Top 10: Italy deals offer €10 saving

Today only, Amazon Italy are offering €10 discount on a spend of more than €50 if you use the code GRAZIE1000 when you check out. That’s a decent discount on any music box set around the €50 mark, but of course you don’t have to buy one item, you could buy three vinyl records, for instance that add up to €60 and the discount would apply.

The rule is that the item has to be sold by Amazon Italy direct, not any third party ‘marketplace’ sellers. Anyone outside the EU need to also factor in VAT deductions, because they might well bring your basket total below the €50 threshold.

Check out some SDE recommendations below. Boxes from the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Smiths, David Gilmour, The Who, Stone Temple Pilots and more!

Bob Dylan / Trouble No More 
 4LP+2CD – £42 or €47 after discount

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th anniversary six-disc super deluxe edition box set

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper super deluxe – £66 or €75 after discount

David Gilmour / Live in Pompeii 4LP vinyl – £42 or €48 after discount

The Smiths / The Queen is Dead / 5LP vinyl box set

The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead 5LP vinyl – £44 or €49 after discount

Nine inch Nails / The Fragile 3LP vinyl – £37 or €42 after discount

The Who / Maximum As & Bs: The Complete Singles - 5CD box set

The Who / Maximum As & Bs 5CD box – £38 or €43 after discount

Stone Temple Pilots / Core super deluxe edition – £39 or €43.50 after discount

Fairport Convention / Come All Ye  – £42 or €47 after discount

The Rolling Stones / Their Satantic Majesties Request / 50th anniversary special audiophile edition

Rolling Stones / Their Satanic Majesties request  – £56 or €63 after discount

The Last Waltz 4CD+blu-ray deluxe  – £41 or €46 after discount






14 responses to Top 10: Italy deals offer €10 saving

  1. Miguel Richarte says:

    I do not trust too much of amazon italy are not compliant and also do not give explanations. They charge you for items that have not sent you mostly offers and then you have to claim.

  2. Thank you, I bought the sixPink Floyd box sets:
    1970 DEVI/ATION
    1965-1967 CAMBRIDGE ST/ATION
    Including shipping: EUR 154,59

  3. Schu says:

    Two Live Gilmours and the Dead Queen shipped for less than 90 bucks! The discount almost pays for shipping, but regardless, they have some really good prices.

  4. Ralf says:

    Thanks Paul,
    Status Quo Vinyl collection 1981-1996 (10lp) is €84 after discount.

  5. Gido says:

    Thanks Paul !
    Just used this deal on the 10 CD+DVD Box-set “Wanted” from Zucchero.

  6. movement says:

    Note that if you order from the US, the VAT is removed and the coupon is based on the fully taxed price so items in the €50-60 range are not enough. However, that also pulls the price for Sgt. Pepper down to €74 with shipping. I’d be surprised if the price falls below that so I pulled the trigger.

  7. Dan says:

    I thought those Nine Inch Nails Vinyl reissues were exclusive to their online store? Spent a fortune getting this and Deviations on vinyl from the US.
    Hopefully Amazon will get Broken vinyl.

  8. LeBaron says:

    Grazie mille, signore Sinclair!

  9. Martin says:

    Fab Paul – Grabbed the Dave Gilmour set – Would have also gone for the Smiths but will hang on for another deal in the future

    Once again cheers for the heads up

  10. richie says:

    Good `un Paul, was going for The Who`s Max A&Bs for £43 inc. shipping, a saving of about £6 on the UK price. I reckon it will drop into the low £30`s so I will hang on.

  11. Andrew M says:


    Would have been all over Sgt. Pepper if it wasn’t for Automatic for the People this week and News of the world next week.

  12. Enrico G. says:

    Grabbed the 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of “Green” by R.E.M. and the Simple Minds’ Super Deluxe Edition of “Once Upon A Time”.
    Cheers from Italy.

  13. Lar Duffy says:

    The King Crimson vinyl of Live in Toronto is cheap here (€69.72), especially with an additional €10 discount. That’s compared to £117 on So I’m jumping on that.

  14. spot says:

    Pink Floyd – Early Years (the 6 individual volumes) are 27 EUR each. I ordered two for 46,81 EUR, shipped to Germany. That’s 23,40 per box! In Germany they are 35 – 40 each.

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