This Week’s Reissue and Box Set Deals

USA: Howard Jones / In the Running 3CD+DVD reissue – $20

Tremendous price in the USA for the forthcoming four-disc exploration of Howard Jones’ 1992 album. This equates to £15, around half the UK price!

UK: Neil Young / Young Shakespeare box set – £55

This newly announced large format box set contains the vinyl LP, CD and DVD edition of the 1971 acoustic gig. £55 appears to be the lowest UK price.

UK: Tangerine Dream / Pilots of Purple Twilight 10CD box set – £82 £105

Cheapest price to date in the UK. Watch the SDEtv unboxing video.

UK: Rush / Permanent Waves 2CD deluxe – £9.59

UK: Paul McCartney / Tug of War 3CD+DVD deluxe – £75

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  1. Gary Clutterbuck says:

    Tears for Fears – The Seeds of Love box set currently going cheap at Amazon UK £43.32

  2. Pete Stanton says:

    The Kinks Lola Box Set is £37.17 on Amazon UK at present

  3. DJ Ray says:

    Deep Discount are selling Aqualung: 40th Anniversary [Deluxe Edition] [2CD/ 1LP/ 1DVD/ 1BLU-RAY] for $119
    My question, is this the original Peter Mew master or the updated Steve Wison master as in the Adapted Edition?

  4. Allex says:

    Just spotted “Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction” Super Deluxe Edition Boxset for reasonable 66 € on – maybe something for the starting week?

    • Kauwgompie says:

      The Appetite For Destruction box set is $49.99 on their own website. I bought it there before, years ago, for the same price. It’s probably always that price on their website. Every time I look, it’s $49.99. It’s a fantastic box if you like GnR.

      The locked and Loaded giant box is $399 on the same website.

      • Allex says:

        Thanks for your reply. In the official Guns N‘ Roses store for Germany the price tag is 120 €. If I would order the item from the US it would be around 61 € including shipping and taxes. So I will continue with my order at, especially because I know the item will arrive in perfect condition.

  5. Paul Thomson says:

    In case of interest, UK Amazon has Paul Wellers “Other Aspects, Live at the Albert Hall” triple disc set for an incredible £2.98 (2xCD, 1xDVD)

    Cost me about £15 when it came out and I thought that was a good deal!

  6. Keith Hill says:

    So won’t send me the Donna Summer deal….my Dutch does not allow me to see why.

  7. Paul Gray says:

    For anyone interested…. Amazon are selling Kraftwerk, German language coloured vinyl for about 18 quid. I picked up Trans Europe Express and Computer World. Other albums available except Man Machine.

    • The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

      Thanks Paul, I`ve been after the German language `Trans Europe Express` LP for a while.

      Also thank you to Quante for the Kamasi Washington Heaven and Earth 5lp vinyl set tip.

  8. Quante says:

    I bought this yesterday, and the price is back to a a fabulous price of €8.97 on Amazon Germany for Kamasi Washington Heaven and Earth 5lp vinyl set.

    Looks like the John Prine box at £26 is on its way.

  9. David Cornyn says:

    Quick post to say that anyone who ordered that John Prine set at a great price on Amazon might be lucky – my order now saying dispatched.

  10. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    Clicking Macca’s link shows 125$ for me. I’m in Spain. Not that Im interested in it but just checking.

  11. Richard Anderson says:

    I picked up the Richard and Linda Thompson Hard Luck Stories set from Music Magpie store on Ebay for £58. It is listed at £68 but there is a 15% discount code that brings it to £58. There are still plenty available as I write this. I know these had been sold out for a while but there seems to be a lot more available now so hopefully it will be a reissue and will not have the ripping problems of some of the earlier sets.

    • I think the ripping problem was because of the way the music was tagged as there were too many characters listing the artists, the name of the tracks, etc etc.

      I found that out when I bought the mp3 version from Amazon and it took the best part of an hour to unzip the files and alter the tags so they would work

  12. Kauwgompie says:

    I posted these earlier under “Out This Week”. They are still on sale and are fantastic deals.

    For American readers, New Order “Power, Corruption & Lies”, now only $83 on

    Also, Macca’s Flaming Pie must not be selling so well because it is on sale again for $125. Incredibly low price. Even for UK or EU residents.

    For EU readers, Donna Summer’s Another Place & Time 3cd now $11.99!

  13. Neil Kelly says:

    Word of warning as some may not know (i obviously didn’t). When you try and order HoJo it it comes to a total of $36 to get in here in the UK. Also get messages and warning that someone tried to sign into your account! Just go to Cherry Red for £23.99 + postage or wait until nearer the time on Amazon!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, the offer is more for the US audience…

      • CakeSaint says:

        The other HoJo deluxe editions are just a few dollars more on the site, in the $24-$28 range. Mostly 2CD + DVD so not quite as good a deal as 3CD + DVD, but not bad. I’ve gone for “Dream Into Action,” myself. It definitely has the most familiar songs to my American ears. If US buyers don’t see the titles upon searching, try the suggested links on the In The Running page linked above.

        P.S. Thanks for these alerts, Paul!

      • Neil Kelly says:

        Many thanks for the claification. Was unsure if i was doing something wrong!

  14. Jason Lent says:

    Grabbed that HoJo! Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Rich G says:

    Hi Paul. I posted a comment about Neil Young yesterday (on this deal alert post) but it didn’t get posted. Was there an issue with it? I didn’t seem very controversial when compared with some of the moans that do make the cut!

  16. The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

    I ordered Shakey’s box set from Amazon but ‘Tell Me Why’ I did it. The box will take up room and I’ve already ordered the DVD/LP/CD separately from Shakey’s store for much less and you get Hi Rez downloads.

    Yes I know that Shakey’s store is run by clones of Boris Johnson who don’t know their arse from their head so I expect a delay. The thing is ‘Down In The Rustbucket’ will be occupying my Phonograph for a while once it gets here,

    I’ll keep my Dodgers order for now in case it drops down even more, ya never know.

    • Johnny Spasm says:


    • ARidd says:

      The Greedy Hand US store were very responsive with a quick delivery of Archives V9l 2, when I used them more in frustration at the UK store. I’d have no qualms using them again.
      I have ordered the Young Shakespeare dvd (shakey again) from the UK store – sure in the belief that they can’t cock up something that simple – can they?

  17. Emil says:

    Link is for the boxset. See the image to the left of the main one. LP only is £ 25.99 on Amazon.

  18. Straker says:

    First Tang box dropped to £56 on Amazon so I’m going to hold out for that kind of drop especially as this second one is half the size.

  19. Paul Wren says:

    The Amazon description of the Neil Young offer is slightly confusing as it states ” one disc” whereas the image shows the full box set. At this price it must be the box set as the vinyl is available by itself elsewhere, (i.e SisterRay) at £28 plus postage.

    • Gisabun says:

      @Paul Wren
      Never ever go by the the number of discs.
      Amazon makes so make mistakes with disc numbers and other areas.

  20. Bongo says:

    To me it seems like the Amazon deal for Young Shakespeare is about the vinyl and not about the box….

  21. Rich G says:

    That’s more like it for the Neil Young – Young Shakespeare SDE. It may be that for something like the longer Way Down In The Rust Belt where 4 LPs are needed to handle the audio, that there is more justification for the higher price, but this is just 1 LP , 1CD and 1DVD, so really more like £40-£50 is about right. There was a time when Neil included a DVD with the live CD at maybe £15 tops. I would assume that many NY fans are completists. He may not sell huge chart busting numbers of each release, but he’ll sell to a core audience everything he releases – even Re-Ac-Tor ;-) The only danger with this sudden frantic release schedule is that people just can’t afford to keep up at almost £100 a pop. If they “break the habit”, they may become quite choosy in future. It’s good that he’s also releasing the DVDs separately, but to date only Young Shakespeare is on the website, not the prior released Return To Greendale or Rust Bucket bucket which is scheduled one whole month BEFORE Shakespeare. Again, if he thought of his fans, he could make them all available separately at least for pre-order and maybe help fans take advantage of cheaper postage. If he is wishing to price skim the SDE first, then it’s weird that Shakespeare is the exception for a separate DVD and not the others and also weird that the SDE of Rust Bucket has sold out on Greedy Hand UK, creating inconsistency and the a mild panic that many of these items could be very limited like Archives 2 original issue. I know such panic is a seller’s dream, but it’s not normally the relationship an artist wishes to have directly with his fans is it on his “official store”?

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