This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

GERMANY (JPC): Steve Miller / Welcome to the Vault 3CD+DVD deluxe – €70 €90

This deluxe set comes presented as a 70-page hardcover book with a 7,000 word essay by David Fricke. This set also comes with a poster and ten guitar picks (aka plectrums) with Steve’s Pegasus logo on them.

UK Various Artists/ Motown Complete No. 1’s 11CD deluxe set – £47

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  1. Cornelius says:

    Goats Head Soup, double vinyl, is now £29.99 on Amazon UK. Glad I ordered mine at £19.99. So thanks for the ‘deal alert‘ Paul. A £10 saving on a £29.99 item is a great deal.

  2. Jonathan Riley says:

    that fela set is bomb. It’s actually only $70 something shipped to the USA
    not bad for almost all his albums

  3. Dave says:

    Hi all,

    McCartney’s Egypt Station three LP Explorers Edition is on the 2 for 30 vinyl deal at HMV online. I got that and the two disc Best of Big Star.


    Is the 2LP version of Goat’s Head Soup in a box too as stated in the post?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Nope, that text was an error. The post also shows a photo where there is no box visible, so I think it was pretty clear.

      • JOHN TOLLERVEY says:

        ….thanks for the clarification, but an aerial view of a LP looks pretty similar to a box…. thought it would have been a bit extravagant for a 2xLP set. Cheers JT.

  5. SeanL says:

    EGYPT STATION EXPLORER’S EDITION 3LP VINYL £17.99 on Amazon UK right now :)

  6. Michael H. says:

    Stings „The Complete Studio Collection“ (16 LPs) currently costs less than £ 150 at .

  7. Tony says:

    My Motown box came today, deal of the year for me, this replaced my many decades old Readers Digest cd box set, I’ve burned them into my Brennan, stunning sound from these CDs, fab design too.

  8. Michael Platt says:

    Thanks for letting us know but I’m getting the double clear vinyl version with the alternate cover off the bands website. It’s still a good buy at less than £30 including postage.

  9. Ralph says:

    Just spotted this on HMV site. A nice surprise for Kate Bush fans.
    12″ Picture Disc of Ne T’enfuis Pas/UnBaiserD’enfant at £12.99

  10. Richard S says:

    The Essential Big Country 3CD set is currently £4.99 on Amazon UK

    • Brian says:

      I preordered that Big Country set when it was nearly £8. It was dispatched on Thursday afternoon and dropped to a fiver the next morning. Amazon refused to refund the difference, despite my point being that the set was officially released on the Friday. Some you win, I suppose.

      • BJ says:

        Return the one for £8 and buy a new one for £5.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Depends how you value your time. Not worth all that faffing around, repacking the item, printing off address labels, dropping off somewhere for £3!

          • KevinK says:

            Surely the release date was the Friday so Brian is entitled to a refund. Amazon’s price guarantee states “the price you pay will be the lowest price … between the time you place your order up to and including the end of the day of the release date.”
            On such occasions, Amazon have always either just charged me the lower amount or refunded the difference automatically within a day or so.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Sounds like she should get a refund, judging by the text you are quoting. I was wondering if they go by the price at one second past midnight on the day, but I guess not if they state “up to and including the end of the day of release”

  11. Darren says:

    Don’t want to send anyone on a wild goose chase but I just managed to get hold of Tears For Fears “Hurting” super deluxe box set for £40 in HMV at Bluewater. I asked the store assistant and he said they loads of pre lockdown stock that they had only just managed to get into the shop floor. I imaging that this boxset was part of that stock. Might be worth a quick look in your local store if you are one of the unlucky ones like me who missed out on the February\March reissue.

    • SimonP2 says:

      Thanks for the heads up Darren. Just got The Hurting box from my local HMV £39.99. Only a few copies in stock but 1 was I need! Worth looking deep – they’ve clearly been clearing out some warehouse. I also got Metallica Justice box at £89.99, Stones Sweet Summer Red vinyl triple £29.99, Police box £9.99 (loads of these). They also had a lot of the HMV exclusive coloured vinyl lps from last summer (Fathers day releases?) – now £17.99 each or 2 for £30. They also had a good price on Rem Monster set (£82 down to £32 – but all copies were really damaged thanks to some wire cradle tag thing they were it. Anyway, well worth checking out if you’ve still got a local HMV

  12. Stephan says:

    Procol Harum ist Arstist of the month @CherryRed Recordes, so they provide a 10% discount including the 1/2/3 CD digipak editions of their first nine albums!

    Maybe a chance to fill some gaps?!?

  13. Peter Muscutt says:

    For any Jarvis Cocker fans, the new issue of Electronic Sound magazine has a cover article on him and a swanky pink 7” featuring two unreleased tracks. A nice tie in with the new JARV IS… album.

  14. Leemer says:

    Since is out of my reach with the shipping prices these days, may one of you in the UK enjoy this.

    Get £5 of £25 – instantly, with code GIFT05
    Offer valid on products sold and shipped by Amazon. Limited to the first 10,000 coupons. See conditions.

    Cheers and stay healthy!!!

    • Cornelius says:

      Thanks Leemer. Ordered Sparks ‘No 1 In Heaven 40th Anniversary’ vinyl. Voucher code worked just fine.

  15. Jan V. says:

    Fela Kuti! Thanks for the tip. Ordered.

  16. Richard Fisher says:

    Factory vinyl box set back down to £59.99 on Amazon UK but not back in stock until 1 August.

    • Fritz says:

      Got it. Price to germany with shipping is 73€ Top

    • Mike M says:

      Anyone buy this on the deal previously? If so what’s your honest opinions on it? It’s had some awful reviews which I find off-putting.

      • Trash says:

        I got it on the £60 from Amazon. Couldn’t decide for a while but decided at that price it had to be worth a punt.
        Have to say I have not regretted it at all. There are a lot of real gems particularly amongst the earlier material (I actually went an bought a couple of albums by The Wake on the strength of the track on the compilation).
        The pressings are superb – all my discs have been immaculate, no crackles or pops.
        One review I read moaned about the quality of the booklet and I have to agree that the paper is pretty thin and so you have to be a little careful when reading it. The content is great though with details of every track.
        I would definitely recommend it at this price.

  17. Jlmr says:

    Fela Kuti Complete (30 discs) €63 on Amazon Italy

  18. Dan says:

    I was able just now to order Tug of War Deluxe from for 75 euros. Luckily, my sister lives in the Netherlands, so I’m having it shipped to her address for free, then I’ll pick it up later (next year?) when travel from the US is easier (I hope).
    Anyway, I’m happy, even though I won’t be seeing and unpacking the set anytime soon.

  19. mearsi says:

    I Am The Eggpod recently had an excellent Tug Of War episode. It was uncanny how much my memories matched theirs – not just of the album itself, but if you’re 47-57 and were too young to remember the Beatles but just the right age to remember Lennon getting shot, the ’20 years ago’ anniversary and Macca having those early 80s chart hits (and you liked what you heard) then your DNA has this album in it.

    • Richard Fisher says:

      I can relate to that. Perfectly put.

    • Howie says:

      Thank you Mearsi for letting me know about the Tug of War podcast. At 51 years old it really struck a chord, watching Help on the night John died, subscribing to Beatles Monthly. He didn’t buy a Cavern club brick though.

  20. Tom m hans says:

    McCartney did not last long – :-(

  21. David says:

    It looks to me as though the McCartney deal has disappeared…

  22. mark browne says:

    Oh bollix got the motown set when it was £61 from germany which I thought was a bargain oh well

  23. nigel ward says:

    When Mecca’s boxsets were affordable. The good old days.

  24. Marc K. says:

    Still for sale at for only 253,99 euro: Pink Floyd – The Later Years.

  25. johneffay says:

    Not sure whether or not this is a deal, but Amazon UK have got Lou Reed’s The RCA & Arista Album Collection for £81.69. It’s over £100 in other Amazon stores.

  26. Adam says:

    I posted this yesterday on last week’s deals entry, but Amazon is still selling a copy of T Rex’s ‘Bolan Zip Gun + Futuristic Dragon’ 3CD set for less than £20 (for some reason it’s not the default option that appears when you look at the page). I believe this is the cheapest I’ve seen it.

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