Saturday Deluxe / 2 July 2016


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A Nation of Shopkeepers…

Two important things have happened this week. The first is that the It’s Immaterial 30th anniversary reissue, that I’ve been banging on about for a while, was released and the second was that the long-in-the-planning SuperDeluxeEdition online store went live…

The two events are connected. The original plan was to fill ShopSuperDeluxe.com with a wide array of box sets – old and new – along with a selection of used items, and music related products such as framed vinyl and T-shirts etc.

That plan hasn’t been abandoned exactly, but I’ve spent the last year or so working on the deluxe edition of Life’s Hard And Then You Die and there seemed to be some synergy in timing the launch of the store to the launch of that reissue. John Campbell and Jarvis Whitehead from the band have been great and were enthusiastic about the idea of producing a limited run of Driving Away From Home T-shirts which we are bundling with a copy of the new 2CD reissue. I should add that if you’ve already bought the reissue elsewhere, the T-shirts are available separately.

Because this is a ‘super deluxe’ related enterprise, we wanted to make it a bit special and not just bung a T-shirt in a jiffy bag and stick it in the post, so each 100% black cotton, ‘softstyle’ T-shirt comes with a hand-stamped garment tag (see below).


Even better, the first 100 were sent up to Liverpool where John and Jarvis signed them. I thought this was something a little bit different from the usual signed CD. Obviously, if you have the reissue too, the CD gatefold wallet is a great place to store this item once you are wearing your new T-shirt! I can tell you that as of 4pm today there is only about 20 or so of the signed versions left, so if you are interested, head over to ShopSuperDeluxe.com and place an order while you can.

You definitely can expect more items on ShopSuperDeluxe.com in future that are specifically related to reissue projects that I am personally involved in. For example – and here’s some news for you all – I’m working on a Sam Brown box set at this moment in time.

In terms of stuff coming soon to SSD (ShopSuperDeluxe), we do have a small supply of box set rarities which you should look out for, including Depeche Mode, Thin Lizzy, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and more. These are likely to go in the blink of an eye, so the best way to ensure you know when new stock hits the store is to join the ShopSuperDeluxe mailing list:

If you use social media, you can also ‘like’ the facebook page.
Visit the new SDE online store, ShopSuperDeluxe.com

37 responses to Saturday Deluxe / 2 July 2016

  1. Paul Mac says:

    Mine arrived in the post yesterday, just wanted to echo the positive comments already posted. I look forward to being a customer for some time to come, based on the quality so far.

  2. Thomas Braun says:

    My Shirt arrived Thursday and it looks awsome.
    For now it’s my favourite Shirt to wear.
    Thanks Paul for such a Great idea
    Nice Weekend

  3. Martin says:

    Thank you, sir.

    I’ve always told friends the main thing that attracted me to the IM material (ha!) when I first heard them on the radio was the air of melancholy. Those tracks at the start of CD2, especially from the Peel Session, re-emphasise (validate?) that opinion.

    If the t-shirt fits, I will be sporting it at Hyde Park on Sunday – and if it doesn’t, my son will be “encouraged” to instead, especially as his old man has paid for his ticket!

  4. Martin says:

    Your curated It’s Immaterial set is fantastic.

    Thank you also for the swiftness in delivering the t-shirt after ordering – very pleased with the squiggles on the label/tag, too…

    Haven’t tried on the shirt yet, but definitely believe that 3XL is the right size for any real discerning customer!

  5. gwynogue says:

    Sorry, one more comment on SB – will the box set title have the initials W.N.? :)


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, but I think Sam will finish the sequence herself at some point, even though she sadly can’t really sing any more :(

  6. gwynogue says:

    Regarding SB, will there be a DVD of remastered video clips, etc. included? “Can I Get A Witness” is worth it just to see a young Jeff Stewart (PC Reg Hollis from ‘The Bill’) as a ‘geezer’*, LOL.

    *Is it geezer…or spiv…or wideboy? I’m afraid I’m out of the loop with such things…


  7. Carsten says:

    Great you’re working on a Sam Brown box set. Her albums are very underrated and IMO most of the album tracks as well as lots of her b-sides are superior to most of her singles (especially the ones from “April Moon”). Most people just reduce her to having a great voice for doing renditions of soul and rhyhtm & blues classics, but most of her A&M releases show her as a great songwriter (together with her equally talented brother and other friends) across many genres – with the addition of great production and arrangements. I really like the melancholy and experimental side to a lot of her work.
    I actually have all CD singles of the era, so I am hoping that with your help the only three tracks that were just released on vinyl will finally make it to CD, the b-sides of “As One”: Think About Your Troubles, The Tune With No Name No. 2, and Smile. These and any unreleased songs would be the main reason to buy the box set.

  8. gwynogue says:

    I’m excited about the Sam Brown box – I hope it will have the PROPER single edit of “Stop!”, not the dreadful ‘plain-album-version-that-just-fades-out-during-the-organ-solo-in-the-middle’ edit that seems to appear on a lot of 80’s compilations.

  9. Rob Iles says:

    Good Luck with the shop Paul.
    I am really excited to see Depeche Mode and FGTH listed (as I have Welcome to the pleasuredome on the turntable).
    Signed up for that news letter and created an account on the store.

  10. Dagny says:

    I’ve just ordered this and want to thank you for using a postal service which does not add “extra” charges.
    Sadly so many do:(

  11. DavyT says:

    Sam Brown box set? YES!!! Any hints, Paul?

  12. Anselm Lee says:

    I tried to make a purchase, but South Korea is not on the list of countries.

  13. RJSWinchester says:

    Good news. Given the popularity of this site, I don’t doubt that the shop will prove to be a success.

  14. Neil McL says:

    Yep 3XL too and interested in the other bands you said there would be rarities of. I take it they aren’t up yet. Please don’t tell me I’ve missed them! Thanks again love the website and sure I will love the shop

  15. eric slangen says:

    Great Paul. Can’t wait to see the items for sale. Good luck with the shop.

  16. Emmanuel Trouillet says:

    Thank you Paul for the information about the forthcoming Sam Brown box set. Will it cover just the A&M years or all her career ? I hope it will be at least four CD ? More information to come I guess ;)

  17. mikeybaby says:

    C’mon all you big guys and gals, there is a demand for 3XL shirts. Let Paul know. Good luck with the new site Paul, you’re doing a great job for all of us!

  18. gwynogue says:

    Congrats and good luck with the shop!

    Do you accept orders from Australia?

  19. Paul Kent says:

    On the site there’s an option to sign up for a newsletter. Is this the same as the current SDE newsletter, Paul, or is this a different one?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No it’s specific to the shop and new stuff coming into stock, etc. Figured it was best to keep them separate. It won’t be weekly, more ‘ad hoc’ when there is news.

      • Paul Kent says:

        Thanks Paul, I’ll sign up, then. Good luck with the store and consider this a placeholder for whatever the FGTH item is!

  20. Paul Mac says:

    Just stuck in an order there now, Paul, no bundles left but hopefully still a signed label or two! Best of luck withthe new venture.

  21. Neil says:

    Don’t suppose there is any chance of any 3xl t-shirts being available to buy for us taller and larger blokes ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Sorry, didn’t do any 3XL or any Small :( 2XL is the biggest. But will certainly consider for future T-shirts, if there seems to be demand…

  22. Daran says:

    Good news. Please promise we won’t be limited to couriers who are inflexible with leaving items without a signature Paul. It drives you crazy!

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