Saturday Deluxe / 17 March 2018

Happy Birthday to SDE

SuperDeluxeEdition was seven years old on Thursday!

I hesitate to call it a ‘journey’, since that’s a bit too ‘X-Factor’, but it’s been a helluva ride, so far. I tweeted the link to my 2012 interview with Stephen Street the other day where he discusses working with Morrissey on Viva Hate (the album was 30 years old) I remember doing that in a lunch break in a busy office where I was freelancing as a graphic designer. Happy days…

As always, the biggest thanks goes out you, the SDE reader. I should tell you that my loyalty isn’t with any record label, or PR company or advertiser, it’s with the SDE audience. In many ways, I still feel that this site is something of an ‘outsider’ when it comes to music press. Despite a readership significantly bigger than any of the big monthly music magazines in the UK, SDE isn’t at the top of the list (or even on the list) when invites to PR events are dolled out. There is blatant favouritism towards ‘print’ in this country (ironic when you see what’s happened to the NME) which I put down to an old school mentality with artists, managers who are driven by ego and not by a proper understanding of how their audience actually behave and where they go to read about and discuss music. I’ve never mentioned this before, but believe it or not, I was actively ‘banned’ from the R.E.M. press event last year – attended by Michael Stipe and Mike Mills – that Universal organised when Automatic For The People was reissued as a super deluxe edition box set. Weird.

But hey, it’s probably not a bad thing –  I will just get on and do what I do, slightly under the radar. No one from the management team or the record label gave me ‘permission’ to seek out Messrs Horn, Lipson, Hughes and Froom for the Paul McCartney Flowers in the Dirt interviews – I just did it. And no publication or website on the planet got content anywhere near as good.

I know I’m biased, but the SuperDeluxeEdition site, with its remarkably friendly discourse in the comments section, make this the best place for serious music fans – who like holding the music in their hands – to hang out and discuss albums, box sets, deluxe editions and the like. The knowledge and the passion is incredible. Long may it continue! I have loads of plans for improving the site/experience some of which will come to fruition this year.

xPropaganda competition

As some of you may be aware, I’m spending the next week in New York. Due to bad planning on my part, that means I’m missing the xPropaganda gig at London’s The Garage on Saturday 24 March. It’s going to be a wonderful night for fans, especially since A Secret Wish producer Stephen Lipson will be joining Claudia and Susanne on stage, for the gig.

Anyway, my loss is somebody else’s gain, since I’m going to give away my tickets in an SDE competition. Normally competitions are open to all, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to restrict this one to UK residents only, since there isn’t really time to ensure the tickets will get anywhere beyond the British Isles. This is also going to be a very quick competition – the deadline is midnight GMT/UTC tomorrow (Sunday 18th March). I will contact the winner straight away and you’ll need to give me your address promptly so the tickets can be posted on Monday morning. Again, apologies but UK residents only, for this one. Enter below.

Win a pair of tickets to xPropaganda

New York, New York

As referenced above I’m literally on my way to New York right now, so SDE will be coming to you from The Big Apple for the next seven days. They’ll be lots of content about various activities, such a trip to the David Bowie Is exhibition in Brooklyn but for an ‘on the go’ flavour of events I’d strongly recommend you follow the SuperDeluxeEdition Instagram account. I’ll be posting loads of photos and will do my best not to come across like an annoying teenager. I’ll also be dropping in to say hello to some friends at Universal Music, Eagle Rock and Analog Spark while in town and will be meeting up with a few SDE readers too, after some of you responded to my newsletter post last week. Can’t wait.

Def Leppard CD collection

The observant amongst you may have noticed that while vinyl and CD box sets of the newly announced Def Leppard Collection are available the only image shown a few days ago was the vinyl version. That has now been corrected and you can see an approximation of how the CD box will look above (click on it for a closer looks). Note the three-inch CD of the Def Leppard E.P. in the middle! The good news is that this set has dropped from the original £70 pre-order price to £56 which very welcome. Read more about this collection here.

Compare prices and pre-order

Def Leppard

The Collection Volume One - CD box set



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  1. Paul Wren says:

    Congratulations on this site and the information it brings to us followers. I made my first purchase following a tip off from you on Xmas day about four Xmas’s ago – it helped relieve the boredom of that afternoon and got me one of the Beatles live BBC vinyl compilations at a great price. Many more purchases have followed since then following alerts from you. Is there any way that you can work out how many purchases that you have been responsible for via Amazon et al? I guess not, but wouldn’t it be great if the retailers/bands knew how much you are doing for their sales?

  2. J T says:

    There’s nothing quite like Manhattan when it really snows. Enjoy!

  3. Griffin says:

    Happy Anniversary & keep up the good work, Paul ;)

  4. Julian H says:

    A belated happy birthday SDE! (Funnily enough, it was my birthday one day before :)) As you say yourself, long may it continue.

    Typo-spotter that I am, you may want to fix “an old school mentally” (mentality?) ;-)

  5. Walter says:

    I’ve been following the content of your site for quite time and really find it enjoyable to read. I like your unbiased opinions, reviews, and other news tidbits. I hope this site continues for a very long time. I look at it almost daily to see the new releases and read the content and use the information to purchase new music and add to my collection. I too agree with you in having a music item that is tangible, support it greatly. It’s like a “work of art” having this music item, being vinyl or cd – not much in cassette (sorry), in my possession. Thank you very much for your contributions.

  6. Wayne Olsen says:

    Thank you for keeping geeks like me informed, happy and broke.
    Thanks, Paul!

  7. Rickjapan says:


    Probably too late for you to see this, (was away for a few days) but happy birthday and thanks so much for this site. It’s a gem among rubble, and I value it immensely. Not only is it the best way to get info on music I’m connected with, but it provides a great forum for other people on the same wavelength.

    Long may it continue, and once again, thanks so much. Now I just have to look forward to my new Kim Wilde and Eels CDs arriving!!

    All the best from Japan

  8. J says:

    Happy B day.
    Don’t forget to stop by the Turntable lab while in NYC.
    When will an interview with Kieth Richards be showing up on SDE?
    Best Wishes

  9. Dave H says:

    Hi Paul,
    Like all the other readers of SDE, just want to add my thanks for creating this website which has been daily viewing since the day I stumbled across it.
    With the closure of the high street shops, it was difficult to keep tabs on new releases coming on to the market, some of which I missed out on. Since finding your website, I have a great source for knowing what great reissues are being planned. You also have some great contributors.
    As for record company snubs, I can only say that I have spent so much money because of this website and it seems crazy that you’re being snubbed to attend events. Hopefully record companies will realise this is where their audience is for selling their old recordings for the umpteenth time.
    While you’re record hunting in New York, I’m doing the same in Orlando!
    Enjoy your trip and keep up the good work.

  10. Fady says:

    Happy birthday SDE and well done to you Paul on making this site so brilliant. This site is the first place I go to when wanting to find out about any new releases. Many happy returns!

  11. Gis Bun says:

    Happy B’Day. May it have hundreds more. :-)

  12. Pekka says:

    You do a fabulous job,
    much appreciated!

  13. Happy birthday to SDE and thank you Paul – this website is fantastic, keep doing what you do mate, and here’s to many more years of SDE!

    Many thanks,


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  15. madman says:

    Happy birthday SDE and congrats Paul! I love coming here and reading everything. It’s always intelligent and honest. Have fun in NYC!

  16. 2wicky says:

    Time flies… congratulations and keep on with your good work. And indeed this is a blog with a very friendly and almost troll-free atmosphere – I do love to read the comments here because many of the readers here share valuable information and you can even find some artists joining in the discussions like Blank and Jones etc. which is a rare treat.

  17. Marcin says:

    Happy Birthday to SDE! Greetings from readers in Poland :)

  18. Max says:

    Happy, happy birthday SDE!!
    Thank you Paul for all the work so far.

  19. Aubrey says:

    Congrats and happy 7th birthday! Enjoy New York. I was just there for work – the wind was so cold everyone was wearing woolly hats. If you pass the New York Library, pop in – they have a little thing about sixties music and counter culture that’s worth a quick peruse. Also MoMA (which is only about 10 mins walk from the Library) had quite an interesting exhibition called ‘Art and Design in the Computer Age 1959-1989’ that has everything from early Macs to Max Headroom… have fun!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Aubrey for the tip on MoMA. Went along and it was great. I really enjoyed the Stephen Shore photographic exhibition too… don’t know if you got to see that?

  20. Florentino Stabile says:

    Happy Birthday Paul to you and SDE. We share a birthday (March 17). What a coincidence… what serendipity… what would be the odds of me a music aficionado having a birthday the same time as THE website about box sets and super deluxe editions for people like us in mind. I cannot be happier for you Paul and everyone at SDE and I don’t know anyone more deserving of the success. Happy 7th…. and here is to 50 more birthdays….
    Thank you for all your efforts and countless shout outs and alerts for drop down in prices for great items. Don’t know anyone who does more for the physical media than you. I know it is a passion for you as it is a passion for me to watch and consult your many alerts, articles and unboxing videos.
    God bless you Paul,

  21. Renato says:

    Cool! Happy B-day, Paul and SDE! These have been the first seven years – may it last much longer! :D

  22. CakeSaint says:

    Best wishes on the 7th birthday, Paul, from a reader since the beginning (or at least very early!). As a music collector but also penny-pincher, your site is invaluable. The readers sharing knowledge about the worthiness of reissues and you scouring the internet for the price alerts make this site a must every day. Cheers from the middle of America!

  23. Schu says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SDE! Paul, this is the go to destination on the web for Big Box Music. Thanks for everything you do!

  24. Keith Ainsworth says:

    Congrats on the on going success of your site, Paul. I first found it when looking in to the Tears For Fears “The Hurting” box set. Your great content has kept me coming back. Keep up the great work!

  25. Tony Orwell says:

    Feels like longer ;-)

  26. Thomas Staudt says:

    Happy Birthday, SDE.
    This is one of 4 websites I’m checking for news every single day of my life since I discovered it.

  27. Matthew says:

    Only recently discovered your site but already one of my most regular visits. Thanks for the tone you keep on the blog and everyone’s comments too, I hate all the name calling and low quality of debate on so many other sites.
    Here’s to a great future, even if I can’t afford to buy much it’s great to know what’s out there.
    Ps. love those special interviews you’ve done too, more please!

  28. loop says:

    Hello Paul,
    Thank you for your constant work andd patience and energy in setting it up in such a beautiful and incredibly professional way, with excclusive news in advance compared to usual “outlets”!

    No surprise in management not inviting you to the REM presentation, you and your readers can be very dangerous in damaging “the system” with their objective comments…

    Cheers and many happy returns.

  29. O(+> Peter B says:

    I just want to add to the congratulations. Thanks for your constant hard work, great content and independent views.

  30. Michael says:

    Happy birthday with the SDE. You are doing a tremendous job with the SDE site. It’s so nice to only have one place to go, to get the latest and greatest music updates.

  31. tom says:

    Best music site on t’internet.

  32. Paul English says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations Paul.
    Thanks for all the bargain tips, reviews and information.

  33. Stephen says:

    Your site is really appreciated Paul – here’s to the next 7!

  34. Bassel hassouna says:

    Happy Birthday SDE… may you stay forever young

  35. Javier Usano says:

    Congrats for SDE’s birthday, Paul!!

    As you are now, I’ll be on my way to the Big Apple in 10 days, so I’ll pay attention to your advices in terms of record shops and anything you’ll consider to make our trip more comfortable.

    Greetings from Spain!

  36. SimonP says:


    Did you forget to put some extra 50ps in the meter before you left for NY, as the site is loading super slowly here? ;-P

  37. CJ says:


    Congratulations on 7 years! I read SDE every day, and the part of it for me isn’t keeping up with releases from the bands I’ve always loved—it’s the number of acts I had never heard of before reading about them here that are now amongst some of my favorites: Eg and Alice, Marc Almond/Soft Cell, Sam Brown, many of the S/A/W artists who never made it big in the States, Bros, and many, many more.

    Thank you for all the great work you do.

  38. The Progster says:

    This site is Essential daily reading for me Paul so a BIG Congratulations on 7 years of this wonderful informative website…Enjoy your New York trip and we all look forward to hearing all about it this forthcoming week.

  39. LeBaron says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Greetings from Paris !

  40. Gerry says:

    Happy Birthday SDE. May you have many many more. Your excellent site has meant I have been able to purchase some stunning boxed sets that normally I would never have been able to buy.

  41. Tony says:

    Hi Paul
    Many thanks for your fantastic website, it’s my first port of call every day.
    My only criticism is why is it so slow?
    I have fibre optic broadband and have no problems with any other site but for some reason your site takes forever to load.
    On the plus side once it has loaded the content is amazing so again thanks for all your hard work, it’s much appreciated.

  42. Michael says:

    Hey Paul! There’s not one day that goes by, without me checking out your news. Thank you for all the hard work and for sharing all your knowledge and inside scoop with us. Your success is truly deserved. Long live Rock’n’Roll and hats off to SDE! Greetings from Hamburg.

  43. Paul Sinclair says:

    Just wanted to say a very BIG thank you to everyone for all the kind comments on the 7th anniversary. Means a lot. P

  44. Hans (utrecht) says:

    keep up the good work and have fun NY

  45. MüllerMüller says:

    You make my day better with your news – Happy Birthday – „May u live 2 see the dawn“

  46. Nancy says:

    Many Happy Returns, Paul!
    Your site is the best music site on the whole of the Internet by far and easy indeed!
    Been visiting it several times a day ever since I discovered it 7 years ago.
    Keep up doing a marvellous job! And here’s to another 7 (and more) years!

  47. Andy P says:

    Many congratulations Paul, SDE continues to be a must read – and unlike some other music forums, it is great to see SDE is still mainly free of unpleasant troll type behaviour. Keep up the great work, it is much appreciated.

  48. Andrew F. says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary. SDE is my go to site for music info and although I subscribe to Classic Pop magazine, it’s your site that gets the most attention.

    Well done and long-live SDE.

  49. Jörgen Eriksson says:

    Happy birthday SDE!

    Thanks for a well administrated site, I visit it on a daily basis. Wonderful to have a place with other like-minded members and to share the love to physical music media.

    SDE is a both blessing and a curse; my bank account screams NO but I yell CONTINUE! :)

    Keep up the good work Paul!
    Greetings from Sweden!

  50. Noel Leahy says:

    Happy Birthday Paul and SDE!!
    I, like most of the others check in at least twice a day (more when I get the alerts…). I love the fact that SDE embraces all music genres – I don’t follow all the bands/artists featured, but if it’s about MUSIC, I’m interested.
    I quickly shook your hand at the end of the Cloudbusting ‘The Kick Inside’ gig in Hammersmith (going again this Wednesday to see them in Wolverhampton) – and It was weird – I was nervous (!) and felt like I was meeting somebody famous/influential… Probably because you are!
    Keep up the excellent work – SDE is essential :)

  51. Mad Earwig says:

    Happy Birthday SDE,
    I have a shortcut to the site on my phone homepage and access that daily (before amazon and sky news)

    Thanks for all the information regarding future box sets, European offers and the like….I’m still a CD man and love the remastered sets of older albums. I don’t want 10 million Spotify songs in mp3.

    I think you have a good job and you do a great job.

  52. Mark says:

    Happy birthday Paul…keep up the great work on feeding us “music junkies” with the latest info..SDE is my first “tinternet” visit each day..
    Thanks from Mark in Plymouth

  53. sergey says:

    Happy birthday SDE!

  54. richard says:

    Paul Congratulations, pls keep doing this .. and i would love to see a Blondie Interview

    Thanks Richard

  55. Alessandro says:

    Happy birthday Paul, all the best from Italy !!!

  56. Wes Headley says:

    Happy Birthday from California SDE– I’m still making your site a daily stop– because it ROCKS!

  57. Roel Glas says:

    Congratulations Paul on creating such a wonderful site. You should be very proud of yourself. Here’s hoping the next 7 years are even better.

  58. eric Slangen says:

    Hi Paul,
    I’m very glad you took 7 years ago the step to put this fantastic site in the air.
    Let your and our dreams as music collectors come true.
    Best wishes and congrats from your Dutch email friend Eric.

  59. Runicen says:

    Congrats on the milestone. Here’s to another seven years!

  60. Bellenger1981 says:

    Happy birthday! Thank you for having this site! As a music lover, this is one of my favorite places to visit … almost every day!

  61. GentleRabbit says:

    Happy birthday SDE. You’re fast becoming my favourite set to check in with multiple times a day. Thank you Paul for all the news, deals, discussion and everything that you do. SDE is indispensable.

  62. SimonP says:

    Happy anniversary and have a good time in the US of A.

  63. Yeuan says:

    Congrats Paul. The site has been an indispensable read. Your good work is much appreciated.

  64. AdamW says:

    Happy birthday SDE. You’ve built a great thing!

    (And if you ever get to Boston, let me know!)

  65. Dave Richards says:

    Happy Birthday! I check this site 2-3 times a day, it is indispensable.
    Many Happy Returns (ABC, natch)

  66. Christopher Dean says:

    I read this site on a daily basis, sometimes two or three times a day. I really enjoy this site and have told some of my family and friends who also are enjoying SDE daily. I just wanted to say “Happy Birthday” to SDE and thanks alot Paul for alot of great content.

  67. Ausmonty says:

    “Happy Birthday” SDE. I also celebrate a birthday on the Ides of March.

  68. Mark S says:

    Congrats Paul! Your site is the best. Thanks for all your hard work!

  69. Charles K says:

    You have a great site Paul and I appreciate all your efforts. Wish you many years to come.

  70. Steven says:

    HB SDE.
    It has been great watching your site grow from strength to strength over the years. :)

  71. peter chrisp says:

    Brilliant Paul could not happen to a more deserved family! Have a great one!

  72. Alan Blevin says:

    As a side note I’m sure your unfair exclusion from the REM event was all about your comments on the outrageous ripoff pricing of the Automatic box which were strongly endorsed by every comment left on the article.
    Like someone said above at some point every writer needs to make a choice between telling the truth or repeating propaganda.Your integrity is the cornerstone of SDE.

  73. Aaron says:

    Happy Birthday SDE!! Congrats Paul. I’m in Australia. I check into SDE weekly, sometimes more for music info, releases & of course the deals. Love your reviews & interviews. SDE is my online music bible for what’s happening in UK/Europe.
    Thank you.

  74. Eric says:

    Seven years? Blimey! That’s some dedication. Enjoy your time in New York.

    (The R.E.M./Warner business is quite shocking, snubs are one thing but actual bans are quite another thing…Jesus. But then their R.EM. SDEs thus far have been overpriced and undercooked in my opinion anyway).


  75. Otto says:

    Congratulations with this great site and thank you for making it.

  76. Alan Blevin says:

    Fantastic and interesting site.I make sure I visit it daily.It has simultaneously saved me a lot of money and cost me a lot of money.
    Your enthusiasm and knowledge is what makes the site essential for us fans.

  77. don cooper says:

    (and if you hear anyone in NY say “You Rock!”, lamp them one-by order of The Peaky Blinders.) ;-)

  78. Valentin Gallego says:

    Happy anniversary Paul. Many Thanks

  79. Daniel says:

    Thanks for making this a must-read site for music fanatics! It’s my first stop most mornings. Congrats on 7 great years…and hoping for many more!!

  80. Ian Hicks says:

    Happy Birthday Paul, may you have many many more. Thanks for all you’ve done over the years. Your site, Instagram and Twitter are multiple daily visits for me. You have kept me musically rich but financially poor, and I know which one I’d rather be (just don’t tell the wife)

  81. Charles Christopher says:

    Happy Birthday to SDE! I can’t remember what drew me here in the first place, but over the past few years this become a near-daily destination site. The commentary here is always friendly and usually witty (any snark is usually good-natured), and I find I”m interested in reading the details of (and the reactions to) releases by artists I’m not really interested in – it’s just that entertaining. It’s just a really nice site to visit all the time, and that’s due to both the commentators and for Paul for setting such a nice tone. I hope it continues for many years to come.
    Gushing complete.

  82. Jeff D says:

    Happy Birthday SDE!!!! And thanks Paul for all you do for us music junkies!!!! Have a great time in NYC!!!! Enjoy the Bowie exhibit, it was amazing!!!

  83. SimonX says:

    Happy birthday SDE and Paul. Here’s to 7 (and more) further years.

  84. dfonfantastik says:

    My favorite site. I visit several times a day. Keep up the great work!

  85. 70s Guy says:

    Cheers to 7 years of greatness. 1st site I go to in the morning with my coffee. Amazon or HMV consequently, often enough becomes the second.

  86. Alan Roberts says:

    Happy Birthday SDE !!!!
    Thanks Paul for such a sterling service – often above and beyond the call of duty!
    On behalf of those of us who still thrill to the recorded groove, (in whatever format that might be), and remain – some cynics might say irrationally- excited at getting our mitts on the next ‘essential’ purchase.
    At a time when we need the healing and re-generative powers of music especially, lets celebrate with you; bunging xtc on the record player now, raising a small schooner of cooking sherry and cutting a rather dashing rug in your honour!
    Wishing you a safe trip to nyc Paul and more of the same for the next 7 .

  87. gootsy says:

    Happy birthday ! Greetings from a South West France daily reader !

  88. Brad Breault says:

    Happy birthday to SDE and congratulations, I’ll echo other’s sentiments here in saying I appreciate your efforts with your site. I’ve bookmarked your site and check it almost every day, and enjoy your trip in NYC for those of us who can’t make it to the Bowie exhibit!!

  89. J says:

    Congratulations Paul. Well done!! It seems more like 7 months rather than 7 years.

    If you get the chance while you are in NYC DO NOT miss Turntable Lab or the House of Oldies (Lennon, Bowie & Page all have shopped there)

    Cheers from West Texas

  90. Peter Stanton says:

    Congratulations Paul.

    Having been a record collector since I got a record player and first 45 for my 13th birthday (1964), I discovered SDE about 2 years ago and I have bought huge amounts of superb music since then.

    Thanks Paul and keep up the excellent work.

    Thanks also to everyone for the ‘tip offs’ from other enthusiasts. Great site.


  91. Beepositive says:

    Happy seventh birthday Paul. Here’s to the next seven! All your hard work is greatly appreciated. Have a great time in New York.

  92. Christopher Old says:

    Happy 7th B-Day Paul! A very welcome wealth and fountain of articles, reissues, updates and shear excellence. Your knowledge and professionalism brighten up many a day for lots of folks. A safe site where having a voice, opinion and idividuality don’t go unnoticed. A luxury that I thank you for adding to my daily life. Not to mention an expensive one. Keep up the phenomenal work Paul! Here’s to the next 7, cheers.

  93. Vishal says:

    Congratulations Paul! Thank you for all that you do!

  94. Aidan says:

    Happy birthday SDE!

    One of my favourite sites – I check in every evening :-)

    Do keep up the good work. You are an advocate for people who really love music.

    Thank you!

  95. Carl Weller says:

    happy birthday you destroyed my bank balance thank you

  96. Gary says:

    Wow seven years already. That’s wonderful Paul. Here’s to seven more.

  97. Michael G says:

    Number 1 site for music in the world!
    Easily the best.

  98. Neil Parnell says:

    congrats on your birthday…keep up the good work

  99. John Orr says:

    Like others, glad I found this site last year, all the very best to you Paul!

  100. Aljaž says:

    I’m a man of few words, so, happy birthday to the great site and thanks to you, Paul. Since I visit here daily, like many do, I feel like I know you personally. It says it all.

  101. Mark says:

    A great site and I usually visit several times a day. Happy Birthday!

  102. James Dougan says:

    A very happy 7th birthday to SDE (Paul),hope the site goes from strength to strength.

  103. John Lim says:

    Congratulations Paul. And a Happy Birthday to your “baby” as such.
    Enjoyed the contents and have snapped up a considerable amount
    of super deluxe box sets over the years due in no small part to the many
    Deal Alerts.
    Thank you and have a safe trip and a super time in the Big Apple.

  104. Steven Chia says:

    Happy Birthday SDE and great work for providing First Hand news and alerts for bargain buys. Paul, your contribution to SDE site is highly appreciated. Many thanks to you.

  105. Andy Hicks says:

    Love this site, look at it everyday & enjoy reading the comments & enjoy it paul when you do a unboxing video. Keep up the good work & enjoy New York.

  106. Phil says:

    SDE’s content and scope is important and unique enough that a daily visit has been compulsory since the day I stumbled upon it several years ago. Thank you, Paul!

  107. Tim Weldon says:

    Paul, you’re an absolute legend for providing this site. Long may it continue and thanks for all your hard work.

  108. Michael says:

    Happy 7th Anniversary to SDE, and thank you Paul for creating an informative and entertaining website for music fans! Thankfully, the winter storm has passed, so the weather in New York should be fairly pleasant for you during your stay. So have lots of fun in NYC; one of my favourite cities. Best wishes :-)

  109. Craig Hedges says:

    Well Done and Thanks Paul for this amazing website. The music industry is mostly uninterested in what music fans want so thanks for supporting us, have fun in N.Y.

    and good luck to all who enter the competition for the xPropaganda tickets

  110. Dan Treview says:

    Happy anniversary Paul and SDE! If it weren’t for you, the internet would be useless to me… ;-)

  111. says:

    happy birthday and thank you

  112. Sean L says:

    Check the site everyday….the only real site to you an honest opinion, saved me lots of money on attractive looking box set’s but like everyone else this site costs me a bloody fortune getting the good ones

    Keep up the good work ;)

  113. Rasputin says:

    Congratulations on the seventh anniversary!
    It’s a lucky number!
    Success in everything and happiness!
    More great releases and your interesting posts about it!

  114. Dave says:

    Happy Birthday, SDE!

  115. Leemer says:

    You have been great! I hope you have many more birthdays and continue to help Amazon relieve me of my hard earned pay!

  116. Vicente Olaso Sendra says:

    Happy Birthday SDE. I read you everyday!

  117. Stephen Gilham says:

    A Very “HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY” To This Excellent Site!

  118. Sebastian says:

    Happy Birthday SDE!! I’m from Berlin and I discovered your just a few weeks ago. I love it!! Keep up the wonderful work!

  119. Glenn says:

    Congrats on 7 years Paul! Love the site and visit daily.
    Appreciate all of the input, insight and information from the other readers and contributors.
    Keep up the great work!

    • DaveM says:

      @Glenn, couldn’t say it any better. Completely agree with your sentiments. Also glad Paul stays independent and says what he thinks about the product.

  120. markieface says:

    Congratulations. Yours is now the only music site I visit as a matter of course.

  121. Colin Harper says:

    Happy anniversary Paul! And keep sticking it to The Man, as it were. I too periodically interview musicians when I fancy it for online publication – it’s liberating not to have a deadline or interference from above. Actually, my most recent such piece is a long interview with Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash), the second half of which is about next month’s ‘Vintage Years’ deluxe box set. I even mention superdeluxeedition.com and the ‘luxury item’ debate…


  122. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Fantastic work since 7 long years….your readers have crossed geographical boundaries….I’m from India and i visit your site more than once each day…..lovely articles, amazing deal alerts, its a pleasure…..i have a lot of stuff which i got thru SDE and it makes me very happy when i look at them every morning….Best Wishes Paul…you are a gem!!!

  123. Stephen says:

    Love the site, thank you !

  124. Henrik K says:

    Great job
    Keep it op Paul
    We are many who loves the site

  125. b57 says:


  126. John says:

    Well done Paul and congratulations on the last seven years!

    Long may it continue!!

  127. Andrew Roberts says:

    You’re the best Paul. Not much need to read anything else.

  128. Kev Barber says:

    My number 1 go to site every day. It may have cost me a small fortune over the years but I wouldn’t change a thing. Congrats on 7 years and hopefully many more to come

  129. jp says:

    Well Done Paul and thanks for the entertainment and info you provide.
    Seven years and no sign of the famed “itch” yet.
    The site appears increasingly popular with afficianados and I think the level and quality of debate by fellow readers is not only intelligent but fun and enjoyable.
    Two fingers to those industry elitists. No wonder the industry is in trouble when they remain so out of touch with todays reality
    Congrats SDE
    Congrats Paul
    Congrats fellow readers and contributors

  130. Darren linklater says:

    Thanks for the last 7 years Paul. SDE is the best site for people who love physical media and box sets. Long may it continue!

    Enjoy the big apple.

  131. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Hope the weather is a bit better in the Big Apple. Happy Birthdat SDE, here’s to the next 7 years…

  132. John says:

    Happy birthday SDE, keep up the stellar work!

  133. Kevin Barrett says:

    Congrats on 7 whole years Paul, looking forward to another 7 at least ….

  134. elliott buckingham says:

    ive never known anyother music forum that actually gets artists or some of them at least to stop and listen to the target audience and deliver what is wanted.

  135. Marty says:

    Nice one Paul, keep enjoying the ride.

  136. Chris Squires says:

    Ooh, Analogue Spark…ask them what the hell happened to The Red Shoes? Not my favourite Kate album BUT any movement with a re-issue might stir up some interest and get the other
    (better) ones sorted…..

    Have a great time Paul…..

  137. Michael Fortin says:

    Happy birthday SDE, and thanks Paul for all the hard work you do. I love checking out the site every day.

  138. Heinz says:

    and all the best to you Paul!

  139. David S says:

    Happy 7th birthday, Paul. Love your site and visit every day without fail!

  140. Bill says:

    Keep on keeping on Paul. Great respect for all you do.

  141. Dean Taylor says:

    Please Paul stay on the fringes and don’t get pulled to far into the corporate mainstream.. if your being barred from some things then your doing something right in my book and that is basically giving us folks a place to freely discuss the content and quality of these sometimes lacking and expensive sets . If your being barred then there a bit scared …
    Your work is appropriate and valued.

  142. The Golden Age Of Musical Knowledge says:

    Hi Paul, Happy Birthday to SDE. I hope your NYC flight wasn`t cancelled, heard some flights are cancelled from Heathrow. Have a great time in the Big Apple.

  143. Caroline says:

    Happy birthday SDE and all power to you Paul! Thank you for this terrific site.

    (NB – I bet the REM thing was because you pointed out that the Dolby Atmos of NIXS’s “Kick” was coming out before theirs cos they made a biiiiig ol’ fuss about that in the AFTP blurb as being a first. Pathetic behaviour from Universal.)

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