This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Led Zeppelin / The Songs Remains The Same super deluxe – £67 or $68

Amazon UK is now shipping this to the US. American fans can save $140 on the US price!

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  1. Mark says:

    Bobbie Gentry – ‘The Girl from Chickasaw County’ box set under £60 on Amazon uk if you go into the marketplace link. As cheap as I’ve seen it and a fantastic box set.

  2. Rumour says:

    The new album Joy of the Return by Slow Readers Club is currently only £1,30 including shipping at

  3. RJS says:

    Just received confirmation that my £15.14 order for Eno’s Music for Installations has been dispatched.

  4. Shane says:

    I don’t know if the increased shipping where USA is involved is only temporary. We all probably know shipping FROM the USA has increased to crazy absurd prices a few years ago where basically you pay around 18-30 USD to ship a vinyl record overseas, but now when I try to order some of the few items that ships overseas they charge 17.98 for shipping (even for a DVD).
    More and more I’m so glad I don’t live in the USA as it starts to resemble some weird dictatorship.

  5. David says:

    The sensational price for the Brian Eno “Music for Installations” boxset is now gone…

  6. The Geordie Expat says:

    The Zeppelin box set can indeed be shipped to the US but the shipping has increased almost sevenfold!
    I (fortunately) ordered TSRTS back in March, the shipping was £3.08 to the US – which used to be’s standard shipping for any “CD or LP” to the USA. They’ve obviously realized how much they were losing with their one size fits all shipping, as the Zeppelin set now costs £22.07 to ship across the pond. This is still a lot cheaper than buying it over here. I do hope for this extra cost that they use reputable shippers as in the past they’ve used some very dodgy companies to send box sets to the USA.
    I finally received my Marillion pre-order last week and used DHL for transatlantic shipping and it only took 5 days (once shipped) compared with the previous typical 2 – 3 weeks (if ever) delivery.
    Thanks for the heads up on the Eno set: I managed to get in the queue for it at £15.15. Subtract the VAT and add £9.19 shipping to the USA the total comes to £21.81 which is $26.50 at todays rate, which is a helluva lot cheaper than the current price on $74.99.

  7. Mathieu says:

    Shipping costs to Canada have increased dramatically…£18.98 to ship a single item! Higher than Eno’s box set !….
    In March, the Chemical Brothers box set shipping fees were £7.68…
    Hopefully this gets fixed…

    • Graham Turner says:

      Isn’t this just a function of supply and demand? I imagine there are far fewer flights travelling between the UK and the Americas right now so space will be limited. In addition, with people generally not travelling I expect the airlines have had to increase the prices for freight in order to make up the difference?

  8. Richard Lewis says:

    My ENO box is arriving on Tuesday. Happy days.

  9. AndyB says:

    Sony really blew it with The Versace Experience. The sound degrades over the course of the album as if they used a worn cassette tape to do the transfer. Anyone know the recording source used?

    • KlausE says:

      The Versace Experience was originally a tape handed out at a fashion show. Sounds like they have made no real effort to remaster or find the source but as re-release of The Gold Experience is tied up in legal issues concerning The Most Beautiful Girl In The World the reissue of Versace serves as placeholder for The Gold Experience with several songs taken from that album.

  10. Richard Fisher says:

    Apologies if this has been flagged up already but the 4 cd version of Eric Clapton’s Crossroads collection is currently £14.99 at Amazon UK. This seems a pretty good price.

    Also the ABBA complete collection on cd is currently £21.99 on the same site.

  11. Simon Taylor says:

    Singles soundtrack double vinyl reissue with 18 track cd is down to £14,99. Now back in stock end of May but has been that price all day, i have it already, suggest that is a tidy bargain.

  12. Ronald Headen says:

    Has shipping from the U.K. to the United States resumed? There were items I wanted to order, but my attempts kept getting a “not able to deliver to you at this time” Message. You all are great. This is a valuable resource for me as a collector and media selector at my library job.

    • LowPop says:

      It has for most items (Germany as well). From what I can tell, items under £10 aren’t available. Pay close attention to shipping costs as they seem to have increased dramatically!

      • Glenn says:

        Yeah, postage has about doubled from what it was to ship from AMZ uk to USA. It used to be such a deal. Hopefully that is temporary.

    • Erik says:

      A Blu-ray set that I ordered back in January from Amazon UK (Dr. Who Season 14) finally dispatched today to the US, so I am thinking it is. It was released about 10 days ago and I was getting worried it wouldn’t be shipped but am a happy boy now.

      I was about to see if Paul could add bu ray sets of old British TV shows to his SDE shop…

      • What? 2020? Worry? says:


        Didn’t you also run a film/blu ray SDE site/thingy as well, or did I dream that? If I dreamt it must keep off the Ice Cream.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Yes, indeed. An interesting experiment, but ultimately felt like I should focus my energies on this music site!

          • What? 2020? Worry? says:

            Thanks Paul, thought I was going mad, glad you kept this site up, gives a headache (in a good way) juggling box sets and release dates.

  13. Rumour says:

    A-ha Minor earth major sky 2cd and Lifelines 2cd for €9,99 each at Free shipping until sunday to DE, NL, BE, AU, CH, LUX. (Shipping to GB is €2,99, to USA is 3,00)

  14. Julian says:

    Kiki Dee seemingly now back to £35.

  15. Bruce says:

    Kiki Dee – wow, thank you!

  16. Brian Eno Nuffink says:

    9 hours later says yes it is….

  17. Steve Purnell says:

    Kiki Dee the Rocket Years 5cd currently £7.98 Amazon UK

    • IGM says:

      Sadly the Rocket Years has sold out direct from Amazon (now back up to £36 from third party sellers …)

  18. Steven says:

    ENO set showing temporarily out of stock at £15.14 from Amazon in other sellers. Have ordered and will keep fingers crossed, have have in meantime Amazon Autorip to keep me occupied.

  19. Dan Peachey says:

    Madonna’s “limited” rainbow picture disc of Madame X is about £16 on Amazon UK right now, which is cheaper than the regular vinyl currently, and the cheapest I’ve seen it.

  20. Paul E. says:

    At home in quarantine with no SDE pricing widget just ain’t my thing…can I have it back?

  21. Peter Stanton says:

    6 CD Music for Installations Brian Eno is £15.14 on Amazon UK

    • Andy Hanson says:

      22 minutes later says no it ain’t.

      • Guy says:

        If you click on the ‘New from…’ link below the CD price, you can order it for £15.14 as an Amazon purchase, as of this morning. OK so they’re currently out of stock but not sold out so still worth a punt!

      • Graham Gardner says:

        Still is.

      • Jan V says:

        You can backorder it still for 15.14 GBP form (07.00 AM)

      • Alastair says:

        Thanks Peter. I placed an order at 0710 BST today. The order was accepted, although it was not in stock. Certainly worth a try to see if it is actually fulfilled.
        Although the headline price is higher, weirdly Amazon is offering the set at the lower price if you click on the link below the main price.

      • Andreas Breuer says:

        Just below the actual price is still the reduced one!!!

      • Ian Ellis says:

        The Eno is still at the bargain price. You just need to look at the “used and new” option. Amazon are still in that list offering it at the ultra low price. They are “temporarily out of stock” but nothing to lose if you are interested. £15 is a bargain. Good luck.

      • Chris Mussett says:

        Well they may be out of stock, but they’re still taking orders @£15 (at 09:47 BST). Maybe they’ll get a restock.

      • CJ Feeney says:

        Its in other sellers, but out of stock.

      • Steven Campbell says:

        That didnt last long! Was a wee bit peeved when I saw about the Eno one going for £15 as I paid £30 for it off a chap on ebay that was getting it cheap as the one I have comes in a clamshell type box rather than the big glass box but I’m not worried about that as it’s easier stored this way.

      • Jono says:

        I just bagged the Eno for £15 – if you click more buying choices it’s there. Days out of stock but still orderable.

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