Saturday Deluxe / 16 February 2019

Journey’s End: Thoughts on McCartney’s Egypt Station box 

After around 18 months of faffing around, Paul McCartney had a great run at the end of 2018, with the excellent Egypt Station, the 50th anniversary reissue of ‘The White Album’ and then two excellent reissues of Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway, which were bundled into an expensive, but rather good, box set called Paul McCartney & Wings 1971-1973. It seemed like the missteps of the Flowers in the Dirt and the haphazard coloured vinyl marketing campaign were behind him and Paul was ‘getting back’ to releasing decent products again. That was until this week, when fans were informed of the ‘Traveller’s Edition’ deluxe box set of Egypt Station.

We knew an Egypt Station box was coming, and that had created some uncertainty amongst the fanbase. Should we buy the 2LP ‘concertina’ coloured vinyl of the album or wait for the box, which might contain the same, or something better? Will the Target/HMV bonus tracks be part of the box set, or should we play it safe and buy them?

The coloured vinyl album definitely isn’t in the box, while those two bonus tracks (along with ‘Get Enough’) are, although the fact that MPL haven’t specified whether they are on CD or vinyl (“also included”) is worrying. Let’s hope they aren’t download only, or cassette exclusives, or some such nonsense.

Let’s talk about the actual box set. It comes in a ‘suitcase’. Or rather a ‘luxury vintage-style embossed Egypt Station artwork suitcase’. It looks good in the visuals, but if you are expecting a brass spring-loaded locking mechanism and leather-stitched handle, you might be disappointed. I hope it’s not an painfully cheap as we know it could be. For the £315/€360 price-tag it certainly deserves to feel a cut above rigid card with printed visuals.

Obviously, I haven’t seen a finished set, but on paper the main criticism would be that this is a 3LP+CD+Cassette box set that is exorbitantly priced, because once you move away from the music, the extra content looks very weak. Stickers, luggage tags, a jigsaw puzzle, playing cards etc. Yes, it’s ‘fun’ and it takes the travel theme of Egypt Station and runs with it, but it’s where it runs that is the problem… straight into a discount wholesalers that sells cheap branded goods. The type of place where you can order Parker pens with your company logo; where team shit-for-brains go on The Apprentice when they do that task that involves buying cack.

Paul McCartney is not getting any younger, and it’s a little depressing to think that him and his team have rather wasted their time cobbling this thing together. There’s nothing inside that offers any insight into the making of what could very well be his last studio album. No notes from the man himself, no essays commissioned, not even a glossy photo book of behind-the-scenes, no track-by-track annotations or detailed thoughts from producers Greg Kurstin and Ryan Tedder.

This box set is full of froth. As disappointing as badly made cappuccino; all foam and warm milk when what you actually want is some coffee.

And yet… I said yesterday (in the SDE comments) that I wasn’t going to buy this set. I probably wouldn’t do if I was just a punter, but as editor of SDE I feel duty-bound to see this thing in the flesh (hold the music in my hands). Not be one of those people who criticises a book he hasn’t read. So while my first impressions based on the published specification are legitimate, once the month of May comes around, I will unbox this Traveller’s Edition of Egypt Station for SDE readers and offer a more considered view.

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  1. Fenz says:

    How could anyone who knows anything about Paul McCartney be expecting a ‘leather-stitched handle’? – He’s been an active vegetarian for almost 50 years! – Nobody would EVER expect that from someone who cares for animals so much. – Maybe you didn’t hear the song: ‘Little Lamb Dragonfly’. Take a listen and you’ll never suggest something so absurd again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wpF_4UCSUs

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I didn’t suggest it. You are getting rather het up about something I didn’t say!

      • Fenz says:

        ‘It looks good in the visuals, but if you are expecting a brass spring-loaded locking mechanism and leather-stitched handle, you might be disappointed.’ – Must’ve been someone else who said it then… Hmmmm?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Thanks for proving my point. I wasn’t ‘suggesting’ we’d get that, I was saying we AREN’T going to get that. The exact opposite of what you said.

  2. Michael Calhoun says:

    His Wings box sets are fabulous and well priced with lots of extras. This forthcoming deluxe for Eygpt Station looks nothing like a money grab hastially put out with little or no real thought save your Euros Pounds Dollars for something worthy in your collection

  3. Gorecki says:

    “…what could very well be his last studio album.”

    Unintentionally bleak perhaps? He may be 76 but I’ve not heard that he’s in especially bad health!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I hope it isn’t his last album… but it’s been five years since ‘New’. Even if he remains in good health is he going to release a new album at 81?

  4. Geert DW says:

    I collect everything McCartney. So much so, that I pre-ordered this box too. Stared at the picture for a couple of days, and I have since cancelled my order. It *really* isn’t worth it! [PS: They responded within 24 hours and a refund should be on its way]

  5. gwynogue says:

    I can’t afford the “Traveler’s” edition, is there a cheaper “I stayed at home” edition? Maybe a “My friends went to Egypt Station and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” edition?

  6. Rich459 says:

    Hmmm I think the tweet on Maccas Twitter earlier today says it all really – almost sounds desperate.

    I love the guy but the fact the biggest artist on the planet and certainly one of the most collectible can’t shift 3000 limited sets without now literally trying to push it speaks volumes about this release.

  7. hendry doran says:

    Although I have not been a prolific buyer on the Udiscover outlet they still managed to email me today making me aware of the remaining limited stocks of this box set. Struggling to sell it????


    Now available on the UDiscover store – so, despite Macca’s site encouraging pre-registration this didn’t translate into 3000 sales…

  9. Sean M says:

    Remember the good ol’ days (2008), when Bob Dylan’s “Expanded Deluxe Edition” of The Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs was a soulless, fan-screwing cash-grab? You could have the regular 2-CD edition for about $20, or the 3-CD set for $100 — with a couple of pointless (and unrelated) books to justify the cost. Seems quaint now, being outraged about a $100 “Deluxe Edition” — but my objection in principle is the same: Don’t hold the MUSIC hostage when selling your exorbitant collector’s porn.

    The phrase “you’re not forced to buy it” is often invoked — and yes, I know I’m not “forced” to buy it, but when I love a musician (Dylan, McCartney, etc.), I want to own all their music. All of it — emphasis on MUSIC. I can live without the puzzles and the playing cards — for those who enjoy that stuff, that’s cool and I bear you no ill will. But when you throw 2.5 new songs into the mix, you create an internal (and financial) conflict within the fans who just want the MUSIC.

    Paul McCartney is a pop musician, right? As in, “popular” — meaning “for the masses,” right? If MPL puts out a vanilla 2-CD reissue of Egypt Station alongside this, with all the bonus audio, I would have no quarrel with the “Traveller’s Edition” — there’s a market for everything and everyone. Heck, if this existing $360 package included all the studio outtakes, some demos, a Bluray of all the promo appearances, and a decent book documenting the making of the album, I’d probably buy it! But when a pop musician is effectively saying, “Sorry, 95% of my fans, but you’re not wealthy enough to own my two new outtakes,” something has gone very wrong in the fan-artist relationship.

    As it stands, unfortunately, this might be the worst value-for-money box set I’ve ever seen. I bought the “expensive” Tell Tale Signs, I bought Dylan’s “Big Blue” box ($700) and Paul’s Wings 1971-1973 box ($400), but I had to pass on this one. I love the Egypt Station album, and I was really excited about the prospect of an expanded release. I truly expected it to be one of the highlights of my 2019. But now the Traveller’s Edition is leaving the station, and I’m left behind on the platform, waving goodbye. Enjoy the puzzles, folks.

    • Colin Harper says:

      On the ‘worst VFM ever’ point, wasn’t there some berk from Kiss recently who shoved a load of old tat into a limited edition safe including a ‘personally selected artefact – which turned out to be a ticket stub from a concert three years ago or something like that – and sold it to idiots for thousands of dollars?

  10. RJS says:

    He’ll make a shed load of money but I think this is probably more of a vanity project from McCartney than a money-spinner. Can’t believe that some of the people moaning about how bad it is are actually shelling out on it.

  11. Colin Harper says:

    This may well be something that turns up in a ‘Record Collector’ item in 10 years time as a rare example of something collectable that lost value: ‘3000 made, £350 at the time, now worth £150 in Mint condition, with a fair wind – though you won’t find one in Mint cos it’s full of tat that crumpled easily…’

  12. Jim says:

    If “jigsaw puzzle and playing cards” becomes the new “marbles and scarf” in the comments on this blog I will never forgive Macca.

    • Julian H says:

      I actually bought a set of Dark Side of the Moon playing cards at the Pink Floyd exhibition! That was so bizarre I couldn’t resist. I had no need for toy vans or plush pigs though…

  13. Cristiano says:

    I have the discography of the Beatles and their individual components.With this, I never bought a box set of Paul, as a connoisseur of his life misunderstanding, I know very well that has some pearls to make known, and that I do not know why , does not want to publish.This expensive box set Egypt Station, is a real insult to the fans (we), that we are waiting anxiously, something new.I already, previously noted, that the box set of Imagine, has no equal: well done, exhaustive cover notes, photos and no nonsense. Mrs. lennon evidently has more respect for the wallets of the fans than Mr. McCartney’s marketing people, or Mc Cartney himself. Maybe, it’s badly recommended … someone should suggest or show him how Bruce Springsteen prepares his box set.Simply wonderful. Another missed opportunity.

  14. cashing in McCartneys Travellers Cheques says:

    PS – I could record the LP onto an old TDK C30 and throw that in as well.

  15. Cashing in McCartneys Travellers Cheques says:

    I have an old suitcase in the loft, if I buy the CD and a vinyl copy, I can add that to the pack of cards I have found in the back of an old drawer, I can pick up a cheap jigsaw somewhere and a map from Poundland or someplace or rip one out of an old Atlas. Plus I can handwrite my own note and photocopy that. Chuck all that in the suitcase, instant McCartney Traveller’s SDE and saved a few quid in the bargain.

  16. Kenneth Tilley says:

    I will DEFINATELY pass on this one. it’s just blatant money grabbing. What about a “please fill my bank account edition” deary deary me, i’d never thought he would stoop so low

  17. Arnd says:

    Who decides about such deluxe box editions? Does the artist even have a say? Just curious.

  18. Colin Harper says:

    Paul is saying ‘Fuh You’ to his fans with this obscenely overpriced claptrap.

  19. Gabriel Sandoval Romero says:

    What about a PASSPORT EDITION, just to keep the feeling but more cheaper and similar to NEW collector edition? ;)
    Who is agree with me? :))

  20. Barry McClain says:

    Greetings from the USA. FYI, I was looking to put this in my collection but the price of $360.00 here in the states seems a little high. I contacted the site and was told I would be billed immediately instead of upon shipping. I have had this bite me before so I think I’m going to pass.

  21. Bogdan says:

    I can’t help comparing this to the last expensive deluxe set from Paul McCartney, “Wings 1971-1973”. Although bearing quite similar price tags, the two boxsets could not be more different from one another, in my opinion.
    The Wings release is one of the best boxsets I’ve ever owned: both RRS and WL are fantastic albums, the bonus material is incredible (especially on RRS), the literature gathered in good taste and directly related to the music. Whereas with the ES traveller’s edition, you get very little bonus material and a lot of stuff that is completely outside the musical realm (apart from the loose travel theme connection). However, the reason I don’t think it’s right to call it a rip-off, or cash grab, is no one is forcing anyone to buy it.
    If the reason they released this is to make a profit, so be it, they will achieve that (as it seems it’s already sold out on some of the outlets selling it). If they issued it just to “keep the flame alive”, well, I don’t think it will add too much to Paul McCartney’s legacy (nor will it take any of it away, despite some of the negative vibes this release seems to have created). I think most of the people here in the SDE community love the artist for their music, so maybe the ES box is actually aimed at a different segment of the market (people who don’t need to listen to outtakes and demos, or read about the recording sessions, but would rather prefer a nice object to put on display).
    When they announced last year that a deluxe ES box was in the making, I was fantasising the delay from the main release date was so they could include video of the concerts Paul did to promote the album (like the one at the NY Central Station). Well, who knows, maybe some day they will release that separately.
    I am not buying this boxset, as I think it delivers very little value for money, but I still love Paul McCartney and admire his energy and the effort he puts into touring, making new music, and giving fans physical archive releases.

  22. Nigel Day says:

    It’s times like now I’m glad I’m not a McCartney collector !!!!

  23. Dave says:

    Suitcases, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards etc. What the hell is going on? This so far into the realm of junk that he should charged for the damage to the environment. Imagine the amount of landfill space that 3000 suitcases take up.

    Seriously, this is an utter disgrace. At £300 plus it beggars belief. Never have I taken so little time to take my finger off the trigger for a McCartney release. I am hoping that he had nothing to do with this it but somehow I don’t think he has no knowledge of the release.

    There have been a few mistakes in recent years – downloadgate and the lack of a separate release for the Wings Europe set – but this is so much worse.

    Anyone considering this should check out their pet charity and make a donation. Neither you nor Paul needs this.

    I dread reading the reviews. I’m wondering if a few reviewers will need to find an alternative to the star system. I think it will fall off the bottom of the scale.

  24. Andrew Fall says:

    Thank god I never liked the Beatles; an open invitation to hold out your wallet and chant “Help yourself” until the pain goes away.

    • Jeff G. says:

      I like the Beatles – both as a band and as solo artists – and have bought many of their SDE type releases. However, and fortunately, I’ve never once been forced to buy any of their releases, and I have judiciously passed on some. It’s not difficult.

  25. AlexKx says:

    He’s trying to copy Michael Jackson’s “Bad 25” Super Deluxe Edition Box Set Briefcase. Except that one was infinitely cooler with infinitely better contents in all manners level and ways.

  26. Reed says:

    And STILL no 5.1 mix on a McCartney deluxe edition. (not counting McMouse). And why no demos or outtakes? McCartney embraces them on the Beatles Re-issues, but shuns them for the most part on his own re-issues. Lennon’s Imagine is what a Beatles-themed re-issue should be like. All music, 5.1 and at an affordable price. I think Yoko is laughing her ass off at this latest effort of Sir Nibs.

  27. Lizbeth says:

    I know 3 Macca fans who bought this and are very excited about it. They love the Egypt Station album and this new edition was, in their view, a fun display piece and keepsake. I don’t know why some McCartney fans find it so hard to understand that not every product he releases is aimed at EVERY fan.

    Hard as it may be for the give-me-every-outtake fans to believe, SOME McCartney fans would rather buy a well designed memorabilia set like this than purchase a box set with 4 CDs worth of out-takes of the same songs over and over and over and over that they will never listen to again. Some PREFER a fun quirky set like this. That doesn’t make them vapid. That doesn’t make McCartney “greedy.” It means he’s providing products for a VARIETY of types of fans. This set is aimed at the type of fan who is interested in this type of set.

    There are loads of box sets and memorabilia sets released by various artists that I don’t buy because I’m not interested, because they’re too expensive, because I decide they’re not FOR me. But I don’t hurl insults at the artist or indulge in pointless rage (as happens routinely to McCartney and other artists) because some set isn’t designed with my exact interests in mind.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No one is hurling insults or is in a ‘rage’ as far as I can tell. Who are these McCartney fans who prefer puzzles and playing cards to his music? I’ve never met any Macca fan who, when I ask why they like him so much, say “because of his jigsaw puzzles…”. But many, like myself, say they love him because he’s a brilliant songwriter, musician and performer. This box has been largely (not entirely) derided in this forum because it marginalises the things he’s good at (music) and puts far too much focus on the ‘fun’ stuff. That in itself would be semi-forgivable if this set was £200 cheaper. Let me ask you, do you think this ‘Traveller’s Edition’ is good value for money? Most here don’t, and it’s not ‘pointless’ to express that opinion.

      • colm47 says:

        Was just watching Call The Midwife.
        A Nun arrived with her blue travel case, couldn’t help but remind me of this box set!

      • hendry doran says:

        Bravo, Paul(S)

      • Chris Squires says:

        It is a truism of t’internet that you can read anything into any post. Angry people will read posts angrily. I don’t see rage in many (any?) of the posts below. The word I would use is “incredulous”.
        I think I can see a trend in marketing and production. As Paul Sinclair posted last year too many people don’t see music as having any value, it is no longer special the way it was in the 60s, 70s and 80s where the likes of Elton, Michael Jackson, The Stones, The Beatles, Genesis and Joe Dolce’s music theatre ruled the world and made squillions.
        So how is a gold plated artist with gold plated expectations like Paul McCartney going to keep those millions rolling in if he can’t do it by selling music? Perform live?….well yes but none of them are getting any younger and their voices are not getting any better. It’s hard work for a pensioner+.

        Ebay has seen many a ridiculous promo pack or item go for hundred’s… something put together in 1984 or 1993 to promote a particular album, Kate Bush’s Red Shoe Box for example. Or a life size cut out of Michael Jackson for History going for a bundle. I think Soft Cell are putting together a mega expensive pack for the Live Concert. This will be the way of things. Annoyed at seeing silly money on the second hand market they are going to go straight there and start at silly money prices.

        If someone is prepared to pay £500 for a year old quadruple coloured vinyl limited edition of something like Lord of the Rings on eBay why not charge £300 to start with instead of £100. Chuck in a signature, chuck in a photo, chuck in a pack of cards, print a limited number and we’ll call it £315 instead of £100 because they know it’ll be on ebay at £350 in days. What must someone like McCartney think if he sees Wings 1971 to 1973 going for a grand on ebay. I bet he (or his accountant / manager) is thinking £300 wasn’t enough. That’s why prices are going up and up and up. It’s a gamble they are starting to take and it will leave many behind.

      • Gabriel Sandoval Romero says:

        I agree with you too Paul.

    • Gabriel Sandoval Romero says:

      I agree with you Lizbeth. I, as a graphic designer love to have this but it’s SO expensive and i feel it so unbalance just comparing it with the previus WL and RRS deluxe sets, i mean, they have a beautiful package with memorabilia and a lot of extras in the music vein. I’m just expecting a cheaper version of it like de NEW collectors edition with great stuff). The Electric Arguments Special Edition, was great too (even if i cannot bought it at the time of its release :(– ). Sadly this seems so overpriced but you have a very strong good point. Greeting from Guadalajara México. ;)

    • Bernie says:

      Well said, Lizbeth. All of this for an item that has not been seen up close or touched yet. I would say calling it “bollocks”, “usless tat” and “overpriced suitcase of fluff” are phrases of insult. As is calling the people who’ve bought it “stupid fools”, as happened on a previous thread. It is, of course, not for everyone but I hope the people who’ve ordered it will be looking forward to receiving it with eagerness, despite the derision. Maybe the reviews will be better when people actually have it, but I fear some have already formed an opinion.

  28. Tom from FIN says:

    Yes Paul, you are actually obliged to purchase this artefact. For professional reason naturally and for us to witness. Because of the character of the deluxe site to start with of course too.

    Same thoughts about the really disappointing content, though the team behind it clearly having fun designing it. Musically as bonuses and as a lost opportunity to document this unique process. As you mentioned, this is very likely the last, at least proper studio album by the ab fab pop royalty.

    Sure Macca estate / copy right owners will have several opportunities to profit several times more over the future with extra material from these sessions too!

  29. Martin says:

    In 1995 I bought a similar beautiful suitcase. That one was expensive too, even though it contained no playing cards, not even a treasure map. It was Frank Sinatra’s Complete Reprise Studio Recordings and it contained nothing but cd’s (20 of them).

  30. PJ says:

    Being a Beatles/solo fan collector from the sixties onwards this is one of the first releases I do not need to own. Vastly over priced at £315 & only 3000 released a suitcase full of tat. Only the unreleased tracks (which were not good enough for the ES album) & the music videos may be interesting & collectable. Why as after previous albums was there not a world wide release for all fans of a box set CDs & DVD reasonably priced around £30. I remember in the sixties when the Beatles would not put singles on albums to give fans value for money! It seems PM has forgot where he comes from he is certainly not looking after his loyal fans. It seems Paul is really “Living in the Material World” with the cost of the recent archive & ES box set.

  31. Steven Roberts says:

    Overpriced tat, so easy for me as a casual fan to sit this one out.

    Thank goodness he didn’t see fit to include a “5.1 mix of all the music, exclusive to this set”.

    Or something similar.

  32. noyoucmon says:

    I’m curious to hear from someone who excitedly wants this and thinks it’s great, as to what they like about it and why they think it’s great. There are a couple of folks here who seem pumped for this.

    • Bfwc says:

      I wouldn’t argue it’s a must buy, but as someone who has purchased some silly not for retail promotional items over the years I ordered one set. This reminds me of the promo only kits that would be sent to press outlets with a cool box and promo items which one could find on eBay and pay extra for. Like the Wingspan chocolates I bought years ago and ones you might see for other artists or movie releases. That might be why this was initially advertised as ‘super deluxe edition’ and shifting from more music to more promo items became a ‘ travelers edition’.

  33. Mic Smith says:

    Paul – an interesting dilemma and one I faced myself when Peter Gabriel released an overpriced edition of Scratch My Back in 2010 – a big box with red vinyl, CD, numbered art print and USB – for £350. At that point in my life I’d already purchased the Encore boxes (5 in total at that stage) and as a collector of Gabriel’s material for over 30 years at that point it was hard to finally say no. But I did.
    Eventually I found the box set without the art print for £52. Ok it’s not worth its retail price without that print but I have the things that are important to me for a fraction of the price. Sometimes you just have to say know to these overpriced folly releases.

    • John Higney says:

      I have just remembered I have the Steam Tabernacle cd I played still in the box it came in must look that out.

  34. Peter Muscutt says:

    You sound full of trepidation about having to fork out for the set to do an unboxing video Paul (I felt much the same stumping up a similar amount for a crown to get dove at my dentists). It’s like you’re sacrificing your body to a medical trial with no knowledge of whether you’ll be the same man again afterwards. Novelty jigsaw puzzles can “do things” to a man…

    On behalf of all SDE readers, we salute you.

    You are a brave soldier.

    But hey, at least you’ll be able to play Solitaire, eh?

  35. Normand Tremblay says:

    Last September, I bought the Strictly Limited Deluxe Edition 180g Audiophile Double Vinyl with Concertina tri-fold sleeve (1 orange & 1 blue vinyl LP’s: incredible sound) -still available at shop.musicvaultz.com- and the European Limited Edition Concertina CD featuring the same bonus tracks as on the Target or HMV editions, Get Started & Nothing For Free. I am pleased with these two acquisitions and I really do not need anything else from Sir Paul for the moment, except for the previously unreleased, newly mixed Wings Over Europe 20 track set recorded across 5 shows on 1 CD. I hope this CD will be available someday. I cross my fingers for all the fans we are.

  36. Colin Harper says:

    Is there a petition we can sign to stop you wasting your money on this pile of tat, Paul?

  37. Hugh Hall says:

    Sorry but for me this is super deluxe editions ‘jumping the shark’.

    Apologies to anyone buying this but I really don’t get it. You can own the music for £10. And I don’t see the point of buying one just to ‘unbox’ on SDE, unless you’re going to earn more in YouTube royalties than you pay for the thing.

    It’s not my fault and I don’t like it but albums these days are ‘worth’ between £10 and £20. Most fantastic super deluxe editions can be bought for between £35 and £100. I think it would be great if people voted with their feet, buy a ton of other fantastic music and let this overpriced tat rot on a shelf somewhere.

  38. Paul Taylor says:

    Ignoring the price for a moment, this would be acceptable if he had only released a bog standard LP/ CD so far. The fact is there are half a dozen or more different variants; it’s even worse than the last Arctic Monkeys album.
    The fact that the audio content is getting released separately is a departure from some acts so on that count he deserves a bit of credit at least.
    I hope those who buy it are happy with their purchase and get all that they hoped for out of it. I have to admit that I would probably have gone for it at the £100/£150 mark because there are a lot of extras, albeit useless in practical terms, but I admit to being a bit of a sucker when it comes to big box sets…… to a degree!

  39. Ian Mears says:

    I have ordered one because there is music in there that I will otherwise not have, and Macca is my main artist when it comes to collecting – I am however disappointed with the other stuff. If these items were made available individually when the album was released, aside from the vinyl, I think I’d get the ‘handwritten’ lyric book and the prints if they were a decent price. The rest is the sort of stuff I’ve been culling from my collection over the last few years as it’s a) never ending b) takes up too much room c) not adding to my enjoyment of the music. Many of the items in this category have not kept their value, or have been on ebay for a couple of years now and not shifted at the price I paid, which has made me review my attitude to collectible – only buy it if you think it’ll make you happy.
    There will of course be a resurgence and another generation will start collecting, usually when an artist dies, but for me, the travel theme should be secondary to written/video/audio that expands on the enjoyment of the music, not playing cards and jigsaws

  40. Rutger says:

    Although I like the memorabilia, it’s Offcourse a very high price…
    But What I ready don’t understand why they put the concertina cd and lp in it. The Paul McCartney team does understand that the fans already bought these?

  41. Pablo says:

    I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered one. It’s a crazy price, but I am still looking forward to it. I can completely understand why people would steer clear, though.

  42. Glenn Roger says:

    It is my opinion that this would hardly be Paul McCartney’s last album. Paul seems the type to just keep churning them out till the complete end of things. And I am ok with that. But this suitcase box set, I don’t know what to make of it. For a collector’s standpoint, it is definitely unique and one of a kind, but I have to agree with the general feelings. When I buy a box set, its really about all the unreleased goodies you get from something extra on the vinyl & cd to dvd/Blu-ray content. I noticed in the contents listing of this box set, it did list video content of some kind, but it was presented somewhat like a surprise. Like you will not know what it is until you open that part up. On that note, it could be something really surprising that everyone wants, but then it could be just a few old things that have gathered dust nobody really wants. So it really is a throw of the dice. But playing cards, a puzzle, a poster, these are things I could really do without and seem to pander more to a child than a music collector. The last box set I ordered in a split second, I just look at the suitcase box set and really wonder where would I put that thing if I got it. So that sums it up, I have looked an looked but just don’t feel its a good fit for me even though it does look nice.

  43. Bart says:

    And i thought U2 Achtung baby super deluxe ( with about 150 useless , recycled remixes) was overpriced and not worth buying….yup Sir Paul…kudos

  44. Arie says:

    It’s ok not to waste your money on this, Paul.
    I’m not interested in an unboxing video for this one.
    And I’m quite sure someone else will make one and put it on YouTube. So why should we have one on SDE?

  45. Steph says:

    Still on the fence about getting this. I really want it ,but after reading all the comments, I just don’t know. Will I be able to one in 3 months if I change my mind?

  46. Brad Breault says:

    This sort of package would almost work better for McCartney fans if it didn’t actually contain audio or video content but beef up the printed items, and make it more of a standalone companion set to the actual album. Paul I agree with other site readers, we appreciate what you do but there has to be limits on what you personally spend just to inform readers for your site, and if you didn’t already spend any of your own money for this I don’t think readers would begrudge you.

  47. 70s Guy says:

    Just like the ‘Locked and Loaded’ mega chest, this cobbled-up swag box doesn’t even entice me to look beyond what I have already seen. First off, I have tried to let the album grow on me to no avail. Several listens in it still feels as though this album would have been universally panned in the 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s. I get that he’s really old, his voice is torn up, and it is expected that this work would reflect his age, but just like sports stars, no one wants to see one of their heroes stick around too long and not just become irrelevant, but bad.
    Sir Paul does not need the money, this set just reeks with the stench of arse kissing, marketing executive type yes men looking to boost their bonus checks by a nick or two.
    Utterly insulting offering in my opinion.

  48. Robert tyrrell says:

    I heard a quote recently ” name a musical genre that the Beatles inspired..Now name one that kraftwerk inspired ” hmmmmmm

  49. Leemer says:

    Paul takes the bullet so I don’t have to! Thanks man!

  50. AlexKx says:

    How do we know Macca has anything to do with this and it is not a record company release? Or something where the lawyers said something on these lines needed to be released whether they want it to be or not?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Paul’s manager regularly says that ‘every aspect’ of his box sets is overseen/approved by him. Maybe that can be taken with a pinch of salt, but it’s clear he does like to be involved. No disrespect to Paul intended, but let’s face it, he’s getting on a bit. Is every idea your grandad has, a really good one? :)

      • webvan says:

        “No disrespect to Paul intended, but let’s face it, he’s getting on a bit. Is every idea your grandad has, a really good one? :)”

        Yeah, that “suitcase” idea ranks up there with the “let’s get some random fans to name and shame those who bullied them in class to promote Who Cares with millions watching the live stream on YT” !

  51. Charles Christopher says:

    Oh dear, Paul…….. Don’t feel obligated in some way to buy this if you don’t want to. You’re just as entitled to say ‘this isn’t for me’ and pass on it. I understand what you mean by ‘ criticizing a book you haven’t read’, but right in this post you evaluated whether the content appeals to you for the money or not and perfectly justified why you’d pass on this set. That’s all the criticism you need to provide. Please don’t drop $300+ on something just for the audience. As fun and informative, as your unboxing videos are to watch, don’t buy it just for your audience. I guarantee you we will be fine without one if you don’t want to buy it.

  52. David Crozier says:

    I’m really glad it’s that price. At £120 I’d have been tempted and I really can’t afford it. At £320, I’m not tempted at all.

  53. Dean Taylor says:

    Please don’t waste your money Paul .. if whoever is behind this disgrace has faith in the quality and fair pricing of this product (and it is just product,as the great Peter saville once said of Joy Division reissues, meaning I think it adds nothing) then they can send you an advance loaner to either send back , buy , or give away .

  54. Ramon says:

    Am I the only one looking forward to receiving this wonderful boxset ?!

  55. Geert DW says:

    It’s overpriced – but still in 12 moths’ time, it will fetch even more money on the second hand market. That state of affairs ruins the value-for-money way of thinking …

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It might not. My ‘Press’ circular 10-inch vinyl isn’t worth much more than when I bought it in 1986, and I’m sure there were only a few thousand of them.

      • Chris Squires says:

        desirabilty x rarity x artist x cost

        However rare this is, and 3,000 isn’t super rare, it completely lacks desirability doesn’t it? Someone’s got to want to buy it.

        So it has low desirability, it isn’t super rare, yes it’s Paul McCartney, he was a Beatle and all that and it’s already super expensive.
        How to change it?
        Make it more desirable – If there was more unique material, the coloured vinyl set rather than the Black vinyl, a DVD / Blu-ray of the making of, outtakes and demos on CD, all of the things Paul S. mentions about a book / essays, a hand written signed note rather than a cheapskate photocopy.
        Make it Rarer – 500 to 1,000? At 3,000 there will be several / a dozen of these on ebay at any one time so you will never feel this is your last opportunity for a while as there will be 11 more available.
        Can’t change the artist…, if this was by just about anybody else alive….. new Abba material maybe…..we wouldn’t even be talking about it
        Cost – I have noticed a lot of artists are releasing items at the kind of cost you would expect of an item after a year on ebay. Going straight to £300 rather than releasing at £100 and it ending up at £300 after a couple of years.

        If this had been like the White Album or Imagine, with that level of material, even at £150 the it would fly with this kind of unique appearance and limited to 1 – 2,000.

        Still what do I know, all 3,000 will sell and Macca will take his £750,000 profit from a tired B- album on top of what has already sold.
        He will make his money and I think the buyers for quick profit will take the hit. I love Macca, I have all of the box sets…I wouldn’t give you £100 for this.

      • Geert DW says:

        True :) But I think you have to go back quite far to find a ‘special’ McCartney release that hasn’t gone up in value on places like Ebay. Maybe they don’t sell for that price? You probably have abetter view on this, following the market more closely. (Quick check, I see the circular Press 10″ for £20-30 on ebay these days! I don’t think you paid that much for it in 1986? ). Mind you, it’s not that I’m happy with this state of affairs! Least of all, it justifying overblown prices for brand new products. But there you go …

  56. Chris Squires says:

    On many occasions Paul, your unboxing videos have convinced me to buy something I was either wavering over (Erasure – From Moscow to Mars) or would have had no intention of buying if I hadn’t seen it here (Black Sabbath – Ten Year War) and liked what I saw.

    I will be mightily surprised if this unboxing changes any minds and if it does change anyone’s mind it will be too late by the time the video comes out to buy one as the 3,000 will have been snagged by the hopelessly devoted (we all have that one special person or group) or the speculators.

    As Kauw said on an earlier thread it is a remarkable piece of work in that it seems so bad even *I* don’t want it and I am a bloody sucker for a box set. I don’t get this feeling that often but I am glowing at the thought of £315 saved……

    I will be utterly gobsmacked if anybody here feels proved wrong.

  57. Frank Donnelly says:

    My guess is they could probably give you 2000 of the 3000 for a competition and still have many left over!

  58. Wayne Olsen says:

    Excellent commentary. I’m just going to be happy with my wild life red rose super deluxe and wait this one out.
    It’s a shame that instead of this, they could have been working on a 40th anniversary Back to the Egg. I love that album and except forKampuchea there hasn’t been much on the accompanying tour. Plus what is available from the Rockestra sessions?
    I don’t think Paul likes that album or that version of Wings. One certainly won’t hear “Spin it On” or “Love awake” on any forthcoming tour.

  59. DaveM says:

    ‘The type of place where you can order Parker pens with your company logo; where team shit-for-brains go on The Apprentice when they do that task that involves buying cack’ eff me, that had me laughing out loud through my hang over.
    Can’t believe the same team that brought us the fantastic Big Barn Box has produced this tat-fest.

  60. Gary says:

    Take one for the team Paul but you need to be very ‘considered’ to approach justifying the price tag of the tack seemingly on offer here

  61. Reed says:

    And now, 24 hours after the pre-sale started, it is still available. There does not seem to be 3000 people on this planet who want this overpriced suitcase of fluff. I thought about getting one and then re-selling it for 2-3 times what I paid for it, as others did with the Wings box, but then it dawned on me, what if no one wants this and then I’d be stuck with it. I’ll give this a miss.

    • colm47 says:

      It’s sold out on UK shop and Bravado.
      Just clicked the 2 links.
      So it’s probably fans with deep pockets and eBay sellers.

  62. granata says:

    I reckon most of us who adore your site would have more respect for you if you *didn’t* by this nonsense!

  63. Team Shit for brains says:

    Seems Team Shit-for-brains is already employed by Macca to make this bollocks. Perhaps Macca has already tasked the next box set out to the next Apprentice series.

  64. Dennis Mosen says:

    Think it very much overpriced its not as thou macca needs the money his only worth about seven hundred million but they know fans will want it for their collection

  65. Andrea says:

    And also, why the “secret link” from the official website pointed just to a shop based in USA who asks $107 for shipping one box in Europe? Why Bravado, who ships the box from Germany for €15, was not mentioned at all from the official sources (only advertised thankfully by this site)?

  66. Andrea says:

    And what about the hidden video xontent, if there is not a DVD or blu-ray?

  67. Stuart says:

    Much as I admire your dedication to duty, I don’t think you really need to fork out for this one. I think we can all see that is costs far too much for what it is. McCartney fans are generally more mature individuals, myself included. We don’t need luggage tags or jigsaws; we just want the music. Some extras can be a bonus, within reason, but this is just way too much. Perhaps you would be performing a greater service if you steadfastly refused to make the purchase?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Maybe Macca’s team should send me one and I’ll give the one I’m getting away in an SDE competition?

      • Ben Williams says:

        This as a giveaway prize would be amazing!

        The contents of this suitcase does look like that episode of the Apprentice where they indeed buy a load of “cack”.

        The promotional stuff I was given at Abbey Rd last July by Macca’s team was better – an “I Don’t Know” t-shirt, Egypt Station stickers and a numbered poster. With a £300+ price tag, Capitol/MPL should have put in atleast a t-shirt in and a book of photographs and essays about the sessions, much like the NEW Collectors Edition included!

      • Stephen says:

        You are spot-on about ‘fun’. As a concept, it sort of works. But for this price, I would need Paul to personally deliver the suitcase to my home in order to justify the cost.

      • DP says:

        A much better idea!

    • Matt Charles says:

      I agree,, Paul’s initial refusal actually gave me hope. I think there will be plenty of other unboxings. But understand as a Super Fan, it’s hard to resist some temptations.

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