Fans frustrated at Interstellar deluxe soundtrack shenanigans


Having seen Christopher Nolan’s excellent Interstellar on an IMAX screen on Monday (highly recommended) I thought I’d seek out the similarly excellent Hans Zimmer soundtrack. Of course, in this multi-edition age, that proved more complicated and frustrating than I imagined and so thought I’d share my findings…

In the UK, and most territories, the soundtrack has been issued (by Sony Music Classical) as a Deluxe Star Wheel Constellation Chart Digipak edition. Despite the ‘deluxe’ in the title this is effectively the ‘standard’ physical edition and is a single disc offering that includes 16 tracks (or cues). Since there was no apparent ‘deluxe’ alternative I was all ready to place an order until I noticed some of the amazon reviews. Many fans pointed out that there is indeed an even more ‘deluxe’ version called the The Illuminated Star Projection Edition. The catch, is that this is currently only available via a US-only online store.


The “Deluxe Star Wheel Constellation Chart Digipak” edition

This Illuminated Star Projection Edition (main picture at the top)  is quite flashy and comes with an “Illuminated Star Projection Box”, a bonus disc of 35 minutes of music “unavailable anywhere else” (not quite true), plus and extended booklet, a ‘decodable light message’ and full mp3 digital download of the soundtrack (don’t know if that includes the bonus material). You also get a Z+ App free download that gives you a ‘DTS Headphone’ experience (i.e. virtual surround) of the music. Sounds great, but ‘they’ will only ship to USA – not even Canada – and this edition can’t be found anywhere else for love nor money. This edition has 28 tracks in total.

One of the reasons people are miffed is that Day One Dark a climatic cue used during the docking sequence in the film is missing from the standard CD and can only be found in the Illuminated Star Projection Edition. Actually, even that’s not quite true because it was also given away as a free (groan) as a promotion via US site MovieTickets.com as a 128k MP3. 

There is a deluxe digital download but it doesn’t include Day One Dark and contains 15 minutes less music than the Illuminated Star Projection Edition but 20 minutes more than the standard Deluxe Star Wheel Constellation Chart Digipak. Confused? You will be.

There is talk of Hans Zimmer making Day One Dark available as a free download via his site, and vague promises that the full monty – i.e. the Illuminated Star Projection Edition – will see a release in Europe and everywhere else in the world that isn’t America. Someone has uploaded Day One Dark to Soundcloud if you want a listen.

So for now, watch this space, but most of all watch a great film. The various buying options at the time of writing are listed below.

UPDATE 12/12/14 – The Illuminated Star Project Edition is now listed on Amazon UK for a Feb 2015 release! click here.


Illuminated Star Projection Edition (28 tracks)

Deluxe Star Wheel Constellation Chart Digipak (16 track)

Deluxe Digital version (24 tracks)

Standard Digital version (16 tracks)

Track listings

Standard ‘Star Wheel’ edition

  • 1. Dreaming of the Crash
  • 2. Cornfield Chase
  • 3. Dust
  • 4. Day One
  • 5. Stay
  • 6. Message From Home
  • 7. The Wormhole
  • 8. Mountains
  • 9. Afraid of Time
  • 10. A Place Among the Stars
  • 11. Running Out
  • 12. I’m Going Home
  • 13. Coward
  • 14. Detach
  • 15. S.T.A.Y
  • 16. Where We’re Going

Digital Deluxe Edition bonus tracks

  • 17. “First Step” 1:47
  • 18. “Flying Drone” 1:53
  • 19. “Atmospheric Entry” 1:40
  • 20. “No Need to Come Back” 4:32
  • 21. “Imperfect Lock” 6:54
  • 22. “No Time for Caution” 4:06
  • 23. “What Happens Now?” 2:26
  • 24. “Do not go gentle into that good night” (recited by John Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, Casey Affleck, Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy) 1:39

Illuminated Star Projection Edition adds four further tracks to the Digital Deluxe bonus tracks including Day One Dark.

22 responses to Fans frustrated at Interstellar deluxe soundtrack shenanigans

  1. T2000 says:

    [quote] “Day One Dark a climatic cue used during the docking sequence in the film is missing from the standard CD”.

    The music used during the docking sequence is NOT ‘Day One Dark’ but ‘No Time for Caution’.

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  4. DF118 says:

    Day One Dark is NOT part of the associated digital release for the US Illuminated box set. There are 24 tracks with two being tagged as track 22.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It appears Day One Dark was only ever available via MovieTickets.com as an MP3. The box has a demo version as stated above!

  5. JP Stockwell says:

    Hey just a heads up. After comparing the full track listing of the illumination star edition on amazon.co.uk to the digital deluxe version, it seems that ‘No Time for Caution’ is missing from disc 2. The new bonus tracks on disc 2 are listed as:
    7. Who’s They?
    8. Murph
    9. Organ Variation
    10. Tick – Tock
    11. Day One (Original Demo)
    Here is the full listing: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Interstellar-Original-Picture-Soundtrack-Edition/dp/tracks/B00QHQ59QQ/ref=dp_tracks_all_1#disc_1

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Good spot. Also “Day One Dark” isn’t even on the Illuminated Star Projection version!?

      • JP Stockwell says:

        I’m assuming that the ‘Day One (original Demo)’ track is essentially the replacement of the ‘Day One Dark’ track from the digital set. Might sound different as it states its an original demo so perhaps it’ll be have a slightly different arrangement or mix? Either way i’m still glad the UK is getting this illuminated set.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          It won’t the be the same though, which means that there is no digital or physical set that currently gives you ‘everything’. But agree, it’s good that they’re releasing it in the UK.

    • Nathan thomas says:

      Just to say – ‘no time for caution’ is on there at the end of disc 2 as a hidden track 13

  6. Dean says:

    Would owning the soundtrack make it a better film? Because that is what it would take.

  7. emanuele says:

    Any new about vinyl edition?

  8. Mig says:

    I like the word “cunctatious” even more than I liked the movie. Thanks Freddy.

  9. John says:

    Well with all their messing about they have lost a sale – and I doubt I’m alone.

  10. Johnnie Young says:


    Interstellar (The Illuminated Star Projection Box)
    Price: £41.83
    This title will be released on February 2, 2015.

  11. Freddy says:

    Why are they being so cunctatious in addressing this?

  12. Adam says:

    Reminds me of not being able to buy the Frankie box from the US, Canada or Japan. We had to wait forever for the opportunity.

  13. karl says:

    I was disappointed with this movie, hoping for so much more but instead I sat through a space drama about a family….now a soundtrack for The Grand Budapest Hotel would be nice but I cannot find one anywhere.

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