next on Amazon and vice versa. It would be amazing to think this is an active marketing ploy. But I doubt it very much. Stay healthy !

  25. Wayne C says:

    The Sound of Vinyl are doing a “Deal Of The Day” Amy Winehouse Back to Black Vinyl at £7.99 for those interested.

  26. The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

    Never been a fan of 80’s music apart from The Waterboys, Steve Earle, Talk Talk and a few others, oh, Tears For Fears.

    I got ‘The Hurting SE’ from Udiscover(?) today but had forgotten what a great album it is.

    Just sayin’, stay safe.

  27. Shane says:

    Paul or anyone: yesterday morning I clicked on the TFF link, reached the amazon page with the deal, clicked on Add To Cart and I was directed to my basket where the item was NOT present. Tried many times. After a few minutes finally the item page said no longer available.
    Today you update the page for deals and this set is again on, same price.
    Same thing happens, item on amazon is available, release date 4th April, but clicking on link brings me an empty basket.
    I’ve never seen this behaviour from the amazon website. Can someone explain? Am I wasting my time trying to get this bloody set?

  28. Steven Mclaren says:

    Woke up this morning to see that SFTBC was back in stock. Even happier now having seeN The Hurting was mentioned as being in stock on Both ordered and thank you Paul again. Now to all the jobs I’ve been putting off with no excuse not to do them. Stay safe and be well!

    • Mike M says:

      FML keep missing the SFTBC boxset, anyone know where it’s available? Refuse to pay over, cheers everyone.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        We (the SDE shop) have a few left over, but just waiting until we know there’s no damages/replacements required with existing customers, before we put them up.

        • Mike M says:

          Nice one pal, I missed the pre order from you first time out so bought via Amazon and got “done over” . I will keep a good look out although I spend so much time in here waiting for deals and then when I turn my back, BOOM!! They drop and I miss them, same for many of us. Sod’s law isn’t it. Cheers

  29. Songs from the Big Chair £35.99 on amazon

    • Glenn says: won’t ship TFF box to US. There are occasionally restricted items like this. US AMZ has ‘2 left’ at $99.98 USD…

      • -SG- says:

        The no shipment to US seems to be a CoronaVirus problem. Within the last two weeks, just about everything sold by Amazon UK suddenly does not currently ship to US. Hopefully that gets cleared up after this global mess ends.

    • Dave Moore says:

      Thanks, missed the last deal for this.

  30. For all these artists getting Deluxe treatments, The Doobie Brothers need there catalogue updated and added bonus material. I know there catalogue has been remastered in Japan and the box set domestically. But there has to be alternate versions, Demo recordings and unissued material from all there Warner Brothers sessions, not to mentioned there time with Capital records and most recent album “World Gone Grazy”, just hoping one day we get Deluxe editions on the Doobie Brothers.

  31. Cornelius says:

    ‘Songs From The Big Chair’ appears to be back in stock on Amazon UK. £35.99

  32. Graham says:

    There’s a great vinyl sale at independent record store Resident Records (of Brighton). It’s hidden on their site at the moment so there’s a chance to get first dibs at limited edition etc.

  33. Mike Pendlebury says:

    The Lindsey Buckingham Solo Anthology 6xLP is currently $35.94 on Amazon US at the moment. I have the CD version – it’s a great collection!

    • SimonH says:

      Hi Pete
      When this is over, please come and play in Bristol.
      Haven’t seen you since the Lyceum in 1984!

  34. mr P says:

    Clash now showing at £109 – bummer

  35. Darren Gray says:

    The U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live In Paris [Super Deluxe] [DVD] [NTSC] is currently down to £88.19 on Amazon UK.

  36. adam shaw says:

    Hi Paul .
    Ordered The Clash box . Delivery is in May !
    But I waited for years for this to drop down in price so another couple of months won’t hurt .
    Stay safe everyone.

  37. RJS says:

    There’s a lot of useless junk in that Clash box set. Cardboard sleeves for the CDs inside a clamshell box and minus all the junk with a £40 price tag and I might have considered it.

    • -SG- says:

      The box is definitely big And is a presence, it is amazing it is still available. Actually it is a great set, And the sound quality is amazing… hardly junk. Actually great value for money, basically everything sans a few odd mixes, live stuff and the last album. You could end up paying the same price for a deluxe edition of one album. The core albums box released at the same time without DVD or rarities was very cheap when it was released 8 years ago.

  38. The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

    Thanks for the Clash tip Paul. At that price I couldn’t resist.

    I’ve read some comments on here about whether it’s right to spend on box sets like The Clash for example at the present time. With all due respect to those thinking this way but when should we spend money? When we’re DEAD?

    • Jeff G. says:

      There are a lot of people that are losing or have already lost their jobs – at least here in the US they are – and don’t have money to spend, and I can’t say less materialism is a bad thing, generally speaking.

      The thing is, if you like record stores and want them to stay open and like musicians and want them to be able to stay afloat and keep making their art, I think it would really help them to do so if those us of lucky enough to still have disposable income would keep supporting them as we normally would.

  39. Richard S. says:

    I finally got a delivery date from Amazon regarding my TFF Hurting box set. As I’d already gone and bought it from recordstore, I resisted the temptation to get it anyway and maybe flog it for a higher price and cancelled it. So there’s one more out there :)
    It’s been a nice thing to finally receive these as I missed out originally.

  40. Andreas says:

    Why is “Songs From The Big Chair” constantly being advertised for £36? Since several days the link leads to a price that is double as high.

  41. Tom m hans says:

    Woot woot, just shipped The Hurting SDE to the US…. and I got furloughed 30 days from my job but other positions were eliminated so I am OK.
    I wonder why nobody is communicating conspiracy theories yet, blaming XYZ on the release of a scientifically engineered virus into the wild (Where is my Eddie Vedder CD?).
    Working from home playlist yesterday: Glass Tiger Thin Red Line Anniversairy Edition (They opened for Tina Turner in Germany on the Break Every Rule Tour in 86, after Bryan Adam’s opened on Private Dancer Tour a earlier) but the rest of the day belonged to the Cure and various 2CD deluxe versions. The Top is actually really good.
    Starting next week will be weird, wife works from home, I am home with a Stay at home order from the County I live in but no work.
    We we’ll get through this. Peace and be safe.

    All of a sudden 136.00 USD for the new Steven Wilson SDE feels wrong.

  42. wahmbeck says:

    Yesterday I ordered the Simple Minds’ Rejuvenation 8Discs box set. The price at amazon germany is about 58 €. That is 10 € cheaper than 2 weeks ago. But delivery will be around april, 24th!

  43. imsparky4u says:

    Got both TFF sets in Texas today and am so happy! Been very excited for these. First time order from SDE and am very thankful. Everything you do you do with excellence, Paul. Thank you for all of your hard work. Hope you are all safe and content.

  44. Paul E. says:

    This comment goes out to my fellow SDE compact disc collectors/enthusiasts. I made the move from cassette to CD in 1985 (at 14) and find myself, for the time being, working remotely from home- distracted by 2 walls x 6 large bookshelves of music in my office. I’m not just a little OCD as it relates to organizing the 6,000 plus titles I have, retaining all the original OBI/stickers/etc…I’ve repackaged every single disc released in digipack, card sleeve or otherwise into individual jewel cases as a protective measure (okay I’m big time OTT OCD).

    The last bit above about storing discs into the extra slim line, double jewel or single jewel cases has really invaded my available ”book” shelf space for Mr. Sinclair’s future deal alert purchases- clearly an issue that required my immediate attention.

    I asked my wife and seventeen year old daughter for advice and received the following feedback (in the same order): “you could always stop buying music“ and “we have Spotify Premium- sell some stuff to make room” – there’s nothing like being in isolation with crazy people (I’m kidding…I think).

    I found a solution. A fix that was included with almost every Japanese Digi CD release I’ve ever purchased : the poly sleeve! I purchased 500 Japanese manufactured poly sleeves and have carefully, one disc at a time, reinserted discs with the sleeves back into their respective card/paper cases and have taken back some much needed real estate on the shelves. Initial cost, about $15 per 100 sleeves…future costs, to be determined.

    This might be an obvious recommendation for some- but thought I’d share just in case it’s helpful.

    • Tom m hans says:

      I am using for years and store my 2000 plus CDs without Jewel Cased but PVC Sleeves in IKEA CD storage boxes (now discontinued). Its very colorful and a little messy but at least they are protected from dust and sunlight (I live in Florida). I have a whole wall with those boxes, a cabinet for smaller boxes (Tull, TFF, Dylan, Marillion, Simple Minds style and others).
      The bottom shelves of my wall rack stores the 12 by 12 SDEs to look at each day. Hi, I am Tom and I am a collector. Hi Tom!!
      Paul, wouldnt it be fun to post pictures in these isolated days?

  45. GentleRabbit says:

    Happy to say that my Hurting and Big Chair box sets arrived yesterday in Australia and are now put away for a few days for safety before being opened inside.

    Again, a small insignificant thing with regard to the seriousness of current events, but I was relieved to see that the package looked undamagd and in good shape. Fingers crossed.

    Paul, thanks again for your TFF evangelism and opening up their little world to me, as well as the reissue announcement alert and everything this site provides generally. Stay safe, everyone!

  46. gwynogue says:

    Follow-up to my earlier comment, I received an email from Amazon that Donna’s ‘Encore’ had been dispatched so I guess they’re still fulfilling pre-orders. But still no mention of my TFF box sets?

    On closer inspection, “Songs…” is showing as back-ordered for April 9 so maybe my order is being held over until then. If there’s a delay, so be it…but for f*ck’s sake Amazon, could you at least TELL ME!?!?!?

    I understand that there are far more important issues right now, but keeping customers in the dark is just poor service.

  47. Paul Helms says:

    They won’t ship the TFF to United States addresses… :(. Luckily I got the standalone blu-ray audio a while back with Steven Wilson’s fantastic 5.1 mix. Give that one a spin on your new 5.1 setup, Paul!

  48. Poptones says:

    Received the Hurting box set today (ordered it from JPC 6 weeks ago from Amazon UK and JPC, Amazon cancelled but JPC fulfilled the order).

    With Covid19 crisis, self isolation and lockdown, I didn’t buy any CD, LP, DVD or BR this month. I live in Paris and lots of companies in France resort to partial unemployment during this six-week lockdown (approx 75% to 84% of net salary) . In this context, it’s safer to save money and listen to the records already in my collection.

    • Beechlander says:

      Amazon have updated status to “3-4 May” for delivery of the Hurting box for me (got SFTBC on release date OK). Ordered from earlier this week and so far emails suggest this will arrive soon.

  49. Shane says:

    I dislike John’s comment. Not everyone is OCD and you seem to be putting down those who dont switch of any desire that is not directly related to physical survival.
    You can still make your point without doing those things.

    • John says:

      I didn’t mean it as harsh. I only learned that Im no longer too happy for the sake of buying and buying. The whole anniversary of the anniversary point of record-companies releasing the same music for the umpteeth time was one of the thing upsetting me. Im music-lover and listener here as everyone else is. Im no longer too happy over the material, got plenty of music and streaming, so my standard and entry for ordering anything is a bit higher now. But I might buy some albums or boxsets if I found some nice and great that I don’t yet have.

      • Andy Grey says:

        Then don’t buy anything. X

      • Mike M says:

        I understand John’s comment’s. I for one have cut down on purchases to relieve stress on the postal services. Only placed one order the past three weeks for the Nujabes reissues that I’ve been trying to get my hands on for ages. That they not been so rare I would’ve left them also. I too have switched to a lot of streaming to offset the purchases I won’t be making at present due to COVID-19 but this is temporary. I adore the physical product like everyone on here but will only be making “essential” purchases right now. And well Amazon have put paid to that anyways, they are now quoting delivery a month from now so to prioritise essential goods. Stay safe everyone and keep up the good work Paul mate x

        • SimonH says:

          I think the delivery estimates may be a case of ‘under promise, over achieve’ judging by a couple of deliveries I’ve had.
          I understand people saying they don’t want to put additional stress on the postal system, however from what I can see, and from news reports, I’m not sure of the extent of that stress. I’m not aware of government advice not to order online, but stand to be corrected.
          In the end if it makes people feel better and does no harm, plus keeping a sector of the economy going, I can’t see the harm, also it may help people stay in and avoid spreading infection.

  50. 2wicky says: also still delivering ‘The Hurting’ box set – ordered yesterday, received shipping notification today

  51. James Watts says:

    Just a comment relating to peoples damaged TFF-SFTBC boxsets, I got mine from the SDE shop and the packaging was outstanding; I’m not convinced the Hulk could of damaged it. It took me the best part of 5 minutes to open it and I ended up having to use a pair of scissors.

    Best. Packaging. Ever.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      haha Thank you James.

    • Guy.S says:

      Have to say as well, I always feel safe ordering from Paul and the SDE team, sometimes there are cheaper options but is it worth the risk.

    • rare glam says:

      I second that promotion!

      • Stuart S says:

        Without doubt, Paul likes to ship the products just as he would like to receive them if he was ordering such items for himself.

        Always worth considering if you’re tempted by slightly cheaper options!

        Keep up the sterling work Paul, we all appreciate it.
        (Well, most of us do!)

    • John McCann says:

      Wot hulk are you referring too,70s era or all the other ones that came after him,? bet Steve Austin could have damaged it,but im sure he would have rebuilt it before delivery,

  52. Shane says:

    I see TFF still online but pressing Add to basket brings me to an empty card. Is this a new way to show its no longer available??

  53. Sarah says:

    TFF deal on Amazon UK now – Thurs 9am.

  54. John says:

    I haven’t bought a single album or boxset this year, even that Pink Floyd Later Years boxset is way, way too overpriced so I’ve decided to save some money instead. I got pretty good collection of music already and have subscriptions to the different music streaming-services which will provide me anything my collection might lack.
    I think something changed in my as this year started and I’ve come to realize there’s more to life than all this everlasting buying ocd habit that we all have here.
    Especially now with the terrible thing COVID-19 going around I just don’t want to fill my home with junk.
    I decided to give more thoughts to the more important issues and I feel that Im so sick of all the people being so selfish etc all the time. SuperDeluxeEdition has provided me great links and deals throught the years, but at this time I will be more careful and think of my health more than any music deal out there.

    • Dean says:

      Filling your home with things you love, and that bring joy to your life, isn’t “fill[ing] my home with junk”. One either likes this stuff or they don’t, which is fair enough. By collecting physical music adds to my life, it’s a long way from being “junk”.

    • StephendC says:

      John, it takes times like these to realise the beauty and gift of life/liberty and the good things that the human race can do [including works of art such as SDE’s].

      If anything, let it hone your skills in finding true works of art instead of slapdash money grabs. You will then get the best of both worlds. This pandemic won’t last forever.

    • Chris Squire says:

      A bit harsh John.
      It’s things that we enjoy that make life worth living. Do hunker down in your bunker if you wish but it isn’t really fair to criticise people for their choice of way of getting through this.

      • John says:

        I didn’t mean it as harsh as you might got it. And I didn’t mean it being nasty to any other here. Im honest and tender, but seriously I have learned to appreciate many other things in my life this year. Im not ocd hoarder of albums or toilet-paper, but have wealth amont of music anyways. It’s nice to have hobby, desire and something to collect but some of the folks I know are deeply into more ocd and they buy constantly dozens and dozens of albums and boxsets. I love music and it’s my main hobby and attraction, but I learned this year that I don’t have to own it all. I was a bit surprised to find out that I didn’t anymore get good feeling (remember how you feel when you are happy?) for possessing and buying so much material. I might buy some albums soon but that might be other day. If anything interesting comes if not, it’s not spoiling my day at all.

        • John McCann says:

          Its your wedge honest and tender one, hope your,o.c.d tells you that it is now clogging up your bank account,if it does please have no hesitation in sending it to your old pal John,look forward to the check in the post my tender freind.

    • The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

      I will continue to buy physical music product.

      I will never stream music. I disagree the way this music delivery system rips of the artist.

      I will continue to donate to charity.

      I do not believe buying physical music product makes someone selfish.

  55. Nico says:

    Just ordered Nitzer Ebb Box Set (1982-2010) [Vinyl LP] for 151€ from

    • squirrel says:

      While on that subject, didn’t Mute (UK) say back in 2018 there would be a CD box set similar to the box set issued in the US by Pylon? It would appear the Fad Gadget/Frank Tovey box set announced for an “early 2020” release hasn’t materialised yet, either. Mute gone mute, as far as catalogue releases are concerned?

  56. rosegirl says:

    Many thanks to all. Just got both the Tears for Fears sets.
    Hopefully they will make it through the lockdown at some point.
    Been wanting these since they were released several years ago

  57. Trevor Smith says:

    Damn missed the TFF Songs deal… for a second time!!

  58. Bruce Padgett says:

    Due to my package apparently being damaged in transit by DHL, my Big Chair box (amongst other items) was automatically returned to Amazon UK with no possibility of being resent. A small thing considering our world now. Dealing with their customer service for over two hours was unexpected, as I was continually given conflicting information about how the promised refund would be processed. Again, minor in comparison with everything, but an unnecessary addition to my already high stress level. Stay safe, everyone out there.

    • Rare Glam says:

      Hi Bruce Padgett,
      Just curious to know what Amazon told you as I am in similar position. Box set sent to me from Amazon in Madrid 2 weeks ago to me in Uk was judged to be damaged and undeliverable by Amazon in transit once in UK and returned to shipper (presumabaly Amazon Spain in Madrid) before reaching me. There seems to be no means by which you can claim for the refund because there is no physical product to return. Is it just a matter of waiting from Amazon to automatcially refund, presumably once the item has arrived back from where it was sent? As you say, a minor issue given the global pandemic (keep safe everyone, you can’t wash your hands often enough, I think my fingerprints have disappeared!) just curious. On UK customer services there is only the chat bot option open now, understandably but which amounted to zilch information wise.

      • rare glam says:

        Just got a reply from complaints @amazon Uk., they’ve sent another one thankfully.

      • Bruce Padgett says:

        Hi Rare Glam. Contact them again to request an immediate refund. Make sure they credit the amount back to the card you paid them with. Do not take a gift card, since they won’t be shipping most media items for awhile due to the pandemic. And then ask the rep to stay on the line until you receive a confirming email, which you should read carefully to ensure they complied with your exact wishes. A couple of reps admitted to me their operating systems often mix up credit card refunds with gift cards. Before you end the chat verify that you do not have to return any items, even if the order page details they’re expecting a return of an item you never had your hands on!

        I guess nobody’s perfect. Especially the software programmers at Amazon.

  59. Gary Thomas says:

    Wow, the price jumped fast, as it’s now up to £65.00.
    Fortunately, I procured two of the Songs From The Big Chair sets from a UK eBay seller about two weeks ago, and am awaiting shipment to USA.
    However, I still hope to snag a reasonably priced box set of The Hurting, although I am not that well versed in its contents, especially as it wasn’t until the spring of 1985 that TFF became immensely popular and well-known in the states.
    I remember a few weeks ago when word of a rerelease of these two sets was quickly followed by a lightning fast display of ‘out of stock’ notices everywhere. So count me as feeling rather fortunate to have grabbed what I have so far.

  60. Rui says:

    Damn! Missed the TFF Song From the Big Chair. Must have been a really short promo!

  61. Steve says:

    I ordered the TFF Songs from the big chair box
    Set before release from Amazon and they have still not despatched this.. anyone else having the same issue?

    • Steven Roberts says:

      I got the Big Chair box from Amazon OK – but still waiting on The Hurting to arrive (although they haven’t actually cancelled the order yet, so there is still some hope….)

  62. Eurovision says:

    I checked with Amazon, and it seems that they currently don’t ship internationally, in either direction. This applies to all international sites.
    Apparently, existing orders are still being fulfilled, I just received the M People box, Sister Sledge is in transit, and Donna Summer has not yet been postponed.
    The rep told me the restriction is temporary and will be lifted again after the crisis settles.

  63. Evripidis Tarasidis says:

    I think that the Tears For Fears box sets are the new face of marketing. Many have fallen to this consuming trap. I think it this is the new marketing model from record companies to attract more buyers when they are on the fence about buying a release. How many times these boxsets sold out the last months and – how curious and what a miracle – stores always find more copies. This is the new face of marketing and it is very cruel. And the more obsessed you are the more you buy when you see that something sells out. Mass consuming psychology control. And unfortunately I am a part of this.

  64. Randy Layton says:

    65 pounds…seems the price didn’t hold up.

  65. Patrick Hamtiaux says:

    Oh yeah. Steven Wilson is SO overrated. That is why all these bands and individuals have been using him to remix their back catalogue. Ian Anderson, Robert Fripp, the guys from Gentle Giant, and the Tangerine Dream Estate among others wanted a guy who did not know what he was doing.

  66. Mike L says:

    Thanks for the notice! Apparently Amazon in the UK and DE are no longer shipping to the USA

    • Chris O'Callaghan says:

      I’ve noticed in this week that some stuff I was going to get sent from to Australia is now listed as “does not ship to Australia” (ie Sundazed Velvet Underground Vinyl Box) – an extra AUS$50 – to buy directly from

  67. Tracy says:

    Further to previous comments have Tears For Fears The Hurting box available.

  68. Steven Roberts says:

    Tried to buy the Prince deluxe deal – won’t ship to the UK:(

  69. Dan T. says:

    Oh look, another Led Zeppelin remaster!

    When are they ever going to dive into the *MIX*? Getting tired of buying remasters that have little or no sonic difference between them. Would be great if someone like Jakko or SW could get the original mixes and put them back together again in 5.1 or something….

    • DUFUSS says:

      I think Steven Wilson is overrated. Everyone raves about him, but I don’t see the glow. PS.Not everything needs a 5.1 mix

  70. Colin MacKenzie says:

    Reflex Records in Newcastle (excellent shop) are still advertising Tears for Fears The Hurting box set as being in stock on their website. Cannot imagine that there will be many copies if indeed they have it but may be worth a try for those looking.

  71. Mike M says:

    Good price for the new Lilac Time LP, cheers.

  72. L Blackburn says:

    Led Zeppelin / Song Remains The Same super deluxe £64.14 on UK Amazon site

  73. Ian Smith says:

    The ‘standard’ (I hate that term, but…) CD should have had better packaging and informative liner notes in a booklet. It’s not as if Prince releases are bargain-bin budget releases for a minor audience.

  74. AdamW says:

    The great thing about the Prince set is the booklet and essays that comes with it, as opposed to the minimal packaging that the regular CD comes in. I bought it just for that at $26, well worth it at $21.

  75. Martin says:

    Good luck with getting the correct version of the Prince Originals – I had to have 4 versions before they sent the right one. Eventually cancelled and ordered from UK and paid more for correct version

    If they can get it right but felt too much of a lottery for this one

    • Gerald says:

      What was wrong with the first three shipments?

      • Martin says:

        They sent two versions of the single LP, then one version of the double lp on black vinyl and the third version was bent in the cover – Gave up and paid the extra from UK

        • AdamW says:

          I was far luckier than Martin apparently – one order and one successful delivery. So maybe they’ve sorted things out by now.

          • Martin says:

            It is a great package – Can’t fault it and may be I just had a trainee on my parcels :-)

  76. Kauwgompie says:

    Prince “Originals” CD + 2 purple 180 gr vinyl discs + book for only $21. Beautiful package. This keeps going up and down so buy it while it’s “down”.

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