SDE Reissue Preview for 2019

SDE’s annual tradition is upon us. A chance to take a peak into the future and examine what the next 12 months might hold for music fans who enjoy reissues and box sets.

What follows – spoiler alert – is a look at reissues-yet-to-come. Both confirmed releases for the early part of 2019 and then a look at what is likely to happen or what could happen later on. Enjoy!


Okay, we’re a bit into January already, but the Paul Young CBS Singles Collection 1982-1994 box is almost due and I’m delighted with it, having worked on this for Demon Music… as others have commented this kind of CD single box which gathers up all the single-related rarities and remixes is very much regarded as the ‘dream’ box set for whoever-your-favourite-artist-may-be. This month the Buzzcocks anniversary vinyl is released and of course there’s much sadness in the fact that Pete Shelley is no longer with us. The Vangelis album is probably worth a punt and Demon Records are also busy with a couple of ‘spoken word’ sets… I’m particularly looking forward to the Alan Partridge vinyl box.

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in January include:


No vinyl announced as yet for Trevor Horn‘s album, which is rather usual, although some people might regard that as refreshing, given just how much vinyl is on offer in February. There are also still signed copies available from his site, which is a bit of a no-brainer if you want to pick this title up, although do remember a special Japanese 2CD edition with a disc of instrumentals is also available for a premium. Some class acts listed below including Prince, David Sylvian and The Cardigans. The fact that those Prince albums have NEVER been pressed on vinyl before definitely adds to the excitement and of course they are purple vinyl pressings (yes, it’a bit cliched, but then most people buy a red Ferrari).

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in February include:

Steven Wilson / Home Invasion: In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

MARCH 2019

Reissues, box sets and albums of interest in March include:


There will definitely be Pink Floyd releases this year. A second pressing of the Wish You Were Here SACD is already out and The Dark Side of the Moon is getting the same treatment. But what we’re really waiting for is Animals. The 5.1 surround mix has already been confirmed by Roger Waters, so I’m expecting to see that during 2019.

Tears For Fears confirm UK stage return in support of new album

So what on earth is happening with Tears For Fears? For the last three years I’ve been saying we might see a Seeds of Love reissue and it has conspicuously failed to arrive. As a reminder, like The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair reissues – which were issued in 2013 and 2014 respectively – I was involved in helping to compile The Seeds of Love reissue, and research bonus material back in 2015. I know what’s on it and it’s amazing! Steven Wilson completed the 5.1 mix in that same year. The work has been done but the band have been working on a new album for the best part of FIVE YEARS and it seems they can’t decide what gets priority. Things were looking great at the end of 2017 with the Rule The World greatest hits, the Royal Albert Hall show and some new material (particularly I Love You But I’m Lost ) but the momentum was somewhat lost with last year’s postponed dates. Another tour is due to start in February, but worryingly Curt has tweeted some messages in the last few days that suggests all is not happy in the TFF camp right now. I don’t know what’s going on, but I do know that 2019 is the 30th anniversary of The Seeds of Love and if the box set doesn’t come out this year, then we should all just pack up and go home.

2018 was also a disappointing year for INXS fans. The Kick re-re-reissue of 2017 was excellent and it seemed like that was laying the foundations for a wider archival campaign that would deliver deluxe editions for other great albums like Welcome To Wherever You Are. We actually know that this is going to happen at some point, because in late spring last year it was announced that Giles Martin would be INXS’s ‘executive music director’ and role which amongst other things involved overseeing “the reissue of their studio albums, which will be repackaged, remixed and expanded for release through Universal Music Group (UMG) in partnership with Petrol Records.” Well, if we get one album every two years this is going to take an age. Perhaps they will reissue a batch together, as was done for Crowded House in 2017. The thing is, Giles Martin has only got so much time; he is already ‘Head of Audio & Sound’ for Universal Music Group and ‘Head of Sound Experience’ for Sonos. That’s two ‘heads’ straight off the bat. If we’re not careful, someone will shove a broom up his arse as he’s wandering around Abbey Road Studios and give him a ‘Head of Sweeping the Floor’ title! The reality is that with Universal as his paymasters, The Beatles will always get priority over INXS. Surround sound fans should be pleased though, because Martin is an enthusiast and he has lots of influence.

Talking of the Fab Four, after consecutive years with excellent expansive 50th anniversary reissues (Sgt. Pepper and ‘The White Album’) I expect this to continue in 2019 with a similar look at The Beatles‘ 1969 album Abbey Road. A release in September is likely with an announcement perhaps around June time and maybe in 2020 we’ll finally get the Let It Be reissue everyone has been waiting for.

Paddy McAloon’s I Trawl The Megahertz becomes a Prefab Sprout album in February but more reissues are rumoured for 2019. This is very exciting news of course, since the band’s catalogue is LONG overdue for reissue, although to be clear, we don’t want acoustic versions of all the albums as bonus material, Paddy! (see the Steve McQueen two-CD set in 2007). We want would like is a comprehensive selection of B-sides, remixes, rarities, demos and video content.

The Police vinyl box that emerged late last year was welcome but also acted as a reminder that, like Prefab Sprout, we really need expanded deluxe editions of the individual albums (or some kind of rarities box). The good news is that while unboxing the vinyl set recently, drummer Stewart Copeland said “pretty much everything on there has been heard one way or the other, so it’s not new. For new, unheard tracks there’ll be more coming down the pipe”. Reggatta De Blanc is 40 years old this year, so watch this space.

When it comes to his own back catalogue, Sting has also been rather negligent. While we’d all love to see an expanded The Dream of the Blue Turtles, or Nothing Like The Sun, what we are going to get in 2019 is an album of ‘reimagined’ (posh word for re-recorded) versions of some of his songs. This ties in with his ‘My Songs’ tour and a new version of 1999’s Brand New Day is already available to stream and download.

What we do know we’re getting is a Blondie box set, because Universal have already told us! We even know the details: all six albums remastered and two bonus albums with rare tracks and “previously unreleased curiosities”. Thankfully this will be released on CD as well vinyl. This set is expected in the autumn.

2018 was the seventh consecutive year where Duran Duran didn’t reissue any album or put out any kind of archival box set project and I’m not expecting that to change in 2019. The band continue to destroy their legacy and alienate their fanbase by ignoring their past and fussing over new albums, which take an age to record and often try, in vain, to keep the band sounding ‘hip’ and current (the disappointing Paper Gods included collaborations with Mr Hudson, Kiesza, Janelle Monáe and Jonas Bjerre). I still love some of their music, but personally I’ve really gone off the band. They are so out of touch and would do well to remember that their fans are 40 and 50-year olds many of whom still enjoy buying physical music and reissues. The band have issued nine albums since (and including) 1990’s Liberty and none of them have been reissued or remastered. These includes wilderness years flops like Pop Trash (2000), big hits like ‘The Wedding Album‘ (1993) and the still-unreleased-in-the-UK Medazzaland (1997) What are they doing?!

As reported last year, ABBA have recorded two new songs – something Benny and Bjorn described as “an extremely joyful experience” – but these have now been delayed and won’t be made available until probably the summer of 2019. How these tracks will be delivered is the interesting question. Will they record a few more and come up with ABBA’s first studio album of new material since 1981’s The Visitors (yes, please), or will they be tacked onto an updated greatest hits (no, thanks).

The stall appears to have been set out by Parlophone and David Bowie‘s team already for 2019 with the announcement about the Spying Through A Keyhole box set. This year looks to be about 50th anniversaries; the ‘Space Oddity’ single, the David Bowie/Space Oddity album. Maybe they are taking a break from the ‘era’ mega boxes that we’ve enjoyed for the last four years.

I expect we’ll see some more Paul McCartney archive reissues around October time, perhaps Flaming Pie or maybe Paul will ‘finish off’ the 1970s with a London Town / Back To The Egg pairing. We have been promised an Egypt Station super deluxe so we should hear more on that in the next few months. We may also get some more of those ad hoc coloured vinyl reissues in the summer.

Having worked through their catalogue (very successfully) on vinyl, do Sony have further plans for Eurythmics? The only obvious anniversaries are the 30th for We Too Are One (no one wants to start there) and the 35th anniversary for 1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother). Universal own the latter but didn’t even bother issuing a proper black vinyl edition after the RSD red vinyl last year, even though Dave Stewart said he would “campaign for it” when I spoke to him last year. So that’s currently out of print.

Kate Bush in 1985 / Photo by Guido Harari

Although non-tory-voter Kate Bush appears to have been relatively busy of late (Before The Dawn, live album, reissues) it has actually been over seven years since her last studio album, 50 Words For Snow. This gap is beaten only by the 12 years between The Red Shoes and Aerial. Only a fool would predict when a new Kate Bush album will arrive, but I have a sneaky suspicion (not a prediction!) that something could emerge in the next 12 months. There’s obviously LOADS of things she could do in terms of archival projects, such as issue a blu-ray of promo videos and TV appearances, start a Kate-in-5.1 surround sound campaign, put out an updated and revised Whole Story compilation, restore and reissue her Live at Hammersmith Odeon video (the ‘Live On Stage’ EP was noticeable by its absence on the reissues). Anyone for a 30th anniversary Sensual World super deluxe?

Lloyd Cole is currently mixing a new album in Berlin, and Howard Jones will also release a new long-player called Transform in May. It’s quite likely that we will see further HoJo (as nobody refers to him) reissues from Cherry Red in the second part of 2019, while Lloyd has been making noises about a possible vinyl set for a while, but I don’t think Universal want to do it, so he needs to find a label that will license it from them.

a-ha are back on tour in 2019 playing the Hunting High and Low album in full. After the 2015 super deluxe, there’s not much more to do with that record (save for a possible 5.1 mix, if the tapes are still available) but ‘Take On Me’ is 35 years old this year – it was issued in 1984 before it became a hit in 1985 – and we may see some kind of limited physical release around that. In terms of other albums, we are still waiting on the deluxe reissues (likely to be 2CD) of 200o’s Major Earth Minor Sky and Lifelines (2002). Although they are basically done, I’ve asked Paul Waaktaar-Savoy about these twice and he refuses to commit to a date!

If Neil Young is to be believed then we will finally see volume two of his fabled archives series in May, although this is not one you want to hold your breath over, because Mr Daryl Hannah isn’t the most reliable witness. I said last year that I didn’t see much happening with George Michael and/or Wham! reissues and that proved to be correct – nothing happened. I would love to say that the control-freakery and missed opportunities of the past (see: “For The Loyal” on ’25’) will be left behind but I fear not. I am the ghost of GM reissues-to-come and taking AGES over things and then not getting them right is what I foresee.

Paul Sinclair. Editor, SuperDeluxeEdition.com.

Know about any box sets happening this year? Leave a comment with the details

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  2. Ryk says:

    In addition to the aforementioned anticipated new album releases (The Cure, Cheap Trick, Jeff Lynne) and my hopes of new material this year from some other favourites (OMD, Tears for Fears, the 1975), there are now confirmed first-half-of-2019 new album releases for more of my favourite artists (Marianas Trench, Howard Jones, Alan Parsons, and Jimmy Barnes), and it’s not even March. This is gonna be awesome!

  3. Julian H says:

    Status Quo should also continue with their deluxe edition series – Perfect Remedy, Rock ‘Til You Drop and Thirsty Work are being worked on.

    You didn’t correct the Yardbirds typo… and what is this supposed to mean? “We want would like is….” I can understand what you’re saying but proper grammar it ain’t! ;-)

    As always, thanks for all the work you put into your articles!

  4. Martijn says:

    Some good Janet Jackson remasters and deluxe edition are very, very overdue.

  5. Julian H says:

    God, I laughed out loud when I read that comment about Giles! Well done Paul! XD

    Too bad about TFF, they are starting to frustrate me a bit.

    You wrote “Yardbird” btw, minor typo but still, one that stuck out to me ;-)

  6. Gman says:

    Thats what i am quite some Years hoping for a CD Release:
    The Sundays – all Albums + Singles, etc. in a Box Collected.
    Sade – all Albums + Singles, etc. in a Box Collected. (80`s Stuff).
    Wham! – all Albums + Singles, etc. in a Box Collected.
    The Police – all Albums + Singles, etc. in a Box Collected.
    Tears For Fears – The Seeds Of Love (We all know it here…!!!)
    Chris & Cosey – Allotropy.
    Blank & Jones – So80s 12
    Rainbirds – Call me easy, say i`m strong, love me my Way, it ain`t wrong Deluxe Edition.
    Burial – All Stuff collected so far…
    Prince – Parade Deluxe Edition
    Being dissappointed with Erasure – Wild! RM Tracklist comes out in March!!!
    just my 2 Cents…

  7. Reuben Kranz says:

    Haven’t read the 400+ previous comments and replies but I would personally love to see some kind of KLF / The JAMMs reissue campaign. Deluxe editions? Comprehensive sets of remixes and b-sides for each single? Pure Trance? Space? Chill Out?

    A plethora of great and obscure material that deserves to see the light of day once more. Who’s with me???

    • Chris Squires says:

      Funny you should mention the JAMMs as I have just rescued an old tape of “1987 – What the Fuck is going on?” and listening to it now all I can hear is David Tennant on speed ranting away like a good lunatic. Then when Julie Andrews kicks in, well, perfection.
      High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
      Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo…..


  8. Neil Kelly says:

    I have a prediction for 2019…

    Madonna forgetting her back catalogue as usual. Why not a 4 CD complete singles collection with all UK single mixes? Such a crying shame!

    I don’t know why Duran Duran haven’t issued a proper 2 CD singles collection which includes all UK singles in their single mixes. I bet the excellent ‘Burning the ground’ sounds pretty crap now and doubt many have heard it. Think it only appeared on CD single (and the other poorer formats). Another shame.

  9. Sasch says:

    Ok, I’m a little late but nonetheless here’s my wishlist for reissues/remasters on CD (!) in 2019 :

    First of all : The Cure picking up their reissue campaign with “Wish”.

    Modern Eon – Fiction Tales + Singles + B-Sides
    Siglo XX – Flower for the rebels
    Siglo XX – Fear and desire
    Siglo XX – Antler Tracks I & II
    Balaam & The Angel – Sun Family
    Sex Gang Children – Song and Legend
    Exces Nocturne – 86-06
    Mecano – The Half Inch Universe
    Little Nemo – Vol.1 & Vol.2
    Current 93 – Christ And The Pale Queens Mighty In Sorrow

    Obviously, my choice lays on the dark side of the moon. ;)

    What do I expect in 2019 ?

    Of course, NONE of this.

    Cherry Red, do something !!!

    • Sasch says:

      Forgot to mention some poppy tunes :

      Blue Zoo – Somewhere in the world
      Real Life – Heartland
      Real Life – Flame
      Madness – The Madness Deluxe
      Madness – Mad not mad Deluxe

      • Neil Kelly says:

        Mad not mad came out as 2 CD 1 DVD i know it’s not rare. Gutting really as i note i purchased mine online at HMV as a pre-order. It was only 8.99

      • Aevion says:

        Mad Not Mad was already remastered and expanded in 2010 along with the albums before it and Wonderful. Would love to see The Madness done though (the set looks so wrong without it!).

  10. psykomyko says:

    No major band needs a proper reissue campaign more than Oingo Boingo.

    Maybe ABBA will finally finish “Just Like That”?

    • george glazener says:

      Oingo Boingo….???
      I remember them from Rodney Dangerfield’s film “Back to School”…!!

    • The Misnomers says:

      Oingo Boingo is one of the most underrated bands ever! I totally agree they need remasters and reissues!

      Violent Femmes are also very underrated and they could do with some reissues.

    • Glenn says:

      Saw an interview with Danny Elfman online and he was asked about remasters and he said there was no need to remaster them… Would be great to get them out on multi-CD sets including the original 10″ with all the non-LP edits/remixes/soundtrack contributions etc.

  11. The Misnomers says:

    Oh and now that I’m off my soapbox, here’s some stuff I would love to see/I’m really looking forward to:
    Smashing Pumpkins – Machina/machina II massive box

    The cure – wish (hopefully it’s 3 discs and is the exact same format as all that has come before!!)… personal gripe: why do bands/labels start making a bunch of sets and then change the physical presentation midway?! Main culprits: U2 (beautiful books in hard case until JT and then AB doesn’t even have an option that matched!); REM; Depeche Mode (awesome sets all identically and then they put out PTA in that freaky 2disc pile jewel case… but at least they kept up surround mixes until they didn’t in the last release… still hoping 5.1 for Spirits in some form in 2019!!!)

    Cure – wild mood swings deluxe
    Cure – bloodflowers deluxe
    Cure – self titled deluxe
    Cure – 4:13 Dream deluxe (with unreleased second album – 4 discs?! At least 3)

    Depeche Mode – Spirits 5.1

    Coldplay – box set of all b-sides and remixes so far would be amazing. Include everything.

    Beatles – 5.1 mixes in affordable sets

    The Briefs – 2 disc set of all sides and eps!

    The Creatures – complete box set in same fashion as the Siouxsie budget boxes or the Siouxsie bbc box!

    Foo Fighters: bsides box. Rare meat is too rare and too many versions without darling Nikki. Give us everything!

    Morrissey – low in high school deluxe on CD!

    Verve – forth super deluxe like all the other albums!!

    Here are a couple that are way less likely but someone needs to say it:
    Glass Tiger – 5.1 mix and complete output box!!

    OMD – pacific age 5.1

    Seahorses (John squire of Stone Roses): complete box including the lost album and all bsides

    Falco – 3: 5.1 mix and for the love of all things holy include the freakin salieri mix in all its glory remixed in 5.1!!

    Easyworld: complete output box + blue ray

    Kooks – bsides collection

    Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon collie box in same format as all the others!!!

    U2 – achtung baby box in same format as first 6 boxes

    U2 – rattle & hum in same format but 3-4 discs for all bsides, rarities and blu ray of film

    U2 – pop; atyclb; htdaab; nloth; and combined songs of innocence/experience all in same format!!

    Until December – 5.1 mix!

    The Misnomers – complete box… this is very unlikely but it would include the total output because the demand is so high for that!

  12. stephen gilmour says:

    Not that most of us don’t have diverse music tastes and I’m all in favour – but was there really a poster here claiming they’re looking forward to the upcoming Crimson boxes AND also looking forward to Bronski Beat reissues………

    • bertielego says:

      Excellent click bait, to which I won’t resist.

      Yes, my collection embraces various styles and artists – from Bronski Beat to King Crimson, from experimental Cabaret Voltaire to commercial Cabaret Voltaire, from Mike Oldfield to The Prodigy, from 70’s Donna to 80’s Donna, from one David Bowie phase to another, from the Rolling Stones to Layo & Bushwacka!, From Clan Of Xymox to Xymox and back, from Jean-Michel Jarre to Seal, from Kraftwerk to Everything But The Girl, From The Beatles to Bananarama, from Yes to Nouvelle Vague, from Jane Birkin to Daft Punk…

      …yet they are all confined to one overarching cluster, popular music. I have yet to get into other genres, such as classical and jazz, two worlds on their own.

  13. The Misnomers says:

    So I would like to say I love this site and I love deluxe box sets, sometimes. Sometimes, though, I wish there could be more attainable versions of some of these sets. Specifically, the Beatles sets are massive and quite frankly I don’t need 39 demos of the same song but I would love to hear the albums in surround. Shame they make a 2 disc version but it includes a bunch of versions instead of the surround as the 2nd disc! I would buy many more sets if the bonus included the 5.1 mix and if I didn’t have to shell out $150 for for it! That’s what I’m hoping for in 2019!

  14. Alejandro Araujo says:

    Eric Clapton “Journeyman” 30th Anniversary

  15. gwynogue says:

    As a huge Blondie fan, I’m excited about the box set and it made me realise how much I’d love to see Debbie Harry’s solo output get a similar treatment. Her solo career is undoubtedly overshadowed by Blondie’s success, which is a pity because her material is pretty damn good. A box set of albums with bonus material (remixes, b-sides, etc), or a reissue campaign focusing on each album would be welcomed by me. A singles box would be awesome too.

    I’d also love to have a DVD of videos, performances, etc. There are a few DVDs of Blondie videos, but AFAIK there’s never been an official home-video collection of Debbie’s clips. The closest thing we have is “The Complete Picture”, but that’s nearly 30 years old, only on VHS and mostly Blondie clips. Perhaps it’s time for a complete “Complete Picture” DVD – a 2 disc set featuring all Blondie videos on one disc and all Debbie’s videos on the other.

    Perhaps 2019 will be the year that Deborah Harry and Kate Bush update ‘The (in)Complete Picture’ and ‘The (never was) Whole Story’

    • gwynogue says:

      Plus 2019 would be the 30th Anniversary of “Def, Dumb And Blonde” – a good excuse for a Super Deluxe Edition!

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I tried to do a Blondie/Debbie Harry Remixes & Rarities for Cherry Red…

        • gwynogue says:

          Oh man, that would be the best!

          I heard the band were having ownership issues with their material. Disputes with record company/ies over control/rights/etc. I think they only recently sorted them out which is how the forthcoming box set was finally able to happen. They have had a few remix albums in the past so hopefully they would be open to your idea.

  16. Michael J says:

    Nancy, cheers for the comprehensive anniversary dates!

    Curious if anyone knows or has thoughts around which anniversary triggers the most SDEs. Granted there are only a few 50s, a growing number of 40s and several 30s on down. Are there more 20th celebrations or do more wait for the 25th? Outside of those artists that seeming put out new editions every 5 years post the 10th, it’d be trivial, but interesting to know. Thoughts?

    • Nancy says:

      You’re welcome, Michael J!
      I can do the 25th, 35th and 45th anniversary lists as well, as they are the most common ones among the reissues if you and all other SDE readers want.
      Also, I forgot to mention the same titled second David Bowie album in my “Classic” Albums Turning 50 in 2019 section as well.

  17. Reed says:

    Simple Minds – Street Fighting Years 30th Anniversary

    With the Verona EP and the Ballad of the Streets and something from the tour. I don’t ask for much. :)

  18. Nancy says:

    Albums turning 10 in 2019:

    White Lies – To Lose My Life
    Bruce Springsteen – Working On A Dream
    Franz Ferdinand – Tonight : Franz Ferdinand
    Lily Allen – It’s Not Me It’s You
    Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream
    Morrissey – Years Of Refusal
    Prodigy – Invaders Must Die
    U2 – No Line On The Horizon
    Taylor Swift – Fearless
    Pet Shop Boys – Yes
    Doves – Kingdom Of Rust
    Bat For Lashes – Two Suns
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz
    Depeche Mode – Sounds Of The Universe
    Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts
    Bob Dylan – Together Through Life
    Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
    Maximo Park – Quicken The Heart
    Eminem – Relapse
    Manic Street Preachers – Journal For Plague Lovers
    Simple Minds – Graffiti Soul
    Paolo Nutini – Sunny Side Up
    Kasabian – West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
    Black Eyed Peas – The END
    Little Boots – Hands
    Placebo – Battle For The Sun
    Jack Penate – Everything Is New
    La Roux – La Roux
    Florence & The Machine – Lungs
    A-Ha – Foot Of The Mountain
    Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend
    Simian Mobile Disco – Temporary Pleasure
    Arctic Monkeys – Humbug
    David Guetta – One Love
    Jamie T – Kings And Queens
    Muse – The Resistance
    Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3
    Pixie Lott – Turn It Up
    Dizzee Rascal – Tongue N’ Cheek
    Pearl Jam – Backspacer
    Paramore – Brand New Eyes
    Editors – In This Light And On This Evening
    Shakira – She Wolf
    Cheryl Cole – 3 Words
    Robbie Williams – Reality Killed The Video Star
    Snow Patrol – Up To Now
    Them Crooked Vultures – Them Crooked Vultures
    Rihanna – Rated R
    Alicia Keys – The Element Of Freedom

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Thanks Nancy for all the anniversary lists, not only this year but past years. Really tells me a lot about how well I have kept up with music which is to say not very well at all. I am familiar with most 30th and 40th anniversary albums, have heard of most 50th, but the 20th and 10th anniversaries are albums and artists I am mostly not familiar with with just a few notable exceptions.

  19. Nancy says:

    “Classic” albums turning 60 in 2019:

    Elvis Presley – Elvis (Rock ‘N’ Roll No. 1)
    Cliff Richard & The Drifters – Cliff
    Buddy Holly & The Crickets – The Buddy Holly Story
    Frank Sinatra with Billy May & His Orchestra – Come Dance With Me!
    Duane Eddy – Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel
    Elvis Presley – A Date With Elvis
    Frank Sinatra – Look To Your Heart
    Duane Eddy – Specially For You
    Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Cliff Sings
    Russ Conway – Time To Celebrate

  20. Nancy says:

    “Classic” albums turning 50 in 2019:

    Beatles featuring The George Martin Orchestra – Yellow Submarine
    Diana Ross & The Supremes – Love Child
    Ten Years After – Stonedhenge
    Mary Hopkin – Postcard
    Cream – Goodbye
    Bee Gees – Odessa
    Scott Walker – Scott 3
    Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin
    Leonard Cohen – Songs From A Room
    Moody Blues – On The Threshold Of A Dream
    Bob Dylan – Nashville Skyline
    Frank Sinatra – My Way
    Who – Tommy
    Original Soundtrack – 2001 – A Space Odyssey
    Val Doonican – The World Of Val Doonican
    Ray Conniff – His Orchestra, His Chorus, His Singers, His Sound
    Tom Jones – This Is Tom Jones
    Elvis Presley – Elvis Sings Flaming Star
    Jim Reeves – According To My Heart
    Jethro Tull – Stand Up
    Elvis Presley – From Elvis In Memphis
    Blind Faith – Blind Faith
    Nice – Nice
    Beatles – Abbey Road
    Ten Years After – Ssssh
    King Crimson – In The Court Of The Crimson King
    Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin 2
    Original Soundtrack – Easy Rider
    Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed

  21. Nancy says:

    Hey Paul, can you do this topic sticky for a while, please?

  22. Torsten Moehling says:

    I would like to have a deluxe treatment of „Celebration“ by Savage Progress, released in 1984.

  23. smokin.joe says:

    Really like to see the Jay Ferguson catalog back in print, even if a regular release.

  24. bertielego says:

    My wish list for 2019 (not in any particular order; not a comprehensive list):

    King Crimson (1) – The “Heaven And Earth” multi-format box set covering studio and live output from 1999 to 2008. Planned to come out in May, the cover alone looks amazing!

    King Crimson (2) – The next yearly 2xCD volume in the “Elements (Tour Box)” series.

    Pet Shop Boys – Time for a remix program, now that the “Further Listening” program is complete. Such remix program could take various forms.
    First option: a series of 3xCD sets, with discs one and two containing vocal remixes, and disc three containing instrumental/dub mixes. A chronological approach similar to the “Further Listening” would be much appreciated; although each set should revolve around two albums, for a varied listening experience. Not all remixes would necessarily need to be there; but the previously unavailable on CD ones should be first choice!
    Second option: a series of singles box sets, containing all mixes, a la Bananarama. PSB put out 50 singles on Parlophone, a series of three box sets would then be ideal.

    Grace Jones – It’s been a while since the last box set… I would love to see another classic album get a multi-CD treatment, as well as a multi-LP treatment. “Slave To The Rhythm” preferably; although I would get very happy with “Living My Life” or even “Inside Story”.

    Xymox – After this year’s excellent 2xCD and 2xLP reissues of 1989’s “Twist Of Shadows”, I am expecting 1991’s “Phoenix” to get a similar treatment.

    Erasure – Planned for March, the 2xCD reissue of “Wild!” is something to look forward to, as it’ll contain about 5 previously unreleased tracks.

    Soft Cell – Looking forward to receiving my copy of the limited edition “To Show You I’ve Been There” Book + 7inch EP, planned for April. The EP will feature four previously unreleased versions/tracks.

    David Bowie – Looking forward to see two box sets come out, one side project dedicated to Tin Machine, and as the fifth in the DB series, a box set covering 1990 to 1995, including “Sound & Vision” live album, “Black Tie White Noise”, “The Buddha Of Suburbia”, “1.Outside”, a previously unreleased album made of Outside outtakes, a compilation of remixes (including ‘Fame 90’, ‘Sound & Vision’, ‘Real Cool World’ and mixes from singes from BTWN and Outside), and Re:Call 5.

    David Bowie – I am also dreaming of a collection of 80’s mixes for RSD, those we didn’t get on “Dance”. Reissued a couple of month later on CD.

    The Art Of Noise – The “Art Of Noise Adventure Series” is most likely going to provide us with great releases. The third volume, “Kiss”, and the fourth volume “Below the waste” are the next titles I both expect for 2019.

    Orbital – Although that’s most likely not what’s in preparation for their 30th anniversary, I would love to see a 4xCD box set, covering 1989 to 1992. CD1: their first album, remastered. CD2: “Mutations” (both EPs). CD3 and CD4: all tracks, mixes and B-sides from the period singles (‘Chime’, ‘Omen’, ‘Midnight’, ‘Choice’…).

    Simple Minds – The nice box sets series should continue with “Street Fighting Years”, for its 30th anniversary.

    Jimmy Somerville – This month will see the Cherry Red release of a 3xCD expanded reissue of 1999’s “Manage The Damage”, boosting a lot of period remixes.

    Bronski Beat – I wish Cherry Red would release an expanded reissue of (post Jimmy) Bronski Beat’s “Truthdare Doubledare”. It is not hard to imagine, since they released the latest album “The Age Of Reason”. Unless that’s something for Edsel to do…

    Underworld – It is about time for a new reissue box set. I hope “Everything, Everything” won’t be skipped because it is a live album. Picture this: an extended 2xCD version of the album, with live tracks gathered across multiple dates; a CD of studio remixes from 1999-2000 including “Cowgirl” and some mixes that were featured on the previous box set; and a DVD and/or BD reissue of the original period video… Otherwise, a 4xCD set of “A Hundred Days Off” will do of course!

    Blank & Jones (1) – A follow up to “#Whatwedoatnight” would be more than welcome… This amazing electro house album from 2017 is what I played most in my car in 2018. Amazing stuff that needs some follow up, badly.

    Blank & Jones (2) – And what about “So80s” volume 12? Always a pleasure to get a new volume from that series…

    Alphaville – Even if I own both the “Dreamscape” box set and “So80s Presents Alphaville”, I would love to get a copy of the “Forever Young” SDE, as it is a true 80’s classic.

    Basement Jaxx – 2019 will mark the 20th anniversary of their first album, “Remedy”. A 3xCD+DVD box set would be very welcome to celebrate it.

    Frankie Goes To Hollywood – After the complex ways to get hold of their output across multiple reissues, compilations, and various artists collection, I believe it is time to get FGTH’s singles, B-sides and mixes onto a nice CD singles box set. Two discs per single. Or Three.

    Moby – His landmark “Play” came out 20 years ago. A 5xCD+DVD box set is what I am looking for, including all B-sides and remixes (many unavailable on CD to this day).

    Cabaret Voltaire – Some years have passed since the “#8385 Collected Works” box set came out. I hope Mute will follow it up this year with “#8691 Collected Works”, a box set collecting their Parlophone, including albums, singles, B-sides, remixes and period live material; as well as perhaps the preceding and following EPs, respectively “The Drain Train” and “Colors”.

    The Cure – In 2018, The Cure finally delivered a new release in their Deluxe Edition series. I hope Robert Smith will stay focused and give a 2xCD version of “Wish” in 2019.

    Mike Oldfield – Deluxe 2xCD+DVD reissues of “Islands” and “Earth Moving”, with 5.1 audio, to continue the series.

  25. Andreas says:

    TWO new albums this year just confirmed by the incredible Foals – ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’, ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’ – 8th March, then Autumn 19. YEAH!!!!!

  26. Stephen K says:

    Heaven 17 need to do the 35th Anniversary deluxe edition of How Men Are.

    And though Scritti Politti and Prefab Sprout reissues might already be in the works (sometime?), I’ll go down on record to add my support to that idea.

  27. Nancy says:

    “Classic” albums turning 40 in 2019:

    Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Armed Forces
    Chic – C’est Chic
    Bee Gees – Spirits Having Flown
    Motorhead – Overkill
    Roxy Music – Manifesto
    Supertramp – Breakfast In America
    Art Garfunkel – Fate For Breakfast
    Police – Outlandos d’Amour
    Abba – Voulez-Vous
    Donna Summer – Bad Girls
    Gerry Rafferty – Night Owl
    Ian Dury & The Blockheads – Do It Yourself
    David Bowie – Lodger
    Tubeway Army – Replicas
    Electric Light Orchestra – Discovery
    Ramones – It’s Alive
    Dire Straits – Communique
    Earth Wind & Fire – I Am
    Who – The Kids Are Alright (OST)
    AC/DC – Highway To Hell
    Rainbow – Down To Earth
    Tubeway Army – Tubeway Army
    Bob Dylan – Slow Train Coming
    Led Zeppelin – In Through The Out Door
    Talking Heads – Fear Of Music
    Gary Numan – The Pleasure Principle
    Siouxsie & The Banshees – Join Hands
    Boney M – Oceans Of Fantasy
    Michael Jackson – Off The Wall
    Sham 69 – The Adventures Of The Hersham Boys
    Stranglers – The Raven
    Who – Quadrophenia (OST)
    Blondie – Eat To The Beat
    Bob Marley & The Wailers – Survival
    Police – Reggatta De Blanc
    Fleetwood Mac – Tusk
    Motorhead – Bomber
    Boomtown Rats – The Fine Art Of Surfacing
    Madness – One Step Beyond
    Specials – Specials
    Damned – Machine Gun Etiquette
    Jam – Setting Sons
    Pink Floyd – The Wall
    Public Image Ltd – Metal Box
    Clash – London Calling
    Human League – Reproduction

  28. Nancy says:

    “Classic” albums turning 30 in 2019:

    Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel
    Lou Reed – New York
    Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians – Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars
    Original Soundtrack – Cocktail
    New Order – Technique
    Roachford – Roachford
    Roy Orbison – Mystery Girl
    Fine Young Cannibals – The Raw And The Cooked
    Simply Red – A New Flame
    De La Soul – 3 Feet High And Rising
    Texas – Southside
    Madonna – Like A Prayer
    S-Express – Original Soundtrack
    Deacon Blue – When The World Knows Your Name
    Paula Abdul – Forever Your Girl
    Cult – Sonic Temple
    Soul II Soul – Club Classics Volume One
    Pixies – Doolittle
    Cure – Disintegration
    Simple Minds – Street Fighting Years
    Stone Roses – The Stone Roses
    Inner City – Paradise
    Richard Marx – Repeat Offender
    The The – Mind Bomb
    Queen – The Miracle
    Neneh Cherry – Raw Like Sushi
    Paul McCartney – Flowers In The Dirt
    Prince – Batman (OST)
    Tom Petty – Full Moon Fever
    Transvision Vamp – Velveteen
    Cher – Heart Of Stone
    London Boys – The Twelve Commandments Of Dance
    Gloria Estefan – Cuts Both Ways
    Alice Cooper – Trash
    Adeva – Adeva
    Martika – Martika
    Aerosmith – Pump
    Elton John – Sleeping With The Past
    Eurythmics – We Too Are One
    Rolling Stones – Steel Wheels
    Janet Jackson – Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814
    Tina Turner – Foreign Affair
    Tears For Fears – The Seeds Of Love
    Bob Dylan – Oh Mercy
    Tracy Chapman – Crossroads
    Kylie Minogue – Enjoy Yourself
    Liza Minnelli – Results
    Erasure – Wild!
    Kate Bush – The Sensual World
    Beautiful South – Welcome To The Beautiful South
    Billy Joel – Storm Front
    Wedding Present – Bizzaro
    Chris Rea – The Road To Hell
    Robert Palmer – Addictions Volume 1
    Lisa Stansfield – Affection
    Phil Collins – But Seriously
    New Kids On The Block – Hangin’ Tough
    UB40 – Labour Of Love II

  29. Nancy says:

    “Classic” albums turning 20 in 2019:

    Blondie – No Exit
    TLC – Fanmail
    Underworld – Beaucoup Fish
    Stereophonics – Performance And Cocktails
    Blur – 13
    Orbital – The Middle Of Nowhere
    Catatonia – Equally Cursed And Blessed
    Eminem – The Slim Shady LP
    Tom Waits – Mule Variations
    Suede – Head Music
    Basement Jaxx – Remedy
    Texas – The Hush
    Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin
    Moby – Play
    Groove Armada – Vertigo
    Original Soundtrack – Notting Hill
    Travis – The Man Who
    Pavement – Terror Twilight
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
    Jamiroquai – Synkronized
    Original Soundtrack – The Matrix
    Super Furry Animals – Guerilla
    Beta Band – The Beta Band
    Chemical Brothers – Surrender
    Limp Bizkit – Significant Other
    Macy Gray – On How Life Is
    Jennifer Lopez – On The 6
    Destiny’s Child – The Writing’s On The Wall
    Mary J Blige – Mary
    Santana – Supernatural
    Death In Vegas – The Contino Sessions
    Gomez – Liquid Skin
    Ocean Colour Scene – One From The Modern
    Leftfield – Rhythm And Stealth
    Supergrass – Supergrass
    Sting – Brand New Day
    Tom Jones – Reload
    David Bowie – Hours…
    James – Millionaires
    Pet Shop Boys – Nightlife
    Charlatans – Us And Us Only
    Gabrielle – Rise
    Foo Fighters – There Is Nothing Left To Lose
    Rage Against The Machine – The Battle Of Los Angeles
    Ian Brown – Golden Greats
    Savage Garden – Affirmation
    Dr Dre – 2001
    Beck – Midnite Vultures
    William Orbit – Pieces In A Modern Style
    Blink 182 – Enema Of The State

    • RJS says:

      Appropriate that you wrote “Classic” in inverted commas! A few good ones but only one classic album on your list.

  30. Henry K. says:

    Steely Dan – back catalogue remastered on vinyl, how about a vinyl box set 72-03 like Cheap Xmas, Donald are you reaching ?
    Bee Gees – back catalogue remastered on vinyl
    Bee Gees – Odessa 50th Anniversary Edition in red suede box
    UFO – Chrysalis Years albums with M. Schenker on Vinyl
    Ten Years After – more reissues plus unreleased stuff from the 60’s and 70’s, open the vaults!
    Caravan – back catalogue remastered on vinyl
    Zappa – more Zappa reissues on vinyl
    Brand X – back catalogue on vinyl
    etc. etc. etc.

  31. Marko says:

    Any news about Depeche mode Spirit tour BD/DVD or something??? Or Cd box singles????

  32. Michael says:

    Apologies! I realise my recent post is out of place in a super deluxe box set wish list – but thought squeezing in a cheeky question is always worth trying :)

  33. James says:

    Paul – since you are best mates with Phil and Andy, and word on the Roxy deluxe set ‘For Your (Added) Pleasure’? I was expecting / hoping some news about this by now.

  34. hendry doran says:

    Unlikely to happen but would love to see a SDE of Gerry Rafferty be it City to City or his combined Stealers Wheel/solo output

  35. Michael says:

    Hi Paul – thanks for this preview – I’ve enjoyed reading through yours and everyone else’s predictions and wish-lists. Do you know if Jimi Goodwin from Doves is working on anything new? It’s gone a bit quiet since his brilliant solo album Odludek in 2014. Every year I’m hopeful for his next one (or even a return from Doves’ hiatus!!!) – any news you have would be most welcome! Elsewhere, I read somewhere recently that Noel Gallagher is starting work on a new album this year. I’m really looking forward to that as his last one was excellent.

    • Paul M says:

      Doves are back for the following 2019 tour dates:

      29 March London Royal Albert Hall (Teenage Cancer Trust) SOLD OUT
      25 May Bearded Theory Catton Hall, Derbyshire Tickets
      07 June Manchester Heaton Park Tickets
      16 June Dublin Malahide Castle Tickets

      I’m hopeful for more dates to be announced soon although I did manage to get a ticket for the London show

    • deceased says:

      I think Doves have announced a return, some live dates, possibly with Noel Gallagher if memory serves…

  36. Mark Nicolson says:

    Regatta de Blanc is 40 this year. A deluxe edition of this classic would be fantastic. The Police at their best.

  37. I would like to point out that I massively enjoyed the acoustic bonus tracks by Paddy on the Steve McQueen album. And I certainly wouldn’t mind more of that :-)

  38. Skippy O'Nasica says:

    An expanded “Tattoo You” was rumored a couple of years back, but nothing seems to be happening. A shame, since the Stones still have tons of good unreleased tunes from the 1972-1981 period covered by that album. And at this late date – especially given the unlikelihood of there ever being expanded versions of “Undercover”, “Dirty Work” etc. – they might as well make “Tattoo You” a three-disc set and clear out EVERY half decent tune that remains in the vault, right to the end of the Bill Wyman / Chris Kimsey era. (A lot of the Stones’ unreleased songs from the ’80s are more fun that the ones that actually went on the records!)

    On the topic of Sparks’ 50th anniversary, it would be great if someone would issue a comprehensive roundup of their pre-Island material. Only one of their four Urban Renewal Project recordings from 1969 has been released (“Computer Girl”). Their 1970 Halfnelson demo album has never been officially released, apart from one song on Morrissey’s “Under the Influence” compilation. There is at least one unreleased song from the sessions for their first Bearsville album (a Jim Mankey number, called something like “I’m an Old Man” IIRC). Side two of their second album, “A Woofer In Tweeter’s Clothing” has never been issued on CD at the correct speed, AFAIK. Post-second album, they supposedly recorded not only “I Like Girls” as a potential single, but other material as well. And who knows what other outtakes, demos and live curiosities might exist.

    As others have mentioned, B-52s reissues would be great. It would be especially nice to hear an expanded “Mesopotamia” which included all ten of the songs recorded at the time, along with the alternate “Party Mix” versions that were more lively than the original mixes. Also the debut album could be expanded with the “Rock Lobster”/”52 Girls” single versions and whatever outtakes are in the vault.

  39. Joseph says:

    A lot of this will have been mentioned before but just in case the label execs are lurking and want to see more interest, here goes!

    FIRST OF ALL – THE CD ISN’T DEAD. I don’t buy straight vinyl album reissues and have no desire to start. I hope the New Order ‘Movement’ reissue isn’t a sign of things to come. Very unhappy about that one. Shocked that there hasn’t been a “where are the CDs?” furor over it like there was with Yazoo.

    The B-52s – Just the other day I was wondering why their catalog has been so frustratingly ignored. At the very least the debut surely deserves some sort of landmark/anniversary release.

    Eurythmics – ‘Boxed’ was nice but imperfect. I’d love individual releases for each album with at least the album and complete b-sides/edits/remixes similar to the BRILLIANT Tears For Fears boxes. I am desperate for a ‘Savage’ set with a DVD/BD of the ‘Savage’ video album. For such a video-based era, a lot of 80s bands seem to neglect their visual output.

    Talk Talk – Doubt it’ll ever happen with Mark Hollis being such a curmudgeon but those albums all deserve individual deluxe boxes. I don’t know how much else there is to compile that hasn’t been released before but complete album plus b-sides/PERIOD remixes/edits would be beautiful.

    Siouxise and the Banshees – I think a complete ‘Once’/’Twice Upon A Time’ set including a complete videos set on DVD/BD is in order.

    Catherine Wheel – They deserved SO MUCH MORE than that botched Cherry Red reissue of the first album. I’d love deluxe sets for each album including all b-sides, some of which were country-specific or released and then quickly withdrawn and therefore quite rare.

    Pet Shop Boys – I’d love complete album deluxe sets a la the TFF boxes (album/complete b-sides/edits/remixes). They really missed an opportunity with the 30th anniversary of ‘Please’ in 2016.

    Wire – Their 80s output is terribly overlooked, though the band has been playing some of those songs live in recent years. I would LOVE deluxe editions of those records similar to the ones which just came out for the first three.

    Marc and the Mambas – Since everything Marc-related seems to be getting a revisit a complete Mambas “everything put to tape” set would be AMAZING. Seems like a long shot though.

    Throwing Muses – Deluxe album sets are a huge dream of mine and will likely never happen. Ditto Kristin Hersh’s debut solo ‘Hips & Makers.’

    Stereolab – I’d love deluxe album reissues (complete including period EPs/b-sides/odds and ends of which there are many).

    The Smiths – Further album box sets are VERY welcome. I have seen a record company A&R CD of unreleased alternate versions, some of which have leaked to YouTube, etc. I know they exist. Would be nice to see them released officially. It would also be nice to have an official Troy Tate sessions album released as well as a complete BBC sessions album released. Surprised that never happened.

    Peter Gabriel – Hate what he did with ‘So.’ I would love good deluxe editions of at least the first six records. And include the b-sides/edits/odds and ends for the love of god!

    Scott Walker – I doubt he’d be interested but deluxe editions of his first four records would be amazing if there’s anything else to add to them.

    Looking forward to the Mansun ‘Six’ set, Erasure ‘Wild!’ set (shame that the packaging is changing back to the book and that there will only be two discs), and the OMD anniversary release(s).

    Would LOVE Madonna deluxe editions, more Prince deluxe editions, further Grace Jones deluxe editions, further Bauhaus Omnibus Editions, further Donna Summer deluxe editions. Lovely things could be done with the Lamb, Broadcast, and Goldfrapp records.

    And last, but not least, a friend of mine always joke about what we would put out if we ran a boutique reissue label regardless of money considerations. We’d do complete deluxe sets of the two gorgeous, practically unknown Geneva records. After that, we’d do Catherine Wheel. :)

    This ended up being quite long!

    • James says:

      With regards to Stereolab, they are about to begin re-issuing the back-cat on vinyl to tie in with the reunion gigs.

      Personally, I’ve no real interest in the re-issues, but would love a comprehensive ‘Stereolab Live’ box on a scale to the Velvets or Suicide sets that were released years ago. The albums up to (but not including Dots and Loops) are all magnificent, but they were an astonishing live band when ‘switched on.’ I’m sure there are dozens and dozens of shows in the vaults.

    • CHRIS1977 says:

      I live Geneva. Especially their second album Weather Underground. I hope somone will find a way to reissue their 2 albums and don’t let them fall into amnesia valley.

    • RJS says:

      “Stereolab – I’d love deluxe album reissues (complete including period EPs/b-sides/odds and ends of which there are many)”

      Remastred versions of Switched On, Refried Ectoplasm and Aluminum Tunes were reissued on vinyl alongside a CD box set a couple of months ago.

  40. Mark Goring says:

    What a brilliant article & array of comments with great suggestions.

    First up, I offer Neneh Cherry’s ‘Raw Like Sushi’ 30 Year Anniversary box set, whether it be over 2-3 cd discs plus a picture disc / book package. Because the whole era was high in sonic and visual art & should be celebrated that way. Please!

    It’s high time that those still employed within labels go all out this year. Seriously, it’s not hard to look up a labels roster on discogs to see what is out of print & what fetches high prices to consider a reissue. I’m glad Be Here records licensed the Roisin Murphy ‘Overpowered’ 2LP for its January reissue as the original pressing was fetching over $300 au last year.

    And legacy artists such their labels should tie up loose ends…example: Per of Roxette really has pushed & succeeded in preserving the Roxette catalogue. But what has been neglected has been the extended & remixed tracks. They could compile a 3cd release easily. Tap into the fan base first with physical pre orders & then just do a worldwide digital release. Same with the inxs back catalogue of vintage mixes. A lot of early extended mixes & dubs haven’t been made digital and are essential!

    Many of us outside the UK have grown frustrated with the sainsburys vinyl exclusive model, inflated eBay panic and also local panic to even find a sainsburys that sticks the vinyl (in 2017, whilst in London, I asked a London sainburys staffer where their vinyl selection was to receive a ‘what is a vinyl’ response). So either labels stop giving supermarkets access to highly sought after product and giving them to music retail. It pains me to know hmv is in the state that it is and labels need to take some blame for a lackluster 2018 regarding releases. Sales are down because product is less in volume & less enticing than past years.

    I fear we are going to experience so many different vinyl colour variants that it will just not be financially sustainable as a fan. There were 2 coloured Madonna ray of light’s last year, same with Billy idols Rebel Yell (red – urban outfitters & then blue – sound of vinyl).

    So labels who still have product knowledge & power to manufacture. Fill in the many gaps. Realise that yesteryear pop still has a dedicated fanbase (why girls aloud’s album discography hasn’t been issued on vinyl is beyond me…can you imagine if their chemistry bonus Christmas album had been issued on coloured vinyl for Christmas? Would have sold out quickly!)

    I’m looking forward to the Kim wild reissues / rarities. It’s still a shock that her videos haven’t been compiled for DVD/blu ray.

    I’m hoping that Kylie’s Impossible Princess gets a first time vinyl issue & that a singles box set is done properly (I still shudder at the lame 1 track per 3″ disc mushroom records did many years ago). And for all the wishes for a Wham! Singles box set, I’m wishing hard too, wouldn’t it just be perfect?!

    Before I stop thinking of more because we could be here all day. The many live concert vhs’ released back in the day from legacy artists have not made it to DVD / blu ray form (take that, Madonna, etc) a simple fan club or web store reissue on those formats would not be hard. And then make them digitally available on Netflix?! Back to Kylie, we need official releases of the Enjoy Yourself, Rhythm Of love & Anti Tour tours!

  41. Joel Ivins says:

    Looking forward, mostly, to the Erasure WILD release in March…too bad the tour video was released on the Moscow to Mars set…also not hugely excited about the second disc…wish it had the “normal” versions of the b-sides… will still get it…also looking for the Innocents deluxe… my original got left at an X’s house…sigh…note to self… always know where your music is

  42. Mick says:

    My expectations/wishes for 2019.

    THE BAND – s/t brown album 50th anniversary SDE + brown vinyl
    BEATLES – Abbey Road SDE
    McCARTNEY – Red Rose Speedway red vinyl (but PLEASE not 30% more expen$ive than the black vinyl)
    McCARTNEY – London Town & Back To The Egg Archive Collections
    PINK FLOYD – The Wall 40th anniversary something or other
    ROLLING STONES – Let It Bleed 50th anniversary something or other (but I hope ABKCO does better by this than they did with Beggars Banquet)
    DONNA SUMMER – Bad Girls 40th anniversary something or other

    ALICE COOPER (band) – SDE’s. This year is the 50th anniv. of Pretties For You, so it’s a good time to start
    BEATLES – Magical Mystery Tour SDE (I know…but I’m still miffed they skipped over it)
    GRAND FUNK RAILROAD – SDE’s/coloured vinyl/R&R HOF induction. This year is their 50th anniv., so let’s GO!
    JETHRO TULL – Thick As A Brick book set corrected reissue + Benefit book set
    MOTT THE HOOPLE – A Columbia years box set as thorough as Mental Train was to the Island/Atlantic years.
    STONES – Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016 individual releases (preferably coloured vinyl)
    THE WHO – Tommy 50th anniversary coloured vinyl (black/blue splatter or split?)
    YES – further Panegyric CD+BD SDE’s: preferably Drama and the Rabin era albums.

  43. Andy b in the place 2 b says:

    One word – Japan. Bout time this back cat was looked at.

    • pinkfloyd says:

      Totally! Japan 2cd deluxe of all 5 albums + oil on canvas! dvd is a bonus!
      Quiet Life is 40 this year!!! make it happen David!

    • Tcf says:

      That would be a dream! But I fear that there is not much left. Also Steve Jansen wrote that the original masters of Tin Drum are lost/destroyed…. But I would by them just for the Original Version of „Some kind of fool „ and the „Venus in furs“ Outtake. And there also should be live rehearsal Versions of „Life without buildings“ and Tsuchiyas „Rice Music“. And what about the Penguin Café Soundtrack…….?

  44. Kauwgompie says:

    Wishes for 2019:
    -Climie Fisher both albums “Everything” and “Coming In For The Kill”. No brainer for Cherry Pop
    -China Crisis – “What Price Paradise”. The first 3 and the 5th album have been reissued but not the 4th.
    -Chic – “The Chic Organization 1980-1983”
    -Duran Duran – We need box sets of their albums with 5.1 and the Wedding Album needs to be reissued badly!!!
    -Jean Michel Jarre Albums in 5.1. Ridiculous that hasn’t been done yet.
    -Ramones – “End Of The Century”. That’s the one next in line.
    -George Michael – “Older”
    -Nik Kershaw – “Radio Musicola” & “The Works”. Shoe in for Cherry Pop
    -a-Ha – “Minor Earth Major Sky”
    -Tears For Fears – “Seeds Of Love” at some point in my lifetime!!
    -The Beloved – “Happiness”
    -Break Machine – “Break Dance Party”
    -Bruce Springsteen – “Born In The USA”. USA is no fun now but that album rocks. He still hasn’t released “Protection” on CD (Donna Summer sang it on the “Donna Summer” album.
    -Dan Hartman – “I Can Dream About You”
    -Eurythmics – Box sets of their albums including 5.1
    -Frankie Goes To Hollywood in 5.1
    -Grace Jones – “Living My Life”
    -Japan – All albums in 2xcd and 5.1
    -Lenny Kravitz – “5”. The first 3 have been done and “Circus” sucks so lets move on to “5”
    -Malcolm McLaren -“Waltz Darling”
    -RAH Band – First 4 albums
    -OMD – “Sugar Tax” 2xcd with all remixes
    -Prince – “Sign Of The Times” Best album ever
    -Rolling Stones – “Undercover” including the Arthur Baker remix of “Too Much Blood”. Never gonna happen but one can dream
    -Roxy Music – “Stranded” should be next in line
    -Scritti Politti – “Cupid & Psyche” and “Provision”
    -Simple Minds – “Street Fighting Years”, not as good as New Gold Dream or the other previous ones but still good enough for a reissue like the previous albums
    -The Smiths – “Strangeways Here We Come” My favorite Smiths album
    -Space Monkey – “On The Beam” shoe in for Cherry Pop
    -Spandau Ballet – “Heart Like A Sky”
    -Terence Trent D’Arby – “The Hardline According To…”
    -Thompson Twins – CD Singles box w ALL remixes
    -Tina Turner – “Break Every Rule”

    • Neil says:

      What Price Paradise is supposed to be happening according to Gary Daly at some point. Regarding OMD i would imagine Crush and The Pacific Age would come before Sugar Tax though at the rate their reissues come out i think Sugar Tax might appear sometime in 2030

      • Kauwgompie says:

        Thank you Neil. Great news about China Crisis. OMD reissues so far are not much to write home about. Mostly a few expanded single cds and of course the disastrous 2cd reissue of Junk Culture with all its mistakes. Not impressed with any OMD reissue so far.

  45. Andy Hapeman says:

    I just wanted to say can we please, please, please see remastered sets of Stevie Wonder albums…”Talking Book”, “Innervisions”, “Fulfillingness’ First Finale”, “Songs In The Key of Life”. Every one of those albums should be SDE!

    • Mick says:

      I agree, but…
      Not unless Stevie allows the master tapes to be used. There’s really no point in further reissues or hi-res releases if they’re gonna continue to come from 2nd or 3rd generation copies.

  46. Carsten says:

    Queen full album box set on CD would be a dream come true. The did it in a fantastic way for vinyl it seems (looking at SDEs coverage) – why on earth would we not get it on CD?

    • Hans lindskog says:

      Hello, it actually exist. I bought a complete set of all Queen albums issued as 2 cd sets in 2014
      See Island Records ‎– 278 971 3. Best regards, hans

  47. alan hansen says:

    regarding the Prefab Sprout catalogue, Paul – well said! it seems Paddy himself has lost the key to his own treasure-trove of aural delights.

  48. Jeff says:

    Oops sorry about that!!!

    Here’s the link below!!! LOL


  49. Jeff says:

    Just announced!!!!

    For all you KING CRIMSON fans!!!

    Get ready it’s going to be a VERY EXPENSIVE $$$ year for you!!

    Click on link below

    • Iain Probert says:

      Paul, any encouragement that you can give to whichever company now owns the rights (EMI originally had them) to Private Lives (John Adams) excellent one and only LP release Prejudice and Pride, to finally get it out (at a minimum) on CD. I’d love to see the original album, which was released in 1984, expanded to include the (non album single) Memory of your name. I did reach out to Cherry Red a couple of years ago, but nothing came of it. Ta.

  50. Alan Jones says:

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned, but Heaven 17 have a 5 album box set called Play to Win out on Demon each on a different colour 180gm covering the releases originally released by Virgin (advert in this month’s Record Collector.

    Also there was an interview with Green Gartside of Scritti Politti in the October issue of RC when it was mentioned that the 3 Virgin albums would be released at the end of November on Rough Trade. Unfortunately it didn’t mention which November.

  51. T e y o somewhere from the Netherlands says:

    Malcolm McLaren: Duck Rock, Deluxe. An Essential!
    The original album, single edits, 12″ mixes, B-sides , the Would Ya like some more Scratchin’ mini-Lp, Swamp Thing, outtakes, and not to forget: the sublime artwork and the Duck Rock movie. More then enough material for a stunning compilation, make it a Superdeluxe!
    Hope it will see daylight soon.

  52. Blakey says:

    With an Ian Brown album imminent, it would also be nice if there was some sort of Stone Roses activity. The debut album era has been done to death though. A deluxe ‘Second Coming’ would be great. With Paul Schroeder’s original mix of the album, demos and suchlike included. Or maybe a full DVD/CD of Heaton Park 2012 or Madison Square Garden 2016.

    The Small Faces ‘Autumn Stone’ deluxe has still yet to see the light of day…

  53. Brian says:

    On a concerning note I’ve noticed the prices on amazon for pre order music and film is being ratcheted up now HMV can’t get any new stock. Cds that we’re on for 9.99 a few weeks ago now up to 12.00 and 13.00

    • Paul Taylor says:

      Amazon have been price-matching HMV up the way for months now. I’ve seen stuff that started off lower suddenly jump e.g. Ian Dury, Transvision Vamp & Simple Minds box sets. As you say with no competition they’ll be able to charge what they want

      • Klaus says:

        @Paul Taylor:

        Yes and no. Of course they can charge what they want but it’s up to you if you pay it.
        Several years ago, in the pre-streaming age, there was an interview with a guy who was a record company manager at the time, saying that the goal for his company price-wise was to charge about 50 EUR (currently about 43 GBP) for each newly released cd-album, sounding quite sure that they would get away it. I swore to myself that i would stick around to not paying more than 15 EUR (about 13 GBP) for any single cd and ever did so since then, not missing much i wanted.
        Sometimes i have to wait a while, but there’s lots of good music out there to shorten the wait.

  54. Ross Baker says:

    Underworld will hopefully be doing a super deluxe A Hundred Days Off. Karl posted a subtle teaser last year with a picture of the cover on the Underworld instagram (not the kind of content we normally get there), and the original plan was to do an expanded version of all their albums, so hopefully that’ll be along later in the year. An unfairly overlooked gem (along with its follow-up, Oblivion With Bells).

    It’s Orbital’s 30th anniversary and they’re planning what looks like a 3CD box set, with a disc of remixes, a disc of live-in-studio versions of classic tracks (to show how far they’ve developed over decades of live performances), no word on the third disc’s contents – hopefully new material, or maybe a DVD with their many excellent videos.

    Possibly out of the purview of your average SDE reader, but Steven Stapleton is continuing his frankly excellent Nurse With Wound reissue campaign (the ordering is fairly arbitrary – in his words ‘when I realise something hasn’t been in print for a while’, but the content is always superb) – a 5CD Automating box set is due, containing volumes 1-3 of the series and who knows what on the other discs (hopefully the leftover material from the More Automating digital compilation and the vinyl exclusives of tape-only tracks on Flawed Existence). His collaborations with David Tibet as Stapleton/Tibet are being reissued as a 5CD boxset including some unreleased material – pre-orders are now on the NWW website. There’s an unreleased late ’90s album called Die, Flip and Go to India on its way at some point. There’s not that much left after that, although hopefully From a Tiny Girl and Merzbild Schwet will get much-needed remasters soon.

    Cherry Red are doing a proper CD reissue of Martin Newell’s The Greatest Living Englishman at some point. There was a short re-pressing late last year that sold out in a couple of weeks, so Martin and the label have decided to do a bigger scale reissue, particularly given the success of the LP version that Captured Tracks put out recently. I’m hoping reissues of his other Cherry Red albums follow, as A Summer Tamarind and (particularly) The Spirit Cage go for ludicrous prices in the second hand market. Captured Tracks should be doing a second volume of his Teatime Assortment series, collecting tracks from recently self-released albums.

    Not sure what Mike Oldfield’s up to – I knew he was ill, and the Tubular Bells IV website went offline, so it’s maybe not too drastic to fear the worst. But if he’s well and back doing music then I’m really hoping he gets back on the reissue campaign – not that I’m particularly excited about the Islands or Earth Moving sets (I can’t help feeling his low opinion of these albums has been a stumbling block) – although it’d be nice to have an Islands set with Wind Chimes on DVD – but so he can get onto Amarok in the near future. Hopefully that should yield some interesting results. I’m also wondering if he’ll continue the campaign into his Warner material. And if TBIV does come along, I’m sure it’ll be interesting – he was initially promising big things like an interactive version and broadcasting it from space!

    I’m guessing we’ll get a Moody Blues On the Threshold of a Dream box this year, although – much as I love the album – I can’t picture too many spectacular contents forthcoming.

    After last year’s very popular Lifeforms 2LP reissue, I know Universal are keen to do more with The Future Sound of London, hopefully we’ll see something come from that. And on a similar note, I really, really hope Universal re-press the Orb 2CD sets from a few years ago, as they still go for daft prices. And on another similar note, I imagine Biosphere will be continuing his absolutely flawless reissue series – I’m hoping we get both Autour De La Lune and (particularly) Dropsonde this year.

    Pipe dreams… more James and Idlewild reissues; Kraftwerk first three albums box; Lightning Seeds sets with b-sides discs; Wire, 1986-1991.

    • hamicle says:

      Would love to see some reissues of Wire’s Mute releases!

      • Joseph says:

        I was just listening to Wire’s “80s records” the other day and thinking how much I would LOVE reissues in the same format as they just did their first three… A boy can dream.

  55. Never Enough says:

    Forgot Sinead O’Connor – The Lion and the Cobra deluxe

  56. Never Enough says:

    Deluxe versions of:
    Simple Minds – Street Fighting Years
    INXS – X, Welcome to Wherever You Are
    Men Without Hats – Pop Goes the World, The Adventures of Women & Men…
    Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA
    General Public – All the Rage, Hand to Mouth
    Tears for Fears – Sowing the Seeds of Love
    Shakespear’s Sister – Sacred Heart, Hormonally Yours
    Madonna – Like a Prayer
    Prince – 1999
    Cats Can Fly – Cats Can Fly
    Images in Vogue – In the House, The Spell

  57. Mark Porter says:

    Some OMD is due this year as it’s their 40th anniversary.

    I’m expecting a new best of with a couple of new songs.
    We’ve already had a double live album with the Liverpool Philharmonic which was magnificent as well as the book.

    Last year we had reissues of the first 4 albums on vinyl so I’m hoping for the next four this year too!

  58. Steven says:

    2019 wishes:
    With a new Madonna album in March/April, would be great to also have a “Like A Prayer” anniversary remaster with bonus tracks/remixes/demos.
    I hear rumours that Prince “1999” & “Parade” remastered/extended/rare tracks are either in the works or actually completed.
    And with Morrissey’s covers album, “California Son” out in March (and a new studio album that starts recording in February), I would also like to see a nice remastered box type of release for either “Strangeways, Here We Come” or “Meat Is Murder”

    Some R.E.M. “Monster” remaster action would be VERY welcomed, especially a nice vinyl release…and maybe George Michael “Older” remastered/box set :)

  59. Benny Andreasson says:

    Here Is My Wish List 1979-1983t:

    Susan : Falling In Love 1979 (Rock Candy)
    Nick Gilder : Frequency 1979 (Rock Candy)
    Blind Date : Blind Date 1979 (Rock Candy)
    American Noise : American Noise 1980 (Rock Candy)
    Axe : Axe 1979 (Rock Candy)
    Axe : Living On The Edge 1980 (Rock Candy)
    Laurie And The Sighs : Laurie And The Sighs 1980 (Rock Candy)
    Hilly Michaels : Calling All Girls 1980 (Rock Candy)
    Sue Saad And The Next : Sue Saad And The Next 1980 (Rock Candy)
    Spy : Spy 1980 (Rock Candy)
    Gary O’Connor : Gary O 1981 (Rock Candy)
    Prism : Small Change 1981 (Rock Candy)
    Small Talk : Small Talk 1981 (Rock Candy)
    The States : Picture Me With You 1981 (Rock Candy)
    Taxxi : Day For Night 1981 (Rock Candy)
    Bentwood Rocker : Take Me To Heaven 1982 (Rock Candy)
    Clocks : Clocks 1982 (Rock Candy)
    Conductor : Conductor 1982 (Rock Candy)
    Arcangel : Arcangel 1983 (Rock Candy)
    The Automatix : Night Rider 1983 (Rock Candy)
    The Breaks : The Breaks 1983 (Rock Candy)
    Alex Call : Alex Call 1983 (Rock Candy)
    HYTS : HYTS 1983 (Rock Candy)
    Donnie Iris : Fortune 410 1983 (Rock Candy)
    Ellen Shipley : Call Of The Wild 1983
    Brock Walsh : Dateline: Tokyo 1983 (Rock Candy)
    Wildlife : Wildlife 1983 (Rock Candy)

  60. Pablo says:

    Hi! Top of my list would be a cd box set edition of The Band Capitol Years vinyl set from 4-5 years ago. I doubt I will see it though. Happy 2019 to all

  61. Paul Taylor says:

    I think The Stranglers could do with a decent reissue programme/box set.
    We got The Raven a couple of years ago and apparently there’s a coloured reissue of the underwhelming Gospel coming this year. I’d even welcome Demon doing a coloured box of UA albums!

  62. DaveM says:

    Looking forward to Joe Jackson’s new album next week. Also the Mercury Rev in February (thanks @RJS, I didn’t know about that one).
    Reissue wise I really hope there is a Wings 77 – 79 box with an exclusive live album like 71 – 73, which was last years SDE of the year for me. Stunning!
    I have given up hope of any Elton or Van reissues. Hugely dissapointing as well that the proposed Japanese Elton mini-LPs were cancelled last year.
    Would also love to see an SDE of The Flaming Lips Soft Bulletin.

  63. James Pigg says:

    The dreadful state of the Wham! back catalogue angers me more than your gripes with Duran Duran, Paul.
    It’s 2019 and there are still a whole host of remixes, promo mixes, and rarities that have never had a digital release.
    Why can’t the record company look at what a brilliant job you did with Paul Young and commission you to do a similar Wham! box, ensuring everything goes on.it?
    If record executives are reading this – come on pull your finger out and make this your priority for 2019. But most importantly, make sure it is done properly!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks James. The same label controls both catalogues, too! Although I don’t blame Sony at all, they are great to work with, but to give you an idea of what George Michael’s team are like (this was before he died) I compiled CD 3 of the Listen Without Prejudice reissue and they refused point blank to give me a credit. Not so much as a ‘thanks’ in the booklet. Like it costs them anything to do that.

      • Kevin Galliford says:

        Paul, if the team behind Bowie’s back catalogue can manage a fully comprehensive boxset of his albums to be released regularly, it beggers belief that the George Michael estate take eons to release / repackage one album. What are they doing that takes so long? Unless it’s a deliberate plan to prolong everything to add to the “legacy”.

        I for one look forward to a “Older” reissue on par with the “Listen…” one. “Older” is a brilliant album.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I think George’s default position was basically that he never wanted to do any reissues. Sony would take years to warm he up to doing something, like Faith in 2011. It then took another six years to see the LWP reissue and there were so many delays – not to do with Sony – that George didn’t even live to see it. Just like Faith, there was also nothing unreleased on it at all. Even Kate Bush gave us an unreleased track on her recent reissues!!

          George was a supreme talent but I fear his ‘team’, which seems to be his family (sisters in particular) and David Austin, aren’t going to approach the catalogue in a way that satisfies collectors and enthusiasts but rather will come up with random/ad hoc projects aimed at a fairly mainstream market designed to build and enhance George’s legacy. For example I could examine something like a new Wham! greatest hits with a bonus disc of artists George loved covering Wham songs (Adele, etc.) which ties in with some TV special. Not some kind of anthology with loads of cool new-to-CD rarities. I really hope I’m wrong.

  64. Andreas says:

    Deluxe/vinyl releases by A-Camp, George Michael, INXS, Lloyd vinyl (don’t get weird over 2 LPs), Terence Trent, Madonna, Paul Weller (vinyl release of 22 Dreams etc), Lewis Taylor vinyl.

    New release by Foals, Friendly Fires, Jame Blake, Jenny Lewis (Beck/Ryan Adams producing), Lewis Taylor comeback (I wish!), Lloyd Cole, Peter Gabriel (keep dreamin’ eh? isn’t he teaches monkeys how to talk?), Ed Harcourt.

  65. Charlie Waffles says:

    Here is my wish list:

    1: Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA box set
    2: Tears for Fears – The Seeds of Love box set
    3: The Beatles – Abbey Road
    4: INXS – cd deluxe sets. The Swing turns 35 this year! Great album!
    5: Duran Duran – Get your @$**! together and give us more physical product.
    6: The Police – cd box set of last year’s vinyl
    7: Sting – buy a new bass guitar. The same one you have been using is looking nasty.
    8: Queen – Jazz box set or Live Killers box set. Jazz is their best album hands down.
    9: Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense turns 35! We need the original nine track remastered. There is a HUGE difference between the original album mix and the dreadful 1999 Special Edition with sixteen tracks. My original cassette purchase in 1984 came with a book that some wanker threw away (it was not me). I would pay big bucks for a Stop Making Sense box set.

    10. The B-52’s – long ignored. Warner needs to address their catalog and Talking Heads.

    Speaking of Talking Heads, I listened to the sound bites of last year’s True Stories release. Awful.

    11. Tom Petty – Wildflowers box set. 25 years old and still terrific!


  66. Morris Deutsch says:

    My wish list for 2019:

    First three Danzig albums
    Ozzy’s Bark at the Moon through Down to Earth
    Complete Type O Negative catalog
    Complete Badlands catalog
    Megadeth’s Rust in Peace box set like they did for Peace Sells a few years ago

  67. Charles says:

    More Grace Jones reissues, Tin Machine should be in the next Bowie box, and Pet Shop Boys should do a Disco remaster/box set.

    I know everyone digs the American Recordings stuff, but I don’t understand why Mercury hasn’t done an exhaustive box set of Cash’s records. Some of those records are really good. We’ve got Sun and Columbia covered.

  68. Johan E says:

    A Texas – Southside 30th anniversary deluxe would be most welcome. As would a Simple Minds Street fighting years box to sit beside the others.

  69. Tony says:

    Dire Straits – Alchemy
    The Strawbs- Grave New World
    Sarah Brightman – Symphony
    All reissued on vinyl.
    But most of all The Beatles Let it Be including the film on BLU Ray!

    • MFG says:

      The Dire Straits album reissues in 2000 were good, but basic. Would like to know if there are enough non-album tracks to justify new reissues (2 CD or longer) for each studio album. The SACD reissue of Brothers In Arms had no bonus material, and the dynamic compression was a bit too hard on the ears.

      Most importantly, would love to hear the entire Alchemy concert without any edits. Was this recorded over multiple nights, or only one night? Also, the video could use a new edit & remaster. The DVD looks like a straight transfer from the original VHS tape, complete with stray hair in the camera lens near the end of the show.

      So yes, DS could definitely use a reissue campaign. Guessing that Mark Knopfler doesn’t like to look back much, so not counting on it. But would be nice, if done correctly. CDs and vinyl, of course, plus the full Alchemy show on Blu-Ray.

      • Julian H says:

        @MFG There definitely is worthwhile bonus material for some of the Dire Straits albums! For a start, there are the two EPs which never made it to the reissues. Then there are some non-album b-sides, and demos from the 1st album period. Most interesting for me would be live shows from each tour, given that many great songs such as “In the Gallery”, “Industrial Disease” (which you can hear being cut out on “Alchemy”!), “One World” or “Planet of New Orleans” never got official live versions.

        So yeah Mark, we do like what you did in those years. Your new album is great, but please do remember that there is a legacy out there waiting to be cherished.

  70. Fred says:

    Terence Trent D’Arby i die for…

  71. Uncle Meat says:

    Oh, I forgot PINK FLOYD. What I want is Atom Heart Mother SDE. The album (1970) is a masterpiece and their absolutely greatest achievement although the band members seem to slam it every time they go public.

    • Paul Trotman says:

      I completely agree – I Love AHM, the first truly great PF album to my ears, better even than Meddle, it seems to me to be the first album when phase2 properly clicked. If is wonderful (the first great RW dark internal song), Fat Old Sun is glorious, and of course AHM itself. Realistically though, I think no chance.

    • Michael says:

      But really, isn’t that really what the Devia/tion box from the early years set is? The deluxe material for Atom Heart Mother?

  72. andyscott@blueyonder.co.uk says:

    Let’s cut to the fruitcake – the world really could do with a reissue of Van Morrison’s album ‘Saint Dominic’s Preview.’ One of Van’s best, way out of print, and if you can find a cd issue of the album now then you’ll find it to have a horrid boom-boom sound.
    I know there’s been several Van Morrison reissues in recent years, mostly connected to the ‘classic’ Warner Brothers period, but after that particular era i simply can’t see any further Van reissues from ‘Into The Music’ onwards, ever happening.

  73. Uncle Meat says:

    A couple of months back I wrote that “so far the LED ZEPPELIN 50th anniversary campaign has been a disaster”. It sure was. Jimmy Page always spoke with great pride that the mighty Zep were at their best on stage. How about a couple of huge live bootleg box sets this year, then? Undoctored. From the early years, thank you very much.
    FRANK ZAPPA and THE BEATLES. Keep them coming.
    Somebody mentioned MOBY GRAPE and THE B-52´S. Agreed.
    And a new set from Bristol´s THE HEADS. Whoa!

  74. V says:

    Would absolutely love new material from OMD and any old unreleased they may have. I really love listening to Navigation and added some other b-sides from that era to my playlist. They have a lot of excellent songs that could have made that a double CD. Props to these guys and Simple Minds for still putting out good music.

    On the other hand, TFF is really a joke. Get it together guys or finally retire the name. The long gaps between material tarnished their legacy.

    Would also be interested in any a-Ha or INXS unreleased material on their own (like Crowded House’s Afterglow) but doubt they would ever really do that.

  75. Kevin Wollenweber says:

    Wow, where do I begin? I’m delighted with news that the Who are actually going to reconfigure with their remaining two members present, but please, let’s do more reissues similar to the fantastic MY GENERATION package and MAXIMUM A’s and B’s–perhaps A QUICK ONE or, even better, THE WHO SELL OUT, with the original mix in mono and stereo *AND* the great reimagining by John Astley since it so deftly “finished” the grand finale of the album where there was damage in the original recording during the original sessions! TOMMY will be 50 years old this year, and I know that fans would love to see that acknowledged, but SELL OUT gave us an idea of what that rock opera would sound like with all the musical chances it took…and, hey, I just have to ask Warner Brothers/Rhino what the hell ever became of the Stephen Stills reissue campaign. I was psyched after hearing the CARRY ON box set, but all we got was a sadly skimpy disk of half-realized jam sessions…and, although it was given a reissue years ago which did not get much publicity, I’d love it if the current holders of the original masters would reissue the one and only Crabby Appleton album. I’d heard it on You Tube and rather like it a lot!…and I have to echo the Tears for Fears desires; why not at least give us a completist box set of all their albums as two disk sets, similar to the Queen reissues a few years back. I don’t need bombastic reissues on each album, just good sound on all their albums…and wouldn’t a major Iggy Pop box be in order! I like the Bowie-era Iggy albums, and they have never been given a major upgrade all at once, although RAW POWER got such a treatment, amping up the mix a little. I just want to hear the original mixes sounding as good as they can sound, and if there are worthy bonuses for each album, so be it. I know there was a box set years and years ago, but that was so limited and seemed to dissolve too quickly…I’d like to see a box of some kind on Ringo Starr. The other three have all seen deluxe treatments that satisfy, but where are Ringo’s Apple label recordings?…I’d also like to own expansions of Al Kooper’s solo albums, with some interesting session material, and Kooper himself has suggested that there are some interesting vault items but no one has given him the chance to make this happen. There are skimpy boxes of his first five Columbia albums, but Mr. Kooper has said that he is dissatisfied with the mixes. I’m not usually satisfied with an artist going back in and tampering too much with original mixes, but at least give him the chance…How about a box set comprised of solo albums by Yes members, past and present? There are some already available, either too deluxe or not deluxe at all, but at this point, I’d just like to see a comprehensive set, similar to the APPEL BOX set of recordings from the Beatles’ label, around solo albums from various Yes members, especially the missing Alan White solo and Rick Wakeman’s SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII. I realize this could be a bit large, but look at the box set that was released around one Yes tour!…Since Elton John has decided to retire from touring, how about a completist box set around his entire back catalog. I realize that there have been double disk digipack expansions of some of his earliest albums, but it stopped at one point and I don’t know why, unless the artist himself may have disliked an album or two…and I expected something big to come from a possible reissue campaign from Leon Russel, including live albums and so many releases since I’d lost touch with his music. I am definitely on board with the first group of albums, on up through WILL O’ THE WISP…Oh, and about Stevie Wonder, a reissue of all of his albums really *SHOULD* be done, especially if there really are major bonuses to come out of those classic sessions! I keep hoping that a new edition of TALKING BOOK will be issued, complete with braille on the cover like the original official vinyl; when I lost my sight in 1976 and had to learn braille, I immediately went to a record store to seek out that record so I could read what he wrote on the cover. Now, that added attraction no longer exists! Such a tragedy…and, as far as Beatles releases go, while I realize that ABBEY ROAD is due for the SDE treatment, I’d so much rather hear such a treatment for REVOLVER since there is that alternate mix of “I’m only Sleeping” in stereo that exists and was originally reissued here in the States on YESTERDAY AND TODAY, whichever version and cover you bought. We got that proper mix in mono on the MONO RECORDINGS box, but its stereo counterpart is still missing and I’m sure that your readers could point out to me other missed opportunities found either as bootlegs or actual releases in other parts of the world…and a version of “It’s All Too Much” exists with an extra lyric, so perhaps an expanded PAST MASTERS really *IS* in order…I can’t believe the news that masters to the XTC album, ENGLISH SETTLEMENT have been lost or damaged beyond repair! I hope that is not true and that further searches bring up those masters! I’d hate to see that album ignored since there were some good cuts from RAG AND BONE BUFFET that apparently came from those sessions. At least give us an expanded RAG AND BONE BUFFET if ENGLISH SETTLEMENT is not an option. Having said that, I’d love to see a Steve Wilson remix/remaster on MUMMER or even BIG EXPRESS which was also another of those transitional albums that doesn’t get heard all that often. Even the box known as COAT OF MANY CUBBARDS had some terrific little bits and pieces, and let’s not ignore the earliest albums that Wilson could only improve upon, like WHITE MUSIC and GO TO. Sorry to have gone on for so long, but those are my Holy Grails of the moment. Please pass those along, Paul, if you can.

  76. Neil Partridge says:

    I hoping but not holding my breath for the following reissues in 2019 –

    The Adventures – Trading Secrets With The Moon – come on Cherry Red you know you want to !
    Heart – Capitol era Albums remastered with bonuses
    Slade – Live Anthology (to include the full 1980 Reading Festival set)
    The Outfield – Rock Candy remasters of the CBS and MCA albums
    Gun – Gallus remastered with bonuses
    Steve Winwood – Back In The High Life Box

    • Johan E says:

      Totally agree on The Adventures and Gun. Brilliant albums worthy of remastered reissues.

    • PAUL MINKKINEN says:

      Totally agree with Neil about STEVE WINWOOD’S ‘s Back In the High Life. There were some great 12″remixes from that period, a Westwood One live USA broadcast, and bootlegs of the actual demo’s exist including the unreleased “This Guns For Real”, co.written with The excellent Viv Stanshall. I reckon that’s a decent box set, with maybe a blu-ray 5.1 disc with added promo video’s.

      Having been editor of “Coloured Rain” (Winwood / Traffic fanzine for many years I’d also say a TRAFFIC box set is well overdue, and in that domain there’s some incredible live material available.

      Off on another tangent whatever happened to the re-issue of the BLUE NILE’S : HIGH, flagged up on their web-site 2 years ago as having been re-mastered , but as yet no show.

  77. mattNYC says:

    Wham! everything box.

  78. Gareth Pugh says:

    Looking forward to Howard Jones’ new ‘Transform’ album – wouldn’t be surprised if some box set or deluxe format came out for that and he’s said there definitely will be vinyl this time. I’m also crossing my fingers for Cherry Red to tackle at least the next couple of Warners-era albums as super deluxe sets. One to One, whilst not bad, isn’t my favourite his major-deal years but Cross That Line most certainly is (and his management team have said that one is getting the treatment). I think there’s a fair chance all 5 studio albums will get expanded if enough demo and unreleased stuff exists.

    One wild-card wish lister for me – just as a bit of fun, but related to Gen X – would be to see some nice, maybe 2-disc casebound expansions of Westworld’s 3 albums, including B-sides and their often short but always really good fun 12″ takes. Something maybe Cherry Red, SFE or Demon could go for?

  79. Adam Goldfinch says:

    I’d love more Prince reissues,
    Queen Latifah,
    Like a Prayer,
    Janet Jackson,
    Throwing Muses,
    SST artists (Husker Du etc),
    Jungle Brothers,
    Moss Side Story remaster,
    Pastels, Mekons, Overkill, Testament, Louder than Love,
    American Music Club – California!!
    Ry Cooder remasters

    • Joseph says:

      Muses reissues would be so welcome but I can’t really see it happening. :/ 4AD would rather reissue Surfer Rosa for the fiftieth time.

  80. Joe T. says:

    Whatever became of the Scritti Politti deluxe reissues from Rough Trade? Cupid & Psyche 85 would benefit from a remaster at the very least, and seems long overdue. Also, I remember reading in 2016 that deluxe editions of the two albums from Living In A Box were being done…but they seem to have fallen off the map, too.

    • Neil says:

      I read somewhere related to that Living In A Box that Go west were supposed to be getting the same treatment. It’s annoying that those Scritti Politti reissues haven’t appeared as you say Cupid and Provision are in desperate need of remastering.

    • Ross says:

      Joe T – I was looking at a 3CD deluxe reissue of Living In A Box’s debut album in HMV just yesterday.

  81. Alastair says:

    I’d go along with many of these suggestions, and add:

    Simple Minds Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call SDE please
    Definitely Grace Jones Slave to the Rhythm SDE
    Bowie box BTWN/Buddha/Outside/Earthling + live material
    separate Tin Machine set
    Elton STILL waiting for 17.11.70+ CD
    ANY Sting deluxes or SDEs
    How about a lovely series of Joni Mitchell casebound CDs, really well remastered, with more of her artwork contemporary to each album
    Remastered versions of Bob Seger’s Reprise albums
    McCartney SDEs of Press To Play with Return to Pepperland unreleased album, Off the Ground with The Complete Works tracks, and/or Flaming Pie
    etc etc
    Thanks for setting up this always entertaining annual thread, Paul

  82. andrew r says:

    Isn’t about time the Bee Gees were honoured with some kind of major collection
    when you think about the length of the career plus sheer amount of songs written
    there must be scope for multiple box sets ala Bowie covering 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s .
    Anybody at Polydor listening?

    • Mark Fernandes says:

      very true about the Bee Gees, andrew r.
      Their marketing is pretty poor, given their hefty catalog.
      There should be box sets that continue what they started in 2006 with their fantastic Studio Albums set 1967-1968 and Odessa.

  83. mike says:

    As its 30 years on from 1989,

    Soul II Soul Club Classics vol 1 expanded
    A much better Queen The Miracle set
    Batman and Like A Prayer, haha never…

    But personally,

    Any Living In A Box or new Climie Fisher sets
    Any Terribly Trendy D’Arby, long long overdue and really could crystallize his genius recognition
    Any INXS

    And would love Duran’s Liberty, despite earlier comment, to show what a great album it could have been despite its obvious flaws.

  84. Ian Harris says:

    Some of these have been mentioned already but I’ll add my votes too!

    The Human League – Reproduction SDE

    For the 40th anniversary, the League finally creaked the door open on their archive with the (ludicrously overpriced) Anthology a few years back. I’d love to hear more demos from this album. I think a 5.1 Martyn Ware remix was mooted at one point. No doubt whoever owns Dare will eek out a pathetic 40th anniversary set in 2021, but it would be nice if all the HL albums could be overhauled in proper deluxe versions. Octopus could also do with an overhaul sound wise.

    Eurythmics Catalogue – yes with DVDs / blu-rays and the tracks missed off the previous remasters as a bare minimum. Anything unreleased would be great too.

    Fun Boy Three – Waiting. Long out of print, sounds awfully thin on the EMI Gold CD. Enough material for a full disc with b-sides and 12″ mixes. Cherry Red issued the first album but didn’t do this one oddly.

    Kissing The Pink – Certain Things Are Likely. This may be a safe bet; Cherry Red have issued the first two albums. Plenty of bonus tracks / remixes around from this era for a double disc but a single would do.

    The B-52’s Catalogue. Came out in Japan a couple of years ago, but no bonus tracks. Deluxe upgrades of all their albums would be welcome. I’d also like some decent live material from 1978-1985 on CD, especially the 1982 or 1983 tours. It is the 40th anniversary of their first album too.

    The Smiths CD Singles Volume 2…still waiting!

    Heaven 17 – How Men Are deluxe

    Dana Gillespie – Weren’t Born A Man / Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle – STILL never on CD for her glam era albums.

    More OMD remasters for Crush onwards.

  85. Mark says:

    Thirty years since Kaleidoscope World by Swing Out Sister. A deluxe for the summer would be gorgeous with all the string/instrumentals and a few b-sides like Taxi Town added.

  86. Colin Harper says:

    A John Renbourn 6CD 1965-68 set is in the works (incorporating the two rare albums with Dorris Henderson), pending permissions.

    Expect a complete-as-possible Bonzo Dog Band at the BBC set too.

  87. Mark H says:

    We are suppose to be getting some Kim Wilde unreleased stuff confirmed by RAK also we have the big Blondie box set this year. Can’t wait

  88. Colin Harper says:

    There will be a Wishbone Ash 1994-2019 set (multiple discs) at the end of the year, marking their 50th anniversary.

    Also, next month RPM/Turtle records release a superb 2CD set of entirely unreleased studio material by the Fat John Sextet, recorded in Pye Studios, London in 1963 – featuring future British jazz greats such as Peter Lemer, Danny Thompson and Tony Roberts. It comes with a fabulous booklet essay by Tubby Hayes biographer Simon Spillett, unpublished photos and period press cuttings, and the only three tracks released by the band at the time (from a 1963 Decca live compilation) as bonus tracks.

  89. Thilo says:

    German punk rock band “Die Ärzte” released a box set with all of the records entitled “Seitenhirsch” (33Cds). In radio interview I heard a speaker saying that there would be a a 3Cd set with demos, outtakes, so that everyone already having all the albums could get the previously “box set only” material without buying stuff they had alrady paid for.

  90. Babs Chippy says:

    Cher 80’s/90’s album remastered and mixes!
    Janet Jackson back catalogue remastered and mixes!
    Kim Wilde post Close album remasters!
    Whitney Houston album remasters!

  91. Isaías says:

    I just love to see Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick and Benefit updated release (the same treatment This Was received) and the reissue campain up to at least Rock Island album

    • Kevin Wollenweber says:

      Actually, THICK AS A BRICK has already been given the super deluxe treatment; BENEFIT is the only one of those truly classic albums that hasn’t been given anything more than a 3-disk edition in a typical digipack.

  92. Galley says:

    All I need are the two remaining Monkees Super Deluxe Editions for Headquarters and Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.

  93. Mark Levy says:

    How about a 50th anniversary release of Abbey Road?

  94. colm47 says:

    The Distractions box set from Hidden Masters label is long promised.
    Hopefully they will finally release it this year.

    The Go Betweens second box set ( as others have mentioned) would be great too.

    • granata says:

      The Distractions project is on-hold for the moment, but it *will* happen eventually.

      “age+geography charts the on-off, three-decade, stop-start career of Manchester’s The Distractions. Rare photos, exclusive candid interviews – as well as never-before-heard music (live and studio recordings) – together with the band’s only Island LP, Nobody’s Perfect, issued on CD for the first time. age+geography is due soon.”

  95. Michel Banen says:

    Grace Jones – Slave to the rhythm SCREAMS for a deluxe edition…. and most of all a 5.1 surround mix…..

  96. xymox970 says:

    Well……Fiat Lux have been on hold for the last 35 years with a proper album release, so I really hope that happens while some of us are still around…..:)

    …..and a damn shame that that pledgemusic Space Monkey superdeluxe did not happen due to last of interest……maybe have another go ?


    i’d go for:
    NEU – ‘complete’ box set
    MANDINGO – ‘complete’ box set
    STEVEN TIN TIN DUFFY – second album (I wish I still had the Japan only cd)
    DOCTOR CALCULUS – ‘complete’ box set
    MARC AND MAMBAS – ‘complete’ box set (there were LOTS of out-takes/rehearsal cassettes in the Coil archive) hopefully with no “we’ve shortened these tracks, but you don’t mind do you” abberations of the SC box
    the new WAH! album – ‘Pete Sounds’ (finally)
    an INEVITABLE records box (to mop up all the early DOA singles)
    CANDY original 1968 soundtrack in mono & stereo
    BEE GEES – remasters (from where they left off ie, Trafalgar, 2 Years On, Life in a Tin Can etc)
    LEE PERRY – Cloak and Dagger – both version on 1 disc(?)

    • Caroline says:

      Marc and the Mambas cassettes in the Coil archive? Good luck getting them out, given that we can’t actually get Coil music reissued legitimately :(

    • Michael says:

      Well, I suppose it has been a while since the Neu! vinyl only box went out of print. There is a new Michael Rother box set coming out on cd and vinyl this February! Forgot to mention that before. I will be going for the cd set, which has one new album of soundtrack material. There is a bonus record on vinyl. But the rest is just his first four post-Neu! solo albums.

      I would love to see his later works anthologized, more… but hopefully down the line.

    • xymox970 says:

      Now…….there is an idea I would like to second…..

      Inevitable Records has some amazing releases indeed, though DOA arent the first that come to my mind, but rather the excellent Brian Atherton projects Box Of Toys and especially the amazing The Light with one of best singles of the 80s – Contrasting Strangers.

  98. Matthew says:

    Given the BBC have a huge and diverse archive I’d like to see a series of cd/dvd/blu ray combos
    “The Complete (insert artist) at the BBC”

    • stevieb says:

      They’ve just issued Gerry and the Pacemakers Live at the BBC…although sadly, the 1963 and 1964 sessions have mostly not survived

  99. Hans lindskog says:

    Much of my wishlist has ben covered, yet this is what I d really would like to see released:
    Roy Harper complete box set (looking like the recent wishbone ash/ sateve Hillage sets). Roy Harper has Done so much Classic recordings from the 60´s to the 2000´s.
    Roger mcquinn – a complete kompilation of all 70´recordings leasing up to mcguinn- clark- hillman.
    Gene clark- complete solorecording- This would be an absolute must.
    Talk talk – a complete set of all recordings remastered.
    Television – marquee moln and adventure and several live recordings from, 1975-1978
    Moby Grape – complete set of all recordi ngs from the 60´s at least
    Ronnie lane – yes please and sets by Julian cope and teardrop explodes. Best regards, hans from sweden.

  100. SimonF says:

    Woodstock Festival 50 years young this year so maybe we might get the massive 30 CD set that was talked about in the booklet with 40th anniversary 6 disc set…?

    Also one of the very few albums to really deserve the epithet “work of genius”, hits the big 5-0 this year. That record being Captain Beefheart’s mighty Trout Mask Replica. Do hope that something will happen for that.
    A set of live Zeppelin would also be very very welcome. Are you reading this Jimmy?!

    • Mark says:

      Did you see that Jack White issued TMR last year in his Vault series. It looked like it was a real labour of love, but not the full SDE treatment.

  101. Tcf says:

    And finally a New Album by No-Man is on it‘s way. That will have a Limited Special Edition for sure!

    • Phil Morris says:

      Previous albums have not had any particular “super deluxe” treatment, although reissues have had second discs of demos etc, and there was an (initially) exclusive 7″ with the original Schoolyard Ghosts vinyl. I expect there will be a CD/DVD (5.1) and vinyl release. And probably a Burning Shed exclusive coloured vinyl. I’m surprised there’s no 5.1 (or at least extra tracks) with the new Bowness album.

  102. Bjarne says:

    And what about some Beatles Capitol albums on vinyl?

    • stevieb says:

      Yrs, and with the original Capitol mixes as well…oh, and a standalone of the 1964 Capitol Beatles Story spoken word album, (vinyl and CD). Never gonna happen though is it!

  103. Fredpostman says:

    I know her name is rarly mentioned him but when will a rarites collection come from Donna Summer?Since her passing all that there has been is that godawful remix album [where one track doesn’t even have her vocals!],and a few box sets featuring her 80s material [why Demon couldn’t license ‘She Works Hard For The Money’ though…!]…and a few expanded versions of her albums.Plenty of unreleased material does exist.
    And if Universal is reading this [Paul i know record companies do]i would love a complete 1970s single collection with all the original [and correct] versions [to my knowledge the UK single version of ‘Could It Be Magic’ has never appeared on cd]
    And finally as the years roll on ‘I Feel Love’ sounds more breathtaking and futuristic..

    • Scott T. says:

      Yeah… Donna’s Casablanca catalog has been shamefully neglected. Love to see expanded editions of those recordings while Georgia is still available for input.

  104. Michael E. says:

    Red Flag “Naive art” Expanded Edition is coming in January

  105. Marxisn't says:

    I have tickets for Tears For Fears…. Nobody knows what’s going on, although I expect ‘management’ are earning their coin! I know that Roland had an auction sale of equipment from 1996’s tour to the tune of £40000 in November. Is the tour going to be cancelled again? Is Curt out? Is someone else playing bass and singing, are rehearsals going ahead? Has Roland’s madness have him been sectioned… Make your own story…. I believe anything right now.

    The new album ‘The Tipping Point’? and The Seeds of Love box set has all but been postponed… They are starting to turn into the new Fleetwood Mac = perhaps they should consider themselves for a reality (or lack thereof) reality show

  106. Mark says:

    R.E.M. are definitely putting out a Monster SDE and I would expect vinyl as well (since the origins vinyl is now quite sought after). Expect studio work in progress, and live material possibly an Atmos mix of the album. I really enjoyed the Atmos version of AFTP and its my go to version now if I’m listening in my man-cave. There’s a chance of video material in the box given this was them at their peak rock-godliness I think they are looking for exciting new stuff rather than rehashing Roadmovie, though it would be nice to get a nice clean version of Rough Cut in this set. As usual I think it will be out in Nov. Monster is an album that has always divided opinion, so it will be interesting to see how much love they put into it. It is a fine record and I think it really stands up well after 25 years, so here’s hoping that they do a good job.

    • The Golden Age Of .... says:

      I`ve been a fan of REM since 1981 (Radio Free Europe) and believe their golden period was Murmer through to Document. I enjoyed Green through Automatic.
      I really didn`t like Monster, not played it in over 20 years. Thought Hi-fi was OK…but. I really enjoyed Up through to Collapse Into Now, the critics wrote their usual bollocks about those albums. They were wrong, yes the fans weren`t over impressed but most of those were of the Johnny Come Lately type.

      However Mark has convinced me to re-assess Monster, I`m not hopefull but will listen with open ears.

      • Mark says:

        Good luck, I think maybe Monster will still polarise opinion – which is a good thing really. It is totally different to usual REMness which I think makes it a great and refreshing one to come back to, when I’m worn out listening to Reckoning.

        I think could still live without Around The Sun, it’s almost impossible ask for any artist to have flawless output over such a long career. Still, the ATS tour was brilliant and I got see them loads of times (which more than made up for not being able to see them at Wembley Arena on the Monster tour) and made my contribution to the world of REM live bootlegs with help from some enterprising and trusting American fans who loaned me a DAT recorder and mics.

        Side note: Are you a MOTH fan perchance??

  107. Andy Haines says:

    I’m looking forward to the vinyl release of Aphrodite’s Child 666 on red vinyl and Siouxsie and the Banshees Peepshow re issue.
    I’d love a proper Talk Talk ultimate reissue on 200g or half speed remaster with 5.1 surround mixes as well. A good reissue of Talking Heads back catalogue. Roger Waters 5.1 and vinyl reissues I’d like. A proper deluxe reissue programme of Tangerine Dream as well.

  108. The Golden Age Of Presidential Impeachments says:

    The BIG anniversary this year is the 50th of Woodstock. Rumoured complete (as can be) multi-disc set of the full audio and an expanded film. The anniversary is also being celebrated with a 3 day event at Watkins Glenn I believe, the original site now housing a 15,000 seat (not big enough) outdoor amphitheater.

    The anniversary sets from ’69 I’m looking forward to, just one really and that predictably is ‘Abbey Road’. I don’t think Nick Drake’s first LP will be re-issued. What could they add to it that hasn’t already been released.

    Good ole Shakey is giving us ‘Ragged Glory II’, as someone has already said ‘Oceanside/Countryside’ would be good. That however will be included in ‘Archives II’ which is a certainty for this year…………isn’t it???

    Be nice to see ‘Seeds Of Love’ getting released at last. If R.E.M. release a S.E. of ‘Monster’, it’ll be the first R.E.M. S.E. that I give a miss.

    Zimmie’s ‘Rolling Thunder’ documentary is going to be released. Hopefully with a ’75 tour box ‘brick’ similar to the ’66 tour box. Bootleg 15 will be good whatever it is.

  109. Glenn says:

    2019 reissue/SDE wish list:

    Age of Change Crush Collision
    The Alarm cont.
    Tori Amos cont.
    Anything Box Peace
    Beautiful South
    Big Audio Dynamite cont. (without editing the 12″ mixes)
    Book of Love (more complete sets than prior reissues…)
    Camouflage Methods of Silence
    The Cure Wish
    Dance Craze (2 Tone) on DVD…
    Electronic debut redone without tracks related to other albums…
    Erasure cont. after the Wild! release on Mar 29
    Fine Young Cannibals Raw and The Cooked major label SDE with all mixes/DVD etc
    General Public
    Housemartins People Who Grinned…
    Billy Idol
    Information Society’s first album
    Grace Jones cont.
    Howard Jones cont.
    ‘The Madness’ album to round out the prior reissue set…
    Ziggy Marley Conscious Party and One Bright Day
    Men Without Hats early albums
    Metallica Black Album
    George Michael Older
    Peter Murphy cont. of 2CD sets
    New Order cont. (with all 12″ tracks in CD sets)
    Sinead O’Connor Lion and the Cobra
    Oingo Boingo (saw an interview where Danny Elfman said no need to remaster them…)
    OMD cont.
    Pet Shop Boys full SDEs (all mixes etc.)
    The Police
    Psychedelic Furs (there was news of something planned a year ago…)
    REM cont. (Monster planned for Oct. as per their manager)
    The Selecter
    The Smiths cont.
    TFF Seeds of Love box
    UB40 cont. (I know other releases were being worked on…)
    U2 cont. (Rattle and Hum, Zooropa and Pop yet Pop would likely be next)
    Suzanne Vega
    XTC cont.
    Xymox Phoenix

  110. Roel Glas says:

    Still waiting (and waiting) and hoping for:
    Deep Purple’s Made In Europe Super Deluxe [legal issues]
    Free’s mega 19CD box [Paul Rodgers issues]
    and wishing for:
    Elton’s Don’t Shoot Me (I’m only the Piano Player) SACD
    Elton’s continuation of the 2CD deluxe editions for “Madman”, Honky Chateau & Don’t Shoot Me. (might as well update the To Be Continued set as well)
    and long overdue, a Bob Seger career box set.

  111. Michael says:

    If even half of what everyone has confirmed/speculated/wished for here happens it’d make for a pretty decent year. Agree with another Bowie box. I’m one of those strange ones who actually liked the Tin Machine albums, so wouldn’t mind if it were dedicated or rounded out with a Sound & Vision tour compilation. A blu ray of a full show would be a welcome addition to the series.

    I’d really like to see vinyl, deluxe reissues or boxes for Mega City Four, Senseless Things, The Seers or even Cateran, Edsel Auctioneer…

    Cheap Trick Dream Police turns 40. A box with blu ray audio and live shows would be something I’d trade cash to have.

    Jesus and Mary Chain’s Automatic is 30. It gets a lotta flack for the drum machines but it’s my personal favorite LP from them.

    Finally, New Model Army’s masterpiece Thunder & Consolation is also 30. Would like to see them celebrate that somehow.

    In general I really hope that we finally see the shift from DVDs to blu rays in super/deluxe editions and that they take advantage of all the capacity the format has to offer!

  112. Mark says:

    Alt-pop maestros Imperial Teen have a new album in the bag to be unleashed sometime this year also. (Roddy Bottum from Faith No Mores other band.) Hoping it will be as great as their last effort Feel The Sound.

    Here’s to reissues from Van Morrison and B-52’s and like so many others I wish for 2019 to be a Seeds of Love year!

    Also time for a new Patti Smith album!

    • Mark says:

      Would really love to see a 30th Anniversary SDE of Malcolm McLarens ‘Waltz Darling’ album.
      Corey Hart’s first album since 1998 is out early-mid 2019

      • Andreas says:

        Agree on both. Loved Corey’s ‘Attitude & Virtue’ from 92. ‘Love and Money’ feat. Terence trench is a gem.

  113. David Hartley says:

    Given Paul’s mentioned the possible “Animals” 5.1 release, I’m also expecting a Blu-ray/CD set of Waters’ “Us+Them” tour. I read that the Amsterdam gig(s) were filmed, and having caught the show in Oz, it’s definitely one to view/listen to all over again.

  114. Gorecki says:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that Massive Attack might try and put something together for the 20th Anniversary of Mezzanine – last year! It would be very silly to completely miss that one wouldn’t it??? ;)

    Seriously, if this band can’t EVER stick to a release schedule then don’t bother having one! Current release date for Mezzanine 20 is now 19th April – this year? Next year? Some time? Never? Only 6 months behind schedule! They do this with every single release! And it’s extremely frustrating.

    (The only thing I can think of is they’re back to having legal issues with those wretched samples – specifically the Manfred Mann one – which I thought was now permanently excised.)

  115. Michael says:

    I have 5 words for Universal.

  116. imsparky4u says:

    INXS is the band I have most wanted deluxe editions of all of their albums, and I am absolutely stoked about the possibility! Also very much looking forward to the a-ha reissues.

    What I would MOST like to see soon are deluxe versions of Nik Kershaw’s Radio Musicola and The Works!!

  117. Deano says:

    Feeling a bit pessimistic about the year ahead. Screw Brexit – i want to see some more properly done Superdeluxe box sets. We’re all getting old and physical media is a dying breed. This should be the last chance for the record companies to give us everything we want (and to actually pay for it).

    Why should I buy the New Order Movement superdeluxe when it has one last disc than was previously released on CD. This does not complete my CD collection; it just merely complicates it by having to get the new reisusue for the demos (and then retain the original reissue for for the mixes and non-album tracks). I’m not fussed by the inclusion of vinyl (read: don’t want) as this just makes the new set hard to store.

    Erasure have finally announced the 30th reissue of Wild. Excited to get a remastered album, but the second disc leaves a lot to be desired. Some great remixes, mixed in with some “exclusive live tracks”. Why can’t we get a Superdeluxe 4 CD of everything? I suspect also the physical sleeve format will not match the Innocents 25th anniversary card packaging or the reissued Wonderland and Circus’s maxi cases. Can we please get some consistency.

    And last years PSB reissue campaign could easily have been extended to include bonus discs of all the remixes. Surely a lot more people would have bought them, right?

    What’s the alternative in 5 years time for the record companies? CD sales will be obsolete and we will get everything free on Spotify. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    So, please record companies – make the reissue campaigns complete whilst physical media still exists. Sorry for the moan.

    On a side note, is anything planned for The Beloved and the 30th anniversary of Happiness? I see all the old singles, remixes and US imports are now on Spotify. One can wish for a 5cd superdeluxe of the album, blissed out, the remixes and the unreleased Flim Flam LP. Here’s hoping!

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      Deano, regarding Erasure’s CD reissues, March’s Wild! 2-disc set is in a hardback book pack – you can see a pic on the news page of their official website, it was uploaded shortly before Christmas. That’ll put it consistent-ish with 2009’s Innocents 21st anniversary set, but no, it won’t be coming in the ‘fatboxes’ used for Wonderland and The Circus. I share your disappointment a bit about the content – I’d happily have paid more for a more ambitious/expanded (3 or 4 disc) set. In fairness, the asking price is very reasonable.

      A Chorus expanded reissue is also in the works, I would guess for later this year, most likely Autumn. Manhattan Clique has done one or two new mixes for that, and Vince Clarke has done a new remix of Turns the Love to Anger for it. He tweeted about having a meeting about the Chorus package in December.

      • Glenn says:

        Thanks for the heads up re Chorus Gareth. Can’t wait to get a remastered version of that album.

        I think Wild should have included the live DVD they put in the Moscow to Mars box set recently. That seemed and odd way to reissue that concert at the time and now with Wild! coming out seems even less timely. Will be the first in the series of album reissues to not include a DVD.

  118. Mr. Phrack says:

    Not surprised Paul didn’t mention Dream Theater or the Green River re-issues out in a couple of weeks. Or Bryan Adams in early March.
    An d who gives a phrack about Duran Duran and INXS.

  119. N Halls says:

    If any record company is reading,

    1. Enya (please Enya, Kate Bush has remastered her albums)
    2. The Corrs
    3. A-ha
    4. Simple Minds
    5. The Human League
    6. INXS
    7. Stevie Nicks
    8. Mike Oldfield
    9. Roxy Music
    10. Adam Ant
    11. Kylie Minogue
    12. Meat Loaf
    13. Tears For Fears
    14. Roxette

    If any of the above did a SDE, “that would be grand gromit”. Even one of them, just to drown out out what will come later in the year, Spice Girls this, Spice Girls that

    Agree on comments about Duran Duran. I left them behind a few years ago along with Spandau Ballet

  120. Michael says:

    Hi Paul we will get a George Michael reissue this year. The Christmas letter from his family & David Austin confirmed it. I hope it’s something more exciting than a duets album or the cover to cover live album. (I’m not crazy for live recordings but that might just be me). Personally I would love the 3 Wham! albums remastered & expanded. Plus the Foriegn Skies film. Fantastic & Make It Big we’re both number one records & The Final number two. With 7 number one singles on them. That’s where I’d start anyway. And a photography book. A lot of the affection & loyalty people hold toward George Michael & his music started with the Wham! years.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They didn’t confirm that at all. I read the statement before doing the preview. What they said was: “We are very excited about a couple of the first ever official projects to come in the following years, don’t worry, we’ll let you know what they are and when they’ll arrive….” which is about as vague as you can get!

  121. Rich P says:

    New Pet Shop Boys album due in all its finery!

  122. Stan says:

    Stephen Duffy was hinting on his Instagram that he will be releasing in 2019 the original version of the 1985 album called “Cocksure” that he completed with producer Stephen Street, before everything got messed up and ended up released by Virgin back in the day as the album “Because We Love You”. Think “Red Rose Speedway Reconstructed”.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Oh that would be immense. BWLY is the best album to not sell one single bloody copy. It tanked worse than Houdini. By the way, Stan, you wouldn’t be the Mr. H who used to produce the original TUAD fanzine? There aren’t many original Duffy fans about and even fewer called Stan. If so, thank you for the T-Shirt. I wore it to death back in the day.

      There must be a ton of unreleased / rare stuff of the 1982 – 1986 era, from She Loves Me / She Loves it to Baby Impossible and beyond. Bob Lamb studios must have something tucked away in a drawer and Stephen’s old school desk has already come up trumps once, maybe it could do so again.

  123. David Rose says:

    Julian Cope island years box set
    Housemates deluxe “people who grinned……”
    Chills box set
    Go betweens deluxes
    Big audio dynamite deluxe reissues
    Would be nice

  124. Elliot says:

    Anniversary wishlist/predictions:

    Toni Halliday – Hearts and Handshakes (30th)
    The Human League – Reproduction (40th)
    The Lightning Seeds – Pure (30th, their first single)
    Mega City Four – Tranzophobia (30th)
    Mudhoney – Mudhoney (30th)
    Muse – Showbiz (20th)
    Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine (30th)
    Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile (20th)
    Simple Minds – Street Fighting Years (30th)


    The Cure – Wish
    Manic Street Preachers – Gold Against the Soul (unfairly ignored)
    The Smashing Pumpkins – Machina/Machina 2
    U2 – Rattle and Hum
    U2 – Pop

  125. Frank C says:

    Paul, any chance of a Tears For Fears Hurting SDE reissue? The box is super hard to find these days….thx

  126. Jim says:

    Paul I agree with you wholeheartedly about Duran Duran – for a long time one of my favourite bands, but they continue to ignore their legacy and long term fans. I’ve gone off them as a result and rarely listen to them anymore. I did think All You Need Is Now was great, a successful reinvention of their sound, but Paper Gods was ordinary save a few tracks. They need to stop labouring over average new material and embrace proper reissues. And while I’m at it, please tour Australia!

    • Kevin Galliford says:

      I think people are being very harsh on “Paper God’s” here. Whilst not as good as AYNIN it certainly had more than enough good / great songs for me. Quite a few of the songs are “growers” though there are 1-2 fillers but even the best albums have those. I would’nt expect anything this year, they”ll keep all the big guns for the anniversary year next year. I would hope for in the very least some special concerts, a serious round of boxsets / reissues & hope for a decent photo book & maybe even an exhibition. A well done special CD single with some new songs & rare old stuff done for the fans would be exceptional. It won’t chart but the fans would seriously love it!!! Pay attention anyone connected to the band!

      • Michael says:

        Psper Gods was good but too long with some tracks trying too hard to sound current in forced ways. But that has been a problem for them for a while. Still, I like all their albums not named Red Carpet Massacre.

  127. John 79 says:

    Hi Paul,
    I was wondering if you have heard on the grapevine wether or not Beggars Banquet are re releasing any of the following, Tubeway Army “REPLICAS” or Gary Numan’s THE PLEASURE PRINCIPAL special releases / Boxset this year because it’s both of those albums 40th anniversary of their release this year both of which reached the number one spot(both albums are classics of their genre)
    Any information would be gratefully received.

    Ps, Thanks Paul for running a really special website and all the best for the coming year.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Unless Beggars Banquet are sitting on a lot of unreleased material (unlikely) we’ve seen all the available extra stuff for these albums with the Replicas Redux and TPP 30th Anniversary sets.

      While boxed sets could be made of these and the rest of his BB albums, there may not be enough material. Replicas TPP, and Telekon could be boxed with the Living Ornaments ’79, ’80 and ’81, live sets respectively, but there’s no live material for the others.

      I would love to have his BB catalogue remastered in 5.1 but Steve Malins of BB has previously said it would be too costly for the sales to recoup. That would be the only reason for me to purchase these albums again.

      • John 79 says:

        There is still a number of mixes,edits ,demos , outtakes and rarities from those albums floating about in serious fan circles,they have come from somewhere,just one example,ditp single edit &I don’t mean the fan made mixes that are available.
        There is also the rarities CD that has been talked about for years?
        I would also like to the 5.1 mixes released from the machine music era,I didn’t know Steve Malins worked for Beggars Banqett,do you mean Steve Webb?
        Being realistic I fear the 5.1 mixes will never appear, sadly.
        I can only hope that BB give Gary Numan & Tubeway Army’s albums a 40 th anniversary release that they deserve.

        • Derek Langsford says:

          My error, it was Steve Webbon of BB not Malins who managed Gary for a few years after Gary ‘s relationship with his dad faltered. I emailed with Steve many years ago when I oversaw the Gary Numan Digest and BB were issuing the album remasters with bonus tracks. I recall him mentioning a potential rarities CD back then.

          Unless a 5.1 mix can be done very cheaply, I can’t imagine it happening. Have to suffice with a 5.1 or 7.1 process on your home amplifier but its not as good as a discrete mix.

          With a 30th Anniversary TPP and Replicas Redux already done, I doubt anything new will come out this year. Maybe next year for Telekon?

  128. James W says:

    Since both were recorded in 1969, I expect this year’s Beatles super deluxe edition box to include sessions from “Abbey Road” and “Let It Be”. To my knowledge, there aren’t many worthwhile unreleased demos and sessions from “Abbey Road”, certainly not enough to make a big multi disc box set on it’s own. I think sessions from both albums will be on it. I can’t see an “Abbey Road” box set being more than 3 CD’s, but a combined set could easily be 5 CD’s and 1 or more DVD’s or Blu-Rays.

    • mike says:

      Doubt they would be released together, the music industry bottom line dictates they come separately!

      Interesting developments in the Duran camp in 2018, they seem to have been removed from Warners artist list and are more interested in releasing perfume than records. I dont expect any reissues, as they simply do not appear interested. Agree with all that Paper Gods is rubbish.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Yes, my understanding is that they are not on Warners anymore. One album, and that’s it! If they have fallen out then that is a problem because Warners own most of the back catalogue now, of course.

        • Kevin Galliford says:

          Paul, it’s so disappointing! They had a great follow up to “Pressure” with “last night in the city” & the video followed the remixes by months & I’m sure many fans were like me thinking WTF are you doing & co-ordinate everything properly & this is Sony, an established label who should know what they are doing so who is f**king things up? So many lost opportunities. They cocked up as well on AYNIN with “Leave a light on”, one of the best songs in their back catalogue let alone that album which deserved to be listened to by the masses let alone be a hit when you look at the shite which makes a hit these / those days. They want to be “Current” & don’t even plug / promote their best songs in the deserving manner. Makes you wonder ( I’ve been a fan since 1982 & I sincerely love their stuff ) why the fuck do they bother! Someone somewhere is fucking too much up for that group! It ‘s frustrating when it should’nt be!

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            They’re always on bloody tour when these albums come out and appear to let other people make various ill-conceived decisions. They spent all that money on the Girl Panic video but apart from one 7″ in the USA it never even got released physically anywhere. DD don’t appear to know who their fans are anymore, that’s the heart of the issue. They appear to want them to be cool groovy teenagers from America, when they’re actually old farts in the UK, Germany and Italy :)

  129. Duane says:

    Thanks Paul! Awesome column and interesting responses!

  130. David Murrie says:

    Top of my wish list is a vinyl reissue of the wonderful Optimist LP by Turin Brakes. I know there was a vinyl box set cancelled by Universal in 2017 but this album is essential.

    Others I long for are…
    In Sides by Orbital
    Swagger by Gun
    Passengers to finish the u2 collection.
    Monster by REM

  131. James says:

    Madonna new album and all I want is the TEARS FOR FEARS sowing remastered on vinyl !!! Please!!!!

  132. Eric says:

    what about Sparls island records ? Is peter Gabriel still alive?

  133. joel ivins says:

    erasure’s wild is coming in april i think

  134. Alan Blevin says:

    Multi disc versions of
    Jethro Tull Stormatch
    Porcupine Tree Deadwing and/or In Absentia
    I’m with you regarding cynicism about Neil Young Archives Volume 2 however we are getting 2 disc version of Ragged Glory with second disc having 38 minutes of unreleased music
    REM Monster.My understanding is that while there may be a vinyl rerelease this year the box set won’t be appearing until 2020 for the 26th anniversary!
    Dylan Bootleg Series.Based on Rolling Thunder tour.There is a Scorcese film to be shown on Netflix,a big box with multiple full shows(think the 36 disc 66 tour box) and a 2cd set with no duplication from Bootleg Series Volume 5-Live 1975
    And of course 13 new Springsteen concerts.

  135. Paul Kent says:


    …in other words, both Bad News albums are being reissued, with “Bootleg” featuring a second disc of an unreleased concert recording. There’s a Pledge Music campaign with various bundles and a deluxe 32nd Anniversary box set available.

    That aside, everything else I want has been covered: Simple Minds SFY, TFF Seeds, Prefab Sprout, Jethro Tull, Bowie, The Residents, new Who, new ABBA stuff, new Lynne/ELO, and so on and so forth.

    Looking forward to the continuing Marillion booksets and also Fish’s “Vigil” and “Internal Exile” deluxe sets. Any new XTC Surround Sound release is welcome, as would be some long-overdue new music from Mr. Partridge. The next Def Leppard album box should be due, I’d wager. Deluxes for Lenny Kravitz’s “Circus” and “5”…

    And finally, please can we have the deluxe of “The Madness” that was dropped from Salvo’s Madness reissues a few years back… I still find the missing S on my shelf aesthetically abhorrent!!

    • Glenn says:

      I contacted Salvo re the ‘The Madness’ reissue around the time of the other reissues and they responded that it was an issue getting the rights from the label. A bummer for sure.

    • Bjarne says:

      So good to see that I’m not alone getting psyched by the missing Madness number 7 deluxe on the shelf! Bring it on!

  136. RichardB says:

    A super, super deluxe of PSBs ‘Please’ would be amazing. *All* the remixes, b-sides and videos in one gorgeous box, please!

  137. Peter Muscutt says:

    Hanging on for Muse’s boxset covering the era from their beginnings to their second album coming out hopefully this year…they’ve not reissued any albums as deluxe editions to my knowledge so this will be a great way to hear some demos, work in progress recordings and other goodies. No release date mentioned though! What with their latest album tour it’s be odd to release it in the first half of 2019 so I’d expect an autumn/winter release.

    • J T says:

      Is this something that has been said to be in the works? (Why wouldn’t Paul have mentioned it?)

      For their first three albums I spent a bajillion dollars tracking down all the singles and Japanese thises and Australian thats, and THEN getting the box sets once I found out about them (Showbiz and Absolution boxes, not the Origin Of Symmetry box but I think I have pretty much all those tracks on the individual singles), so I hope if there is one coming it offers tracks I don’t already have.

      On the other hand, the albums after that it became harder for me to get all the remixes et al, what with HMV then Tower then Virgin closing in the states, so it would be nice to have SDEs to compile those.

  138. Wayne Olsen says:

    Paul, I can’t thank you enough for this site. I have learned so much!
    I hope that the Moodies do 50th anniversary issues of the third and fourth albums of the 7.
    It’s also an opportunity to celebrate first albums by Elton, Faces, Crimso, Blind Faith
    As for 40ths, London Calling, Remain in Light and Armed Forces could always get reboots.

    Happy 2019!

    • Brian Stanley says:

      I know it’s petty nitpicking, but “first” albums from Blind Faith ?!?

      • Wayne Olsen says:

        I’m not ruling out a second album just yet. Eric Steve and Ginger are still friendly. They just need a bass player. Nice potential for a reality show!

  139. RJS says:

    Looking forward to Unloved’s follow up to their 2106 debut on 1 February:


    Mecury Rev’s ‘Bobbie Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited’ with its Tango In The Nightesque cover released the following week looks interesting:


    Nothing I would particularly like to be reissued.

  140. Michael says:

    My BIG wish is for more Roxy Music deluxe box sets, with “For Your Pleasure…” being the next album to receive the royal expanded box set treatment. Also looking forward to “Abbey Road” “London Town” and “Back to the Egg” SDEs, which hopefully will be coming out in 2019 — and fingers crossed for more vintage Frank Zappa vinyl releases.

  141. Timothy Harrison says:

    Paul, you still haven’t told us what tracks are exclusive to the upcoming Paul Young boxset…

  142. Isaías says:

    Does anybody know about the 2-CDs Uriah Heep back catalogue program started in 2017? Nothing happened in 2018! Fingers crossed in 2019. Can someone say a word?

    The Cars also!
    Still missing the first album and the last one in remaster edition, I mean The Cars and Door To Door.

    Black Sabbath also, Tony Martyn era!

    • Martin Dudley says:

      The Black Sabbath Tony Martin stuff is starting to happen. Tony Iommi is remixing “Forbidden” at the moment. Let’s hope it signals the start of the reissues of these last few Sabbath albums.

  143. Peter C says:

    Eurythmics – still holding out that Savage gets the deluxe CD & Blu Ray treatment. Finally putting together the album plus the VHS only companion video album. There’s such a feast of audio & visual material around this era that pulling everything together in one package would be amazing. Lots of scope for putting out all the versions of the video clips, any archive material and so on.

    One does wonder what unreleased stuff they found on the tapes when preparing the vinyl remasters.

  144. Justin Bryant says:

    Thanks Paul – hopefully a lot to look forward to. I’m eagerly awaiting the Pail Young box set I ordered from you…

    Any thoughts on what U2 might be up to? I’m hoping for a ‘Pop’ special edition and still hoping for something to be done with ‘Rattle & Hum’. Will the Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour get a Bluray release along side a Songs Of Experience Tour Bluray?

    And yes – Seeds Of Love by TFF would be great!!!

    • Derek says:

      U2 are rumoured to be doing a theatre release for Joshua Tree Anniversary tour film in the spring, they filmed Berlin last year so would assume that both will come out at some point on bluray. But no dates for either.

      There is no chance of anything happening relating to Pop or Rattle and Hum

  145. Darren Linklater says:

    Tom Petty Wildflowers looks likely and would be great.
    Roping for something from the Harrison estate but might have to wait for an All Things Must Pass 50th with demos and remix?
    Kate Bush tour of life full show on CD and DVD would be a awesome. The EP was left off the recent reissues so maybe still hope.
    NYA vol 2 hopefully……
    Macca Flaming Pie SDE?
    Immersion box of Animals with live concert and 5.1?

    Better get saving up!

  146. claudio oliveira says:

    siouxsie videos

  147. Thomas Staudt says:

    According to the Art of Noise’s “In Visible Silence” Deluxe edition booklet, the next set is “Kiss (Adventure Three)”.
    Since “Below the Waste” from 1989 is “Adventure Four”, I assume this set will be Kiss in all of its variations and a ton of 1988 outtakes.
    No idea if this will come out in 2019 already, though.

  148. Michael Fowler says:

    One of my favourite articles of the year – here’s my wish list for 2019:

    1. Street Fighting Years – Simple Minds
    2. The Seeds of Love – Tears for Fears
    3. London Town and Back to the Egg – Paul McCartney and Wings
    4. Major Earth and Minor Sky and Lifelines – A-Ha
    5. Lost Souls – Doves
    6. Rattle and Hum – U2
    7. Wish – The Cure
    8. Standing on the shoulders of giants – Oasis
    9. Live Magic – Queen
    10. Flood – They Might Be Giants

    Take my money now thanks!

  149. paolo says:

    I’m sure the Bowie boxsets will keep coming, ‘You Belong in Rock & Roll’ would be a fitting title for the 1989-1994 period. Then they could also put out a 50th anniversary ‘Space Oddity’, although I don’t know what else they could stick in since we already have the 40th anniversary 2CD set, and the album itself got the remaster treatment in 2015. Another sure reissue is a 20th anniversary edition of Suede’s ‘Head Music’.

  150. Aaron says:

    Joni At 75 concert coming out on cd/dvd soon also. Would be surprised if no other Joni Mitchell releases came out too…

  151. korova says:

    Be great if we could see a 40th anniversary set of The Jam’s All Mod Cons in the same format that the super deluxe edition of Setting Sons was done. Anybody heard any rumours about this happening?

  152. Cornelius says:

    I’d like to see a CD reissue of the Jerry Goldsmith score for the film “Chinatown.” Of course, a big super-duper box would be great but, for me, a straightforward CD issue would be more than welcome.

  153. mkr says:

    Didn’t see Rain Tree Crow in the March section. Is that still on?

  154. motte says:

    Does anyone know if the Ramones will continue their 40th anniversary series with End Of The Century?

    And any news on Frankie Goes To Hollywood? The Last 36 Inches for RSD?


  155. Ian D says:

    Certainly would like some more Eurythmics remixes and rarities for sure. The recent 2018 remasters sounded great but – as I discovered when I bought the Savage album from HD Tracks as a 24 bit/96kHz hi res download – it was in fact a 16 bit file upscaled – so really no better than a normal CD! Disappointing really.

  156. Richard says:

    Hope to finally see expanded reissues of all the early American Music Club albums (Restless Stranger through to United Kingdom) which have been out of print for years. The masters are being transferred as we speak!
    I saw that Dinosaur Jr’s major label albums are getting deluxe reissues from Cherry Red as well

  157. Paul Fitzgerald says:

    The amazing King Crimson are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2019.
    David Singleton from DGM mentioned to me before their Amsterdam concert last summer that their are plans for a new extensive box set for the majestic album “In The Court Of the Crimson King” plus several other releases that will have fans salivating. Should be an amazing year!

  158. Robert says:

    Led Zeppelin will open the vaults for the 51st band birthday ;-))

  159. Ray says:

    On 25 january, cherryredrecords will release expanded versions of Bananaramas albums VIVA (2 CD) and DRAMA (3 CD).
    In may, there will be the release of several deluxe editions of “Back to earth” from Cat Stevens (you can order them on pledge music or on his home page)

  160. Stupidactingsmart says:

    What price a Stevie Wonder box? Not for remastering’s sake, but for unreleased gems from the vaults. There are bound to be hundreds, particularly if you believe Malcolm Cecil and Bob Margouleff. There are a couple of snippets of delicious out-takes on YouTube, but not much.

  161. wesley mc dowell says:

    Albums that I will be looking foward to are as follows in no particular order. New Titles by Sade,Fish,Its Imaterial,Steve Hackett,Fiat Lux,Prefab sprout,The Pearlfishers,Robert Forster,Tim Bowness,Tiny Magnetic Pets,Empathy Test and hopefully Tears For Fears.It would be nice to see a re-issue of Curt smths debut solo album Soul on Board .
    I think you are being a bit hard on Duran Duran though!! I think Nick Rhodes would be the man to talk to on the subject of re -issuues etc.

    • Paul already confirmed (in another article) that Nick has said that physical releases are no longer the way forward and that there’s no demand for the format..especially CD.

      I have had a long battle with the management – the band are not interested. We may get something for the 40th but it’s not nearly enough.

    • Michael E. says:

      From The Duran Duran Homepage :

      Those Special Edition CD/DVD’s that the band put out for the first five albums were amazing! Do the boys plan to release these same Special Editions for their remaining albums?

      “Hello, we have always tried to meticulous about our packaging and especially re-packaging wherever we do control the releases. Regarding CDs, as the format is now fading, it is unlikely that record labels will do many special editions. In fact, vinyl is much more likely at this stage. Personally, I still love beautiful products. Even though the world consumes most music digitally now, there is nothing quite like a records so I am at least happy this format is growing in popularity again , particularly amongst audiophiles. Nick”

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Easy to say. They have ‘owned’ Medazzaland for decades and can do what they like with it. What have they done? Nothing.

        • John Archbell says:

          Exactly Paul! It’s PR Bullshit. I’ve read it before. Michael, It says nothing in that reply about Duran actually doing something about it.

          The band and their market are not singing from the same song book.

  162. Derek Langsford says:

    I am hoping for a less expensive 2019 than 2018 and so am happy that not a lot grabs my attention among the listed releases. Also glad I don’t collect vinyl as that would bust my budget. Of course some sets/releases will be no-brainers:

    Beatles Abbey Road Boxed Set
    TFF – Seeds of Love SDE (if not this year, then when?)
    OMD 40th Anniversary Boxed Set
    Anything from Kate Bush
    Blondie Boxed Set
    Any 5.1 mixes of artists I like as long as not within a set with more than one vinyl disc.

    Happy collecting everyone!

  163. Paul Murphy says:

    Much though the Bootleg Series cause one to salivate like Pavlov’s dogs, a new Dylan-written album is now waaay overdue [7 years since ‘Tempest’ this September, the same gap as between ‘Under The Red Sky’ and ‘Time Out Of Mind’].
    Adding to the list of artists who seem determined not to delve into their back catalogues, one still hopes that Elton’s florist bill will come in a bit early one month and he will, at the very least, give us some 2-CD Deluxe Editions of the post-GYBR years.
    Regarding the debate about a Tin Machine box this year/at all, and the paucity of material [although there are plenty of TM concerts in the can], limiting a release to just the group provides the estate with the problem of where to place any Sound + Vision concert release, and the ‘Fame 90’ and ‘Real Cool World’ releases, the various mixes of which would fill a CD/2-LP. I haven’t seen any title-guessing going on yet, I’d reckon ‘Heaven’s In Here’ or ‘Under The God’ would look nice.

  164. Normand says:

    Let’s dream a lot: a super deluxe edition of the lost album GET BACK from The Beatles for its 50th anniversary in April or May (plus a vinyl for Record Store Day). The Glyn Johns album haunts me for so long… -Please, go ahead, Giles Martin!

  165. Eamonn says:

    1994 was quite a landmark year in alternative/pop in the UK and US. 25 years on, I don’t think most of these have been anniversary’d before – what chance of deluxification?

    Portishead – Dummy
    Prodigy – Music For The Jilted Generation
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Let Love In (would love to hear outtakes from this)
    Johnny Cash – American Recordings
    Green Day – Dookie
    Massive Attack – Protection (although they will be already retrospectively touring Mezzanine won’t they…?)
    Pavement – Crooked Rain Crooked Rain (they are rumoured to be reforming, right?)

    Also, I think Demon putting out another reissue of Suede’s Dog Man Star for the big 25 is almost guaranteed. Aping this year’s anniversary of their debut and his memoir, Brett will be bringing out his second biography/book around the time of the anniversary of the original DMS album in the autumn so the two releases could piggyback on each other. An RSD vinyl of the album and associated B-sides also a decent bet.

    I would love to see Universal start a new Pulp reissue campaign starting with collating Intro: The Gift Recordings and His’n’Hers with the unreleased demos and live/sessions from that time (they did a couple of great BBC radio sessions around 1993/94, with Marc Riley on Hit The North and Evening Session with his mucker Mark Radcliffe).

    A bit of Shampoo/Whigfield/Ace of Base would be great too, thanks…can leave out those fellas that did Cotton Eye Joe though…

    • Caroline says:

      Crooked Rain Crooked Rain and His’n’Hers have both already been reissued with plenty of unreleased material – CRCR in particular was expanded to a full 50-song 2CD set. There can’t be anything left in the cupboard.

      • Eamonn says:

        50 songs…blimey, fair enough.

        Plenty of Pulp demos from 1992-93 unreleased though, they’ve been officially documented. They demo’d Lipgloss with Stephen Street and the final version was also remixed by Ian Broudie which hasn’t been released although a DAT copy went for £60 on eBay last year!

    • Stupidactingsmart says:

      Marc Riley and Mark Radcliffe we’re both on Hit The North, as I recall. The Evening Session was Mark Goodier (and later Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley). Mark Radcliffe later had his own show which featured bands in session, but it wasn’t the Evening Session; it was informally called the Graveyard Shift but it was just two hours under his own name. Boring… but true.

      • Eamonn says:

        You’re right, Nov’93 on Radcliffe’s own show but not the Evening Session – which I believe that very month saw Lamacq and Wiley replace the old guard and usher in Britpop.

    • MFG says:

      Not much more to add to Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain beyond the LA’s Desert Origins reissue from Matador (2004). Same for Let Love In – Mute’s 2011 reissue scooped up the handful of bonus tracks worth issuing.

      Speaking of 1994, Beck’s Mellow Gold could use a reissue. REM’s Monster almost certainly will, as others have noted. Maybe: Bee Thousand by Guided By Voices? Waiting for the Love Bus by The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy?

    • RJS says:

      Pavements’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain got the deluxe treatment in 2004 with the two disc Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: LA’s Desert Origins.

  166. Jez Stamps says:

    I know that Paul Humphries of OMD has mixed 22 ‘lost’ songs as part of a 40th Anniversary tie-up via Universal, following the ‘Pretending To See The Future’ book and 2 disc live show with The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. I hear a new song may be added as well….

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      Jez Stamps, that would make sense – Andy McCluskey tweeted at Christmas about special releases including ‘a new single’ coming for 2019, which tallies with rumours dating back to 2017. Vince Clarke has also tweeted a week ago about completing a remix for OMD – of the upcoming single or a golden oldie, I wonder?

  167. Michael Davies says:

    I’d very much like to see Pet Shop Boys continue the ‘Further Listening’ campaign with reissues of their post-Parlophone albums; and a 2/3/4(?) disc ‘Further Listening’ compilation of outstanding remixes not included on the reissues (which basically focused only on their own remixes).

    Beyond this, a dream which won’t happen (but still a dream!) is an exhaustive Madonna back catalogue super-deluxe reissue campaign. But Madge won’t play ball!

  168. Rodolfo Martin says:

    On the Beatles albums, I think Abbey Road will happen for consistency. I will not care much about Let it Be if the movie is not included (also remastered, restored and expanded). All the songs that were only single songs (later the Past MAsters Vol 1 and 2) will have to have the right treatment someday, same thing the songs from Magical Mistery Tour. Revolver is a dream too.
    I hope to live enough to see a SDE of Genesis, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. I know there are a lot of CD bootlegs, so the material is somewhere waiting to be treated as it deserves.
    The Police albums, with outtakes or demos, could be a good idea. Steward’s brother (I forgot the name, sorry) once said that they had a lot of material in the vaults. I think he said that at the time that the DVD made out Steward 8 mm movies done during an early US Tour was released). Expanded Sting albums could be a good plan.
    Peter Gabriel expanded albums, as he did with SO (which was a little bit disappointing for me) have to happen some day.
    More Lennon SDE would be very welcome too.
    It has been said. Thanks Paul for your article.

    • Glenn says:

      Around the time The Police did their reunion tour I remember Miles Copeland saying that the ‘Police Around the World’ video would be reissued on DVD. Assume that is what you are referring to. Would love to see that released…

  169. Wessex char says:

    Wondering if a deluxe and remastered edition of the Housemartins final album ‘The people who grinned themselves to death’ will ever appear. Would be great to have b-sides such as ‘Rebel without the airplay’ and ‘Paris in flares’ back out there.

    Their debut album was reissued as a 2cd package over 10 years ago!

    • Eamonn says:

      Maybe it didn’t sell, hence the lack of any more in that format.
      I fear the same fate may have befallen Supergrass’ I Should Coco deluxe, would love to hear a warts-and-all version of their second album, In It For The Money.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Weird how they just gave up on Supergrass. I really like the I Should Coco deluxe, despite no notes and basic packaging etc.

        • Caroline says:

          The Housemartins complete works could/should be brought together in a 4 or 5 CD set. THAT would be something.

        • deceased says:

          +1 for the rest of the Supergrass albums to recieve the same treatment, the tracklisting was very thorough for that era & i would love to see it replicated across their other albums ending with them finally releasing their final lost album ‘Release The Drones’…

  170. Matthew Green says:

    Hopefully Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ later this year which will be a behemoth- but worth every penny!
    And maybe a set of vinyl from the Tyr back catalogue- their new album is out soon and not much of their back catalogue is available on vinyl…
    My wild wish is SOMETHING from Van Halens huge vaults- but I’m not holding my breath!

    • Tom A. says:

      Metallica released the black album in 1991, so I assume that they won’t release the box set for that album until 2021.

    • The Misnomers says:

      Metallica have done great with their back catalogue. I hope they keep it up! I think Van Halen would have some cool stuff in their vaults but I’m not familiar with how much there is…

  171. patjoller says:

    Nice things to come.
    I’m hoping for more…. Simple Minds’ Street fighting years deluxe set and REM’s monster.
    As a professional of such things and as you have contacts with the Dave Stewart himself, do you think there’s a possibility to see the spiritual cowboys vinyl boxset that was teased on his website a few years ago ?

  172. Tim-Meh says:

    The new Ex Hex album in March, and THREE albums by Ryan Adams this year. Not to mention a new Wildhearts album, and watch out for an Irish band called The Murder Capital who will make rawk great again.

  173. Alun says:

    A career-spanning, all the singles, 2 disc/3cd Deluxe Kate Bush Best Of (including the videos on DVD/BluRay) would be amazing… What I *really* hope comes out, though, is a 30 year special edition of The B-52’s Cosmic Thing. And where’s that Bryan Ferry solo boxset he mentioned aeons ago? The singles, outtakes, rarities, B-sides… it’s about time.

  174. Marco says:

    Lenny Kravitz stops the reissue deluxe editions… I Think it’s the right time for 5 ( 21st anniversary ) as “Are you gonna go my way” few years ago.

  175. Neil says:

    The Blue Nile – Hats 30th Anniversary reissue would be a good idea. Was reissued 2013 on vinyl but difficult to find.

    Passengers (U2) LP reissue would also be welcome. Ahead of its time that.

  176. Martin Dudley says:

    At the heavier end of the spectrum, Tony Iommi has recently(ish) said that he has finally started remixing Black Sabbath’s 1995 “Forbidden” album, long held by fans to be the “worst” Sabbath album, largely because of the dreadful production (worse even than “Born Again”). So it seems likely that this will be released in 2019 and hopefully it will signal the start of the reissue of their last batch of albums, those featuring singer Tony Martin, as they have done the Ozzy and Dio albums (nearly ten years ago now!) and the above-mentioned Born Again, Seventh Star (with Glenn Hughes) and Tony Martin’s first Sabbath album “Eternal Idol”.

  177. andrew r says:

    This year is Led Zeppelin’s 50 th anniversary
    does anybody know why this milestone is being celebrated
    solely by a book ? (and not a very good one at that)
    Zep fans can only look on and weep when we see what beatles
    and mccartney fans get!

  178. Gert says:

    Still hoping for a deluxe reissue of David McComb’s solo album Love of Will. Why not with the never released Costar tracks ?

  179. deceased says:

    Hopefully the Super Furry Animals reissues continue on…Guerrilla should be next…

    Would also like to finally see The Smashing Pumpkins MACHINA reissue wrangle it’s way out of legal hell…

  180. Soren says:

    Rumours said that Depeche Mode will re-record a new compilation with songs from the 80s and 90s in a new sound like their latest albums

    • Caroline says:

      That sounds dreadful, really hope that’s not true.

    • xymox970 says:

      ……if that turns out to be true, I hope someone close to them has enough sense to help them see how wrong and unnecessary that really is…..

      Why not……for example release a nice compilations of instrumentals from back in the day ? There is certainly enough to choose from…..

    • Steve Xyron says:

      I’d love them to release their albums as deluxe editions 2/3 disc sets.

    • thefax says:

      I believe that Depeche Mode rumor stems from an April Fool’s Day joke.

  181. Alan says:

    I would love to see a couple of sets this year. First a Donna Summer box of the Casablanca albums, I know they are on Japanese CD individually but a box would be great.

    I’d also like to see something decent done with the Hall and Oates albums archive, maybe a complete album set with bonuses. They have been going nearly 50 years so would be well deserved.

  182. Shane says:

    Having purchased the Blondie albums vinyl box a few years back (the one its impossible to get the albums out of) am happy their new one will be in two versions. Also, as a super ABBA fan i want no new albums. Have no faith they will be up to their legacy. None of their recent outings is anything to write home about. So if they must, pile it on the 36th Gold reissue. Maybe a semi-limited 7″ before.

  183. Jake says:

    For fans of John Wetton and iCon, Geoff Downes said on his site in June of last year that in addition to the reissues of the iCon albums that have already come out we can also expect this…

    “For fans of the whole iCon legacy, a box set is being planned out featuring these albums and all the other recordings of the iCon duo, including previously unreleased material.”

    No date given back in June, so who knows if it will be 2019. But I would imagine, given the reissues we got last year, and the live album, it’s not a huge step to package the studio albums up with the unreleased material into a box set.

    Most looking forward to the 2000-era King Crimson with Belew which I had heard was spring, and the 50th anniversary edition of the first album toward the end of the year.

    Fingers and toes crossed for McCartney to finish off the 70s, and that if Rush do another resissue, they’ll do a better job of tempting me with an amazing package.

    I unexpectedly fell in love with the Eye In The Sky box from The Alan Parsons Project and wondering if there’s another title in the works for this year.

    And I’ve got to believe we’ll start seeing stuff from Tom Petty each year in deluxe packages. As someone already mentioned, Wildflowers seems to be a given as the next non-Best Of release.

    • Aaron says:

      Will be a reissue of some of the iCon live albums before the box set also. The 4 studio album reissues were excellent!

    • J T says:

      I LOVE Asia, that first album remains one of my all-time favorites. I have picked up a few of his solo and side projects, but I never got any of the Icon stuff; I would be interested in that box.

      I see Asia’s debut got a lavish 30th anniversary in Japan, but apparently nothing in the way of lost studio tracks from the period?

  184. Kevin Galliford says:

    Also, sooner rather than later I would expect Depeche Mode to restart reissuing their back catalogue resuming with “Playing with the Angel”. They did a really great job with all the earlier albums, especially with the DVD documentaries they did but I hope the extra tracks go on a Separate CD rather than the DVD like before.

  185. William Darlington says:

    A lavish box set of Ronnie Lane’s complete solo work is due out sometime in the first half of the year. It was postponed from 2018.

  186. Ben Williams says:

    A new Who album is coming before the year is out too, I hear today via Rolling Stone!

    • G S Cleere says:

      Awww no –Pete – give it up. It’s you & Roger – and that’s just fine. If something happens to Daltry, are you going to release solo records as “The Who’?

  187. David Aldridge says:

    Any news on when the Tanita Tikarum releases will be despatched by SDE? Thanks.

  188. John says:

    I’m really hoping the ABBA delay is down to them recording more new tracks. The fact that we’ve got two new songs to look forward to in 2019 is amazing but a whole new album would be the stuff dreams are made of. I never ever thought any of this would happen. Hopefully they’ll resurrect Just Like That and add some finishing touches to it. Exciting times!!

  189. Dag says:

    I’m curious if there is any update on Re-Flex politics of dancing 2cd and also the first 3 Berlin remasters that were for sale and then abruptly pulled.

  190. Andre says:

    Don’t forget Freiheit’s second English album Fantasy and Jimmy Somerville’s third album Manage The Damage are getting SDE reissues in the next two months.

  191. Not much love here for Duran Duran so far. Hardly surprising with the management’s totally ignorant stance by continuing to, as you say Paul, alienate their faithful fans. You may not know this but I was part of a committee that compiled a survey of 500 plus fans. It was in relation to the upcoming, so-called, 40th Anniversary celebrations. Proposals were put forward on what fans would like to see materialise, whether that would be physical releases or a tour featuring previous band members’ Andy Taylor and Warren Cuccurullo. Resulting from our own passion, we put a lot of effort into it. We submitted a very professional report to Wendy Laister at Magus (Duran’s Management) and the reply we got back was basically ‘thanks but we can’t make any promises’.

    I’d just like to put on record my thanks to Jeff Bistline who was an integral part of the cog at getting our project out there. However, I do feel our efforts were all in vain as we heard nothing more from Magus.

    John Taylor, the band’s joint founder and bassist, did refer publicly to something about 40 special surprises that would happen, although that was about 18 months ago. Can we count the recent perfume launch as one of those? I do fear a repeat of their insistence at charging ridiculously inflated amounts of money for the OTT Vinyl Factory Box Set releases like they produced for All You Need Is Now and the below par Paper Gods albums.

    One suggestion from our survey was a ‘Duranthology’. I mean, what a cracking title! The potential is limitless – it could have been the mother of all box sets: Unreleased Demos, a 5.1 Blu-ray of Wembley ‘94, Strange Behaviour/ Big Live Thing tours on Vinyl, Books in a similar vein to Bowie’s, an acoustic show from 93’ on vinyl – the list is undefined.

    I have noticed that when somebody does voice an opinion, they are then judged as being ‘negative’ and those people never hear from ‘DDHQ’ again. I could be speaking from experience! They seem to be more happy plodding along on an endless tour of the USA, working on a Duran Duran musical or on this new album – which I hope has a lot more guitar and a lot less EDM than Paper Gods. Good luck to them.

    Moving on, I’m very much looking forward to a box set from Blondie as I missed the last one. I’m very happy about the 2 extra albums of unreleased tracks / demos. I’m a massive fan!

    As for The Police, I bought the recent box set as I didn’t have any of the albums on vinyl and I found it hard to find any in a condition that I would be pleased with – they got very well played back in the day! The included hard back book of photos was a lovely bonus!

    Finally, I’m very much looking forward to receiving the Paul Young set! Other than that, there’s really nothing coming up on the horizon that takes my fancy.

    Have a great weekend all!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Interesting… Duran Duran need to look at a band like Manic Street Preachers. They tend to produce a new album every 2-3 years, have nice 2CD deluxe sets of the new albums with demos and then in between nicely done reissues, with signed sets available via their store. A healthy balance between new and old and a great relationship maintained with their fans (and their record label, sony). Duran have a detoriating relationship with their fans due to a lack of activity in terms of physical product (no singles) and reissues, and they fall out with EVERY record label they work with. Says it all.

      I think Simon and Nick and the rest must have some figure in mind that they wish to earn a year to maintain their lifestyle and the sole goal is to get to that figure. ‘Curating’ and putting together box sets is REALLY interesting, especially if it is YOUR material, but they either have no motivation to do it (weird) or aren’t willing to take a big pay cut to do it (more likely). I guess the only thing that comes remotely close to delivering this income is constant touring, private/corporate gigs etc. So that’s all they do.

      Never thought I’d say this, but I honestly don’t know why they bother to record new music. 95% of their fans are there to hear ‘the hits’ and all the new music does is disappoint diehards. I thought Paper Gods had literally one or two good songs on it and the rest was vapid, horribly produced ‘modern’ nonsense.

      • Kevin Galliford says:

        I agree about MSP. Simple Minds are another band who play to their strengths & mix the old & new releases to great results & give the fans what they want!. I think Duran Duran suffer ( if that’s the word ) from wanting to remain current. I completely understand that but in a world of diminishing fans & difficulty getting AirPlay etc etc, how long can this go on for? We the fans want a long overdue “Wedding album” boxset inc CD’s please!!!! That would be more of a success than any new album & May even generate more new fans than a new album, A Residency at say the Royal Albert Hall playing any of the early albums or Wedding album in full would be an amazing success & shake it up for the fans who are used to the traditional December Arena tour every few years.

      • Mark Sinclair says:

        Totally agree here. AYNIN was a very good album but that was because Ronson kept them focussed and got them back in a “Rio” creative mindset. They need a producer for the entire album.

        If you look at their website though in the ‘Ask Katy’ section they do talk about remastering/reissuing all the albums on vinyl (not CD) in their “original form” and they say they are trying to do this. I think the problem is that their royalty deal is awlful up to this period and they felt ripped off by EMI. I remember a court case a few years back here that they lost here.

        I would love a DD album box set (like The Police set) with half speed flat/uncompressed mastering by Miles Shovel containing all the studio albums, a couple of disc of non-album singles (MOW, Reflex remix, WB and AVTAK) and studio B sides and perhaps even the Powerstation and Arcadia albums. I can happily go without the nightversions and live albums or live B sides.

  192. Dean Taylor says:

    New unkle album announced.. the road part 2. Get in quick for limited triple coloured viny from selected stores..

  193. Mounir IDIR says:

    What about the 40th anniversary of Donna Summer’s Bad girls album ?

  194. Gorecki says:

    My BIG prrediction is that The Sisters Of Mercy will celebrate 29 years since the release of their last studio album, Vision Thing, in the same way as they celebrated 28 years, 27, 26, 25…. by releasing absolutely nothing new! Yay! I can hardly wait for this continued absence! ;)

    Seriously Mr Eldritch – it’s been nearly 30 years!!! New record please!!!

    I don’t think the Bowie camp will go without a fifth box in the Autumn, but deciding where to split the remaining albums could prove tricky – especially if they decide to bring Tin Machine into the fold (after all Tin Machine I was included in the previous main Remaster series so is acknowledged as FitzBowie, but – according to my memory – not II or Oy Vey). There’s clearly too much left for one box – 8 ‘solo’ studio albums + 2 TM studio. The obvious split would be between Reality and The Next Day – but that would only leave 2 studio albums, stage show (?), and the final EP for the last box – unless they packed it full of all the 40th anniversary picture discs’ b-sides, bringing it right round back to the start! With the addition of the TM stuff that would require a split in the 95-03 run (which always feels like a sort of era to me – probably for no good reason). Concentrating on 6 studio albums would match the first box – but would make a far less popular era far too expensive once attendant lives and Re:call discs were added. And would VH1 and Reality Tour get included? Who knows? Perhaps it’ll be a Tin Machine only box! ;)

    As for Kate Bush, I’ve thought for several years ‘The Whole Story’ was looking increasingly misnamed! ‘The Partial Story’? ‘The Holed Story’?

    Am I right in thinking many people are not fans of The Sensual World? I always loved it and would be rather happy with some kind of expanded edition.

    I would not put it past the Manic Street Preachers to get some sort of Anniversary edition out – of something – no matter how tenuous, low- or strangely-numbered that anniversary might be (and in a shape and size package that completely fails to match the space that people created for This Is My Truth 20 or Tigers 10th). I would not be remotely surprised at a (pointlessly remastered) 10th anniversary ‘Journal For Plague Lovers’, but would be staggered at a 15th anniversary of ‘Lifeblood’, or, perhaps most likely, that perennial reissue favourite: ‘The Holy Bible’ 25th Anniversary Edition – complete with previously unreleased audio of some bloke sneezing when he walked past the studio ‘cos we literally have nothing left from this period in the archive’! It’s a great album and I wouldn’t be surprised that the milestone silver anniversary would be marked but will yet another large box be plausible or necessary? And in true Pavlovian manner… I’d rush out an buy it! ‘Cos I’m conditioned that way’. Yikes!

  195. Kevin Galliford says:

    I’d like & definitely buy:
    1, Simple Minds “Street fighting years” boxset.
    2, Duran Duran “Wedding album” proper boxset. I doubt we will see anything this year as they will doing a lot next year for their 40th anniversary of the most successful line up. Nick Rhodes has recently hinted their will be only vinyl reissues which is bad news for people like me who don’t buy records. Let’s wait & see but nothing that group does happens quickly.
    3, U2 “Pop” All singing all dancing boxset. The last album where they creatively pushed the boat out for.
    4, Bryan Ferry “ Boys & girls” boxset. See above for Duran Duran, nothing happens quickly & depends if the focus is going through the Roxy stuff in chronological order or not.
    That’s just for starters…

  196. Tom A. says:

    In the category of “easiest predictions to make”, Van Halen will, once again, NOT do anything this year to mark the anniversary of one of their awesome albums from the David Lee Roth years. 2019 is the 40th anniversary of their second album (Van Halen II), but of course they won’t do anything to commemorate it after they did nothing last year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their incredible debut album.

    As always, Eddie Van Halen is Lucy to the fans’ Charlie Brown, holding the football and pulling it at the last second before Charlie has a chance to actually kick it.

  197. Dave H says:

    Judging by last year’s 50th anniversary releases The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Moody Blues albums from 1968 were released with 5.1 surround mixes.

    Of the albums released in 1969, I assume we’ll get another Beatles 5.1 album in Abbey Road. Any others worthy of an SDE release?
    Blind Faith – Blind Faith
    Crosby, Stills & Nash – Crosby, Stills & Nash
    Dusty Springfield – Dusty in Memphis
    Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left

  198. Tim says:

    I would love deluxe editions of Prefab Sprouts Langely Park, Jordan and Andromeda Heights if there was b-sides and quality takes on the 12” mixes.
    The I Trawl The Meghertz album is fantastic, basically imagine a Prefab Sprout album produced by Eno and you’re in the ballpark.

  199. Paul Bakewell says:

    Revolver ?

  200. Caroline says:

    Cherry Red are expected to start a reissue campaign for The Fall shortly, having acquired a hefty chunk of their catalogue before Mark E Smith’s death last January. It is whispered that their first two albums will be back on the racks to coincide with their joint 40th anniversary.

    • hamicle says:

      I wonder if Beggars will finally do the Omnibus Edition of ‘Bend Sinister’? It was mentioned in their plans a year or two ago.

      • thefax says:

        Over the past decade Beggars seems to alternate between launching an ambitious new reissue program, abandoning said reissue program because they feel physical media is dead, and then launching another ambitious new reissue program. I’m hoping last year’s excellent Peter Murphy set marks the beginning of a new program. In addition to Bend Sinister Omnibus they had Bauhaus’ Sky’s Gone Out omnibus in the pipeline.

        Also Beggars: Wolfgang Press, Dif Juz, and Xmal Deutschland are the last 1st-gen 4AD bands without comprehensive reissues.

  201. Aaron says:

    You know what I kinda hope McCartney doesn’t go with London Town/ Back To The Egg this year… as that might spell the end of the series. As much as I love those 2 albums I’d love to see Broad Street, Press to Play &Tripping before them!!

    I think there will definitely be a Bowie set this year and maybe s stand-alone Tin Machine set if they are not included.

    Will definitely be a couple of Neil Young archive releases this year… Ragged Glory II and one other.. heard rumour of Alchemy a live Crazy Horse which was meant to come out a couple of years back but didn’t.

    Might see another Johnny Cash American Recordings album…been a while since the last one and there is plenty available.

    Also meant to be some Yes stuff coming out. I know there is at least a best off called Quintessentially Yes. Plus hopefully new album from at least one of the 2 Yes bands!!

    Would love a James Taylor box set of unreleased stuff or a deluxe edition of Sweet Baby James. Won’t happen but you can dream.

    How about another Harrison demos set…been years since Vol 1.

  202. David O'G (Dublin) says:

    Hi Paul,

    Love your site and updates here on FB. Pretty sure I read in either Long Live Vinyl or Record Collector (both have Paddy McAloon interviews) that there’s a new Prefab Sprout album in September too !

  203. Keith Brittain says:

    Hi Paul,

    The Yoko Ono reissues seem to have stopped. Any chance of “Seasons of Glass”, “It’s Alright” and “Starpeace” reissues in 2019?

    • Cornelius says:

      I absolutely agree. Could be legal style issues but i would love to see those three Yoko albums reissued.

  204. Gorni says:

    Looking forward to 40 years of 2-tone records this year! Hopefully at last jerry dammers will open his archives for fans with unreleased material from his vaults. Would be nice to have some live-recordings from the more-specials-album or an extended release of the dance craze soundtrack with all tracks from the movie , even more recordings of that era plus DVD in 5.1…

    Dreaming is allowed already…. cheers from Germany, Gorni.

  205. Alan says:

    I can’t see any lack of momentum with the Bowie Boxes, there should be a 1989-1994 box this year I reckon covering Tin Machine, the Sound and Vision Tour, BTWN and Buddha albums. This is an era that is ripe for rediscovering for the less committed Bowie fan. Tin Machine gets a bad rap, but it is just Bowie in a different wrapping. Tin Machine 2 has never had a proper reissue since it first came out except for a limited mini vinyl replica CD in Japan about 13 years ago. This single box set is looking like it will be a records store day release, with the promise of a more manageable package later on (maybe one LP, or CD).
    Parlophone own the rights to everything up to and including Hours at the moment and I think in the next licensing deal, the Columbia tracks will be bundled into the main catalogue too. That is how it has gone for a good while now.

  206. bigeyedfisher says:

    I’m waiting for Paul McCartney’s Off The Ground. Aside from Flowers, that’s my other favorite!

  207. Cal says:

    All i wish for is Uh! Tears Baby by Win to be re-issued, not bothered with loads of extra tracks etc, just a simple cd for this one simple man !

    • Derek Langsford says:

      All I want is a a Super Popioid Groove!

      Took me 2.5 years in the 90s to track down a copy of the CD via a friend of someone on a Usenet newsgroup!

      Cherry Red reissued their second album (Freaky Trigger) on CD in 2010 with a boatload of bonus tracks but that album was originally released on Virgin.

      A track (Unamerican Broadcasting) off the original London/Swamplands label’s Uh! Tears Baby appears on Cherry Red’s Big Gold Dreams: A Story Of Scottish Independent Music 1977-1989 5CD Boxset which raised hopes that the album hasn’t been consigned to the depths of obscurity for evermore. But apparently Cherry Red were dissuaded from reissuing Uh! Tears Baby and those who have a say in it are not working hard to make it happen. Such a shame.

      The 12″ mix of Super Popoid Groove would be an essential bonus track on any reissue but there are other 12″ mixes and b-sides that could easily fit on a single CD with the album to make a great companion to Freaky Trigger.

      I too am hoping that it will happen someday before CDs are, or I am, completely dead.

      • hamicle says:

        I only recently picked up a vinyl copy of ‘…Uh! Tears Baby’ having been convinced for years that I had it! Would be interested in a reissue.

        Similarly, a fresh pressing of Scars’ album ‘Author Author’ on CD would be very much appreciated!

  208. Soren says:

    Erasure – Wild! – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2cd) will be released 29th march

  209. Eric says:

    There will be a remastered Michael Rother (Ex-Neu! /Harmonia) Solo Box Set on Feb. 22 in Germany with 5 LPs or 5 CDs, released on Groenland-Label.

  210. Daryl says:

    Really looking forward to the Bryan Adams album. Saw him this Summer and he previewed a couple of new songs I’m hoping will be on it.
    Also, I’d be surprised if we didn’t get another Rolling Stones Vault release this year. Atlantic City ’89 is a strong rumour.

  211. Andrea says:

    I felt a sort of pain in the chest watching Stewart Copeland brutalizing the Police vinyl box and throwing around the records… laughing like a mad scientist… If he was asked to promote the box, well I guess his heart wasn’t really in it, was it?…

    The box didn’t have anything new, but talking about sound, it is gorgeous, one of the best reissues I heard the whole year…

    • Tom A. says:

      I read one comment that the box is a bit too snug for the contents — that it is very difficult to remove the contents and re-insert them. Anybody here have any thoughts on whether that’s true?

    • Paul Taylor says:

      I agree completely. I already have all five original albums, but the Abbey Road treatment tempted me to part with the cash. Worth every penny, especially when you’re getting their entire original output (apart from the first single or other Henri Padovani contributions) in one package.

  212. Ryk says:

    The Cure is in the studio recording a new album. There was talk of Cheap Trick recording another album recently. And OMD “accidentally” recording a new single in 2017 gave me hope that a new album would be in the works by now. Great news about Jeff Lynne/ELO recording as well, as the hiatus of new music there for so many years was disappointing.

    • Lee Carson says:

      OMD’s “accidental” new single is part of their 40th anniversary singles issue. They will also be touring

      • Ryk says:


        I have checked OMD’s website and only see the book, the first 4 album LP set, and the live CD/LP sets (that include the new instrumental “The Daughter of the Minotaur” recorded specifically for the movie “Female Human Animal.” Trolling the web gives no information regarding other anniversary releases. Do you have any more information about the 40th anniversary singles issue? I am curious to know what the new single’s title is.

  213. Greg K says:

    Interesting thoughts on the acoustic tracks from Prefab Sprout, Paul. Personally, I’d love to hear more of these as I thought the Steve McQueen tracks were excellent with some real thought (and talent) put into them. Desire As, for example, is better than the original in my humble opinion.

    • Steve Miller says:

      Seconded. That acoustic disc is basically a new album and I probably listen to that as much as I do the original disc.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        To be fair it is quite interesting… my ‘beef’ is that we got it instead of the usual bonus material not as well as.

        • Mark says:

          Would love to hear more acoustic versions of his songs, especially from the Swoon era!

          (Plus a ginormous box set of unreleased material obviously….)

  214. Tom says:

    A 5.1 mix of Pink Floyd’s Animals would be most welcome and I would love to see Prefab Sprout’s catalog remastered and reissued. I know there’s a wealth of unreleased material B-sides and videos that could accompany each release. Like Paul,I could live without acoustic versions of each album as bonus material!

  215. Ben Williams says:

    I believe Morrissey has a new album called California Son coming in March, a ‘Pin-Ups’ style cover album. Don’t think there will be a deluxe version but expect BMG to produce a dozen vinyl releases of many colours and perhaps a cassette version.

  216. Andrew D says:

    Any hope of a deluxe reissue of The Verve’s Forth, after their first three albums got the treatment in 2016-17?

  217. Henrik Kirkegaard says:

    Thanks paul
    Great as always
    Simple minds streets boxset
    Rem monster Box
    U2 live From two yours boxes
    And live ep for record store day
    New springsteen
    Maybe new level 42
    And agree with tears for fears
    Let have that realease
    Exciting 2019
    lets Meet on sde

  218. Paul says:

    Agree with Paul on the TFF comments- absolute shambles and if Inonly get to see half of the band next month I’ll be fuming. I’ve waited 20 years to see them and will now miss out again.
    Seems clear Roland effectively runs the show. I did see a video of them live last year and their on stage chemistry was non existent but still.

    Icicle Works/Ian McNabb box set is being worked on

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They were very, very good at the Royal Albert Hall.

      • Also Very very VERY good at Newmarket a few years back. I live near Ipswich so it was a no brainer to go – with all the shenanigans going on at the moment with messrs Orzabal and Smith I’m so glad I did go! I’m booked for Birmingham next month but I’m expecting the gig to be cancelled – add that to the very likelihood that the new TFF album will be shelved, with Smith slapping an injunction on it, 2009 is already not looking like a great year for the band and their fans.

  219. Chris says:

    I’m a big Prince fan, though not-so-much of those particular albums. I’d much prefer the long touted reissue of Diamonds & Pearls on vinyl which I believe was promised but never materialised?

  220. JVN says:

    Michael Cretu has lately obtained the rights back to both his solo stuff(Cretu/Enigma) and the Sandra material he produced. Both his solo album ”Legionnaires” and Sandra’s first albums have disappeared from Apple Music (at least here in Finland). I hope this means there are reissues on their way.

  221. John Bott says:

    Jethro Tull’s Stormwatch is 40 years old in 2019. So expect the usual high caliber box set for this one. As an aside, was really hoping for the deluxe treatment of their live Bursting Out in 2018 given it was released in 1978.

    Fingers crossed for a deluxe version of Lou Reed’s New York. I recall an article in the last year of his life where commented on the remastering of his catalog.

    • Kevin Brown says:

      I thought Bursting Out had been more or less done with the Heavy Horses box set last year, except with more tracks than original release back in 1978.

  222. Craig Hedges says:

    I’d really like to see a box set released of Talk Talk, I know there has been a lot of compilation and the albums have been reissued but their out put should be pulled together inc live material and remixes.This is a band who are worthy of a good documentary especially the influence they have had of other artists.
    My wish box set i.e. it won’t happen, is of producer and remixer Patrick Cowley, along with his original album a lot of material has been unearthed in the last 10 years which was really ahead of its time 70s and early 80s. His output needs to be brought together to tell his tragically short story and show the huge influence he has had on music.

  223. Chris Squires says:

    A new Lilac Time album has been on the cards for a while, so that will, as always, be a treat for these ears. Being happy and content is never good for these musical types.

    I am hopeful of something more from the Kate Bush Camp. It’s the right time and there is a lot to bite on. An SDE of at least the first 5 albums is nothing less than those albums deserve and let’s face it, la Bush was on a lot of people’s wish list this time last year and even what we got was a massive surprise, so who knows.

    I do hope Mike Oldfield continues his excellent re-issue series with Islands and Earth Moving, skipping The Complete for which there is absolutely no need of a re-visit. I love Earth Moving and hope there is something wonderful done with this album….

    For new music I hope the second album by The Struts is even half as good as “Everybody Wants” then I will be happy.

  224. Snotaap says:

    Those 3 Prince albums have been released on vinyl before. I have them here. Although there is still a bit of mystery about the Planet Earth album being official. Just sayin’.

  225. Isaías says:

    I’d love to see TFF Seeds box this year but I’m not sure now after reading what’s above although its release happened 30 years ago.

    I just loved what was said about Duran Duran not to release remaster editions anymore. We fans are getting old and the new generations do not mind about fisical music so the time is now. Unfortunately they (Duran Duran) do not mind about it too. At least it’s what it seems!

  226. Jeremy says:

    Two big names rumoured to be finishing up new albums: Jeff Lynne and Sade. It seems likely we’ll get new albums in 2019 from one, if not both.

  227. Keith says:

    Possibly 2 king Crimson boxes
    Construktion through to power and
    In the court… is 50 this year.

  228. David Johnson says:

    Simple Minds – Street Fighting Years 30th anniversary and box due in the Summer.

    Reworkings – Andy Wright has teamed up with various Croatian DJs and mixers to create reworkings of 12 classic hits DYFAM, A&K, glittering prize, PYAM and also 12 x 12″ extended mixes so 24 songs.
    The clips I’ve heard don’t sound great if I’m being honest but difficult to judge off a ten second snippet!

    • Dan T. says:

      @ David Johnson: If you’re not sure about “Street Fighting Years,” I will be deeply upset. That’s one of my favorite albums from that entire era. And a must-have for those with powerful systems.

      Despite being a raving Pink Floyd-iac, I’m not sure I care about SACD versions, unless somebody is going to mix them again. I don’t want another master. (Never really understood the point of that format anyway… The math underneath it is so bizarre vis-à-vis other hi-res formats, it makes me wonder what they were thinking upon making it).

      I would love to see more TFF material. Thanks for the update, Paul.

      I’ve grown tired of anticipating anything Kate Bush.

      More INXS please!

      Paul, any word on continuing Jethro Tull sets?

    • DJ Salinger says:

      ‘Street Fighting Years’ SDE has apparently been ready to go for some time, but I assume Universal delayed for the 30th anniversary tie-in.

      Also a new live album likely from Simple Minds this year.

      Meanwhile, in the ‘Languishing in Obscurity’ dept: what about a Virginia Astley box set? Her output’s long overdue some decent curation.

      And… still hoping for deluxe back catalogue reissues for PJ Harvey, American Music Club, and that still missing-in-action Edwyn Collins solo years box set.

  229. James says:

    A lot to forward to on that list. Thanks Paul. One I would add is ‘Machine/The Machines of God’ reissue by The Smashing Pumpkins. The expansive sets of their output up to the ‘Adore’ album have been spectacular but legal issues with Machina derailed the campaign and there has been nothing since 2014. Hopefully they get back on-track.

  230. JasonC says:

    Is it too early to start speculating about Record Store Day 2019? I’ve seen some hints (or maybe just wishful thinking) of a 3LP live album from Bowie’s 1990 Sound+Vision tour. If I was in charge, I’d do a 50th anniversary 7 inch of The Ballad of John & Yoko (with the 1+ mix, and a new mix of Old Brown Shoe). Maybe this year might see a 25th anniversary reissue of Tom Petty’s Wildflowers, announced via an RSD release. I’m saving already!

  231. Rob says:

    I believe there will of course be a Grateful Dead box this summer
    Bobby Dylan tends to get a Bootleg series out each year, I would expect we will see that
    The next Bowie box in October? Maybe even get a Tin Machine in there this time?
    The rumour mill claims that McCartney will issue London Town and Back To The Egg this year to clean up the 70’s
    Supposedly Springsteen is readying a new album(which has been completed for five years now) and a new box. He has to deliver both a Nebraska box and a Born In the USA box. Hopefully it will be Nebraska as it is rumoured that there is a full band version of that album on the box
    Finally Tom Petty Wildflowers box. Supposedly Tom had nearly completed it and Rick Rubin does not deny it is there.
    Sorry nothing definitive here, but this is a best guess on my part

    • Mister Stick says:

      Petty’s Wildflowers box must certainly be coming this year. I really don’t think his family and band would ignore the project he was working on when he passed. But Campbell and Tench have also both teased a live album from their 1997 San Francisco residency, already well-bootlegged. The Who are now promising a new album, and the word is that Pete’s songs are mostly too obtuse for Rog and he has to shove them down his throat. Good.

      But, my question for Paul (or anyone with an idea): What happened to the Ronnie Lane box set?

  232. Marc says:

    A “Beatles Abbey Road” Deluxe Box Set would be amazing! There are not a lot of Bootlegs out of that album. I would be much more amazed about a “Abbey Road” Box Set than a “Let It Be” Box Set.
    And I still hope there will be a Cardigans Box Set or a Japanese Mini LP Box Set by the Cardigans.

  233. Diego Garcia says:

    I don’t think Parlophone will pause/end the David Bowie career box sets for the 50th anniversary demos release(s)—they can perfectly maintain both and the rest of series (picture disc 7″s, RSD releases, one-offs à la Glastonbury…) as they have been doing so far. A career-spanning series that leaves an album behind and ends before ELEVEN are issued would be a sad joke.

  234. Jim Breeds says:

    Well, that’s another thirty-something quid I just spent! This time the SACD wish you were here. Fron Amazon USA, saving a tenner over the price in their UK corner shop. Thanks Paul, damn you! :) If I stop reading your blog maybe one day I could afford a Red Ferrari. I wonder how that idea just entered my head?

  235. colm47 says:

    Thanks Paul, always look forward to your preview.
    As New Order Movement box set is due, anyone know of anything for Joy Division Unknown Pleasures 40th anniversary ?

    What I would love is a vinyl box set of The Only Ones.

  236. Joe says:

    Paul Weller Live album of True Meaning
    U2 Joshua Tree Live dvd, hopeful of live cd of the tour as well
    Ryan Adams , three albums this year
    R.E.M Monster deluxe in September/October
    Bruce Springsteen solo album maybe, Born In The USA Box Set

  237. István says:

    I’m still hoping that Warners will someday start releasing super deluxe editions of all the classic Madonna albums and they could begin this year with a 30th anniversary Like a Prayer reissue. Or at least continue the japanese vinyl replica sleeve CD reissues that they started a few years ago!

    • Per Z says:

      Oh, what a wonderful thing THAT would be! Improved sound, all radio edits, some remixes. A DVD with the videos in MUCH better quality than that dreadful Celebration, and maybe a concert here and there.
      Maybe even the 5.1 surround mixes that some guy at Warner Canada mentioned in 2007… :)

  238. Allan says:

    There’s some sort of Generation X box due out soon, still no details released, been ongoing for about 2 years since Tony James tweeted picture of a stack of early cassettes. Was originally meant to be 40th anniversary re-issues of the albums but those anniversaries were last year.

  239. Ton D says:

    From the list looks like my wallet will stay closed.What lame titles!

  240. Andre Denis says:

    Yes there is a Tangerine Dream box set with Steven Wilson remixes on its way in the spring.
    In Search Of Hades – The Virgin Years (16 cd’s + 2 bluray Box Set / Steven Wilson Remixes / Book & More.

    Not more exact details are published yet.

  241. Foxee says:

    Many thanks for this Paul – brilliantly informative and very thought provoking as ever.

    I suspect we will be getting a half-speed vinyl remaster of ‘Voulez-Vous’ from Abba as it’s the 40th anniversary and continues the campaign of treating their studio albums (at least since ‘Arrival’) this way on vinyl. I further predict an RSD super duper limited 7″ of ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ – also a 40th anniversary of that stand-alone single, plus I do wonder if we might see some kind of reissue of Greatest Hits Vol.2 – also celebrating it’s ruby anniversary this year – any chance of a limited edition double red vinyl perhaps??? As for a new album, that would top the treats pile for 2019 worldwide…..!!!

    Kate Bush – yes, we all wish but never hold your breath…….. perhaps a RSD single of ‘December Will Be Magic Again’ as that is 40 years old this year (in terms of original recording), or the Live on Stage E.P? What about a complete live album of the Tour of Life show?

    Bowie – the next big boxset to cover everything after Never Let Me Down? Plus, what about demos and rarities for 77 to 88? The Loving the Alien boxset was spectacular but there was a lack of truly rare stuff in there…..

    The B-52s – 40th anniversary of their debut album – and when oh when will we see decent remasters of their catalogue released??????

    Siouxsie and the Banshees – vinyl release of ‘Nocturne’? Plus what about the singles collections? And where the hell is the next solo album from Siouxsie?????

    Toyah – 40th anniversary of ‘Sheep Farming in Barnet’ – also high time her back catalogue (especially the Safari years) was revisited, remastered and reissued.

    The Buggles – The Age of Plastic turns 40 this year – that could be a fantastic vinyl deluxe reissue.

    Finally, I wonder aloud about the ever marvellous Sparks celebrating 50 years of genius this year, as we anticipate the forthcoming Edgar Wright documentary. Potentially a new studio album, plus the ongoing Repertoire reissues?

  242. plasket says:

    For people whose tastes run a bit more eccentric, The Residents are continuing their “pREServed” reissue series. January 25 will see deluxe versions of arguably their two most (in)famous albums, 1979’s “Eskimo” and 1980’s “Commercial Album.”

    Cherry Red’s writeups on the new installments mention that the next installment will be a box set devoted to the “Mole Trilogy.” This will most likely include the albums “Mark of the Mole” (part one, 1981), “The Tunes of Two Cities” (part two, 1982), and “The Big Bubble” (part four, 1985; there was no part three) and the 1982 EP “Intermission.”

    These are the group’s first releases following the death of founding member (and only officially confirmed member) Hardy Fox, a/k/a Charles Bobuck, on October 30.

    • Mr P says:

      i so need me some remastered “Act of Being Polite”

    • stevieb says:

      Thanks Plasket, I’ve recently bought the expanded Fingerprince album and plan to get most of the others that came out last year, so Mole, Eskimo and Commercial will go on my list.

    • plasket says:

      “Mole Box: The Complete Mole Trilogy pREServed” has been announced for April 5 and will include the three albums and the EP, two live shows (“The Mole Show Live at the Roxy” and the unreleased “Uncle Sam Mole Show: Live in Washington, DC”), and a ton of bonus stuff.

      And next up are “American Composers Series” and “God in 3 Persons.”

  243. Bob says:

    Frank Zappa – Zappa In New York 40th Anniversary 5-CD and 3-vinly sets

  244. Kai Roen says:

    Hopefully we will get the Machina boxset by Smashing Pumpkins in 2019 as well. The first teaser was published in late 2018

  245. Julian says:

    Finally, please, Pet Shop Boys, do an all bells, all whistles full catalogue release. One release per single, with all mixes etc…. The uber collectors collection.

    • Marcel says:

      I would also very much like PSB b-side compilations Alternative and Format to come out on vinyl formthe first time as far as i am aware….

      • dominic says:

        Alternative came out on triple vinyl at the time in a lovely lenticular sleeve, with a track by track commentary in a gorgeous full size booklet.

        Unfortunately, as you have pointed out, Format didn’t receive a vinyl release, which is a huge shame considering how impressive the Alternative set was.

        Also put me down for a comprehensive PSB singles box set like the Paul Young one.

    • Per Z says:

      Hear Hear!
      Or at least a singles box set like Dominic suggested, like Bananarama’s. THAT I would buy in a heartbeat!
      The only way to get some of their 80’s remixes is to either buy a record at a second hand store, or download it from some site.
      No, give us proper box sets, so we can get all these remixes and songs without breaking the law! Please. :)

  246. Tcf says:

    I would love to see the promised SDE of Scritti Polittis „Cupid & Psyche 85“ at last!!!

  247. Rare Glam says:

    I am very much up for a Sowing The Seeds of Love SDL, so fingers crossed. I wonder also if any of the Julian Cope / Teardrop Explodes / Psychedleic Furs SDL box sets rumoured last year might happen? Personally, I would love a CD box set of remastered The The albums. Not the later film music or occasional vinyl reissue. A nicely presented CD box with Everything from Burning Blue Soul to Hanky Panky at least.

  248. pinkfloyd says:

    the seeds of love…
    30 this year…
    sad sad sad

  249. Gerbrand says:

    Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder revue is the subject of a new Martin Scorsese documentary due this year which would neatly tie in with an new Bootleg Series box at the end of the year. Category rumours obviously.

    Van Morrison’s The Healing Game 3CD 20th Annoversary Edition falls in the Tears for Fears category. Advertised for over 2 years, with artwork and all, yet to be released. An official release of “Live in Boston 1968” (online last year for a few hours for copyright reasons) would be nice too.

    Bruce Springsteen’s second albums box on cd ?

    The Cure Wish DeLuxe ?

    Talk Talk rarities ? The The b-sides and rarities ?

    Here’s hoping !

  250. Pete says:

    I probably say this every year but The Go-Betweens “G Stands For Go Betweens” Volume 2 Box Set should be coming out in the first few months of the year.

    • EW99 says:

      Now that would be very welcome!

    • hamicle says:

      I hope so! How times change, I was put off by the pre-order price of Vol 1, only to change my mind a little later. Was about to buy a copy from Canada at nearly double when I lucked out on a sealed copy for around (maybe less than) the Domino price.

      Won’t be taking that risk again!

  251. KevinS says:

    Andy Partridge has been tweeting about the next, as yet unnamed, XTC Steven Wilson remixed which should be out soonish. Lots of speculation that it is going to be Mummer.
    Expect the same high standards as all the other sets. Hurrah!

    • Tom A. says:

      It should be ENGLISH SETTLEMENT!!! My favorite XTC album, and one of my favorites of all time by any artist. Unfortunately, I’ve read that Andy Partridge has said before that the tapes for that album are lost.

  252. colinthebruce says:

    On the ABBA front as well as heavily rumoured more than two new songs are in the offing so who knows – after all TheVisitors only had 9 tracks…. On the reissue front though surely we will be expecting a 40th anniversary Voulez Vouz half speed and singles box set like they did with Arrival and the Album. Even without the new stuff that is something I was looking forward to this year.

  253. Rob says:

    Nothing I know about, but I continue to be bewildered by Madonna’s ambivalence about preserving her legacy work. An imminent new studio album is unlikely to change that, as she continues to be an artist who looks forwards. That said, 2019 is the 30th Anniversary of “Like A Prayer” and no studio album of hers is crying out more for a proper remaster and expansion. There’s the rare Cherish b-side Supernatural to include, a raft of different single mixes and remixes that aren’t readily available… she could earn more money from a proper reissue than she will from physical sales of her new work. I’d be surprised, but if any album of hers merits proper retrospective attention it’s arguably this one.

    • Per Z says:

      You’re absolutely right, but Like A Virgin turns 35 this October, and I read somewhere that Nile Rodgers will supervise a remastering of that album this year, so who knows what might happen? :)

      I’d be super happy if they finally released a deluxe box set of ANY Madonna album.

    • Mark says:

      I couldn’t agree more …IMHO Madonnas best album

  254. RJD says:

    Neil Young – Oceanside/Countryside and/or Ragged Glory II

    Not holding my breath:
    Led Zeppelin – live set

  255. steve says:

    Sting ought to get his finger out and start thinking of his true fans again instead of just cashing in from the masses on the same old gag.

  256. Jakob says:

    I’m hoping that instead of a Sting box, they do a CD version of the Police albums box. Though I’d also be happy with a series of 2CD reissues if there is actual a bunch quality unreleased material “coming down the pipe.” I just hope it’s not two demo versions and three 12″ mixes tacked onto the end of disc 1 and a slightly better than dodgy concert recording for disc 2. But I’ll stop complaining about things that don’t exist yet.

    Speaking of complaining about things that don’t exist yet… I’m still hoping for the Tom Petty albums box on CD. Which—when the vinyl box came out I lamented a CD version didn’t exist and I remember people poo-poo’d my complaint saying there’d definitely be a CD version coming—still hasn’t materialised.

  257. Michael says:

    Also OMD are supposed to have some multi-disc retrospective with singles, unreleased stuff and a new track in the summer I believe. I do hold out hope for Duran Duran to do more this year with their 40th anniversary and a new album in the works. As for TFF, it sounds a bit dire. Too bad.

  258. Scott says:

    A five-disc 40th anniversary edition of Frank Zappa’s Live In New York is coming, possibly in March: https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/Coming-Soon/Zappa-In-New-York-40th-Anniversary-CD-Boxset/60UE0E3I000

  259. PaulL says:

    You forgot the deluxe edition of MOVEMENT by New Order.

  260. Jeff D says:

    Hopefully we will finally see the long rumoured Queen Live Killers boxset this year. It supposedly is being planned. Would make sense since June is the 40th anniv of the original album’s release. I say strike now while they are hot.

    • Ben Williams says:

      I second that! Live Killers desparately needs reissuing whilst the Queen name is sailing strong!

      • Althepo says:

        Queen at Hyde Park 76 would do it for me. Plus a Springsteen Born in the USA 35th anniversary box with full live set from Wembley Stadium. And not forgetting the new Whitesnake opus in May.

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