Today’s Black Friday Deals

Germany David Gilmour / Live at Pompeii 2CD+2 x blu-ray  – €25

UK Marillion / Clutching at Straws 4CD+blu-ray  – £24

Down almost to the early pre-order price! Great deal.

Canada Rush / Hemispheres super deluxe  – $125 CA $173

via MusicVaultz

Canada Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction bundle  – $850 CA $1300

Locked N’ Loaded box + GNR Logo Turntable (by Project-Audio) – via MusicVaultz

UK Lightning Deal Five Star / Luxury Anthology 9CD+DVD  – £38

This is the version with the SIGNED print!

GERMANY John Lennon / Imagine 6-disc super deluxe – €56

GERMANY Bob Dylan / More Blood More Tracks 6CD deluxe €79.99 

Germany Bob Dylan / The 1966 Live Recordings 36CD set!!  – €69.99

Germany Alan Parsons Project / Eye in the Sky super deluxe – €69

UK The Rolling Stones / The Studio Albums Vinyl Box 1971-2016£288

Guns N' Roses / Appetite For Destruction super deluxe edition

UK Guns ‘N Roses / Appetite For Destruction super deluxe£79.99

UK The Art of McCartney 3LP vinyl – £14

Various artists covers album. Via the SDE shop.

The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead / deluxe reissue box set

Amazon UK – Black Friday 3 for 2 vinyl deal

Good selection of vinyl and box sets. Cheapest product out of the three selections is FREE

This post will be updated during today with more deals!

95 responses to Today’s Black Friday Deals

  1. Stephen Thorpe says:

    Does anyone know….?
    In the Kate Bush – Remastered Part II box set is the “Before Dawn” live album also remastered?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Doubt it. James Guthrie worked on that so don’t really see why he’d feel the need to improve his own work 2 years later… that would be almost an admission that you didn’t do your job properly the first time! :)

  2. Larry Davis says:

    Went to Barnes & Noble in NYC today, saw all CDs for Black Friday weekend ending today were 40% off, which is almost half, so I had to be careful with my final cruise payment on Wednesday, I only jumped at something undeniable, not something I see all the time…so I settled on 3 things…I’ll go smallest to largest… The 3CD Fleetwood Mac 50 Years Don’t Stop came to $22.99, not bad…mine I ordered online for some reason got returned and I got refunded, weird.. Next the 3CD box of Elton John Diamonds… $29.99…i rarely see that price so I jumped at it…and finally, the SDE of the Roxy Music box for…get this…$53.99!!!!! Cuz B&N had one in for a killer price to begin with at $89.99 and to get 40% off that?! Had to grab it!!

  3. Steve says:

    Belinda Carlisle is now £15.70 at

  4. Jonathan says:

    The stereo mc’s collected box is back on for 25 EUR, In stock on November 27th
    This seems like a damn good deal for $31.58 shipped to the USA

  5. Dan says:

    Paul, my comment about Belinda Carlisle’s studio collection CD box set being reduced from £34 to £15 never turned up, it was a lightning deal so probably not there anymore, anyway I’m now a proud owner of this.

    • Ern says:

      Dan, thanks for the heads up with that. Purchased it last night.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Dan, I saw your Belinda comment, went over there, not 15 but 16.99 pounds, still killer, grabbed it before it left, thanks much…came to just under $23, awesome!!

  6. Ian says:

    It’s about time did another three boxes for two promotion. I think we’ve recovered from the previous two occasions, and many of us must have money burning a hole in the pocket after this years Black Friday offerings.

    • Dennis says:

      @Ian: that would rely on either Media Markt or Saturn in Germany doing this again. Amazon only matches that offer but never does this on their own.

  7. Robert Laversuch says:

    Got Five Star and Dave Gilmour sets as well as Kate Bush box set 1 in CD from Italy. Would have got Dylan box set but will wait for reissue with corrected booklet if that ever happens

  8. Peter Stanton says:

    I didn’t find anything for Black Friday either.

    Wearevinyl seems to have some good deals though. What are they like?

    • Graham Gardner says:

      Peter, i bought Alan Parsons Eye In The Sky & Manics Holy Bible from them. I haven’t bought from them before this so hoefully no problems.

  9. Marc says:

    I bought nothing at all on this black friday. No good deals at all. Every 3 for 2 deal at Amazon in the past was better. Very disappointing.

    • Wayne Olsen says:

      Agreed. But after the new release onslaught of the past few months, I feel relieved…

    • juerie says:

      Neither do I. Was hoping for a Bowie Deal, but it didn’t come.
      Black friday was not as good as the last years.

    • Samppa says:

      I didn’t also buy anything, got already some preorders running anyways and Amazon (etc places) didn’t really provide good enough discounts to jump into.
      I didn’t lose any sleep or anything, best to do is pass these nonsense days if there simply won’t be any sort of must deals happening.
      So, all is well on this front here. Life goes on and such..

  10. The Geordie Expat says:

    MusicVaultz are now showing the Rush Hemispheres set as sold out.
    I placed my order but haven’t received a confirmation E-mail although there’s a pending charge on my Credit Card from “DIGITAL STORES LONDON GB” which matches the amount converted to US$. Interesting, a Canadian website using a UK intermediary.

    • Dennis says:

      There is going to be a hefty customs charge on that, good luck.

    • Gisabun says: is owned by Universal Music. It is just the Canadian store for Universal. Makes sense to go through a central payment processing.
      Would still ship from Canada [and all the freaking taxes that go with it].

  11. Julien says:

    Huge deals in France!!!

    Hurry up!

    U2, Stones, Metallica, Sex Pistols and more!!!

  12. Paul E. says:

    Amazon U.S., per the usual, had zero to offer in the way of Black Friday music deals. I did find four UHD Blu-ray movies that were priced nicely and supplented my music collecting fix with Paul’s David Gilmour spot at have two double CD jewel cases at the ready to swap out those paper sleeves when the box makes it’s way home.

  13. Cliff says:

    re: PIL vinyl boxset, the image on Amazon shows 7 sleeves and what looks like a cd/dvd as well.

    does this include a disc with their videos?

  14. Andrew says:

    Black Friday is almost over. The hard-hitters put in an appearance – Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, King Crimson – but the Five Star box on Amazon has to be the deal of the day. No snobbery here. A good buy is a good buy. Goodbye.

  15. The Geordie Expat says:

    Anyone know if the Blu-Ray discs in the David Gilmour Live at Pompeii-Deluxe Box 2 CD+2 Bluray Box-Set are Region coded?
    I looked at the picture of the box and there’s a symbol next to the Sony logo with A,B & C in a triangle. I think that means playable in all 3 regions. Can anyone confirm that?
    I’d be all over this in a heartbeat If I knew they weren’t Region B blu-Rays

  16. SimonF says:

    Went through all 23 pages of Amazon UK’s three for two vinyl deal and came away with T.Rex 7″ singles box set @ £78 and that was all. Can’t remember how much it was originally but I suspect it was into three figures, so well worth the trailing.

    • Colin MacKenzie says:

      Amazon Germany has it for just over £50 including delivery so if its not too late to cancel……..

      • SimonF says:

        Tanx for the tip-off Colin. Cancelled the UK edition and grabbed it from for £52 all in. That’s nearly £26 saving on yesterdays UK offer which incidentally has now rocketed to £94!!! T.Rex fans, head to Germany!!

  17. The Geordie Expat says:

    The Dylan “More Blood, More Tracks” deal from Germany is an even better deal for US buyers.
    Including shiiping to the USA the total price is EUR 74.66 (no VAT) which converts to $84.62 at today’s spot rate or $88.51 if you let bill you in dollars.
    Currently in the USA Amazon are selling it for $105.74.
    So much for ordering it from the UK on release day for $110. . .

  18. Guy says:

    PIL ‘Songs From The Heart’ 6LP box only £78.87 on Amazon UK at the mon=ment.

  19. Alan says:

    Just managed to get the Five Star with 4 minutes to spare at under £30 by the time a bit of promotional discount was added. Bargain.

  20. Gary Hunter says:

    Black friday bargains seem a bit thin on the ground this year…..

  21. David says:

    Queen – A Night At The Odeon – Hammersmith 1975 (Limited-Super-Deluxe-Edition) for 55 Euro on

  22. John Barleycorn says:

    Fleetwood Mac ‘Don’t Stop’ 3 CD collection down to £10 on Amazon UK at the moment. Grab one!

  23. Paul Taylor says:

    George Harrison All Things Must Pass $39 on Amazon .com, over £90 in U.K.

  24. John Orr says:

    Tried hard to avoid this, thinking just hang on till the new year. There were a few half decent deals, but couldn’t resist the 5 Star Anthology at that price. Thanks again for the heads up Paul and everyone! Jeez, this has been some year music collecting wise.

  25. John Barrett says:

    The Lennon Imagine book is down to £13.99 for another two hours too if anyone’s interested.

  26. Jonathan Riley says:

    the miles davis mono cd box set for 23.05 gbp from is a really good deal in my opinion shipped to the USA

  27. Jonathan Riley says:

    five star luxury amazon exclusive box set of 9 cd’s + dvd as well as a signed photo of the lead singer is on sale for $54.91 shipped as part of a lighting deal on normally 78.14 gbp before shipping

  28. John Lloyd says:

    And don’t forget to check your favourite artists’ own shops for some goodies. OMD’s store had a lot of cheap merch and some records for Black Friday only, and you can find two special editions of the latest Blossoms set, one with an full acoustic second CD, one with a live DVD, buth both signed, for only a fiver each.

  29. Jules says:

    Led Zeppelin ‘Houses of the Holy’ Super Deluxe Edition is £49.99 @ WHAT RECORDS.
    They charge a flat fee of £8 postage (for all orders no matter how large or small) which is a total of £57.99 as opposed to £69.99 on Amazon UK (Prime)

    Other deals include Suede Dog Man Star 20th Anniversary Live double vinyl for £9.99. About £20 from 3rd party sellers on Amazon & apparently £51 from Amazon (Prime)…..

  30. KevinK says:

    The regular edition of the Lennon Imagine book is now down to £13.99 in a lightning deal at Amazon UK.

  31. Kevin says:

    The Guns and Roses box is even cheaper at
    Normally it is $179 CAN, and today it’s only $99 CAN!

  32. andrew R says:

    The dylan will that still have the missing pages?
    At that price is it still a dealbreaker?
    How jarring is the omission?

  33. Andree says:


    John Lennon – Imagine Box Set € 55,99
    Rammstein – Paris Deluxe Box Edt. € 43,99

  34. Kauwgompie says:

    Flash sale on Amazon France for Rolling Stones Their Majestic….50th anniversary €53!!
    Vinyl + SACD

  35. David B says:

    All very quiet compared to previous Black Fridays. Only thing I brought was the Thrak box set by King Crimson. Only £60 plus shipping from Burning Shed compared to £130 at Amazon. That’s what I call a real bargain.

  36. Andrew says:

    Lexer-Music have Black Friday reductions on SOFT CELL O2 merchandise.

  37. Andrew says:

    Well, Cherry Red is up and running! A late start on Black Friday. Maybe somebody had been on the sherry. Some bargain Kylie box sets are there – described by Cherry Red as ‘heirloom quality.’ Who’s can argue with that?

  38. Alan says:

    The 1975’s limited edition Super Deluxe Box Set of “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” (silliest title ever?!) is down to £19.75 from £75 here. I’m not a huge fan, but they’re an interesting band who are hugely popular in the USA as well as the UK and elsewhere.

    At that price it’s deffo a bargain – and you can even get another 10% off if you’re a new subscriber or play around with different email addresses……!! Postage is another £6.75 though:*/*/I-like-it-when-you-sleep-for-you-are-so-beautiful-yet-so-unaware-of-it-Limited-Edition-Super-Deluxe-Boxset/4ZEF0000000

  39. Peter Stanton says:

    The 2 Dylan deals are superb and highly recommended. I already bought them through SDE tip offs.
    Still Stones and Beatles boxes needed though.wyDan

  40. Klaus says:

    Kate Bush “Remastered – Volume 1”-cd-box EUR 52 on
    By the way: I received Volume 2 this morning. Did other SDE-readers also had this wonderful experience today?

  41. David Adams says:

    Picked up King Crimson Thrak box set for £60 + £8.75 carriage on Burning Shed

    Thanks to Paul for all the updates

    • Andy says:

      Cheers for the tip on Thrak.

      I live near Norwich so can pick it up from Burning Shed in person at no cost, so just £60.00 for the item!! Ordered!!!

  42. Mark says:

    Also 40% off some box sets. Killers one is a great price and Guns N’Roses back down to £80.,n:!425604031,n:!425606031,n:10852353031&ie=UTF8&qid=1542934627&lo=popular&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=29eb309f-5446-4f3d-82f3-063d93d9be29&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-5&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=161428031&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_r=KFGE5XJ3M8RAT590Z6SV&linkCode=ll2&tag=superdeluxeed-21&linkId=b57b8bfbe422e0e6f7a1af1d7b755ff3&language=en_GB

    • Klaus says:

      Even better if you’re into vintage jazz and blues music. Lots of savings on box-sets from people like Taj Mahal, Dave Brubeck, Thelonius Monk, Billie Holiday and others can be made. I think that is Sony Music’s equivalent to Universal’s uMusic Store.
      Does anybody know if they deliver outside the UK and how expensive p&p is with them?

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for the loss of £80

  43. KevinS says:

    Lots of stuff at Universal Music/Sound Of Vinyl/Recordstore today.

    U2 Joshua Tree SDE vinyl box for £85
    The Who Live at Leeds triple vinyl for £22
    Eno boxes etc.

  44. Andrew says:

    Had an email from Cherry Red Records with a link to their Black Friday deals. Unfortunately, their website is closed for maintenance.

  45. Klaus says:

    For Dylan fans:

    Bootleg Series Vol. 10 – Another Self Portrait and
    Vol. 12 – The Cutting Edge CD-boxes both available for about GBP 60 on
    For German and Austrian readers: has the “1966 Live Recordings”-box by Dylan for EUR 70.
    Also on is “The Singles”-cd-box by The Clash for GBP 30 and the “Appetite For Destruction”-SDE by Guns ‘N Roses for GBP 80.

    • Martijn says:

      Great deals!
      (Though the one I’m looking for is for Bootleg Series Vol. 13 – Trouble No More and that one does not seem to come down in price)

  46. Peter Stanton says:

    That is so good I’m tempted to buy another one!!

  47. Andrew M says:

    That art of McCartney vinyl is a superb deal Paul. been hovering over it on another site (not the obvious river) but good to see it come up at a better price (if you factor in shipping) on your site which I trust inordinately more.

    Just how long will my hand hover before giving it………..:D

    I’m just holding fire as still hopefully for good deals on either White album or recent Chris Cornell release…….

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