Record Store Day: ‘Drop Day 2’

Let SDE know how you get on

Today is the second of three RSD ‘drop days’. Yes, we’re not even halfway through this year’s Record Store ‘Day’!

What are your plans? Are you venturing out with mask in pocket to see what your local (or not at all local) independent record shop has on offer? Maybe you are already at home with your purchases, having put in an early shift, and have the kettle on ready to sample some of your wares? Or are you staying out of trouble and waiting for the 6pm online marketplace to open where you will try your luck with shop websites that inevitably can’t cope with ‘unprecedented’ demand?

I will be venturing out today at lunchtime, and will probably be keeping an eye out for a few things, although I still maintain that it’s not a great year, and actually, the end of October (Drop Day 3) offers more interesting releases, such as a 2LP vinyl pressing of Lou Reed and John Cale’s Songs For Drella.

If I see a copy of the half-speed mastered pressing of McCartney today, I’ll probably be tempted and I might also go for the Fleetwood Mac Alternate Rumours, since I have most, if not all, of the other ‘alternate’ FM pressings.

Anyway… would love to hear how you all get on today, so please use this post to tell SDE – and discuss with others – what you’ve got up to and what you bought and where!


140 responses to Record Store Day: ‘Drop Day 2’

  1. Brian says:

    I lined up like I have the past few RSD’s and had a good time. I was #6 in line and managed to get everything I wanted in one go (Replacements, Bill Evans, Hootie) with the exception of the Dead South 7″ that my wife wanted. Even went to a second shop that hadn’t opened yet (#6 in line at that one as well, but didn’t get anything as they got no copies of that 7″, which I got online the next day).

    There weren’t as many folks around to talk to this go round but it was still a fun time. The stores did a great job of handling everything, and as always it’s fun to watch the locals parade their dogs by for early morning walks while waiting for my first store of choice to open.

    Even went back later in the day to the first shop and picked up a copy of The Kinks Phobia from RSD 2018.

  2. Chibb says:

    Let’s hope RSD gets back to what it was last year – Record Store DAY & not split over three days. It was much more of an event with everything out on the one day & the record companies don’t seem to have split the more popular releases equally. There were only 5 people outside my local for Drop 2…

  3. Paul Lewis says:

    I seem yo have matched you exactly Paul, other than doing it all online (much to my frustration, but still no shops for me)… Alternate Rumours was my no.1 target, supposedly my only target… but when I saw McCartney still available too, I succumbed!

  4. Timm Davison says:

    I got This Are Two Tone since it’s really hard to find second copies of in America. I picked up The Hotrats 2×10’s on a whim the next day – I must say their version of “Mirror In the Bathroom” just might be better than the original! That’s it for drop 2 – not a lot on my radar. I overloaded on drop 1, got multiple things (except Spacehog, which went super fast and the flippers have decided is THE hot release this year – copies cost 86 bucks or more on both ebay and discogs. Very disheartening.)

  5. Alan M says:

    I just bought Sign o the Times LP and cd boxset. Also a few albums on order from Norman Records and a couple from my local market stall trader (Found Sounds in Hereford). I have no money left for RSD. Nor interest this year.

    That goes for every shop though this year. Town is visited if absolutely necessary and supermarkets are just getting a big shop to avoid having to mingle with people. Perhaps it’s because I live in a town as opposed to a large city but this pandemic has just put myself and my wife off visiting anywhere that isn’t necessary. And RSD online really really doesn’t interest me.

  6. Andrew Abley says:

    This week The Durutti Column ‎– Idiot Savants a must have for me. Although it has been available in Europe since drop 1.
    Still playing from last drops
    RSD 1
    Cherry Ghost Hebden Bridge
    The Durutti Column ‎– Vini Reilly + Womad Live – bought earlier on-line from Fact Ben
    Villagers – Becoming A Jackal
    Cypress Hill ‎– Black Sunday
    Eels ‎– Beautiful Freak
    Words And Music By Saint Etienne
    John Grant ‎– Queen Of Denmark
    Cherry Ghost ‎– Beneath This Burning Shoreline

    Brings it back to mmmm quiet a few Record Store Days this year with over 30 purchases from “Record Store” days

  7. Keith Brittain says:

    I love the RSD’s, but there is no “must-haves” in this batch (there is a Britney Spears on this one – they should put out a colored vinyl of “Circus”). But I have picked up three Monkees LP’s (MOTM, HQ, PAC&J LTD) in the “Sundazed” series with bonus tracks. Also picked up Barnes & Nobles special releases of two classic Devo albums on colored vinyl, “New Traditionalists” and “Freedom of Choice.” Oh yea, also found the teal-blue colored vinyl of the next to last new Monkees studio album, “Good Times” through FYE. Finally – got a great deal through Best Buy on the Sinatra classic ‘Only the Lonely.”

  8. Shane says:

    I was interested in Britney Spears, but 29.99£ for a remix EP on colored vinyl is daylight robbery so they can forget it.
    RSD should not allow such prices to be charged.

  9. Fritz says:

    The ‘Behind The Dykes’ 2LP is amazing, same feel as Rhino’s amazing Nuggets release, but this one covers only Dutch bands and artists, many whom I’d never heard of before. Like opening a drawer full of stuff you never knew existed!

  10. Paul Mac says:

    I hadn’t picked up anything until last week, as there was nothing this year in any of the drops that really grabbed me. Then I went online and picked up the Fraternity re-issue from drop 1. I had a half-hearted poke around a few shops online this morning and decided to get the Roger Waters release. Pleased enough with that, and my admirable restraint (although after ordering all the Kraftwerk re-issues, it was somewhat enforced)!!

  11. Frederik Blieck says:

    I Hate Record Store Day. I’ve always been against anything or anybody responsable for releasing records that are only available for the lucky few. Record Store is an elitist, arrogant and dicriminating event. If you ask me, they can basically stuff their records up their ass (and I hope it hurts as well).

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Virtually everything is easily available from last Saturday, so who are these ‘lucky few’ you are referring to?

      • Joachim says:

        I do agree to Frederik in this. There are I guess five indie record stores less than 100 miles away from me. So it is only coincidence I got something interesting to me. I spend 300 euros per month on music I can hold in my hand but never spend a cent on rsd.

    • Chris Squires says:

      But it wouldn’t be if you got what you wanted?
      If I can’t get what I want then nobody should be allowed to have anything…..
      Impressive but misplaced rant.
      By their nature, price, locality, Amazon, cost of equipment etc. If it follows your diktat then nothing should be allowed, so you are basically saying we should all be off to secret tractor factory no.9 for makings of?
      Posle dozhdichka v chetverg!

  12. Mike says:

    I onlys grabbed the Doors and the live LP from Dinosaur Jr.
    From the first bacth, I only kept the excellent pressing of the Pretenders live, the Pogues BBC, and the Who Odss & Sodds. My local shop decided to boycott RSD this year. This year, I found some items cheaper on discogs even with postage than at a local shop.

  13. J says:

    So I dropped into the local independent store after the line went away & found Allman Brothers Live 01/31/71 at the Fillmore West & the Bowie Soul Tour. Both are amazing LPs & it was well worth the trip. The store was very well managed no more than 15 persons at a time. There are still quite a few Fleetwood Macs left so I will drop by & pick that up also.

  14. dubsideofthemoon says:

    The 10 inches Hot Rats album with its bonus tracks was the record not to miss !
    Globally a weak RSD

  15. Kev Barber says:

    Thankfully RSD2 didn’t have much that sparked my interest apart from The Durutti Column so popped into my fave store, Bear Tree records in Sheffield to pick that up. Bagged Bowie’s 45th anniversary of Young Americans as well.
    Must say Bear Tree managed RSD superbly this year. A week before the date you had to buy an appointment slot in the day & send in your order. No queues, order waiting for you, job done.

  16. Alan Jones says:

    Usually in the queue by 2:00am at my local store David’s in Letchworth but had to travel to Somerset early yesterday morning due to family commitments. and was going to buy online at 6:00pm. The M4 was shut between a couple of junctions so took a detour past Stonehenge and had to drive right through Frome where I knew was a great store called Raves from the Grave. Walked straight in at 9:30am and out in 10 minutes all my wants, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors and Tron plus daughter got Britney. Easiest RSD in eleven years.

  17. Al says:

    I picked up the McCartney and Fleetwood Mac titles, then saw the Roger Waters The Wall release and grabbed that one too. Didn’t seem to be much less that anyone around here was interested in, the FM release seems to be the big draw for many people.

  18. Steven_Wilsons_Prog_Cat says:

    I was going to give it a miss as nothing really stood out for me this time, at the 1st I bought the two bowie releases, U2 and TheThe, but I saw Fleetwood Mac and it was too enticing to pass up at £22.99, after the fact I regretted not looking for the Alarm – electric folklore vinyl but with Sept ending with sign o the times and October filled with a fair few super deluxe releases that I want, I had to reign in my impulses

  19. John Orr says:

    Completely avoided RSD, as I always do. You can pick titles up at a later date, stock, price and condition permitting. Been mopping up on other artists and groups such as Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series on vinyl, Queen, Tears For Fears, Marvin Gaye, Level 42, Robert Palmer, Pink Floyd, Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney and movie soundtracks. All on vinyl. Lots of listening ahead, congrats to everyone who braved the outside and/or online.

  20. Liam says:

    I avoided the queues and managed to pick up McCartney (for the 4th time over several years, but who can resist an Obi strip!). Thanks to the guys at Drift Records in Truro for that!

    Like you Paul, I also picked up FM Alternate Rumours – thanks to Soul Brother Records for fortunately still having a copy today when most other places were sold out. Looking forward to giving this a spin.

  21. Christopher junp says:

    Hi RSD2
    The replacements
    The lilac time (has to go to eBay for that as no us release )

  22. Paul Thomson says:

    I went completely nuts in the last ‘drop’ buying around 20 titles. Still annoyed I couldn’t get a copy of Hawkwind’s Quark though! Gave myself a serious telling off and only bought two yesterday (McCartney and Durutti Column).

    Next ‘drop’ will only be one item tickling my wallet, Lou Reed and John Cale’s Drella….albeit that it will be my fourth copy *sigh*

  23. johnny says:

    Happy that I got everything I wanted, so far, all from my local shop

    Kink Kronikles
    The Who – Odds and Sods
    The Pogues — BBC Sessions (this is being released on CD, 30 Oct, with 7 extra tracks)
    Dance Craze

    Just want Stones Metamorphosis from the next drop… I really enjoy RSD, and hope there’s another one next April : )

  24. Leemer says:

    I was mildly tempted by The Replacements and Roger Waters Wall LP’s in the bin as I pawed through to find the McCartney LP. I stopped at Paul McCartney’s first LP. I’ve got to say it is nice to the Apple label back on the LP this time. I figured I am not here to try and flip these or anything, and while I like Roger Waters and The Replacements, I just was not that excited by it.
    Not that I need another copy of McCartney, but at least that gave me a warm fuzzy for a short bit. I am still sad about missing Odds and Sods last time.

  25. Jason says:

    I will add they should have combined RSD2 and 3 to make one event instead of 2, and I cannot understand the shuffling of release dates. The Reed/Cale is coming out in the US in October after many accounts had it shipped to them in August. Why? We have to sit on this for 60 days even though it’s basically something we’re all paying for? Switching Who and Judas Priest releases made little sense. Moving all the jazz to RSD3 was an odd move. I really don’t get how they chose what to sell when. Why is the Reed/Cale October here but September UK? Why was the McCartney August in Canada but September bumped in the US? So strange.

    Oh and people who say poor and unintersting releases need to get a grip. This event is to support independent record stores, and certainly out of almost 500 titles you should be able to find SOMETHING there of interest. If not, your standards are obviously so high that you should just not be buying anything or thinking about supporting these shops at all. Maybe your proposed list is better? Color me so tired of the whining…

  26. Donnie Biscuits says:

    Like you I wasn’t going to bother but my better half decided I should take the minions for lunch. So took a detour on the way back to the great Head in Leamington Spa, still lots left in the afternoon as well as tons from drop 1. Macca was too good to resist and the Britney remix album for nostalgia. I was tempted by Rumours but I’m not starting another collection there.
    I agree there’s too much going on this autumn HMV vinyl week, 3x RSD, album day and Rocktober. Need to pace it a bit.

  27. Jason says:

    What a crazy RSD2 this was. My store in suburban Philly anticipated a much smaller crowd (marginally smaller than RSD1), but we still sold more RSD product than ever in one shot compared to our order and a bunch of stock stuff throughout the rest of the day as well. Are people gearing up for more Covid winter shutdowns? I hope not.

    My store may be one of the few in my region that has actually adopted a socially distant way of doing things. We ask interested customers to email a special store RSD address the prior day (Fridays at noon) and we ask for their wishlists. We go through the submissions in order and assign times for curbside delivery and purchase Saturday morning so there is no exposure from crowds instore. (Only after 11am do we open to the public and then limit the number of people instore at a time). People who never liked waiting in lines generally seem to like this approach as it is all picked for them and not picked over by everyone else, they come at their time and then leave. If they’re going to be disappointed they missed out on something, at least they didn’t have to wait in line for an hour or more for that disappointment. They can also then move on to another store sooner if they choose. I only had one person cancel their time because they thought they were too far down the line to get all the things they wanted (probably true…at least I appreciated the call instead of just no showing), and only one no show. Not bad really.

    It’s a fair amount of work scheduling the times and making sure they are long enough, confirming those times with the customers, and referring to inventory sheets as we would rather inform people who ask for things that will definitely be gone by their time they shouldn’t bother instead of coming out again and being disappointed going home with zero. These are the anomalies as most people want more than one thing, but it does happen. In some cases, an item may be more expensive than the buyer anticipated, but then it just goes to the next person in line.

    The system works, but I need about 4 volunteers to help make it go smoothly, when I can probably do with 2 people the old way (a line of 300 people). Just trying to do my little part to keep from turning into a superspreader event. I wish more stores would do the same as I feel like the minority. I will do it again for RSD3 and possibly Black Friday. We’ll have to see how things look in April 2021. It was another great event and a shot in the arm financially when we all need it so desperately.

  28. SimonP2 says:

    Nothing I needed enough to justify a visit to a physical shop. Just decided to browse online at 6pm. Stupid long Q at Rough Trade so looked elsewhere. Drift and Assai met most needs. Wasn’t planning on buying McCartney but saw it available and couldn’t resist. Likewise Ellie Goulding – though still not sure why? Think I’m a sucker for statements like “800 copies only”…
    Also got The Wall as it was reasonably priced. The only thing I really wanted was The Yardbirds and that seemed surprisingly hard to find. Normally Yardbirds stuff on RSD is easy and previous year stuff is cheap on Ebay but this one seems to have been in demand. Finally found it via Google at an Indepdndant that I’d never heard of before (Vinyl Whistle) so will be using them again.

  29. Louis Fowler says:

    I grabbed McCartney and The Doors’ The Soft Parade Stripped.

  30. Adey says:

    Its been good to see certain “proper” outlets selling the Bowie rsd releases on amazon and ebay, at “normal” prices, in larger quantities. However, after seeing flippers flooding ebay with the Rsd cds at the moment, i hope the higher than usual supply brings the prices down, to make it fairer for everyone who hasn’t been able to waste their time queuing this year.
    Hopefully this has shown the men in suits that cds are still in demand, and that they will become more and more popular once again, year on year (after all, isn’t it about the music, and the thrill of buying/ owning a physical item, no matter what the format is?)

  31. Shaun says:

    Was happy to snag the only copy of Hot Rats that my local got in. Also the Wilco covers LP and Primus.

  32. Adey says:

    After playing the Bowie soul tour cds, all i can say is WOW!!!!
    This is my new favourite Bowie live album ever (even though it doesn’t have a live version of big brother on it). Its made up for the lack of a box set this year, in my opinion (which would probably be left on the shelf unplayed if its full of early 90s Bowie anyway).
    I dunno where they go from here, regarding the year of the diamond dogs, maybe a full show on blu ray? Come on Tony, we know you have msg and other footage in your vaults!

  33. Steve Matteo says:

    I couldn’t find a Yardbirds Roget the Engineer. If anybody knows where I an get one at U.S. list price, e-mail me, I’m kind of freaking out hi-fisjm@ix.netcom.com

  34. Peter says:

    The sad thing about RSD was the large queues, people buying more than one copy (to keep sealed and play one) or more annoying, only buying to re-sell on eBay etc (currently there are over 2600 items on the UK eBay site).
    I have given up leaving my home at a ridiculous hour to queue and scramble for a piece of vinyl, I now buy from re-seller sites, Discogs etc.

    already bought Prince Deluxe CD & Peach LP, over stretched credit card, so I have only been able to get The Boys Next Door, Suede, Two Tone.
    Would love the Philip Glass Essential, not at £100.

  35. Dennis Yardley says:

    I think 3 RSD drops seemed like a good idea – but the main stuff was in the first drop and subsequent ones seem a bit lacking.

  36. Gareth Pugh says:

    Just two things I was after this time – Fleetwood Mac (for the father-in-law) and Erasure for myself. Managed to get both. Most of my wishlist was August for me, and there’s nothing I’m after from October’s Drop Day, so I think i’m done. Yesterday was fairly painless compared to some other RSD days and I noted (not that I was after anything, really, and indeed didn’t splurge in the end) a lot of record stores’ web capabilities were much better on the evening than last time!

  37. Justin Cole says:

    I was #4 in line at Plaid Room in Loveland, Ohio, at 8 pm Friday night. There were far less people at the 8 a.m. store opening than any previous RSD or RSD Black Friday I can recall there. Heck, until a wave of people started arriving around 3 a.m., we only had 10 people overnight. Still, most of the RSD experience for me is hanging out all night with fellow music buffs. Had the super deluxe edition of SOTT playing all night on a solid Bluetooth speaker. It was good night.

    What I brought home that day:
    Dance Craze
    This Are Two Tone
    The Feminine Complex
    Beyond The Dikes (Dutch beat nuggets)
    Fleetwood Mac
    Night Beats
    Psyche France

    Later ordered on-line from other retailers:
    Camille Yarbrough
    Samantha Fox
    Tron Legacy soundtrack

    As for the many posters who say there was so little or absolutely nothing for them, that is their prerogative but it baffles me. Maybe I am just lucky in my particular tastes in music, but I like a wide enough range of music that there are always at least 5 titles I have wanted in each drop. Between these 3 RSD drops, I will have picked up releases in original era ska, 80’s revival ska, reggae/rocksteady, garage rock, pop, classical/avant garde, psych, folk, alternative, electronic and experimental/soundtrack. I feel bad others are not seeing anything along their interests.

    Every RSD event has also had at least one title I was not previously aware of and I likely never would have been if it weren’t for the research I do into each upcoming release.

  38. Henrik Moberg Voss says:

    I went to a local Copenhagen shop called Beat. They opened at 8 am and I was the second in line and I came at 5 am. When the shop opened there was about 100 in queue.

    We came in the shop 10 at a time with mask and handsanitizer.

    I bought:

    The Allman Brothers band
    The Boys next door
    Roger Waters
    Nativity in Black (Black Sabbath tribute)
    Bleeder Group: Sunrise (local Danish record)
    Bennys badekar (local Danish record)

    That was the records on my list so i”m a happy man.

  39. Richard S says:

    Wasn’t really interested in anything in this drop. There was the Dance Craze and This Are Two Tone albums, but since I just bought those as part of the 2-Tone box set, seemed a bit pointless.

  40. Neil Parnell says:

    yes second drop seems slim pickings….three in the next drop I want, Miles Davis, Philip Glass and the Lou Reed and John Cale one Paul is after….def spent a lot less on RSD this year….but spending more in general on so obviously not really liked the choices RSD had this year

  41. MARK says:

    Didnt queue up like I did on drop 1 at Drift Records in Totnes..went on line eVilbay..got The Hot Rats for £40 shipped, and This are 2 Tone £35 shipped..

    For me the rise in COVID 19 was part of this, and when you look at the prices on eVilbay they do drop throughout the day
    Stay safe all

    Mark in Plymouth

  42. Seikotsi says:

    I got the Rolling Stones 10” from the sister ray website at 6pm. It is still available today.

  43. 70s Guy says:

    Picked up Rumours alternate and Squirrel Nut Zippers – Inevitable.
    The little shop hidden in the back of the mercantile that I go to did a real cool preview of what they had in a livestream last night. Which of course resulted in a line that started forming outside the building shortly thereafter.

  44. Larry Davis says:

    This RSD Drop Day #2 not as good as #1 but that’s fine as tighter budget, plus Prince & Bob Mould out around same time…saw tons of the McCartney, didn’t get one for myself but I did help a friend…only 1 per person at this 1 store, and he wanted 2…1 to keep sealed & 1 to play, so he gave me money & I bought it for him…for myself, the only one I did not get cuz sold out everywhere was the Ellie Goulding…what I did get were the Unrighteous Brothers 7″, Tegan & Sara live album/EP (not sure which, only 8 tracks), Brandi Carlile 12″/EP of Soundgarden covers & Britney Spears EP…Fleetwood Mac sold out (it’s fine, have it on CD in the box…I did get the minibook Then Play On CD tho, on sale)…Replacements looks cool but I have it in Dead Man’s Pop box…kinda want Wilco covers 2LP, Feminine Complex 2LP & Residents Icky Flix but too expensive, & will get Jesse Dayton 7″ next time & Shooter Jennings live album…I did get my hands on a signed Taylor Swift Folklore CD though…not sure how many copies she signed but they were factory sealed too, so as I have an open copy, I’m keeping the signed one sealed to keep the value intact…not bad RSD #2…

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Nice Larry!! I’m not doing vinyl but since I’m going all out on Prince SOTT, I did buy the big vinyl box, colored singles vinyl box and colored vinyl album (in addition to the cd box of course). Of course non of it has arrived. Amazon Canada sent an email that it will arrive late Nov, early Dec. To me that means they oversold their allotment and are scrambling to get additional stock. Thankfully I kept my order from Amazon Italy. Their delivery shows October. Finger’s scrossed.

      • Larry Davis says:

        Nice one Kowgumpie…going for the whole Prince Sign series…I’m just happy with the CD box, expensive enough… held it in my hands at Newbury yesterday, their sale price is what I paid on Amazon Italy, like $125…it’s beautiful and like Paul said, I used to have the original 1987 2LP and it’s no gatefold, but I don’t recall there being a peach vinyl then either…I almost bought the Third Man 7″ vinyl box, but I thought nah, the CD box is fine enough but if I see in person the peach vinyl and the price is right & fits in my budget, I’ll get it…

  45. Musiclover72 says:

    I joined the queue outside Rouge Trade East at 6.30am there was 18 ahead of me. By 8 am a good queue had built up. Filled in a form and collected my items very organised. Managed to get everything I wanted Britney Spears ,Daft Punk, Ellie Goulding ,Fleetwood Mac & Erasure Blue Savannah and I also grabbed a copy of the 45th Anniversary of D Bowie’s Young Americans so over all very happy

  46. Normand says:

    A strange Record Store Day today here in Montreal, Canada. First, I visited a friendly store at 10:00 and I was the first and only visitor for approximately 15 minutes. There I found Fleetwood Mac and The Doors. Then I went to a Sunrise Record Store and, again the only customer, I bought the Steel Wheels 10’’ of The Rolling Stones and grab at the same time one of 2,000 Icon of Rush on red splatter vinyl that was just released The day before (a great compilation -1 song of each 11 first LPs- even if I have all these on vinyl). Finally, at home, I visit a Quebec store that only sell RSD stock on line and I was rapidly able to buy two RSD reissues of the Quebec group Dionysos, excellent hard/prog rock music from 1970/71 (fan of Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and Atomic Rooster, you should enjoy these early albums from part of my country). That is how I spent this beautiful morning sunny day. I’m already looking forward to 2020RSD3 and … Black Friday/RSD in November (I still hope for a superdeluxe edition of John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band).

  47. TIM says:

    In Toronto, Canada I called my local indie shop yesterday and was told they had been sent one copy of the Stones 10″ Steel Wheels picture disc for RSD. Lined up very early this morning and managed to be the lucky one to get it. (About 40 people in line by the time the shop opened at 8 a.m.) Also got the “Alternate Rumours” release.

    • David M says:

      In Ottawa it was one of the few things I saw, loads of them. Too pricey for me for 2 songs. The prices for singles of all types in RSD is always a ripoff. $25 for a single!

  48. Tracey says:

    There wasn’t anything released for RSD #2 that I was interested, so I wasn’t tempted to venture out. However, my family wanted to go up to Recycled Books and Records (in Denton, TX) this evening…so I joined them. They still had a table of RSD releases, including:

    The Replacements
    Mike Watt
    The Doors
    Changesnowbowie (from RSD #1)
    The Stones
    The Alarm
    Durutti Column
    Roger Waters
    Dance Craze

  49. Darren says:

    Anyone else find that the two Bowie titles are warped… CHANGESNOWBOWIE and I’m Only Dancing?
    I am thinking this is a production issue as a third title ordered is as flat a a tac.

  50. Ste says:

    I’m a regular at your website and only have positive things to say about it and your posts, but, speaking as a longstanding health professional who has worked in many hospitals and now is working directly on the covid wards and in an ICU at a major hospital, please, don’t leave home with your mask in your pocket. Put it on once you step from your door and maintain physical distancing wherever possible.

    Also, don’t forget hand hygiene with a sanitiser when you first receive ‘the music we can hold in our hands.’

    Best wishes and safety to all.

  51. DanP says:

    It’s done and dusted here in Sydney, but a bit of a low-key affair. My favourite, BeatDisc in Parramatta, is actively encouraging people onto online – usually a great instore buzz on RSD – and Red Eye in the city is OK, but generally so overpriced and huge that it feels like you might as well be shopping at an HMV or a Virgin Megastore. Songs for Drella is a pick for the next one, and I’d like the Decca Girls compilation, but last year was more to my taste, especially Prince’s Purple Mix Club. Today, one of my favourite second hand dealers in pitching up at a local market in the lower Blue Mountains, so – even though he’s not really the merchant who the day is designed to promote – today will be my day to particularly enjoy being a music lover and vinyl enthusiast.
    Love the site Paul. Magic work.

  52. Rich P says:

    Not a great RSD year all round to be honest. I’m more interested in National album day in a couple of weeks.
    I managed to get the Erasure 12” I wanted very easily though. Nothing at all in drop 3 I’m remotely interested in.

  53. Steve Miller says:

    I got the Mew LP, the Wilco covers thing, and my store is gonna try and get me The Replacements.

    I kinda like the smaller scale this time around.

  54. Jeremy says:

    Got into my local store here in Canada 15 mins after it opened (after queuing for an hour). Missed McCartney (if they ever had any) but snagged one of the last copies of Fleetwood Mac. Also picked up Ellie Goulding’s reissued first album, if only for her irresistible rendition of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’.

  55. hendry doran says:

    Logged on to Roughtrade website at 17.50 this evening and was 2870th in the queue with a 30 minute waiting time. I was only interested in the McCartney album and was able to buy it. Mark you £34 including postage is a helluva price for a single LP

  56. Phil says:

    RSD is beginning to simply represent a day of disappointment. Every time, I go out looking for just one thing and never find it. And of course, whatever I’m looking for is always available by price gougers on eBay.

  57. JJ says:

    Glancing at today’s UK RSD releases it seemed like very thin gruel aimed at an ever narrower demographic.

  58. David says:

    Wanted Erasure’s Blue Savannah EP, couldn’t get to my local store, but kept my eye on copies going for far too much on Ebay all day, but held my nerve till 6pm and got one for £16.99 direct from an independent store, I know it’s not as fun as queuing up half the night like most years, but at least it’s still showing support to the little guys

  59. David S says:

    Having queued up at the crack of dawn for RSD1, I went online at 6pm this time and was successful in snapping up the Dance Craze re-issue on half speed vinyl and the Blue Savannah, blue vinyl 12″. I wasn’t interested in anything else.

  60. Stew says:

    Townsend records still has stock of the harder to find of today’s rsd issues just picked up the McCartney
    Link is


  61. Gareth Jones says:

    Nothing on the list for me today so l didn’t bother, but l have friends that went who said the queue was tiny today compared to the first drop day. Can’t say l’m surprised, as today’s list of releases was so much smaller. They certainly didn’t divide up the amount of releases evenly across the three drop days.

    Meanwhile on drop day 1, l only really wanted the BBC Radiophonic Workshop CD box set, which l failed to get on the day. However, much to my surprise, they now keep cropping up online. l only bought it the other day. Plenty of copies are still on eBay at the same price as it had cost in store on the day. So not ALL eBay sellers are trying to rip you off!

  62. Darren linklater says:

    Kept Covid safe all day and jumped in the Internet at 6pm. Alternate Rumours from Badlands site and McCartney from an independent shop seller on eBay at normal RSD price. All wrapped up by 6.10pm.
    Now, a night with the peach SOT vinyl bought from SDE looms.

  63. Stwve says:

    Popped out to to get Hotrats from my usual record shop in Amersham at about 10am, still lots left and plenty fron t the first drop. Unfortunately that was one album they neglected to order in, picked up the Morrissey 10” from the first drop instead. Headed over to St Albans to Empire Records where they did have it, all good. Incidentally I had no problem on the first drop, getting Bowie etc at about 4pm that date. All much more civilised and I get to spread the cost over several months.
    I like it, much better idea, gets people to the shops more often and stuff is still available online.

  64. Peter Muscutt says:

    Got the Roger Waters Wall LP and the Daft Punk Tron Legacy soundtrack which is a lovely calming ‘Tron’ blue…. always had issues with bits of the ‘various artists’ aspects of The Wall (Cyndi Lauper sticks out like a sore thumb) but it’s an interesting curio. Love Paul Carrack on it, and ‘Bring the Boys Back Home’ with the assorted choirs. Sounds Records in Douglas in the Isle of Man had a very laidback vibe today, got there about 11am and got what I was after, although as I was paying a chap saw my purchase and exclaimed he was thirty seconds too late grabbing it! I resisted temptation to ask him if he wanted to buy it off me outside the shop for £80 – we all know what we think of THOSE people!!!!!

  65. Grahame Andrews says:

    Managed to get a McCartney and Roger Waters The Wall Live In Berlin from TM Stores and The Who Odds And Sods a couple of weeks ago from my local store. Happy with that, wallet not so!

  66. MARK LEVY says:

    I don’t know which drop The Who Odds and Sods was in but I got that one. Very happy with it.

  67. Miket says:

    Thanks Paul as usual for the heads up. I sat on my ass all day drinking wine thinking what would be good. I picked my two:

    Dance craze – best of British ska
    The boys next door – Door Door

    Pretty much the two albums that defined my musical taste.

    Long live SDE

  68. Paul Taylor says:

    Got my Roger Waters album and took a dip into the unfamiliar with The Lilac Time EP.
    UFO & Thin Lizzy in October will conclude RSD 2020 for me.
    Not as social as past years but the most significant positive for me this year has been the prices. Very sensible in the current situation with incomes under pressure.

  69. stephen king says:

    First drop was very good and worth waiting overnight at my local shop for but they weren’t getting the 2 records I wanted this time round. Managed to get them both online at 6pm exactly which was much less stressful than the previous RSD and Love Record Stores sales. I think I got vey lucky with the Dinosaur Jr LP as that seems to be sold out everywhere already.
    Don’t think I will queue for the 2 October drop records as I wouldn’t want to freeze my bits off for nothing, regardless of how enjoyable the early morning chat with fellow record collectors might be… Hopefully back to just the one event next year and I have finally got myself a fold up chair in preparation!

  70. Tom says:

    Just The Durutti Column and Etienne Daho for me this time out.

    Which is a relief, given how much I spent last month and how much I have on pre-order before Christmas…

  71. ken.e says:


    There was no McCartney or Fleetwood Mac at the record store I went to they said they never came in. However I did pick up Roger Water the Doors and 2Tone vol 1.

    I didn’t need the Mccartney as I have two copies already. I bought the Columbia pressing years ago and I have the double archive. I was oddly tempted however. I would love to hear how it sounds.

    BTY Paul I got my Elvis Costello order from you and you package it very well. Great transaction,

  72. Graeme says:

    Luckily we have a wealth of independents in Newcastle but you still ‘worry’ that you’re not going to get your intended haul. Anyway, just back after a successful day….took in 3 of the stores here – one of which had been a pre arranged appointment slot. Netted Ellie Goulding Lights, The Alarm Celtic Folklore, Erasure Blue Savannah…….and a rare (these days) ale stop at a good Toon bar before heading off to the ‘appointment shop’ for The Lilac Time Hills Of Cinnamon……and a quick browse ….added 2nd hand Betty Boo Boomania and Adam Ant Friend Or Foe….2 for a fiver bin seemed too good and offer to leave behind. Money no problem once the wallet is open…..the day has inspired me once home to order previous Record Store Day releases A-ha Hunting High And Low Alternative Mixes and Nick Heyward Stars via discogs…..

  73. Glenn says:

    Skipping Drop 2 but may try to pick up The Alarm’s live vinyl. Will order Erasure 12″ online since that isn’t released in the US due to them being on another label here. Looking forward to Drop 3 for The Specials Dub 10″. Given how the shops have handled RSD in terms of COVID and not letting everyone in the store together it would have been better to just do it all on one day. Wonder if they are also planning a Black Friday RSD in Nov this year…

  74. Andrew Knowles says:

    Managed to get all that I wanted today. McCartney 1, Bill Evans Some Other Time, Serpico (Theodorakis), soundtrack, and The Yardbirds Roger the Engineer. I thought I was going to be unlucky with the latter as Lost in Vinyl in Cambridge had sold out. Apparently they were only able to obtain 3 copies! So I went along to Relevance and relieved them of their very last copy! A successful day altogether!

  75. Michel Banen says:

    I bought the Doors’ Soft parade vinyl + CD set real cheap via Amazon and now the single vinyl with the ‘stripped’ CD tracks costs even more than I paid for the whole set ! Pass…..

  76. Prince Fan says:

    It’s been slightly better represented this year, but if your preferred format is CD then RSD is pretty much a non event. There’s more profit to be made in vinyl and some people obviously don’t get bored of buying Rumours for the umpteenth time. I purchased the BBC Radiophonic Workshop CD box set last month. Very nice indeed!

  77. Dan says:

    I got Erasure – Blue Savannah, Fleetwood Mac – Alternative Rumours, Deftones – OMHS Gold vinyl.
    I’m going to try at 6pm to get Britney Spears

  78. Brian Roberts says:

    Picked up McCartney this morning and it was a significant improvement in sound from the 80s budget priced Fame version.

  79. SynthGrizz says:

    Bought mostly 12“ last time: Alphaville, Ultravox, Moroder & Kylie, Metronomy and Roxy Music LP. Today I snapped three copies of Erasure’s Blue Savannah 12“ (two for friends). I read the Kraftwerk picture discs did not happen because the band let them destroy. Is that true?

  80. Lee Taylor says:

    Looking for Roger The Engineer, but waiting until the online drop. If I smash one, great, if not, such is life.

  81. Sean says:

    Decided to not head out today after RSD1 disappointment. I live on the Monterey CA central coast where there is one local store and a few an hour north in Santa Cruz. None were stocking the Bowie CD’s first time around. Tried online with Ameoba and their site crashed. One or three day events are not enough to help sustain independent shops. Rather than a single or three day event, the items should be more widely available but only in independent shops. This would give fans more opportunities and generate more consistent foot traffic for the shops. It would also eliminate competition from online retailers such as Amazon.

  82. Marc in USA says:

    Hey folks. Marc in America.
    Mellow line at the record store opening at 7am.
    Only 50 people queued up.

    Picked up a copy of The Alarms companion live album ‘Celtic Folklore’. Nice!

    Paul, question: with C-19 disrupting the normal Calendar and October being RSD20 – Drop #3, do you or any of your readers think there will be an RSD Black Friday this November ? Just asking. Thanks.

  83. Paul says:

    Is the Samantha Jones lp in today’s drop or in October’s? Conflicting info on Rough Trade and Banquet.

  84. Paul McCarthy says:

    2nd in the queue at my local store so i could relax until opening time knowing I’d secure McCartney and Dance Craze which is all i really wanted. Couldn’t resist Solid Air half speed mastered which caught my eye while paying.

  85. Mark says:

    Three stores visited in Sydney earlier to get McCartney, Stones, Hendrix and Roger Waters. Pretty happy with that little lot! But seems from talking to one store that they had a lot less interest today v August due to many people not realising it was split up this year. While better for me to get what I wanted a bit sad for them. Lets hope it picks up for part 3 for them.

  86. Chad Patterson says:

    Agree with others: RSD drop 2 seemed a little light on the goods. I picked up the Replacements live on triple vinyl. Looking forward to Marty Wilson-Piper in the October drop.

  87. Gavaxeman says:

    Nothing really I wanted in batch 2.. which is good as I spent a load on drop 1…think there is one Stones album in the third batch but that’s me done this year

  88. Stuart Ansell says:

    Any time there’s a residents album to be bought I’ll be there, got the last copy, plus Tull live@OIW ’70 and the Tron soundtrack, and volume 3 of the Morricone themes series. Plus rumours and Ellie Goulding for a family member. Relevant records in Cambridge. Lovely place, very calm and knowledgeable. Decent cup of tea too.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  89. Heraldo says:

    The Residents Icky Flix was the only one of interest today for me (and I managed to get it).
    RSD #1 was stronger for me and I got The The, Wolfgang Press, Exit North, Jansen Barbieri Karn, BBC Radiophonic and Phillip Glass.
    RSD #3 releases hold no interest at all.
    Is there going to be a one in November for Black Friday like last year?

  90. Todd G says:

    I’m in the USA and plan to leave in about an hour to the local record store. Hope to find and buy the Britney Spears, Melanie with the Incredible String Band and the 2 Two Tone Compilations. Not much else is of interest this time around.

  91. eric says:

    I bought 2 reggae records:
    10” Mikey Dread – His Imperial Majesty (Mine was Green of Random Green, Yellow, Red)
    7” Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Stop That Train – Talk About Run
    Too Bad the
    7” Watt, Mike & The Secondme – In Quintessence
    wasn’t available, but according to my record shop, this one will be ordered for me and will be at the shop for the next drop. Fingers crossed!

  92. Shaun says:

    My local record shop didn’t receive Eddie and the Hot Rods so will cheque Discogs later. Totally underwhelmed by RSD, better to leave it as one day. Agree that it has probably served it’s purpose now

    • BJ says:

      Rough Trade had plenty Eddie & The Hot Rods. It’s also blue and red vinyl. I must admit there were no queues this morning.

  93. Hugh Hall says:

    How can £24 for a double 7″ (Madness, Work Rest And Play EP) be justified? Some of this stuff should be wholly criticised. If you’re trying to get people into record shops then don’t take the piss by ripping them off.

  94. Kiki_ says:

    Too expensive, Too poor quality pressing, too complicated to find a record store (no more Shop 50 Km around!) … I think this years was the worst RSD… I’ll pass my way on this one !

  95. FrenchDuke79 says:

    Picked up the Doors Stripped and that was all. Daft Punk Tron was the only one I think sold out. Personally I don’t need more Rumours or The Wall in my life and most of the rest was too expensive.

  96. WayneUK says:

    Got the two Bowie albums on CD last time round. Nothing l fancy this time round though

  97. Paul S says:

    I picked up McCartney and erasure, the shop had no doors (how did you get in ;) ) no roger waters no jethro tull, but I did leave it a bit late.
    Picked up stormwatch 2 meatloaf, manics and madness in the first drop
    Hoping to get zappa and the specials in next months drop.

  98. Noel Fitzsimons says:

    Record Store Drop Day 2 releases were really disappointing after checking the list. Drop Day 1 was the business – Bowie Roxy U2 Duran BBC etc. but how long can this be sustained? I do think the whole RSD phenomenon has reached its end – sadly as over the years it was exciting and fun.

  99. Andy says:

    From Australia and picking up tomorrow morning (its Sat Nite here already!), Macca’s McCartney HSM, the Macs Alternate Rumors’ and Stones Steel Wheels 10″ Pic Disc

  100. Martin Kilroy says:

    Never understood the logic of spreading the event over 3 dates to combat the spread of coronavirus, seeing as I now have to make 3 trips instead of one!

    I do see the economic logic though to help record shops as it increases potential impulse purchases

  101. Beechlander says:

    Been out already, a lot quieter than RSD1 so queues not a problem. Managed to get the ones I wanted – Daft Punk Tron and Notorious box set amongst others.

  102. Steve says:

    I managed to get Roger Waters, great inner sleeve pic of stage set and crowd. Remember watching it on tv, can it really be 30 years ago. Being an expensive few months for Floydies. Nick Mason, great and recommended. Roger Waters soon and on Sky Arts tonight. DSOT box set looks good. Not to mention Arnold Layne and Nick Mason RSD. Bring on next RSD.

    • Howie says:

      I remember being in the crown and watching it on TV would have been a better option. The buzz of being in Berlin while the wall was still being dismantled (and chunks of it taken home) was quite special. Have not paid any attention to this RSD and wish I had picked up a copy of this. Damn!

  103. Ryan says:

    RSD drop 2 is pointless for me! Round 1 was great, spent about £300, round 2 about £0. Round 3 looks better but nowhere near as good as August. I might go out for the October one. I’m going back to bed for today’s.

  104. CJ Feeney says:

    Tempted by Mingus and Fleetwood Mac. The Wall is also temtpting.

    I’m annoyed that this RSD is the day after so many great albums were released, so just popping in to my local store in a quiet moment to pick up my orders isnt possible.

  105. Marc says:

    Would have been tempted by the McCartney reissue, but for the price…..45 euro for a single record……too much for me.

  106. Per says:

    Fleetwood Mac and Roger Waters today. Did Bowie I’m Only Dancing in August and missed out on Changesnow…

  107. Rob says:

    I require Britney Spears and I will fight the internet to get it later.

    • James W says:

      Last RSD, I fought the internet to get “The Kink Kronikles”. And I won, and lost. ha! I got the album and love it. But, I paid way too much for it. Good luck!

  108. mark browne says:

    Love the idea behind RSD..but it has just become a scalpers paradise…I have queued many times for hours only to be told that stock never arrived once the doors opened. So when will this stuff be available online?

  109. Ben says:

    Been already out here in Munich and took McCartney, Doors Soft Parade Stripped and the Miles Davis Cookin’ 4 LP set.
    Stay safe, wherever you are.

  110. Tim says:

    Giving it all a miss this year. Very poor and uninteresting releases in my opinion. Plus three early Saturday mornings, two in autumn? No thanks!

  111. Peter R says:

    Already been out to Revo in Halifax. Been spending again. F-Mac, Eddie & Hot Rods, Wishbone Ash & Roger Waters. Will be online later looking for Mingus & Evans on the Jazz from and maybe Roger the Engineer….

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m tempted by Roger Waters…

      • Quante says:

        Roger Waters Us and Them concert is on Sky arts tonight. I’ve never bothered with The Wall in Berlin. It never appealed with the different singers, so I’ve no idea if it’s any good.

        • CJ Feeney says:

          If you’ve watched “The Departed” movie you will have heard Van Morrison singing Comfortably Numb. That in itself makes the album worthwhile.

        • ARidd says:

          It’s worth pointing out for those that haven’t yet noticed – sky arts is now on free view! So retune you’re free view box and enjoy an evening of floyd tonight!

          • Adey says:

            My partner noticed it earlier this week, a VERY pleasant surprise! We’ve had sky in the past, and always went back to sky arts after flicking through channels of rubbish. I’ve been glued to the tv every night since we found it!!!

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