This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: John Lennon-Yoko Ono / Imagine hardcover book – £8.75 £35

Crazy price for this wonderful hardcover book that was issued in late 2018 to coincide with the reissue of John Lennon‘s Imagine. Even though there were more ‘deluxe’ editions, don’t let that put you offer. This is 320 pages of largely unpublished photos and testimony from Yoko and key players who were there.

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  1. SB says:

    John Lennon Imagine book £8.75 in stock at W.H. Smith website

  2. Marc Sutton says:

    Def Leppard 10 disc Vinyl Collection Vol. 2 only £98 (€108) at

  3. Richard Fisher says:

    Paul McCartney’s Egypt Station Explorer’s Edition triple vinyl currently £17 at Amazon UK.

  4. Marc says:

    Anyone else seen Soft Cell box set (Keychains…..) in HMV? Desperate to have this…. willing to travel. Still regret not buying Marc Almond box on release …massively overpriced on Amazon now!

    • Gary Hunter says:

      Marc, Don’t know where you are based but I got my copy of the Soft Cell Box Set from HMV Warrington, where it is £16.99, wasn’t on display I had to ask for it.

  5. Wayne C says:

    Imagine book back on sale at £8.75 available early Sept – ordered worth the wait at that price!.

  6. Gaz says:

    Has anyone seen the Supergrass box set at any HMV. Sold out at many places online.

  7. Juerie says:

    Pink Floyd “Later Years” 2LP just 18,48£ now on

  8. SimonP2 says:

    Took a detour today whilst in London to Fopp and bagged a Prince 1999 box (thanks SB for the heads up). There were 3 on the shelf – all electronically tagged in wire cages with wire pulled too tight. I was trying to work out which box was least damaged when an assistant told me just to ask for a new one at the counter. So I did and they opened a full draw of the things, so if anybody is near London and wants a copy – there is good stock still at Fopp. Unfortunately there is no mail order but they do apparently do a phone to reserve and collect service

  9. Thomas says:

    One copy of Hurting-Box available at JPC.

  10. Richard Fisher says:

    Tug of War super deluxe box set down to £68 on Amazon UK.

  11. Mark says:

    INXS Live Baby Live 2cd + Blu-Ray can be picked up for around £15 now on Amazon UK, Great Value!

  12. Sputnik Stokie says:

    Got Sftbc box set today £29.99 in HMV. The Hurting box set was £24 in Hanley- Stoke store

    • Gary Hunter says:

      Thank you for the heads up regards HMV box set offers, managed to pick up Soft Cell box set for £16.99 at HMV Warrington, an absolute steal!! They had Songs From The Big Chair Box set for £29.99 too

  13. Mike M says:

    Don’t live anywhere near a HMV so had a mate pop in and have a look for The Hurting boxset at his local store, they had a copy and he picked it up for me, made up after missing this so many times.

  14. Matt says:

    Popped into my local HMV today & bagged the OMD Souvenir boxset for £59.99.

  15. SB says:

    Prince 1999 CD Superdeluxe few copies still available at Fopp Covent Garden £75.

  16. Andrew MANT says:

    I picked up def leppard early years boxset for 38 quid and caravan 9 disc set for 45 quid in fopp West End yesterday.

  17. Paul Gray says:

    Just picked up The Police box for £4.99 in HMV despite arguing on here that I only needed a best of….. Silly price so no brainer even if there’s a lot of filler.

  18. Andrew MANT says:

    I picked up def leppard early years for 38 pound and caravan 9 disc box for 45 pound in fopp West End yesterday. Loads of cheap cds and boxset something is going on with HMV clearly as Canterbury was doing the same on Friday. Hopefully they have realised they are so expensive and thought about tidying their act up.

  19. Marc says:

    Based on HMV comments here; thought I would take a punt & pop in store (Sheffield). So glad I did bagged Hurting 30th (24.99) , Monster 5 cd / blue ray (29.99) & Street fighting years box (29.99).

  20. SimonP2 says:

    Back to HMV today to get a few items for a friend. Quite a few new things today – mainly single CDs for 1.99 or 2.99 – but some good ones that arent usually marked down. Box set wise – Simple Minds Street Box £29.99 and The Band Super Deluxe £29.99. Police box is now £4.99 !! It’s stickered at £6.99 but when it goes through the till it comes up with a further discount to £4.99.

    • Michael Kelly says:

      What Hmv you in Simon. Was in Glasgow Wednesday and street fighting years was 49.99
      Been waiting in it coming down

      • Caroline says:

        I was in Glasgow on Friday, Michael and they had it at 29.99. Fopp had the 2 disc edition for a fiver.

        • Michael Kelly says:

          Thank Caroline. I picked up the 4cd and 2cd in East Kilbride the other day as i stay 10mins down road in Hamilton. Going to hit Fopp Glasgow on Friday for a bargain or 4.

    • SimonP2 says:

      Today I was in High Wycombe. They had about three Street Fighting boxes. I see this set seems to have appeared on amazon uk today at £33.50 so that may be your best option. Also forgot to say earlier – HMV now have Cureation big box for £19.99, Taylor Swift Lover box £7.99, Cranberries Everyone box £7.99, and Zappa HOT rats £74.99

      • Michael Kelly says:

        Hi Simon thanks
        Wife just got me it in East Kilbride
        Got sfy for 29.99 and the sfy 2cd version for 6.99


    • Graham Gardner says:

      Simon you were lucky to get The Band super deluxe at that price. Both HMV & FOPP in Glasgow aret £70. I asked if it was being reduced to £29.99 and they said wasn’t. So lucky you.

  21. Darren Gardner says:

    Today I looked for TFF The Hurting box in Canterbury HMV…no luck with that one but got Chemical Brothers Surrender 3CD and DVD set for £11.99 which I thought was great value.

    • Mark Francis says:

      Is Tunbridge Wells within range for you Darren? HMV there had at least one copy this morning (Sunday 26th)

  22. Rich E says:

    Lennon up to 15 quid now but that’s still great value for what you get.

  23. Matthias says:

    The Jam Snap! double vinyl + single only 17.99 GBP at the moment on

  24. Roberto R says:

    Wish You Were Here Immersion Edition € 49,69

  25. Mike M says:

    Lennon book gone unfortunately, anyone know how long that lasted?

  26. Paul Bakewell says:

    This is odd. I’ve been into x3 local Essex HMVs hoping for some bargains but nowt ?! No customers either which doesn’t bode well.

  27. Phil says:

    Just to report another 1999 superdeluxe CD set in the wild – one copy found (and bought) today at Sunderland HMV for the original price of £59.99, just sitting on the shelf. So if you have a branch near you, could be worth a visit. There are definitely copies still out there.

  28. Steven Mclaren says:

    The Hurting box set was at HMV Stirling too. £24.99 there were 3 left.

  29. Shaun says:

    Reading about all these bargains at HMV has got me wondering what is going on at the moment. I was told last week that their warehouses are vastly overstocked and they are “weeks from going bust”. I have no idea how much truth there is in that but I was also told that they are offloading overstocked products at very cheap prices. I suspect that there will be a lot of bargains to be had over the next 12 months or so if you look around.

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Shaun.

      I spoke with a member of staff in the Stirling HMV who said that Universal are not taking back any stock as they don’t have the staff to manage returns, so HMV have to shift it at low prices. Not sure about HMV going out of business, but sadly I wouldn’t be surprised.

  30. David Harold says:

    Good stuff in Fopp Covent Garden today

    Hurting box set £25
    1999 super deluxe cd £75
    Bridges to Buenos Aires 2cd/dvd £12 2cd/br £18
    Loads of 2 for £30 vinyl

  31. Dan says:

    Depeche Mode – Black Celebration 12″ Singles Box Set back to £44.99 on Amazon UK. Surprised this hasn’t sold out yet like Violator has a la the SACD version being so sort after.

  32. RJS says:

    A bit of a sale at my local HMV, assume it’s nationwide. All CD:

    The Police album box Set: £6.99(!)
    Beck’s latest album: £2.99
    Best of R.E.M at BBC: £6.99
    R.E.M Monster 2CD: £11.99
    The Band eponymous 50th Anniversary 2CD: £5.99

    And a few others.

    • SimonP2 says:

      At HMV store this morning – Police cd box £6.99, TFF Hurting box £24.99!, Songs box £29.99, Freddie Mercury Never Boring box £29.99, Chemical bros Surrender box £11.99!, Cream Farewell box £25.99, ABBA CD box £10.99, OMD box £64. These are all stickered stock delivered new to the store yesterday apparently so definately worth a look if you are near a HMV

      • mike says:

        Bizarre, discounting a box set that has sold out twice. Guess they ordered far too many for the third batch!

  33. Heinz says:

    I think this is the only place where you can get
    the “Gentle Giant” mega-boxset at the regular price:

  34. Oskar says:

    jpc vinyl discount campaign: 10 % discount on selected vinyl highlights, Whith Code VINYLRABATT

  35. Ben Williams says:

    Ringo’s latest album on CD just £2.99 at Amazon UK
    – worth the money for that price, it’s a fun listen.

  36. Derek Langsford says:

    Surprised they discounted this at all considering how limited it was.

    Really hope TSoL SDE Box sees release this year as previously hinted.

  37. Tom m hans says:


  38. Mike M says:

    That didn’t last…

  39. Gareth Cole says:

    Sold out already sadly!

  40. Steve W says:

    It’s a very good price burt I don’t think it adds enough to the 2CD special edition that I bought years ago.

    Keep the deals coming though Paul! :)

  41. Mike M says:

    Superb price, bought. Cheers mate

  42. Jim says:

    Where is the Seeds of Love box set?

    • Brian Guest says:

      A couple of weeks ago there was a posting on Amazon for a 2cd edition of Seeds of Love being released on 4th September. It’s since been removed. Signs of movement?

  43. Martin says:

    Great deal on the TFF – Wish it was The Hurting

    • Steven Roberts says:

      HMV has/had The Hurting in stock in some stores (I’ve seen it in two different ones in recent weeks).

  44. Paulie says:

    I couldn’t finally resist TFF at that price… thank you Paul!

    • Tony says:

      HMV Banbury, got the Cure 40 live 2 DVD with 4 CDs for £15, Beck & Blossoms latest for £2.99 each & Stones In Bremen £11.99 DVD with 2 CDs. Big Freddie box is £35, TFF sftbc £29.99, well worth popping in if you’re nearby, lots of odds n sods to look through.

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