This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

USA: Keith Richards / Talk is Cheap super deluxe box set – $43

Ridiculously low price for this set. $43 is about £34. It’s £125 in the UK!

UK: Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLovely Creatures  3CD+DVD deluxe – £18

UK: Def LeppardPyromania  2CD deluxe – £5.99

38 responses to This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

  1. Chris says:

    Low price for
    Alan Parsons Project
    Tales Of Mystery and Imagination
    40th Anniversary Edition
    only 88€

  2. Tony O says:

    Blur down to just over £4

  3. Chris says:

    Erasure Very Best
    3CD deluxe edition for 6€

  4. Andy P says:

    The Motown Complete No 1’s box is back down to €64 at Amazon Germany

  5. Steve Bliss says:

    Ugh. The Blur 10″ EP is 5 at Amazon UK, but shipping to the US is almost 10. Used to be shipping would be about equal VAT, but not now. Seems like an era of great rates for US buyers may be over.

    Or maybe once we emerge from the shadow of Covid, things will go back to normal. It could happen.

    • ARidd says:

      The Hitsville Motown Complete No 1’s box set deal is back on in as I write. That’s €64 down from €100+. Only 15 copies available. Good luck to those that missed the same deal last week – I have mine!

  6. Terry Gray says:

    Thanks for the heads up. When it came out last year, $125 did not have the value. Now, at $43, it’s quite the haul.

  7. Richard says:

    Madness Full House 4LP set is only 22 euro on Amazon France at the moment.

  8. Peter Muscutt says:

    Blur’s live BBC 10” EP is under a fiver at Amazon right now…

  9. Dickie says:

    Townsend music have some very reasonable reductions in vinyl and box sets.
    The one that caught my eye is this Blue Marlin Ibiza 12CD boxset down from £50 to £15. Limited edition of 1000 copies.

    • Steven Campbell says:

      Cheers Dickie for the Marlin tip for tho’ I think I have some of the albums in that set I ordered it anyway for at £20 including postage it’s a no brainer.

  10. Darren Gray says:

    Currently on Amazon UK: Rush – Hemispheres, Triple Vinyl, Box Set is £62.99
    Bananarama – Live At The London Eventim Hammersmith Apollo Box Set is £69.99
    The Beatles – Abbey Road (50th Anniversary) Super Deluxe is £69.99

  11. Karl says:

    Def Lep is great deal!!!

  12. Rog says:

    The Verve Urban Hymns 6 disc set is around £21-£24 on Amazon UK this week too. Lowest I’ve seen it.

  13. Wax Monster X says:

    Picked up that big Nick Cave box at Amoeba LA a couple of years ago in a “dent and scratch” boxset
    sale for 20.00. Still haven’t found the dents or scratches.
    Beautiful box.

  14. GB says:

    REM’s Automatic For The People 4CD Collector’s Remastered Anniversary Edition” is down to £34.32 on Amazon UK today. Great set, but I would have preferred if this, Out Of Time and Monster had all been reissued in the same format mind … Stay safe everyone …

  15. Paul in SLC says:

    Just ordered the Keef box. Thanks for the heads up, Paul! For those that don’t want the deluxe, the standalone 30th anniversary vinyl was also available for $13 from Amazon US. Even cheaper, one seller (importcds) has it listed for $4.99 + $4 shipping.

  16. Martini says:

    Is that a reissue of the Nick cave as it was rather expensive for a while or is there a posher version?

  17. Andrew r says:

    Keef box actually £83 as they insist on £36 for shipping !!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The price is the price, and shipping will vary depending on where you are in the world.

      • Tony O says:

        yes indeed, if you live in the states it should be for nothing

      • Andrew r says:

        Sorry Paul I meant why are they insisting on priority shipping ? You have no choice of a cheaper option ?

        • Martijn says:

          I think this is most likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a lot less air travel between North America and Europe, so also no mail services (as mail is usually part of a commercial airline’s cargo). Only option then is to use DHL or UPS, etc. which is more expensive. Those carriers have their own airplanes, so they can guarantee delivery. But that comes at a price.

          • Alan B says:

            Royal Mail is still delivering to US. I recently sent a parcel. It took 2 weeks to be delivered instead of the usual week but it got there.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            The SDE shop is still delivering to the US as well.

  18. Tony O says:

    the keith richards works out to be about £83 after shipping and taxes so still cheaper than the uk price.

  19. IGM says:

    As you warned us, the Equinoxe deal is over already as have run out of their stock.

  20. Craig Hedges says:

    Thanks Paul :)
    Just put an order in for Jarre’s Oxygene Infinity, There was also the box set of Planet Jarre at a low price which I picked up but I’m wondering if the download cards are still going to be valid now?
    I love Oxygene Infinity, can’t understand why it wasn’t well recieved when it was released I think it deserves a second (third, forth…) listen, along with Oxygene 3.

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