This Week’s Reissue and Box Set Deals

UK: James Taylor / The Warner Bros. Albums 1970-76 6LP vinyl – £66

Lowest price to date for this box set that was released in the summer. Peter Asher has remastered all six albums:: ‘Sweet Baby James’ (1970), ‘Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon’ (1971), ‘One Man Dog’ (1972), ‘Walking Man’ (1974), ‘Gorilla’ (1975), and ‘In the Pocket’ (1976).

UK: Marillion / Clutching at Straws 5LP vinyl box set – £33 

Another lowest price to date… for the box that was over £80 at one point. Tremendous value and also likely to go out-of-print in the near future (like Misplaced Childhood).

GERMANY (JPC): Small Faces / Here Comes The Nice box set – €79 €110

Fantastic box produced by Charly Records in 2014. This isn’t the very limited signed version of course, but still a beautifully produced set which features four CDs, books, posters, seven-inch singles and more…

ITALY: David Bowie / Mercury Demos box set – €53 (or £44)

Still not pricey, but this is the cheapest I’ve seen what was an £80 box set six months ago.


ITALY: The Doors / Soft Parade super deluxe  13LP – €30

ITALY: Whitesnake / Slip of the Tongue 6CD+DVD super deluxe – €39 €59


UK: Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology 6LP vinyl box set – £45

141 responses to This Week’s Reissue and Box Set Deals

  1. Andrew Mant says:

    So my Doors SP box arrived today damaged from Amazon Italy will be contesting it tomorrow.

  2. Nico says:

    alright, i just cracked for this one (75€ with shipping), knowing that the price will eventually drop even more : )

  3. Tony says:

    That was a handy alert, thank you Paul, Marillion for my bruv, Doors for me & Whitesnake for bruv’s birthday in January. Anyone here pop into Ronnie Wood’s pop up shop in Baker Street? I got a signed vinyl Mad Lad, lovely man with a kind word for everyone, some crazy expensive art in there which did look stunning, plenty of reasonably priced t shirts, vinyl & odd n sods, great idea, he must have sold a lot of vinyl this weekend.

  4. John Orr says:

    Re earlier post, Amazon Italy quickly replied by email, and are creating another order for The Doors, telling me to keep/dispose of the first one. Here’s hoping this one comes sealed.

    • Hannes says:

      Have the same problem. How exactly did you contaced them?
      My Italian is too bad to navigate through the site.
      Is there some support mail address?
      Thanks for your help.

  5. Le Baron says:

    Too late for the Marillion box set… :'(

  6. John Orr says:

    Ordered The Doors Soft Parade yesterday, it arrived today. Great service you might think. But was already sceptical hearing the contents move around too freely given the size of the box. You know where this is going. Sure enough, it was UNSEALED, bashed and marked to bits. Looked like a return. We’ve all had bad experiences with all the Amazon’s over the years, but this was one of the worst examples I’ve ever seen. Contacted Amazon Italy over the phone, the woman didn’t speak or know any English, which is fair enough, but you’d expect someone there to know a little, given the Europeans are far ahead of us in knowing more than one language. She promptly hung up the phone. I then tried online chat, the person didn’t know /understand either, but said they would pass on my complaint, and I would recieve a response by email. So. I’m waiting for that reply. Nothing but a brand new and sealed copy will do. As for the copy I recieved today, I’m not even sure it’ll end up on ebay, it’s that bad. How could anybody think that would be acceptable? It clearly depends on who you get on the other end of online shopping. Hit and miss once more it seems..

  7. Quante says:

    Two more worth looking at:

    Marillion Brave 5 lp set at £35 on Amazon UK

    Prince 1999 10 lp set €157 on Amazon Germany (or £131)

  8. paul wren says:

    I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve bagged the Marillion box set at £39 as it’s still good value.

  9. robert tyrrell says:

    Marillion LP Box set 34.27 amazon UK

  10. Mike M says:

    Brilliant price for The Doors – Soft Parade boxset. Coming it at under £30 inc. delivery. Too cheap to pass up, nice one.

  11. Shane says:

    It would be interesting to know all the countries who demand amazon to collect taxes beforehand, their refusal and subsequent blacklisting from the site. I think its a real bastard move from those countries (mine is of them !) Who somehow think local business will gain from it. Building walls like trump. Well done.

  12. RichardL says:

    Re Small Faces set – Just has some problems with After great service, ordered the Prince Super Deluxe box which arrived opened and scuffed all over, the paper track list scrunched in a ball, as was the wrapper. Apparently untouched by customs. Now waiting on a refund from them, and looking for hefty return postage (they’re in Germany, I’m in UK). Makes me think twice about ordering from them again.

  13. Larry Davis says:

    Interesting deals…but this week I won an eBay auction for Blur’s 21 boxset…waiting on that forever for a good price…paid 80 pounds plus $50US for shipping, the weight…but what’s the deal with Depeche Mode?? The black “MODE” cube totally unavailable on Amazon UK, as well as those original individual deluxes…all unavailable!! And on Amazon US, it was down to $131 but pushed to January 24, 2020…so I put the preorder in…it could all go or get deleted/cancelled…the UK one is on Sony & US one on Warners/Rhino…odd…also hard to get Roxette/Marie collectibles these days in the wake of her death…

  14. RichardK says:

    Wow, great deal on the Small Faces box Paul, thanks for that! After reading all the great reviews I decided to go for it!

  15. David says:

    The Go-Betweens box is reviewed in the December 15, 2019 edition of The Sunday Times of London… here is the review:

    G Stands for Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology — Volume 2
    A proper bells-and-whistles affair, this huge box set consists of five LPs, five CDs and a 112-page book that includes archival photos and liner notes by Robert Forster and contemporary musicians and fans. At its core are the band’s three mid-period albums: Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express, Tallulah and 16 Lovers Lane, their masterpiece, all remastered from the original tapes. Alongside these are B-sides, unreleased demos and a recording of a London gig from 1987. Consistently underrated, the Go-Betweens retain a fiercely devoted fan base. Re-immersing yourself in these indie gems is bittersweet: you think of the success that eluded the Australians despite their having deserved it; you think, too, of Grant McLennan, Forster’s founding partner, who died in 2006 aged just 48. A much-missed band and a much-missed musician. (Dan Cairns)

  16. Trond says:

    Thanks Paul, The doors 33.60 Euro delivered. Half the price compared with local price in Norway

  17. Wayne says:

    Woe is me , have followed your deals for ages and secured many a bargain , but now NZ Govt wants Amazon to collect Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) on their behalf , Amazons response is to stop sending anything to NZ. Wife is pleased but I’m miserable

  18. Martin says:

    Cheers for the heads up on The Doors SDE was looking at this on Am UK and was £45 so delivered at £30 is brilliant

  19. Kristan S Reed says:

    Also had my Go Betweens order cancelled by Amazon, and I jumped on it early. Useless bastards! They clearly never had the stock.

    • Dave brealey says:


      Same as me I hate when they do that . The company who supply’s them never had any stock. I got 5 quid compensation.

  20. Poptones says:

    My orders from Amazon UK have been delivered today : Soft Cell’s box set (£40) and Origin of Muse (£112).

    After reading comments I was a bit worried but I visually checked all 4 vinyls and they’re OK. So far I only listened to the first side of Showbiz on my turntable and the vinyl is fine (no crackling, popping or other unpleasant surprise) and the sound is good on my equipment (Linn LP12 turntable and Naim amplifier).

    I must say it’s a nice beautiful box set but I don’t like it when cds and vinyls are assembled together in a big book sized box set like ordinary pages.

    About Soft Cell’s keychains and snowstorms, I played the DVD and it plays fine on my Oppo BR player. I already had the Non Stop Exotic Video Show on VHS and DVD and it’s almost a DVD version of the VHS. The DVD released by Sanctuary in 2006 looks better with extras like the full audio and animated version of sex dwarf and subtitles in french, german and italian. I expected a bit more of Non Stop Exotic Video Show in that box set. Anyway there are some great additonal videos like Ghost Rider with Clint Ruin. It’s a pretty nice DVD with lots of content.

    • Carl says:

      I got the Soft Cell box (HMV £27) my DVD won`t play on a laptop but will on a regular DVD player.Agreed it`s a really good set.
      I can`t understand why Be Bop Deluxe Modern Music box set has no mentions ,it ace

  21. Mark says:

    Alan Parsons Project ‘ Tales of Mystery and Imagination’ box set £45 on Amazon UK at the moment.

  22. Mike M says:

    Small Faces boxset is a great spot Paul, it’s a great price and I’ve had it in my wantlist for a long time. Been trying to curb my spending a little though, spent a lot lately. What to do?………….

  23. Rob says:

    Thanks Paul, ordered The Soft Parade right away.
    Great price imo.
    And for just beneath 35 euro’s in total delivered to my home.

  24. Robert Laversuch says:

    Whitesnake Slip of the Tongue 40Euro on Amazon Italy

  25. Mark Turner says: have just cancelled my Go-betweens order, after earlier telling me it would be delayed into next week. They seem to be making a habit of this sort of thing.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Speaking of, they seem to be having difficulty supplying CD’s released by the Cherry Red group of labels(such as the recent “Be Bop Deluxe-Modern Music” 5-disc set). Perhaps the SDE online store could start featuring these CD’s.

  26. Stephen Hance says:

    Just had email from Amazon cancelling Go Betweens set because they can’t get stock. Annoying.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Same here. Sorry folks… Did you get a £5 gift token as way of apology?

      • Beechlander says:

        Yes same happened to me. We are no longer able to obtain stock from our suppliers. Fiver compensation!

      • Harrysmith3rd says:

        Cancelled mine as well, luckly got one from Domino before they sold out had a feeling the Amazon one wouldn’t turn up. At least got £5 credit, not much compensation as now it looks like you’ll be paying £300 on ebay.

        • Richard says:

          Yup got a fiver compensation. You’re doing a great job Paul so no need to apologise! Happy to have bagged Muse and Midnight Oil boxes!

      • David Bly says:


        I ended up ordering from Amazon Italy, who originally said the Go-Betweens box would arrive last week, then it was changed to 6 January 2020, then just today it was changed again to 30 Dec 2019!

        Sure hope mine doesn’t get cancelled!

      • Stephen Hance says:

        Got the fiver. Rough Trade still has in store apparently. Have asked them to hold a copy for me.

  27. Steve says:

    Midnight Oil Complete vinyl is €162 (£135) on at the moment for this that missed the uk discount.

  28. Tony says:

    Lost in Vinyl have all the Kate Bush box sets on vinyl for £35

  29. phantomengineer says:

    Looks like the Go-Betweens box has, in effect, gone. Up to £130.00 with delivery in the 1-2 months.

  30. Alastair says:

    Amazon UK doing WHO deluxe CD for £7.99

  31. Wayne Olsen says:

    Target US has buy 1 get 1 for 30 percent off on all vinyl in store or online.

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      I remember when a good sale was buy one, get one free. I’d like to know who started this other version cause it sucks.

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      Btw, that’s not a good deal. Paying full retail for a record and getting a slight discount for another?
      I’ve had overpriced items parked in my cart for a long time waiting for the price to drop.

  32. Gisabun says:

    Regarding Bowie’s box set and the current studio album series is on a [temporary] hold, I wonder what they will do with the next set of albums. Each of them had at least 1 version of a bonus CD [or even DVD]. A 2 disc “Re:Call” would not be enough.
    I just ordered studio box set #3 yesterday actually on Amazon Canada for $144.

    • Beechlander says:

      Perhaps a slimmed-down set of Tin Machine albums/rarities/live tracks? The mid-90s onwards material should be worth waiting for.

      • Gisabun says:

        2 known albums, I think one known live album [Oy Vey Baby] and a bunch of B’sides [one with vocals in Thai]. I’m sure there are demos. Definitely could thrown in a full concert. So maybe 6 CDs.

  33. Adam says:

    Beware the Sgt Peppers bargain, the one I received today (using the link above), to give as a Christmas present was not the 2017 5oth Anniversary/remix, but the DeAgostini Publishing reissue of the 2009 remaster.

    So that will be going back

  34. Steve says:

    Midnight oil has been as low as £143 both a week aGo and yesterday, seems to be going up and down a bit. Hasn’t been any more that £180 for a few weeks.

  35. Richard says:

    The Who’s new album (standard version) now £6.99 down from £10 on Amazon UK. As a bonus the accompanying autorip is for the deluxe version.

  36. Richard says:

    Some great work going on here Paul – thanks. Ordered Go-Betweens, Muse and Midnight Oil (a steal!) boxsets. My credit card is now recovering! :-)

  37. Rare Glam says:

    Steve – re Muse set – are Amazon replacing the affected LP or do you have to send the whole set back? I’ve ordered the set for £103 coming tomorrow (Thursday 12th). I am keeping my fingers crossed for a set with clean unglued vinyl! This is clearly a case of too many orders at too few pressing plants and a resulting in a ‘hurry up’ management approach to work station staff most prrobably, especially at this time of year.

    Although I have a lot of LPs and a stereo system I gave up buying modern vinyl some years back (except for a few mixed media sets like Muse). Too often there were sleeving scuffs or other uncleanable marks or faults to it. CDs are not immune (wrong cuing breaks etc) but modern vinyl I just found to have too many issues too often. Fingers and everything else crossed for this Muse set though.

    • Steve says:

      Amazon are replacing the whole set, I don’t think they have the facility to just replace the damaged item. I played the others on a fairly decent turntable and there were no nasty surprises. When records are packed this way I always put them in Mobile Fidelity (or the Japanese ones available on Amazon) inner sleeves to prevent any further damage.

    • The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

      I`ve found the biggest issue I have with new LPs is the number that are warped especially those in box sets.

      I`ve recently had to return:
      The Rolling Stones 1971-1016 Studio Albums (15 Albums/20 LPs) six LPs warped.
      The Turtles Albums Collection (6 LPs) all SIX LPs warped.
      Steve Miller Band Complete Albums Volume 1 1968-1976 (9 LPs) The second LP `Sailor` was warped, after the other box sets I couldn`t be arsed checking the rest. Got this from Amazon Germany for £79, return shipping over £57! Which they refunded without issue.
      The Beatles Singles Collection, I`ve returned THREE of these and gave up, at least 6 singles warped in each box and no I couldn`t make up a complete flat collection from the 3 boxes. I tried.

      We can only hope the cost of having these boxes being returned to the sellers feeds back to the record plants, These warped discs can only be down to not giving the pressings time to cool down prior to packaging.

      To cap all of this my coloured vinyl SE set of The Who`s `Who` artrived today with the Red LP2 warped. I messaged The Who`s on line store, they can have it back I`ve done with warped discs.

      The thing is I still prefer LPs to CDs, that`s me and I`m not arguing with anyone about it although I still buy CDs due to space shortages.

      • andrewR says:

        100% correct modern vinyl quality control a joke plus they mostly get pressed from digital file sources . One can only assume that the vast majority are never played simply collected . Sad

        • Derek Langsford says:

          Sounds like the problems that CD mostly solved 35 years ago! I remember getting warped records, flaws in the vinyl that made it skip, crackling on brand new vinyl on quiet intros back in the 70s and early 80s that made collecting vinyl a nightmare, especially when the nearest record shop was a 2 hour bus ride away. It was such a gamble buying a record. CD saved me from all that hassle.

          These posts confirm my decision to not get back into vinyl and work on improving the delivery of sound from my digital sources to my ears.

      • Steve Reis says:

        Well given the angst you have experienced why would you prefer lps to cd except perhaps for the pretense factor…in my opinion perhaps the main reason for the growth in record sales. By the way very big kudos for using the term “lp” and not resorting to the “V” buzz word


    The way to tell if it already has the replacement disc or not is to look on the inside back cover… If the dvd is slotted into the book – it’s the faulty one, if there is a blue card sleeve pasted over the slot on the back cover – it’s the replacement.

  39. Martin says:

    Cheers for the Manics update Paul nice early pressie for me (Again, again, again….) :-)

  40. Steve says:

    Just a heads up for those buying the Muse set. The 4th lp in my copy was well and truly stuck in the thin cardboard sleeve. When I finally managed to wrench it out I discovered that the playing surface was damaged. Amazon are providing a replacement but my advice is to check the vinyl on receipt.

    • Richard says:

      Good advice Steve. I’ve just ordered the set so will follow your advice. Many thanks.

      • J T says:

        I was planning on saving mine to open on Christmas…was Steve’s experience unique to his particular package or is this a problem others are finding with this set as well?

        • Steve says:

          I’ve just received my replacement set and although I haven’t yet played the vinyl, all the discs came out of the sleeves with no effort. Fingers crossed for good audio quality..

  41. BJ says:

    Ghostbusters 12” Vinyl down to £20 on amazon. Marshmallow cover, white vinyl etc. Only 6 in stock.

  42. Andrew M says:

    When I couldn’t get origin of muse from SDE, I had to pay £160 from HMV plus £45 to ship it out here to Kuwait (with no guarantee it won’t get impounded at customs) so to now see it at this price is galling to say the least.

  43. Richard says:

    Blimey, the suede box is up and down like my blood pressure. it was 58 quid this morning, and managed to grab it when it crashed down to 25 quid (Thanks for the update on the homepage, Paul)

    • DJ Salinger says:

      The Suede album’s been out for more than a year now. Must be about time for them to issue an SDE anniversary box set version? Possibly with some more demos and extra pics of dead birds?

      Also, Domino’s policy on the Go-Betweens box sets still irks. The ‘retail cleansing’ of CD-only buyers continues, it seems.

      • RJS says:

        Haha! Remastered 12 Month Anniversary Collector’s Edition with “Happy 1st Birthday!” badge.

      • Caroline says:

        AFAIK, the vinyl in the Go Betweens box is a licencing issue – the licence to issue digital formats (including downloads and streaming) is prohibitively expensive.

  44. Samppa says:

    What was the original price for the Muse-set when it was released?
    Might be slighly tempted..but have to think still about it.

  45. Alan Fenwick says:

    Managed to grab my Muse earlier today when it was listed at £103, and the good news is it’s been shipped already for delivery tomorrow.

  46. Andrea says:

    Got luckly this time, got reduced price from at 112€, after cancelling original order from Muse shop at more than 160€!!!!
    Let’s see if this will resurface at cheaper prices!!!!

  47. Beechlander says:

    Makes you wonder where Amazon found the copies of G Stands for..2 when it looked sold out elsewhere – back of the warehouse? Does anyone know how much it cost previously – perhaps this could be added as a feature when deals appear?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      On Amazon UK it was £300 which clearly bares no relation to reality. Let’s hope Amazon actually do have copies and can fulfil the orders!

  48. Richard Fisher says:

    Yazoo back down to £49 on Amazon UK this afternoon.

  49. Richard says:

    The new Muse box down to 100 quid on Amazon uk.
    Still waiting for my copy to arrive from Amazon France but having watched a few unboxing vids on YouTube it looks rather nice!

  50. 2wicky says:

    I already posted yesterday but it hasn’t been published yet:
    Human League – A Very British Synthesizer Group (Super Deluxe Box)
    ASIN: B01LMS86SQ
    30.79 GBP at (even came down one more pound since my post yesterday)

  51. Paul Nolan says:

    Damn I wish I had of waited for the Lindsey Buckingham Boxset I paid more than double that when it came out. Havent bitten the bullet on the Stevie Nicks one yet though so hopefully that will similarly go down in price… Same goes for the Yazoo should have waited.

  52. Stan Butler says:

    The album on CD is also part of The Blue Hour set.

  53. colinthebruce says:

    ouch – Yazoo back up to £78…

  54. Wolfgang says:

    Elton John self-titled vinyl is only 10 GBP at

  55. Tony says:

    Suede didn’ t last long

  56. Bill says:

    Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology is £7.99 on Amazon UK.

  57. Richard Farr says:

    Yazoo back up to £78….you really do have act swiftly with Amazon UK…….would have snapped it up at £40 [others obviously did!]

    • Steven Roberts says:

      @Richard Farr SDE alerts are truly a double edged sword. Seems as soon as a few people place orders the prices rocket.

      Same thing happened with the last Yazoo alert (when it was around £45). Chances are it’ll come down again :)

  58. zombiekev says:

    Paul – Don’t forget that the Suede SDE also includes the album on CD.

  59. Guy says:

    Thanks Paul for the Go Betweens heads up, just ordered. As an added bonus Amazon had a £5 promo offer if I spent £25 or more – promo code GIFT5P, so win win (unless they sell out).

  60. andrew R says:

    Paul have you noticed the way certain cd box sets are going out of print quickly?
    i hesitated on ronnie lane and gong because frankly i can’t afford everything
    and because this website has taught me to sit on my hands for a better deal!
    Result they are both roughly double in price. Are they producing less because
    of the vinyl resurgence or is this the start of the cd resurgence in the same way that vinyl
    resuscitated itself a few years back? Its digital in theory supply should be open ended
    you dont need specialist pressing plants like vinyl does.Any ideas?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Maybe they are underestimating demand… and/or erring on the side of caution?

      • Chris Squires says:

        I really think that most of them have no real idea how much is going to sell.
        I think it can be justifiably said that almost every Vinyl SDE is niche to a greater or lesser extent.

        For some 5,000 copies isn’t enough – see The Fellowship of the Ring complete Vinyl soundtrack in Red – and for others 500 is way too many even with a signature thrown in.
        The Mobile Fidelity Onestep Ultradisc issues are now creeping up to 8,000 copies at £140 and sell out on pre-order and do sell for silly money on eBay very quickly….

        There is very little rhyme and reason….and then you can throw in the issue of whether something will get a repress like the Police set and more pertinently the Queen box set (two represses) or whether it genuinely is a one time only.

        The name that this has developed around here is “SDE Chicken”, who blinks first?

        • andrew R says:

          My mistake as i thought the go betweens awas a cd box set
          hence my comment. Apologies, however some other interesting comments
          ref the ELP box set etc.

    • Wayne Olsen says:

      I’m hoping I don’t miss out on REM monster and new order movement although the latter has never been at a reasonable price.

    • DaveySussex says:

      According to the Planet Gong site the Gong box was limited to 3000 copies. Which doesn’t sound to small a run for a band like Gong. I guess maybe some are snapped up by flippers (there’s been one on eBay for £250) and some are still out there in smaller stores with less internet presence.

    • Jeff says:

      I’m still regretting not jumping on the ELP box set and if you can find a copy, it’s triple or quadruple of what the set originally cost.

      • KevinK says:

        I ordered a copy of the ELP box set in the 3-for-2 deal just after it was released. It didn’t arrive with the other items and a couple of months later they cancelled the order saying they couldn’t get any stock. Unfortunately, by then it wasn’t available anywhere else (at a sensible price) either!

    • Stan Butler says:

      My big regret was the Sensational Sweet box from two years ago. Available at just over £40 at the time but I thought I’ll wait until it comes down a bit. What a fool. Instead it goes the other way. Now £350 for new copy on Amazon UK. Ah well, got Soft Cell & Suede this week, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

    • DaveM says:

      @Andrew R, I too missed out on the Ronnie Lane box, but a few weeks ago in HMV York there was a copy of it for £82. I purchased it, and they said they had more copies. I reckon they had stashed them and are putting them out (along with other box sets) in time for Christmas sales, which they sometimes do apparently. Depending on your location (UK?) it might be worth a look in an HMV.

  61. Steve says:

    Does anyone know if the two-LP version of the Sgt. Pepper 50th is ever coming back in print?

    • Mike M says:

      No idea Steve but it’s still available in the wild. I’ve seen it advertised at a few retailers recently.

      • Steve says:

        Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’ve seen it for sale and it’s very expensive, as is Let It Be Naked on vinyl.

  62. Jan says:

    The Soft Cell box arrived today, Amazon honoured the cheap price.
    Thanks for the heads up. This is actually my second copy, it would be rude not too.
    Now, I wonder if Universal will honour the replacement DVD? :)

    • Tom says:

      I also purchased the soft cell box set. Let me know id you are able to get the replacement DVD from Universal

      • Graham Gardner says:

        I bought this when it initially came out. Universal said they couldn’t replace the dvd as there were none left. I did manage to get a £25 refund though which i accepted as it was the cds i was more interested in. If you were to get a similar offer then the box set would only have cost you a couple of quid.

      • Rich says:

        Yes, please keep us posted. Thanks

        • Paul Sharman says:

          I ordered a soft cell boxset and am awaiting delivery. I would also like to know if I would be able to get a replacement DVD or some money back ;)

    • Michael Kelly says:

      Dvd might be ok. I bought box in January and no problems with dvd.
      Sure they all got replaced in box once it was highlighted

    • -SG- says:

      You should see if your DVD has a problem, as the issues seemed to be more random. I purchased mine when it was first released and my DVD had no issues, played just fine.

    • Carl says:

      I missed out from Amazon but bought it for £26.99 from HMV yesterday, marked as despatched today

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