This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: The Police / Every Move You Make 6CD box set – £9.99 £15

Unless you already own it, there is simply no good reason not to buy this box set. It contains all five Police albums – well remastered and presented in gatefold card wallets – a bonus disc (‘Flexible Strategies’) of non-album tracks and a great high quality lift-off lid box (with ribbon, for easy access). Astounding value! You can watch the SDEtv unboxing video if you need any further convincing.

UK: Depeche Mode / Black Celebration: The 12″ Singles – £45 £80

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  1. Joe kelly says:

    Just had an email from Amazon to say delivered of my ‘Script.,,’ deluxe has been brought forward to July 11th…so they sourced some from somewhere

  2. Richard Fisher says:

    The Factory vinyl boxset is now just £59.99 on Amazon UK.

  3. Beechlander says:

    Factory communications vinyl box set currently £59.99 on Amazon. Up and down like a yo-yo..

    • Mike M says:

      Still not tempted at £60, had some poor reviews this boxset. Granted these reviews were for a full price boxset but gonna pass all the same.

  4. Colin MacKenzie says:

    Decent deal offered by the Sound Of Vinyl on Simple Minds 40 Best Of Double Silver Vinyl Compilation at £9.99. (P&P adds a further £3.95 although presumably you can add other titles to dilute the impact of this)

    • Beechlander says:

      Excellent deal – snapped this up earlier. Confusingly the site now says “Sold Out – 2 copies left”.

  5. Gökhan says:

    Offer on “Every Move You Make” now over and completely sold out. Many thanks to Paul. Managed to grab 3 copies.

    • Enda says:

      That’s why it’s sold out, who needs three copies?

      • Chris Squires says:

        They make fabulous presents for people of a certain age, just like the Phil Collin set a few Christmases ago. £10 for 8 albums or in this case £10 for 6 albums worth, all remastered and sounding beautiful. If I had friends they would each be getting one of these.
        Plus they will imagine you spent at least as twice as much as you did.
        It’s win / win for Gökhan and his mates.

    • danfan says:

      Just grabbed “Every Move You Make”, which is still available at £9.99 on (£2 for 2nd class postage). A bargain -many thanks for the alert.

  6. Richard Fisher says:

    The Motown Hitsville boxset now just over £59 via Amazon UK marketplace seller.

  7. Barry says:

    Bowie’s Conversation Piece box is £65.26 on Amazon UK, supposedly the lowest it’s been. It’s been steadily declining in price over the last week so this may continue to go lower still.

  8. memoryboy says:

    I have to agree, EXCELLENT Remastered sound. I feenthey fi ally got the sound quality right, so many reissues for the Police in the past that sounded awful to me. Worth it for the sound quality alone.

  9. smorrissey says:

    Bought it last year and happy with it however the steve hoffman’s boys destroy the remaster as always…

    • Chris Squires says:

      Life must be one long miseryfest for those guys. If you start from the premise of looking for problems then everything, however enjoyable, will be tarnished.

  10. Mike R says:

    I have long had the Police Message in a Box set. I had held off on this until a SDE price alert a while back and I couldn’t resist the U.K. deal <$20 US dollars for the newer Every Breath You Take Set. I found the sound to be better the the message box. I also liked the organization of discs much better. This gives each album its own disc in original artwork compartments with a 6th disc Flexible Strategies with the bonus material. The Message box had all five studio albums in sequential but condensed to 4 CDs with the bonus material between each album. A funky proposition. The new Every Breath well worth it, especially at this price. Thanks SDE for the alert.

  11. Chris Squires says:

    The Script for a Jester’s Tear 4cd 1BD is back on Amazon UK at £28.89

    Which, to me means two things…..
    a) This is getting very close to the last opportunity for people to get this at a reasonable sub-£30 level.
    b) Those of us that ordered last week at £22.04 are a step closer to receiving our orders. Mine is still at the “Not Yet Dispatched” stage, but the fact that Amazon are back in the game should mean the last batch will be honoured.

  12. Joe Donato says:

    After having these albums on old Vinyl, cassette, and first generation CD, plus owning the Message In A Box set, I sprung for this CD box last year. I am glad I did. Very good sound quality and packaging for the price. My only issue (and its a minor one) is that the Synchronicity CD does not have the lyrics like the original LP was. But I know the words by heart anyway!

    • Richard John says:

      Is the sound that much better than the Message in a Box? I hesitate over this as I own the boxset already, therefore most of the material from this set.

      • CAB says:

        It’s closer to the original vinyl than MIAB. More intense and compact. The packaging is very nice too – if you like cardboard sleeves, which I do. For a tenner it really is a bargain.

  13. Mike says:

    For USA buyers wondering about increased shipping prices, it’s because the Universal Postal Union can set their own prices from 1st July. It means an increase of over 100% in costs that the UK’s Royal Mail pay for last mile delivery in the USA. They obviously have to pass on those costs.

    And with 95% less passenger flights due to covid-19, Royal Mail also have to use more expensive air freight services.I

    I sell on eBay and it’s not really going to be worth sending parcels to the USA from now on. Large letters are thankfully not affected so I can still send single CDs. Box sets however will be much more expensive from the UK to the USA from now on.

    • Jeff says:

      Those prices have been in effect for a few months already……just last month I paid about 30 GBP for shipping to Fla for 2 box sets….where before the Virus I would have paid maybe 10 GBP

    • The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

      US buyers having to pay high shipping charges when buying LPs/Box Sets from the UK and the EU is nothing new to those of us buying items from from the US for shipping to the UK and EU.

      Shipping charges from the US have been sky high (geddit?) for many years, with only Amazon charging reasonable rates until Covid-19 hit us.

    • Mike R says:

      I’m a USA buyer. Thanks for the info. I was wondering WTH was going on.

  14. Tim Abbott says:

    Pure nonsense. Stay off the crack, Vinny!

  15. Bryan Greiner says:

    Thanks. I think I’ll jump at this one. But the thing that gets me with every The Police release is that they always skip over the Japanese and Spanish sung versions of De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da. They’re not on this release nor the Message in a Box set. You can only get them on the original 45 (and YouTube).

    • Thilo says:

      I have a CD called “Stars in Spanish” which features 13 Tracks sung Spanish by their original artists, (Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Suzanne Vega). This CD has the Spanish version of DeDoDoDo, DeDaDaDa. I have no CD with the Japanese Version…

  16. Vinny Marino says:

    The Police box set is awful. Sound quality is the worst. Search out the SACD hybrids. They are the best.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      A) No it isn’t B) where can you get 5 X SACD hybrids for £10?

    • Ben Williams says:

      The Police box set is awesome; in sound quality, packaging and value :-)

    • Andy says:

      I was happy at £15 anyone grabbing this at a tenner will be even happier

    • Dave says:

      Vinnie No way man ! Wot you playing this on .?????????

    • CAB says:

      I’ve had all the Police LP’s on vinyl since the 80’s, and I’ve bought every re-master of every Police CD that’s been released – Japanese remasters included.
      This box set tickles the muscle memory of the original vinyl more than any re-master so far. Miles Showell did an excellent job.
      He most definitely did a lot of multi-band work on his mastering, and didn’t stay 100% true to the vinyl, but in my opinion he bettered the high mids which makes Andy Summers guitar pop out a bit more, retained Copeland’s high hat sound, and didn’t screw up the dynamics all of which is quite a feat.
      10 quid for this box is an utter giveaway. I paid 15 euries and couldn’t believe how good it sounded. I just wish they’d chucked in Brimstone and Treacle too.

    • Christopher Merritt says:

      Strongly disagree – the sound was really nice and full on my system – and the price was/is freaking ridiculous. No brainer at all!

    • Lee says:

      Remove that cotton wool from your ears Vinny!

    • John Higney says:

      Sorry Vinny I have all the original vinyl from 1978 yes I’m that old have the Half Speed Remasters all the SACD versions and the Hybrids and one 24k Syncronicity Mobile Fidelity cd I’ve heard them all and I think the CD box set sounds spot on I also have the original Police 4cd Box Set so I dont know where you think it’s awful???????

  17. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    I have bought so many from SDE Deal alerts….Sgt. Peppers Super Deluxe, The Who Max A’s & B’s, Rolling Stones etc…just to name a few……but lately I have noticed for Amazon UK, that the landing or primary page where the SDE link leads to has the deal alert price….but depending when it figures out my delivery address (which is India in my case) then available prices become exponentially higher…..the 9.99 for Police becomes 29.99 (to start with and most are 3rd party dealers)….same happened with Abbey Road which was listed at 65.99 but my price came to 92.39 and then there was shipping….is it because of Covid Amazon isn’t selling to other countries?….since all my purchases from Amazon UK has been Amazon EU S.a.r.L….btw, I have the Police box set….bought from one of the Fnac in Paris early this year

  18. Thilo says:

    57th and 9th superdeluxe box (cd+dvd) by Sting is just €8,99 at

  19. Larry Davis says:

    Finally ordered that Police box…even with higher shipping, still only $26US, not bad…was toying with whether or not to get it cuz the 4CD Message In A Box has a ton more music & just as cheap…I figured I’d get this set for the remastering & the other for the missing tracks…just received that Motown box from Amazon Germany…the deal was great but shipping…not…at $32, nice piece though…and just found that 6CD Beach Boys “Made In California” in yearbook packaging for $75US, snatched that one…looking forward to that Prince Sign box, promptly preordered on Amazon cuz of the pay at dispatch…

  20. Dave says:

    Ordered. Thanks Paul.

  21. Jeff says:

    Keith Richard’s deluxe edition of Talk Is Cheap only $46.33 shipping included if your a Prime Member in the USA

  22. CSIII says:

    I got The Police boxset from a previous alert, thought about getting another copy for a friend, but the shipping is more than the boxset!

    Have a great day!

    • BSR says:

      Yep, shipping to U.S. is around 125% of the price. Guess increased shipping charges has become the new normal. Can’t imagine I will ever buy from Amazon UK again.

  23. Mike T says:

    Yea I love that police set…granted the vinyl was 90 odd but I didn’t have any of their albums and have had so many great hours listening to it..for 9.99 is such a no brainer even if you are a casual fan like myself..thanks Paul etcall as ever!

  24. James Kane says:

    At £9.99 an absolute no brainer if ever there was one.

  25. Tom M says:

    3-D The Catalogue [Blu-ray Audio] – £107.05
    Lowest price I’ve seen in a while.

  26. Richard K says:

    The Bowie New Career LP box currently around 65 quid on amazon japan.

    • SimonP2 says:

      Importation fees and shipping take it up to around 140gbp at checkout – but still not a bad price. Never bought from amazon Japan previously. Anybody know the policy if it arrives damaged. Dont fancy paying return postage on a 13 vinyl box…

  27. Chris Squires says:

    I promised myself and, more importantly, the wife that I wouldn’t buy anything else, and I already have the Police vinyl set. But at a tenner, it’s mad not to.

  28. andrew peake says:

    Police box same price in my local HMV

  29. Trev says:

    Hi Paul The POLICE Every Move You Make The Studio Recordings CD Set is £9.99 on Amazon.

  30. CJL says:

    Well, my £19.99 copy of ‘Who Can I Be Now’ has just arrived & it looks completely legit. Discs are gold coloured, all the cd sleeves are the same size, the gatefolds are folded nice & cleanly, the cd’s are in the Japanese style inner sleeves & the outer box itself is nice, sturdy & un-dented. Thanks to Adam for the heads-up.

    • Adam says:

      Just received mine too. I have to take back what I was fearing because I agree it looks to be the real done. Impeccable quality, gold discs, nothing noticeably a bit off. This might go down as the best bargain I’ve ever grabbed! It arrived at the same time as my Loving The Alien box (which I paid full price for), but I’ve got a Bowie weekend ahead of me!

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Well done guys! If you stay alert for deals, good things will happen. Thanks for sharing.

  31. lee perry says:

    Wild Life – Wings super Deluxe under £100 on amazon UK (£99.85) 3 left in stock

    this is my first ‘post’ hope it works?

  32. johnny says:

    Abbey Road (50th Anniversary) Deluxe [VINYL]
    50th Anniversary Edition
    Triple Vinyl, Box Set

    £19.98 on amazon UK !!

  33. CJ Feeney says:

    I’ve ordered a couple of the bargains highlighted on this site recently despite them being out of stock. The Eno Installations set for £15, and the Sparks No.1 in Heaven white 2LP for £14.
    Amazon UK honoured both.

    I just need to honour the Bruce Cockburn “too good to be true price” and I’ll be a very happy boy.

  34. Bruce Nicholson says:

    The Factory Communications boxset has been steadily going down in price this week after it went back up to £119. Its at £78 today.

  35. Adam says:

    There are 3 David Bowie CD box sets for ‘Who Can I Be Now’ currently on Amazon at £19.99 – third party fullfilled by Amazon. These must be the Chinese versions surely? I’d much prefer the real thing. I was once sent a Chinese fake copy of the Beatles Mono boxset by proper Amazon (full price), so I’m a bit dubious without seeing pictures first.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not any more. The deal has gone.

      • Adam says:

        I have to admit I did grab one, but I will be returning it if it proves to be fake. Should be arriving tomorrow, so let’s wait and see.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Very much doubt anything sold direct from Amazon will be fake…

          • Adam says:

            Well you’d hope not but I genuinely was sent a counterfeit Beatles Mono set a couple of years back (having cost £100 I think). Even when I contacted Amazon customer service and said it was a fake (and attached photos and a link to a site which compared the real and fake versions), they didn’t really want to believe it. I got my refund though so that was fine.

        • Kauwgompie says:

          The difference is easy to see. If they are light-gold coloured discs, they are real. I think they produced it in that colour specifically to battle piracy.

          • Danny says:

            i had the mono cd set off amazon which turned out to be fake. They were GOOD fakes tbf but still fakes all the same. Amazon were excellent gettin my refund etc

  36. lee sharp says:

    David Bowie
    Who Can I Be Now? [1974 – 1976]
    Box Set, 1974 – 1976

    £19.99 Amazon uk

  37. Richard Fisher says:

    Doors Soft Parade 50th Anniversary boxset currently £32 via Amazon UK marketplace seller.

  38. Arnd says:

    a-ha: Lifelines Deluxe currently at 10€ from JPC Germany.

  39. Graham (the other one) says:

    The Marillion Script box set is in stock at Amazon Canada for $63. Not exactly a steal but a lot cheaper then the 60 – 70 quid in the UK. No idea if they ship to the UK currently.

    • Joe says:

      I understand that new stock for the script box (CD’s) will be available on the band’s webshop within days, at the regular price of 29,99 (+ p&p).

  40. Luke says:

    Noticed this Bowie loving the alien vinyl box under 90 quid on Amazon US on the SDE price tracker (obviously postage on top for non US customers)

  41. Richard Anderson says:

    This might have been mentioned on the website before but Depeche Mode Black Celebration 12″ Box Set is only £44.99 on

  42. Paul Martin says:

    Frustrating when you pre-order but either way this is a truly amazing set for a truly amazing album – the documentary on the Blu-ray is gold-dust too. All decent albums should be treated like this.

  43. The Gedemondan says:

    Ordered this through my local store (in Adelaide) to try to support them through covid slow down, but they haven’t been able to get any stock, so I missed out.

    • Robert says:

      I luckily managed to get a copy two weeks ago direct from Fish (signed too!) after his webstore was down for almost a month. They’ve all been snapped up now though.

  44. Richard Cosgrove says:

    Different box set, but for those who missed The Hurting deluxe, my local HMV (Colchester) has three copies at £45. The HMV website shows it as sold out.

  45. Robert says:

    This has been out of stock since mid-May on Amazon and I doubt they are getting any more. The Marillion and Fish website have both sold out – I think this one has gone for good. The other two Fish sets sold out very quickly too.

  46. Darren Gray says:

    Prince – Movie Collection [Blu-ray] [Region Free] [2016] is currently £9.99 on Amazon UK. Contains 3 of his movies in 1 box set Purple Rain, Under The Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge.

  47. Wayne Olsen says:

    It’s a great set!

  48. David says:

    So for the Canadians in the group, be warned: Postage & Packing: £19.81… Import Fees Deposit: £5.85… Order Total: £44.03. Ouch!

  49. Mark H. says:

    Ready to order, but the $15+ to ship to the USA caused me to cancel.

  50. Graham says:

    Worth jumping on this, if you don’t already have it. The blu-ray is worth £22 on its own!

  51. Jono says:

    I’m in!

  52. CJ Feeney says:

    The Script set was a pleasant surprise after the problems with earlier sets. The new mix is really good and clear. The “Recital of The Script ” was an unexpected treat – I’m sure it wasn’t flagged in the pre-publicity. The “making of” was really expansive and in depth in comparison to all the other docs.
    Only having the “wrong version” of MSH (Battle Priest) struck a bum note.

    I’d highly recommend before it goes out of stock.

    • Normand says:

      What are the problems with earlier sets that you talk about?

      • CJ Feeney says:

        Not putting bonus audio on the CDs and sometimes not on the Bluray either, not putting the live concert on the Bluray, having two mixes of an album on CD instead.

        The Clutching at Straws stereo remix was terrible.

        Misplaced Childhood missed the superior 7″ of Lavender (which the band recorded extra vocals and guitar parts for).

        I would expect a 5 disc set to completely replace the Singles boxes and 2CD deluxe sets from the 90s, but you will still need these for a complete overview of the band’s EMI years. Brave is the worst example for missing material.

        Need I go on?

        • graeme ewan says:

          I agree man, i know it is initially sold at a great price , but why do they always go out of print? not as if they are being sold at a premium by Marillion in the first place for the great quality they are. SO MARILLION MAKE MORE COPIES!!! And being “Limited” to the ebay market this is a total bonus to any supposed sellers/racketeers . I know some folk are desperate to have everything but DONT pay £80 or more for a £30 initial purchase price please. Bid on ebay en-masse on ALL over priced products and don’t pay. I am sure every one person could take the “neg feedback” at least once. En-masse. Can we not start a change thing here Paul via SDE and put a stop or at least a reduction to this nonsense? I missed Gene Clark No Other SDE and cheapest i see if from New Zealand!! come on folks. Give it 6 months, ebay “£600 limited edition”. I hate that BS.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Since we *know* they always go out of print, the answer is buy one straight away! Making LOADS of something so that you are sitting on stock forever and someone can buy it in 10 years’ time isn’t economically sensible.

          • graeme ewan says:

            not my point Paul. I hate the scam culture and folk being dicks. I personally cant afford everythting on release yet some feckers now have it for £70 on amazon sellers etc. total dick behaviour which permiates every element of society. I have bought things before at real price and sold them at the same price, zero profit because I am not like that. I only hope it went to an actual fan. Never mind, i think my point may be lost in type.

        • Normand says:

          Thanks CJ… So I will still enjoy my 12 CD box set THE SINGLES ‘82-88‘ and the Script For A Jester’s Tear 4CD+blu-ray

          • CJ Feeney says:

            Normand, I really envy you having the 12 CD singles. I missed out but got the 3CD condensed set fairly cheaply. So I do have the “proper” version of MSH and the 12 minute version of Margaret on CD.
            I don’t have the 2CD deluxe of this, but the other ones have better (more honest) contributions by the band than the ones in these big sets. The 2CD of Clutching at Straws has a really good booklet compared to the 4CD +Blu ray.

  53. Richard Fisher says:

    Nice one Paul. Currently out of stock but I’ve ordered anyway.

    • Dean says:

      To answer Paul, I’d counter that argument. How do you think Record stores kept in business for decades, back in the 60’s through the late 80’s? THEY HELD BACK CATALOG titles. There was no need to have everything being “Limited Edition”.

      What has changed is that record companies want to keep their costs down, to the detriment of music fans. There is no reason not to have copies made, and held in stock. Back in the day, they simply repressed something when stocks started to get low. It’s not rocket science. They don’t want to do that today – even though they could – because they want to keep prices high.

      • JJH says:

        In answer to Dean, in the UK at least, my recollection is that many shops record shops didn’t hold that much back catalogue and certainly not singles, which were bought by more people than LPs

  54. george glazener says:

    Speaking of Genesis…..Has anyone heard any news about the rumored Lamb Lies Down on Broadway SDE Reissue that was talked about for this summer?

  55. dubsideofthemoon says:

    Had this price in France since the beginning at Fnac Stores

  56. Marc Sutton says:

    Amazon states that it is temporarily out of stock and has been for the last 3 weeks, yet they reduced the price!!! Doubt if they will be able to supply an out of stock item thats rocketed in price on other sites.

    • Klaus says:

      I think that some of the stock was held back by the record company because the release date correlated with the start of the corona-virus related restrictions in many countries in the western world.
      Anyways, too good a price not to at least give it a try.


    • Mike says:

      I managed to get a copy yesterday. And was in stock as of 6-30pm.

  57. Martin says:

    Quality bargain price Cheers Paul

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