Top 10 Fleetwood Mac/Crowded House song mash-ups for the new tour

With Neil Finn all set to join Fleetwood Mac on their forthcoming tour, SDE thinks there is some song ‘synergy’ to be exploited and the back catalogues of both ‘Mac’ and the House of the Crowded can be creatively fused, Brundlefly fashion. With that in mind, we recommend the follow ten songs for the tour setlist:

1. Fingers of Big Love

2. Walking Rhiannon The Spot

3. How Will You Go Your Own Way

4. In The Lowlandslide

5. Nobody Wants To Hold Me

6. Don’t Dream It’s Over My Head

7. Four Seasons in One Day Dreams

8. Elephants Need Your Love So Bad

9. Locked Out, Oh Well

10. You Can Touch Everywhere

Do you have any to add? Let’s hear you suggestions! Leave a comment.

44 responses to Top 10 Fleetwood Mac/Crowded House song mash-ups for the new tour

  1. steve says:

    She will have her own way

  2. Ice will melt, Fleetwood will Mac?

  3. Chris B says:

    Given that there is a Heartbreaker on board as well:

    Sisters of the Full Moon Fever

  4. Phil says:

    Elephants Tusk.

    I love both of them, but this is a bit like seeing two of your old friends suddenly meet and get married. It just feels wrong.

  5. Dave says:

    ‘Now We’re Getting Everywhere’
    ‘World Turning Where You Live’
    ‘Think About Me When You Come’
    ‘Everything is Good For You As Long As You Follow’
    ‘Over My Pineapple Head’

  6. Foxee says:

    My observation would be that surely, with the average age of band members now being 70+, this would be the touted farewell tour, but it’s hard to see that as they appear to be promoting ‘the next stage in the evolution’.

    Having seen them on every tour since 1988, and usually from the front row, I can safely say that neither Buckingham or Nicks (especially the latter) have lost any of their star power in delivering fabulous live renditions of all of the hits, and some deep cuts from albums too. However, on the last FM tour, Christine McVie’s voice was definitely below par, and having seen You Tube clips of the Buckingham/ McVie tour last year, I really do wonder just how up to another FM tour she really is vocally.

    Let’s remember also that Nicks has spent well over a year on the road with an impressive setlist combining big solo hits and rare album tracks, and certainly seems very reinvigorated for doing that – she was terrific at Hyde Park last summer too. Having read this week that she apparently met up with Mick last summer in Italy to discuss a more interesting and diverse FM setlist for the upcoming tour, something which Lindsey would most certainly have welcomed, I would assume that any disagreements which might have occurred about this tour are arising from very different causes, which perhaps one day will be shared with the fans. You never know, perhaps Buckingham wanted some time out again to concentrate on his solo career, having put that on hold for quite some time now.

    Its absolutely true that without Buckingham it really won’t be the classic FM line up and sound, and, lest we forget, the 1988 changes saw the band plummet into obscurity within a few years…. I can’t say I’m thrilled at this development, albeit that the two guys brought in are super talents, and the jury’s out as to whether I will attend any of the shows. The likelihood is however that when the dust settles most of us FM fans will be too curious not to attend, and certainly none of us ever wants to miss the opportunity to see the amazing Ms Nicks live in the UK!

  7. Simon says:

    If the Ultimatum theory is correct how could Mick Fleetwood have possibly gone with Nicks?Anyone who saw the band last tour will know she just twirls and floats between songs. Lindsey was and is the man.
    Got to say though that the addition of Neil Finn and Mike Campbell truly could be very interesting

  8. Chris S says:

    While I loved the Peter Green version of the band, I haven’t cared that much about the band since the Heroes Are Hard To Find album, I can’t get excited by the latest collection. Never liked Buckingham or Nicks (sometimes talent doesn’t matter).

    • SimonP says:

      Was just gonna say that some of those songs are from when Fleetwood Mac were good. The version with the ladies in is OK, but the bluesy, all male Peter Green/Jeremy Spencer version is the one I reach for every time I go to the CD shelves for some FM listening pleasure. That might be because I don’t own any CDs of the later iteration of the band, though!

  9. gwynogue says:

    “Hold Me When You Come”

  10. David Robinson says:

    I love Lindsay Buckingham – great guitar player, songwriter – once singer. Voice shot songwriting long past best. Neil Finn my hero – great guitar player in a Neil Young way – iconic songwriter – smoking playing havoc with his vocal chords. Songwriting past it’s best too – but hope , like Macca that there might be a sunset to his career. If he’s lucky he will get to play Don’t dream it’s over and Fall at Your Feet.. the harmonies will be great. Big pay cheque for Neil. Monumental one for the Mac – bit of exposure for Neil and who knows might bankroll a House reunion…: Iod be interested but I suspect a bittersweet experience…. But then again a Neil, Stevie, Christine version of Silent House might be wonderful…. but ehh that makes me think of a Silent (Crowded) house and I feel sad all over again….

  11. Simon Lee says:

    I can only think that anyone who says that no Lindsey is no big deal has not seen the band live, with him in it…..I saw the 1990-ish version , and there’s no comparison IMHO. Lindsey transforms the songs live…
    In a way, I’m semi-relieved, as now I don’t have to scramble around for tickets, which won’t see any change from £100 each, despite the depleted line up………..if the disagreement was over playing new or different songs, I’d much have prefer some different songs/ album tracks etc – the main criticism I would have of the last couple of tours was the familiarity of the setlist…..

    • Andy says:

      I don’t wish to be offensive but whilst I love Lindsay and his fantastic contribution both in the studio and live, which is irreplaceable on one level. The addition of Neil and Mike is really exciting, especially If they have the gumption to record new stuff at some point. In my mind their own body of work set them apart and I am really interested in hearing the sound from this mix. I wasn’t really interested in the Mac when Lindsay left during the Tango in the Night period, this is completely different. wWhat a well of individual talent with Mike’s playing and Neil’s ability to craft great pop songs….

  12. Christophe says:

    Don’t stop…now fit perfectly

  13. jon says:

    i dont see what all the fuss is about, its not like this is the first time Lindsey has left the band
    he wasnt in the band from 1987-1997
    and choosing new singer/guitarist isnt a big deal, , i just figured the would tour without him
    im sure theyve toured and performed without Lindsey in the past, but they wanted to try something different

  14. Stuart Loasby says:


  15. Ollie Carlisle says:


  16. Dani77 says:

    I’m saving my money. I don’t buy a concert ticket.

  17. Guy V says:

    I believe it is going to come out that Lindsey wanted to record new music to go out with and the rest of the band is content to just trot out the oldies. That is probably where the differences are that led to this split. It could be an interesting collaboration, so I will stay open minded on this.

    • bigeyedfisher says:

      Apparently, Lindsey and Stevie were at odds about something, and it was very very intense. Stevie gave the band an ultimatum, either Stevie goes or Lindsey goes. Lindsey went. I don’t know if this is 100% confirmed, but as per the radio yesterday morning, that is word for word what they said.

  18. Thorsten says:

    Don‘t stop Fall at your feet, everywhere.
    Fall at your Gypsy

  19. Neil McL says:

    Stop it tbey’re all terrible !!! Sting and Shaggy on backing vocals maybe? It’s April 1st ever day this week lol

  20. Liam Bastick says:

    I don’t think people are trying very hard. Rather than do work, I constructed an Excel sheet with a random number generator and came up with my Top 10 that Paul is sure not to publish…

    Can’t Afford To Do It When You Come
    Red Hot Jam Chocolate
    Nobody Wants Me The Second Time
    You Can Touch My Little Demon
    Love That Burns, Dr Livingstone
    Come a Little Bit Closer, Fingers of Love
    Dust My Broom in the Lowlands
    Falling Down Uranus (my favourite!!)
    Don’t Stop The Farmer’s Daughter
    Italian Plastic Black Magic Woman

    Ah well, back to work…

  21. Gildas Opitz says:

    This tour is going to be karaoke. Who wants the singer from crowded house to replace Buckingham. Have you ever wanted him to sing Weather with you?
    And Mike Campbell will have a hard time filling his shoes because of the fundamentally different playing style.

  22. daveid76 says:

    Big Trees, Tall Love
    Pineapple Over My Head
    Sister Madly of the Moon

  23. Charles K says:

    Now We’re Getting Somewhere Gold Dust Wonan
    Think About Me Chocolate Cake
    Nobody Wants To Monday Morning
    Hold Me Twice If You’re Lucky
    Tango In The Night Even If Little Lies Fall At Your Feet

  24. Marc K. says:

    Peacekeeper Everything Is Good For You

  25. Tom says:

    This can be Mac Version 3.0…Finn writes some damn good songs (alone or with the Crowded)..and don’t forget Mike Campbell…another fine addition to The Mac’s…i would like to see them making an album..i don’t know i think that it’s gonna be a new and very interesting new turn on FM history..

    • Scott says:

      Wasn’t Mac 3.0 the original Buckingham-Nicks years? We’re way past that now. Haha! :-)

      1.0 – Peter Green years
      2.0 – Bob Welch years
      3.0 – Lindsey & Stevie join
      4.0 – Lindsey leaves (Burnett/Vito join)
      4.1 – Stevie leaves (Bramlett/Mason join)
      5.0 – Lindsey & Stevie return
      5.1 – Christine leaves
      5.2 – Christine returns
      6.0 – Lindsey leaves again (Finn/Campbell join)

  26. Marc K. says:

    When You Come Over My Head

  27. Gary says:

    I’m just waiting for the announcement that Finn and McVie are now an item, and the inevitable post break-up album.

  28. Klaus says:

    Don’t Ask Why I Don’t Want To Know
    Gold Dust Woman Driving Me Mad
    Songbird Turn And Run
    Strangest Friends Don’t Stop
    White Lies And Alibis Over And Over

  29. Marc K. says:

    The Chain: It’s Only Natural

  30. JasonC says:

    Don’t Stop Now

  31. Andrew B says:

    slow news day then

  32. Chris Squires says:

    This testing the Venn diagram to it’s limits.

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